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S T A G E 

' 5 i ■ 




, \ ' fj^ijil tul«nt aij[entii m'c a big dra- 
. . rtnAi^ic '-''ueiikon: this fall regardl<^wi /<>r 
Unjr i«f|»x tt^efit from t^^^ 
fllms citiipaiKn. It Is flKuroi that 
... - later un thiti nuvy be o( further help, 

' :'r:0(!Wul.%li|lt' '.MMOn ■ jufit ;.|MUlt,^ 
„;,:• ..;/ evMi more so briak\ ^W|!tiy^|S|!ft((; "ill, 

-J {, ^rophi'Mlt'd f<»r 1934-5. i ' V ' I" ; 
; '3^' V Inllui of he«r Mdotf into^^^ 

' ■ .*v v^l^^ favorably rogardod. Ullman 

<t;St^^ Haltfht. Alfred 

"^^■v^-4l^':tAasre, Jr., add jKiiihe otheiP new 

'sl' I'l'l'f'f* -'irft favorably regarded. 

Jloil«<>rs and JIart, Dietz and 
• 1 S<-bwart?!, the Gershwins and others 

Will be reprea^sMt«)| : wHll .O^^^ 
, • ^ First ' :nain)eil: :%«WI*".1t^ .:ft li ifi l » & *4 ,:With 
OwiMi Davis and Otto Harb|^h/i« 
• inufiiial for Max Ciordon. 

I loywird Dletz-Arthur Schwartz's 
J,;*?' ; '*rhlW'Coriifeired Hat' roay precede 
• tiheli?', -TO:U«M!il5 jiop* • 'whicif ': -Howarl 
. w rote the book and Which 

: ! ; liWight Deere Winrian. Jr., was to 
: d«>l Jack Haley i« wanted for that, 
hilt h«i'ii held on th? Coast by Para,- 
mount ptotur^s; 
~;--':^''*ran klln..-.«tt4 iMt^fH 'i^l^^n- Hmft-^. 

Blue iiaws are serious in this 
Carolina town. A go\t course 
whose property lies half within 
the town.<ihip and half within 
the county can only operate 
6©% on Sundays, Wlilcli fi # 
>etter break than lli« 
get. '']::.:■: 

Nine holes on the county 
side are legal through a 'lib- 
eral' interpretation p£ the 
statutes, . .v V 

HOUSE 'jinxed; 



(]«1oon Featwe; 

. .» .^■':» ■ \ , - 

Hollywood, Auk. 6. 
. ■ Vfi^ UUney is going ahej^d with 

feature based on 'Snow 'White,' but 
.admit!) that the picture, if finally 

, niade, cannot be ready for release 
i'^MMin of liM«>r early If 86. 

Advance estimates place th*; post 
of the cartoon feature at ov<!lr fJi&O,- 
.000^ and picture wbuld^ trtke at least 
Ma-year to- iwOke of necessity 

:}:pty ttit^iUfi^: jniearly 200,000 separate 
<lr«#W't<i' ftor animation besides In- 
numer-iide scene background.*! and 
HynchroniZiHK . of the musical score 
with th<t tn^l^^wal .:1^^ the 
filca. ■ •■^ ' 

Luke and Vince Barnett 
• In Si^me Cast — ^It's Murder I 

v ^ , : liollywood^ AuK- 6. , 

rtti^tt^^^ It tough tor cajtt 

'vAlid Ifthocent bysianderi* on the 
**';^>ink; fjolng, 0one' »?'t m ipdtica- 

liifiik^ Barnftt fathW c»if Vince. is 

diq^lng: hi.s nr.-<t i>lcttire r>»rt In the 
.^ which yojinwei: ifarnetjt and 

Y., Aug. 

For perhaps the first time on 
re<-urd. a municipality has formally, 
taicen cognisance 


In rating the Eaipire, former K. 
and e;. outtet. «t li«jK!Mi«^^ olT the total 

the Gwrney Building, Deputy As- 
sessor Francis W. Kinney testified 
tor th)» c^ty at an assessment reduc 

That's w«r Tik^r^ 1^ 

— Sacrooanct Inner Sanc- 
tum Film Industry Ana- 
lysis Shows Relative Pop- 
ularity According to Num- 
ber of Play Datos 

What does th* iMMkr 

Filmdom lias been asking Itself 
that question virttufilly since Us in- 
cieptloik.''. tliim.'0^i^^ 

But every one ha^'0^y^jM»W<(Hr .(or 

the picture industry. \ ' V f- 
And the answers, M^iiticiiaUy those 

i^^r^^^tewi, the ouutde ''wh&jut^ ,9mm:;Ut»y 
tnsainea* j^^y^^ difltei-. 

Until now picture leaders have 
been satisfied to accept it all as an 
intangible awniitfiSiIng^ 
that will hit or miss, but defj^elni a 
commercial perspectlyoi' 
would serve as a |>riketie^ jg^ 
Hollywood. ' ( . ; 

Buffeted by church find t^^mi&r 

Airiiig Cupijd in Code 

^^^^^^ Aug. 9. , 

9 w«eti<t |ier!» of a radio star 
'-wh»'':'br6adtaat«''' dn6e "a;''w«o& 
from New York let slip secret 
of liow they beat long-distance 
phone tolls. 

Star and sweetla liave a code 
Which iMr w«a«il^itoiib his 
broilA«fuit fdjr liiilc^ to 


tihWI %rbteedlng that 
was given to the fact that the 
tlieatre has always be«n more or 
1*sivii#-a%*^t.V.' -..-Vv-r';.'' v v 'a- 

Empire, during its 10-year legit 
regime, enjoyed prosperity, but 
tliereafter found the going rough 
despite ,a variety of managements 
.irid policies. At present, hotise Is 
a grind flimcr, with siiVilM|tlt^tS 
playing at 10-15 cents. 

. Philadelphia. Aug. 
Neat prie«e oiC shiQvw«)dBtl)ip 1^ be v 
ling done by Alan S^btt, 'Wi&AU 

nouncer. who supplanted Boake 
Carter in the 11 p.m. news spot. 
Spieler's idea is to clamp down upon 
the Kew Jersey fin^ racke<|i^,for 
speiedlngi occastphed^ *ft«r. iw<^ 6t 
the station's execs .WSf^ CaitgHt itt'n- 
(ler the hammer. . 

Phillyltss, |ttki^ iouro«y to the 
shore over th4 i!|r«ekMlds have been 
shelling out plenty'to suspiciously 
'unofficiar justices, and Scott's 
nightly talks in tl>9 expose fashion 
aMs drawing tTMlNiilidiEMf - 1%«pons«. 
cohsiaeraftoirH***^"*^**^"*''****^* s m«unt- ^»f^ s pace | M a i lr-which Is piltnn: In heavily, con- 

ever concentrated in the country's 
newspapers over any other two 
months in its history, and faced 
with' another accounting of Its 
steward.shlp to the public in the 
fall, filmdom is taking advantage of 
the national recess on a clean screen 
to do some ^as never done 
before. It is delylfig iiiriously into 
major company archives for -facts 
(Continued on page 51) 

tains such a wealth of information 
Scott is warning the fake magis- 
trates and real ones alike that the 
plundeflnir tocof <)r;o^(^^^ 

Dailies have taken up the hue and 
cry. worliini; along with Scott's air 
column, and it is expected that spiiK^ 
oflflclal invesi^faMofi irili ?>• aOiiAir of 
the fin.. raclM^-':iilv*''ri»^^ 
broadcasts. . ''■'■]■■ ' . 


More titan 800 vaude performers 
and chorus girls will be pat to work 
In CWA unttSi which wm plky the 

dCC camps, as soon as the states oC 
New York, New Jersey and Penn- 
sylvania can get the necessary dr^ 

ganlzational machinery working. 

For several months the American^ 
Federation of Actors has been agi-^ 
tating for aid for the itnempifCQfOd'; 
performers 111 the vau^ flitld; 
terday (Monday) Col. Earl Booth, 
of the Public Welfare Department 
of N. y., and also an official of 
the CW4,» calMNfl AFA headquarters 
to ' ^Sajr. ;iliiiit'ft' -was :'6kay ' for' •#,': 
units'. AFA is now registering' tl|#,, 
unemployed in the profesh* 

i;:^'i^: tliSf units' 'tl;>''lM»\pra^ :^ii''tii»v 
east are of the same lOi^er as the 
free shows being set In Illinois, 
there will i>e vehicles for all types 
of yaude performers, including,; 
sketches; as'.wetl 'as: revu4^:'iw'::ft|ir^.' 
nish employment for ; th« chorlhes. 
Chorus Equity has also tleen askCKl ; 
toi i^eglster the uneiiiploy^ in. tlnsi^^ 


Badl-Ues Sock L A., 

}|">llywi>i>i|, AiJi; 
Amusement spots in Southern 
California drastically feU the ad- 
verse rcacition Qp tourist in;niis ^f 
the wtdsiy hrv^<fi infantH* p^j^rty"^ 

sis scare here. 

Alvbough no estimate of losS; In 
th?i ■ entertilnment neld has lieen 

compiled, the loss to th** entire st.nff^ 
through publlfitv of the sn-f illeil 
• ■piileinlr, is set at not Icfj.s than 
fu.OOO.aOO <fi 8Ubtrc^ct<;d , ;t<»urist 
rtivi^i '■ ' :a«^rord ih g • ' ' t«^'.'^»iwnt-^ *«»^ 
mary Ti.v the .Stat" f*hamber Com- 
merce, of report.H froni hotel, , travel, 

Fullowing a nes-sion pf lh« Hay- 
si a.i|;:d»ir<w|'oiP»i^ . in<l'ustr'y ' 
leaders sighiQed their belief that 
/llmdom has passed through the 
main crisis in its relatlonji wJtii 
chu^TchiNi by abapd^htng Ihe con - 
teniplaititvl $ 1 .OrtO.OOO. K](i!r«»0^.tk^iii 
rbuhd-rfQbin atlvej^tisii^ 
The frtflowlrtg faet» -■ w.<re ' also 

Th It lire newly .strt'Mi?Ui"nf:d Hol- 
lywood purgitig mill,; a direcfc 
>;rowth of t ho p leah - up Cattipali^n, 
i.-t hiiit adding to milor productjoh 
costs, but on till' (•• itilr.iry, i.s prov- 
ing a , medium of bu.d,^»;t .paving 
create* '•;tK»f|- -'i«J*fcl|#.::#lf^^ ^ ,ln 

th..^;-jtia«!t,v;/,-;\ , •• :^,'.!-f. •> ':.■: 

•S iraloga, Aug. <5i 
r.rririy h'-irts in the .nwank Orand 
r'tij HI hotel hCT'! is ^ nrf«t- timer for 

t^jfe'-HWIi' ' ;' ■,"'' ■;■ :!■ '-i ;'r '-.'J ;,' ■ 

Pla.yfng the Coney Island game in 

this ra<vlng re.sort for the August 

;sea/w>n, which is g'.'nerally asso- 

ciAteri W'ith ■•' glorified and glided 

spori.^man.H}M'pv is something' Wh^^h 

has all thei viH tratJk followers |:ub 
bi,n«,: their ■■eyeji. ; •■^ -'^ -O----, ■'■;; 

, the .si ll t;ft hot. h >W- 

.'jyfir, tbft p"'>ny hetrts gamn ijp^ to 

No Cask io the Ti^^^^^^^^^ 
A. C Theatre's b^z 

Atlantic City. Attg. «. 

Finding audiences far and few 
tween, the Actors' Group, opcupying 

the Yojr th#atr« (a WftiWMi«Hi» on tfi* 

banks of the town's back bay). In- 
augurated the barter system of ad- 

There Were , several admissions o|| 
beer and wln&. Wine was tiw^d to 

advantage In the play, 'The Drunk- 
ard,' which tlie group presented on 
tlieir little .stago last weck.:;^ 
went into the icebox. : ^'^ - 
Meat prdired « huge sticcess', Ndit 

only did the novelty draw people, 
but they brought clothes, cigarots, 
canned soup.Y, beans, fruit, coffee, 
drugs, .candy* and even one evening 
goWti.. ^tbckM up with a su ppiy 
for a while, the ffroup expect to re- 
turn to a cash ba.sis.for admission. 

• '''■ ■'■ iTollywood. Aug ^. 

.SifK .- the il' fiili i.f .Man - I )r viz- 
ier, Mftro h is iii-on .svv,inipt.'d with 
let tfrs an<l t*'l<grani,<i froiii ati*^*. V 
t«ur« Who admit, thej* ar* hattMAii v; 
tor fill the .iih^es the star. ' *' - 

H-alt the coinmiinic.ltion.s ire 
Mti'inyhvoijs. One telegram came 
frurn th(' l!ii:iiiii>;l)'iin (Ala:) (jlhaOl* 
,»i<i^of C<>ini«H i<-.e, plugging an i 

■*flSr ■. ui''ti>Wt ; city* ■' 'y- ■-. 



WuewUft Au|;ii«t 7, 1934 

Metro Over 


ed lynton lift 

In (lis l«nKthy ©plhluri on film' 
play j>li(triarisn»i>i, whtrein Judge 
W<>oliey in Federal towt (N.Y . ) 
ruled in lav«>i- of M«>tro, tlicro arc 
• numbfir uf .interesting poiiits. to 
aiithipra jind prcMEIiucftrii wlilcb will 

' ' sAiijtoWieys for Edward Sheldon 
And Mrs. Margaret Ayer Barnes, 
who sued Metro over 'Letty Lynton,' 
|«y they will apiieal from the. 
iciaibn khbeking o^t their cbiitp|il|ltit< 
Bholdon and Mrs, Barnes are the 
authoi-K of the Katharine Cornell 
play, -The l.)i.shonoiod 
.Icgej^ly infi:ln^ed u^n. ' / 't^ 
':, '■Ai Ah0yi^iine''iif^ mmm ':^-' 

nied any legal coi^fi, Jii|d|fe Iftpoivty 
opining that Sheldon and TdrH, 
Barnes justifiably brought suit in 
^in endeavor to iprotept their rights. 

The essiE^ne^ idt Ch« oiiinion la fttAt 
H treatment ot:M} Mnk •eflpt Is pre- 
uuihixbly nun-|>r6tectat)le by copy- 
li^lit or otlierwise. It is because 
of this conclusion, and from which 

liiiiterty for th^ plftiMI# Mtihors 
will appeal against Metrd-Oblawyn 
Pictures Corp., MGM distributing 
Corp,,^ t-oew's Inen, and the Culver 
Skimik Corp., wto^^^^ Joint de- 

fendants. J.' Robert Rtibln enlisted 
Nathan Burkan as associate counsel 
to the regular I^oeW-lleil'o il^l^ In 
this matter. - v ' 
^■;^:.■-:■^■l^'■^(ltx•d Script - . 

lletro at !^jD0 tiMe^lu;i4 A jcon 
All drawn t<o putrehave th* rights 
to Sheldon and Mrs. Barnes* play, 
•Dishonored Lady,' for |30,000, this 
Alone betatg contingent upon a Hays 
•lAce okay. When ;W1U Haya nixed 
the script for films, Metro had the 
authors v.ork on a treatment to get 
around the Hays taboo, and it was 
Judge Woolsey's oh-servation in part 
0C his opiiiion, DiAt their adaptation, 
-exprcifKly desigiried to m4M»i VBaytite 
iJioruls roquiicmcnt.'?, W'Siis JMoiOii A 
completely new work. 

' The Court dwells upon the known 
legal premise that .mer.e iiilim-jm^ 
ACtt copyrightable iiAd olbiiefvli ^Vt^^^ 
ifetro went to the. same source 

(Continued bh lMage 61) 

p9ff§m S^ M 22G 

Charging that 'WarnorR used the 
copyrighted Mexican eopg, 'Las 
CUttrto Milpas,* WfthoW p«l^iiHdMtioii 
In the picture 'Heat Lightning,;!; i^^^ 
Acosta |t«iif filed A bill pt AQtiity 
Against the producers lii FWiferal 
Court demanding damages of $12,- 
6O9, attorneys' fees of $10,000, and 
A restraining order against further 
showing of the. .jfeatuye, until the 

Also named in the coniplaint are 
Mervyn LeRoy as director; Lep F. 
Fprbstein, Who did the ntuisieai 
seoi'e, Ahd ilei^ BalinAs, who 
iwtog t1»e ni^mher IW 


Th«»e Vallce FniM 

Warners ir holding a pubHc 

voting congest a'- to which 
male star should play the title 
role 1b Mnthony Adverse;' and 
a lot of ballots are piling., in 
for Biidy VAliee. * 

COMBO A lusr 

Hollywood, Aug. 6. 
Teaming a director and writer for 
an etotllii year is an innovation for 
P>arambunt« which is binding Wesjeylj 
Ruggles, iiireetdfy and Claud* Wn»* 
yon, writer. 

Having worRed together previ- 
ously on tivo stories, Ruggles in^\ 
slated on Av(^«lM in |rtp: -iww^ con- 
tract that HIi Irbtttd 'hAVe 't1he sole 
Qse of a writer during the life of 
the pact and specified Binyon, al- 
though . iNMHI ; ' ' AciMiAt, : '''aiMM^: - 'thiiril^, 

SCrifa^.; ■ ■„ ■ •'rrri-: ; ■ 

Pnypbiitibh hit^^ been a theory for 
9ticc^s8ful film , production a long 
time bnt has rarely been practiced. 
Argument for such combination was 
the work at Columbia of Frank 
Capra and Robert Riftiiin. 


Los AnMt-lcs. Ai4(. C- 
Contract of Warren William, and 
Ben Boyer, as agent, is voided by 
decision 01 8iUM9|4or !pou£l^^. j^^ 
Leon R. Yalilflch. " ^ ^ 

Boyer sued actor to determine 
status of a 1931 pact, William being 
then under live-year optional 
teHB^ to WArner; Bros, - Player told 
th« iMjti^ film Ai^mmt^ h^ 
been terminated, and new contract 
made that nullified the ipoyer paper. 


Neliion B. Bell in the "Washing-; 
UiH ' Post" — sold :— VHf r. Mahoneyi 
^otkM himself Into A ftate of limp 
exhAttatlbn At yesterdAy's first per-j 
formAnce. 1(U-. Iti^iMiy - to by tilray. 
of being onf "OT tlili l^iit > «rouc^ 
the American tlK^triiii, el^n bfliast, He} 
always has beeii th* iMMt 0f the; 
■IttMPd^Ahiievdancers.'', ■.; 
■...-■'■■'■■s . Direction- 

^ ; 

r:,-'hlKI»yf«ir Theatre BW^ • 
New York City 

fm Unlooseiis Boyer; 
On For 1 More Pictaire 

I Wa|r to Bfiil 

BUiriitti^. Aug. 6. 

Mcrvyii Le Rdylsldne up on 
the retake racket, ; 

AjJt^fr li^e jiibpots A iicene, the 
^BriBiHo*^ ■ alwa^^ the 
script for that sequence Into 
bits. £tayt* it helps prevent re^ 

Holly woodriJ^yl. 
With Fox lAllIng to . ptek lipt ,op- 
tlbn bh 0hi(rfea' Boyier bii cbiMpie- 
tion of 'Caravan,' French actor 
leaves tonight (Monday) for New 
Vork en route to Paris where he 
Will resume picture work. He has 
A i«>nipt«ir«a contrjict nHth^ pAthe- 
Nat An, iMii^lAtedr whC'lB BofBArd 
Xat&n wait on the coast a f e% week* 

Pat Patterson, his wife, under 
contnMt to Iiy>z, remains here to . do 
6h*6 AKKre pleture, *lUi»ttW ,I«Yer/ 
then Joins , bof husbiih^ In ' Oc- 

I 4 • • • • 

BniH ....... 


.fjflitbiphil:''- .vi > V v>';'# r» i-;i>, 
' £iX ploi t a t i n n . • • • V* V,***-*'* 

Film Itcviews; vv.-. .>,.»». 

Foreign Film Ne^e- . i •« • 
:I'ioi^lgn.,'.;ShoW'/ 'l^e'iJrf 

; tCUHC- ilcvicws . . , r 

i r I H I ( M u .sic. .■ . > ■•>> • 





■ToMiiVG~lirii|iitvS i'iSiVji V.'' ; 44 ■ 
I nsi<IC— Vuude , . . . . .... 44 

L^•Ki^''>^^^<? .•>■»•.»*•••♦•>■• • -/^S^^^ 
'Literati ' ,^^.*y,f^iCi^f^k'*!)i^'.; . . 
Miu^if . . v.. . ...j9-:'#p. 

Now Ai ts . 4,1 

Ncw.s from th*' iJajlii.H. .« . tO 
.■ Nlte .'Cilubfc-' ♦:.^^'i'..Wv^/^;**i' 

( >l)it ij.'i ry . . . . ;, . » f 

< MJtdopi'S . . . . ...,» , t . . . 

f ' I r t liirt>S.';. V »i' . «. V-« > ^4; • * »>> ^ ' '^ 

. i\l\<i\\\>: 'i'^/..,. i ■:<>.'*.■»".'■« ■» * $0- 3,(< , 
'■ftJidib' 'iVepirrris',' iVi-';' ;. v'ii''"' 

VjuJik vUle . 





Merle Ob«r^C«i>g 

Over en Kerda's Loan 

1..ondojn, Aug. €. 
Doiryl Zapudjlc^ ^fSffm:: Aailing 
back to Neir TMIt, deieft a de^l 

with Alexander Korda whereby he 
will borrow Merle Ol>eron for one 

Miss Oberpn is on ja long; -termer 

for KordA.'- '■{■■'■'rhS:^ "-'J": - ■•■^ ■ i . 

Ed Sutherland's *Miss.' 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ at Par 

• -A' ;-V\'--V\ Kollywood». .Aug.-'<l. 

Bddie Sutheiiand' has returned to 
I'arainbunt and will direct 'Missis- 
sippi,' mu.«iical i>ased on a Booth 
TarkloKton yarn. — 

Cast will be topped Uy W. C. 
Fields^ t^hy Rosil And (tuennie 
Smlt*,.. i>'pfi(|^-/A*>d'--ili«^ iiiwre- writ- 
ing :W»'■t«iye»i■■^^-■^■::^^:'" 

MScM 6eet Actor 

Ivos Angeles, Aug. <5. 
Pat DeCicco, former husliand of 
ThelniA fi^Ddd, to; two 
we^kk VACAtibii iygenting to 

turn actor. After ihaklng a couple 
of tests for one of the gods In 
'Night Life of the Gods' at U, he 
signed contract to play In picture. 
. Jt to ;hto fli^t A<itin« experience. 
msm'mf^t^i^^ AAys 
ngentinR will'. ,b« 'ivst r AlM>tlb«r,'.' I^t 
e«perienee., V/ \ \ 

NoW. IW. 1-Niters 

Wheeler and WoolseyV piH(>pbpfd 
roadshow. Intended lof : A l^te of 
oiie-nlters: . . MirfwAVift.' '' ''ife«MBfliJ V. .'||ol|y • 
wood, is cold. It WAf tif 
started about Sept. 1. 

Buddy DeSylva, Max Oordon and 
Leo Fitzgerald were interested In 
the?proJeet,-:"'v-/. >>•::•■ '.v-, ' 

$idneyft Quit 

Dr. giKmund .Sidney and l,<ee Sld- 
uoy are calling it quits. • ' 

Mrs. iSidney fti Sylvia f5ldney'» 
niother,,'the .doe her stepfather, thif 

C.ill* (1 l y I'nivrisal to i>ri p:in 
for htr luxt, VVitljiii Thi.s I'ros- 
*ni,' winch I' wiinis to rf-loas<> in 
I >» ceniher, MurKaret .Sulla va.n t<'<'k 
.1 plane but »if New Torkl; Fri- 

flfiy'.fiJ).' ■ '■ 
iM^Oit ( iist vat .'it ii'iiiiiK. 

lIoHyWi'od, Aug; ' 
Chi* J^iUv t ii r< n J.: I i I .< < iM oiTitf^ in 
f(^t tut a vv'K'U's pt rKonnt at 
.Mi( liigitn, iJotroit, Au(^,.24. • 

. . f^ftlc thtn gpe^ t«< a|*i>f'fij^ 
■ ill 'Ktf'ph/i nl!jt'-V»hei^ ';th!i'^ 


Holly^QOdt Avff. It. 
Riiidio hail gtveii Hitn TTeaTs To 

both p:ric Rhodes and Eric Blore 
from the le^it cast of 'Gay Divorce' 
and now in the studlo.'g .llhoi'l^^ 
tation of tlie play.'' ;!ll''.^-' ■.'••'.'■■ ""' 
^doh'trti^sjlij: Are 'for 'iHii: .'iii0filh«; 


A ug. 21 ( London to New York J 

■■ :Augv:i|v'-j(L<3(h^ 

ItfarK <>»lretr (BrfetigairiaV. 

Aug. 4 (Nfw York to Tails) King 
Vidpr, Until Kchvyn,; li?4jrypy Th<?w, 
EltSsabeth * Ni<*ol«i: J^H^ 
(<'liaini>lain). ■'.■■■■W''t~.:\'-'-- 

. Ams- 4 (New YorU.>'Wii1"''6e)uiliy.', 
iPiMiilv taaWi* "jfoWeU. 'Wlllirt «* Htiig' 
ginf. Mrf. r narr MaefatideTi 
(Contc dl S^avoiu). 

:;■ Aug. Jl^b^ifift^h':'^^ 

Mr.; and Mrs. Dtirryi S&ht»?k 

Wardeil, Hcsis Iflwrteilyth, . Jiii iijiat 1 

("•iji.tia! ;( PfvjriH).; ;;.',•,:' . --C, ■ ■ 

July. Si il^iondon lo Kydi1ey> Hit 

r^cnirtroii* i^rty f: FuitiiF and 

Hollywood, Aug. 6. 

William A. Brady and his son. 
Junior, left for New York Saturday 
night <4)r with the former tu^n-' 
Ing here agAtn in the wln««*i' $0 

probably produce pictures. 

^Before leaving here, Brady stated 
th«re' to A possibility of ('.race 
dibiy» Ci[ni^ Brady) appearing in 
two pictttireii this year:' Brady iayis 
thAt George Bernard .Siiaw Cabled 
him that Fox, RKO and Paramount 
are interested in Miss Oeorge mak- 
ing 'Captain Br<ts«bound;« Comv^fr- 
ilott'';;- nimo-^ ■m0m^--:'tm^^^ 

Brady quotes tiie Shaw cable as 
saving, 'If Grace George appears 
A|»^ syfieryUes my pliijr,,! 


Los Affgeletr, ' Atlir>"'C 

Univt-rsai has be* n shooting 
'Imitation of h^fe,' the I'anny 
Hitrsi Atbry; fwr four weeks with- 
out using the l»Mto<: i«ftte. In the 
picture. Paul IMtHa had been 
chosen for the part opposite Clau- 
dette Colbert but over the week- 
end it yrm decided to 
choiipp...,'-. V ■:;?■:•;..''• ; . ' / ■ 

6tttdlb to dickering with War- 
ners to borrow Warren William 
and with Metro to get Franchot 
Tone in case the former is unav.'iil- 
able. Picture^d a six -week sched- 
ule with Mlia qolbek't fitting |^B> 
000 for the Jabi bllt lt.'l^^ 
though John MT^taW '^li 'bb a 
week overtime in completing it 
with Colbert to get ?12,000 per 
week ;. M ' .'iinir : ■ jwirtod. ■•'io^ , 

Coast Car 

Hollywood, Aiig. <. 
James E. T'erry, fiO, employed in 
electrical construction division at 
Paramount studios, liriA toutlai^ 
killed Bjaturday , night H) when his 
fear collided with another while he 
was; en route to his home in .South 
Pasadena. Widow an«l three sons 

Another Paramount efuj^i^yee, 
Denlel Evahs, SS, scbnArio l^tM-. 

died in Hollywood Hospital Satur- 
day. Car he was driviriK colliding 
•with a parked car on West Ad.'ims 
street. Evans, a San FrancLscp at- 
torney, ihecbntljr' Joined; the Para- 
mount staff. He htts written several 
of the Bohen»lRh Club. San Pran- 

etocOr Hhows^ ' ■ ' : '■'' \ " V ' ■ ' . / 


. Hollywood, Aug. 6. 
r'>^dl«y >}ichb^ taken a three 

liM>htli«*: leave of absence from the 
l(*lilhf Atolf tb yacatlpii 01)^ his 
Connoettoutf farm. He left yester- 
day ( Stihdfty ) for the eftst. 

Nichols fini.'^lied srriptlftt' '111 
Hours a IJny' before leaving tlie 

flltUdid.^r':' . : •■-/'■.;'■ :';' I i, ' ''■..''.■;'' ;'': ■;' , : 


.:':,; :'"'■' 1 lolly wood, Aug. 6. 

Mary Jo MattheWs, who came 
here after playing ip 'Txt 'Km Kaf 
Cake,' Broadway pl.iy, has »<r«n 
given ;i trim contract at Metro.: . 

Fir.'-t I'ieture unde<;id<.'.d« i ■ j. 

lioUywood. Aug, <!; , 
Ll< yil iliiniilton ifj hnyU ip IUiO>!, 
;l le ha s. is tar t fed 'itif: tl ng in t wo H'WI 

,. Kitilii • X^^^^ due. tiini tije just, 

.*lory i^: ^.Ckioisrt!^;^^ ■ 


■■■■'•■^;■''^^'';'■■■■■■.^'■•^■.:'i*ollyw6od, Aug. i6;-;-; ;\ 
#ltHbSm Anthony Mrfluire win 
make as an independent venture a 
(Urn version of 'The Three Musket-' '; ■ 
eer.s' which he wrote for Floiflfrni ■ 
Zlegfeld, 4i,nd. to.; which he ..hfis Ac*.V;. 
qulfed rlght*.-''^; '■■■"■. 

I'roduetion oh 'Musketieis' is «liie 
t«) start at ITniversai within two 
week.s after Mc(!uire finishes 'Tim 
Great ^^iegfeia,' Playwright will fivt!. ; . 
<Ht-:-lhrio'- -imiofni^rr^^^ ; 
his contract with Univerfinl per- 
mits, and liKiires ho can finish the ' 
indejiontU-nt durluK tlu> intciirn, 

Ljvwrencc TibUett has been in-.. .. 
vited ta ■j^T^^.'i^Mr-lrote,^, y«hie!l^-'^lD^':y 
nis king iiang in the steigb brig*' 
inal. Itudoiph Frlml, who did thi^- ' 
or i g i nal tt^, yiKrm:-iti^:9citif^ 
melodies. ^ , ■ ; '. 

Iteieasb has mit vyet bf^h ; , ■ 


London, July &». ■;}: 
Ut|iV«l»al •'Itowl i« doing plenty* 
of siirhinfir here: tiatest are Willy 

Ca.stello and Betty Hamilton. 

In case bifCastello, Frank Ditcham . 
and Dave Bader liked him so much ";• ■. 
from the glimpse they jiot of hi««p:v:j^ 
in it cohtln^tnl flicker, that they'" - 
.«!ent him to O.irlsliad by plahc, to 
pret an O.K. from Carl I^Aemmlc, Jr. 
Soon as I^emmlo saw him lie signed 
him. without : bVcn > having : a .: lest / 
takbiil t'astellb is of l^Mtcli »«tra*- ' : 
tion. -':_'•',■;■{''.; 

Betty Hamilton Is, iuriously 
enouf,'li, Americ.'in. and crasiied 
films for the hrst time in UnKland, 

dbifig: .:A''i^';;lMtii. 'tn-'i^ndon.';riimM' 
late^st; -'Oon : Juah.*.; ■ :H«tr iebih, i«--l!'ift'^ 
on the wby to rt^^lywpbdV^ '^^ 


■■'■:■■■ ■■■" ■■■>■. ,, lx)8' Angeles; Au>r. d. 

Ad Schulbfnl^Charles K. I'eldman 
agency .wbn .t«n decision in its suit 
against Kliiuia LAhdi lor alleged' 
breach c>f i^jliti»Aet^;:iil|i9' |7,600 ta^. .r] 
cdnimissibmi^ Judge' tester W. Both 
holding the contiact valid and op- 
erative for almost four y<;arM to ' 
come. - '• ::v''";-v 

Court ai«K> entpred i,udgmbht ,fbr i; v 
plAintUf f€»r It.SM AS >cowmif»«libito 
accrued to date of filing Hiiit. 

Court complimented agency for its 
.1 i 1 iKcn t att)ii^l^maii:/1^^^ 
interests. / ?: , ■ J'--' '■■''^ 

CbmnitsslQhs 1^^^^ due werftA 
fbr-^ctUto'^|l}'|(lmB/at' Metro, Cb}ifii^:i; ■ 
biA,' '^iimiriigt'«nd -'Radlb/ ■' t^^'- ^ 

Leisen Switches, Off 
^Mfflttff^ til SiiliiiY Pic 

Hollywood. Aiif?. 6 
PVoni diieetiiiK "Mon.-ue' at I'.ii.i- 
mount, Mitchell Leisen huH been 
swit< h. (i to 'Bed Woman/ fitarriniF ' 
Sylvia Sidney. ^-^ 

'Karph' Murphy. - recMifiy-iif; i'ip..-' ^ 
places on 'Men.ace.' For 'J in suit of 
Happiness,' whicl^ Murpiiy st.uted, 
full .screen credit wflt go to Ale«< 
ander liall, >vha 

Splurjres '>Iij?htingale* 
Yarn fpr YeiUer Prod. 

I'uranuiunt will spliirj-e on a filiit 
i)ase(l on the (;'iirn«;in Wat aetlvi- ■ 
ties of Flort nee Nif,'hlinKOle, .', ' 

Yarn , in being writjleti by .A titjwfMri ^' " 

Fse of I.I'(M» cxtKiS by Warners 
duriiij.' .the last woOU l*'! "Hiji iKty / 
■ Bike. ■,Ri«ier'' ■ ':bp<)Ktied t Kt^' •■fiiijifl ■.'i-tWiip:; ':■ 
the si.itis'.a to i;f>i%. ■■,Th!iA.;'%,^iEirirt(''->;-, 
time in sf'V'eriil rivcinllvs Cenl I'al • • 
«>;iMiHiu ti?-inr>' have hit 1.. i r;;;;l .•. 
. I'lruvcvt .>l;iy: Svfis -I'Vrili'y ( :vv :w j*f'n.. 
iiU., 'aa^liiSm:^^ ;i(y^re M'orl*iiBi^4 

1', ■ '.y . 
\ ... .■ 


Ooen Sesame to Elm Stud^ Lot 

Business ofAcPi Of the downtown 
Lcs AnKclos (Iftlllea virtually control 
tho flow of hinterland vlsltorn to the 
Muaios, which is gro^inp; cxcc88iye- 
ir tiiir sumiher' daiplte «ft«Mtti the 
Hays offlc0 to iUkp- joii^^iSierg^ t^^ 
the lots. ■■ 

Spoi.ulifiilly the major coinpanies 
ttirouKh tho llays oOlce Issue 
ttsttiiii'wjbaitntnff regrtilatloiWi ' r^lifeh 
are kept for a few weeks and then 
fjo liix. This sununor the star- 
gatlne problem has lieen a toucher 
headache than ftjay tinie in recent 

tloii. .■■^■'i':'. " ' ■ 

If.BOiiaie «i|iie knows an advertiser 
tork downtown pape a cinch- 

tb' feeit by the isatjired |ii<»i»taliji ^tt^^ 
tart, all he needs is to know some 
ono who knows some one who is an 

Way ^ ii( wprked 111 for the ad- 
V<si^ Weft iof Ittik the fiewspilper hUtttfi" 
ness olTlco to use Its infhloncc In 
j^e^lDR such and such a party into 
,m;m^i0- a b.o. must foHows to the 
itmpei^a ptctUre editor: or eolunvinjst, 
ahd this WritW dallM - up the lot. 
PuMirlty department can't turn 
down the film writer, and so the 
Vitiitbi', his family and his' friends 
•r© okay. Thi^y Iftt^ sttidjlo as 
friends of th«r 'pa|i«r«^^^M^^ 
haps no one on th#.'(kil^ 
of them before. '''■^'^ ■'' '.^.'■■'.': ,!y.^.^ 

eiie(;k-up of one studio J|Hl!«^ 
last week hmmt^ ■■if^::^!!^^!^ 
tbwners Setthtff '«iim''-^ti':^'i6 b* 
otlleially escorted around, throuph 
tnusts from newspaper business 
:'4iint3^' Same studio got 25 of these 
f pomr onto ificture oqluninist;. 
luid' ttdt on« Wtbem waii ifetioW to 
the writer. 


Holly woi<d, 6. 

1 iiiver.sal and Fannie Brlco are 
tryinpr to Bet together on date for 
Hitis liric© to work in 'The ,Q*eat 
Cicgfold.' Actre5g_:»tiirt(i b«| tour 
thlH month wltft 'Folliie«,^ pi>«hlii^ 

siu>w ii!P tentatively bonkid into 
U A. and if coming here 

Mlim 'Brteift «dut<i double in t|M>»s4c- 
turo then. She has a slzablljli part 
in the film. Actress, however, idftay 
liave to ^ayifi the company for a 

;eipuple of WeeHs if n« pt way can 


■Seymour Felix will siai;c the 
4ftilCes for 'Great ZioKfeld.' Jle l.s 
l|i»W doing Eddie Cantor's 'Kid Mll- 
Itoiria' for Sam Qolti wyh, ai>id will 

^ihg over hikhy of the hand -picked 
line girls to Universal with blni. 
4,Sia.S|lvera arrived Prlday (3) to 

■■W^^ IMI • the story with Wi II iam 
Anthbti^'Mi^ui^^^^ yvixp is producing, 

Paulettc Goddard Back, 
Awaits Chaplin's Next 

'v/: ■ V Hollywood. Au«. 6. 

• :; PaifWitt*^. QoddaM^^ 
<|i: Jiftbr • riifh trll> to New York, 
f'harlos' ChaplJh, iVteahtfrne. Is 

«tlll nrii .'rt.'iin i^ofu-ernlncr tlip start- 
ing date of hi."* picture, in whlclii 

Knert* MsHMitm 


■ , Heloi>:;->IAjr*i;; w^ knitting 
away duHhgr A; ; t^^^^ in 'What 
Kvory Wbthan . Knows,* iat 
Metro.- faike ■ ' after , ;t*it«: ■ ■• wa^* 
6rdered. ' 

Star, w;lth a decided burr, 
exclaimed: 'Vni:. afraid Aoo this 
will be a pair o* jiiichti imtfsi^ 
of a stockin' er^;-.**,-*!^ 
this seciuence.' .v ' 


iSit^h Writers' ^^G^ is charging 
Its 'members dues; based on the 
amount of salary each, refs^^^ per 

Under a slidin>? scale, writers get- 
ting $40,000 a year and more are 
paying quarterly dues of $28; be- 
tween 120,000 and; liOiOOO, $ 1 S 7 5 ; 
110,000 to $20,000, $12.50 and $10,000 
and less, $7.l»0. Former quarterly 
due8:w'<^rb.; Itjililiti'' ; AsBoeialtf, 'ajwwbers 
pay t2.W*,,,/-; 

New membet'sli^p pl#li* ii^^ 
this week is ret*oiietly* ta s^lj^ 1. 
with executive hoard giving the 
members .sevt n days in which to 
turn in their classification or else 
be arbitrarily assessed on the 
board's estlmat*- of their eai»ftlfigs. 

Placing tho dues .system on the 
basis pay earned is the result of 
a -iMioyemiWif ■*» ^''W6i'^^:'■/ii»l«w!Mr«hi^ 
which arose at the attttUa^ WWeting 
when it was .shown' that the ex- 
ponditures f<>r tlio previous year 
wer«. out ofau:t>port.|on to the In- 
rotn^. ■ ! 

Mink Coat to Her Pal; 

I^OH Anweles, Aug. 
Ma t'le preiisler willed a mink coiit 
which *he n^vr'jyifOrt^ %(i her irto*? 
f riend fCiltty;^*^ All^ii Breed 

Waltar. ConrulK fJalnc is be- 
ciueathed the diamond necklace 
MlW her. 

Nei la ^Vt^ebh. , as trolioger f ribiKd. 
gets $^^O0O.■ May TJtiryoa willed 
same .sum. 

To Frances Maritjn. scenarist, the 
actress gave a pearl and diamond 
broochi Her tieiKrb f^ryants, |lftn>ie 
and Jerry , CdJr;;>ftif»- *Kt**n 
wearing apparel, and all the Dress- 
ier aulos, fiilso all licr flat silver. 

Total valuation of estate is put 
.at $300,000, bulk going/to Ml*"? 
Dressier'* sister.;: ^lorilta CSa^thipny, 
ri6i»ldiM»t'in-''lnn?1:'^'l.' ' ' 

McCoy Personals 

•llolly « ood, Aug:, fl. '■' 
' Tim 'MifcCby* currently doing a 
series.', of .wpsteri»is_for_jCpluniblai 
w»*i ifi»k9 » l(li-w?ivk persiiSSf lit*- 
rx-anrthch tou r af plt't lire, ■ 
Booked hy fh^ v'^tVltWam v^r^ 

Chatterton*s Legit? 


-;;\./, .. Unj..\:er.sal,,, Citj-,. .Aug.. 8..,., 

:4(li!uff,.yai^^,i4iled fAto RefiirfiK-*"'". 

if toll' 3»-lls prop'Tly ;il li iti-ls of 
fler4pter«V U will produce , Willi j t-Yvi'teit. with , a , rep|v d.>f' when I 

;.. .Stork corniMiiy In I-<^cum A'.iUvy, 
■N.''-'-T;;':': lifi';;' 'dit:'k*'rlti«(.->ith. : ■ Ituth 

<;j"lii:»t.tertcin'. ti):,'try ;*»ut \j*.ti^'CV!'*i;-i 
urirtrftne.! In the ni^gotlatlrni*^:- i'' ■ 


Coogan, Cooper, Temple 
.Only Exceptions — Long 
Shot and Short Life for 
Most ot [EmrrmQMu 


Imrsi^ Co.; 

Hollywood, Aug. 6. 

The liid cycle in pictures, which 
was freely predicted wheit Shirley 
Temple iftreaked to faihei, pciems as 
far away &■ ever. Odds are against 
it ever happening. 

Over a period of 15 years only 
thre0' iuves have had their names 
clairionedi KbdV« tbe title; th® test 
tube of Otm irreatneiM.' Mrst ' to 
scale the heights was Jackie Coo- 
gan. There was every reason then 
to believe that an era of .short pants 
and golden curls had arriyod, but 
nothing <»me of it until llvl^eftriiii 
later When Jackie Cooper graduated 
from Our Gang to full length flick- 
ers. Started anotlier trek to Cin- 
ema City by fond mamas and pre- 
cocious kiddies and history repeated 
itselfv Now Ju ilie mi^t jrf a^Shir- 
ley Tentpler IMfilx th« truism is 
.nil one way. 

This pouring in of the prodigies 
is not entirely propelled by an 111 
wind. True* it ..ha* the studios and 
castitot liineitr^^^^^l^^ nuany 
of the tots are behg groomed in 
.schools and that puts a flock of 
midwest and eastern dollars into 
coastal circulatioii, , : Even if they 
iittwfi... wJn'.:^-:'weii$*'i^ can be 
used tb ieicivantage Around the house 
to entertain the bridge cliib or the 
.sewing circle. Of course, that 
doesn't fset so well sometimes with 
the old man who flgurcs he's cnti- 

tiM4%JL;feeJ*|^ tor 

Odds Against Kiddies 

Looking over tho list of young- 
sters wlio have worked In Ilal 
Uoach san^i;; .; tiipm^diea,. . th0 real 
spairnin^ «f Hi« ituture 

greats, the percentage Is all against 
an uninterrupted career on the 
screen. Of the more than a hun- 
dred who have , been , oti( th» roster 
aiiice. lt» iHcwpthm; lem^^^^t hftff a 
dOB«i| are still making faces at the 
catniera. Average nim life of these 
juves is aroun<l 3'/i years! 
: Mary Kornnaan has bettered thiij 
tnarlc and is kept fairly busy. John- 
ny Downs attd Jea,a Darttnir-were 
i*e<feihtiy |iipptte<i by ttbach in 'Ctabes 
in :Toyland.v Joe Cobb, the fat boy. 
(Coinittliiued on pagfe 10> 


Understood that Darryt Zanuck 
is angeling Arthur Hophin.s for the 
production of 'Old Folks at Home,' 
by II. M. Harwood. ■'■/^-.-.../j 
:■ :,. Ifarvioptf. • Is '•.'■|nv New ■ -Y^tk- UotA 

M i-s ■ i Mi.vrt-'iMon is 

• ii'irf ' .1 i n - 

For Prodigy 

IMguring thjtt its four-year-irild 
< lilld prodi^'y, l!aby .lane, i.s rondy 

for sf»'ll:ir liilliog, I'riiver.-^.'il is ti.iv- 
ing an original yarn written for her 
liy I>6tis, A nderson.^ . tif n IfV^^^^S^ 
man .wW produce. 
V' f»n t h»<' stit rlM 

' ' '■i m e^ ,tjf';' u 1 1 < • f 1 1 < ■ > .'^ 1 1 o w i r i i : 
iovth* if^ijr M. .'^I'lhl pi« t ore. 'fm« v 
nnv' in ^ . work:.,' . • ;! 

Earful, Ey^fiid 

Holli;#i>ii»d. Aug 6. 
Some yeat^ sjiolin the prize 
rinir ■■■0(Sorirt>;-,wi^'-i^^ 
:dUcic..' . 

Last week the actor vfka 

spotted in a society drama. A 
few days ago he went for a 
plastic surgeWl- te';|ji«awtjl|f y.ti^^^ 
mangled «air. ■. ■ ''■ ■o:^'; ? ■ 

Kciw «NQ>iitra«t Win tabu gft(Mg>> 
ster iroles. 

IN HlOOft 

. .'••Ifewoli^ iiu> satla- 

faet^Di^ Of!^ one isam Satz that he's 
still pretty handy with his dukes 
and handed the latter as neat a 

8heilacli»hvV as Moiljhvw>*^^1^^ 

vardiers have seen in or out of a 
ring in some time. It all happened 
near the Hollywood Drown Derby 
Friday 18) .when Satz made A dis- 
paraglnr i^eiteark abdtii tjM;;Din^ 
Ian features of Uaft'a. ' li^Mi^^ 
Mack (Killer) Gray. ^ '' 

Wlien Mr. Satz made a 
sneering allusion to BafVf ;r^t>uilt 
ear. ^hat was the pay offi aiid ftla^ 
went Into action. He yanked the 
glasses from the Patz nose bridge 
and lashed out with a stiff right. 

Satz f hot two to the brittle Haft 
eftr that started the claret. • "then 
the gendarmes .'Swooped down on 
tho belligerents and sh"oed them off 

The 'JciUer* bundled hi.s charge 
into a passifiii 'ff9*. an4. paft took 
his . 'i><r»fl:'''<>v(Br 'tfi«' '0101^ w ton - 
neau.' '."Satz took it'Sil .irltk'- *''Vtf]«^ ' 

■■;.;a«i«hi^-?^ -isn't : goin^ ;{^t*r' ; 
Wi5^te any time in its entry Into tn* ■ 
American market, Within the next ; 
five or six weeks tht* romivuiv ex- ; 
pects t<;> ,haye a full organization . 
lihid ujp* wWi of^ and exchanges 
in all 32 key cities. Jiy Sept. Iff th«K" 
company ought to be operating ti\\t 
swing — that's the belief and hop.> of ' 
Joftrejr .Berncrd. comj;)any'8 g.>neral.; 

the compi|iify'8-:.ieiipa;n^^ 'v'^; -C;- f-ri 

'Gauinbnt-Brittsh wats pushed infUi * 
this move,' Dernord expl.iin:-. "W* . 
didn't want to crash into the Amer-; ;• 
ican market and we didn't want .t» ' 
go liitiik ^ompeitttlon with .<llinerlcan*i' 
But ive canhdt go on iany lohgfer . 
manufacturing film,s for tlie Dritish 
market alone. It's too n.arrow a 
field and the rtvaltliig pt ^ood Pl<<- 
tUr(B». is. too:expeii«lY*fi'":' 

Ther^ oh-o no llinlts or iMi^ 
IVrnerd's plans. It ,s •lling r.ntisl» 
ivictures in the T^. S. means hiring 
important American siar.s, he says, 
he'll hire them. If it means leasin j 
theatres, he ll lease '*m. if It mt^artt 
producing in the If. S. he'il do that. 

Michael lialcon, tJ-l! production 
chief, is coming over In al>out two 
months, 6erner^. atated. to o.o. pro- 
duction ■■■■ jpoj««liilH«te« ; jm adVia*'^ 
ability. j ! 

Tlieatre«? Well, KiBrnerd doesn't 
know, he says. Maybe. He's talk- 
ing about ,the Boxy, New York. Over , 
the WSfBfciird 'there' ■ woire- aeveral' <Sdil|rf' 
f^rvnces whlcn may culminate ia ftr. 

(CQntinued on page .55> 

llnree^ Scri|rtBig 
Race at MG on 'Sahite/ 


#611 S'W^Od; ^ AtlK^ ^ 
in rusli to pet story for Joan 
Crawford, now availatjle, David 
.*^elznick has miVde a three-way as- 
sigipmeirit of acriptinip 'Salutel There 
a«mr1(t^i^e^-\tLi ' M^ti^'U'Fir^ to. 
eome acf^B '-withv^'thW ^Jlltt.V^wItt; :-l>0- 
' iu>sen, ■ ■■ 

Ursula I'arrott yarn is a.ssigned 
to Arthur Kober and_JViUiani Han- 
nemahn, : to Sarah itafsoi* anit'Ttc- 
tpr Hoerman, and to Stella Blochii 

Miss Crawford is also set for 
'For.saking All Otiiers,' to be di- 
rected by VV. -S. i)yke, now on 
v«eatlon, ;;'rW(s ^ill be her next if 
thp : Wsh order i'i?*' rsalute' aqjiases 

Arliss Nixes Shylock 

1j<>i)iiijt\, Aug. 6. 
C'.'orge Ai li.s.s h;i.s turned dpwn, an 
■ >frer t o plrty Sh ylbck in Mike - 
MpeVir*** 'aiterchapt bt Ve<i!<re' herei 

.sh^ik^ripfarinn li*ilm ' f^Ocletiy 

'.viri'«'d ArJis.H to )i:inill.> ttie i»art 
t.iit rif tor .told them jrie had too 
ni:iny.votih*f ;thlh>?*i' i>n .'handi' 

'111." t"rtni - of ;R)n)r'iiy i''.iln nrtd lry^ 
I III,' K. 'i li.t 1 . Allie. Wriji)»»r. fi nd .Mf »* t , 
Wl'jfM • -fl'l*** .'A*toi)i.;:l.c]ibn' 'HUtf^hA9(tii^ '< 


t.iondon, Aug. 9. 

Okpug Fairbanks, Jr. and Cer- 
trude Lawrence aro. going to , 
Tork next yeMT as co-itirii h'' 
new play bdng written ««peclall|f 
for them by Clemen ce t)ahe. Piaf 
will be done liere 

Meantime, F:tirl>ank.s. Jr. i.^ un- • 
derstoi^d set for two fllmi to !»*•, 
made here in the fall, but jneitl>er 
of them for Alex Korda^s LoirtdQii 
Films Co. Not known who tha 
company is, but believed it m.ay be 


Harry Blchrtjit^n plaits to'iiipKle^ tt|K 
his Colunfibia picture ass^ifH^meht li 

order to get bicic in time to co- 
produce and star In a mii.sical thia 

II^'s beiea^ at Lak* ., 

Cie6r*er, .i|t, Y,, w Hi<y Hend^'rso* ? 
and Jack Wctiowan this week on thO,: 
writing (herbf. With the composer 
and libretti-st, Ilichman Will also 
sponsor the production. v.' 

'i*he Col picture chore comen iirs^ .< 

:h6w«ver. ■^:iria«(d; ''jt^jswii^iii^ 
AiiiiiflS;: .:; 

. .; -Alex :vAar«vi.s. V .(•'■x''.;irid' : .Fi:*?*;!*!^ 

,piclur# ■i>ipi>»ftllct.ion' ;-.!;,';ifri;'.'' 'N'i>;>oi!i.i/' ; 
neetton as yet. 

; ' ■l!lortnf;.r..b;-:,^it-'fti!-tiit;v ■ ii'iy ,>va-!. wf>h' "■ 
•5:1 ti( ^.^■;I.:^y,:yrlYli1>^^ii:..^iW■|•^ ■•mUlI' tli-'y ." 

yKisi:)*^^ .•on:;i«lf^<i4' '.'•'•V;'.;,^.^ '■ •' 

tb«>: ' ne X t ■ ■ V Vic tiir^'i' ■ 

:U.'. I .. . vyovi<viiarr'V_.;;-.;Vr»*t:V 


Allied Owoffs Cdiil a 23 IGlliom* 

The first case whore any creditor 
, lias Koiio on retord to oppose reor- 
;^anization of Paramount Publlx 
•UbsidiarieB txy th« Pftr tru$teea has 
iMsien' fll*d by Allied OWnei^ Cprp; 
raynic nt of P-P cash, In gettlemfrtt. 
of clainiB of subsids, on the ground 
this will affect the ultimate probable 
Mcovpry on ejalms against the par- 
:^iltt';: - tampt^f ■■ '':iH^iwtis^%Uin,, : '-te 

also pfotesti^d. Some such . •itftlon 
hiiR not be<»n tjhexpectod during the 
,pnst few weeks. ■ 

Allied Owners, Itiielf In bank- 
:tujxtcy,/ 'J»'\;:<wt.:' '.jirf' Pwr'i . ■ larif«Bl; 
ierl^Itort. vhavinv » ot 
i«it26. Th« doitfpany bunt •eVien 
theatres for I'ararnount In 1927 un- 
der purchase contracts calllnB for 
. installments over a period of 15 
'.'jrfa^ JDettuAi' :on\..UteM ',paxiB.enta... 

items constitute t)|a.: jiri^^ 
$23,000,000 Allied claims. 

In filing papers In the U. 8. Dls- 
irJct <?ourt tor Intervention in a 
VVdwinounV reoriranlcatoii )>ian. and 
protejetlen agranst depreciation of 
Par assets through subsidiary re- 
organization or claim settlements, 
the Allied company aetp itself up 
IHI a i«ci^e4 dradilW <Niflt^ to 
tlik^. <M>hiidin'atfo^ Company tites 
that it is the only creditor on the 
hooka as a vendor of real estate 
contracts and that the aevcn 
tli«|^rM , tt built are security lor 
pttSFMent of the purchaae price. 

; One'Tfiird off All Debts 
' Allied claims that the toUl final 
olaims against Par will amqiMat to 
...v;' ..:^'j(Canttn«i•d^liMi .94ia 

First With a|i(i By Gae, M. Cofiaft 

Harold B. Franklin, turning pic- 
ture producer, place« his initial ef - 
fort libtv Auc. JOy with 

release through Pox on a dfM&l\)ust 
made with that distributor. I*Ieture 
is 'Gamblinp,' (Jeor^e M. Cohan 
play and viU star, Cohan, with 
l3orethy;;- ttu wii Bii^ ':Jtf^ ^ ^l^al ^ » ; In- 
sUppicAl. Miss Burgesil arrived In 
New Tork Friday <3) to >• In 
readiness for cainei!|^':,|iKl^pland V. 
Leo will direct. \;/^:K<%;;'-^,;v:: , 
Frankltn:;i»latil^'|i>:^' i^^ 

four ;:PictU]i««l.'" ■• . '"{l \:/.-r^ 



jCinmeriDe Dqit tt 

' Washington, Aug. 1. 

Results of the first eensus of 
ijnusetnehts in ttie ' tTnlteiit iltates 
%tll be published by the Commerce 
Depannnen^ late this week, sum- 
marizing statistics on employment 
and business yolume for 1932. 
. " ' '4 ■ itufm:''9t' reportt^ .eoVeriiit the 
■ervfiQe tin^ and amuiement 
iRNitness by atates baa been pUb- 
iMMtd by the Census Bureau during 
the past week, but in the state sum- 
maries amusements are not dls- 
tl^ff^lf%^ .jta^ laiMiidiPiep. barber 
. : ihope;? MfMif ttiiHrte#;^eii|ii>llai>;' 

Case of Ted Healy Vs Columbia to 
/: ■f>in0 Epic Court- JHtimi^ 

Magna Cbarta for stoogea is looked 
for in trial of ea8« of Ted Healy ts. 
CoWmiila Pictures, in his effort to 
halt certain screen antics of his 
former trio, Howard, Fine and 
Howard. |n; complaint, Healy calls 
•tooif^a 'i^oiflitque cbaraeters', 

.poiumtfia given 10 days 

1^ niakie answer in court. ■ v 

Consclman Mulls Next 
V; 5; Stoiy for Will Rogers 

■' ttoHywood, Auff. «. 
Willi.-nn Consolnian, Fox writer, 
left Saturday (4) for New York to 
;#(Dillf<St Pitkin on 

laitfrra b^ seller; %iiFe Begihi at 

ConselcMA #iir adapt tbe bpodt as 
a Win Il«»ijera* 

With Klectrical Research Prod- 
ueti^ lBeq, l_0-:SQ en financing. Earl 
CarNQ^'-gletiire^' ''Beauv JMa'-^iiaii,' 
is to b« made in New York. Re- 
lease win b« thrpugh Fox Instead 
of INu^itooitilrt.' '.«iitefc 
,roU^ •V^nttiea.'/^- ; ^'^^^'^A^^^^^j:-'! 
Original yarn Is by Carroll and 

Sig Herzlg, all set as his next for 

Um^iF. 4eal. finished product 
"'tw 111 Fon baiide bj Jan. i. 

Production skedded to— s^art next 
month at ERPI's Ea.'stcrn Service 

Co|jpt_<|.uotf d Carroll a« aayiaf be 
preferred iMt fbir iiir«^uetUiii: 1^ 
cause he could cet:,-)^i:.,l;lliM^ 
closer to Broadway. 

Randolph Crosslcy and Maurice 
Gleary are eomiog eaat Irom. Coast 
tl^ fieek t9 Jpta Carron aia aaso- 
eiiat«i «li tttei ^^roduction. 


f &^iiel to 'Comes Navy' 

Burbank, Aug. •> ' 

0«Verilmw>t technical adviser on 
ifiiriiiM aTiatlon yarn which 

Warners will make, will be I„Ieut. 
L. R. Henderson of the Marine 
Corps who has been detailed by 
Brig.-Oen. W. la, Bradman ef V f 
Miu4iie 'baae'at -^ttinlmiiiiy: vi':'/- 

Picture win feature James Cagney 
and Pat O'Brien, stars of WB's cur- 
rent naral p(kl ' if H^Ww^ . Cotne-i 
the Navy." 

In It* el^orta for etreult 
iii4be metrdpolUati N. T. area, RKO 
ia picking tip indiyldual Independent 
houses on Wbioll; iMltiRfMi^/'iMta 

be made. " -i-'A. 'V;.- 

theatre grabber, Malcolm Kinge^ 
berg, took over four indie theatrea 
In widely separated sections. They 
are the Fort way and Vtica. 
BrooSliilyn;: the Alden, laiiu»lc<i» aad 
t|ie;'(Queenf(b.orb, Bimburil^>l4' li'. 

Waniers witb Interests Odief 

Oiisti Censci^ M 

, : V Toronto, Aug. 6. 
Continuing „hiBi ieepnemy program, 
on i>riMntse#''tof^^^^ 'hio.' uNui -^re-' 
cently elected, Premier Hepburn's 
next move w:ill be the wiping put 
of the guy(Mmf^llt*a anetibii |»letuire 
biiiiiiiiiv ? r'-'^'-^-. ■ 'y. : ■ v;,:?^ • • 

•We are going out of the produc- 
tion end of the motion picture busl- 
nesa,' ne declared. - ^a ltfei produc- 
ing . Mcond - rate picturee which 
haven't enough appeal to be shown 
anywhere. We haven't the techni- 
cal men needed to turn out first- 
class pictures and can't i^o^d to 
go out and hlra them.' 

Anlkiua} ftalifiilea of; tbe inotltm pic- 
ture bureau tptt4 flt,Sitt. If to un- 
der.Mtood that l^ajor Q> !B.^^P^ 
director, will be asked to ;reeigll M 

well as his staff of 12. 
Ih^mier announced be will alao 

cut down the board of censors per- 
sonnel. Censor8hip_ salaries total 
$19,108 yearly. Fate of Major J. C. 
Boylpn, chairmau ot^ .eensorship 
b)par<l( renialBo 

Robert Montjicoinery Set 
III Piccadilly' Musiker 

'^"■".■•r Hollywood, Aug. 
" 'M;<IU'6V:ielll'V:ii|Mr':lU»b^ 
gometjr in |i ttttaical, /Piccadilly 
Jim.' baaed on a ^jrarn bf. P. fi. 

duces. V 

Marc Connolly haa been acrlpting 
bw^wllJl fre Joined bjr Robert 

Maurice (jonn, head of Ambassa- 
dor Pictures, arrived in New York 
yesterday (Monday) to HM^ke distrlb 
deals on a aeriea of Jamea QUvtir 
Curwood pfbturea gtarriac ICtiniiit 
Maynard, TW»im:-^iirm^ 
Mavnard. ' ' ^ 

Joe Aller, of Consolidated Film 
Labs, la financing ,Coni|, who, at ^T, 
ratea aa tbi t^ia^^^ ^ir^MftM ief a 

Hollywood, Aucr. 
Metro la tailing another try at 
•apoliolng tho ecript of /Wicked 
I^OIh^il,' tttvi^er to get: in thro 
iBie tthya offlee purity aquad. Zelda, just back f rom J^tfl^pO, ' to 
doing thp carpentering. ! 
v'Oriiiit«||l^v':aet ' foi^'!' Jean; ' ' Hxtrlow, 

piMiitiiim.^ ■■■■■■ 

: : / :^?o ADDS kane v 

' V vTr.v Tf oMy wood, A ug. 8. 
!5« PHo , Miirx hns taken Walter 
Kwne ^>yer frrini the llorry. Weber 
it^pncyk;.' ' \? ''''':..'v^'v'"-./ ■ '^i':' 
■.■■;vA'. ■'■jforiiitsf; tfur* .■ KfttVm .'..hrti*''.. fote*,'hV 

llo;ir$ British Fiiin Bid 

V Hbllywbod,'- Aug; 
Harold iJoyd has an offer from 
a liritlsh studio to make two plo- 
tures In England. 

Lloy(d 8aye he Won't 1^^^ up his 
oifild tliitff^^^'t^^ taika with 

Clarence Bndinirton Kelland en^^t 
next week. I^itter Is finishing up a 
special yam for the next Lloyd film. 

Lloyd 1« aet to letLV!it,,)»$)i;e for New 
York: ^ediWiiiii^'^^ 

JBducational Cominittee of the 

t^m ''(^^ '' iiMirtt«\ jinhbiir) cck 

a discussion on the purity cajhimipn 
at 12 E^aat 17th at. tomorrow 
(Wednesday) evening, with ppeak- 
era for ^ and against ; the . if apiie . 
AdmiialonSla. fiSBe* - ■ 


^■'^r;v-'::: "'5;"'' , -Holly wpQd,,. Au^r. . 
^■•'■"^loiSmoufit has ■■v'.algiBis^l.:'' '%Mii«>y 
Toler for fole pencUett in f<.r 
<;harlie niigglf'S .Ifi 'Rtisrfirr.r f>f ho,\ 

' :/'.:i^li|^irdflif ■ ;4*MN'' ^ ■ ' ■ 
Mlohelettl BUrani, Who was in 
ilie New York legit cast qf 'Kntor 
Madame,' arrivea ber^ tomprrpw 


PU Ryan to 


Four features for a major release 
will be produced by IMill Ryan dur- 
ing the coming year.. He has the 
tlrat-^ttory :'i»^UMsiMttir''»^ 
start the Initial picture the middle 
of September. Also to do a aerteii of 
one rcelers. : 
. The producer will hea.dquat'tcr at 
the RKO-l^athe 8tudi<^ wb«r« be 
produced 4| ':. mttrif9-\ ^-of j;^'itWi(^.''vfeel 
comedies §ff:;.'--'jflt^r9l^^ ^.-leoleaie 
last, year. . '. ''^[ ^ -A 

FOX'S mmi 


Strengthening of the Fox Film 
position following Its reorganization 
plan -more than a year ago la re- 
flected In net 'earnings fpr tlie 2<l^ 
week period ended June SO of |l,-> 
199,241. This i.s equal to 49c a share 
on outstandinf,' Class A and B Btoek. 
amounting to .^,4,36,399 ahares. ' 

While a eoMiAliH^on of ftg:u<>^<' 
with 1938 is not poFslble because of 
reaj;Kanizatlon la.^t year, consoli- 
dated earned surplus as of June 30 
compared wU^ earned surplus as of 
Deo^ S»^; 'In liuwif «(lils the 
story of Fox's greatly Iniproved 
condition. .Surplus was $2,913,812 
as of June SO last, while on Dec. 80, 
1933, it stood at 11,674,354, an in- 
crease' ■«#'-fii#i#;;itt*n'^'W 

The second quarter tor Fox tbls 
year was subsiantl&liy much better 
than the first In the height of the 
film season, three months ending 
JuAo tl^ 1M>(*^ ihowu a net et P»ti* 
SM, ak eompired to $74,Tlt fnr tb*^ 
qnlllrt'er ending March II. • 

Deductions against gross Income 
fur the 26' week period includes Fed- 
eral taateiMnterest and deill«|(^Nitlbn, 
but d<>e* not take fn depreeiatloB of 
studio buildings and equipment 
placed at $326,221. 

Fox statement does not Incltide 
operationa' 'Of - - Wee0O;':'<MHrpn ''.;boOautee 
of bankruptcief exlisitent over prih> 
eipat iubslds of this company such 
aa.'Fox-Went Con«». 

Milton Sperling Joins 

Hollywood, Aup. 6. 

Milton Sperling Is leaving War- 
ners to become executive assistant 
to Edward 6|rna}j| at Reliance. 

3perling iiM ifl#h,^|uialfl!tant to HAl 
Willis* prodttctitm heM of Wameifa* 

"Warner Bros., either Indiv iitiiiilly 
or in. association with nnnaiiu'd 
btb*^, iB tra<le opinion Is to liKUrei 
'In;'. a: poaalble lakeorW'-:/**!' i^'fiwc*. : 
Metf<>i>olit.Tn Playhi)U.'<e.'- interest 
of Wl? on some kind of n <i< ,il nt 
its own folliiwlng wlthdraw>iii uf the 
combtrii^' 'l)^B^i<oevr' :,bid, ' liji:,lii^id''^) ; 
be un<iue8tloned, with imlient ions 
pointing strongly now t<t . I reor« 
ganiztttioii jilah. In wl> k'h thi W c t nii* 
.p^ny" w 111 1 1 li ure. ..v 3tQcyi':'h''li.i»;»^' V>t»we4iv'i 
out oltuKetli^f. ■^^^'-V7^•^■;^■^^■>;^-jVf''= 

Such a reoPgahlzatltintiikVti 
ara'i<in and submLssioii or which 
Saul I^. liogors has a,.'4k< d Judj^a 
Mack's permission, iprould . tali© tlifi • ' 
place of tho\ reoli^ijt/Bitlort piaih; 
n(r# peiiiirng, foi^ 

the dope Is stroni^ that WH will \n 
some way become a P<*ft f*l HoKers* 
plan. It Is also ' ..liiif^^teii KtroniLtly; 
that WB i»ia bi|*« otWrs with It^ 
William Fbi *nd A. C. Blumonthal 
are mentioned in this connectlbn ail 
possibilities. Rogers was fbrmerly 
general counsel for Fox at the. tlmjf 
lUumenthal %aa Fox's general tliof ''^^ 
atre buyer. ^ V ' ' '.' ''■*■■!>■ 

At an adjourned bearing on tlvf;;; 
Fpx-Met matter yesterday tM«rt*; 

■• -'v '.(Continuied:- 6^\VASff^:pi^ 

AH Par Ciaims May Be ] 


|at|it {Rations 

On fin order slpned by (l»?r<il 
JudKC Alfred C. .Coxo, all clajLma. 
exeepting cerUiil^^^^^,^ 

no«: itt^;:iii 

bankruptcy by Sept. 14, dtile 
on which they had to be liivd to. 
be' '^c»o>nfiidered>' ' ^ ''in^' ii^-^fik 
to and including Sept. 15, In 
a notice to all crodltors uppiising 
thetn of this extehsloii 'undo^^^ 
change of Par from a b*nkr u |>t tifK 
a debtor eorporation, under ' th* 
new bankruptcy provisions, fh« Tor 
trustees also Indicate thut the timf 
may.' be fuitherleaitirijdedv:-, 
.: Order' :'jprpVidea.:.Oia>t'^''if '.(u'vUiiu^ 
are te participate ttt a reorganlKft*'^' 
tion plan, proofs of elalm must ba 
filed not later than Sept. 10 next 
unless a further extieaBipn la 
granted. . CMma wM«b #ef^ 
by 8ept. 14 last year under tiie Pai^ 
bankruptcy will not have to In re- 
filed. Order of the court holdt. tliat 
they be deomed as WiM '.Under tha 
reorgani;sai.tipn of Par aW; n <r<pbtur 

About $3,000,000 In 1 ut liit/iix and 
Paramount Famous Laskv iinda 
Were ncu tiled »>y Sept. 14, ]'< ■.>.. 

All bonds but these m^'y bv filod, 
ordeir exceptlnip; bond etelita* which 
hayie been j^rpunged by order ..f the 
rfefierce in bif^nkruptcy pro.'. ,uiim->i. 
and cl.iiiii.s not isubstantlated l-y the 
filing of bonde on: which the n^me 

tv^.iaia*d^^'^:;.;^,v.v', 'Mxy-h 

Sivned to ar>pe;ir with <hur.ue M, 
Cohan in 'Gambling^,' , to b* iprO- 
duccd at AstoriiA, ; 1., by n. B. 
Franklin, |3^rothy1^ttr^^ 
New :Yf)rtt.lrriday :0)i;-/.^:.'v. - Vv v^'-'-'^' 

Trod U.C t ion : •ii- ^''.eiiitc!^ r'.ioiryiiiijf H 
Monday , <,i;3),.;"':- '.' ■ :y.^^^ 

Instead, ]FtMKKle.^:,iri)|. ct^i^v^^r Mi'lUt 

;.' Vliti(i^tioA;:'-l«..;i^^ tFi6ni~ :4^ided . in 
the AtttiirieaQ eleeWiea' patent iieidv 

.Small fly-by-ntght equipment com- 
panies .^hfive anything but vanished, 
ihiiitaltattotiit at ^ titer 13,00(1^ mark 
!\re floured by the big electrics to 
have reached the saturation point. 

ERPI and R<OA I'hotopbohe, iioW 
fivcing a«;tlohib.itB(i!fllpiiUly eetittvated 
t0 be w'pkihg dbiii td a bill loh; to - 

gethrr haven't more than 8.000 In- 
stallntion.s in the U. 8. Fome 250 
othep nondescript sound systems, 
Teport*'d by the el«ctti<;a to be ex* 
Isiten t even, f oday^ *#« <!r«dit©di WltlH 
V. lie iti ihe temaliiiing 4,iyiOO then - 

:tro?.'.vV, V-^K^ir^:;' -r-'-/\''''\''-V'-: ■' 
KHPl'e #et«leBfN»it ^l»i<h Whrnovst 
:>iarTiJl •ftiil qniettia oh other lltl-' 
gfi (Ij^n;. '^,J^^;#a(?;t/li; hn's, arr>u^nfi what. 

the electrics'^ 'exe<<UtlVes ternj a 
nunilior of quest itjnable attempts; 

Mlslnterptet^llpn . .of the t<ir^ of 
the comp^«r*lM ' ie iblfli tri el^C" 
•trip circles for some of the troubt*, 
Westernites now maintain, despite 
the (ti-i^'in;il slatenieiit issued Joint- 
ly by the liliri and Warners, that 
actually the electric didn't aettle 
any priKt grlPvarier^ with the broth- 
ers. As electric spoUe..^nVen interpret 
the statetuent, ICUI'I . slinply has 
bought , up_Warners' 37% royalty 
.l!nii<f^H!^ tur xhi next 10 yeiwwf ^^^^ 
electrlft. InslstK tl»nt it did not pay, 
hnr wlll p,ny. the Prothors nnythlhg 
for thi< first five'^ of the Al- 
leged royjiUy agreenif nt. . i ■ • 
RepoM.ii 'Ibht th#» #H « liMtii h« .\v 
■|oy« freo srrvifv .-nd i-iulpment 
./ tyqplinued on ^"ue 

Baer p for % P^^^^^^ 

. . HbliywPOd A\iK< 6. 

One lihn ct rarnmourit gnar&n;». 
tees $n6:ft()0 to Max Bner 

Tiir(.ii;.:h I^o Morrivot < hftmp 
gets $10,000 per .WPffk for nij'iirnum 
'Of flV((K ---^'Sj^'' ■•■••••'■■■••■'■*'■'■■■■ ^ 

llollvwjioii Aug 6. . 
T>«-i; S.'«rr<ky'H flr^f silpOf Vinery 
Jof) on his nf w ItKO- ftadio dcnl 
Will hr 'Ki* k--OfT.' foQtbaU iittoCi" by 
■NVfk, jWitri'ow^--?ftndV»!l^^ h ' 

w-il) v-e.;'di(r.:flr»g'..'if»Wlnt»^r ^fm:' flV* 

I oiri> st.-vi(^nj^r;iii";V^'Hli'»^'^^ 

Tuesday, Augunt 7, 1934 


Uruption of the lj<toffUea of Decency gives new force to tlit» old argu- 
ment In favor of clasHined theatres, flrnt advanced Rome 20 years ago. 
01ugjr«)sUoii WM flouted then, but It ha». recurred, regulairly whenev«r th<» 
i»rot*(it ilgaiiMt ih9 pictur*iiV effect upon th« bhfid mind ^ts i«itn brought 
VP, but estllbltors Btill soom to feel that they need to draw from all 
•geii ftnd tjrpes of mentality while producers do not relii^h the idea of 
irtAklng flpecial productionB for children, having found .in!^^!^ 
^eiN»' i«i..fiiiiaIl profit .illjronif rentalo.- ' / v/ '.^rV-'-vv^'-^' • 

tn no other phaHe of entertainment doea a ttiniilar condition exist. 
](« .-pictures the jMme screen disptt^M IndUcriminately productions drawn 
'.i^pii/aH'itf:: types .jwU^icwi:'i'egai^;lbr'i«tl^^ . :„; 

in the early silent dAyct this was well enough. The one -reel pictures 
sold chiefly the Idea of pictured motion. Thin, unimaginative and en- 
tirely innocuous pl<>t8 wQre told in pantoroiine wHh suci^ aid as could 

^ be rend«n4 .by »ttb (omtf , the «rtt4<> baiM6 dralni^: 

. The sex angle ^as glossed bVfV. , ; before the arrlvskl pt the talking 
; picture there had been efforts ittadie to appeal to the distinctively child 
; audience. The old Kalem company made two or three productions of, 
AMrr taifi* with the idea of an eventual weekjy release, AU of the old- 

v-^i^Miieir^ Moji><6 chan<ies witH: iilm litiended: strYeUy for Jiivettile 

Appeal; KxfitbU liirptti* 'i^Ve Bflthll^ .w4i;li' ,tlie«e; 

' . ' ex per i mcnt s ■' and the. ide^ ■ ■dwlnd^^ 

■ ; V VVhcvn the ..^f^l|j4*»g ■plfctur^ :it creute<d a,n entirely , new condition. 
iMAi^^^ ftiade ft' ^flntte aYid Unmist'ikahie exposition of the pidt, ftnd with 

1 tfialdg came the introdurtion of the- bawdy and frequently indefensible 
, jokefli. . .^J^x situations became emphasized and definite. Sex, the basis 

or mosf^rama since; the, C^l^^k M made palpably evident. For 

< .tb(^: first' tinne the^ i6 be sonie truth to the contention thftt the 

plX^ture had ah infliionce not whol upon the child mlhd. 15ut 

v. thl.s hns1»oen too mtith iitrcsRed in the recent debates. Any fair-minded 

niagistrale dealing with juvenile delinquency can that chil- 
{.^dl-ffn ahdyet' tHe of 12 have a deftnlW itnderstahding of sex matters 
^'i|jir|ilcK wa»i not gathered from the screen; Long before pictures th^ 
^'ifiiiMfie, condfttonit ex^^ and were variously; blamed :<wi the reller; rinks, 
-.'.'.iliiie 'n»v^vjb^^ll»4mg whatever ha i)|>ehed' to':.He.- t^''fa^!^vth«' in(»n#nt. 

s it iMay frankly ti© adiiiitted that the screen cannot be eovilllned purely 
\ t6 :hiuJt whic^ jMircnt.s believe to be .suitable for child consumptlOW. It 
>'Violate.s Our standards of decency to admit children to the showings of 

plays o.slensibly adult and it is within- th® of reason to realize 
^ th^t the screen is growing adult; that it 4san .no longer be. Umited in its 

themes to thai -^M cvme uttder thie hea<l "of "ijultable fftmllr trade*. 
* llorice there arises a need for a new development in the picture theatre 

■ Vhicli shall recognize the new development and .segregate picture drama 
into two classifications; theatres for those who want sophisticated adult 
Stories and other, ,theatrcs wher^. Juveniles; could be solicitetl or ^ those 

^ whb want weflrt4n!<^rk^^,' etc. frt- tlMil smaller towns a single :\}im06i;'[sn&y 
appeal to both cla.<<.Mo.s of pnlronaure on different niRhts,: giving the. Sat- 
. ui'day niatinee and pertm-ps T'liday night to the. ehildl^n* ^BxamJ^ 
^iwouid i>o one hoiiso playing 'Of ii(iaw[in:!Bpn4age%%Mf;^a 

• "O'lUit-n or Joe Brown type of 


It iiiiKbt re<iuire i revision of pnlduclion sohedule.s. to pHiy{3e, the Iw • 
^ olaHsifi cations with proper material. It would not reaut^' a greater 
rih^*«*«*' irfetu^^^^ even 1^88, an*, tt'ter a Short period of read- 

justment, the profits i^iould be as: tarse it not gre^^^ It 'trouid then 
be possible to appeal to those Who do not now patronise 'the piet^ 
/theatres because producers must perforce fall between the two diVlSli>n» 
r\.of appeal and' produce a .product which pleases neither class. i , 

UuMlly this condilinn tiuist prcnMll If tho picture is to wndure. 
not now, when et>irditi(»nn are Ho-riiMx?.., . . ___„___ ,- 

B.O. Tit 

. V iffivsitly improved conditions |n 
■^/tbi^tre. ^-ppwatiewif:;, fefleet^v -ki: 

: 1^ revealing that for the 

IweoHs ended last June 7 busincJis 
i*^ appriWtl*n^te»y^ '4^%[iifr 

ihifi circuit compared with the re- 
sull.s for the same 40 weeks in 1932 
and 1!».5:]. ending Juno 8, 193.1. J''or 
the greater portion of this period, 

^ wb<^h 0ii«^^^^^^ has shot 

'■■ Aniericah induiiti^^ 

:;'til<*t(ii-eM, hfis been ufidcK NWA. 
. Net for I.ot'sv's, Inc., for the tlircc- 

■ qu.irlojs up to last June 7 was up to 
|Jii7r,fl!i060, eqfulvalc'nt to $3.4.5 a 
share on the conimon sti».ck rtftei: 

\ pr<>i' erred, dividend' i^irlir'emeht* 
«4i. bsidi.iri<^. This <-oJnp'iros w i U i » 
net (,r ??,.T,1G,037 for the corr<'.viM.nd - 
•••»; 10 weeks ended .June H, HOil. 

.«Hintv,a|ent,to |lj,li.^ oh the cominon. 

: riod v,'i>r. f !»,(i9.''i.R09, .is Comp.'ired 1o 
• $«,f..H.Ol;J for the .0 vveeks tip In .hiMf liefirerialion itml l ixf.s 
hAti be^m greater fpr .the 40 weeks 
; «l«*<i ^iitii^ f: this yfrWr .l hah tor tl^ 
;*^%S> i»> <;S*io»ij| perloii by $:.26,480. 
^rlffuiV^vii Were i3.*!Sft,2f,2 f(»r the 40 
Wf ,- ).., I I I )( . (.iinlfd for .'uid 

* • ! J fur tin- HiMue pcrHtd up. to 

i^vf iiMtini ni tail. 

Campaign to m .ke local school 
beards responsible for types of film 
entertainment shown in < very com- 
munity was planned last week by 
National CCffigirM/B of Parents and 
■'tieikehptn In' heidr developments in 
.screen cle,'in-ui) cru.'sade. 

Three-year plan, proposed by Mrs. 
Itobbliriii Qilfflan, militant; enemy of 
M^k hpfOking, calls for Work bj); all 
locat P-T-A groups td Vogulatfe na- 
ture of films shown children and 
to reali.ze, 'th,e poUuitial good to be 

Anninincing 1*-T-A will cfif)i)cr;ite 
with institutions of education and 
t^jverntneht departments to secure 
better type ftlms.' Mrs* Gllma.n said 
orgjattl^atloh wlil, !^ COhfl^rate' Virlth 
the indu.stry efttier; by^^^^ 
or listing pix. ' ■■y 

Program .Tins to .-.ycure .'suitable' 
i>icVures if' r itirstruc^^^ and 
ontt^rthittmifint ; ilme'tt^p iilm llfirar iW 
for school a,nfl Community' ti.'^e; 
special e<luf,'it ion.'il .siiovvin;;.s- for 
rTinuri-ril Tiid" i~tru triicMt~ oT" tiiidf 
l»ract i« (' cont rol legihl.itiop, .SMCh h.s 
reguja t Wtiv 0 blOrk UpdUiHsf . 


Uulver C'itj?; .Aug, ,:(•. 
Ai>pi>iritcd Censor ■ Cohtaet^ W 
MV'fr'o, M luncc Itr-vnes re.iHs nil 
scripts before Jof IJree.h If? ..h.'i'»'l<*<i 
thAm' -by studio'. ' ;*■'''■ V.^- 

Itf'Vli,'.- .t1 ,<> .vill i. -p In toll III 
s. iib ISK'cn on slorKJS M'.'^ plans to j 

Industry Counting on Im- 
portant N«w Films to 
Give 1934-35 Fagk SUrt— 

. . • ■ .'t 'l» 2'.. ■ -f ).i ' - ' _ 


witii' .Ilia: iiiiiatrjr, w.aiin«#;iiNv^o 

new season to start, distributors a e 
laying out releasing schedules for a 
concerted pusb on product starting 

flin' year gets under way. Holding- 
back certain produ<qtiona which in 
formal^' ''ireMsfi^y^ihikii^ .6itt' 
earlier 'to''eHiiUi{mti^ th» 

idea seems to be to bombard the 
market as far as , [possible with big 

pictures- :t]Ms.'fwiifVA'^^ 

Where pictures are' i'e4dy, none 
of thr. distrlbs are holding back for 
better winter conditions, as somc- 
thnes HappiBiuai JBliWiyiliilnc 
expected box office power is being 
rushed out starting Aug. 15 in hop^s 
that September and October will 
act as an li^prMS|ya first lap on 
the hew season mnI jjranerailjr lend 
impetus to business. 

Another thought in shoyins out 


, Pox':if41ms.;k'iiiNr;tf^ 
mitted td miakii^ Its own ptetures 

;here': and':, la- 'iiiewvaBt^^ . ^l^lMK^U&g, 
to cloise a eoliitraci for Its > TPn 


On the payroll will be T. Hayes 
Hunter, Anthony Kimmlaa and Al- 
bert l^ri(er» 7«g 4ti*ctOTi^ 
three pt tteMb: c^Muitatf on 

to\^irh :'o«t;'if 'Vtctures '.par^-'l^. : 

In Bo^col^^ T^ 

Kent to Coast Soon 

Sidhey il- Kent Plan.s to K;ive by 

the eiid- biC tli^^ i^r a Coast 

via^t to tbe Fax littidto. date 
•deilhitely Bet. 

.it's a periodical trip to contact 
pnMluctiim executive*' 


Hoiiywetad; Aug« f. 

When Kufus LeMalre returns here 
from London. i>robably in Septem- 
ber, he will assume the post of cast- ... , ■ , 
ihg director at Metro. Deal was set ! »f ^hese theatres in play 

with 1^; B. Mayer prior to lieMalre's 

"'1 T'' ^.C^htcagoy;. Aug! P-:'^ '' 
Itev.Msint; it.s bulletin of previous 
week when It isiiued no list of 
banned .pictures, the Chlcaigrb Legii^i. 

of:, ipN^si^is!^ i ottt- a-; 

bulletin which contains only con- 
demned flickers. ^Bulletin makes no 

Oh the ban list are a ttuinber o( 

repeats. Complete bulletin lists 
'AfCah's of a Cicntlem^n,' 'Finishiiig 

Schbdi.^^ •■'•©taimo^ :^'Wasy «eir.'' 

Man,' 'Scandals,' 'Good Dame,' 
'Laughing Hoy.' 'Little Man, What 
NowV 'Lazy River,' 'ManhattaiK 
Melodram.a/ . '^ana,' '.Merry WiVM 
of Henov^ 'iW Hiihiah I3<jlndage;' 
'.Sadie McKee,* 'Smarty.' 'Sisters Un- 
der the Skin,' 'Uppcrwurld,' 'Cath- 
erine the Creat.' 'Henry Tozlrflsi* jg^;. 
the condemned batch.^ .' 

Boycott Threat ' : , 
Legion .Biecency last we^ifl' 
started a canvass of all nabe thea^- 
tres threatehlng an orgahlsed fmy-- 

departure abroad last month. Both 
Mayer and LeMaire are now over 
there, the latter currently being per- 
sonal manager for George Arllss. 

LeMaire replaces Ben Plaapa In 
thie eaiitlng spot at a*-0, ^xpieeta- 
tlon being that I'iazza -will merely 
move over and undertake other du- 
ties af this studio. It marks Le- 
Malre's fourth studio connection 
since he fiirst came out here as an 
agent. Ho was on production at 
Columbia, became casting head for 
W.arners and then was designated 
an associate producer at Fox. 
, .plahs:are 'ft^ji;ia4re.t«t:^i(l''i'n 
im^edtattaiy ' ':.#la.' - ^t^riK ''A^jom 

^^^^ j (hnti Hfi 

Culver City, Aug. 6. 
Harry IJeaumont leaves Metro as 
a director Thur.sday (9) when his 
contract ends. Ife was to. have 
iiftadied tha '^allfko |lurdei; Ctise. 
iSt*^picttn^ has been postponed. 

lleaumont^ has been a^ Metro a 
,||,-yiis|ry>a!*id#r " -iiraisaiit. jji^i.*; 

Pk^r 1^^^^ from U. S. 

Hollywood, Aug- 
Metro is practically set to break 

intd::'BirittslS';'fMro4«^^ CoMpany 
has made up its mind to turn out a 
few films there. Jfust how soon or 
who will be In cMrarire of production 
is not certain yet, but David O. 
.Selznick will go over in the fall to 
make three or four pictures, split- 
ting his time lM^«e«!n productlph^^^ 
L<»ndon «nd H6lly.«irodd. 

Finjil dctalU of 'tb« plan are in 
.■ii>eyan( e While Louis IJ.— Mayer is 
al>rou«l looking around. Mayer on 
his ieturn to the U. S. witi OUtltiie 
fin.'ii d(>taM8 <lf the projecfc , ; ' 

Moahtlnle co'mpnhy iias set Its 
I.idM— in the swiiH dopm ttrn iit li ixi 
luinlitiK for ni'itcri.i I ind «'xp<-< i.-i to 
line tip a half dor" n iio.s.s|b|o wte- 
narios tn start with. 'I'hat indicates 
that .Metro exi>ects to plan tbe 
lire thing carefully from this side, 
.-iendint; over script, st.ars, producer 
md tcflinii i;jn.s fc,r m.'ikiiig of llif 
piciuff."., L<ocal British talent will 
be •'u«^.';^li(jhi^WI*^''ft>#':^ti^: litf^ntinfy 

■ Also i6>i4ecld'''f "yet l.s wh«/'re Mot ro 
vill |>r'o'tU('r> in Loud. in .-.iric c t,\<i. 
(tio .sp:-tc«' Is. reported g^>tiiMg more 

'.iHWI/yitlW^ 6.-. 

Alexah|f6r i "P'aiitageii, tWether 
with Mills, .*^lircfve & (' *., I.s named 
in a supplcmcnl.'iry comj»I.'iint filed 
in Superior Court by Marion 
Churchill d.em^nd itt,: . i^ccoVery of ,» n 
assert***! • ionh t»f |i .W.doo oh notes 
excniifd in June. 1930. 

I'l.iiiitiff sues )i.s tru.sicc of the 
f stat*- of tUf l.'ilo Kliz.ibetli Cliurchill 
."^[i.ilding, from Wh.ose |»ropci'lle8 

.M. :;C. ^■t?fV'*l>;hi''^''- ■ i*?!** ;^'.on. 

f ojr'i lie r: tr-iis teip*«v ■.fl.^'<'i|ii r if-d^itpt jjiayc ' 

ing pictures on the ban list. Legion 
states it's okay for 'theatres to play 
pictures in the A and B clas«iflca«; 
(ions but not ih the banned C pio* 

X(^glon is repetrj^iiurned otver tha 
big bttslhesa around 

town on three banned flickers, 'Man- 
hattan Melot^rama,' 'Sadie McKeo* 
and 'Of Human IJondagc.' Latter 
picture broke all attendance reeorda 
the first rveek at the Loop Paiaca, 
held over .a f.fond week to smash 
trade and tlu n shifted Immediately ' 
to the H.&K. Loop Carrick for ad- 
ditional first-running. , 


W)i>/n Ml list Lublt.sch vre^t||rn.-< to 
I' iiatiiount aft</r f learlhtf awiiy it 
.\5(tro on '.Merry Widow:' bo v\ill 
direct, one trf two pi«>ductlofl*i 'Alf 
tlie::;l<lh«'s' ■tr'>rs<?!*v SvithVf v»t^«fi|§;+' ; 

sdji Ht.'tri'efl ; hr '('.•irnivjil 
' Dlr>*ri^ir h^,s fi1re;rflv (.I' l V' d b 
. irn.'^ -ind will fl " d' • i mmi 
lirst: , 10 . gi^j when he ^^ci »; , i.:! .:.k ■ 

Hollywo(jd. Aug 5. 
■ Mtttco's 'Painted- -Veii' ba», p as se d — 

and becohne the first filhii with an ' 
orlehtnl background to get an okay ' 
from the far east republic. 

After lamping the script of 'Oil 
for the Lamps of Chin4' (^ajut 
admonished Warneri» agaiikst per- 
mitting the following IhdIscretiorisJ 
civil, ■ivf>nH'n'.s bound feet, 
weiring of queues, concubine.i, 
opium smoking, superstitions and 
the improper , use Vhinaman:; or 

Special rep from the government 
is en route to watch over the mak- 
ing of 'Cood Karth' at Metro. I'.nra- 
mqunt's 'LImchouse Nights' is aUio^ 

No fiuAMo Bladdi£ 

liuff ilo. Aug. 6. 
Thf IJiiitilo Lfj^'ion of Decency 
l liis w <•.•!; IK (I it.- list oCapProVedl ;. 

curretvjl llim«> with the .anrioiin*: • ' 
fnVnt flfiaife: the Mst" should forih a 

iemporury pr.i' lir ;il means for sujp- > 
porters to k'<-p tiicir pl<>dge. v^^. ' ■ 
Acfonip^iTiy ing thf lis' wa.s an an,- ■; . 
nou ncement tl»at 't}ie. Buffalo^ Coi«*** ' r 

the time being publlsli n bl.Kklist 
The Issuing 6f su' h list will d 'p 'nd 
upon 'patlon'tl L'-j^jou ((f U'-t-rucy 
(h'vHophu nts |tnd .' on : tli,e : t>'P<», 
of .entertalntiKvMt . f»!rnirshe<l Ifr .^• V 
lor^ll' .thA«t^t^S^'*:•■■.■ '^Z' •^''X-'v'- 

, I!..; I xi. Aug 6. 
pU- if.- ^;i\* || 'rui'.iivl.jy tn . i 

>, t. I.> » li'n-.-: o'ltfit /v»Hed: 

Fix Biz Wants to Join B'dcasters 


Says Aheic Ts^ 

y;MMUi^\fr<om asking the; N«ttonal 

[■.^jn6aiMl»n to Jnt(?rv«ne In * ault 
that the NAB has pending against 
the American Society of CpinpoferK. 

v«3rcle8 made no str.iteglc move last 
w«ek to Wliit ASCAP't new seat 
■. Mx; .scale. ■ ^Letter ^ if*^ :aiif 
' \ tiliority: Ui ; Join ..rMI«- «a :(M»«>tttifatAt' 
In its test cast was addressed to 
Newton p. Qaker, chief coun««I fi(>r 

last year in behalf of WIP, Phila- 
delphia, with the New York Federal 
Court It charged the Society with 

, the pcrfoi<Vning rijvlhitf ; eOlM^ 
ordered dleaolvedr^^ ' :"^^^ 

" ■ ;iB.; C.''-i|(Hilii, ;'ASCAp ■t©!*; tngr., , i(ia^\ 
ciaT^ yMt«i;4#y < Monday! that as 
yet he had, not : ivCflved from the 
theatre cum^:a!|iy reiiuast a con- 

any overt action either way for a 
, month or 20 since the new rates 

As anticipated in major circuit 
quarters, AHCAP wUl seek to crip- 
ple ainiyunlt*i 4 by Ict- 
''; 'tiing: 'th<fe:''«3ci>lt>S6lii^ 
800 and under come in under the 
old rate of 10c. a seat regardless of 
>ivliii»tliieir th« adliftissio^ c^ai^ here 
i« JSe. 6f ubre. Vn4er tli« revised 

fcnle no increase of r Ate la provided 
for as Ion? as the theatres up to 

this oniii-rity charge 15c. or less. 

In Re the Small Exhib 

Mills dcniod yesterday that any 
auch .en louvoi* would be made to 
|>rer.k down tho opposition. Provi- 
;:: ilona .of \tiKi'''Mw ^KnMer.iM/.;^^ 
''■\t»mm-pnt^:cli>M',U> what tile small 
tkeikttii inan Has bcicn demanding 
: tor jrieara. and that is, he (exhib) 
•hiptildh't, for the small use he 
' iniii^ saddled with the 

''.'''•ijiM:.'ifiat««'' -trn'M^M^-^ out' "th«.'' 
luxcfs ntdMnir f*t«iii«ivi»^^^^^^ of 

, ininic'jil mr'tcrlnl. Mills estimated 

♦ that there were in operation be- 
twc !i n,000 and 4,000 houses with 

. ^capacities of .800 , or less seats and 
(i>pined\t}iiiit ilMii' aitnattofi nifide it 
V^lt)(ely that the niajor circuits 
would f.ot much support from the 
uniall i theatrti operator. 
With the Societyv Mild M1H,S. tt|f9 

;•. ; Tt MtHtn u ui n&tt ih tf ing pui lip %y' il t ' a 
^rc^iits is an old routine. Twice 


Burned over ASCAP's dec- 
laration tlM»t tha average small 
theatre ' .'. ^) :M(B«p« ^tb^ 'ii«w. . 
seat tax. ana tlUKt 4lH» i«vy is 
aimed at the deliiikera, indus- 
try spokesmen now maintain 
there are not over SO houses in 
thf •nilrv y> 8. which run 
OurN shows a week and would 
•MMp* paying tribute. 

ASCAP Is Charged with try- 
ing to befuddle the indie ex- 
hibs, representing the vast ma- 
jority of theatres into beliey- 
ing ' ';'.4fiat 'major.' ieireujU«''' .'Wr*'.' 

simply 'uiM:':tiMi>liil.^lW^t«f . 

fight. /™' v^''^^'-*^'f:. "■.■'■'■ 

Lesser Takes Over Lew 
|^^ii(yii*s 'Parade* Shorts 

Hollywood, Aug. f. 
Paramount's 'Hollywood on Par 
rado* ahorta taken «v«r 

by Sol La M s r for VMaasO through 


Lewis Lewyn starts new series 
soon at Prln, the players iu^ain do- 
nating f ervices,, wit|i bulk of profits 
t«^%''to tha: 'M 'IP.' 'SbttaW'.FUnift..' . 

AmBements on Qimb Desnte 

Hki 'Oct' OpeBK 
Some UnioD Tis 

Loew's Canadian 


■./■'■T*rOnt6, 'Aug. 

Special meeting of shareholders 
in Loew's Theatt«s, Ltd., in Canada 

V ei^nired , the : ils^^ 
with the last theatre wee* In 
Augast instead of the first Satur(diiky 
in January as heretofore. ^ 

between the shareholders and board 
of directors will be staged at the 
annual meeting at the end of this 
moiith, Shareh^diva want ^yment 

of dividend arrears and the placing 
of Iho common stock 01^ a dividend- 
paying basts. ' ^.''V ;'?■.::■::'•'■'■■- ' 


" ijnc'(4n. Ant. t. 
Tha ttPpD^ OmahA snim l^faaird 

of T'-Pfie and Publlx-Nebraska are 
being if.ed for $136,000 total from 
threo itou'rces' fdr'"in«g<^V'^loiak^s 
of a previously issued Injunction 
against pr.ictice of protection. 
Amount the plaintiffs hope to re* 

covwc' wpres*iit.«,-;.''%iiref^^ t|tti*#;; <^ 

aotuni alloped djftmages .suffered. 

The trip bringing the suits and 
tWa ■ f kd iv tauat amtbirt«...'ialw^''' are : 

Up agaitMit it for arpkittNre foi^ 
lowing the «urrent ^nniglr aiki Kl- 

sle,' the Paramount, N. Y., is golnp 
dark Thursday night (9) until re- 
opening a week later with 'Cleo- 
pc^tra' under a straight film policy. 
<!«Ion!l«ted It «raa iBheagief* to «lose 
than tiy another ivMk with stage 
shows and dUbiotil product. 

Difficulties have arisen in connec- 
tion with going straight sound Aug. 
16, stage hands demandteig that a 
minimum of 19 ttiatr be einployed to 
handiis lights, pun curtains, etc. 
House has been using 23 with stage 
shows and, it is reported, a fight 
may be expected if stage hands do 

not agri»,,,i^R, unflar M<»its 

drop ■ ■iii^-i'-::mm have 
agreed to cyt the booth requirements 
from 11 to 9 men. l^fusiciana also 
are proving more co-operative than 
stage employees, allpwinr ...cei;.tain 
conciBss'iOina'. to,' t|»a. 'N.^'1^f'^lni)l^flK'' re- 
turn for laflAiNiif^ 
30 men. ' * 

tapitol— 'Girl 

R i a 1 1 o— 'Adventure airl' 
(Radio) (7). 

Roxy— 'Handy Andy' (Fox) 
(2d week). 

Musk Hall — XHia Mora 
River* (U) (t). ^.'.y 

Rivoli - 'R0il|i|||i^^ 
(4th week). 

P a r a m 0' tt' M , 'X^ifivfiti^* 
(Par) (1«). ::-s.^'yyV^:l/^^y- 

Capital— 'TrefMiure I ala ii d* 

Strand— 'Dames' (WB) (15). 

Roxy— 'Charlia Cbaii'a tSflj*(* 
a«e'^ (Fox).. . >;;;':■':.'.;■,.. 

Muaia Hall^X^ti|Mk# itfAy 

RIyali— 'BuUdof Drummond 

■•m»mm 9tt«r «yA) ill). 

before h 's it pone through all these 
Btafc-e.s. First, he said, they'll an- 
nounce they won't pay anytl^ing; 
the next move v#lir\1ba^(«^'iiiitii^' 
Congress to revise the copyrirht 
law: after that the courts will be 
asked to di.«<solve tho .Society on the 
ground that it is a monopoly; then 
will come the creation of ai| India 
■aanuaeript library with . tha jper- 
ferming rights tax ifree. 

And after thou.<^ands of dollars 
jiaVa been collected for th^a oreation 
(ot this bureau aiid litigation they 

(the exhibitors) will come through 
and sign up as they have in previ- 
ous years. _■ ;ftf^ , '.^4p ■ '^»#CAP'a^ 

experience. : ':• • V -v^^: ' 

. , L..A. to N. Y.j;^;'::.^- 

'Niancy ■ CSai'l'rtt; • .' i. 

^Vletor Moore. ' '-V, ••.■■■^ 
Lou Diamond. . 'v. 
lister Thompik^jrti'l^^ ;' .;/„./''--:'l 
■ ' Cyril. Hunte. • ■■■CKii' 

■:' -Howard iKinitit. y'i ' 

Jeanne Collier. ■ ;■■ ''i' ;i,',V'-- ' 
Ethel Borden. ''..-''■^^'y'' 
Eddie Chodon'V. . , -■ ' 

Harold Lloyd. , 

' ■ A. vr. ntuam:< -c- -^'^v; ■■ ' , 

;. .;I)!ti(|h^\.Kichois.'' ,. ' .y 
WilnaM Conselmnn. 
Gary Cooper. ' *; i ■';'.[ 
Killy .Seward. : • , ^ 

William A. Brady. V - ^ 

uritliam -A. Brady, 'rv 

Y. iii L. * 

John McGrall. 
Margaret Sullavan. 
li«ki ]f0me. V 

C. N. Robinson, Home the.itrc, Plair, 
$17,500 actual or $52, .100 threefold; 
Eric ■W<'88.elman, Strand, Pierce, 
fSOiBiftt or |n,f0 tilli«i»fo^ 
G. G. Griffin, Ritz and Platz thea- 
tre.q, Plattsmouth, $14,000 a( tual or 

$42,000 threefalC 

AcctMtttlOM ajjie mtide that the 
defendants control ti5% of all the 
film product in this territory and 
907o of the feature lenpth films 
without which the plaintiffs cannot 
operate i that Publix-X($brask^ was 
brgaftliked b3^' some of th« d<>fejid': 
ants, principally Par-Pub, for the 
purpose <»f ownlnp and eontroHin>? 
Nebraska key exhib towns nn<l en- 
forcing a 28 -day protection period 
In favor of these spots and to the 
J««ri,«qi«ntr':o|-:{^' smaUer town exr. 
•hl*i' isfeai'^y;.:' ■v;;.^, ^ 

Petitioners furthCf ; .^l^im that 
thay not only havf been ^deprived of 

ijajr. flrst run: prioes, but have been 
asked to pay first run prices for 
seconds. The law.' firm, of 
rlck, Good & Dougherty with Mqyer 
^ Moyer represent the plaitttiffs. 
CI004 is tW State Aitsiiriiay General 
ti^ho %^t^ht tho fhmbtt||''1r6tingclaufl 
suit through three ye.Ufc of feileral 
cotirt to a successful end. It in in- 




KlntCM IamhIbk Corp.; operate the.itrcn 
.Tnd other places of atnucemcnt ; caplt.1l 
stock, 200 shares, no par value, A. J. 
Itandel. 210 ^W«Mi-m<U^r««t, K«W Kvrkl 
Harry H t>lmstetn. llS Northern avmiie. 
New York, and Jl. *P. Myera, The Cam- 
bri<l(.'e. VhllatlelphTa, Pa. 

fo»'-.*m Film- Corp.; pictured; capitnt 
*tncl<, 150 nhnrPB, no pnr value. Jarob 
I Stillinan and Lena StUlman, 1109 (4th 
street, and Kitty Lynn, tM. MMtaall aM* 
1 nup. all of Brooklyn. 

Ciold AnAh, lac; pictures, playa, ate: 
rapltal stock. !00 shares, no par value: 
Harry S. Heckhelmer, Edw Qreba and 
HiMa Lefkowltz. aC IM W«i| 4«nd 
atreet, New York. 

Bteoklya CI tie Opera Awerlaikia, tae.: 
tttlklneaa of producinr rnind and lisht 
opera; caplt.Tl stork, 50 shares, no par 
value. Ifrnry J. Iferzofr, 8R3 IJoulevard 
F3.isf, Weehawkcn, N. J.; Maurice Frank. 
250 West TSd. slrtat, N*i| .TpilE, an« 
Plmon Hasoh. «tl Weat SfttW s^rMi, Kew 

Fahinn Brooklyn Thenlrea, Inc.: oper- 
ate theatres of all kinds; cAPltal stock. 
200 Bhai'ei^ no par valuo. flimon li. 
PaI>Mn, ffafn Bosen and Mary Beclier, nil 
of 1 SOI Broadway, "New York. 

Bison Tlientrea Corp.j pictures, the- 
atricals, etc.: capital stock. $2r>,000. K. 
I'aul Phlllii.H. M. P. Oovvthnrvpe and .T. P. 
Van WaRoner, all of 1501 Broadway, 
Xew York. 

Latin Artists Plrtnroa Corp.; the- 
atricals of all kinds; capital stork. 
$20,000. Rita I,. Kilcy, T.ester Shoenthal 
and Naomi i;arr, all of 521 Fifth ave- 
nue, Noir York. 

Adete Danre ttadio*, Iae.t operate 
dnnce halls, etc.; capital Stock, 120.000. 
T>nvid Slenal, i].'i4 Rtartford avenue, 
Bronx; Jas Sauer, 107 Vernillyea avenue, 
New York, and Hans Nairn, iiT Siior' 
mnh avenue. New York. 

Mwasd otmutjm €«fi».r operait th*- 

atics Of Sir Kinds; eapltnl atoipk. 'JOO 
shares, no par value; Moliie .<;ieirfrle<t. 
Ofrtruile ly-belson and Helen .Steihbera, 
oil of IStO Broadway, New York. 

.VfS^.fiaild rwalaetloaa. lac.t pictures, 
ptayt. >aud«vllte, «tc. ; eapltal stock, 4,00» 
shares— 3,000 preferred, $1, and 1.000 
common, no par value. CccrBe Ballho, 
4r.0 RIverHlde drive; Theo. A. Benedeck. 
SSI Bast C3d street, and ("harlcs P. 
Tlatfey. »0 Broad atraOt, all of New York. 


JUds on Consolid. 


Rayini turnod over its uptown 
Bronx houses to RKO under a re- 
cent deal, the remaining Consoli- 
dated theatres on Eighth aven e. 
New York, are being merged into 
tha Sptthger-Cocalis eircliit, dws of 
the strongesi indepenflent chaiiia fn 
the ■■■■■Oreiii|(W^ / ■K*if;:-:\:iM>i*lC''^ :ariea.. 

Sprinser-Cocatla;v:h]KBS. j t io i ^ 4© 

Deal by S-C with Consolidated 
giyea the S-C chain greater domi- 
nation am Iha^^^i^ of - KeW 
York as an indie, especially in view 
of the fact that further uptown the 
Lee Ochs theatres are now circuit 
propositions through having gone 
into RKO. Ibightli avcnutf houses 
tnyQlyisd la the combination be- 
tween CJbitaoiidated and Springer- 
Cocalis include the Tivoll, Colum- 
bus, Ideal, Times and vXrena, all 
grinds. The theatres RKO took over 
in the ^ronx, headed by the Tre- 
mont Alid 'WiiHs. are of greater Irti- 

I/atirrence Rolufrnino, president of 
Consolidated, will flKure Into the 
combined operation of his and the 
present Springer-Gocalla theatres, 
itii undw|t«(04i;-.: 

V II 1 .. ii fi ii i ii .iuM- i rit i ;^ l iv li - i ii ;.i:j ii iii. i . i ^fi i i( |i ,! . 

6hanflie^af!'i;»ap{tRl':''::'' ' 
Waverly Maalcal rnNiaeta, iMe.) |Seo,< 

22t BiwadWlii.-itajrTorlt* --. 

a(iMiM>fe««k Wednesday and Thurs* 
day, IMiloae alipped bacli and fall 
4QirQ Saturdny. wHh net Maiait tlMti'v 

closed at S8.43, or off 0.29 . 
preceding Saturday^... AyiuikiiNi.'li^ 
eIinib^;'akbo«i/;f| .ThiuriN^^:' 
day, an4'>iili|Nira^ tii^'mijMi''- 
even higher. Slump in carloadtnga 
and drive against motor stocks, pltti' 
pf«l|t%talUiHr ' ';f«r'^ ;i!r4fK^.aiid; '--'iMiaiirv: 
forcad/.pHfeai('.lio^j^-:e^ Satur<U|jr./''; 

. VAawiwy :%v««i^ . ii,', yaiiira--::' 
aentativa amUMfluMll -wwn^ gained 
0.718 as compaii^' with close of 
preceding Saturday. Despite fact 
that volume f( II liack materially 
as eompauped with previous week, 
acti<n»;':MMLfft«^.>^i«ilii^ in-- 
amusement Issues much happier. It 
was first week that Amusement 
Group showed a stifTenlng tendency 
and any inclination t^ reveraa its 
tf«i«i^;;<'||«ft''^:om did; ' n9nunwnM>^^ 
thnnage to ' keep niore than a IMilipit 
above low of preceding week, but . 
VAaiBTT'fi Amusement Group showed : 
a tendency to level out. From thin 
leve) there- may 'ba some accuinu«i .. 
lation, but it aM^aari ;Ukely tbat^ 
.group is in good shape to folloar'.. 
other market groups, should fitoolc 
market stage an^ concerted moy»- 
up^ards."' . , "■ 'y-'j:':'' 

among best acting. After fuell- 
ing dctwn to nearly 20 the prtnioua 
week, Loew climbed to 25%, and 
closed at 24>,i, for a net advance ot: 


, . .Sacramento. 

Weatera esataane Co. Capitat stock. 
$200,000. Noit* ■abacH1>ed. Blrectors: 
Jos. I. Schnitzcr, Irnia L., I'.in 

OraattI A Co. rapitnl stoik. 2,r.0(i 
shar**. none sub.'<rribPil. Plrectors: Vic tur 
M. Orsatti, Carmen Orsatll, A. Konulil 
Button. , . ,;. . ... 

Certificate of dIsaolutioh bf lSren, Or- 
aattI and Marx, Inc., as;< ncy. 

Permits to Sell Stock 
f!aUfornla Amusement (.'o. Motion pic- 
ture theatre operating. Tb IMiil^ 100 
shares of total of 3,SO0. 

Lyawood TiiiMtea .Wksitti* toWr 

structlon. To Issue All W 4«9^iN(ii'e| of 
common, par t25. 

Theatre Owners .4ssn. of So. CaHf. To 
tsaua 600 of 2,400 shares," no par value. 

tepj^^oy Threat to ASCAP, 

^ S Anti-Mmaf Tax CaBuykni 

Salex. lllKh.T..<iw 
»l«0 Col. I'ict. l".->% 2»iH 
atO i'on. Film. 2% 
eOO Eaat. K... as 
1«)0 Fox A . . . . 
11.4<I0 Ocn. i:i. . 
fl.OOO I.oew . . . 
9,rtOU Far ctfs.. 

wio Path* A. . ia> 
fi.0flO nCA k.... ft 
400 RtKO ! 
.■■•,«•• W.-B.V..i 

10. 000 Oen. Til. .; « 

R.otiO I^iew 10«'4 100 

2,(KI0 I'ar-P ctfs 'AH"t 

3,000 \v. n .'i:» r>2 



- % 

- H 


. 400 Teih. . . 

f, ..IM Traiii-If 

12'4 J1J4 1»H - It 

Ward is Eoinpr out to exhibitors 
.all over the country in the indus- 
try's . flght: ' aialnii'.V'V^i*'' ine ^ w fapd 
music tax, to talce advantage of 

the Oonprrcsslonal year arid bend 

the car <if e'*9ry hometown candi- 
date up for return or debut in 
itnatod that a fourth count w i H-i)r'|-\Vtts^ i h iston . ■ — — — — V ' " : • ]< ;. • '}!:: i' , ''\ 

added, to thi[|| i^trinig before , th^ caac 

Lou Goldbeiv ha.B le^t qiplumbiA 
2>'klii.|i;o. as exploitatlonr ttmiraig^ 

Rd Olmstead has niovrd up ps 
Hrst aide to Gcori^e Hrovvn, head o,' 
(>!o Col pub and ad dept. 

Goldberg, long with Pi,|l;>i.t , IThe- 

Reputedly a big Tote-ge-ttcr and 
an influence in his commitnity. New 

York foc! of ASCAP see in the ex- 
hibition the groundwork for their 
plans to get the Society Cnngres- 

slonaUjr investigated and th«. iB9i>y> 

ri«i»i^:liitfl|-'txvlsed;-- ''■ ' 

Ordlnnrily lndl.?nant at exhi^.^' 
>.<iuawk over rentals, sucli noise 
cannot bo tco j:re:it for :f( Mj !p|f ' '^Hr- 
clea against the Society,: .V 

PiAns, lit tha loenntiinti, Win t»c 

ccUaneous group ol Industry law* 
yers, botlii frorei .jnnMi^ M 
nelda, «i*M In fr*# Torn t<»aay 
Tuesday (7). 

t'edernl Trade Commission and 
Dept. of Justice will llkel^ be asked 
to look into the matter /|HP.#ny antl- 
t i t ia f a ini r lSB e vfcn IwW iit dunm < h b 

has a: (ihance to reconvene, 

tJost of' the siege is being de- 
ft i red to t1ie,. industry loaders 
being mindful that much anthu- 
slasin over 8im^)«r.:#aiiil''ti.:^-'past 

haa; «imsiim^. wbitfi lh«; tlmtr^^^^^m 
to^ ■ towrti;; 

Film lawy< i*K, according' to .viu.keK- 
fiicn, however, don't intend to 
c.'u-ry on th«;,..lSll|la-*'"4i6iclinicni At 
taQlf,;'.;,|Be^n«;:-i||;:'*ii#f« : this 

^I^f4r^ mttPtM* ■**ii*,i:«l«hip of 
N^^.«kp«ri«nov^: ^{ie^K^fHt -'mi,::-^. 

1% "pbiinta- 'iP*avdriilMe^^^i^ 4*i 
weeks ending June 7 was In lina 
with Htutenients here that company 
was earning considerably more tlU^ 
indicated by iprcsent^ U |Mr yciuf 
tdftfdend. Year's earnlnira. Id >» 
completed in K* week.s fmm .tun^ 

; (Continued on page Ifl) : 

C(pS TO BAI m 9 

. .;^oiti«:'\ei:li|i<i;i^' '!O^0i^^ '.^^^'t^vrf , 
gtinixatioit '':^fi»mr''ia^] 'jliim'^^iiai^i^^ 
liroadway Corp. worked oiit a 
couplet of muniiiH ago which may 
ha^'/K«^ 'tiif ^'^l^ect ' . <>t l^oldiiig: u p .m-. 

—plus that the ncW . OOT 
Uankruptcy Act changcid thW sitiia- . 
tion— haa^ :W«[v:%a:- ^liati|»a;;^;vli* v 
original agreentcnt op which predft- 
ors will be asked to i>asa fhursdar 
(9). Hearing for that <lale has bean 
set beforo Special Master Joyce. 
' '-One 'r0poit\i«ciehiii)'';wlMn^^ 
Broadway matter was readjusted 
satisfactorily to the bt)ndholder» 
was that Charles K. Richardson' 
was resigning because of complaintn 
■iKainat tha agi^entent, although th<» 
two other trustees, Charles D. llillea 
and Kugene W. . l^eake, also ap- 
proved. Kl( hardaipn is said to 
Marked out tl|e ortgintiil detail#. ; 

AppHdK»m io put through ' 
reorg. plan under the revised bank- 
ruptcy statutes is being rushed so • 
that this m<Mf 'ba ^ylear^ out Of tl»^^^ 

way for 'th^wpacititt ra^ 


Tender ch:ini,'es made, I';»r is re- 
Aiuircd to guarantee that until half 
of the IH^nds ara^ 1^ ftxed in- 
terest at; the rate W i%'^:tir'f«iiif^''WtX^^ 
bo paid, plus lit least |t(K>;(K» 
Inward (lie siukiiu: fund. Tlie «il<l 
plan gave I'ar a year, in which to 
d«(;|da.lfvlt:.!iro9id 'mm-^0Wi^^ 

tee or whfth4»r it would snrrendef' 
half of the stock of Pitr liroudway 

Tue«d«]r« August 7, 

P I C T ■ R E S 



JiKt affig boMy 0, p. p^^ 

; \ ' Iiivi^tonai ' Adm Soi A. 

Rosenblatt loavos horo tftniorrow 
(.T<ie«day> for San Fraininoo and 
' lot' to^t daj H thore, 

.', ■ 'in'm' -code; --itfikifi'fiml^^^ 

■ ■ Clvii"aK<>- ' 

In 'Hollywood than two 
weekfi, i^i))j4Jnblatf 8 stay on eoast 

twocn surveying operation Of film 
in<lu.stiy and others under codes 
which he administtTs, and plciisuro. 
TennlH, KOlC and dininK with friends 
unid former «blto|cci )iM;Uf> M 
htis ItM 1nul^K of hli 

Announced as comliii? hieri to 
;Btart off the two flve-and-five com- 
miitees— writers and actors— he told 
: them no more about pi>eration at 
tIKeM c<iHeoi(ye bargalii^^^ 
than he could have told thi?in in 

' He attended hoUi orKauixing ses- 
iiibmi of these ttro committees (ind 
ttlthoUglli ; |>iedfHi|rgr^^^; 1^^ 
■'is^tticy-^ all iiioee- 'in the Session* 
admit that scorory thing is a 
myntery to them as nothing came 
out of tliem but instructions hOW 
te . conduct parley;^. 

itbSehblatt itttended Ittform^id 
meethiK of Affency code committee 
which has been deadlocked in ar- 
rivipK at an agency fair practice 
.clause to go into the fllm code. 
, Atone wall Is In lAbgit msAto 6f 
. 'i^hts of ah agent of « contlractcd 
; flliht Iii dealing with atudfo execs. 
I..attor in.sist 10 percenters hog too 
niucli time after client is set. Tenta- 
tive clause has been assembled and 
; jLliis to vote W#dj|iesday night 
v^llftt*' «ie DiVinliytiM A<!IM 
• leaves town. 

. rr.xiuci'r and oinpli)yi-c.s KumminK 
l!P Ilo.scnblatt'B visit see only in it 
vjpemjnder tlvit t|ie Federal govern - 



Even before the double-feature 
crisis, threiaitcning to rip open the 
MltA front In ftlmdoni. Is aettlii^ 

the Code Autlioiity is ru.shinp out 

ballots, to jEoning buard sejcrelArjiif^ 
wltii limtriictiQns to eotlect M iCifct^ 
(M^ i^^ of eg-, 

jhlhltors on whether or no t gi ve- 
aways will .survive. 

The rebate situation, however, 
differs from douhle'a. In that the 
code specliscally i>rovldes that In the 
event 75% of the ihdlf^s and 75% of 
the afllliatcd theatres in any one 
zone vote for the elimination of 
,give4#r|^3rs--<>titvthey M% io MU(f^ , 

.San I'^niiicisco, Aiip, 6. 
' 'Willi till! l''ris('o /.dniriK and 
cii-ai iitii e .setup Ix-lii'vcd due tlii.s 
wock, .there is a piobability that 
; tnnny^^ l>i0luref hbvisifts will 

ral.<»e their prices soon, follow int? 
the lead taken by the Warfield last 
witIc. and-':\''':ltn1tfdS\;il^ 'tllla 
8t;i -.l/'i'.:'"' : ■ '. ; 

If or M»« P#»t ytsar, t owrt has i>«fen 
; idc tbi»,; jjn io^e^ cftses f or duialsi; al- 
,.tHir>t3ifth ;ih;e' Waffietd has ^onslSt- 
;ently niaintaiTicd It.s fi5c Kate. I«'ist 
Weok Uie Warf raised its eafly bird 
lhiH.t I n ecH from 3* t o . SSc, and on 
»iriturdn>'» aivd Sondays to,:4,i>c, with 
Wec^kenM prices: frbrrt 1. to: R^p.m. 
[jgoiut; to tutc. 

\Vhen United Altists reopened 
this week after 'two Thonths of 
df^rltne sy last 

"'i^Sson** ,:4« /tb- W-,'^'4t"lSnd R5e, 

other downtown flr.«t runners, 
notably RKO (fohlon Gate and Fox- 
Wewt Coast's I'aramount and pos- 
sibly St, Frgincis a^*.; It Wiii .ready 

■•<<>, rt|lse .^hrtr^--'J^httw-^«':''ii^:*tih 

tf and" when, that will leave the 
Fox scllinf? two first run pix at 15 
and :jr» cents,, but Fox-West Coast 
hq;s « d^l iDM With JToe l^oo Cor^i^at 
liiiuWe, so that situation undoubted- 
ly jivill be altered If the deal goes 
.:'|liroUktu: ' ■ 

FV S» jyicsyer QuiU L. A, 

,. ; ; Angt*Jeiii,' ■■;Aiigr'''i5V;^' 
•■' After, iicaily four 4nonth.s here 
tec upt-r.'itinff from , the illho.s.s w ith 
which ho was Hti ic);r II (liirim> the 
closing hoijirs ot tbo Al I'TOA coiv- 
^ toil' hert»- '^i^i -kxtt^.-'-fx^^ ■ 

M«ytr,;iiatronal sec .md pros- 

Jdenf bif ihe AVIsionsiii .mi'Toa, .s 
(On, I'oiitc to liis lininc ill Mihvaulii'*. 
M« yer l. ft hero bV *Mt«Vs acPO|i»* 
|»anied by Mrs.- '"Stej^ie*' ^HWii-'^^itfcetr' ■ 
daughteiv T)eJpHin<ft. exixcflnir to 
mal:(> the ea>,y xtaKes and 

>*rr|y!|iMir' ■;hf»i!|»e;'»l*<Mi* vAti«i> 't«.'.: '^v' . 


Washington, Auff. 9. 
Complete overhauling of the mo- 
tion plctiire laboratorjr ^e^e was 

proposed last week Katlonal 
Recovery Administration In making 
public a tentative bMdget of f 21,157. 

Hearing; «*V4^h t^ itjdget ahd 
»Qaendehts t6 the pact WIH be held 
next Tuesday (14) by Depllit^ Ad- 
ministrator William Pt\iim0»mtr*it 

at tl»o Ilfilcigh . hotel. » ' ■ " ■• . ; , . 

Twe seriiM' eir iAveiid men ts have 

been put forward, one by the Mo- 
tion ricture Laboratories Associa- 
tion and tlie other by NRA. Gov- 
ernment draft involves perf<^cting 
Vfcitiik!^ of the i^xK^feAg^^ 

A general |1 in minimum 
weekly wages lor all workers ex- 
<ept classUicd skUliid fmplojre^ Is 
a . featidii pi qpyewim^ pro- 
■ jWwalr ' ' '' '-^ "■ ■•■ ■■■ >' . 

fJovcr -nm'Mit propo.sos Goniple>tc 
new set-up fur adminlBtrAtlVif ])ur- 
poses, while traili^ iMwbe^^ 'thig^i 
gteS^ S^V?*^^ in fca- 

ture« ioif the present agreement. 
l!()lh (Icsiic a codo autliority of nlnej 
individuals. Trade associatiqn platn 
ealla for nb.ntfniitiohs by Iwnird of 
directors 6t the a'SSociat ion and bal- 
loting by members of the indu.stry, 
Whilo NRA suRgcst.s four members 
from association ranks, four inde- 
pendents, and' an tlnp«MrfH|l; chair- 
man named by the ( ;ovornin«ii|ti 

l)ol«?tioii of clauses ul lowing ptiee 
lixiii;; i.s i>roj)osc(i t*y NRA. ip ac- 
• oidanue with new policlea f^dopted 
aS cbnseatienec df atiacRSby Baii*ow 
Review poard. Covernmint draft 
continues prohibitions on secret re- 
batf.s-, refunds, discounts and allow- 
ances, however. Kew, article stipu- 
lates thiit \ 'It ; ip ■, .'r^e^gft^;' ;'that , 
pi'iee increases, except such as may 
be required to meet individual cost, 
should be delayed and when made 
such Increases should, so far as 
possible, W llliiitcd to jktiltaai ttddl-- 
tlonal |tiOJi#iMi|s in the seller's cost.s.' 

Tehtiitlirtf'lttidget estimated $6,3X0, 
will bo roqulriMl for .s.daries, $1,S27 
for office expenses, |2,600 for travcl- 
irVf. expenses, |2;WlirL^ fer 
.i^jojiWsum, f 3;90O for cciniinlttees, {in<i 
9S-^ffV'.mr regional (?od6 Authoriu. « 
in Los Angflcs and Chicago. As- 
.st'.ssmenf.s will be on ba.sis of num- 


Shitldown on Duals Thurs- 
. day, or Else— Pro-Duals' 
Companifft^; 1^ 

Life of the UBi^.- In^. '^'MmB^ '. ^* 
threatened. At' least tW» tliMi3or 
companies, it was reveiled bfflcially 
Monday («), are prepared to turn 
in their Blue Eagles before the end 
of the week. , Scores of leaders 
t^rbiighbut the country Will do the 
same if tb^jr foUow l^ulsrs. Such 
wholesale renunciations of the NRA 
are solely contingent upon how the 
Code Authority votes on the double- 
feature situation Thursday. , 

If a iqajoritr C A. vote reveals 
NRA sehtinnihts aa being thait 
doubles can be controlled, directly 
or indirectly, by the Government 
machine, the resignations are sched- 
uled to be handed, in immediately. 
If the ii^ote refistwa t|k# K as 
completely ignoring dttaitsBl and of- 
flcially recognizing It ai a problem 
to be handled by the Industry out- 
side the NRA, the Eagle will retain 
its present united front in fllmdom. 

rCharges art now l»eiiv na^e by 
the pro-doubW troap that anjr ac- 
tion by the C. A. In sanctioning 
dualism will be a direct repudiation 
of the gentlemen's agreement 
reached in Washington. Every ef- 
fort Is now hMair mMe t» have 
present at: the ithursday meeting 
flrst string hien or all the company 
heads who sat In on the conccs.sion 
confabs which ended one of the 
greatest obstacles to the code wliiie 
in the formulatlve process. S. R. 

(Continued on page 12) 



Philadelphia, Aug. 8. 

On Friday, Grievance Board ex- 
tended its recent non-theatrical 
ruling with a prohilbltlQii to ^lis- 
tributorp. ; aiata^::'iMnrliif^ 
m ent j i iarks gl v lB i i ao < |^^^^ 
lure showings,' 

I'hiladelphia situation In this re- 
spect is not acute, but U(K-state it is 
qiiite WldeilpreiMt «Mt siiff^ lilidBty 

Ttr enlployee^^. ' TaHff 
iimouqit. to , a littj© less 
f di* • iMtCfc . eiHplQyee. ■ ■ ^ 


■ .i<bb, cfolll^^^^ joine-i Jar tv 1' 
br's tiieati'hal d.-parlmcnt in tlic 
Lord & 'i'honiris at'i-n* y. 
. Colli^ix >v'a9 brovght , in , frorn 

it«a^w&<Ht-':.:lMr'', .'ih*:e J^iitbn'.:";&i6w' 

igency to hafidlc radio, but t'eglor 
with|n;«^ nionth bidd"d him over to 

Buffalo 'Grocery ffight' 

''''' BullCalO," Aug*' ' . 
II. Wick, bpt^ratiiig' tM> Ifajestlt, 
Buflfalo nabo house, has been found 
guilty by the National Code Au- 
thority of conducting' » lottery in 
connection with the o|jieratioQi of 
his th es it re ahd 1^^^ htm ordeif^ 
to cease and desist. Wick was 
operating a 'grocery night', giving 
away J>ags of grocorlea to h.<Hd<^^^^ 
of lucky numbers; : , 
;.;.;t;|l!<m\;tllft:.''<^ -'eoin- 
petjtbrr ;Wtck<was found guilty of 
th^ violation last named, and or- 
dered to di.scontinue the practii r.. Jn 
June, upon proof that Wick had 
continued to vIoUttili tho' Code, the 
Buffalo Grievance ^bard entered a 
cease and desist ordi^r and a direr-' 
tion to distributors not to furnisii 
lilm to Wick. Wick then ),'aitie(,l pubUclt„ by bringing an 
aotloy in guprema f?o»rt for 
art InJurtetfoA tb p<«vent distributors 
from witliholding film. Jiy .stjpul.i- 
tion, the matter was adjourned and 
later Wick withdrew bis actlort 

flow the C<Mrt^ 
Jbit) Shapes 1^^^ 

AnJ MftimJiig fninnlptplv TimiaiI 

While several btlier industries are 
< • omplaining to the .courts a^Wut the 
XRaI IhW ' flkn^'lndiiiiih^ 
to C.A. Secretary John C. Flinn, Is 
.sticking to K.igbi^jTidgmcnt, even tht 
labor matters. 

Ttake V^ictoria (Texas) ezhlb who 
Wei^t''^;oyer ■'the'' - .C.A.^''' ;liead- 'was 
promptly spanked In Wa.shlngton 
and sent home. And, JMinn further 
reports, the Denver exhlbs who 
thriBf|ii.tehed to defy the C.A. and 
wore told to be good children 
havea'^t; been heard from since. 



'\ "v tM',^n«reles, Aug. 9. 
BAttte of -tM- bills ahlfts to 

the Code Atttfic»rit|r in New York, 
following a 4-2 hiling by the local 
zoning-clearance board that the 
182-day penalty be kept In the pro- 
posed new i-c schedule for i93,4vtS; 
Split over the d|6termlnation re- 
sulted Whbri J. Iteeyes Espy, Fox - 
West Coast member of the Ijoard, 
refused to vote, and W. C. Kiter, 
local Columbia exchange manager, 
voted in favor of the. protestiints. 

Both Bifiy iwid JRIter. med dis- 
senting opinions with the tribunal 
in which they dccl.ared the z-c 
board exceeded Its authority by im- 
posing a penSbity fkgalnst double fea- 
tures,' ahd;:'d^teqWiiw.'C^a^ 
to concur with the fbt|if<:«ii^ 

Decision by the tribunal to out- 
law balcony .j> <|.t. night, a,nd 
ruliiig thttt i)rlfDfi**<^(ei^^ 
on the minirnum i^Pl^ charged, has 
already been appealed by Fox- West 
Coast, as well as ruling that limits 
continued first runs to towns of 
100.000 or more population. V 

Flood oji piNM^sts :i^iled ^ip with 
the x-« bbSrd bit Thtilrtiday f 2), last 
night on whi' h ohjocfions to the 
jiroposed new .schedule could be 
tiled. Total number of protests is 
163» Of Which 94 were poured into 
tHe lieppe^ on the last two days. 

Board waded througli a batch of 
protests during tho week, and will 
resume Us hearings at 11 a.m. today 
(Mon,) hoping to wind up by the 
close -of ■■■thls;>week.'--^v::-:-:v:,, 

Major exhlbs entered the zoning- 
clearance fight during tho week 
when Metro and Warners filed pro- 
tests against preferred clesranccs, 
taklftir th^ stand that first run rev- 
enUeiB «i« ; ieo)^^^^^ the 
board's fullhg which permits the- 
atres located in the county of L.A. 
but withiri u sliort di.stanco from 
houses inside the city limits, play, 
ing pix almost ImmedlateiyCtttte^^^^ 
close of L A. first runs^ bui inciting 
li.ick tiie liouse.«i insldfll the; citir^^^^.^^^^^^ 
varying periods; • 

Grievances Should Not 
Shift Burden «(» Defend. 

MinneripoTl.s, Aup^ <L 

•agreeing to go before the 

f^pde Authorlt y With th* 'ihtiffH.'"- ; 

The 1,1 'y t d'" i.Mion of tle^ T'ode 
Authority on llie Uirert.s di.s..! 
tributitra to refuse to make furtJi*T 
'^eUvcrjr of ftHctyre* to Wick tihle»is 
h*,; « Cjeftifhmto Of Corhrdirinee 
with the l:u(YaIo <':rl<^varH o 
It l» under.stood that Wick will lile 
^t«;h- cerlincaiei; : 

"Crlevance board licro rofu.scd to 
■ clo|.t as ;i li.v. (1 poli( y the nhifUng 
of the burden of proof from this 
Idalntift to idefeHdsipt 
tase* brou;;ht br-foro it. 
. .The proi>o:-iiion cariie l«;foro t)ie 
i.)"ar 1 wiiili.- to.stimo.i.v w.i<4 },.-iriV,' 
i'P(iiv<.d in the rase <«f F. U Iloloff, 
.\Jaiplet(;n, Xliirn , V^vhlbftf 
.W^liey; lleath. W'-ll.s, "Minn, the.'' 
nl# o'Wner. II'Mtj, Had denied Ro- 
lofff, ffi^ii-.,'.' tl)-it he violat.d a' 
board order to ceu.scv hoTdng '^mer• 
,0l*«t•■■«iIrlliilL»■•-•. ^■■ 

What is now khi^^ a* the 4% 

country's NRA fight arc.i. Incidents- 
ally includinc; only territories updi^jr,' 

iV i ^' i i t";i te6c>i^orat>d ' i,||.r;ciBineyttl 
nim map of the U. S. bringing zon- 
ing work of the Eagle up^^~to' date. 

Exchange center* In which h»v 
Kagle zoning has been accomplished 
include Des Moines, New York. 
Oklahtma City, Philadelphia, Pitts- 
btju^h. WMhlngtoib This iiiei|n>' 
that thesO eltlW will opienitO tihder 
old territorial agreements since, un- 
der the Code Authority ruling, n<> 
further soAlrtf Will be iitttmptsAlItt^^ 
tii^aftet Smwry, im, 

.^dfiliy^ilree :«ixehahige cehtecif"-/to^., 
tho U. Sv Los Angeles, Dallas aMjl- 
Mempbla are oiHcially listed as 
compie.t<|ity soiled. ' 

fvoni thMiiVl^ with 
all the frtliWi 'libhed In part are 
coming the squawk.s which have in- 
undated the code authority and es- 
tablished inforeseen complications 

The exchanges <and the cities or 
tOirkia theiy cover) which bisva KItA 
ol(M|rance and zoning schedules on 
the fli'e, and which must be settled 
before the new sales ^in0mr9tm!:9^w 
under way, include: ' 

AlMtfiyt Olen^ails. 

Atlanta: Atlanta, Newman, Jack- 
sonville, St. Petersburg, Miami, Bir- 

Boston: Cain.bridf e, SonkerviUa 
8outhwei«UMrii:Mai«.'''''' v 

Buffalo: Buffalo. 

Charlotte: Newton, Hickory, An- 

Chicago: Metropplitaa Chicago,. 
I>bwnstiate (lit. and Ind.V. 

Cincinnati: Greater Cincinnati. 
Dayton, Columbus, Ashland, Green- 
ville. I'iqua, Troy, O., Tippecanoe, 
Cleveland: Cleveland, Tpled^i, , 
Denvert Denver, l4Ktl»io&^^^;^ ;: 
Detroit: petroit. Grand Rapids. 
Indianapolis: Indianapolis, I..ouis- 
ville. Ft. AVayne, Lafayette, Torrw 
llfittte, EvansviUe# ApdersoiiiL Hun-; 
ci4^'.' iJei^ki^tiia*,'. 'Harlett, ' 'tUchmOndT 
(Ind.), Peru, New Castle, New Al 
bany, Huntington, Bloomlngton. 
Vlncenne.s, Frankfort. 

KapssA jCltyi, , . Ki^nsas City, 
Wichita, IWV Atofilson. 
Milwaukee; Milwaukee, 
NevV ilTaven: New Haven, Hart 
ford, Bridgeport. 

Newprleana: New QrleapjB,; Al*r - 
rort;. ■WestWepo, ,GiM:W», 'Wlt^ti ■'■ ■ 
Portland, Ore.! Pbrtlilld. 
Salt Lake City: Botsi^ Provo. 
Sap Francisco: San Jose, Sants 

Clara, Willows <31ennu ^ 
St. tkjilifiii: Alton, Bell«vil|^; \l^ 

tralla, Kast St. Louis, Jersey vllle^^^ 
Springfield, Kirkwood. 

Seattle: Everett, Bremerton, 
olympia,. soattle, Spokane. Tacovaa; 

wenat«3h«k^:^f•;:^^■•f^:"■■' . 

V»UverMl:o««i«l^v .Colufvkbia reftf«l- 
'■ ■ ■.'^Hofr ' AtMie9Siiiiisfite' 

On the theory that distrlbs get 
only lOpv o,,ut of every dollar paid 
into ihi U. a, box office, some of the 

majors currently figure exhibs 
should contribute a lot more than 
50% :/for .the- .''ihaih|jnt#|^, ^ ^ 
NRA.- 'v .c: '.'' y,..;; 

/ By the sime toki^n they do ind^ 
Hgure, that <V»ii..s should bavi- a 
riO% VOto on tlie Code Auihority, 
tiolding that thcr t 


— u*4* — many 
tlicatrva with pi^jor i^tniiatiofls tq' 

,mak* thatieiisfbief:;';: .^-i'^":-' .:.■•>;.;; 

■ V;?«arroWiin'g;Vdf'wri- to ', the ' »is3e3S'-''\. 
then'ts ithlori::; them.'felvc.s, I'tiiyeisat ' 
ati'l Colijiiibia (lo,;not .spy why thej 
.should p.iy only; l.'i.OOO. l.ess, ll.i^i'ii . 
■.s.Uch. . i, ..(i i J 1 . 1 1 1 }' -H .as; ■>f et/'<>;'*fiiid-''\;W'^^^ 

;(:est.s,;to'.'>Hi7*^ <?fif<'ft.''i*h*i:'tte\,\*sja^^^ 

nii^t'jn NRA. 

ArirtiTivnt |ir'.-vall.-! in some jnajor 
/fu irt.frsy.fhitt. th.'; lia,yV;i«Mrtliod\:of 
,t,;ikit»«: A pWcetiiCiige oif fH«f groep ; 

Tu^idsT^ August 7, 1034 

'{js^^ Me M Carves 20G with 

Lios AnKClos. Aiipr, (!• 
Tmde in most houses, despite the 
contlnuetV heat. 1» on the upgrade, 
HioUnly due to the product. Tar- 
liatlAtint to having one of the hlnnc-st 
WfSjek* in i quite a spell with 'Sho 
Ii6^*«^ iMe Not,' the Bins Crosl.y 
bpufi^ whtich on the first stanza of a 
i6o4)ay rtin will rW« In with close to 

also took 

*»i ftimost 8«!0% jtimp with ?Here 
ComiBs the Navjf/ th* downtown 
house outdistawcinir the Holly wood 
Mt^blishment by |600 0n the draw- 
ine: angrle. : iStatiei off aulte a lot ftroin 
previous week with "The 0lrli^frOi« 
Missouri.* Willie the RKO 1« fMrly 
'iood with 'Whom the Oods Destroy.' 
^ Estimates for This We«k 

D owntawH YWB^ (1.800; 25-35-40- 
•6)*-.'H«itt Coniea the Navy (wu;." 
^VKA ^ Mi^^ fare the 

triade In thto «]i»bt wants. Headed 
ior a bier f»,0{|H)!. I^st w«ek 'Friends 
of Mr. Sweeney* (WB) even lower 
than ahtlcipaled low $S.8M. 

Hollywood (WB) (2,756; 25-35-40- 
J5)— 'Here Comes the Navy' (WB). 
Started off at swell pace and will 
tap off with a profitable $8,500. Last 
week 'Friends of Mr. Sweeney' 
(WB) came to the even dollar as 
calculated. :«,M|fc?i#lik.l«;tW' iot 
:]louse. , ■ 

i.^ A^tetM (yim. Fox) (2.tMV 
t(oU}-^*jfaiw Byre* (Mono) and 
,<II(Mkct<>IC Man* tiramid) split. Bus- 
ItMit- pcriced up a bit for, stanza, 
:^trii t|ie top of the dolu*W WH beinpr 
feiiixtMlbie ioi mm^ ot the |S,90u 
4iraw; due td ft Dalits a first mn. 

prpheum (Bdwy) (2.270; 15-25- 
'She Was a Lady' (Fox) and 
•Return of the Terror' (FN) split 
and .vaudeville, still holding its rcf*- 
ttiar piace, with the stage show help- 
ing t^nty. Take arQund $6,700. 

^nliglt ilNuty* <i740; t6.40)— 
:.nm'mmn^ About «^0T»' (Fox) 
*iy4 i^pSfaei- in the Private Car* 
(Mioy spii^. of the 

aotible -bill chanted opening day, 
house had plenty of kickbacks and 
trade was materially hurt. How- 
eve r. will run around $3,200. l^ost 
wei k 'Charlie Chan's Courage* (Fox) 
and 'No Ransom' (Liberty) got a 
bit over the predicted amount by 
draw^t^g close to $2,000. 
Paramount <Partmar) (3,695; 30- 

:^.5S)^«gho Loves Me Not' (Par) 
llih^^^^ Just a sure-fire 

/afttural for the house and. If heat 
wa;ve was off. it would get quite a 
bit above the 120,000 for which it l.s 
headed. X<ast week X«d)e8 Should 
Listen' (Par) in for days, and 
MittiiA «ttt inrlth a^rapA IMOO. 
ivMeh Is kind b' tough. 

RKO (2,950; 25-35-40) — 'Whom 
the (;ods Destroy' (Col). Started 
off at much better than average and 
will come through with around $5,- 
joo, which Is a profit. Last week 
*Of Human Bondage' (Radio), sec- 
ond and final stanza, came through 
to a good finish with $4,700. 

State (Loew-Fox) (2,024; 30-40- 
f5)--.'The Girl from Missouri' (MG). 
yi^ lrom being a totsy b.o. attrac- 
tion land will bo very disappointing 
M I8.S00 mark, . liM- woA 'Handy 


Princess (CT) (1.900; 50)— 'Con- 
stant .Vvmph' (British) and 'Happy 
Hvor After' (Hritish). Locks like 
good proKr.'im for this liouse and 
may Rros.«i $5,r)(i(i. I^.ast week 
'Honse of Roths-liild' (HA) and 
'Most Precious Tliinu in Life' ;«fol). 
did fairly well at $4,500, : ' 

Imperial (Ind> (l,8«»i 40;)^'P»d 
"Wagoh* (British) artd vaudec- ihluriM' 
$3,000. Laat ^^eek '»'« ^ a B«qr* 

(British), and vaude 12.500. 

Cinema de Paris (France-Film) — 
(600; .'iO)— 'La Vieille Canaille.' 
About $1,500 afti'r $1,000 for repeat 
5Mt.;Guerre des A'alsea,' \, 

• ■ With $16,000 

b PMp ISGs 

ore, Aug. C. 

scene. Whole town is percolating. 
Possibly the fanfare attendant the 
Htpi^'a reopeiitng p^'^ve^ contagious 

Houses have all worthy product on 
tap, have upped ad budgets, splurged 

bally resources, and ; #ihi^ >Ai^nli^ 
right down to the tap«; 

Thb top taker this seMioh l* going 
to be M»b detttuiry. tirhere Cab GallO' 
Way Is oalrytng 'Part* l^ter^e' to 
a triumphant 119.000. ' iTlib Hipp, 
basking In the city-wide rtcbghlsh 
accorded reopening exerelsiM. should 
snare a sparkling $18,000 With ^Hu- 
man Bondage* and ft Virtually un- 
lieadllned vaudo layout. ThO mats 
are especially big here. reyeaUng 
v.nst femme lure of 'Bondage.' 

Stanley is lifting into a near 
profit piano with 'Here Comes 
Navy.' House Staff did nifty ^ob of 


'H.andy Andy* Is holding over at 
the New, after the first week 
achieved bept figure house has 
plucked in cie;|it months, . : 

Centuiy (Lbew-ttA!) (S.(li00: tl-t^- 
40-55^««)— 'Paris rhterlode' (MO) 

and Cab Calloway on the Stage. 
Scat singer is di-de-hi'ing the box 
olfico into a ho-de-ho $19,000. Last 
week 'Kiss .ind Make Up' (Par) nnd 
acts, $15,000, sound. 

Hippodrome (Rappaport) (2,300: 
25-35-40-55-66) — 'Human Bondage' 
(Radio) and vaudo. Snagging a 
succulent $18,000 ow reopening week. 

Keith> (SchanboraMr) (2.500; 26 - 
30-35-40-W)f^*anb lii»fo IMVor' («J[). 
W orld pi^miere f<>r th e oalaimrj^y 

. BttflalOt Aug. $• 
Business whteh braced ajili^ta" V 
ally last wMk to '•c»'5$S& 
up again tor the ••^'/•fj 
A sharp change in the we*ther 
which brought temperatures ^to 
lower levels, boosted the box ofllce 
barometers and Is helping all along 

the line. . ' 

Good offerings are also asslstinf, 
and managements are ilndmg en- 
couragement In bridging the gap be- 
tween n01» and Labor Day. 

Estimates For This Wefk. 

Buffalo (3,600; 30-40-55)-''HUinan 
H«mdage' (Hadio) and stage show. 
I'icture standing out. Snappy Start 
indicates well over $15,000. Last 
week 'Handy Andy' (Fox) and stage 
show. Jumped from estimates with 
both picture and stage show in for 
local favor. Rogers always a 
f.ivorite here and with cool weather 
diow a fine figure at $17,000. 

- ir M i #' fflHriiHy^ (y * >* ' l' ^ should do 

abbnt Airolmip^lilcli means prob- 
ably ivUm^'-^Hm^y: week 
'.stingareo^ (Radio) about up to ^est i- 
matea but no great «ll>|f«i *t |B.300. 

Century (Sliea) <*,♦(»: 26)-- 
Merry Wives of Reno' (WP) JWd 
•Double Door* (Par). DoUbl« toa- 
tures are continuing to do nicely 
here with current week pointed for 
$6,000. Last week 'Trumpet Blows* 
(Par) and 'Strictly Dynamite* 
(Radio) held up well for slightly 
better than average at $6,200. 

Lafayette (Ind.) (3,400; 25)— 'Let's 
Talk It Over" (U) and 'Black Moon' 
(C^ol). Good pace, should reach 
$6,000. Lost week 'Uncertain Lady' 
(U) and 'Midnight' (U) feU off again 
for deeldod MbiAocimal IHMr 
$4,200. ■'■ .-::^y. ' 

. Montreal.. Aug. «. 

Break in beat iM'ave and itopular 
■tar plx helnbd iobt groaiea last 
w e e k rto r o i Mail^t^ecteA H^^ 
•ver currehtiy and beit ahdwrshop- 
ping is at Palace With WArner Ras- 
ter-Madge Evaiis combo that should 
top the town. Palace has 'Grand 
Canary' and 'Charlie Chan's Cour- 
age' and should boost gross to the 
17.000 mark. 

Capitol ho'ds over 'Scarlet Em- 
press' and 'Old-Fashioned Way,' 
which hit $7 000 last week and may 
get another $6,000 currently. Loew's 
liiiMe to stick in the summer dol- 
drums with 'Modern Hen*' an^l 
rPersunality Kid' at maybe $4,0OO> 

Ka*>e» itbt dbtfig jtoo ir<^ll. " 
Estimates for This Week 

iPalace (FP> (2.700: 50)— 'C.rand 
" Canary' rFoy > a ti d 'ChHrli e- 4^fem^ 
Courage (Fu\>. Liable to top the 
town at $7,000. Last week 'Handy 
Andy' (Fox) and 'Now 111 Tell' 
. <Fqx);' down to $5,000. 

CcjUiitOl ( FP) (2,709 ; 60 )— 'Scarlet 
Lf ttpi* (Par) iUid Wd-Fashloned 
. Way' ,(Pir> m:m«m. "Bi^ 
for iiaiiiSi .froeha mt this honitrmM 
weelt a^t and miiy grbs* «n- 

otiirr 1(1.000 currently. 

Locw's <Fl') (.1,200; 50)— 'Modern 
K-ro' <\V1*.) and 'I'ersonallty Kid' 
;(V.i;). .Vot more than average. 
Wi'h '••-■I'^ fit $'1.''00. I*ist weel; 
•S: I.' ;..•.) <1 .MxMit :-;ailor.s' (Radiot i 
•nd CaM It Luck' (Radio), $4,000, ' 

yarn today <<). Last %eiic. -ho wns 
H*r? <WB) eked out mn «ke 


New (Mechanic) (1,800; 26-30-35- 
40-50)— 'Handy Andy' (Fox) (2d 
weejt). Heading for nice $4,000 on 
.second session .after a shimmering 
?6.300 on the initialer. 

Stanley (WB) (3,450; l5-25-40)— 
Her* Comes the Navy' (WB). Fast 
::liow . well received here- and la 
building oh word 0' moutlr, Will 
probably end »jp arbuiid |8,SdO. 
Which la Impt!i>%''en1^htt t<a8t 'wee^^ 


-/t)enver. Aug^'"!./'/^ 

i^inio lO^Mrte 
three HopsMu JMIflnger'a Ulo Is 
upping tibo FMftiBMuttt. first r»n: 
alao Tabor mnh itiuro ahow land 
mtn that goriMlllkiger, IfanhAttan 
Melodrama.* >thlrd rim. tU^^- 
Parker killing piettiro to helptiig the 
State ring up atandottts on the 
same bill with 'Jimmie the Gent,' 
'steenth run In this 10-20c house. 

Paramount headed for best gross 
in weeks, Tabor best since stage 
shows installed, heading for $4,000. 

Rain Sunday afternoon and ever 
hing helped business at the Denham. 
doing great first week of the boost 
of prices from 40 to 50c. 

Orpheum to headed for its best 

gross St||fg^'.:.Mi0fV'^#|li(m;;'51»^ 

yanked, '.'y- ■ 

■alimiiloa «er ttiia Wodc 

Aladdrn (Huffman) 25-36 
50— 'I Give My Love' (U). Way 
down at $1,200. I.ARt week 'Return 
of Terror* (FN) did $600 better than 
the previous stanza, closing with 
$2,000. Without the Central City 
play festival and the Cheyenne 
Frontier Days celebration, to which 
many of this theatre's regular cus- 
tomers go, film would have done at 
least a grand better. 

Denham (Cooper) (1,600; 25-36- 
50)— 'She Iioves Me Not' (Par). 
Strong for $7,000; first week of 
new 50c. top. Last week 'Elmer 
and Elsie' (Par) nosedived and 
closed with a blah $1,800. Never 
got a start, and stayed that way. 

Denver (Huffman) (2,600; 26-36- 
50) — 'Bulldog Drummond' (UA). 
Oolman pulling a dandy $7,500. 
Last we^ "Handy Andy' (Fox) 
closed itltfei llMtO, nearly double 
an iaVorpso iroak AQd beat week this 
delm«r htm bad In many a month. 
Pieturo atartad Willi », null And 
crowda #wl : ■^e>«ily^^*tf^';li w if l fc'^ viidig- 
,era-t|tos#pW,/ ^. ■ ,.' ^'y':- 

S5-50)-^'lIerifi Cbm^a thio Havy' 
(Wlj)i CagneyrO'Brlen flick get- 
ting ott»nttoM; If, 500. nifty. Last 
week 'Staniboul QiieMf (M(!) 
topiiod tlio former week by a grand 
aixl took in $6,000. 

Paramount (Huffman) (2,000; 25- 
40) — 'Let's Talk It Over' (U) nnd 
'JleU Cat' (Col), dual, four days 
after three fair days last week: and 
'Murder in I'rivato Car' (M<J). 
split. C.oo.l at $.'l,(iOO. l.,;iHt week 
•He Was Her Man" (Wl!), four days 
aft<'r three tlio previous we«k, and 
''8 Talk It Over' (U) and Hell 
Cat' (€?ol> did an iayorRiik flMp' 

Harkw Pk Mnd 

Pi o\ idence, Aug. 6. 
This week seer.2.« to be just an- 
other headache. Fnt«rtainment 
value poor, weather still hot and 
outdoor opposition very tough. 
Virtually every thcAtr - in town has 
been in red dost»lte all sorts Of ef- 
f orta to blacken up the ledger, 

NUt^Vfi HftVB ' i j f Mll i B ' ^nd vwv the 
horses. Nelr, :Nai:i'6g«nsett Racing 
I'ai'k, Saturday X*!*^, crowd <>f 38,- 
802 WAgered the amnelng. sum of 
MSl.Wit throftgh the parl-mutuel 
machinei3. Opening day. Wedhes- 
dny. Aug. 1, a total of $2315,000 wn?! 
tivaKcrf il. 

Estimatce for This Week 
Loew's State (8^200; 15-2r.^40) - 
'Girl Froiji Missouri' (Ml5) and 
vaudo. Bahsutno of $io,ooo, but 
sprint hash't nviieritUijted i-yeti 
Last week 'P.'uis Irtlejrttodet' (IIO) 
wa;^ off at $7,000. 

; .MajMti(B Afay) (;;,:<.>'i, 15';2e-40) 

— 'Grand Canairy* (Fox) and 'Em- 
barrassing Moments' (U). Not 
enough drawing power to imllcate 
that takings will be over $3,000 at 
^his writing. I.iast week 'Charlie 
Chan's Cour.age' (Fox) and 'She 
T.rf arned About SaMortif .i ; Was 

Iioor at $2,800. 

P«r«nnniint <Tndt«.t fg 200; IR-^R- 

I0)~'01d Fashioned Way' (Par) 
and 'Elmer and Elsie* (Par). About 
the best program in town; Just now 
things look like $8,200 •With chance 
of bettering that. lAst week 
'.N'otorlous Sophie I^ang* (Par) and 
The Sho<;k' was also Off at $2,850. 

RKO Albee (2,000: 15-25-40)— 
'The Jiady Is Willing' (Radio) and 
'Dofenaa Raats' (Col). Bill oke, but 
It^A tl|« agiaw old atory no takingR 
>ttiil now: iMMrklng time with the 

the CMa fiiestror 
(Col) gaVa hMiaa one of tto iwiM' 

Plttsburinf, Xug. e. 
At Stanley, 'Of Human Bondage' 
finally got an oluty <rom Itate board 
after being held up several Weeks. 
In interim, newspapers have been 

going overboard on space for thi.s 
one, with result it should give house 
a big $11,500. plenty okay here. 
Penn gets virtually break 
With 'Girl from Missouri,' which has 
gone back for repairs time and 
again with plenty of attendant pub- 
licity. Doubtful, however, if Har- 
low flicker will stand up as well a» 
its compatltlon .^wn the ftreet; 
maybe $l|;M%;>iiir#t«i^^ 
so bad. ^'w^.:^' ■' 

Remaining first -rurt ' .# i >Ji town 
site. Warner, has 'HW Greatest 
Gamble' and 'Smarty,* making a 
fairly satisfactory bargain and 
Bhould have no trouble getting by 
on right side of ledger at $5,250. 
Eatitnatea f6r This Week 

Penn (Loew's-UA) (3,300; 25-35- 
50)— 'Girl from Missouri' (MG). 
First Harlow flicker in a 
year won't get important dough but 
oodles of talk about Its synthetic 
hotcha nature will likely help to 
$10,500 anyway. That's fair at least. 
I.rfist week, 'Bulldog Drummond' 
(UA) at $15,000 best ptraight-pic- 
ture takings since 'Rothschild.* 

Stanley (WB) (3,600: 25-35-50)— 
'Human Bondage' (Hodio). Held up 
by state censors. In meantime prob- 
ably getting more free newspaper 
plugging than any picture tn the last 
year; all thi« jiOiould result In ex- 
cellent $11,6011^ : 1^ strong opening 
can be .taken aa a criterion. Last 
week. 'Midnight Alibi' (WB) pretty 
terrible at funt a bit above $5,000. 

Warner (WB) (2.000; 25-40)— 
'Smarty' (WB). and 'Greatest Gam- 
ble' (Radio). Bargain dual should 
be a pushover for bargain hunters 
and plenty of 'em these days, at 
least $6,250, all right. In prospect. 
\ABt week, 'Whom Gods Destroy* 
(Col) and 'Mr. Sweeneyi iWB]) 
about $5,000. 

Ho Snnwr Skmgh 
h Linh; Biz OK; 

Llpi;;oln, Aug. 6. 
Regardless of the 'seasonal slump 
and the uproar of the purity crews, 
local biz is taking in the dottgh for 
a better count than during any 
simrtmer for the last three years. 
This week with 'Here Comes the 
Navy' (Stuarty; And W l^aittito^ 
Wi^y' (Llilcdln) iMiMlMiK «yery pros- 
peot <tf ]m4(Mt battliijg airerages. 
oppoalilon ^f Atl kiniat^ doeah^ m«an 

J^^t(i^V9^iVn^;'%0. be iip«adlng bet- 
ter jiQ- olMiMMi 6f amusements. 
Park r la uipr, the CJhick Boyes 
PWyora with a month behind them 
In teht have a capacity following, 
d&nce spotis and beer joints keep the 
cash register Jingling, and In spite 
of all the theatres step out for ex- 
cellent seasonal quite often. 

Present bugbear is the drouth 
condition out.stato and the wonder 
•ibout collegj; opening which comes 
off in a month. If the lads and 

with some play money, it's apt to 
be a dull winter. 

estimate* for This Week 

Colonial d/rc) (7.'iO; lO-l.',) — 
'Rsklmo TerilK' (Frank) .uul 
.Streets' (Mono) diiallei) tirst hfilf 
wltli 'nawlilde Mail' (|{adio» ful- 
lowlng. Wock worili altont $700. 
I^ast week 'lila»k Cil' (U) was a 
swell $900, iKing held for tlie full 

• Lineoln .( LT<J ^ .C1,M«^; t*^ t5-2&y 

8hou[W icai»itftll*e nieely of^ : 
IftoMii afith^MMin. hoi«i 


MlnneafMttlH, MaiJt'h^^, 
liocal riallo Is still agog over tlie 
might y box-otnCe wallop dlsprnyed . 

at the State here IrtHt week 1>y Fred ' 
Warlng's 'I*cnns.vivani:ins.' l)en»on- 
stratlng remarkable piilllng pow.ii 
the W.'iring orclieslr.a brol«' the 
house rei'ord at llie Ti'ic sc.ale wliilo 
t'.ie city was under martial l.iw with 
a big strike on and all other tl»o- . 
alr«'s .in.l bn.-- itii-s« e»tn1»1i«htlW;J^|r'. 
suffering terriltly. 

Instead of the terrillc $16,000 
previously estimated, the IVnhsyl- 
vanlans built ut> to a stupenditufi 
$22,000. The llgure representing 
niore than , throe, times the |>ggre.- 
gii^te takings of the other four flfst 
run hbui»e« combined, w^ hiiye 
gone at least several grand hM 
too. If tb<* martiaMhw: restrlPtw 
luid not prevailed. : . 

Again, currently, the State rhaa .f^ 
the to\yn's ace and only attraction. 
of otttstanding box-otnce quality. 
'Handy Andy.' Rogers' picture will 
easily lead the box-otllce p.-ir.ade 
which finds 'Man With Two Fjicor.' 
'He Was Her Man.' 'Constant 
Nymph* and 'Cirand Can.ary' in the , 
llne-up. but State will suffer a 
ural letdown after last week's cy- 
clonic rush and $8,000 looks lilie the 
ultimate «t«llia|f.«MMii*|^''^^l^ 

Strike and military rule .of . city .: 
hurt biz plenty. 

Estrmatea #*r iila iWeek 

Century (Publix) (1,600; :;,-i-35- 
40) — '(^rand Canary' (Fox). Notliing 
much to draw 'em in here In 
of numerous adverse condititms. in- , 
eluding another heat w.ave oyer 
week-end and drought. H.axter no 
outst2inding nanio here; about : 
$2,600 indicated,, light- La«t week, -. 
The Key* (WbJv iPw. bad* 

Orpheum Vi^niier) (2.890; 25-35- 
40)^'Man With Two Faces' (FN), 
Picture well regarded and Robin- ' 
son means a little to box-ofWee. • 
Will do well, however, to hit $4,000. 
fair. Last week. '.Midnight Alibi' 
(FN), $2,500, poor. 

State (Publix) (2,200; 25-35-40) ; 
—'Handy Andy' (Fox). Far and 
away top attraction of town, with •: 
Rogers a magnet. Should strike* 
$8,000. gopd. .I^at weeki v^^ld 
Fa8hioned;\-1p?ay».;;;,;<I^>;. '•liiAi.t.War- , 
reapohanrfe' tisr tbeko drAW., * 

World (.St.ffis) (3:.0; 25-,1.">-.-.0- ; 
75) — 'Constant Nymph' (Fox) (2d 
week. ISuilding a little after ver.v 
.slow start, maybe $900, light; first 
week $700. poor. - . ; : > < 

Uptown Xi^lbU«)) ;<!ii«^: 25-35)^*4. r 
' u a nha tiim Il4rlbdr4ma;' (M<3). 
Around $2,<d««^ j|i4!Ueatedv okeh. l:.ast 
vireeki 'Chahge of ^ Meatf (Foxi^ :, 
$1.$00. fair. ^ ■ ■ 

Lyric ("Publix) (1.300: 20-l!r.)— ' 
'He Was Her Man' (Wit). (Jood - 
attraction for house, with C.agney a 
box-ofllec intluenc.e. Shouhl reach 
$3,000, good. Last week. 'I'crsoni ' 
allty Kid' (WB), $1,800. light. ' 

GrifiM^ i(i»u;ulx) d;460; 15-25)--. 
'Bfnvi to bad' (UA). first run. 
al|)$ ~ 'BOttOittta Up' (Fox), second 
riM*: aplit. About $1,000 indicated, 
Wph, Last week, 'Sadie McKee' 
'il|C3^). second loop run, and 'Uorn - 
to Be Bad* (UA), first rmi, split. , 
$1,.100. good. 

Aster (I'ublix) (900; 15-25)— •' 
'.Such Women Are • IJangeious' 
(Fox). '.Sorrell and .Son' (UA) and 
'Looklnir for Trouble* (UA). »eow 
«jnd runs, split. Maybe $9()0v faftfc v 
L4st week, '30-I>ay Princess' trafr^ 
•Journal of Crimo'^ (FN) and 'Here 
comea the jDroom' (Par), sec^d ' 
run8,.spHl,-'-|t<H^''.|air,-V^\' -vV 

enough. Last week 'Human Iion'» 
dage' (itadio) held up to a very 
go(jd $1,900. 

Orpheum (LTC) (1,200; 10-15- 
25)— 'Circus Clown' (WB). In for 
a full week and a big campaign Is 
being thtrown to get the kids, $1,100 
not out of reafl(^^ <imd good. I.ABt 
week split bilHMflf 0£ .•K(?W |'U telP 
( i<'ox)- 4nd 'Stamboul Quest* (Md) 
•'u^Kins the-re- 
c(WtfOtr( «lv«n" the My ma Loy 
staiT^r. H could have gone the full 
route* land enHoyed far over aver- 
age bIz. 

Kiva (Cornhuskt-r-Tl) (500; 10- 
15-2.'))— 'No <;reater Glory' (I'ol). 
Will satisfy at $S00. Last week 
Lady Is Willim,' (Col) .a blah $000. 

Rialto (("ornliusker-Tl) (1,100; 
10) M.irryiiig Widows' (Maj) and 
'.Sins i'ayday' (Maj) dtialleil lirst 
hfilf with l-'iKliling Hero' (Maj) 
dosing the v.e< k. Good $S,"(0 in- all. 
L.ast we<k 'Cli.'irmlng Deceiver' 
(Miij) and 'Hiot S((uad' (.Maj) 
(In.ill.'d liist with 'i<t;ir l*;i< kif* 
(M\V) at the liiiisb. dlJ utre* at $X00. 

Stuart (I/rc) (LOMll. 10-25- 10) - 
H. re CpmoR Ihc NaVy*^ r\Vn), Will 
do some boohif iljA^iislhg if it fuil«)wii 
the appeal of the usual navy pI'I^'t 
tures for this Iand-lubbtn|ipi>^l«*f^^^ 
tfliyi 11.100 exiiected; I^rttiit V^e<\ 
;^IId% t^riihiimohd' t UA) didn't 
ik(i;ik|> hftick hard epough and did • 
fi^k of diifappolntment at $2,300.: 

^ I £ T Ji JI E € H O S S C S 


t-'^S-- -- -?\-\-v-;,;'-:.,. .Chicago, Aug. C 

be«t stride yet this summer, the 
liauHea in the loop are noticing a 
I'.'gtiwbiitl'' ;ttpipttic ' of --ihat' regiater.- 
yirithout having the out-and-out 
Bocx. of laat summer, when it was 
tiitll ; to manage t» get Into a 
theatre, there i« nevertheleM a 
steady additional waU6p for the 

't«bi»lneas Friday. Sat- 

fiiiAar atul 8un4|)ky ahowi when the 
"^WBP' goia it ii>i»»» <rf pM^Miimfiimm 
IR town for nr pecK Ik* ^^Iptel- 

4* No que<ition oC oompoMUon for 
n«e groM Iff 4«lMi4(Mi thMi WMk. The 
aniintniotli B. ft. IC Chicago ia rid- 
ing i»itii b4»it Qgare aimsft laat 
auihiiier. Has a powerful combina- 
tion of Biner Crosby in '81m Xorte 
Me Not' on the screen and tbe Fred 
Waring orchestra on the rostrum. 
Is'uthing can compete with that 
line-up and tlie take zooms far be- 
yoij<i reacli of all other competition. 

In second spot is the Palace, 
WluTo the only attraction is Ted 
l-'io-IIito and orchestra. The fliclc- 
er, 'liacht'lor IJalt,' doesn't flffure as 
box-oMlce in any way, with Fio- 
Itllo battling It out alone to give 
the house its protty fair gross. No 
qut'stion that the reduced admis- 
sion has boosted attendance pleas- 
antly. Now it's up to the shows to 
kei-:> that at tendai^''¥ii^!^ . .the 
Wii!Mini< margin. 

*;!iTe C'onioa the Navy' is the 
loop s run pirtur5*Hick. Tossed olt 
a \\ .liloiiing $13,200 on its first week 
at the lloottevelt and continues cur- 
rently to a consistently lively pace. 

..,.Ha.s caught on and Is going places 

\iitt the register. - 

.Siate-Lake has crossed Olivr to a 

> winning lane. futttniT 
above $12,000 weekly noW« oil tM 
overhead which rarely tops $10,000. 

.^g^bttlit, lt« #tady P^m^-- P*^'-- 

Estimates for This Week 

Apollo (B&K) (1,450; 2S-3S-65)— 
•Willi W ith Two Faces' (WB). Origi- 
nal intention of opening on Aug. 1 
waK cancelled. Will open, however, 
by Aug. 15. li. & K. has this pic- 
■^ture 1 hilled for the Chicago at pres- 
'•nt. hut may still use it to start this 
Vl^ew loop addittolt. 

:*)*^e I^es lli IfWf <l*«r) «iid 
Frjiid Waring band <Mi atiiige. Irra- 
#ist1ble box ofAce twosoma thiit Is 
going to rip the register for a lusty 
ll.'.ooo, toppin.iT everything In the 
l> s«\i.son. Crosby is box oflice 
Oyn iniito in the lirst place, and also 
In the first pl;ice as box olTlce la 
WarinK; and two firsts must pay off. 
l^ist week was a heavy winner also 
Willi 'Handy Andy' (l<'*>x) and Max 
Itacr in p'jrson. Hlid off somewhat 
at niKht. but pace was enough to 
Ireop it at powerful $41,900. 

Oarrick (lUK) CJOO; 2U-35-S0)— 
-^f Human Bondage' (Radioh At 
t*reKeat the outstanding picture of 
!ihe loop. Han off two slashing 
sessions itt the. . Pal(^cf Mid tb«n 

Wii^ |h« holdbvei^^^S. . ii again 
jttiaitiiii tli« ikiltejr ttf thiii hou«e;;re> 
: Verting from first-run to im»9. Iltdtd - 
bf er: Picture will raliie thtir: box 

oillro to figures it not yet scon 
at a melodious $.''i,000. Heavy eve- 
ning' play accounting f->r that 
healthy Last week 'Grand 
C.inrtry' (Vox) was bird -seed Bt 
inanny $2,S00. 

Oriental (liitK) (:?.200; 2S-S.8-l6> 
S.Klie McKee' (M(;) and vaude. 
I,o<>p impetus noticeable here, with 
the take being steadily upped as the 
Fair mobs thcri^ase; That low top 
tn helping; 8te:tdy j|oing thia-ae*' 
«lon to good enough liS.OOO. lAit 
Hreek 'Cfhaniga of Heart' (Fox) man- 
i^M mriy good 114,100^^ 

Palaea (HKb) (|.«00; S«^U-86)— 
"Bachelor Ball^ <lkadto) iind vftude. 
fed Fio-IUto ttehd headlining and 
Hccoantihg for the bulk of the trade. 
An old-time favorite of thla town 
and they're wetcomirtg him home 
with some hearty trade. Will man- 
age $16,000 currently, good. I,ast 
week 'Of Human Bondage' (Iladio) 
Was surprisingly strong on Its hold- 
f.0ver session to fop $20,100. 

State-Lake (Tones) (2.700; 20-25- 
•5)— 'l^fs Talk It Over* (U; and 
vaude. llemarkablc, the patronage 
tills house has developed through 
conaiatent enterUlnment at a price. 
Ai>ove. llt.OOO again thU, weeK and 

©eras at^fnan yntt at liJ.^00. 

^.UnllMl AftUtt (n&lC-UA) (1,700; 
,fi^6-S5) — 'Ittilldog Drummond' 
tUA) (Ud week). Three weeks will 
about wash it up. Had a good run. 
l.ast week w.i.H above $13,000 for 
bteasant i)rotit.'< and currently slioiild 
^tlok above $9,000. 'AfTairs of Gel-, 

4iM'^;(i^Ai<dfa«:.t« mvniu ;i 

Pwt Strike Orer^ M 
lielwv NSII,lleM» Kz^ 


I>6ck strike over and general bl« 
picking up should have helped 
grosses, but weather bdmlpied the 
burg's b.o. barometer. Current prod- 
uct is mostly average fare and get- 
ting average results. Some houses 
holding off strong piz untU gettMal 
conditions look better for ducaflH^ 
dcnds in the next few weeks/ 

'Verg4e Winters' at the Music Box 
set the burg's top mark last weelc. 
Also collected raves and prompted 
enough grapevine discussion to ex- 
ploit itself. Pie atarts plenty argu- 
ments among the bfiyini ptibllc. aH 
good for the b.o. . ^ F 

Parker's Broadway switclied. title 
of 'Murder in Private Gar*; to "Mys- 
tery in Private OavV iUrarMt that 
might help some, ^aria fittetlude' 
at ParkM''i(^ t7A got only a^ireriHre 
attenii«M^' - Jldtise f <dlo#i thii week 
witb ^iri vifvom iriasi^ aiui tn 
line fttr better than hovmai bis, but 
nothing startling. 

Parambuht ran its gross up a few 
extra notches with strong combo of 
•Kiss and Make Up' and 'Charlie 
Chan' (Fox). At the' Broadway an- 
other combo of 'Side Streets' and 
'Merry Frinks' was Just good 
enough to hold that house In blaek 

Conforming to the letter of the 
NRA code. Hamrlrk's houses con- 
template discontinuance of all free 
passes. Music Pox. Oriental and 
Blue Mouse formerly gave away 
hundreds of ducates on exploitation 
tie-ups and in payment for news 

Estimates for This Weelc 

•roadway <Parker) (2,000: t«-40) 
^'One More River' (U) and 'Mys- 
tery Private Car' (MO). Getting 
along fairly for $S.500. lAst week 
'Side Streets' (FN) and 'Merry 
Frinks' (FN) good enough at $3,200. 

United Artists (Parker) (1.000; 
25-40— 'Girl From Mis.souri' (MG). 
Harlow getting good attention and 
should click an okay $3,000. I.Ast 
week 'Paris Interlude' (MO) just 
fair at $2,700. 

Paramount (FWC) (3,000; 25-40) 
— 'Kiss and Make Up' (Par) and 
'Charlie Chan* (Fox). Strong combo 
getting extra bis for this house, 
around $3,800, good. I,ast woeK 
'Grand Canary' (Par) and 'BtaMiT 
and p:isle' (Par) hit $3,300. 

Music Box (Hamrick) (1.400; 25- 
35V— 'Here Comes the Navy' (WB). 
Going about average fpr thli lioiase; 
$2,500. good, lAsk Weeii ' 'Vlem 
Winters? (Radio) got raVsir iPRT bit 
response boostill« tk|a ihj«|^ to 

Oriental (Hamrick) (2.500i SS-II) 
—'Let's Try Agaih' (Radiol) aha 
Frienda of Mr. Sweeney (WB). Go- 
inirJvMfairiy for $2,000. Last week 
^B^baifasslnir Mothents' (U) and 
•The Key' (WB) , hit an average 

liollywood Party,' $2,700, 

'V' ^^'■'' v',^: Tacoii^a, Aug. 6. 
'Human Bk>Qdage' looks to fbliow 
in 'Vergle Winters' step by giving 
the Music Box a nice take. 'Holly- 
wood Party' opened at the Roxy and 
will hold full week. if. Blue Mouse 
showing some improvement past 
week, with weeks days holding 
stronger than WoelHMli'^ ' «|d(|ifS 
would indicate. 

IEttimate».:lii^^l%is %oekV :. 

I Miisic Box (Hamrick) (1,400: 25- 
35)— 'Of Human Bondage' (Radio). 
Nice campaign helping this ojie 
nlon^. to probable $.'?,200. Last 
week. 'Life of Verpri© Winter^ 
(Rndlo) Rtroner at $3,350. ' 

Roxy (J-vH) (1..300: l.'")-25) — 
■Holly waod I\irty' (.MC.M). Trying 
it for full week, if ■ Imlds up, with 
ojicning indicative pf $2,700. Last 
werk. 'Party is dver' (Col) but 
'Chicago Follies' on stage the hig 
rea.son for $3. -100 for, three days: 
then 'Stambouj Quest* (ii|UM>^and 
'<!r|me of ttelen Stanle]^ («Jbl) dual, 
liast half, foi* wcck'i totia |S;ioo, 
Blig; Adthlsh for ^ajife lihoW," JSVJS. 
: Blue Motfie iitami ick) (dso; 15- 
26) '20 Day Princess" (Par) single- 
ton, four d.iN-.s; 'Kricnd.i of Mr. 
Sweeney' (\Vi;» lind The Crcat 
I'Tirtation* (Par) dual, 3 day.s, for 
week's Kross of around Jl.rjOM. Lust 
wclc, 'Dovil T;ikes a Holiday' (Par) 
and 'Lot's T.ilk it Over' (V) dual, 
split with 'His 'Inat'st Gnnibi*-' 
(Radi^r an,d 'Here Comes the 

4 DIVIDE $18^ 

: ", 'IfoW' Haven; Aag; 

An up-and-down week In view, 
with two de luxers dying on their 
feet and other two groiirtMr PNM^tT 

fair summer figures. ^ ^ ^ 
College getting good riiiiiOBafe on 

bargain shows of two featureis and 

stage show for 40 cents. 
Globe, second-runner, showing 

'Hitler's Reign of Terror' at. road 

show prices for wejBk's i ui^ ; 

Paramount (Pubiix) (2,348; 35-50) 
—'Ladies Should Listen' (Par) and 
'I Can't Escape' (Beacon). Just too 
bad this week, around $3,200 which 
ties last week's 'Elmer and Elsie' 
(Par) and 'Green Eyes' (Ches). 

Poll's (Loew) (8,040; 35-50)— Girl 
From Missouri' (MG) and 'Defense 
Rests' (Col). Town's leader at big 
$8,000. Last week 'Haqdy Andy' 
(Fox) and 'Blind Oate^ (dol). Very 
pleasing at $7,600. 

Roger Sherman (WB) (2,200; 85- 
50)— Man With Two Faces' (WB) 
and 'We're Rich Again' (Radld).' 
Not so hot this week around $3,300, 
but last week was big at $6,000 on 
'Human Bondage' (Radio) and 
'Friends of Sweeney' (WB). 

Colleiie (Loew) (1,665; 25-40)— 
'Paris Interlude' (MG) and 'Lady Is 
Willing' (Col), plus stag:e show. Big 
opening indicates oke 18,800, Last 
week 'His Greatest QaiBible' (Ra- 
dio), 'She Waa a Lady'^ox) and 
stage (ih oy. jtiii^ fjOr lit, $1,400. 


''•^ ■■'Bbstoiii,' Aug. 0. 
Cash tills were a little heavier 
last week, what with the letting up 
of the heat, but none of the business 
was anything to brag about. Or- 
pheum, with 'Bulldog Drummond' 

town. . ■ ■ • 

Both RKO hovneai, Koltli% aiid 
the Boston, had yery sorry business, 
and altliotti^ tlif Boston looka a lit- 
tle better this we^ the Memorial 
is abotit the saine. Met with 'Man 
with Two Faces,' and 'The Gold- 
bergs' on the stage, looks as good 
as anything, with a probablo 
in sight, o.k. : v;' 

Estimates for This Week 

Keith's (RKO) <2.»00; 1S-40-BS)— 
G reatest Oamble' (RMib), Pell off 
at the opening and |S>000 at most, 
no good, is In sight. Last week 
'Grand Canary' (Fox), polled only 
$10,500 over a 10-day etrfetch, bad. 

Boston (RKO) (3,200; 25-30-40)— 
'Lady Is Willing' (Col) and 'Monte 
Carlo Nights'. Very sour $6,500 in 
sight, but a little better than last 
week when $5,500 was the best for 
Black Moon' (Col), and 'Bachelor 
Bait' (Radio), |(|iil~MMither blraOe of 
mediocre pix. 

Orpheum (Loew) (8,000; 80-40- 
55)— 'Stamboul Quest' (MO) and 
vaude. Should do a fair $11,000, 
which Will not tdtiOh laat week's 
$12,200;; eai-ncd by 'JI$ul}$oig Driini- 
mond'; WAi):.-im4 jmM4^ 
ihg here coMt«rM Iftth reet Of 
thro town. 

State (LOeW) (3,600; 30-40-66)— 

Qin p6m .(MO^-H^ouid 

Better Weather Helping B way 

Harlow, 'Andy' H.O.; Arliss Big 

At $11,000 and $9,000, 
f^s B.O. Unlars 

Ace cihema bis at comfortable 
gait currently, with combined gross 
grands back of last week, when 
'Handy Andy' take Koomed to regu- 
lar season mark. This week's b. o. 
leader is 'Human Bondage' at 

$11,000, followed by "ajMiiid canary* 

with $9,000. 

Town's dolled up for national and 
state roostings of Fraternal Order 
of Eagles that start Thursday (9) 
and , continue over weekend. At- 
teild4hoe to be Clncy's largest in 
year*, reachihg peak; Sunday (12) 
for parade of 25,o6o marchera and 
fi<^^j^ handA* 4riiita^ 
atWi^m^r- ■■■■ 

Estimates for This Week 
Albee (RKO) (3,300: 35-44)— 
Human Bondage' (Radio). Popu- 
larity of Maugham's novel and ex- 
tra press ads a help for $11,000, 
good. Last week 'Whom Gods De- 
stroy' (tiol), $7,800. all right. 

Palaee (RICO) (2.000; 35-44)— 
'GraiMl t^iMiify' <pyc(it>^iirpri^ 
good Ji^OeO. lAttrel a«d Hardy 
shOvt m V Ov hjUrt^ lAat week 
•Handy An4y' (F0jt)» -^awtiUMiiit tot 
eight diays. ahneated ah imlMMlao 

?1 6.000. 

Keith's (Llbson) (1,500; 30^40)-^ 
Here Comes the Navy' (WB) (2d 
week)). At $4,500, smooth sailing, 
following $8,000 on first seven days 
for theatre's biggest figure in 

Lyric (RKO) (1,394; 35-44)— 'Bull- 
dog Drummond' (UA). Second 
downtown run, $4,800. okay. Pic 
fetched a nifty $14,000 during initial 
week at Albee. 'Handy Andy' 
(Fox) comes, in Wednesday (8) for 
main line reMat^ X<aat week 'His 
Greatest chimie^ : (iladfi»). $M00. 
not bad. 

Family (RKO) (1,000; 15-25)— 
'Witching Hour' (Par). Mystery 
drama patronage to tiine ctf $^400, 
fair. Last weMl 'CrtniO DOetor' 
(Radio), $1,800, nk*. 

Strand (Ind) (1,200: l$-25)— 
•Let's Try Again' (Radio). First 
Radio product for this RKO *op- 
posish stand. Looks like $1,000, 
tame. Last week 'Let's Talk It 
Over' (U) and extra steam from 
•Life of Dillinger' tab collection of 
clips and news stills* PMt together 

bring $11,000, pretty good. 'Jane 
Eyre' '(Mono):';^ liuitr.vwoall'^^*. ;'had 


Met (M & P) (4.500; 85-50-05)— 
'Man with Two Faces' (FN) and 
'The Goldberg.^'. Looks set for 
$19,000, o k. Better than last week's 
'Sophie Lang* (Par) which did 
$16,400 With only a routine stage 

Paramouilt (M * P) (1,800; 25- 
3S.$0):-^'XAdle« Should I4aten'( Pur) 

'l^la: «hM^^ W tor^^ fairly 
good, biit^ fthade ttinder la<f weed's 
$6,700 With •I»er»onality Kid' ( WB). 
and 'fiimer and £1010" (PaTX;^ 

Iffilitia Not Corering Waterfront, 

Seattle, Aug. 6. 

Several thousand men going back, 
on the job at the waterfront im- 
proves biz tone and show shops re- 
.spond with takings on the upbeat, 

Paramount (Evergreen) going 
strong with campaiin for 'Shoot the 
Works' and 'Chicago Follies' on 
.stage. Coliseum is getting dough 
for return of 'Sadie McKee.' Fifth 
.V venue is going placea w'ith Will 
Rogers - in 'Handy Andy/. Jl^tiic 
Hall is piayinr titf 'Here €f<>hiii?M«> 
Xjivy V so therili la life a;il around 

EstimsteS fof ^TWa ^«"'* 
Blue Mouse (HSamrlck) (1,000; 
1. -.-20)— 'Merry Frink.s' (\VP.) and 
11 is Gamble' (Itadio* dual. 
Indif.'ited to land arouiiil $2,500, 
whi' h is, okay. I.,ast wo k, 'IJotl- 
Hide' (VVH) and 'iJfi,'iMrs In.'Er- 
inin.;' (.Mono) gro.ssod $2,CoO. ' 

Coliseum (Evergrrcn) il.SiJO; 15- 
23)-T-'Sadie McKee' (MGM) and 
'Very Honorable CJiiy' (FN) dual. 
RspoclaJly big at matinees. Maybe 
$4,400. Last weqk, 'Viva Vilia* 
(.Mr;. Ml rind 'Great Fllrtatlpn' (Par) 
■!ual, flt.i :liod at $4,400v: • : :. 

Will tli>^ Sim.} old draw, luok.t like 
sporty $11,000 and probable hold- 
over. Last week, 'Operator 13' 
(MfJM) xot $X.OOO. b!»,'. 

Liberty J-vH) (l.;»0'J; 10-15-25) — 
'One Is Coilty' fCol) and 'The Trail 
l>rivt>' (l'». Coni'io <if mystery 
thrillf^r 'ind wef-,tfin tli.'At .'ilways 
ret?istors with I^ib rlii nfele, hea<ling 
for $I.1.'')0. Lrist wfoif, 'City Limits' 
(Mono* ,in 1 '.Swfilcn, Land of Vik- 
Inu'.'^' fj^'.'i'e ItitjMt). dual. Okay 


Music Box niiimrifk) (300; 2R- 
?.:,)-■<>{ Human Bondage' (R.-idio). 
Hot r(!->is'^ from Musi'' Hall ex- 
[)(>( fo 1 toiii Ji $?,.8i)0. Last w'"'k. 
M'ln with Two I'lros' (I-'N). $3,. 

't I'l, Koo l. 

Music Hail (Hamrick) (2,305; 25- 
'ffere ('omefi th#» N-avV' (WB). 
Ifop's i^un to $^,000. Lfist Week, 
or Human Rondage' (Radio:) liked 
and big at '$0,000*'" • : ' ^ ■ '■.'■-^'■^r- ;' 

Psrsmount IKvwJilHM (S.^t; 
25-3.V)-r'.Hhoot the Works^ -/Par) 
And; ChiE'.s DaVis in 'Chicago' Follies' 
on stage, plti.M nugm^hteii .}Ul(>.<t Hiif- 
•fano .hand, with piii»IiHtv dept; also 
shpotinx ^he workjif, Hhoyid hrush 

Clownr tW^^ Iniit atiigo wit^ $i^oo, 

Jletier theifttre 'weather, helping 
.sbnrte'what^'' aikMlg^•a:■"»Nk|d^ray ftrst 
run front that was under severe at- ? 
tack for a while froni a heat siege, 
biit hothing ttenaattortai iiii '(Hi'OwrMng 
at the box office, anyway. Despite 
bis generally being tepid, there are ' 
three holdovers schedtilodrr-tha 
CttBfial. Roa^ and Mayfair. 

-IgSSMi t^ reljil sttottCth is bein* 
stioWii by 'Bothschild' at the Bivott; , 
oh its i>op first run epigaireinent fei« V 
lowing a three montha* $3'atay at 
the AStor. Picture stilfered: -'kcivn^r- ' ■'. 
what oh its initial week, but atill : 
away above Rlv averages at $35,000. ' 
The second week (last), with better . 
weather, came close to equaling the 
first seven days, house getting $32,- i 
500. while this week (third* takings 
are estimated at $28,000. The Riv Is ' 
doins excellent business around the 
$30,000 mark, considering its ca- 
pacity, regardless of what the pic- ■ 
ture Is. 'Rothschild' in John 
Wright's opinion would be a cinch 
for six weeks, but It can't remain 
on the premises that long, 
it is delaying other United Artlats 
pictures awaiting first run here, in- 
cluding 'Bulldog Drummond Strikes 
Back,' ne*t on schedule. As result : 
'Rothschild' goes after four weeks. 

'Here Comes Navy* has not been . ' 
as powerful for the Straad as the 
Arliss starrer at the Kiv. but the 
Gagney draft in this one cohtinbes 
to be: very good on third, flnai, week ; 
ihdicatlona Of fll.OOO. ^ecohd lap 
of aOf«B:'4*ya waa f $1,200. 

BoOivtlia Mmoio Khli and the cap, : 
though ih ]MH09|ahla ;i^^ wera 
expecting move than thetr reapeotl vo 
pictures are going to get. 'Win'ld ^ 
Moves On' j|t the Hall wlli bo > 
around: $75^000, Picture opened very ' 
8troh$p, but fell off some over the . 
week ehd. Cap's Harlow entry, 
'Girl from Missouri,' looks short of 
$35,000, but It's okay. It holds over. ■ 

A new low is in prospect for the 
Paramount on 'Elmer and Elsie.' ' 
pointing to below $14,000. Last week 
the house got only $14,400, brutal. 
All-time low Is $14,000. and very 
doubtful if this figure can b» ' 
reached currently to avoid setting a ^ 
new dip. House closes for a week 
Thursday (9), reopening Aug. 16 on 
a special premiere with 'Cleopatra,* 
and an augmented orchestra but nia V 
etage show. iT^'-^ 

Estimates for This Week 

Capitol (5,400; 35-75-85-$!. 10), 
Clirl from Missouri' (MO) and : 
stage show, Harlow disappointing 
somewhat and will probably 
be short of $35,000 but safely within 
profit brackets. Stays a second 
week. Last week 'Paris Interlude' 
(MG) withered to $19,000. 

Mayfair (2,200; 35-55-05). 'Friends 
of Mr. Sweeney' (WB). This ohk'>^ 
suddenly brought house to life, first 
week ending last hifht: (Monday) 
bringing $11,000,: Veiy gbOd. Hold*? : 
over as long a» imilntainhig sufi 
Hcient bo* oinoe strength. Prior 
picture. 'Wild <Jold^ (Fox), got $«.- 
000. average.. 

P^ee (1.700; S5-50-«bJ!«). 'Crand 
Canary' (Fox) and vaude. Attn, t- 
Ihg imie and probably not more 
than il^O.OOO. mild. 'Old Fashion^^ l 
ahead, got around 


-Paramount (3,j»4: 35-55-75-9!)) 
'Elmer and EI.«ie' (I'ar) and nVt^d 
show. It's horrors h"ro a-'iin irnl 
almost rortriin of a ikw low of 
under $14,000. All-time lo\V is $li,- ' 
.000. Last week 'Ladies .Should 
Listen' (Par) only $14,400, murderl 

Radio City Music Hall (5,915; 40- . 
'>o-85-90-$i.65), 'World Moves On^ 
(Fox) and stage show. Fell Olt 
over weekend but with smart start 
will hold up to good $75,000, La*t - 
week 'Hat. Coat and. Clove' if Ra. 
d i o ) m anagcd to hop » little ' ov* 
?CO.O00. profit. ; 

Rialto (0,000; 40-*p.T8-S6), 'Per^ ; > 
sonality l^ld: (WD)v Moaning 
nothing but hiaybe h little 'oVor $8,- 
000. beating fighre of prbvloua week 
>^Jf'ock6y<>(i Cavaliers' (Radio) . . 

RlVoHCf^ffOO; *0-65-75 S5). Roth- ? 
schild' (tJA) (34 Week). In ratio to 
hotise .avisrr.grs. this is the strong- 
^•st draw Ih town and on third week 
lool<s to hold up to Kood $2H,000. 
.Second wtok w.a.s $3 2,500, close to ■ 
lirst seven d.-vya' take of .$^«,0O*i:h'W|'."'-?.i 
down to that bv h';at.' ■ " ■. ■T^'vi 

Roxy (G.'iOO; 25-:;ri-53-C5). 'tfandy. " 
.\n<lv' <i;>x) and .st;i!;o show. LoW ' 
•(■a!f up to 7 p.m. Iv'ning here and 
on this Will Rogers a protty-good 
wor k of $25,000 la lo.>keirJ ff>r, AW ,\ 
■holds oyi?rv , liostv '-Vrip^k:'- v. 'Shev 
r.en rned' :.A'hot({' Mfttil^ti^'^i4l%iyyMS- ■ 
:-22,000, .: ■'. '■•: - ■■ ■■■■■■ ; 

'■•omes Navy- <■W^r:(M*flhi^|^Wefil^i',. 
Final week lii estltnated )K Ir^jeiwm 
.«l-«,000,:''if|<!es;:;.alt'««r.a.';se«fohd'- wee***;, 
draft; of 1«»,200i 'Houfso Wif«>' (WBi 

State fl3Wi/< :$B-56-76). Mm 

Wltti tWb>'flkCes* fWHi and v i.,,!©. i 

.s'tirrihg no' ii«»cit'^tof«nt ind f(irtu-«''--i. 

n.ite .if ovr *! 5,000. Pr" l '■•.-..sor,'' 

aihyol the Wviigi' U'MO, uo better* ' 


$ SEA 

Tueidiiyt Au|fn»t 7, 1 934 

,' w iiiiiili mono 

' Shirley 7<^nit>'le in -Brtby, Tftke « 
Bow* eartte" ci^M^thg thivuKli Jte^^ 
Msf>«t the >Vai^rlMltf lasi ^eck. »o it's 
tn^ved' ft<'n>!ttW t» the St, Fran - 
a«f for lih ^kt^ntlod run, Icnvlnw tho 
'WStTf vH^h H bltf Htli Jinnlver8ri,ry 
«!fio# hiSn^et! by Onffnoy In 'Iff re 

: C^wnes the NaVy' ancl a hin «taKc 
•how with rttriilnr acts an<1 tho ]o- 
«alO'>iolU KI<iaio« roVuoi, 

Gpflmi.«tic luito Is s()un»l<'(l with 

; . rrni>pnint,' r>( fhr rnit(Nl Artists, and 
at a raise in admissions over tlio 
old si'.'ilo. House has a r.ri-cciit top 
now. and with 'Jlouso of Rot lischUd' 
whowiuK after a fonr-weoU road- 
show iitiiieliriK tivo niontiis a^o, 
theatre is doinLT oliay. 

<Jold(^n flate doinj,' well eno\i>;li 
with 'Wliom tho C;<ids Would De- 
utroy' and staire show with I.os 
Hlte's colored reviie playintr a re- 
turn date. Fox raranioiint dualinj; 
•Staniboiil piiest' and 'Friends of 
Mr. Hweeney' and rather liKht while 
Fox St. Francis lias 'Dick Turpin' 
with Vic McLnglen and 'DancinB 

:„ Man.' 

Ourg la pretty lii'ell back to 
noiimal after the ttrilce; A«4 busi- 
ness ffencrally is up till around, 

Ooldeh fiate and Fox probably will 
boost prices 9ept. 1. Ail theatres 
; In San Joso went up a hickefi ef> 
: feet ive yesterday (Sunday). 

iEttfrn*t«» fof Titi» Week 
Fox (I>oo) (5,000: 15-2.'.)— 'DlcU 
Turpin' (British) and 'Dancinp Man* 
. (States Kiirhts). split. Vic Mc- 
La^lon in former holdin.c; gross up 
to $3,600.- I^ist week 'Love Cap- 
live' <U) and 'C&n't Bscftpe' tBea- 
cony, split, dreW |*^0(fc ; V 

«iMl slMre «how< with t«» Hite's col- 
orful lMndt«pcatthir.Lo liameH 
INi plk hblditifr it to $1^.500. still 
irood, while last week, the second of 
Y)f Human Bondag«V (lUdld) MlJM 
Okay $10,500. • ■ ; 

Paramount (F-WC) (2.400; 25- 
35-40)— 'Stamboul Quest' (MG) and 
'Mr. Sweeney' (Par), split, Loy's 
previous pix helping some, and 
maybe $12,500, nice. Last week 
•Grand Canary' (FoxX «nd 'Here 
Gomes the GroomV|V#i)f» split. 

"'%(L'.'Pirtii^: w-^cy iifitoi 25- 

g-40)-^'Biibyf Ttfke Bow* (Fox). 
oveA oveir irOm Warfleld after 
cock w;cek there, and little tilM is 
•till drawing with good $4,700. Lalit 
. week 'Handy Andy' (Fox) siih|l«irly 
moved from Warf got $4,500. 

United Artists (1.200; 30-40-55)— 
- blouse of Rothschild' (UA). House 
reopened after two months, and at 
• higher scale than before, along 
which line there Is a tendency 
throughout the town. Pic played 
four weeks at roadjhOMt j)rlce8 at 
the Qeary ftye mot^ths ««Q and did 

€•5)— 'Heire vComes Navy* (WB). 
With 11th annlvei-sary show headed 
b y local O'Neill kiddies who are a 
ill. aw. cagney m«ans money and 
%vUh good exploltatioh and matinee 
prices raised a r.lckel it's a big week 
at over $24,000, Last week Shirley 
Temple smacked 'em down in 'P.aby, 
Take a Pow' (Fox) with $24,000. . 

OtaahaV Car Strike 
Over, Biz Should Be 


Om.'iha, Aug. 6. 
<?ity's second street-car strike 
this year ended Tuesday (31) after 
the public had gone five d.ays with- 
out the utility's transportation. 
9his one lasted a day longer than 

Kvlous ftrike and accomplished 
r. 'Hf/ tills time people knew 
feow to «|itt**t lt>»4 only mw- 
chikiitB Ml* i^M^ OWiMTf Mftned 
«oiiett|RiiM $trfkiira Wiiit 

ftftek to iiroii Wf ihoilt itttlng; any • 
inore than th«y IftMi if* ttiB^1t pt 
Urst strike. 

Kstimated that bis was affected 
from 10-30%. This is not what was 
actually cut off the usual grosses 
but what might have been realized 
over the avcraRC take but wasn't 
t>ecause of the strike. Biz was good 
•II around and might have been 
oxhilarating except for the strike. 

New shows will likely bring the- 
atre row back to its average self 
after the splurgy weeks Just past. 
Iti'OMMii all around average or 
-^VUffitly.^ 1^ probably tk*^ latter 
lioeanMr : fiC the ivmit nt^ttttt^ of 
kbim0c: Mi^^ tho Pw^a- 

BioUAt'i cloilAfir. Ofphoum 1« now 
Ihe conceded loitaei* with the P«f 
out of the way and shows H b<;ft)l 
by admission price and attractions. 

Last week's experiment combin- 
frjg a new feature with an old fa- 
vorite changed daily at the World 
proved a K<Jod thing. Originally 
iicheduUd for ciKl't days wo« k was 
cut to seven days to l<ut the house 
«ii Tinirsd.iy nponinKH, the day 
formerly heW by . the Pafa^jount, 

ll^u^ holiir iibea btcck;' to Its regular 
pollfy of two hew features' %e|Mt)y. 

Estimates for This Week 

Orpheum (Ulank) (2,076; 25-40)— 
'tJrand Canaiy' (Fqx) and 'Kiss and 
.Make Dp' d'ar), dual. Likely gross 
arouhd that class, even op a little 
due to decrease In opposlsh, $7,300. 
Last week 'Handy Andy' (Fox) 

dualled with 'lyitching How* .<Par) 
a very «rdod hill in faco '.'^s'imr 
strike and I1Q.500 a heW •iWUltM 

pix recbird. Might have reat'hil 

$12,000 but for trolley strike. 

Brandeis (.Singer) (1,200; 20-25- 
35)- -'.Midnight Alibi' (FN) and 
'.lane Eyre' (Mono). A weakie and 
will .«;how it at the box office. About 
$3,S00 and will have to do with 
screen fare of this class. Last 
week 'Whom Gods Destroy' (Col) 
with 'Bachelor Bait' (Radio) strong 
week. $4,250, and misht baVe 
heavier without strike. jk,ft «fk|MNlNtl 
week for mld-sumtner. ; ■ : 

World XBlahk) (2,If>0: 25-3*) 
'Harold Teen' (WB) and 'I Give My 
Love' (U). Just average and fol- 
lowing a good week should have 
no trouble doing at least $4,100. 
Last week '.Stamboul Quest' (MG) 
was double featured with a differ- 
ent old f.ivorite each day for a 
chetring week. List of old favor- 
ites included '.Smilin' Through' 
(MG). 'Tes.s of Storm Country' 
(Fox), Trizellghter and Lady' 
(MG), 'Tugboat Annie* (MG), 'Jekyl 
and Hyde' (Ptir), tTavalcade' (Fox) 
and 'State Fair^ (Fox) . All did their 
part as did ^'Quest'* and the house 
lu^ a/luU sev<ni days, |4i5(M>i irood. 

over the week end. Will likely get 
close to AI^pOO. iMt veok, 'I'ariM 
Interlude^ib) ti#^^^ 

Wmiiimti iPmry }t6)^ 
•sprinctifno for mnry* cm)! ^ 
'KmbarrasalhK l|oment# (U)J^ I«ofW 
of show for a quartor iuid the stobp-^ 
pers are glvlnk It a lair play. Iii- 
dlcations jute for alnnit |S,ooo. T;,asr 
week. /K iss and llayko Up' ( I'a r), 
and 'Murder i*^Mal4*4' <Fox). 
with $4,200. 

Tower (Rcwot) (2,400; 25) I 
Cave My IjOvc' (U) and vaudeville, 
with Jack Dalton jind Co., l..owe and 
Hlte. l«Mlth Griffith, Dave Monahan, 
Helen Arden, Lester Harding an<l 
the Rayburn Girle. Clicking along 
nicely for $7,000. Last week, 'Lets 
Talk It Over' (U) and vaudeville 
reported $7,200. 

Uptown <F0») <»,!M0; 25)— 'One 
!|Core Rlvor^ (U). RIgrlit down the 
alley for tho readers of the book 
and manaceinent Is looking for $4, - 

50^, i;^,:-pii(f,^,;fiMr^ 

k WtpYiM Sidayt ii Nnwk; 

Nbi{^ Kin 

missouRi; $13,000, 

Kansas- City, Aug. 6. 
Loew's Midland with Jean Har- 
Idw, City's best known 
blonde, in 'The Girl from Missouri,' 
her home state, will lead all comers 
in grosses. Picture opened strong 
Friday with long lines In front of 
the box oincc and held nicely over 
the_Saturday shows. Indications are 
for one of the best weeks for pome 

Last week was pretty draggy all 
around. The terrific continued 
and is still hanging on and is com- 
mencing to really hurt. Reports from 
the surrounding territory tell of 
crops destroyed .and live stock dying 
for want of water, which Is not 
good for the show business. 
Estimates for Thi« Wssk 

Matfistr««% (RKO) (Si2«0; 25)— 
Midnlfcht AliW <PN>. and ^Mernr 
Frlnks* <FN). At ono tinae Dlcii 
Barth^mesa Wflis a re&l draw in 
this house, and he still has many 
admlrets who will help boost the 
gross this week. Siho^ld hlt^aroUnd 
$5,000. Last week.' 'Whom the Qods 
De.stroy' (Col) and 'FO'^ 0*er 
Frisco' (FN) .al)out the same. 

Midland (Loew) (4.000; 2F.)— 'The 
Girl from Missouri' (MG). Opined 
strong Friday with long lines in 
front -of. 41ie< place, and held steadily 

'-'.-^ V 'lindtanapoUiii, :'Au#i' 
Will ltoc«ra . oontinues to be the 
bier dfa«r te 'Bandy AiidyV which is 
in iti oeeoiid week at we Apollo and 
still strbnK^ enough to warrant an- 
other week or tWo before it finally 
bows out. The second week will 
reach a figure of $6,000 if the pres- 
ent pace keeps up, and th<at on top 
of an $8,500 first week is sensational 
for the small 1,100-seater. Seven 
shows a day Is turning the trick, 

•Here Comes the Navy' at the 
Circle Is running well In second 
place with a take of $5,000 showing 
up, and 'Girl From Missouri' is next 
in line with a gross of $4,400 at 
Loew's Palace. 'Cockeyed Cavaliers' 
is trailing with no more than $3,800 
in sight of the Xyric. 

Estimate* for tho W«ek 
Apollo (Fourth Ave.) (1.100; 25- 
40)— 'Handy Andy' (Fox) (2nd 
week). Very big at $6,000. Last 
week In Its opening stanza the pic- 
ture grossed $8,500, which Is up in 
the roo<M('d4broal|j|ii: the 

Circle (Katx-Feld) (2,600; 25-40). 
— 'Here Comes the Navy' (WB). 
This one Is good at take of $5,()00.^ 
okay. Last week 'Old Fa»hioned 
Way' (Par) wai ^liatjlM tMr iit 


Lyriv (omn\ <l.««0r %^>^ 
'GockMrM OKmUiero* <IIX0). Wheel- 
er iMid WiMiliiiy Miro meant nw 
hero In tho past than they ieettt to 
ho dotnv In thl« pic. and the grosn is 
plenty mlM at IS.IOO. Last week 
(for live days) 1 Give My Love* (U) 
with millnger family on stage was 
good but not sensational at 15,500. 
House and fiaMlly BMd# 

Palace (Loew's) (2,800: 26-40)— 
'Girl From Missouri' (MG). Mod- 
erate business on this one at $4,400. 
Last week "Paris Interlude' (MG) 
was only fair .at $3,750. 


M $11, 


rhlludelphla, Aug. 6, 

Pretty dismal trade Is looked for 
in Philly'^is tew i^einhalnlng dowhtoWn 
picture houses this week. 

'Here, Comes 4he .JJayy' at the 
'.S'tanf^y' ' WIM . flgured'.'ai^: '»troi^ M' 
anything in ti^wii. Inrt.Hi pajce so 
fair ihasnT hetn Ai^ailvmr «• ex- 
pected. 6poned WodBiiiMltty and 
probubly Won't get, «idr# tlian a 
single week at around $11^000. ; 

Earle h4s His Qi^test Gamble' 
and a ptage shoW headed by Aiex 
Morrison, the golfer, and Ghai^ie 
Foy. Nothing hot lndliBfttfj| and 
$12,000 will be topi V ^ ' ' 

'Handy Andy' holds OVer at the 
Fox. and although its first ^eeH Was 
well over expectations, a sharp drop 
is and $15,000 will be lop. 

Stanton's 'Man of Two Faces' 
won't get more than a mediocre 
$6,000. and 'We're Rich Again' at the 
Karlton figures for less than $3,000. 
Arcadi.a has 'tJrand Canary' (sec- 
ond showing) and that looks like 
a weak sister tod #ltl*-|WrtJ;'<9ir«f»f|i-- 
500 indicated. 

L.ast we< k's standout wan 'Handy 
Andy' at the Fox with a good r»jund 
$25,000, way up over expected flgiirr. 
Picture did it, too. as there wasn't 
much of a stage f1u)w. 

From fine liKure. l.iz trailed 
all the way down. F.iile, witli tti« 
hiKhly-i)raised 'Old Fashioned Way,' 
got ,f>nly $12,000, nml 'Pull Twg 
£>r.)tinn)ona' at; the Wlonloy, fjt/ft pre-- 

dieted, couldn't make the grade for 
an entire extra week. In three ad- 
ditional days, howevoTrColilkiil.flc- 
turo got $4,800, okay. 

tMlNMtet for Thto Wooiv 
Af^|«<li* SS-40-;M)— 'Grand 
CiMieil^ iW^i Vnvimi tot this 
houao to take a Wn 9»k i<w 
run. only fl.SM liMneatod. Last 
week, 'Here OMpi^ IlM Groom' 
(Par) lioppo |«H M fOOf* {tt^ 

Eorlo <S,00(h 40-»5.<S)-^'Gfeat- 
est Gamble' (Radio) and vaude. 
So-so $12,000 predicted. Last week. 
'Old -Fashioned Way' <Par) and 
vaude. Ditto as above, although 
Fields picture won rave notices. 

Fox (3.000; 30-40-60)^'Handy 
Andy' (Fox) and stage show (2d 
week). Fairly good $15,000 Indi'^ 
catcd. lAst week's $25,000 W<e^M 
above Indicated amount. 

Karlton (1,000; 30-40-50)— 'We're 
Rich Again' (Radio). T^ess than 
$3,000 indicated. Last week,; fJawe 
Eyre' (Mono) dismal $2,100. 

Stanley (3.700; 40-55-65)— 'Hi re 
Comes the Navy' (WB). Opened 
Wednesday. Quite a lot expected 
of it, but pace so far a little under 
exported. Between $11,000 and 
$12,000 likely and no hold-over. 
•Bull T)og Dnimmond* (UA) held 
three days over week, $4,800, oka v. 

Stanton (1,700; 30-40- r)r.)— 
with Two Faces' (FN). Not ovei 
$6,000 If that, l^st week, 'SoT>hir 
LOtQir <PaO only $5,600. pretty sad. 

college h« maiy refiilm to the scene 

of his early triumphs. He has just 
taken a test at Metro and the re- 
sults ,are,;:(Bald'=to,.|mvo/^l^<^|^ 
fying;' .;c',.v.:;';.,;.^:.'V/.v,y'/, 

,lf "tl»e ■lild*'*yoie: ftilW- 'to -eventuate, 
the heaviest losers will he the pho- 
tographers. It's hand clapping time 
in their circle when a you^igirfter 
gets over that big lit^i^dle:: ; ■ 

Columbus, Aiin. C. 

D. N. Noyew; exec with l,ord A 
Thomas agency on the Quaker <)ats 
account, hai^ engaged Te^ry Tlirner 
toi handle theatrlrni piihllHty h*it the 
Q. pij^rodutt. 

Fpeclai task; for Turnei 1«. the tie- 
up with the fortheoming Warnei 
Bros.- Joe K. Brown .picture, . 'Kix 
Day Bike , Wdcr,* whereby Xiiuaker 
Oats will give away i.OOO hlcyclein to 
l<id8 for contest essays. 

Turner has been here on pub 
udvertiMing for B.KO local houiife^, 

(ContihuCid fi'eni |m^« i) 

and Farina; colored 
the ■way 'If .■■ a :'.l>oy-' a^rt*- '-^^ 
faded out after a fling a|; W 
l<Yecklc- faced Mickey Danl'eis", Sty 
mie Beard, Wheezcr and the rest of 
theip have been in eclipse since 
they otHg^w their ganir i^rtii, 

Hal Roaeh explains that as soon 
as they reach the gangling stage 
.and lose their n.aturalness their 
yalme to pictures is nil. Mpst of 
^iiB|.'cet hammy/«i»d:'' artiflCi)M::itn^ 
IfcTO beyond direction. SalaHesr gen 
erally start at $50 a wefrk and 
rarely go beyond $200. 

Madge Evans is about the only 
kid player who improved herself 
with inaturity. She Is * Metro con 
tractee and has had ihahy featured 
roles. V.aude and radio have claimed 
.Mitzi Green. Frankle Darro man- 
.ages to snare a part here .and tliero 
and that Just about clones. the bright 
side of /the chapter,'"'' .' '^^r'^^' ^. ■ 
Pay Cut to the Bone 
Many of the marquee n.anus of 
the silent days have passed from 
the scene without le^vliig a trace of 
tlneir w4nderin|pl, : 4!oiq^^ co 
terie Is Wesley fiarry, who was a 
featured player in his. own right 
only to go into a llil^^ 
few stafifc tries. 

Ju«f' :%)::i!ieiim''e'' a ^f0mriM»p--^!6r!e-. 
Baby Pegnf, I^avey Lee^ PhiUp De 
Lacy, Dickie Moorfe, June and Kath 
erlne Lee (vaude), Tad Alexander, 
Virginia Lee. Corbln. Buster Phelps, 
Kit Wain, Junior purkin. Gertrude 
Messenger, iSInKy; Deah Bobby 
Connolly. Baby Ifarle Osborne. Mai 
colm Sebastian. They had their 
taste of fame and passed on. 

This dream come true of having 
their hopefuls; on atudlo. call. Is not 
as goldevi' iui parent* jpleture It. 
Mimlflcent wages of another day 
are not being paid. Where they 
u.sed to start .at $100 has been 
trimmed down ^Q^^.for tl|e cu|;re,nt 
crop. Shirley Toi^'ii tlMik^^^^^^^^^^ 
and that after she >>ad Won her 
spurs in 'Little Miss Marker,' was 
upped to $1,000 after a flood of pub- 
licity was focussed on her stipend 
through agent j^itilibbies find court 
Oghtu^ ^ ^laby I^^^ stint 

The Coogan- saga is a study In 
high finance. T.aken In hand by Ar- 
thur Bernstein .after he ccmplefed 
•The Kid' wit^l Charles Chaplin, the 
first conti»<^ wa«i kigtied 'With' Sol 
Lesser for $1,000 a week, quite « 
jump over the $75 paid by Chaplin. 
Then came four pictures for First 
Nation^ at $1,200 a wcckr. a. bonus 
of $10,000 and 25%g 1^ tko-i IPiTpflitS 
after dliKtr|l^iott. *«*til were de- 
ducted. This Ihst Item added 

Foils Big Bad Wolf 
tlien Ifiikroe the biggdist flnancial 
trah««tctl<o« of recerd up t6 tlmt 
t4me. Sighing for foiiir fltms with 

.Metro, Bernstein received $250,000 
in on the line before a picture 
was started. An additional 60% of 
t he profits netted the k id star an^ 
otlier |4<Mi,ooo. Then ' flpllowed a 
tour of personals hO#., i^ 
at $8,000 a week. . '''--^ : 

Coogan reigned as a star f<Nr.oitkt 
years and doesn't have to worry' 
about the big bad wolf. A trust 
fund and lioi Ang^l^ estate 
have placed htih In a position of 
luxurious comfort for the rest of 
his life. Nor is the actor, now 
grown to 19. resting <m hi* Ifiuroli. Will get^ a^^ 
After his schooling M Satita Claca- -'Thin Man' (IMG) great $8 ooo 

Newark, Aug fi 

At least It's cooler weather fur 
the week end, although a little rain 
would improve things, and there'a 
none in sight. In fact, tho weatlier 
man asserts It has rained Just ono 
Sunday since March, which explalhit' 
tho howl here that .the housein ana ' 
not getting a: l^v.l»mi"aif%OM^. . 
end rain. - , ; : ■^ ; 

Brnnfonl. with 'Here, Cometi (hei 
Navy* and 'Embarrassing Moments^'! 
is plainly leading, with standees ofli.- 
PViday. and it looks like |ltidOOb: 
Proctor's is also doing nicely; witli'' 
nearly $9,000 in •iirM'Crom • Strand' ^ 
Cftnnry' and 'She^^do fli l>ad«/ - 
"There's nothing else. 

Estimates for This Week 
Branfcrd (WH) (2,9C6; 15- 65)--, 
'Here Comes the Navy' (WB) .and 
Embarrassing Moteients^ dU). 
Strongest opening for a long limo 
and believed the Cagriey opus will 
reach $11,000. Last week 'The Old i 
Fash lone<l Way' (Par) and 'netiiii-ni 
of the Terror' (FN) okay at $«,000. 

Capitol (WM) (1,200: 15-25-35-riO) 
— 'Thin .Ma^i' (M(!) and '(Jreat Flir- < 
tation' (Par). Powell-I..f>y film has? 
enough left in it to brioK this ur> t 
over $4,000. l^ast week 'Opoi.ttor 13* 
(MG) and 'Here Comes the <!roomi^ . 
(I'ar) not impressive at $3,700. , ; 

Little (Fninklin) (55-tl 10>-«' 
'Rocky Boad to I^UbUH* 4Moor«) ai)* 
Moore's Iriah i^Miyoro. : Pirlcco , 
jumped on ^ gro^ tlifiat the Irlsfc , 
are s<» ; huoinry f Of otiterialnmeni 
they Will Mi; lUiyihlilS'. and seetii- 
Intiy ri«htr^^^ W^^^ iwO weeks and 
looks like II .500 tlOf one. l4«i* 
week |7;50 for the afjemid of trbrji . 
gotten Men?: (Fpji-.--- . r-:--^-: : ■ 

L,pe^s State <2,7tO: 16T5)-^ 
'Paris interlude' (MIG) and vaude. 
Nothing 46 cheer over and may not 
reach a feeble $10,000 I,.ist week X 
'Stamboul Quest' (MG) got $12,000. 

Paramount- Newark (Adams-I'.ar) 
(2,248; 15-65)— 'I.»adieH Should I,l«- 
ten' (Par) and 'i-'ightin^r J^uly* 
(Ideal). Opening terribly and 
doesn't look like more than $3,r)00, : 

Proctor's (RKO) (2,300; Uj-r.S)- - 
'Gran<l Canary' (Fox) and 'She Wafi 
a L.ady' (Fox). I'leasant bill »;tartH 
off surprisingly well and should bo 
close to $9,000. L.aHt week 'Whom . 
the Gods Destroy' (Col) and 'His 
Gre.afest Gamble' (Radio) nice near 

Terminal (.Skouras) (1,900; 15-25- • 
40)— 'Let's Try Again* (Radio) and 
•Cockeyed Cavaliers' (Radio), with 
'Found Alive' (FD) and 'Money ^ 
Means Nothing' (HoHywO^)' split. 
Nothing here to' bring this .over' $3.> 

500. i^ast weeic isiprlngtlnie for 
Henry' (Kox) apd ^ergte Wintei'M* 

( Radio) with ^ymmn ,yi^ 
(*^) «nd "ManhiOtiw t;^*^^*^ 
(Fp) eplit |>rooght tS/re^: v r i , 

•WONDER BAR/ $6,000, 

' ;:'i^irn)inftha«a«-'Aug. '^.'^^ 

Rita takes top ho^ri flhls Week 
for the first time in many months 
with 'Wonder Bar* in spite of an 
5«fmpt hy uhion to have loeai union 
folks . boycott the house; Circulars 
Wiming the house Is the only non- 
linioh theatre In Birmingham mei 
being distributed by the thous.mds 
downtown and signed by Stntfo lOrn- 
Jloyees Union No. 7«. Distribution 
las .been {foing on for a week or 
more, Birmingham today Is prob- 
ably the strongest stronghold of 
unions of all kinds in the wuth .and 
has been (he scene of strike after 
Strike. Everybody from grocery 
Atore clerks to soda Jerkers have at- 
ternnfed oriijanlzation of unions. :, 

Estimsti^s for This Week 
Alabama (^ilby) (H^liMV ilOr3S- 
40)— 'Here QoMea ;;Navy' t WB). 
Light entertaliniiMlil i^that Btrming- 
ham wHl like bit: slt^tiny run 

lllt« (Wllby) flMO; 30-35-40)— 
Wottder B«i^ At an upped 

. 2B-30 cents and ^ood 

business wilt gf^t $6,000. L.Tst weolt, 
Shoot the Works' (Par) $2.5()0 

Empire (HTAC) (1,100; 25> 'HiH 
Greatest Gamble' (Radio). Is 
nearly always okeh, $:!,000. J^t^t 
week 'Manh.'itt.'in l.iove Sonit' 
Mono) $1,900 
Strand (Wilby) (800; 1:5)— "rioeo 
on Honeyuuion' (Fox) and ■|!<illv- 
Wood I'.irty' (MC) on split week 
1.500. Last week ■■'Cath<Tin*':4t»><.. 
!rent' (IJA) $i,ooo. . 

A. 'W. Tfa<'kel pMvident ot s'u- 
im-me I'i<tiii<'s, l.-imled in NvW 
York otd.'iy (Monday) by plane (i> 
iiic up jidditio)>al ptodut t .foi 
ndic conlpany. ■■ ■ '-t 

j^ttprvnfie IM e^rfcntiy mnkiniv a 
series of westerns with t^o\y K'teete, 
but ll.ukil .ind y:\u\ K.atzuian, bis 
>aitnei, piftn to^do pt Iter state, li^vhl . 
iims it sti'ltdb)e'i>elraM^iii'>an 'i^ 
t(»M»ffd.,,; -vi" ' ■•': "■';.■, ' /' ■■■. '/■■v.'.v'- 

• St. MurtMl * l'la«c. TrafikUiir ChioiHW 


T«I»phoM T«mpl« Iter M«l-SMff 
Cabto Addr«wi VARIKTf. U>MUOM. 



ioL I llnlf ii favfiiiiiitf 

Grants Exhibs Healthy Tax Cut 

Pans. July iS. 
Qmftp of P»fiM ftlm theair* own* 
#ni i^^wk4v«»ft At » $UMMnfg Tuesday 

(17) to closp down In a strik* dcp" 
Member I If GovernnuMit/doe*'. not 
gf%nt relief from exceBHivA tMAt ion 
iMfore ^jiM'TliMi.' " ' 

' • M>'t^tm;i oiiIl<><l ind hvl by 
Jbmile SaimjC'l, firebrand o.\lul>, who 
im tii*t oatianed with the eK6rt» 
made bjr leaikTii of tnnl»> assona- 
tion« to ^et relief. Charles Dolac, 
. Rnymnnd |,jq8«ies, l*aul . Charle* 
Blver and Roger Woill. Hssociatlon 
chi'>t. attt^ndt'd utiofflclallv to see 
what vM-nt on. l)Ut couhl not quite 
. inaki\. the rovaUlnft ejthlbs Rive up 
.:li«'-»t*^liir^ -^■,v■^ 
f ?: ;;^'';^^ry' of the oiftcial leaUeira W 
■■ihli ■they' can fjet more out of the" 
' <5Nf*ife'i'ntnt'r)t by goinf? oasy than by 
ti^i^lir to fofc;e issue. Tax re- 
lief j« ttlre^dy^^ f or lal|. , but 
rebel >x«lI»«'yahi:j|f||fM|^.^ 
■,IiiP^. ■""-^'<.':- ^H;''. 

,; -Jsi.rikc will only embimass them 
: In thoir dlKcussions, leaikMs say. If 
tlK'y don't Bet what tjiey a.'^ic th -y'll 
draittii: aetiba later, thoy say. 

" ' ihu«v**tirtt': im .-fvie: stirk . to 

Nitery Relief 

1' cioVei'nmcrit cahie out Wetlne.iday 
(2r>) with decrees Riving a c*5rtaln 
ariM>ut>t. of tax relief to nite clubs 
.■<aild i t fiU inber of niarylnal aitiuso- 
' Inmt tiualneraei/ ;i^e.t to 

tlw tifrrii iCnd teglt tfi«atres, iiiakiltik 
thinirn worsn. 

T i'iea are so complicated that it'.s Impos.sible to exi)lain. in less 
/;t^an . »orume>. 4us!t; what xhanses 

piemont.ary ta* hlthorto piild by 
dance places Is killed, and tho.<»e 
OUtrif."i will how pay flat 10% per 

. admio.siyn; inatedd of former 30% 

f«n ft botrt* of fl*» or 2T.5tV% 

>#rrtlnivr3i^'dWnk.^:^.>.-:: : 

In the ease* of dance places 
will' h cliarf?© no adtnlHsion all the 

^ taxes, in the future are hunff on the 
'^Ifijilt Jdrlnk the customer buy$ whW 
Iji^t^i |npld,<>i Ffo>*i then c»n# iifcQ 
ik'x. ■ ■ '■ -V-vV^.. 

.\'iii' itul seiiii - pi'' (ft'ssional 
•how people get a big hand from 
the new decrees. AH variety shows, 

«af« conceH* iti4 which ai'* 

CilMi's Brodnr 

; ijydney, July 5. 

Eric Cohnan. brother of Ronald. 
Itas been engaged by ^%umat)t. 
Hnttth to play lead in a Wal pie.- - 

Young Colman has been located 
herft for tnany yeAra, and is at proH- 

Nazis Protiuce 
Abroad as Am! 

5,000 Ndw P«mAii«fttly Em^ 

|pl9)r«d— 'AliMlio Space at 
Premium — ConsidttraMe 
Buildinir Goiag C^n 


Australia fib^^^ Pf^ 1 
U lUtb CombiBe for Entire 
Lists; MGM, WB Only Holdouts 



\ Be^I^v 3uly^2*;':^ 

AUho\igh?th0^^^d picr 
tiiro InduMry has sralned f unda- 
ineiitally in .soni'' directions as a 
re.sult of roKulations by the pres- 
ent ■GovernniOnt, the drastic of- 
QciaV.fetAsorship of films has scrl- 
oui^ly 'affectfed iiUBlness abroad. »c- 
cordiniff to ^mie: Fii«n Cormmla- 
sloner Oeorge U. Canty. 

Several leading fJennan firms, he 
states^ have, already commenced 
pr(^ctlon activities for t b« 1^34 - 
35 .season. Although detaUii^jiMre^.^l^^ 
yet available, It Is estlmati^ tUM 
German companies will produce be- 
tween 140 and 14-5 feature Hlms 
during the curi ent sea.son, conjpared 
.Wltl^ 136 during 1933-?.i||. , From 20 
to ^ of these picturei Will ^ ma 
abroad In such cities as Prague, 
TJUdapest, Vienna and Paris. 

l'uri>ose of thi.s f'>r-.'i;;n i)r<>duc- 
tion, Canty states, Is partly to util- 
ize, ftioxen Cleit'ihan credits in . those 
capital cltteat, and partly for Gon(i> 
I>ehsation reasons, that l.s, to fa- 
cilitate the e.\port of flerman films 
im the ba^is of special afjrcement.s. 
Tili«m.: through 
c<>mn!cl«|fttljB^.;^':*^^ ■:i|iifi*aiiary , be- 
« ause iexiid^t dim«ttltlei diiie to for*' 
cii;n currency restrictions anil the 
boycott movement aprainst (Jerman 
films abroad are reacting unfavor- on the Ci er roan -film jb ualneas. 

Radia I»^t3r^ hijCIP <dQ«tt«iif«led a 
deal with Europa-NDI..S.lo* jBii^^^ 
features. German company Wlli dlH« 
tribute the pics in (.'.ermany and 
Ijuxembqurg on Its own. Kadio get- 
Ung a perciEiihtArte on gros.«|e» against 
a giuirantee. Kome of the films Will 
be dubbed into German at the dis- 
cretion pf the distributor. 

I'icturea have not all been select- 
ed; but th« f dflibwlhg win be 
among the eight: 'T>I tile Women.' 
•Morning Glory,' 'Christopher 
Strong,' 'Finishing f^chO<>r"^ 
• .•fiigbt.^to Romanc?^^,. '• 

Ffte Brisson 

' ' ■ ' ' Hollywood, Aug. 1. 

• Vt^rdi^ ClVIo , League will 

an honorary t)An(iuet Friday 
, ;'f II ji night at the Jonothan Club 
Wr Carl Hri.sson. I>anli|fi aotQii'i now 
.•*Htth Paramount. V 

The' I..eague. which claims 7S,^00 
members Of Panlsh ektrictiom In 
fiouthern tfaitfomla, will hare 
Mfiyor Frank .Shaw and other city 
and stj^te ofljclals, at the affair. 

Cdhyersely, Caat^ iayiii Umi:^^ 
man nitiirk0t supply will be aug- 
mented by foreign films, so far as 

l)os.sibl(j under existing German film 
r. v,iiIaiion.s. It if boljeyed in_ some 
;iim (iuarter3;that ift '^«^«^'^^•to meet, 
local enhibttoir d^main^ 1^ . liM^ 
quota bf fbr^igh flim.s will be niade 

available by means of special 
agreements than during the i;i3.1-31 



British Jk Pominions , staged a 
cocktail p.arty to welcome the re- 
turn from New York and Holly- 
wood of llerlt)ert Wil.c.o.l>* E>lrector 
i'iifcttined 'ttibse' p#ttM«fi-::li^^ iothpluriy 
pro|K>8^: :t0- . bring over" td England 
the be#t stars and dlreip tors from 

B. A D. productions will be re- 
duced from 12 to eigbt a year. Wil- 
cox saya, but the saiiie jifnount Qf 
money #ni lie spent 9)1 thl> ieif hi as 
had preylbiieli^ ,p^:-t n$!mm ' - h^ -^^^ 
do*en.-v:, '■:''J''r: 

London. Jiilv 21. 
More tlian 5,000 people tiie now 
I : jertnonently employed in mMdng 
}■.■. nation pictures at the studios 
I in and around London. An a^di- 
i tibnal iiOOO o.r 4,01>0 ef rn a Uv^ctlhopd 
.by occasional employment at theise 
Uudius, Tins includes extras. 
At the present; luoQletiil; floor space 
jti at^a'pr^tin^^ 

studios in the. London areai .glmul- 

jtiineoui f^U^ building of ine^^ 
'Studios at KlstreC there are being 
erected at the present iiionent I.OOO 
new dwollinKS, The new Ganmont- 
IBritish studios at {;;i.epi>crd Hush 
cannot hji)Use :e>ll the . pr^oductiatna 
this : ' 'cohc«>h' '^anid' ' ita ; iinitNiliiy 
have In hand an'J tlicy have been 
compelled to rent space elsewhere.' 

Among tlie stars and featured 
players in the throes of pro lu- 
here at the moment are Geo r, Ar 
llss. Douglas i'alrbajiks^ li^aiie How- 
ard, Conrad Veldt, Merle Otieron, 
Anna Xeagle, Richard Tauber. Jack 
lluchanan, Jaclc Ilulbert, Cicely 
Courtneidge, Tom Walls, Betty 
liolCQUTi Wil.1 H.^y, Gene Gprcard, 
l^lihhi?^ »»^^ Carroll. 
Matheaon Lang, Jes.slo Matthews, 
.\ova Pilbcam, John Loder, Gregory 
Ratoff, Carol Goodner, Charles Far- 
rell. Florence Pesmond, Sophie 
Tucker. Martoa F^arrls. Gina Malo. 
LIU Damita. Winifred Shotter, 
Zolmai O'Neal and a host of others. 

This does not Include a constantly 
growing string of American stars 
who come over for one picture and 
ttirn right bacH to Holly wpod. 

A care^i e^imate places the ex- 
penditure for the making of British 
lilms for the current year at $17,- , 
000,000, which will, of .coilrs?N be a| 
new high for any country outside of 
the: Uatted^: states. . 

Strike Threat Holds 2 
Houses from Coinji: Pix 

jifexica City. Aug. 3. 
^trik6 threat ot wiilonWte^ tMitre 

attaches may block arrangements 
now far advanced for two uldtime 
pl.i vlinijses. Iris and Pt^lit^nma,. go- 
ing cinvma. 

Unions have Qled suit with ' ted - 
oral board of epnclllation and arbl- 
Ira Hon for large sums Which they 
elaiin lioth tlH';\tres' luanagement^ 
owe members In back pay and i&K 
compeneaUon fur .dtsmiaiial' '^hcti 
houses go pix. 

Gangster Films 

■"• V Sydney. July 5. 

Moie draat^i^ .censorshiji a.e.nituit 
gangster ptcit it predicted here by 
thosie' .N%.ilithority^ : , ■ ' 

Refusal into AujitraUa pf kIcs 
glorifying criminals is a tnove said 
to be contemplated by the govern- 
ment, with orders given to the 
Chief censoe to^ned:ate such pics. 

JH^ tew out to those 

lit CdTrtrhl that very few, If any, 
Anrieriean Alms actually glorify 
gamrster. Ihi M i'ases out of 100 the 
criminal gets hlB jUiSt -dllei before 
tli(e.fii)al fa^e^bui^^^ 
mahy' iiiifWMiitlai #dfi*^ 
have continuously presented peti*^ 
tions to the authorities requesting 
stoi)page of the crime plon, some ac- 
tion by the .government la antici- 
pated lli HhiiiV^ 

BecaUtSe Australia recently ex- 
perienced a small crime wave the 
blame is being placed upon the 
Mioulders of the American film pro- 
ducera ,■ '■},■■'. ; 


9ydncy. July S; ' 
Louies like the local- AHiR w*r 'iiaa 

liz/ied out. '< V. I 

paramount has signed with Gen* 
eral Theatres .for the majority of. 
key city "housee- cdverlng r!>94-Sf. 
(^)ntract will not Intirfere with the 
Carroll tieup embiaciiig the Prince 
lOdward, .Sydney, or Par's ownvCap* 
itol In Melbourne. • ; „ .- 

Par deiU eloeely followed Uiilver« 
sal's swing over to the combine, and 
Its not too successful Indle try at. 
tno Tivoli, S^ydncv. It was thought 
that I'ar might possibly go tu the 
Martin Liberty group lolN wing on 
its first reitetaso of 'Mts.s Fane'a ; 
Raby.' btit a 'deal, after much dlekn,' 
ering, was finally dinclied with tilil . 
coml'ine. Only standouts now are 
M-G-M and Warners. Latter con- 
fin ucs to release in nabes and next^ 
w0ek win ko into the Lll^erty. Syd<r 
n«yr «ith .'Fashion Oal€ftlcs of 1934.* 
Now that il- or- M Is running Us 
own chain in Sydney, MeU>ourna . 
and Brisbane, a link with G. "T. 
r.eerns hardly possible, although' ne* 
gotiatlons are eald to be on for.pra^ ' 
grammers. ' 

Trade is waiting to sOe whether ; 
llie incoming Warner representa- 
tive \s ill be agreeable to play bait 
Wilh the combine pn product. Fl^*: 
.i»rifd''.ii^' ' that''" the' 'Wairhef' ';MlN^^^ 
inued on page 50l). ' 1 

Still Mysterious, 

Just a Few Items 

■>. '■■^'.^,^:^^■■'■■.■■^'■£i«^ >iiiy ti. 

The Blackpool town council In in 
negotiation with the Tower Film 
Productions, Ltd., for the sale of a 
pl6t of lak>d to the company in thi^ 
nofthetit :itf*a ■■oi<'^rei6rt;'-; • ' ■ ■ 

Tower i^-l^ri^: jl^tfsi .M- fM|%''.llM»' 
studkk ^ ■''^^^i^^i^^'j^^ 

Paris. July »8. 

Hollywood season in Paris Is now 
on and members of g.ang from coast 
as they drift in find so many play- 
mates in town that they can't tell 
whether ^»eji;'ff ,,heM pr there, pif- 
fe'renee hetwewi this year arid pre- 
vious visiting seasons, however, is 
twofold: Many of the lllmers are 
here to work, not to play« and those 
amMsing themselves are; in ganeral. 
plky pasiilng thrbugh, preferring to 
put in their real vacations where 
they can get more for thoir money. 

Two working crows arc in Paris 
at the moment, Jt>oth . shooting^ 
French seniles fb(: sHittii^'vflhna; Oi^ 
groiip w makiiiir exteriors lor "phe 
Milky Way.' adaptation of the late 

-Mfred .Savolr's 'I>a Vole Lnetee," 

being pri^.lii^orT-Ky T?.-I^^fj}^ aTl'V PO- 

mlnlons, and the other is a tirpupe 
led by . armory Ratoft t0 nutliei » ie% 
quehca' i«t ihe Cirque d'Hivtr tot 
'18 Minutes,' circus picture' which 

T lato fT wrote Mm .self. ;^ 

British and l.)otiiiiiiijns crowd 
gave a .large cockta(}l party at .,th« 
liotel Chkmhord la homyr of - Mary 
Glory. French star* who has lier 
first Kpelish speaking part In thlw 
pic. Miss Glory played in Rene 
Clair'.s A Nous la Libertp,' which 
was shown .la ijhe has 

been studyihg 4»ar Enigli.-th and how 
•peaks with a perfect Champs Wy- 
Secs accent. 
•MUky Way* script ,was miade by 

Paul Gangeiin, Hollywood acrlbe, 
who says he'll be in Paris for a 

week. .Jack Raymond, British direc- 
tor who did 'Sprrel and Son.' Is 
megging, and Sir Cedrfo Hardwlcke 

and Ralph Jil^nmd§<m are la the 
cast. "■' .A ■■; ■ . '■ 

Bennett's Thers 

Aduitional California air was 
given to the party by pre>;ence of 
lilchard Bennett, I^wih Justus and 
pmliy Hahh. Rennew-'haa a part m 

the Ratoff pifture. Miss Ifahn Is 
here doing a .-icript for someone or 
other, she says, l-Mdle Mayer as- 
serts he 19 bpre. to wirlie another 
■j^'iayvi but- <<ift*i^^',i^t:fft?«ray ■ t«bi»-. 
.fllm.v m,e^,'ifli^'li''.. .t«.:.':iret\''-to-' 
work.' '■ ■ ' ■■• ' ^ :■' ' " ' ■ 

Ratoff di-rlinod to stick aiound 
with the crowd and dufkod oft to 
l>ed, as.serting he had to be on loca- 
tlOt|i e:arl^ next morning. Picture, '18 
Mlritites,' li ialijr' of baekstaire life 
in a on<»-rIng circus. I!e.«ide3 Bcn- 
n ett and P> atoff. cast jnjjudes Be- 
nila Ilunio, Jolin Lauder, Katherlne 
.Sorgava, Hugh Wakefield and Paul 
nraets. Monty Banks la directing. 
- On the non-working side" among 
recent visitors here was Dotig Fair- 
banks, who stayed f..r a few hour.s 
at the Crillon on his way |o I^indon 
from the south. tle W**^. ^ 
Carlo for th'e opening of thtt Wurh' 
mer c« sliio, ^'nl^h he .-^l t vrrd*jd to - 
ijether with wis 'iiii5ftd'{;.«-l^;iij^.>^ 
Wanaroaker. ■ : :( iied CaW* ■ 

' "-H-, '■ :''y^-"^}^.<-^r .t;fJJ- ■i/',V»'/?^v-''"'-''^V'i^'^>;- 

■■ Parjla, (July tt, \\ 
Bcrh.^rd Natim. jNti^a ett 
on ills native soil, is being almost 
.'IS mysterious as to what he did in 
America as he was over there. His 
story la that it waa a vacation and 
a curiosity visit to the atudiost 
and he's stieklng to it. 

lie does, however, admit a 

One. He's gping back to America 

was ni^e ^ 

Two! He fixed up an office In the 
.Mai.son do France for his firm ".so 
that the Americans can sue Fome 
I Yonefa llima.* When they see them, 
he '.aaVii.' he hasn't decided what 
he's going to haVe th«m do about It. 

-Three. He hired Ch-MrUs P.oyer 
away from Fox, and hi.s lirm is put- 
ting out lota of bally about It. 

He j|d4ed a flock of nice words 
afkbiif 'Kow good yraiico -A mer Iran 
film reiationshipr ire: goli>g:. to ba 

in the future. ■ ■ ''•'■. 

'There in no question of conquer* 
it)g a market, for u« ai|y more than 
for the Americatu^' h^^ said. 'But f 
think that the films that we pro- 
duce in the calm European H'rnos- 
phero, botli by the thoughts they 
express and the technical and artis- 
tid Ideas they proylde, ititttt «Wn b*- 
of greater' :li^y4i^MMMa'''to.^,t>M ': jiim'e^«-' 
leans.' ■ ' ■'•A^-r- .■- .■ ■ 

Xatan told French newsparx rmcn 
who tried to get more than this oyt 
of him that he had lougtef.'^^^ii: 
bpy»;;:in..;M.«?ir, :Srork» ■ .eo: li^awwi; 
did they IMiveT h ' '' ' 

• L<Mj.d<}n, July 28. 
.«lk:hard:'.;t}ennctt '■'WttL-ltlVf-: ta d* 
pU'hty of hilstling. 

Just off to Paris to take some cir- 
cle ftbots for th.e R.'itorr (,'rri, whl. h 
MoTity Ifanks i«; .dii'^cting. I>ue 
i»af k iVffre Iri a c<>i»iile. :Of days tor 

ln.>S"-''%;' ';|h, t'(i?(l:V.ift(?n'st tci 'Start' '. 
: '<r • fo« AI W.eWd's.i|ih«>Wr 'Thf^ 


E T I E ^ S 



Tdx iihil i«l< u<' Pf.iif. Wi'l 
Jiopi'is liMtup" l'> Ktry \\ «MMl K ifi d oil 
pluy Molry Aii<lrv%v' Uy l.twin HimiIi. 

Hfcttl^y' Jnhni««>n; ii<1rtritni|i'ti, Ktibf< .tilasun, 
rt»otO)L'r;ii>liy, ArtliuT Mi!!' ' iminf*:, . .llU'li- 
ar.l WhiliiiK. At K.ixv N Y.,. . W«^«k 
Auk. .'I. J^uimlng tii)it\ hJ mnis, . , '.; 

FUMin-ti.' ..... .,;.Oi>'n*;nil.i .\l"ini«^nifnro 

Jani<'<> Y.'ilos.. . . ..,« i> ''.iriiwlr 

•PtH'' I»urimlKtrr.......;W. ••^Koj.'i r linhcf 

■ Ohkr i«« Nolrpronii . . . , ; . < . . . . . . : P«»l K« rvey 

lfattl|» Korrrosw f.race <;oo.1»11 

Pl^Mffe :M«r<«-l iif.«iir.v *iiiy<> 

HowhrU Norcrotiif....... .l"r.iiik M.lton 

ThorV'K iip do^ibt or l»eiltfi-tiori 
oboiit tliis one; It's all Will BOfffrs 
ami .all box Qtfloe. There it<n t any 
#rt to rtv tliero isn'i^any i» 

vfliiift 'ana tijerie j limt i«w isheeh: 

;>i^il>$t Win RoBor-s. 
: l« a. Bn»a>U town 

bition.s-, so ina!:cs Iiiin quit and KO 
Into lotironiont. Siif koos in fur 
voior culture and makes his life 
misorablo. She takes him off to 
Now Orlo;in.s for the M.irdi Gray 
denpito tlic fact that he hate.s 
crowds. Siic llirts with a lad with 
marcelled hair. So Will fjoes on a 
rampa.tro, puts on a Tarzan outfit 
for .a costume ball, carries on some- 
thing outrageous and wins mamma 
into Koitifr quietly hack home. 

Plenty of pajis sprinkled through, 
mostly aloni,' usual Rofjers lines. 
Only placo where the film lets down 
is in character portrayal, but evi- 
dently David Uutler, in directing, 
fisurcd nothing and nobody counted 
but Rogers, anyway. 

Peggy Wood as Rogers Krif« is in 
4 tough spot and niufCa thv bull 
completely. Trios to underact and 
agMUtages to overact. Strained all 
the way tbrough. Deyond that ahe's 
too pretty find young for th« pairt. 
Ii«r only «jecu8o in the role helng 
that she jrots a chance t9 use her 
f rand v6ie9 * bit. ^ And oven in 
that iihe'a uhfoltvtlftte. sitiee not 
lUMT real.adhgi to sing, 
y Cttrllple la very pretty and 
..... . * wt out of her role as the 

iqim>tttb«tic dftughten Robert Tay- 

■ mt^^^ to get 
irrf^ minor bits, and 

' g i yP wa'' Mwitcnegro draws atten- 
Wm In A sbol-t appearance. iCau/. 

an^ fiiOM^ 

Metro proJucf;.)!! ana nIeilM 'IrtairihK 
Jean Hr\r.o\v and featurlni; Ll«li«1 Barry 
Kr.-inchot Tone, I^wla Stone. Dl- 
Neted by Jack Conway. Bcrn-irJ II 
Hiunan. producer; Anita Iiooa, John Em- 
ff3f"'v."*?P'' June. cnm«i». At Cap- 
« inuii. ^•e» .A»f. ». RunnlnK time. 

5*ti*i> V * Harlow 

2" •-••••••^"••••I'lonel Barrymore 

.Franchot Tone 

Cw. ,Courtn».. licwia Btone 

Kitty I-ennlhan. ..»„,..i» Patsy Kelly 

Lord I»ouKlas....,..,..:.^....AIan Mowbray 
JJJ" Newberry. ...Clara Bland-ick 

■ SSSn **- TWSefi ' .<«.... Hale Hamilton 

. Tf^mbe. . . . ... ...... Ilenry Koiker 

6rli^a»xiy' titled 'Eladie Was a 
X*ady,* the name of this Harlow plc- 
; t«urf wfMi ehaaf ed to *Bom to be 
lilwnd;* hot glider the new dlspen- 
■ation it appears as "The Glirl from 
llissouri/ canning the n^W purity: 
tiifcr of the ^ayi ofliee. it's No. 91. 
It's going to be In the money for 
It Is a thoroughly entertaining pic- 
ture; one that pteH^:.«t-^1|gK4#i 
will sec and like. 

In point of fact there Is nothing 
to which objection may honestly be 
offered. The dialog is clean and 
smartly written, and while the 
scenes call for a little undress, it 
is so cleverly handled there can be 
no real offense. The moments are 
brief and done with such gpod taBtc 
only the most captious cdh ' iRnd 
found.ition for objections. 

As to story, this does not rank 
very high. It's thin, rather im- 
plausible and seldom rises to a dra- 
matic height, but it is so well di- 
rected and played that it gains in- 
tareiit early and holds it in spite 
ft M« plot handicap. Eyeryone In 
th* cast Is out to pat it bver, and 
that gpes ttl«o for Mi«8 HaHow, who 

Cta 01)0 of the best chances she has 
4 and Who never misses a trick. 
'She : la th« daughter of ^ a resoi?t 
luwper.-aptMurchUy In a noall tbKirn. 
who nint. away from^iM^ because 
1m» l^j^^thdr dieinaiidji that tiho 

Whm flat win ifet her, 4nd ivlth 
a (irl Companion, she goes out of 
the wlndQ'iit^ iaind onto the train. 
She determines that she'll stay 

. atralght until she lands a husband, 
and she sticks to that policy, though 
•overal times she is close, to the 
edge, but only .seriously with I'aige, 
Jr., whoso f"thpr she tracked 
to Palm l^eaeh in the hope of land- 
ing the senior. Tlie f.ither gladly 
turns her over to the eon, fij,'uring 

: that she's just anotlier guld digger. 

, Bhe convinces the li<),v and the oM 
man lia.s her framed to brcal< up 
the niatch to whioh h4 has -Xtven 
his a.-'-sent. 

Slie rei.i ll.ite.'- by framing the old 
man, and with a battalion of 
cameramen on hand she appears 
In negligee beside him in a door- 
way just as ho is about to sail to 

fill important dii^pmaiio mis- 

■■■■aUin*. ■ .M^t'.9ti^n'':'lli&f-- 'ovi,. insists on 

'''ia''lna9i!faffi' • #imI " iinwM9i$ •iih.'ff. ' ftttihe' 

$ittf»iter^ln^lai«r.; .' 
; jrmU; sounds flat aVvl it Ik but 
K ffvinil^e Vlbtrarft by sklllt d dlroc- 
:.|H^l iMd .line oT 

\vhi< li is li.itteil over by a well- 
< hosfii ciist. 

.MI.sN I l.ii luw i.s keen and sincere 
.i> tlio i;,uiie, and plays with just 
tlie pioper Jieeenf. In the love 
scenes Hhe Is supixnteil by Kr;in<liiit 
Ti'iie. l.injiel l!:iiiym(iro is in line 
letlit' in ii i) ii t wiiieh «loes n^)t pel - 
mit him many opportunities. I'atsy 
Kelly, as the toughie with whom 
I'liulfe leavi's home and who insists 
that the latter stick to her p«)liey. 
conws thrpugh strong in the com- 
<edy bits and makes the mdst of .'a 
trite charaeteiv She is -/ar- tre- 
mendous help. BiJt it is. ■ the en- 
semble effect ,rafhjpr' than the ih- 
divldual work imteh create* the 
result. It's a Jn?M»othiy itowjlhg peir- 
fprmdnii* - and <rtM» that, though 
word of adverlfalilg ahojitld 

uvmi9¥ Ut }m»i: tti^literjllest Vla^^- 


Warner producttoti amd releaae. Ti^r»*<«ia 

by Alan frotilandi naseil on Btory by 
Genf Towno and C. (Jrahum Ilaker. 
Adapted by F. HuKh Herbert, and Krwin 
Oelrar. fUalto* N. T.i WS* AU«. 1. 
Runnlnr Hfn«r ' mlM. 
Illtiy tiii,^,,....,. . Vat O'nrlen 

Joan . .....v«i...r.;..«.ii;«<.OIen(la Farrell 

I'atrlda ....Claire Podd 

Stephen Henry O'Neill 

«avln ........Robert Oleckler 

JUnlua ^..^•f>.....M)>.»**<'ri>P*naia 
McPhall :,...»> .. . . Arthur Vinton 

rIn^eno*:^.,^,,A■i^;^#ii•*.•.;..V:<.,,,ClaTtIlc• Mu*e 
Dun. an ,i«;.-..5%f»»<»»..'.r.;Cl*y Clement 
Tiny . . . . ^r^**-'fi^^^SS^^X!i> 
L«ule . V. . .l^W* "White 

This rates poorly. Obviously, one 
of those bit th« Cliff stories Is re- 
sponsible ift the main. Even with 
such an unimaginative work sheet, 

l>lr««t<0r *><>*«**'''^' should 

have known b^ter than to hav6 let 
some 50 rounds of Hollywood box- 
ing get Into the master print. 
Fight fans who like pictures won't 

be flia; only oni6*«*-if they see this— 

to HoUy- 

wiiSit-iim'M^ with about one, 
and cartalnly hot mora^t^ two 
even earefuHy staged bMlta. . 

But to run four or flv« «« th«m 
into a single feature and to have 
the champ do a buck and wing and 
clown every time he goes into his 

corner «M»*^i >ail!iM?«?:^ 


I'at O'Brien got the job of the 
.aleck. With the right story mate- 
rial and dialog he would have given 
an excellent account of himself. 

Pour nearly full-fledged main 
bouts are staged, during which 
O'Brteh Just laughs and dances. In 
tha ihtiirim he's gone from bottom 
to top: and become Interested In a 
lirealthy and attractive Illustrator 
and Is heglnning to forget about 
the littte Wife who got him the con - 
traetik As the artist Claire tkodd 
shows to advahtage and Glenda 
Farrell is well cast in the role op- 
posite O'Brien. 

Then he finds out his wife has 
been matching him with push- 
overs. He gets bad publicity, quits 
home, and returns only when a 
child is expected. In smooth attune 
with the previous action he has to 
have another fight. This time he Is 
tho set-up. But he wins and the 
sports writers get him reinstated. 

Miniatiire Reviews 

'Handy Andy' (Kox). Typl- 
r;il homey comedy with Will 
UogerN' antlea and wittlciifi^^ 
Easy t>^- V':;.-'';-; '/■'■V 

(Metro), flood writing, actitig 
and dire< tion make money pi« - 
turc of a lightly ptotted story. 
Jean Harlo^w . !:iMldv l!t«Whot 
Tone in ieads; 

'Personality Kid' (WB). 
Mediocre programmer, largely 
due to strictly cuffo yarn. 

/'Elanff and Elait* tparX, 
Mlmar. sU>w-uiDVlng tale ir^^ 
its laughs btmchftd in the fore- 
part and the general Idea 
stymied by miscasting. 

^MiMtrtain ta^y* (U). Wght- 
W'^i th i' "waMwstlc - rOihaAtle 

comedy, overboard on talk and 
under in action and laughs. 
Horton ikH^yiOlim^fla^ 
top .casti ' '''i's-.'; •'" ■■• 

*City Fai4i»^ 'lifciWst^N 
Slow, bromldic and ptbse'Ssed 
oMittle that is b.o. i i 

Camera treats hor kindly an<l the 
voice sounds well. 

. 'Uncertain La»ly' doesn't move 
around very much nor does it pos- 
sess the desired anwunt of action 
even fur a roinantlc light .dt>meHtlfi 
comedy Of near-far^;* iluvor. starts 
out in the ofllce of the huslness wife, 
a busy eiecutlva . husband, 
thiliHing he'a in liiwe with another 

woman. w>ti^8 hf r to atip him a 41? 

voroe,\\>-l.j;. v.,^\.i-;', v'.;'-'-' , 1 ■'■■a: 

B.ilani'o <*f 'the piew sfrti^shiDS 
o\ »'r a weekend -party at th<» home 
of the divuico'threateijed couple. 
Body of the story oorit;erns Itself 
with effDrts of the wife to rec«iver 
her husband. In the end she has 
fallen in love with the man who by 
pre-arrangemetit was f«> put on the 
ol<l love ;i< t In front of the disint<'r- 
ested huliliy. of a novel 
finish Is provided when tlie husband 
and the girl he thought he wanted 
to marry get marooned on a boat 
bound for S»)uth Africa. Char, . 



.Iktndiofi, iiily fi. 

0.aum«inf-nrItlsh T>r"duftlon and relea»*>. 
r>lrcct»!il hy lierthold Vicrtcl. In cast: 
Nova Philhcnm, Mathoa(>n t<ong. I^ytlln 

K4 . antns;.^. fivevlewed -nwef ' |M«riia^ Hies- 

Plot of 'Little Friend' has nothing 
to recommend It In the way of orgl- 
nalHy» »at tfc-ta as nei»t ^^|aiiMtor^ 
proof' as' It :'|>6ii«11U^ Ml^^':^ 
picture. . ■ ' 

Gaumont -British wen t the whole 
hog in the matter of dlr<6ctioh. de- 
tail, atniosphei^e. and' treatment of 
the story, which haa tia ddi with: the 
falling ou( of the ii^n-:tO-do pai«nts 
of a li-year-old child. She adores 
them both and is torn hiBtiir^^n her 
loyalty to her mother. 1»h6 haa be- 
come mteirested in aii actor, and the 


When tm' jli^#. ; fegltis diVoi^^e 
proceedings and m eainpelled ita put 
his owh Child on tM itand tor'^ieitif y 
against her mother^ tha Mttre girl 
deliberately lies to sava heMnather, 
goes home and attempts to coxninlt 
suicide. ' 

All this machine-made story Is 
designed to exploit (!a\iin(»nt-Brit- 
ish's latest star, Nuva I', wlio 
pl.ay.s the child. .She does tliis w ith 
a sincerity that carries absolute 
conviction with it. To those ffimiliar 
with Biifish acting' personnel it will 
at »»ni e be apparent that no ex|)en*sc 
or thouglit was spjired in tlio ca.sting 
.su])port. MallK.son I.ang Is 'l+re 
father, Lydia .slu i wood tlie inotlier, 
Arthur .M.irm t.son the actor, Allan 
Ayne.sworth grandf.ither, Joan t'a- 
dell nurse, Lewis Casson a judi;e 
and Clibb McLailKhlin .a b^l^ler. Also 
there's Jlynmy Ilaiil^y, « Jbloy with 
a persptiality rOpleie #tilb 'l^palHa^ 
neity. r _ ■' 

I)lalog Is strlytpod of banality and 
110 attempt i.s' made at sensational- 
ism in the settings, photography 
aud dfrectiOn> - Jiitit a strarghtaway 
plcfliMj thlit :wHt?i hhvc" aa much ap 
poal in. sAhierlva aa ft wiU in Eng 
land. :^ifWl,:' 

Paramount proiluottoh and ' retearif^. . Di- 
rected by Ullbert I>r«tt. Adapted by Hum- 
plirey I'earson from the staKe play, To the 
Ladiex,' by Geonre S. Kaufman and Marc 
ronnelly. IjOuIs D. l.ljrhton. asfioolatt' pro- 
ducer. William Mell<r. photojr. At the 
Paramount, N. T., week Aug. 3. Kunnin«; 
tlm*. W mtnS. ... 

Blffler Oeeb«. ; . ;^ < ,, ^ .Qeorge Bancroft 
Blate Beebe...j^.... .jihmncea KniiPi- 

Rockj Cott .;.»«;..»*.'..VK69coe, K:irn.s 

John Kincatd. .. .^Oeorffe B.'irUier 

Mrs. S^r» Xiiie«M: . .Neua Walker 
Oeonre SlimMolirk;i..U.v...;..CharIeB Pelloti 
Ma SMmp«onik;^,-.#,,i*.JH*le|*S I'h'll'l* Rvann 

Maniip «•.«•.»♦*»■,>•.'.. ..v.. .Uiith riifford 

[tarlotti AIbi<rt <*<>nti 

Anna Kloycc liiown 

nianche. Vera Ktodman 

Itilby'.«.....*».«^«.*r»^V.. • • • Helfne hyncb- 

Mfltwl. . t... ^w*.. Mitrie wellK 

Xot). . , . .............. • . . . .... ..Tom I>onip!!<-y 

Bvnnn Kcl.lic KaUiT 

aoiltit , . .............. . . i . . . . Uuke York 

Ai..'.v; .. ,ii A>.v*.»«Mi*)rt;>.-«,.wniwa'|ttte 
pt^awa.vV.'. .f * *';■■' f < •^^^•N 

9^1^ the background itritf ' «hariEtc- 
tara contained in 'Elmer and Elsie' 
tha.;Pi;c>d.ucer dusted .oft one. of the 
flrikt Ijtaorge KaUfnian-ifl^ Con- 
nelly ■ collaborations, produced on 
Broadway about 12 years ago. As 
a stages play the fable had 4 Ane 
sense of gusto, laughs that cas 
oaded.'.o.vfr ona another, a satiric 
bita tiii«t{]tldded the foibles of modv 
em business with no punches pulled: 
and the sprightly, hand of Helen 
Hayes to guide the role of Elsie 
Beabe. Screen version of the same 
jscHpt .liiaa Mt Mily removOd movt of 
tha verve, pace and blta, but loaded 
Itself down w^th a couple of ihal 
a)^tt«sMs of nilaoajiiftlng. 

Aa WtneTf <3eorge Bancroft does a 
capable bit of trouptng, but It will 
likely go against the average fan's 
grain to find this two-fisted, sten- 
torian socker so far removed from 
original screen typing. Here he's 
a stumbling, stuttering, thick-witted 
Casper Milquetoast, turning his 
other cheek to tho puny guy and 
the puppet of a wife who harbors 
big ideas for him. It's a charac 
terization that anything but jells. 
Another wcakie instance of role 
designation is that of Frances 
Fuller as Elsie. Hers Is cute stuff, 
but tho solid substance that actu- 
ates the pushitnt and the guiding 
spirit is lackUii!, ' , - 
WhftiavtcVe^MNly jpt^nch tha. pic 

tutti-immiltH-^' cradlt ia'due'rthe 
deft ihaheuyerlng of iRoscoe Karns 
ih tha early part of the narrative 
plus the contributiPn of George Bar 
bier in a role that Is right up his 
alley. Rest of the cast Is pretty 
much of the on and off category. 

Premise upon which this whimsy 
Is founded should tickle the egos of 
tho ni.arried women. Both Bancroft 
an<l Barbier. the former as a truck 
driver and tho latter as the small- 
town piano manufacturer and Ban- 
croft's boss, persist in propounding 
tho philosophy that woman's, place 
is in the kitchen and she should be 
kept from interfering. In business, 
while every successful inova made 
by tho males has th^ f0mme ^finger 
behind It. i Odee. 

Georte It. Iliitchotlir production, ro- 
lenaed tlneUKh Oh<-Kt,»'rilcld. , l>lrectcd by 
nichard •r^orpo. story ay:.Xart' i<r<)wn. 
At Tlvoli, N. v.. on double Mil. AUS. a. 
Uunnintr time, 7r> inlnM. 

U<is« Wentworth Sally Plane 

Colonel Kansome.... .Henry II. Walthall 


ftananme ...^...,<.^i,a-,i.'.:«y«.lla|n Hamilton 
Charlie Htmpet;'. ..^^Johnny Ilarron 
Kank rrcstd^ntr ....... i. . .Claude KinK 

Mula'ie . . . . ... . > , ; . . , . .• , . ', , v • . . . U.wen Ix»e 

Mrs., Rsstfqme; ,.. i ..... . • ^udUli Vaaaelll 

Asur./. . ...... •'»,♦ • f * . .'Wiww*^ ■ JEJemse' 

■ " 

rss^^^i'Mi^* ' '■• *'i-* •■•''■V "ff 

Utile to recommend this. Story 
haa that ridiculously false note 
throughout. I'"ootag«^ Is ovorlong 
and jioorly edited, some of the <'liar- 

acters popping in wMhout ,an in- 
troduc!tionv% ^ >v V 

'Cast '-'.does .the''b«flt''''li.'':cajHi';;tbv 
pell-men direction, lets theni^ mui 
as they please. The diaioii in mPre 
than one sequence is So badly re- 
corded that It rasps unintelligibly. 

Title just comes in for a lni<^f 
referene«>. Three old men are on 
a park bench when a young girl 
comes along, listens to a prostio 
about Jail and (m)d, tries t;o got her> 
self ain^osted and wlAAs; ate the 
charge of the men. 

Henry B; Waltlliall as the Colonel 
is an honest ecientric "whose aim 
in life Immediately becomes that of 
K.avlour for the girl, playeil liy Sally 
Blane. Tlio Colon«'rs ni.iriied son 
and family don't like the ide.a so 
they shut down on the old man's 

This 'ColoneU hOwevoTr turns oilt 
to be 4 mibi arlio cahi Influenco cops 
and dliptrlet attorneys, even; aall 
yoking amtplea cm inairtmOny. 96 
he borrows from' a bank and, with 
his two bench pals, moves Into a 
ibOardmg house, lettihg^ the outcast 
iirl earn her keep by entertaining 
them and cooking their meals. 
, ^Discrepancies are too numerous 


t'niMral produil Inn ami rel<> feat- 
uip.". IMuiird Kvorelt Morton and fivni'vloVe 
Tobin. IXiTrfi'd by Karl Fnuhd. HaHed, 
on pl:iy iiy Marry Srffnll; adnrptatlon, T)nnrel 
KvrinH aii.l M.irtin Hn.wn; ncrpcn play. 
Genrpo o'.N'cil arnl l>)rif .Nndorpon; jiliotnp- 
r.iiih.v. I'li.'irli'H Stiini:ir. At l.rirw'n Now 
York, h.ilf or donble Mil. Two .dnya, July 

Oor i H i i^.f '•; ... « ^ ■.VCSoho v\rvc Tohl h 

M> I .T V.'>>.*«*««4*«k't'«. . ,:. . Uonop C.Milil 

iiruco •«;i'.'.«;M«*.».v.raul Oaviin.iKh 

I'M ith....... Mfity Slti^ 

(!!irrison....*.»»,.i.>.... ••.■Oenrse M'^l*** 

<'i.ri.v j;,»*..t»* • • ro'-i'y T:«tpr*''»i 

(l.-\ri'l.-i. .....i.;.....**.'..'.... PohnlfV ft<'»-d 

Ilullrr MerlxTt Cortlii'M 

,{ioquacious romantic comedy, un- 
liitiMtanl' both '':aiii' '-^o-'-: a^tehco'' 

worth and box oflicc. 
Jlorton plays the sanic Btcreotyped 

part and ytHlt GOineviOva TObIn, 
here scri^enlng hot as wall as usual, 
heads an Otherwise UndlstiHgiiliBhcd 
'aat. ..Hanee. :;aadd' l* ';'.a".':ty'pf' ':iiirhO'' 

(Continued from page 1) 

defend the jpttWiiring mill Mhthst' kp' 

mediate and future attacks. 

For instance. If a, picture: Is black - 

listed fh oiMii aiNM af tar' the i^^ 

Picture Producers and Bistributors 
of America, Inc., (Hays org.) has 
put its st.'imp of approval 
on it, Haysites will den^ind the 
reaSohs for sticli atitton. ; 

Warning, nt this point. Is made 
that another severe llare-up along 
national lines can be Oxpected un- 
less pietur^aistii^^M^ are free from 

From now on, this means for the 
maJors; that It Isn't ao much a naat^ 
t<e* of #hat i»lcttlt#*i may be spor- 
adically blacklisted ia.s It is as 
whether the grounds for flu' pro- 
test are raasOhabla^-' ; 

But Ifi after Investigation, the in- 
dustry is satisfied that it has t.iken 
every procaution for preventing 
objectionable matter from entering 
a disputed litm, and that the pro- 
tests raised are mere Individualistic 
points of view, the public will, have 
to decide wMi<MhiW?ttioilyfitO^Sd.:«^^^ 
church is right. ' ^ : 

; ;;,.;:\,'Cint-l»faiife , ^.verybody' ' 

Itay si tes take the position right 
now that thpy cannot control or 
satisfy ainndlvidiml »i|ifnion! There 
are .some anmn.L,' them wlio ri;;ui( it 
is inevitable that some group some-! 
Where in the tJr. S. ,W g^^^ 
exception to itiipai:iijr every if)i«ture 
released during iii31-8S. 

Directiir.s l,i.>^:l Tluirs.lay li.-icu.d 
to Will Hays' personal n ixirt on the 
currif-fit IlOllyviood sltuatlon-i in the 
mdtn -It cent •'•red on the jiurginr niill 
with Hays' as.>-iii ane. .s tV» "his mem- 
bers that studius jir.' fully co-op- 
erating and that Hio deao-iiiJ is oc- 
ttjaily^inihahdv.'- ■ --''y-.; f. -o- 

: Som6; lnsls,t there Is 'B'o;i»Md m 
for concerted ln<lusfry adverVlftlng 
and th.nt companies can best spread 
themsel vea Jnd Ivld ua l|y on theU- 

(Continued fro«n page ?>— _ 

kmt*'» ..#aii ^ cOii«^iiiM^,,llan^ haa 
acvead to preside over, the sesslonw 

Kieholai(i M, Seheiiek, who has at- 
fnided but one meeting since tlio 
.C. A. started functioning, and, otlier 
^|liFst'.:':'.atriH|t " .cOdlstS' were:' 'irettf^t^-' 

at the saiiia time to hav^ prblnliied 
to be In at'tcrtdnnoe; 

The Insurgent group Is .set to 
also insist that tho Code Authority 
as a iMdy iR«IVe:««^^^ 
ties and formal prooedures t^^^ tha 

doubles showdown. They Want the 
ruling on the doubles test caso 
from Milwaukee to be regarded an(| 

^trtfataft-::.' ias.* ::»vi i i | i ^# s a f-.--at»v :.'tiia' 
nMtt^al doubles prpblein. In oth«r 
words they demand^ that the ('.A., 

instead of waiting for each doubles 
case to come up for individual hear« 

half .' 'a|id:'^;i7ti^g<''',:.t0\'«ohsti4u^^ 
preeedani' :coVa#t>i0.; ' jfl«:u li'ie'a: 
troubles^' ' -iP .-^.^ 

Unless this is done the augies.sorH 
•see where the sales may be delayed 
even liite Into the winter. Virtual- 
ly: eyary isnag in aoning schedulea 
all Over the country is due to 
doubles. By the same token .a de- 
cision, such as they expect on the. 
aiil^ejtkin of resignation, will aMo 
heoessltate all t|ia loning boarda 
redraftihg the|r aohedules. •Phis, 
however, certain of the codlsts fig- 
ure will be a Comparatively easy 
Job to cWan lip once the Code Au-: 
tltorlty has mad<^ Itself clear, awi- th^; 
subject. ■■■ ■■^'■y 

As sentiments now stand in tiM|.' 
Code Authority, four votes — MohO^' 
gram. Allied, I' and thO 
TOCc—arc int, fai-or of, N liAis, per- 
nianeht dtvoroe ifroir:' dOuWeli;. 
wlill<> Par.'inioiint, Kox. Wiirners,, 
.Metro, the Ml'TOA and UK«) aro 
opi)osed, as expressed in their vote; 
on the technicality of liandli|ig i^. 
pc inted reselutioA ' tWo Wefei«a^igife' 
In the prordi»uble ranks, ^ontldenee 
was expressed Mond.ay that the cll- 
niactip . vote is liable to witni'sn 
eltlujr a deadlock or victoryr for 
them.. ■■"^.-■■r:''''v\^'''.''-''V 

Divisional Admittistrator Kol A. 
rtosenbiatt will not be present dur- ' 
ing the first real split recorded by 
the Code Authority. In his place 
W i 1 1 i.i m Fa rn s worth lirttt: filt ' ^^^^^ fw^ 
the. C}overnmei|t^,;.'.,t-- :■ -.V ' ■■ 

With cU^ll w«r Viirltably n in 
its midst, the Code Anithority, di- 
vided over tho dtiuble f«>ature issue, 
is scheduled to fight it out In the 
open;ThHrsda^,a>iiid; at the samett-tlnie 
dttethpt tO: u'viiii^iPl ' compi icat iohs 
now regarded by the^.'hritds of tho 

business an invulvinji' vitals . of the 
indtistr|»/ \^r^e|tt^il^'-^«^l»v^ti)^^ 

NRj^ :/''''■:/■■■<.::;;.': '■ 

The Strohff ilayi platoon In fba^ 
Code Authority Is split, llnivefpni,' 
and Colunvbia, from present indica- 
tions, wiii side wttli Wa^^iiram and 
tho indetttendents, Ilkeiy excluding: 
the MPToA, on the double featttrea 
i.ssue, holding exhibs who twin 
should in no w,ays be pen,'ilix^d Uy 
S<ming.''t)iOafdaC V 

Among the bigger majors who aro 
holding a united front there Is a 
m.'itked- feelint,' that the Code Au- 
thority should take a^les^r 
from now :on lit the adtlVitles of the 
zoning boards and permit the latter 
.a freer rein over their own des- 

To acf^mplish this, Nit A aidaa 
hold,, til . code woutd 

have tO.':!fei yeoi>ened. As they seo 
It, neltteer the zoning boards nor 
the G.A. at present has the richt to 
invoke 'idmlsslons or dtiuble 
featureis; that' such matters are- 
strictly a matter of adjiistmcflt' l>a* 
tween buyer and selUi'. ^ 

Code specialists for majors inters 
pret the N u A formula as em power- ■ 
ing the Eagle to fix syatTaMttty af 
niins according to ndniisslons 
charged. They deny that the boards 
are saying flatly . there shall be no 
twinning.' .■ 

Once dotibles were formally recog- 
nized .as ethical and without pen- 
alty, it is figured fully 75% o' the 
fdoiintry would be diialing^^^^ ' 

In: addition, the C.A. niust 
wrpstl6 to a finish with zoning ap- 
|ii ;ils wlii' !i .111- I hre.'itening- the dis- 
tribution year and block booking. 
Althbugh ei}t«'rt!ilhfjiife'' f^ timo 
the idea of eNpediilng appestls by the ynrlouk 'Chief 
codi.sis. Die committee: given t;'' '"-; 
yesUKato tliis phase Is .. tind<^»too»i: 

*6 ife frow^^ upon it ant^ *** 

advf)^at<^ e of the preserit 
policy of in.iUiiig appcll.ant^^ rohir to 

Xvw Tnl li. 

Adding, to ThjurscUiy'-a grlpf ^ the 
fact thftt tfiW C:Av■ii^^i^^t^dPem>i'^^ 

and Tir ll'c 10' ,' elimiii it loii.<- 

situ.tlioii prc< i|iilate«l by CiiM< il 

Artists' i-r^rMSfttvsever^l-'^iNiiOiitVh Aiafo; 
to recoKiil.-p the k 

f(9?,'cxhlbitorsi; V/^''^'"': '''■■'i'-M:^'-':': 


lATSE Takes Phpcal Of 


local :(ftOO) itt the entiles Intornia-^ 
: ttonnl Alliance of 'Theatrical Stage 
«' KqripIayecH and Moyine. Picture M%- 

^ tody ot the JUi: 1^ 

'l tioii diirinf? the past wock of all 

'. <>tncor»*, including Harry Sherman, 

• tlsiU wbre ^jfeiHlDHrted it* have been 
., m in bytieoi'ire iEk<Q>!iiv:i|Oi^^^. 
ttio I. A., and asked^te.^liirf^-ihvth^t' 
walking itaportt. ^ ^ ^ 

:r ■ ahorrtiAnii ■ ^M^' fcflwl '.not / been 
/ around the 306 office since an I. A. 
» reprosontutive, Vioe-Prosidont Har- 
: Ian liohndon-, was sent in to in- 
/ .VC8ti(;atp cjgt^ditioiut, inler{ial dis- 
''^iiimit^ioiti^^ reBlsn, 
,fit/:<liWfifilrt it is understood. 

'^:^Ji{|i{. iWi^^ not known. 

' on ordor« of 

ii.tNk>i^*/ah«i^l ago,:, when, 

tHii^ (liMtriict attbri^^^^^^ • nta^ed a «uri 

J t^jtlae tald on 306 and l-:mplro Opcr- 
atoTsr Urooklyn, ^ioiisintf records 

i whi.'li. on court ovAi^t/. 'y^9m':.tfO^,^'- 

, ^uently; ^eVurned-^-.^V; : 'y-\'-.',C-'- '•'■''v-" ■ 
MaCrf ■'hoiir -'U. to- :iif^eioi^^ '-it 

';. joH «fhi( h I'.rowno l.s rei)ortod to 

V havo estimated at a private meeting 
during? th© past week may take .six 

^. :;^0ntiiii: pr ntore. in the meantime. 
',Vi0l«ctio|» of officers to replace those 

V i(itflh|if 0''t "ot expected. 

'-''Jl'"^ y llfP!^'^ Expenditures 
•■'"^'kt'liHi closed meetini; which 
. Browno called it Is .said that the 
financial side of 306 .was discussed 
lit longth, wtth flgttirea sho»#|h{^ that 
' . ibr tli« pMt 16 months expenditures 
- ^.ii ti i 'i r arontid f Of this 

i'^^lifllount it is related that around 
ft09,Q09 went to pay off accumu 
lated fii d iito tednese U>^ Sam Kap 
ian regime, ihcluding attorney fees 
and expensM' bf opcn^ilir theatres 
and motor shows, adverti.sinj^, etc., 
incurred by K^plilii in aghtiptg 

Ifii^l' 4[^^iiiMii over kni 

• aboye firhat Kaplan left on being 

: ousted is placed at around $100,000 

' for the 10 months. 

. llolindeu remains in control of 

':^Wiii^- ,thta ■ >>!».'■■' who., waa 

!' ihMrited Into 306 when the I. A. took 
cognizance of the Kaplan troubles 
and ordered him ousted. Sherman. 
«t that tJLme in charge of labor mat- 
♦era iHiirambtinlv wi« urged to 
run as president to succeed Kaplan. 
Anions; Sherman'.s dilllculties, aside 

, from a ICaplan clique in 306 still 
falthf M > .tP., Kapjan and resisting 

, »h««m*ii(ii hliye^beon the Allle<l_ bji-. 

/ ponilioii trouI»hT.«i. 
, Tliis New York clmrtered union 
.iiprung ui» as an alleged company 
VMoii of independent theatre b 

5li«nibdiWit<«iy ikftipif liwnnah had 

ntade a d.-al to end Uie l>aUle Kap- 
lan had with Kmpiro by taking the 
Empire men into 396. He eliml- 
:: jnate^ the much-altgnii^4 pei^lt sys- 
/.tem which haii heeh installed' in 306 
by Kaplan 

Ucports are tliat isherman several 
months ago startoc getting weary 
over .the troubles that confronted 
htm in presiding over ]306 and be- of these conditions. WM re*<^y 
tu walk out. 

HcGrail to Coast, Joel 

John McCirail, assistaiit to ' J. X 

McCarthy \' ' : 'iRtiart':, '■ %<i^ 

code* h^M heeii S^^ to a similar 
job under Joe Breen. McGrail left 
for the Coast Saturday with his 
IfOw: vTorK ' ; post .'.betpilf^ tkur.WBd,\-eFt^^^^^ 
to Joel Swehsopi forriierij^^^ ; 
li'ox. . 

SintuHaheously tester Thompjs^ 
f irst;; ■ !««iifi«ii^^ «v 
turned trom 'im -eittibw^ni^ 
the Coast. ' 

RKO Ogling Par, 
icosa^ in 

WB Invades Town 

^JMdN Jiittlat^ Shorts 
^ ^ Big Push 

;V'':'-'^^.-y''^^^i|i»v!er; city,' Aug^;:«;>''- 
; As libost fof" sinprlo bill.s by Kivins 
more attention to shorts, Metro has 
created special publicity department 
for its brieves; On studio end are 

'tNW^fi* JtcBlirAilite aifid Tom Wright, 

;;.lH^h^Al I'Vlnman in cast. 

Htudio fifoes at it Willi banir, toss- 
ing in taK'Mt. phis all the (ixin's, ex- 
ploitation,; tio-yps, pubhrity and all 
hti ildTiii^. ; :$dV':^ tteb, '^bi^-^'^-ftliil: : 'two- . 

'0)^my.^^'\',.'^% y^-'y --^ 

; ; tM#'i»^ifh*s G(^^^ Movies and 
bfiifis »;\. ilroj^yjh the ballyhoo 
pot. jim .sfiort, 'Stfikt's .Tind .S.i>(ir»;-»,' 
has tie-up With Na;t|onal Bowilni; 
; .•^o<;;.i;at,iohV" 'iiicld'.:. -liiii..; ;'tnjkfnB , 'C •» i<c" 
Jf. B/ibyv hrt« ilb-tip.4 wi>^ 
'.Wieril .,i..r -i mca . p iji 'i- .(pfjnf-Ht.S 
•;jM»d diap<>r iiii;inufat tur<rt H. , v . : 

KKO i.s interested in streiii;tlien- 
ing t.ta operating position in Syra- 
cuaev f < and tb that ehd may 
take over the Paramount ther'e in 
order to pet the "Par product. As 
result of Warner threats to invade 
Syracuse^ RKO is, worrying prin- 
c {piny about picture atippiy. •* " :: 

Georpe, who has been 
operating Syracuse and other up- 
state cities for I'ar for some time, is 
resisting such deal. Kecently he 
waa given a partnership over most 
of them but hot including Syracuse. 

Any invasion of the up-State 
situation l)y WB would mean the 
loss of Warner product to RKO 
therb. Outsldb qt its own (Radio) 
and the WB pictures, RKO has 
nothing but slu its and indies. Par 
plays its own pictures at the Para- 
mount, while Ijoew's in Syracuse 
has the Metro and UA product. 
Schtne Bros, (iodependent). Mw 
liVjx and Uhtvermt supply. ; - ^ 

Syracuse Par shut down July 4 
and no definite date set for its re-^ 

MG Spots May Bobson 

Hollywood, Aug. 

'Old Nest.' Ru|^rt , Hughes yarn, 
Alfhed jiObfit^^^^^^ fbuni ago 

win be remade by i^^^ 
Robson topping. ' 

Metro has i)ouHlit Tiood Rye 
Mr. Chips,' novel by James Hil- 

Code MlmAJfm- M(a^ 

Theatre O wnertiyip jiiid 
Operation Switches Kill 
Early Film Selling Season 
— See No Metropolitan 
Selling Until October 

L A. Cameramai s Uakn 

Sil4^ fl^CKS FIH^ 

Film -sellintj has come to a com- 
pk'le stop in of the metro- 
politan areas throughout the coun- 
try. Distributors have issued or- 
;^e!np Hithiat hb beilihg tb btty exhib^ 
itbi<ii be: attempted lit present in 
such towns as New YOrk, Chicago, 
Kansas City, Milwaukee, Los An- 
geles, St. Louis. In most instances 
the flim exchangeii are sending thbtr 
city; salei^tnen Into; the v coantry , to 
use their tiaib while wslting lor 
city situatiol^';i0.: >'b|fHr |IP V^': 
ficiently. •, ' ':^-'-u->:.:^''i V 

Con^p|i6f^^"''^il(S|^ eetnhg at 
pre"BeHrineans that the hew selling 
season won't get started in towns 
before m.jybe Sept. 15 or October. 
In the past the selling season has 
been in full swijng by .!ji«ili';;^li and 
Aug, 1. In the pj^et yearii there has 
been much talk among distributors 
of delaying the sellinff Hea.son until 
the fall, under the contention that 
summer is a tough time to try to 
sell product, Juat wheii business is 
at its worst. BiJt distributors never 
got around to that delayed selling of tiie fear of competing 
firms jumping in ahead of them. 

This year jthe selling season is 
being del&yed nel^' by any sales pol- 
icy on the part of the distributors 
but because of the chaotic condi- 
tions in towns due to unfinished 
code and zoning business, pending 
Changes in theatre hotdtngi and 
i^imm* switches la bxlifbltibn 
i»o|lcl#sr?:- V '"t^ yi-r-;, ' ,Fr 

In New York the pending theatre 
cliAnges due to negotiations by 
Warners, RKO and Loew's has 
halted New York film selling. With 
the eXchatiiges sii^ sxhll^ tb 
sbitls bn iany^^d^^ until the pro- 
portibhlhg of theatre holdings 
among the circuits is flnally settled. 

Switches in theatre ownership and 
opcratloii Is bbUUntm* lltts Selling 
in Milwatrkee vhbcs ilis^^ and 
habe situations are In a turmbil due 
to cross-fire negotiations Involving 
the Saze, Warners and I<'ox Wesco 

Happy Hour, do*imtOW»"sttb- 

.sequent run house, for Sun- 
day's run of 'Manhattan Melo- 
d rama.' used tt»ls ; i»*W«1»Sl>e' 
display copy :.'-,^' < -^.y"; ':' 

• 'Maiihttttah lilelb^ir^B^^ 
picture John piUinger weht to 
sec the night he>inet hh( death, 
He fared destli;:«S;-'.'Ses,.v>iltJ 
Wyuld you?*' , ! ' 

oently switched his theatres from 
indie operations tb a tie-tin deal 
with Pox and It'ii itikeJy btH«^ *tals 
involving the downtown Wisconsin, 
Pal.ace and CJardon will be made 
shortly. Similar .switches in the- 
atre line-up is holding up St. Louis 
selling where the j^t. iLoiiis Amuse- 
ment Co., which contrblb a flpck of 
theatres, is laying low on noiv deals 
until a final settlement on picture 
and theatre properties is made. 
CM MifH M|K-Up 
In Chicago the Balaban A Kat« 
code i"umpii8 has sent the cItyt 'Salesi' 
men out of town. Nobody knows 
just what the new setup will be anti 
neither exhlbs hor exchanges can 
settle on any; pirotectioo, agreement 
u ntit a dectsipifit frb^bs M : the 

N'ew York code .•vpr)eal board on 
IJ&K's request for addition;il pro- 
tection. Local code Ijoard has ruled 
that last year's clearance system 
continue for the coming season but 
li&K thus far has refust^d tb buy 
product bn that arrangement. And 
until R&K deals are .set it's impos- 
sible to sot indie theatres on 

Another ques^oiih holding up Chi- 
cago's selling season' is the double- 
feature case coming l)efore the code 
board this week. Cieorge (Jehrlng 
for the Rosewood theatre has en- 
tered a protest agalniixiSjli:; inajor 
distributors for their mttsal tb 
sell him double features. Until a 
decision is rendered in . this, case 
there is ,nO' ;tirfty .-fOrJ;|^.;sjcch|i|lg 
to^sell. . ; v' ■. 

Dpublb feature problbmi Whl<5h 
must be answered yes or no, is nlso 
holding up the Los Angeles selling 
season. Everybody is waiting on 
Fox Wesco to decide how . it .>|ill 
bxhibli 'pibtures tliis coming yeiar 
and until Fox decides the distribs 
and other e^thibs will have to set 
bnck and wait. 

Pr otectio n question under the 
code nlllnig to ca^uslhg the haU 
picture marketinig 4bivh In Kansas 
City. Everybody'lrf waiting t6r New 
York to okay a cle.irarif e .srhcdijle 
for that town before the new sales 
b?U»ii|lig--;b#ii.'^«ei 'going, v :' 

■/'■ ^i";-'.'; HollyWood^; Aug/';t, '/ 

Kart atruss iWed action Stfy 
perlor Court last week against In-, 
ternatipnal ph.otographijr.s, Local 
6S9.^' IMfsIN^^ . at^'^T^: 

alrioal 'gftage Kmptoyes. ch.irging 
that the emergency welf.ire fund ot 
the organization, an\cunUng.ta. 
n^^ariy , ||^^(^^^ hb4 ^ l*bi* 'mlsb* 
aiid vmlaappropi'latpd' by oflk '^rs of . 
the union, undi asking for ;ui in- .., 
Junctiph against furthor e.xp.-'ndi- 
.tureS:,TU»tli-<fcs'^b^^ aw ;ao^;.:\'' 

c o u h t llig; of all t r a n ^3a c t i o n s , l&npilt 
disbursements, liabilities and assets 
of the cameramen's union from Aug; 
17, 1932. to date. ' 

The complaint^ gied by Attorney 
A. Rohftid llNitbiu^ la 
Struss* name for a lat^.- |Brbut> of 
top cameramen who wahl to got a 
detailed accounting of the union'* " 
funds, since the start Of the.. lA 
studio strike last sunimci^. ¥#a(dii4f^ 
tion to the union, Howard Hurd, . 
former business roprfsentatlve of ■ 
tho organization, wSS'Sdf^S 4«^sa#» ' i- 
ant .in ths action. . .* 

Chargb ts tnade by Strttsir lfh the- - 
complaint that lai ge sums of money ^ 
have been paid out of tlie emer- 
gency fUhd in violation of the reso* " 
lution tirhlch orlginq.lly established, . 
the fund. Ite aski that the asisocia* :; 
tlon pay into tho court a sum e iual 
to any loss ascertained to have been : 
either, misused or* mtoatl^ 
for d iatribution among the plaintiflC^ ; 
and bther members and credltbfs 
the union in proportions to bb <(b» 
termined by the court. 

Mtltoni MUbhcU, attorney for thS 
union, stated he wbiild flle a de* 
murrer to the complaint the end of ^ 
tills week. Jie declared the com- 
plaint dbes ; not state a cause of . ' 
abtlbh, a^ni^ tilrin^ 

party to bring any vctlon of: that : 
nature against the union, as he had . ' 
not been a member in ga^'S^tldt^r^ ' 
since July of last year; '^'^/v ^ 


N0 Hope for Normalcf 

Zoning Schedules Get 

Until Ndrember When 
Straightened Out — Sales 

The NRA reports that as the re- 
sult of Kagte zoning difUcuUles the 
policy of block booking fs Virtualfy 

suMpehdbd In tsirtflb 

ing an aggregate of 35% of TT. S. 
film sales In such area.s, tlie Kagle 

reports, . the average exhibitor In- 
stead of signing for Complete 1 934- 
3^: li^-MpH buying .on, a piece- 
lirisat %alrtt in f»i>M' ition 

liittie ho|>f that n >iiii>tl(-y will re- 
turn until Lite in the fall, posKlbly 

hot until No.v^.''r, y wh<?jn . jsoning 

s'r'iirh! ■!:(■. I out i-i lif'l 1 It\- ttir. 
NftA. Wli<.',|her the |>i>,sfril litiiyr- 

gency situation tying »ip sale.i in 
the reported territories will estah- a precedent eventually meaning 
the death blow of bi0;ck aeliinf iii^- 
thains tb be seen. Ill NItA film 
circles, however, it Is rogardcl a.s 
the most formidable wedge ever 
cleaVed; Into tliib blbck^ 
Wertv it npt that thi C . j.. An - 

thbrity i;lj||hpbd (Ibwn on ronipg by 
ruiing jufy 4 aM^^^^^ protest <}^1dl^n^ 
the entire country fight now wmM 
h ive k booking li itiistruiu; f it- 
pos.sitdy the crilir*' sale.s yeir. .'fUA 
|ouderJi,^ybf4ervir»g, this, not»» th-tt t he 
i^<^«ii|lttg«i«^^ of th6 rentkt .coUnt ry 
l)V li''iti>; on ilili- f.i : 'r- 
i^4undHiri(-H now unlii siost. Vye^iii; 

.should provo le.s4 of- a handicap to 

The seasofi is too early, they ob- 

-i'-t ve. to rec )r'l whether or not tlw of the country will bo inllu- 
tincbd: against the block by what 
ha;pi;»<^ns In the tled-'Up brciis. t'hb 
genc'raT sitUatlohi pttis the church 
trouble. Is f<>i< iiu'. sal.-.s. from all 
pre.sent indications. iJito their latest 
season' in .'hlstorjr.' :^ '.'■' ■ 

Tho f.icl th it iinjiir cirt uits are 
apiiarently conducting their picture 
<iea1» on' Schedule tlmp Is not re- 
■ii!^r<$^^- !li^]^tiif:tion ■ jifib^alcy to 
thos»i '«firea"' fairly farAlfter with the 
/■itiing niud il'v ' ■' > : 

In NRA .f irciefli maj.»l?4,*re'l being 
liri v;it<P}y 'charged : liviVh' haying 
'\ i\t\K-<{ t b..iti.scl Vf.-; in tii". pro«erit 
bio. k compile itions by haying ex^ 
.••r';lAeii' su<:h e.tuition . in water|irr>of-- 
111,^ «ofT-lng-. i*hpy ■ WrfH^^ thel r f> w d 
I i/ 'ihd they C'ln t make tlr- liloe 
liijle Hi" go (lo.v, t' ' ortWbit-. to 
.Ni t A.. ,ol^l«j.t.t^l:.;^,utjri»':n in- '.. . ."'. 

Vigilantes Chase Russ 

Portland, Ore., Aug 9. 

Deelaring they were r» pr(>.s('iitirtg' 
the citizens of Drenon and the Unit* 
ed States, 15 mc-n entered. «! grib# • 
' hoU'jse.V ' in v Ora.nj'tS''' '''f^lbs^ ' ' . 'iim,\ 
bi-oke UP the shbvirjthg bt ;| J^^^ 
made pic, •Itoadl to Life * ' Plo Wa4 
l)eing exhibited by A. .Tohii.s .n ind 
f'lifC Could, who were notiflfd to 
leave town within 12 hburs; /^hfy 
decide^ tb -do that. 
OGoutd 1^ a stK'ck-fi 

oh the Sovi"t method of ci imc fire- 
vention as part of the sliow. Vigl- 
I.intes didn't like iiis i'b- i. of t hings 
and told the two that C<rant44 Pass : 
wan t^sheslthy. 

W« CiTBIdg. 

I><'nv<*r. Aui; <J. 
Publl* bull'lmg two ili -tt, ts in 
tb<!". A n'-w one in I*U',;bloik 
l,30.() jjeats, under conwtruction.' 

ohe Culoradb Springs; i.jrsib seats^ 

*!?HVl»b started after Labor Day on 
the Aite of the present Itialto, which 
I'ubllx bought from the own-r of 
the building. $50,000 Will be sponjt 
in Pueblo. nia.lto, Inc,, with J. 
i<Hnske, J. ;H. Cooper an<i W, Bt, 
.Shu ttee i»si : directrir!*; h.i m iieca 
formc'l to handle I'lnb! o hopisc^, 
Ilegal Th eaters, :,witli l''insh,c^ 

itobcris '::'m4,'.- '•^-Awrba:. j^kter'- "ptir. 

rectors. ' ■ ; . ■ : ■ hlMii^^: "l^^^&tiii^^^ 
.Sprri ng.s ''tt-vr^;-\/Mtr^irb^/cortbPct!^ 

with t b" :'t»uwiif-j jt-^^ %»;»iKjr*v,i»airii 

'ifi .ship.- . ' . ; 

l^ilbl^l^ :ifr iny^1^ii»^ng I htJtbbf^r 
■J >r( »^ti*'J!i. : ;l|i,,: thbi>sirta tXf ; ' ■fij.iJO^ w«m> 
>pf>^r on vV»h^ elf|nij^ir>itit for 

rti if')tj( •. I.'br>v, .^-^ it.^; diMpfv-- ■ etf,*., 
on .sift iiii,; (;r"elfv.'':in<t f7.fiO<J 
Ay|ll b - ,i>.'i.' » . i;:'it.'jor|f'| the A.v**lb 

Cii^ih.d ■ .J)jiK^'if!j>ifi,;',i''.c:::c: V • ;'■■'■,-■;;■' '.'.■'■■'■■;..'; 



lny, AuguM 7, l<i34 


Byerjr thing's on the J)out on tho 

lUK show, with the cik iiiiiK 'Study 
: in BIac'H' numbi-r (prixlucoil by 
il^ion tdiionidofr, tliiM^ography by 

Florence Rokkp) lal»ellr.l as hi iriK In 

honor of the Dancing Masters of 
America, now in their 51st annual 
convention in New York. The. danc- 
uiK masterw must have 'HMHlHlcM 
the rest of the show, too. 

No comedy, some Binginp, but 
inostly dancinKi which mado Itay 
and Buhshine, nee the HudRon Won- 
ders, ojpportunltiea with their nov- 

, elty contortive-acro-terplngr stand 
out so much more. TJjiey're also 
yij|ranthetlcally difltingulshed, being 

: MiMiitloned «a the Xopmer »fnra of the 
f^«B B^fitmre. SsfKi in the Paris 
f«vu» flv* years airoi the then 
ybiintrsteirs are now attractive youn£: 
Mfftes with 4 verMitite assortmeiit of 
twrp (ttoka that^ows;^^^^^ 
It if tjMk to their lot to b« aorthliifr 

, ) ■ <iiirrj»nt . iir^duetidtt. ■ v^/ ■M;^ 
The l«9-inln4 *World M«vM 0*' 

:u^-ttiomi - feature neeesi^tatfil soirie 
: «ll«Kt stage hooverisattonj, /which is 
}URt as well. It's still a fdnttuta 
presentatloni, save this week the 
/Study in Black' number Is spUt lip 
from the ensuins presentation by 
the newsreel. Heretofore It's all 
run together, with the news right 
after tho overture. Von Suppe's 
■Light Cav.nlry' is the Erno Rapce 
starter- offer. Nina Whitney is pre- 
miere bal'.erina In 'Black,' which 
conimands numerical attention as 
the comlilned personnel of the bal- 
let corps and Rockettes, 64 young 
women in all, flank tho stage in 
some impressive formations. 

'Sunshine Land' is a bally for Cal- 
ifornia via Robert Weede and Mar- 
garet Daum's warhling of 'Neath 
Sun-Ki.ssed Skies.' This is preceded 
by a Mexican flash, Weede singing 
the 'La Golondrina' opener, with 
iiaya Keene heading the ballet. 
Then Daum-Weede and Ray-Sun- 
•hine. UsuM Rockettes' finale. 
J m J^ Wehing ytli fct; ^AlfP' 

^^^^ N. Y. 

, Ai>|iarent]|y they're sold the 
^,'i')itiii0:-t^ to-'back'ii' 
; ll^^ film at the Capitol, for the 
vilietttre Is a self- seller and yet the 
■■■.iifmtPB -^thcm^ iias sdme good names 
,.>lrtllch are worked Into a pleasant if 
; liet a great ahpw. with MUls jpfltie 
lihytNoi 'Band< (Mit «t tik#^^^^ 
Club revue, as an additional fea- 
ture and Bob Hope and t^if ^at 
ftooheys for it buildup. 

The band works on the stage, 
with the regular house orchestra 
in the pit. They open the show with 
a nine-minute session with Lucky 
Millander shaking the stick. His 
•xagger.ated direction seem to 
please the crowd here and the band 
surely did, with one soft and sweet 
and one hot and heavy. The audi- 
ence cou'id have taken more, but it 
was closed in and Bob Hope popped 
out before they realized there 
.Svasn't any more. 
I . . vHope runs through the show as 
A: somewhat labored m.c. with his 
' ^ Shot next to last. He has a 
irttghtiy Changed version of the sea- 
itull gag, but it's been around 
i;_.*early three years now. Got the 
anticipatory laugh here, which. 
sho««4 thay «ll knew it. Bla 
•Iroagist hit wa# made l»r proxy 
through iMtorMr Reed, a mike 
•inger irltli a rteh toloe. Sua vould 
to belter apottedf with a toM and 

Kba.biy would fnake It a go on 
<mn. IShe did ^y* ll«i To- 
night' and 'String Along with Tou' 
with Hope in the second for com- 
edy. It's all right, since It's his 
act, but the audience wanted more 
from the girI,.^iHM. ^l^tA: ^ W^Hd 
not get it. 

Hope uses his regular qxiar- 
tet of stooges in the same old rou- 
tine. He did not do better than 
fair. He is better when he does 

not haye to ' Ji^ tt* <N*«l»'t las* 

Tho two Rooneys had second 
spotting to holtl tl^f^m as far an po.s- 
slblo from the Harri.son-Fisher 
finale. Same old act and the same 
•Id hit, but the Hale girl.s were on 
for tho finish in striped men's suits 
to get the last milk out of the 
'Rosle-O'Grady' waltz clog, without 
the clog!*. Sound hit all the Way. 
l^t the act is too long on a show 
Irhlph runs 72 minutes. 
; Tbfl Tbree Swif |a op«n with tMeir 
•tabi l«i|ling. witli tto coniMy #et - 
fiiag aOv«¥ nifflt. t.f> i^it« of the fact 
ttoy IMM: to , work away frMn the 
ihlkev. Tw famoml^ tarrl^^ the 
''.a6t ■:-;over..'-:fe--' '4|MiN|i:;'.wlio :, iqi^U ■ pot 
Kiti/th«''llne<f;': :>; ■:::yy.:-''y:.:-': ■■ . 
■ HftlO 6irUi l^o twir Mt* m Mix- 
tion to hflriing ftoOhey. Thodpeiier 
is a wriflrgic witiv the girls Weirlhg 
feather fans on their trunks. Cos- 
tumes are pretty mu( h Minsky and 
HO arc tlio movements, but the cos- 
tuming is gorgeous and ttie light 
effects unusunlly good. For the 
■finish tlie douiilc doz<n wear cos- 
tumes in imit.Tlion of Mi.^s Har- 
risoji in tlif^ dnnf act. long, flow- 
ing robes with a split skirt and 
/lhaded grc< n j-n the left side from 
i^oulder to slines. 
. : Harrison and l<'isher .-ilso Jn white, 
l^llwd with yHloAV and purple. So 
ftur aw.the owdloncc's understanding 

call«<l tin (irt-«n Coin l>anie in- 
Btead of I'ansc Modem, liut It's 
yreut siKht stuff and Miss lliirrlbon 
really does a little dnnt ioK- ()v«'r 
nicely in spite of tiie fact they h.ive 
played every step on l^nadway 
over and over agam. The lighting 
was unusual. 

I'-ilm, '(Sirl from Missouri' (Metro), 
tho newsreel and .thip trailer the 
only Aim features in spite of the 
two andf a half hour show. Husi- 
neM very< jrp^ but not tafcintf the 
tapes. ■' -VhHk-" • 

ROXY, N. Y. 

The Roxy is in for a happy ses- 
sion again. "Will Rogers in 'Handy 
Andy' (Fox) was dragging 'em in 
opening day to such a healthy clip 
that iopes were up for the final 
show. The management didn't 
bother much with the stage 4how. 

At that It's not too ba^ a gotilash, 

as those things go at the Roxy. It's 

trimmed down to 60 minutes, which 
is mighty short In this here the- 
atre. But even so house manages 
to let every thtiiig have a padded ap- 
peitraneA Thore's only one set, a 
heavy MMit scelle with the band on 
ahi upper 4<t<;k anil the proceedings 

OfiBiai with the Honey Family. 
exCoUeut tumblers and apirlngboard 
work«i!«i. . Wesley E3ddy bows in 
heri for ik ^itkrk introduction of the 
next number, Pour Gobs. Colored 
quartet sings and dances, doing a 
bit too much of both. Boys arc 
clever and ^capable but wear out 
their .w«}0(|iii;v|V.:lllWAptfMi|^ 
more. " " 

There's a production number 
next: one of those mermaid thiiiga. 
A curtain is let down In front of the 
set for the purpose and the stage 
dimmed, which does away with the 
need for another set or drop. Gae 
Fester girls, of course, are the mer- 
maids. They writhe around a bit, 
then prance around In an old fash- 
ioned but sulflciently colorful man- 
ner. From offstage the line of boys, 
eight, sing the melody and not too 

It's a natural froin there for 
Wesley Eddy to go into Handalay^' 
which he does, the male chorus 
coming on stage to join him for the 
chorus and tO continue for one 
number on tkeir own. 
.A) Vordit who used to be part of 
<}oiNiia Md Vordi. to next. He'« 
fatter than he used to to^»'but hii 
act ii jUst aa f unnyv- Samet act as 
ho haa done for, ic. 'these many 
yearsi except that Thelma .ljee how 
does straight fOr him. Besides 
Addling she fctas a nice voice. 

Lino is back for a very cute 
pirate number, which ends by 
bringing on Alyce Cerf, a fast acro- 
batic dancer. And that's the end 
of the stage show. 

There's a newsreel, a Mickey 
Mouse and a two-reeler to fill in, 
so that the customers can get their 
money's worth. Mmtf* 


Madrid, July 2^. 

Vaiideville Is staging a comeback 
in Madrid. Maestro Jacinto tSuer- 
ren< and Junnlto Carcello get the 
credit for converting tho Coliseum 
into the biggest moneymaking 
house— legit or pic— in town, despite 
the fact that it lacks a cooling sys- 
tem and the summer heat is nick- 
ing theatre biz generally. 

auerrerb and Carcelle don't seem 
to to put^t out much eotn for 
fkeir Acts, with tto eSofPtion of one 
Or two headliiiors. Thts week's 
show is. staiirliiar Ri^q(ilei Iteyer (it'ti 
spelled lloltor i^wiii*^^^^^ In » 
cometoek, iiia.OplM> ltiiO»Nte 'em 
dead In hier liitifpiiNitailon* 
Ish soaga At the OMmrflMrliouse 
was a sellout and ltii|vl«i Jlito 
back (Ml her friends, : 

Show ran two hoiirs and 40 min- 
utes, including a Ifr miauto inter* 
mission. First half of program Is 
devoted to lots of dancing and sing- 
ing acts and second half restricted 
entirely to Juan Garciji band and 
La Meller. Garcia and band got 
big hand, too. 

Guerrero and Carcelle could do a 
lot of good by having a real pro- 
gram printed if they won't go for 
an m.c, so that the customers can 
know who Is performing. Present 
program ll.><ts names wildly and it's 
anybody's . guess as to who's who 
unless-; '}liimr-$>»VPt^-^ ' tto 

acts.- '■ I';:'.-/--..- " 

Biun peasant song ahd ^irloca!' WJ 
something different. ThOto a*nd 
tho songstress across decistyelyi 
but why that funny danolnf fOing 
off after each number? 

I{os.s and Kdwards are doing the 
Kiinie a< t, mucli of wliich i.s get- 
ting tirc.'ifinie. That dancin.i; stooge 
Is now the nmst interesting c<m- 
tributinn. It's about time that Uoss 
and I'Mwards got some new talk 
and sometiiing to take tlve place of 
that hand-rubl)ing-face business as 
gesture of going mad over cock- 
eyed English accent and mispro- 

No. 2 liolds Freddie Craig, Jr., 
blackboard calculator, who writes 
backward, adds upside down, etc., 
with amazing audience results. A 
fine little ahowman, Craig might 
drop tlwi ''OI>iC>Mng gag in 'one,' 
whicli iiMMit anyone would figure 
isn't *iiNr^ botherink . about. 
, J^Cait^MMi Internationalists, open- 
ln$t wdn tumMlnir ai^d teeter- 
board roittlnfiSt on MltMKli minutes, 
but withbiit tto^ repofitloli tho run- 
ning timei w^iiHl to atoiit four. 


Chicago, Aug, S. 
Balaban and Ka^ tos apparently 

decided that a theatre as big as the 
Oriental might luaye a totter chance 
for a atettlifiKr show 

by eliminating many of the talking 
acts and relying more on straight 
isigiii Ontei^talhinont. Less use of 

the microphone seems to reduce the 
feeling of vastness one gets, no 
matter wkerf to Mts la tlio theatre. 

There wasn't a ainile aot .that 
only talked at the audleiiee. All 
danced, sang or did some panto- 
mime clowning, getting laughs with 
direct business. King's Jesters did 
it with their comedy warbling. Hap 
Hazard did it in his naturally funny 
way of keeping up a flow of chat- 
ter while performing. Then there 
was the top clowning of Lorraine 
and Digsby wabbly dancing, get- 
ting laughs and applause that gags 
haven't been mOH to; dt^iNr tore in 
some time. 

Marcolle Williams and Coinp«,ny 
opened with five minutes of body 
tossing, which looked good. It was 
straight sight, so that i^vch those 
back in the tolcony couldn't hiisa 
any of the turns. Kiriig's Jesters 
followed with ttoir humorous 
cro<^ihg, drawing some oxtra ap- 
proval f oiP their 151d Toil Ever' Se« 
a Dream Walkiiiir?' 

Hap Tfa7.ird did his regular mix- 
ture of tiprht rope stimts and gags. 
Rut the Iloosler lad didn't have to 
be heard to be laughed at because 
he and hi?? femmjO partner go over 
well witlumt that. 

Starting with the Four Frank:--, 
there followed some speed leg toss- 
ing and tap dancing that woupd up 
only with tto ctto^^|P#'t<orfiato 
and Digsby. ^■-•■■;:v, yi^-'/: 

Ted COoke revue in . tto ek>slni» 
session tod f^e : two colored tap 
dancera, t)aim)!f'. Ul^ lEddie, th« line 
of girls in a witt^rfly dan<*f. Whlfh 
was only fatrt aiid tiorrflino and 
Digsby. Danny tiiadc a hit With 
his smooth tap dahclilg \yhile skip- 
ping a rope. And Ijorraine and 
Digsby made the customers uppjauil 
and lauKli fo mui Ii that tto wbow 
rios-od with a real |>imclii 

rirtrn-e 'S.ndie McKee' <.\1(;M) 
autl business was gooii at the sec - 
OHd ; stoW.., . . s .'li^K^v 

Such is the oliange thiM liito coihc 
over this theatre and the institution 
of vaudeville In the past several 
years that, without intentional sar- 
casm, the reaction of a professional 
vaudeville-goer to a good bill Is one 
that can only be expressed in terms 
of pleased but incredulous surprise. 

There was a lot on the w»>rking 
side of the footllght pan Friday 
night. More than on tho relaxing 
side, for busfneea disclosed the 
charactoristic vweaacles In the last 
10 rows. - Soriea toldf tnox'i ^rand 
Canary.' :■:'.■>.■> 

Tho flyo; Mtdeesslve pleasers that 
totalled into a bill ca pabl e of gen- 
erating surprlso ran,; Pletiser tiom- 
ber one: Madia and Ray, Mui engag- 
ing young maa and a fef&hing miss 
who tovo Ideaii, a ligl^ comedy flair, 
and unusual aight stunts. This Is 
good tittdevlllo. |i^ stylo alt tow 
style.- ■ ' ' ■ : .-S^ 

Plcaser number twO: Benny Ross 
trim ljl__HJ&lte and Maxine Stone, 
sloppy (intentionally) in lackadaisi- 
cal afeylt. Nothing new, but familiar 
ingredjients nicely dished. 

Pleaser number three: Buster 
Shaver, graduate of many a long 
route, who .successively improves 
upon his offerings embracing two 
smart midgets, Olive and George. 
Into a revue, simple In outline. 
Shaver, the showman, has routined 
a load of nifty pop entertainment. 
His newest Is stronger, more com- 
bustible than the previous ones. A 
gem of creative Imagination is his 
own dance numtor WHH tM dlmln- 
utive cutie. 

Pleaser number four: Al Norman, 
a comedian who has captured the 
essence of modern humor notions, 
is supported by two lads planted in 
the audience. Between them, and 
despite any sneers at sonto of the 
material, the act tooto IMiiiiHlent 
from expiring. 

Pleaser number five: El- Chlco 
Revue (New Acts), a flash act from 
the Spanish vinyards, authentic in 

nvf^ $94f ff^o^ tto Jp**"!'^'" 


"With tto house on Its last week 
as a purveyor 6f stage pito picture 
entertSilanient, no efrort has toon 
made to extend itpetf in laylhg out 
tto icurrent bllL It'a one of those 
nice little mixtures; lirlth the danc - 
ing and Warbling specialties capable 
enouah' at holding the attention, the 
scenic and lighting background 
compounded of sparing but ef- 
fective elements and the house line 
of girls doing yocman duty at pad- 
ding out the hour. Publix's I?r<>rtd- 
way deluxer goes straight pictures 
I week from this Friday (Ifi). 

Fridiiy's supper show found the 
auditorium scantily filled, but tlie 
customers quick to react nt)isily to 
anything they liked. Coming wittiin 
the shower of their p.ilm handouts 
were the Carr l?ros., hand-to-hand 
equilbrists, who combined un<'om- 
mon skill with a lil)eral sprinkling 
of knockabout comedy; Darlene 
Walters, an acrobatic stepper wlio's 
as sensitive to rhythm as she lim- 
ber limbls, and Pal)lo, a smooth' lad 
nl sleight-of-hand, whether it has 
to do with play cai#lr ''Minted clg- 
areta or whatnot. 

Presentation depends for the 
warbling interludes of tho R.idio 
A^es; four young fellows who use a 
mike. They Interlude their mixed 
tormonies wllh impersonations. 
The audietoe prefwnrtd- the mixing 
to the .tnipersonia<lo«i4 Another 
terpsy specialist wuh Uia; atoW is 
Emily Van Loseiiv tUirm l» » fast 
bit of tto rhythm. It scored amply 
with'*thla gattorlttg. 

TSUnvr and Elslo': (Par); .the fea« 
tore. : €ln*e. 

Bill of atove averagement enter- 
tainment value occupies the stage 
here with 'Maii of two Faoes' ( WB) 
as Mi^en company. BMhv G 
Robinson fllck«r tos Al Trahan an d 
Qertrude Klesen as drawing accom 
plices, but not much business in 
evidence Friday night. 

Stage part of the show eotild 
stand shortening for better results, 
having run 88 minutes Friday eve 
ning on the first show. In all of 
the six acts a little tightening could 
be desired. This goes for the 
optner, Mangean's Internationalists 
which includes repetitious tricks, 
down to the closer, Grace Du F.aye 
and Co. (New Acts) a flash that is 
generally fast but would find It adr 
vantageous to trim 

Tlie Du Faye flash took 14 min- 
utes Friday night, but is more com 
pact on its entertainment than 
most of its type. Miss Du Faye 
could cut down her .second number, 
a novelty acrobatic, and have her 
girl trio chisel a minute Or to off 
their first ctollepge. 

Trahan wto bli l* minutes, whit ii 
naturally ttotos sbm* repotltion, 
iiictildlnv a tofef tto foots 
af tef tto witotlihg scquetoe with 

* billed^ nof men 

tlf^n^d; by oitto^C'iiwmo. Twhan pui 
Ito; TCOmi^ ' tonch . Into the show, 
to fhlffht to «X|>«**W' A . vers^tUe 
ontcriiirier, but to'« bverdoinir the 
clowhinfr and hoke a little toip much 
-now. - 

Spotted fifth. Gertrude Niesen 
ai)pear8 between the Iloss and Kd- 
u.-xrds comedy a< t and Trahan. ^he 
is «loing n cou!>lc songs that fall faj 
;lio»t of being fier Ixst. House in 
Harlem' and 'I>rrams in Moonlif.'bf .' 
On tho first the orchestra, was too 



Goinedy; dancing, singing and 
novelty , combine on the current 
stow (Hirst half) to provide an 

hoj^a/^to dly^rfion ttot's tops. 

^5?i^8&"lfilcS?COlSc^ho has 
bee^ ominig along rapidly of late 
wlti lilni stortii helping him con- 
siderably; headllnea And the good, 
old Reliable btackfh,ce team of Glenn 
and Jenkins is ttore for laugh sup- 
port. Vincent .0'l>onncll, boyish 
tenor, supplies the demands for 
song, while the opening act. Lillian 
St.; l.eon, dishes out the novelty in- 
gredients. It also Includes some 
comedy, while in the closing notch 
there's a smart dance flash, Jeanne 
Deveroux and Co. (New Acts.) 

They don't come much better than 
the Deveroux act. It's a five-people 
flash with just a bit of singing, for 
which a novelty dancer doul)les 
This dancer. Danny Klmore, is .aces 
in two numlters, while Miss Deve- 
roux rates the same in her of 
toe spe cialties. Trio of Fay, Tucker 
and Johnson also on twice, in both 
cases with strong routines. 

Retween Uliie and the Glenn- 
Jenkins pair the show is pnrti<'U- 
larly weighty on laughs. Oddly 
enough, it w<nild have been a ques- 
tion of tossing a coin to decide 
which turn most merited the envl- 
aljle next-to-closing iiosition, since 
both, at the S.Tt. mat. were about 
even on reception. In 
neither case, with the proceedings 
nearly stopped, did the acts venture 
.in encf)re. 

I?lue is doinK the same tufn he 
previously had in vaude when 
caught for VARtBTY's New Act flies. 
A clever entertainer, he has Im- 
(•roved in the last year or so, if 
anything. r.nes a girl, Ah Orb- 
smacker, as before, but does tirtt give 
lier billing, • ■ , 

Glenn and: J^^ins ! did 16 min- 
utes. Itlue l.*; rillCtjrdny. Jijst about 
ri'rht in each eas#». 

No. 2 act, Q'Ddnncll, suffprs 
slightly fr<MM;an obviovii' .eftoH to 
nppiear . moN toylsh' thiih h« M, An 
well ais froiirt a- ih^latrieal manner of 


ctmvtfi ' y. O ' Wmri i ivii is miu uf ^iio. - ^*' 
fellows who l^ns a hanaiterehief in 
ills hapdj* .thw»Vlgiu>tit. t;o have f<oMie- 
<; :r;n«.t* :dO. It finally becf>mes very 
ho;').^»hle-, The Voire Is swell anil 
tbr d\':tfont cJicelient. 

'Tir/' HtV liieon turn de- 
velops its lau'.,'Iis by h.'iving pl.ints 
mount the stage to get a coui*le of 
le.s.sons in circus riding 'IMiey use 
three boys .hkI oveulo the ide.i a 

i'irture is M.ii. Witii 'I'wo Faces' 


ix>wei n<^<)| of houdc was levx than 
^f.tliWd-llllWf .Wtoa':,ca«« h(..^ 

(EM9A8SV); ' : 

. ,iB*ceptlonally newsy program,- 
considerinc tto poosonu Ahd aUuwing 
for the fi^cit jf!Mt <|tllt« a f ^w of the 
dipt are aid view.s legitimately 
given a new reportorial i^Iant. 

Instead of grouping the liinden- 
burg subjects untler one bend, the 
I5mh managom«'nt let I'athe and 
Paramount both intn>dueo library 
material under Aepurate lea<i titles. 

Hpusi did same tiling with poii- 
futo» . '1^ more apparont 

dupUcatlOn; UniVerfii), toVing. «vei^ 
thi^ shown by HtoiNrt. ei(Oept that 
U':^m^^'^. bier'' and.'';'got^a ' 8.eml<^'' 
Oltoe^li Of tto dead chancellor, also. 

Patho Isn't satisfied with Its war 
remembrances. It's out polling veg-^ 
stable men and housewives with the 
question, if war starts in Burupe, 
what should we do? And the first 
batch of answers are tinanimouSly, 
Nothing. , 

This is foll«)we«l up by a talk frorn 
Colonel House of the Wilsonion era. 
And House Just sees no war In pros- 

Hearst got an excellent cliiu'ucter. 
study of King (Jeorge de<1icati|l9 ffMi;. 
new Liverpool tunnel. 

Few i)eople in ti»e I'ast could take 
the midwest drouglit .seriously jf 
they founded their oi)ini«)n vn what 
newsreels have been exhibiting. 
Tills week, Imwever. thing" took a 
turn for the factual. I'ar not only 
.shows a farmer crumpling a corn- 
stalk Into dust, t>ut tonK^attle and 
steer skeictOto' ■!,1l>i|ro»IOd ::::-bvOr' 

Forest lire in Culiforni.a was cov- 
ered realistically by U, and Paf 
made an equa,l!gf gjOOd . J^b^o 
Japanese flood. - ■ 

Other subjects, in addition to 
magazine 'as8oi>tment ; Nevada court ' 
and judge figuring in. Ba|l divorce; 
burned litor: ^ iOentisiMi^V-Amtiiiean''- 
cait«^lhMdi«i coif Ifeif 
girl ^ av%tQ9i ■■• AU».fl«lipoltS".-'' ■ 
martial »#. ■ ; H:>':H*i;-W«l|fc;-'::- 

With the bill compi'>!-ing only 
three other acts it's left to T^illy 
House and his <'onu'(ly «ltn'ic«.s to 
make a sm;ill pa( kage go a h;ng 
way. As far as the Saturd.iy mali- 
ness concerned the task proved 
nf>ne too e;isy one for liirn. lU^use 
uiiliml>-.Hed a cute .idea for the 
opening and ch)sing of the tituge 
event and with it garnered lots of 
laughs, but when the assignment, 
called for keeping 'em gay totween . 
the other turns tto portly fellow' 
found the going frequently listloea 
and dull. Most of the blaokouts 
suifered. tot only froin paddinf tolt 
from a fttcdc bf punch gaigUtoi^ 

All three of the other acts rama 
in for litoral treatment from a con- 
gregation that filled but a small 
portion of the available chairs. , 
Pete, I'eaches and Duke di.shed out 
a brand «)f precision tapping that 
tickled both the eye and the ear. 
Sibyl lUiwan showed them some- 
thing different In the way of screen 
name Impersonations by putting the 
Gloria Swanson takeoff through an 
acrobatic d.ance and using a stoogo 
to clarify the Shakespeare angle Itt- . 
eluded in the Mae West burlesquery. 
Lester Cole and his troupe Of mav» 
choristers accounted for a heat to* 
aoitmeht of harmony, culling theit 
retortoire firom ^ collegiate as wOll 
to cowtoy song- folios. Cole's is a 
(M^^ tolanced and confected set 
orwrangemeiit. Costuming and the 
stage dressing go a long way tow- 
ard helping sell the act. ' '^./'-h^:^ 

Topping the screen f;»re is 
Old Fashioned Way' (Far), 


Chicago, A UK. fi ' 
It is diiru-ult to understand tl»« 
reasoning l)eliin(l certain booking 
into this theatre. Against all li^g- 
ical indications, the liookers ot tho 
local HKO pride insist op. fcpotting 
attr.ictions wiiich mUsf 'iCertaJhiy 
hurt instead fif help. 

Tliey are spending |»;..M)0 this 
week to bring in Ted Fio-itilo and 
the orchestra, beyond <iuesti.,n n. 
powerful box-< nice .-itlractiim. This 
booking was made several weeks' 
ago, so there can be no excuse fof* : 
tlie sloppy booking which preceded 
it and. which Is hurting the Flo-liito 
possibilities. Knowing that I^IO» - 
Itito was due In this hoUse for the 
week of Aug. 3, the bookers in the 
east nevertheless hook«d in Arti^ 
K'assel and band the week tofop^ 
last, picture at that tltne was •Ql'- 
Human Bondage' (RKO) which urto' 
a powerful: clit* a!>4i. told 
When the; tMCItni'e h^ over thw 
bookers' kept the' (pinilt'e show intact ' 
for last weipk. With the exception 
of Kassel, who hatf to leave on ac- 
count of a prevlouii engagement. 
' s looked like a good luck break 

for th e hnnse , slnr e If would hwvp 
left even; one week of no bands to- 
tween, iCvtoel and Kio-Rlto. Put 
the hoioktoaj^sisled on doi ng s( unr - 
thing fd cfhto the edge off « f Fio- 
Ulto and riL'tI«-d around until tliey 
grabbed Jolinny llanif) or( bestra to 
headline last week. Wliich mnke>" 
it three l^ands in a low" of stage 
b.i nds. 

M(Mc < ciild lie said .ilx.ut tin de- 
liberate spotting «if Kin-Kilo heio 
ag.iinsi the .ippeai an< o of I'red 
W.iring at th"< ace r »\,l<. <'hl- 
cigo, where Waring is bacKvO up 

TueHtlaj, AugUHt 7, 1931 



1'- -i. 

5 / I -^<:\;^^> 


minds of 

the motion 

of tills great jpiation today ? 

answer is 




■•;t.'':'. M 

20 Million Sw«#t|i#<irM'' foiiio . • • § Sons HHr ^t * ■'w^^' f?'" * Kob«l^ pijtoii *^ 


Tuesday, August t, 1934 

I C T n B E s 



Economy Cut* 

thinR.i parod to the bone, 
_ _ .liuive l>u«l to koep a keen 
^rt^^4m jMlMsnacs and one the hi? 
^l^iMlii ii material fur 

'yMvfyjii^ <pile inanaffe^ lately 
bpKight a';4w^i<Nr; :it«l''At 'Itie'/Aale 
^ A bftnkhipt dKttUM id get 

iat^l of hook ^f dr the t«n( aeaiibrii. It 
'«oiit'htini 18./,. 

T t>ut i rf th e np rfr a d of c^^hvas Vjc 
faahlhed thriee awhinf^f for hot dog 
stands along the highway, making 
Bure that each had sufHolpnt slaht 
to enable his theatre sign, painted 
on top, to bo seen fit>in tlXi road. 
The stand.s all had the iron work, ]>ut 
the old awnings were in di.srepair 
and they were glad to have them 
recovered. There was plenty of 
good cunva.H l(>ft f<»r lobby banner.s, 
yiilance.H and .similar «lisplay.s. 

■ Another manager ha.s a deal with 
(k mattress renovator to buy all of 
the di.searded mattress licks. They 
fsost little or nothtng,. but when 
tbuchcd up W.ith clt@»#'i^{nt look as 

A allBilftr arrahiiremont with aii 
AwiilWir II9 get« thli): UltiiV 

^arte. With l»tttia«€«f Hth i^it I ) lio 

' " 4k1yk» -..ti>' 'ltl^W':'#il^'tih#<^t::fMMkndj<'. 

mnent, hnd ha" eVea ^ntnV^d a 
ieht feffoct for cltoii^t fejitiUV^; 

Another wind fall wils five bolta of 
Cotton cloth, pieked lip at an auc- 
tion follmving a fire. The eloth was 
too badly Rtalned witli water niid 
smoke, to be conin>er.-iaIl y useful, 
80 it went for (JOc., l>iit it sup- 
plied the h<>us(^ with a yvir'.s mate- 
rial. Alia matter of wat< hiny for 
.'irtllMICOi*;-,,'- - ■■'■ v..; -'--^' ■V'A'- 

Phoney Qrplian — r 

F!d(;ar Uarl's rec«Mi!t .departure 
A^i^iA t^otumbUM; whei'e lrt»;;]|ia;<t boen 
:MHin«glng one of the UK0/fioa9eii. 
ireenlfai a ple virt:^ S»9 ||iMi*-Jjroi*lte4 tv 
•r 12 'jf(&M* ^go mrh^H he^ itt th^ 
: -JPii^iiee,''-' lU' 'p^ttm^. ; ' ;it' : \s[m' An - ,;EUiapf|t'« - ^ 
, i6to» of^he baby for «<*i»iiti«>h. / • 
" He jpfo^ a large d»»ll arid adyertlSed 
ihfit 4 baby h?iifl Wen 'left at thi. 
theatre after a pi^rformahce and 
that If the mother did nt»t elahn the 
iehlM hcfpre the follow intf W<*dn<>«- 
: 4ay it wotild be offered from the 
^atnge fijp, adoption. 

■ TN^xt step was to write a letter to 
the editor protestim,' tliis haphaz- 
ard disposition of the eliihl. Then 
he sat bac k and let Constant Header 
And I'ro llono l'nl)lieo get nil hot 
and bothered at the iil>M of a child 
falling into u»i worthy li.inds. \Vhen 
the teinpertiture got Ibe nu-retiry 
too high H.T priiitcil ,t iiictuie of 
the doll with the stJil.-inriit it 
would be present'-d smiii.» lii.tie girl 
at a niatint e. 

An unex))ected by -jn'odiirt was a 
report from a Ineal i ii-ph;uia>Te timt 
several children bad been adopted 
' tfOin the home, presumably ax the 
, IttBlilt of nil this t.illi of ;>(li>ptioM. 
; Av^ of the idea would be«rt that the bal»y would be 
; fliojid to the^ bidder, the pro- 
ceedB going to the children'a home, 
That prpbtthity .: %oMiti : .vj-wk . eVeh 

'■'''V-V\';''V*;/'t#anpVis Vh. 
. 'Bewifit* of* the IQI^ i' ii" tc ; ^ , r 

; '-t^.. Ih dftUles openiF^d the ( 5 rn nd 

•'tl»atre"*« • 'ejtiilirtltatloh mmpn tc- rx on 
the Motrtrit'. -The . W^vk x^i|t,' fea- 
turlng KiirlolT -and I^wKOfi. 
> in the break bet we^f last fili'^rt. 
and thfr trfitlei* on the '^jiiictnre. fig- 
urft heniVily drai^d JnKJWftcK and 
•hroudeif Irv cnHiii^tint^■' : i|ftrkitem^ 
walked to ThdrUed «ntqt Itip,?^ ;|>f 

, iiiwge. When hP hip 
a^^lfitant at switch b<»x eh. !?eip:ift^ 

,TtlCht wwltch. flrlrisx twrr idtotirtftiaiSiK 
btill^s dlre^ tiv fh fK«»nt nf Idtti. Cm- 
atefi the cfPeet of the flgur,i Rpi-lTtg-.; 
Jng out of the floor. St>ol pK'kii him 
up immediately .t ft or the fl^^^jlh. ' 
. Figure does little ghostt; work 
then .says ' lie ware of the nirick Cat 

■ "^T/Ook." 

• Spot dies o\it and he ducks into 
wintrs. As soon as , he's elet^f' the 
trailer comrs on. 

Huriiijr sliowin;,' of one of 

the charaeters tires ,-r pistol. Renlis- 
th* effeef is ;idd<'d by b iv in;,- man in 
winu's fire .3S r.Tlibre i-< volver. Ue- 
port ami bni>l of fl uix- ;;ive unfrX* 
peeled . a ml t hr il li n^T, eff e; -t. ; • , 

<!olc»r«. im «rtt^ iiui4* ujpi la Mts 
of tlti^: thi» ikwkb*r lyaittM be 

generally u«eB, and Inst'^ad of look- 
ing likt makeshift), he Is often 
corttpUniented upon their artistic 

Another small house hustler has 
a set of frames made of boards with 
a bed of putty around the edge into 
which he set small pebbles. The 
foundation is silvered with the 
stones gilt and the effect Is ex- 
tremely rich. The cost was very 

JStill another neat frame was 
made of strips of compoboard about 
three ini'hes wide and covered with 
stars' pictures cut from the accu- 
niulated fan magazines. These 
should not be varnished, a.s the var- 
nish will make the paper translu- 
cent and show the printing on the 
reverse ^Ide t>hroufh th« highlights. 

Downtown Isrookl^yii trhtoh fai luird 
iiit by Conor i«lancl an4 other 6i>- 

P****"<^#'»^>S*y** jrtw to town 
o»n AtUitif? <m£^'B«ir. a Bow, 

with result boa«e i« getting thr«e 

weeks but of it. Hoiiise Wdnt to 

capacity on the old but ever-effec- 
tive utage wedding on second week 
of the run, materially upplng the 
gross. Covven i)romoted entire cost 
of the wedding for the most deserv- 
ing coui)Ie picked among many en- 
trants, inc liiding furniture, wedding 
ring, trouss(>au and a honeymoon 
trip to Virginia Heach, Va. He got 
a local judge, Justice Strahl, to con- 
duct the ceremony. He followed this 
up wi,th a Shirley Temple contest 
for girls resembling the kid actress, 
and promo t ed Peki ngese puppief as 
prizb» on a tieup .with' th* N; Y. 
Ain«ri«i«ipu. A iCfil^iiik <H»htt*it . ?ira» 
aliw; ^aiitt^ iwllfi Ib^ 
plus a free ice-ii?r*i|ira ooiife ^c'^nhHey 
kid coming to see the plm^lNi. ; 

With;neer.srfl(y.-;^|re mother f>f In, 
:>ehth>n; ah e3itt|b^,<«^^ <'"f 
■■■■Sm .'Of vWat fmiwieift ftltoii «h i)e couid 
■ 1^ bi-etaLff^meM or even ex- 

.f^^inHlVe Wbodif»ri/ oric-rt, lie H^ade ft 

yirt ue of . ne<^e>sslt,v -nod ; I»uil4 . Jits 
: '^'Pwo.T-. ■■ ■■ V v >/ ^ • ,v , 

' FCmn ft jtirik' shop h>'obit>ined n 
:\leh^tb iivf /ild h«*>mi» <?rtl»Je aitrnit an 

ttieh. iihd,.* half m :fll.H»rtf?t.»^v It wan 
^^4ir<y.•.V^^*»ill.■.g|i^fia^^^^^ t'trf ■ fj.V.lihthv jih. H 
.-weak- 0>f lye ctit ' thf gr<»aHe 

. nhd .ntost . of dlvt .«•(^^^ie iVtth/.it. 

A'-i'inwe arid a hrttjK iii.,a ;w*«f«k::ii<*frt 
. siffhn h<n fifiu trj»M«<'!ii: t be .iiuiiii, ' 

■;. 'Tljie rotre iv'nn-. viit itilo lehijth's 
• l^liNt j!tlfn<'ii'nt to frrtiiie/jl .irtie slref't. 
;• 'pn'M rOltgh boa i d f 01 1 iu1;,( t iort . Some 
,.-01 thent . were p.iinicd rihnninmn, 

.^«(*t)>Pr».;RfJded, II few vs,.| f d\' -r«i (■.•!) 
;a»Mj,,iJ!:»-..Vide«l.'with ;m • f;. .1 ! -.v.-. 
' t«th"r!»: Wert- en.lHM/icm^ .U llobl 

''■■y-'.]-:: ,;Xwp : 
/■•>■.;;.■;■■■'■ '■■^y^-^''^' »^ati[e^ 
Two exploitation stunts that 
weren't In the book, put over past 
week by Vic (launtlett, Kvergreen 
ad mgr For Will liogers in "Handy 
Andy.' advantage was taken of 
local <lrug store, called 'The Handy 
Ahdy.' Store took half page ad, 
tielhg in with half page for plx. In 
locrtt daily, on opening day of plx. 
Theatre also gave the 'Handy Andy* 
rftore 0.000 .autographed pics of Will 
himself. Th¥(l^^''e K>fts with pur- 

I'or 'OpertktOr W Civil War Vets 
got free enti-ee to Fifth Avenue the- 

livlng'Mh.' 'SenttiC : .■mxdHt"^'.::tAcp 
stories With art in dallj^ l^l»ei*. one 
.an^Me ^howthg » Vet uiiihg the ear- 
phones fiit tM -Ibeatre. thl» ;anglip 
tiiua aai***lil4it this service lor 
t hoiw ham ' tdt'.bearlng.' . ♦ 

. ■ ■ Opening Speciid it was new to I'.altimore, 
tho special section of the Baltimore 
N'.-\vs and I'owt, devoted to the re- 
opening of the Hippodrome theatre. 
wiKs a knocicoiii.- it fiaed tba. wb^ftle 
town t. liking. 

Stunt put over by Ted Rotit- 
son Mnd llowaril I'.urman, of the 
Hipp. They promoted $4,000 worth 
of ads. in return ot 
which the paper gave them the re- 
mainder of the space to. tell about 
the ronovated theatre. Actually It 
was .a, nine- page section, and .vdd 
everything from the coming sea- 
sop's lind^'Fllnes to the new chatrs. 
N ice \v ork and effect l ve. , Jvjwt 0.n 
elalH>ratlan th» .hook-up page 
idea, but it iHtOfks "better when 
It^re is #0 initt'h «»t»te, o^^^^ 

Los Angelcfs. 

For tile c:itiiii.ii!,'n for 'l-Viends of 
Mr. .Sweeney,' Warner theatres in 
downtown l-os Angelos and Holly- 
wood broui;ht In patrons. I'rior to 
run. Harry .Mai/.lich. exploiter, dis- 
♦ liluilcd J,'., 000 cards, eacJi r<mt:iin- 
ing I number. Holder was in- 
sliiii'ted to look on the board in 
the house lobby. If nunil)er came 
up. a fr»'e was the reward. 
I':,ich day 'I^> number.s were posted 
in lobby of each tlie.'itrc. If number 
r.iilid to i orre,spc>nd with one I'f the 
■2'> .in Uic* Hollywood bo.ird, holders 
hiked downtown to try luci; there. 
The .ntunt brought m;iny to tlie lob- 
bies , and buMinefiH. showed heiUthy 

'■;'V:.V _Kid Clownf, 

'<'li'cu» Clown* g(N-s *-ty W^^ 
heriv pvrrmoied by K FAfl and K VOH. 
ethor links- ,h<>rt»;ilh .coniitnctiori< w.l« h 
tl)e <>riUi*niLt*f th!i»1«i^e, where t*ie pjV 
gets a; ;week'ji^^p1^*3P-•■.■.V*RV■^*•■t^ :aiMow 
everv kid wJbolH fbhi^ tii th*; ttrpatre 

.-♦iiiUv friF Nothing. 'si ll,<»&*>^^^^^ nflek 
.tii the .kiiifi!* rth*lv!(i^?(h*>f*'<i h^^^^ 

vp.ii'adt* 'd<vv\-h the liinln -I't 
ni cbin%< i>a'rtic1p:vtinir > to catr-h .the; 

jivnche'-i'ri' .erivwds; v,^,; ', , ■ >■;. ,' 

bl.- i ,,f A. .J';vt< b'''>' H;i>r-':H,?nU 
inir ilic fl.' itVts artd MontW Nl'-'Ver. 
of tlif; t -mI * ; r-'i.'Oi • .>'•■! ••n-'ir. In- 
ti-f^>VM;f \pr,i;»uv.|::J'#v--,: il'.lt ^bft,/*,- l|i,'''.'l- ■ 

'Two Bright Kidf 

Fox Brooklyn last week Was play- 
ing 'Baby. Tako a Bow.' All 
children under 14 who attended 
were given a ticket for an Ico cream 
cone at a nearbr Ctore. Offer was 
limited to thoso under 14 and good 
only between 2 and 6 p. m. 

Oontpr put bta own little daughter's 
cut ofi tM ticket to balance one of 
th« gtiif^ttit Mrwloo^ aiatifwbig 
tht,".|Mi''.'^ -.tip*.. ttm -mtm. pm hiM 

Dea Ifotne*. 
bda Afleti, manager of the Dea 

Moines, tied up with a local photo 
studio specialising in kid pictures 
and held a S'.irley Temple contest, 
with every entry receiving a free 
photo for lobby boards from which 
the customers voted for their fa- 
vorite Shirley Temple runner-up. 
The contest started two days pre- 
ceding the opening of 'Baby, Take a 
Bow* and continued thru the run 

ot tliil. iptoture. Three lovfitg titpm 
weti aWttrded and, because ckE the 
trMiuMndotit r«f;«re«t in th« new baby 
star, f «w tfwttbliieni we^e able HA mo 
thru th» iMriby without inspeetlng 
the photo* of weal kid*. 

The content wa* an ea*sr one no 
far a* the theatre Wa*. Concerned, 
and a natural for in«rea*ed- iniere*t 
In tW^plOtute.' v ;. 

'-Company i« touring the Middle 
AtUtntic states, taking cash or pro- 
du6e for tickets. Advertising by 
postcards headed with a cut of a 
scales, the tragic and comic masks 
in one pan and a turkey on the 
other making even balance. Admis- 
sion is '35 cents or the equivalent 
in rations.' Card has printed lines 
for the name, 'presents' and prices. 
Pate and attraction is filled in on 
the typewriter, apparently shipped 
from an earlier stand. Probably 
the manager selects players who can 
double on the typ^writtr-itutedid of 
in brass. ■ 

Oklahoma Ctty. 

Openings: Rltz by fi. O. Kaidane 
at Frederick (new house). Blue 
Moon (formerly Deluxe) at Garber; 
Bays by C. F. Bays at Bl«elellrfll: 
Orr by L. B. Raisin at Orr. 

Closings; Royal at Minco, except 
Fri.-Sat. till fall; Princess at Tisho- 
mingo, clos. Frl., Sat. till Sept. 1; 
Palace at Blair, irregular; Nira at 
Tipton; Princess at Cement. 

Changes In Ownership: Rex at 
McAl^ster, from V. B. Hamm to C. 
H. HaiMon: Hu*)»* ^ Healdton. 

■■^ tV'^r^':-' V :'>. ■■ I^o* Angeles. 

'ChMge* Piade past week In 
CJebrge Bowser's division of Fox 
West Coast houses were: B. V. 
Sturdlvant, from Fox. San Diego, to 
West Coast, Long Beach, with 
Wayne JDailard trading epots with 
him; J, ]>. L'Baperanee, from Fox, 
Florence, td California, at San 
Diego, with HtOty Deunir into the 
Florence »pot froip AI<Mi«af at Bell; 
Richard Mos* CKmi* Otflfip«nUi. San 
Diego, to Roaemary. Oo^an^^^^ P^ 
p. H. Mattner fpin* trm RMfMpkary 
to; ,|t<!iiiff #;^ff>iU;.-; : ■ 

Buford Cranch to Ijoew'a ;*h* 
United Artl*t* TiMNkttti ii;^^ 

Ky., , vv^ " 

Defiance. O. 
Peter Mailers, owner of the Riley 
and Family theatres in Ft. Wayne, 
Ind., as well as In Warsaw. 
Portland and Bluffton. Ind., lias 
taken over the Valentine and Elite 
here In association with William 
Thomas of Auburn, Ind. The Val- 
entine I* the lO^^rtoMl deluxer. 

liarlon. O. 
Mldhio theatre*. Itus^ has leased 
the Palace an^ American theatres 
from Theatrical if aniigera, Ine., of 
Ind iana|k>tbir irTHPTbeelritfmibunced . 
Tracy Barham. field iMuUtger for 
the Midhid eorpomullon antd the 
company waa er«iuM«e4 r*cenUy t o 
acquire Ji jriFoup of ottntrai Ohio 
film boui*ei> <><^ which thb PaUice 
and Mai4d»:-«ii«- flp.firit^-::;:;\ 

Sol • Ootdoii, h*adi df : li^»rton 
Amusement Companiy. . • Be»umont. 
has let contract for- IrfibttHdlng of 
I.ibertv Theatr«». reibMitly djeatroyed 
bv fire. New theatre WlH hiiiY* W 
sea t s, air condttl^iilBd. With mw^ 
zan ine lounge. Cost will eJtC*Nli 

Brooksville, O. 
Kire believed caused by explosion 
of combustible materials backstage 
in Pastime, completely destroyed 
film, and several other busi- 
nesses housed in the betiding, with 
loss estimated at t9O,0M. 

Waltibr AfcDptirelt out a* iMinaircr 
Loew's State : theatre. One* on 
leave of . absence to fOcoiri^ |iA*Uh. 
Replaced by his' aiiBliitant.^ Oeorge 
M , H unt, Jf, Buford GiPftirteh* for- 
merly connected wlth,U!t>eii^'s th<iatre 
in Nashville. T*nrte*i«ee; bieeomes 
;«»slstant'' Wt,;' liwtll,; ■■■■ 

IjOs Angeb'S 
In ehancjes annoiinccii liv I'ox 
West ("oast, I'r uce l'' ()Wler i s tnovetl 
from (!ran id.i, IngfewoolT fo f h" 
l-'ii;uero;(. downtown. K, A, li.'ilte i.s 
transforrcd frfmi FIgueroa t«» I be 
litvoli. .1 f. Itiley replaces T'owier 
in Inglewood. Marty Krhwartw goe:^ 
from the M' s/i to man.age C;ir!i«.ft 
.I'at Anriist faking Mena. 

l're»id.ent (downtown* hiu\ re 
t;»pened after l»«lng dark seveial 
>'ee.k»; poHcy. )^^^^ h<ft fourth and 
.tifth ■■rxin. ' ; \-..;;:v: 

■ -■ ■ ■ , ' ■ ;. ' ; , ■ 'W 'Bronji^' ■ n' t'^ 

r.'lmimf theatro reoj><'-ns tonioi 
X't'Jii t Wedhej+d^iyi ^»3. the !»<; I^uice, 

neweat 11 nk in the Leflf-My er* oha l n 
of house*. Theatre rebuilt and en - 

.Tackson. Miss. 
J^xhlbitors throughout Mississippi 
met here last week and formed 
Miss. M. p. Theatres Aas'n. R. X, 
Williams, Oxford, elected president; 
Earl Elkina, Aberdeen, "secretary 
and treaa«|rerr J.; A. We«t, Phl«iMi^^ 
phla, y.p.:'\. ^"o 'V; ;;.■/ ■;'■"''" 

Charlotte, N, C. 

The Carolinas grievance board 
completed a hearing here with the 
dismissal of the case against P. C. 
Osteen, of Anderson, S. C, 
the Palmetto Amua. Co., charging 
that the defendant had overbought 
pictures for that territory to pre»- 
vent; Mr. Qat^en from aectirinir pro- 
grama. . ■ ■ 

At a prior hearing tlM.'itf^ 
board ordered the PtKhheittt Com - 
pany. chain theatre operators, to 
release' 100 short subjects to the 
Anderson territory. Mrs Pauline 
Oriffin, code authority, announced 
that additional evidence aiipeared 
and the case was reopened and Later 

John M. Coble is 'cleaning up' the 
Main Street building at Purlington 
that formerly housed the Bose ihe- 
atre but has made no aftailMilce- 
ment as to plans for It. 

The Acousti Engineering Com- 
pany, of Atlanta Oa., haa been 
awarded a Contract to renovate and 
treat the Carolina tbeatr* at Win- 
st«i-8l*l*lli.'- ■ :■ >■.: ', 

Boiiiid tiohnidtani froteiika lab- 
oratorlea <tf the IiCA<*Viet^ Com^ 
pany, Camden. N. j», havei been 
working on the Colonial theatre, 

Winston-Salem, sound system. The 
daily shows have not been inter- 
fep^d-'- wftli,; f,. 

L.inroIn, Neb. 
Rialto here. 8uppo.''ed to close 
Aug. 1 for remodeling, will stay 
open indefinitely, it was arnovmced. 
Hookings are set for the next two 
months. Original plan was, when 
the house was taken over by the 
Cornhusker Theatre,"« July 1, to 
!ow it to operate a month and then 
close up for 60 days. House Is a 
l.lOO-seater and in sore need of re- 
pair. Management claimed 125,000 
was set aside? to boost the houae 
into l>l<^t.n g, ci^ajtsi fl^^ 

''■■y >■■•■'.;'■: Rochester, H. T. . 
Buirglars jtmmted their way into 
the Dixie and made awa,y with a 
500-pound safe containing $700, 
weekend receipts. Police unable to 
find any trace of the box . or clues 
tO'tb«..'cr<m*«.i;.i:-'.;v---i^'-'^ ■■'■':.■■■':>'>:, 


JackLevy, assistant at W.-irner's 
Itlta, made manager, t;i);ing Louis 
Stein's phtce, transfer'ed to .Stan- 

Independent exiiibitfirs arid War- 
ner I5rothef.'< have :,mf<il to show 
only single'ii-es, Wliile this 
agre<'rnerit has been marie and 
W.'irner ii;is the hfjusQ.s in this 
dislri. f it l.s /lot < er;;iirt.,jbli4it ^- W^W: 

t>e effective at f)nce, 

Warner I'.r.oM, i)urcti,'t.-ie(l follow- 
ing th'e,iire,v: I{ex. Irvington; J,iri- 
' (iln Atiiri!.;ton: 1 'l;iy I»i>ver; 
irid , ll,'Jihw!iy and ,,l'»nvpire, way. 



'oakeui>' 1" X'nfv('rs.'il ThWtrt'S 
ii -I f removes John T. Fidd«}*s as 
-•erieriil ma n;iger .()).(■ tl,ie ihr'Je-the* 
I f Cf, .cii a In vl Cycfivw, MUHrtndf j.^oI * 
legeK r ■.t'hlV»6|Mir:-ili^<;td<ea;-''^i(^ 
wif huul ..hifiai A^;^ow ■ Jh'd le<^ 

r^^^ih^lja^t*'oIn■ s^^^ 

^PjllarlSr ..■theatre/ ' re.siViiPi>'d'.-^iive •<""t 
vftud^.vlfH^;f»^ll Aiig ! if: Will tfy end - 

'if-th'" vveel: : hilts a.'M'.0'jnt ''6t, -aoi»7-. 

Plugging .'Navy*.^^'5''--^.''.v-s|-' 
Cteo#gc» Brpwning. Sta'^ley publi#« 
iit^ fbiind Warners' 'Here Cornea th* ; 
Navy ah aipt auibiiMft , ^xploKa* 
tloh. Week ^rlor'Tt^' l^^ ' 
ha hyd tli4>: houafi'a.^i^ee jatalf ; _ 
ifi ffil^ garb with plug for fltc 
pinnied oh the bai^i Altm made a 
tie-ui» . with local feaiidy cpncer% 
Wh(»reby, he proptoied a filew of n»p« . 
lassea kisses. Had an usher stand* : 
ing In lobby week in advance Of 
pic. handing otit a sweet to each ' 
outgoing patron with the oral rO* 
minder that here's a kiss from tha 
Navy'. That angle m.ide a hit. ob^ ; 
viously, with the femmes, for be* 
fore week was out poi.d was oa ■• 
among uslurs ^vho stood the give* 
away watch whl( h ot\e would win 
from most gals the retort, I'd rather 
have a kiss from yon". Tiiis flirta- 
tious-femme rejoinder angle wa» 
played up and iapit.iU7.e<l by man- 
agement, witii result a few more 
admishes were prob,al<!\ ol)tained, 

lirowning al.s.i t'.ed-up t!ie liif©- 
s.iver comfiany, pi-oinotinu; a supi»ly 
t>f the breath-sw oetei^i'rs, \vliieli h* , 
h:ul distributetl on a downtown 
shojjping intersect ion. eacii sample . 
bearing the admonition. 'Here's a : 
I^lfe.saver for persons seeking a good 
show — Here Cjimes the Navy* — all 
this weeli at the St;inley'. Another ' 
bally measure iitlliized by Browning, 
though not new, was the: attachment 
ot printed banners oh a sailboat 
which he had roaming ..the vi.ctnily. : 
of the shore : r<toi(»)rt* arHlv bea6hi0^ 
plugging the pic; 

HereV ilhie for IJoyI ' 

• Many of the standard stunts (Mt 
cpmedie* ed in exploitatioa 
for Harold Woyd when he mada 
m<)re ff^uent olforlng 0f :ck>>nadliilK - 
The Ia»iahv|*c<)ir4v th*^ ' tetwih IhawN: 
stUt.^ $ri.' a'fie;'#«^Vilral\j^^I^«|' :for.': 

■not. :hold;;0«<^;-'<af|pair^t^^^^ 
h%8 liot beM naed £<»r m<>i'e fehatii^ 

was a window In <^:\einpt|r.v 
store; boarded bvi^ with at slih ;^ 
ing that the window had bo*« : 

boarded up because the- glass hfitill : 
been shattered by the vibratl(»ns « 
laughter from the theatre, where aJ:'' 
Lloyd picture was being idayed. 

More dinieult to find empty stores . 
in those days, and for that matt<»r 
the store does not have to be vacant, , 
(live the storekeeper h.ilf the sign : 
for business gointr on .as usual, and ■, 
he'll probably Ix' willing to have the 
store darkened for a few days. . 
Lumber can be borrowed from a 
lumber yard or wrf < kor.«, ami is 10',', 
the l:)etter if it is second hand. 

Where th<'re is objection to the 
boards, it still shouid e easy to 
work the f.tke cracks with soajt 
with a sign warning of danger, a.iid 
it will Kive a chanue of pace froiia 
the morfi usual stunts, - .,. :. 

Col. Winners 

Winner* to Colutnbla'.s 'No Oreat* 
er Olory' nationwide contest for 
exhibitors arc: First prize of $300^ 
Tern pie 1 >e VI Iblss, Kiva theatre^ 
fJreeley. C^olo,; second prize of $200i 
Frank LaFalce, Metroi)olltan the- : 
atre. Wafmiogton, D, C: thlrd_priaa. : 

of 1100, A. L. Co wan^ Caldwell tha»^ 
atre^ Cal4welV Idaho; flVe prize* at 
fifty , dollttr* each wont to 1.. 
Weafer, Opera House, Tucsoai : 
AHsonaii It. JValsh, New tAfay^ 
ette theatre... ' fiiiiffftUit ' W ^4 ■Morrhp . 
Kinsler,; , Hoiiy, ■■■ New Tork Glt*f ' ;, 
Milton Overman. , Chief theatrtL 
Pueblo, Colo., and O- W. 1Villlaihl% * 
aillioz theatre,' Moh«tt, Mo; J 
T\iif prlze^a Were awarded to thoaa i< 
who Inaugurated the best geheril 
campaign on 'No Oreater Oi6fy,' : : v . 

Tells the Tidci 

There used to bo a houso th'rbV* . . 
away in MilledgeviUe, (Ja,, which, > 
gave quotations on tobacco prices - 
as it,s chief appeal, but f.eorge : 
Friary, of the Central theatre^ 
I'.ifhleford. Maine, has a new one^ 
Weekly inimeo one-sheet [trogram 

Kive.S about a third r.f the .-;p,ic«^ t* ' 

a tifle t.ible. jfe does not ex|>lain it's for, but evidently it ha* 
a strong lo. n.l va lu". ( )f>ei-;iting both 
the Central -ind City the;ttres. he is 
.str ong for inst it u' lonnl ..idvert i.-,in)C . 
.S.Tids in a double sf-vens for the 
theatre.H in general and new 4i0und '■ 
1|«ijtallaHonv iii-^jWi^ 

dayingt Builkf 

Now 'ti It busineV.s is lietteftng, th*. 
s;;i\'iiim l..-iiilis are anxio^l!^ to r*;- . 
gairi old flep.i-h ir^ find creare T\>yt . 
ori's. Tliev d'l ; 1)1, .'1,-1 ;i rule, ro m 

f ' H ) l di'.pl f V — bu t ' lb ' y wiil b ^ t 
ttieir \v!n(io\\s be u.sefi. for dignified,'' 
d i s p I , . y A .-1 n< I f h*^_ 'a^e; openVid .:btKB!kl» 

:;,?e- 1 i' (ri.<,'' ' 
:• rV'thips f(:e irio.--t iDtnnionlv'd ; 
i < ifi ifj' of .((fiv> dvill.'<r t'» 

'I-.::- iH a ^Tl i in pl,*-<.lit or \s eelc, 

Tbe*«- <l'H|;tr.s: .'.ire :in tlie form of ; 
^ 'beelvs to. Ke iised as '.he .l«ii*is: for aV','; 
.ilcpMsit^ui-ciiurit al^ Uie b.'if k. limU>d.. 
♦ o -nfHv ':de|Vosit . ,'t.-.^i; ^,s'i:ii'ul' t cd 
:it':eirnn!il/.J<'y^\s itbf)i'awn !>efMre Ihe . 
■nd ' ("f the ,v"fir, bv .w'lii' h tinie the' 
butirl^JI.i'i*:^V tbr^,f v| bulk (»f tVvo ;d<?- , 

i oh , p;^: 'Xfi' •:' ■'■'''>■■■'■/■■ 

•■ \V ■,;;•■::.• r.^.. -J \- y.V"-,:.'s.-.:'.'v.^' 


' ' "1 







At Chicogo Th#crtra, Chicoflo, tt doing the best business of f ho yoor...Paromount 
Thoatre, Los Angeles, the best business in months Saonger ThOMro^ Now 
Orlottitf/ biggest busineis in nionths...Doiihoiit Thootro, Donvor.o week's busi- 
ness in one doy • * .Wornor THootro^ Afiontic City, the biggest business of the yeor i 

* A foramoant Picturo 
slorring ftlHO CROfSY and 



(Continued from ptijtfo 6) ^ 

will sihb«r more tiiaii '14 

on coninion. hnaoil on t l>^:.:'||).45i re- 
liurted for Iho 40 woi'ks. ; 

i»araniount cortillcates , on big 
•board scorn to l|0 in.iitrpceiM 4C. ac- 
(t^umulatlon. fltiiMie'; ! tin- 
rhnnRCd from iirercdln>r f?itnnlay, 
niakinR two Huccofssivo wtoks thit 
ran^o has boc»n hctwot-n 2H aii<l 

■■■'•\.yy : .Qoiumbiii^ !Up.;'-rV:,'f'." 

Hlock exchanKe sonrod 4 points not. 
presumably on inrroasinKly favor- 
able outlook for product of this 
company., Stock cloRed at 27, fttter 
]K«4t:infr;;ut»' td''2t^jt^^^ ' ' ■ 
Mvcry amusement common .sto( k 
on the Htock exchanBe closed the 
week with a tinin oxceptinj; I'ara- 
mount, which was iinchanged. Most 

ei^ceptlon of Columbia pictures, as 
before noted, hnd LoeWs common, 
which wa.s up nearly 2 points. 
Keith preferred gained 2 »,i points 
oh a, few irttiisacttdhs. Loe# pre- 

^^cl0iie<j with ft r^t filft ot Ii4 

. Manner in virhich price^v -i^ 
:;:■■:''«# <Satttipiilair ■ ■'. Atacdilrajj^lDf :v to 
•■ •■■ iiAiijr ;i|rM«»'. «4i»iwi*t«d' ■ liiarket'' to: forge 
v.- ahead a.s it liad l)een dolnpr on 
, , W and Thursday. Most 

■ ^/i: r factor in Saturday's 
1'. ; • ^luuip was diminished volumQ. 

V: slderabiy bofo# average all week, 
r and there little to get excited 

aliout most of the week. 
, Inflation rumors v$rcre^«vived dur- 

puAti«id^ .mom g 
; %r<>^ tfaders boiiid find 

.. . |lttl© <*x to become worried over 
; Rurbpean situation, and even the 
; ■ BAInliiK of sui)reme (^ohtrol jyii.4Gf<)(r<» 
many by Uitler. «kH Hii)dMtierc^ 
... 'S;;;; 'denth.-rauMia' .hai^y :m'^ifti^.i-y::': 

: V y Arrival i* Prcfstdeht lUtbsevcIlt 
. . • btek fn tlw •Onlteti Stat<e*« atarted 

Hcmie of the trading gentry talking 
! A , about a forthrominar addres.s in 
ii?-.Sjh- which the chief (>xdi^Ktiv6 might 
■ ' arouHo ipore optimisiiii oyer future 
, btit;»f ijeaat activity. #b«ttie^ 
'^^^ • . forthcoming or not, .signs 
: , would indicate tiiat the market will 
; wooii St irt-d+scounting fall business 
prosppcts, no matter how disppur- 

: Vv ThiH plus the fact that a big ma- 
i..; . ■ J'^'"'*>' of yeans the market has gone 
; "P in .August, is not particularly 
V chcei f ul news for those, on the bear 
-.\;.f|rtde;'-:.-':;. :< .r-.r-r-\';-' .y:'.-: /.-V''!': '. ■/■'■^ 
■ OU\-iuu»iy many : 'eikce||ient^! A 
dividend paying st6<^ks are now itt 
,v . s b ir« lin prices. how long they 
, ■ ; . will bo kicked around by profes- 
si..uul traders la ai^pat*ently the onlj' 
hindi^l:l^ce to inany jKottiits Into the 
: ; vf^j^rkiMI. Ability of many storks to 
. i',' "l> during iiast week on only n 

• 5; ;ft»w ti'.tiisaction.s i.s considered fa- 
■:-..'v VoraI(l.> 

' ■■■■ Tr;ide news was largely eaod^^a^d 
., it Was aug^«nt<(^ ^ bjr rctparKAblj/ 
-1 ^n^^-^iifno quarts frcml-artnual 
f' • . ^P<>rts fron\y repre.'<entnti\'e coni- 
, l»''iiieM. ( trie ixuver production 

loHc 1.:.";;, conjparcd Willi |»rctv'ding 
, weelc and w a s 1.$%^ ah^hd "ibf geainc 

■ / W«fek 4^ 1933, When poweir output 
> ^, iwas neairiy ni Its peak. Tlila was ft 

■ •'''^''•'"fJ de\ (Moiiincnt, according to 
; . ■ ■ i "^'•"'^ ' observers, because : it 
.v. ,. ; plainly siiowed a steady lprj»(Wi|^i^^ 

bu-siiie^s^ even d^riiif.* hot nioiitit*. : 
ji«^^#(t^ie d<!«vclopitne In varl- 
; V. ptW ihdustrie.s included a ^?.:>'.l in- 
' ^y' -Cptiiao in rue lion work for July 
oy^^ ycir, an advance of 

6vT,% in bank clearings pver p^ei 
: • yious KiPoek, a 10v% fiifei^tise > da 

.■ . • ■COinmodlty price index rompared 
^ ■; W^ last ye ir, iind a 

V ' bike in retail pa.v;^eiurer aiitonioUile 
; . «alcH of 50% for Jirsl half of year 
rompared Vvilth- saintti^ htitf ill l(V3|t. 
; and fiV4ji% in^ 
/f - , ^934; 'WliioI6«h1b priV'es w-eht to "U 
^•.v..'. ""'^'^ four-yerir t(.p duiin'; .Itilv. 
! l!>a^ ir.",.H deposits it\ intUual »taviii;4'v 
'•'"'•^'^ 18 Htates soared to Klgh(<iil 

total .'ih^,;nidr^ .4hina'.!'itO& ' yea*ii, x.v 

■ Y.- ,ji:omi'tf)iiil es I I .show favoral>le .June 

,-,,p,,,.lj, were .Mcl'all 
r.. ('oi pfiiMii,,n, St. Jo.-^eph 1-cad, Sea- 
;. ; board Oil, St^indard Oil of Califx,>r- 
f ^ •..v-;|i^V,.*»«fiiiidfe ^0tt^.b^■^Kaf^>^a^»^•■eur- 

fj 4c J, share comnioij, compared with 
i net profit bf one ront a jihVr» for 
.flrst half,' v.m 
" ■ Go.od Reports 

Itoverai aihus^niefiit icomi>aDl^a and amiiated with the industry 
also Joined the proee.i.sion of indus- 
trial firms in turning: in eXccUei 
reports. Loew Ijncorpprated, 
siNy toppM m'' ttat with a 
for 40 week.s ending June 7, show 
ing a net protit of $:4,750,7r>0 after 
eliarges and providing for pre f.-r red 
dividends of KubaidiaH^s. , Th's Is 
ipqual to $3.45 a shard oh cbittmon, 
as compared with net of $2,330,027 
or $l.ll'/i a share for same period 
in 1933. Operating profit increased 
to $9,031,012 for the pei^iod> oir m 
than twlee that for aame pei'tod in 
preceding year. Loew's common 
stock immediately responded, jump- 
ing more than a point net Thursday, 
a dull day, after U had anUclpal;ed 
a favorable statement by climbing 
steadily three previous days. Thurs- 
day it was up practically 5 points 
from low of preceding week. 

Radio <^orppf ation of A^norica 
showed a net tncbme bf 85&« 
compared with a net loss of $790;QS8 
In 1933 quarter, for June quarter 
this year. Net profit for first half 
of 1934 was $1,771,580, compared 
with net ioas of '|1.2«$;2li f^^^^^ 
period of previous year, ' Badib 
common and preferred issUes 
climbed on this news, lladio pre- 
ferred B, advancing four poijjts oypr 
its low of precedl«|r 'W«k» ' 

vrrana-LUx payllght Picture 
Screen Corporation showed a net 
profit of $98,729, after taxes and 
(Charges, for six mooths ending June 
30. Company decltiri«l;i*e a share 
dividend payabia Aug, 31, This 
stock, listed on curb exchange, 
which recently dropped to new lows 
of year, shpt Up nearly a point on 
news, llarninga represent a profit 
of 13c i^ ahaiHft of capital stock for 
first 'hii1l!^^6f Veairr' ' 

Wcstinghouse, in addition to 
showing nearly two million in net 
prdnt for June quarter and a net 
Ibsa of I31J26 tor firat hali( .of 4S131. 
dsatnat a net loa« of |i^,IMi,'fiii - iiti' 
1933 flnst half, reported an incre.ise 
of more than $7,000,000 in unfilled 
orders comiH^red;i¥.(i]ll a 
,:year, ago, 

Hailie CoftiMM rAetive 

Radio Corporation common stock 
was among most active 12 stocks 
on a majority of days during past 
>veck. Paramount and Loew's also 
went into active .clai» one or'j'tSflrb 
times In week. A stock exchange 
seat sold at $95,000, off $1,000 from 
last previous .sale on July 17. Stock 
cxclj^ange oUlcials mq,de It clear that 
exci|iang» <h>^ 

to Increase commission rattf-' 'for 
buying and selling stocks. 

Issuance of new unoillcial repotts 
on srain crops sent wheat, corn and 
other grains up on Wednesday, and 
these managed to hold closc_ to these 
new high levels even with profit- 
taking on Thursd.ay. I'nsea.'^;onablo 
weather, even in Australia and now 
n Canada* I'^ol'; -filiHlf^jl^^ ..lip- [tc 

strcngt'ti In wheiiit makea many 
grain traders of the opinion that 
J1.50 iior bushel wheat is in pron- 
pect for thl* ire^r,^ They clalp 
that : »U<'h;;'« \!i0^.-wmM : 'tiMiMle^:r#|l0li 
larger crQps were 'airaliiablis and the 
dfillfir was worth nearly twice as 
lUui h iit currency oxchan;^e. Grains 
were agatn climbinii; aa week ended. 
' !l*i«it.:-llMI«:ilwi;'':tii. iMM^:'to|(H': the 

other la Virtliallijir ^uat around the 
corner* ithd that Ita appearance is 

only u question of time, gained frc.sli 
iju ppor ters when ^epretary Qf Treas - 


poll.cjr, , iMiliance of 

sliver certtflcjiites u the cost pur- 
t li isiofjr price of the metal only. 
Secretary is er^dite^ with a^ing 
that ' he plawtt^ to .iaiiiif^ V^imJ ioo 
in silver certlfloatea within tbe next 
month. His statement was Inter- 
preted a.s being an effort to placate 
inllationists headed by Senator 
Thbthaa, ardent silver colna|(it bobst- 
er. i;*bom|itf|i launched a* ia«^ drive 
to Inflate curr<*hey Via; the silver 
purchase pLan. 

Fox Film Corporation and sub- 
sidiaries showed H Mt: profit of $1,- 
199,242, after chanrei|. «^^ t« AH 
a share on- coMblned Ciasa A and 
H stocks, for 26 weeks ended June 
30. Thirteen weeks ending on same 
date showed only 18c on combined 
ahares, which cpmparea with 33c in 
precedlhg i^-webk period. Thirteen 
weeks in 1933 ending July 1 showed 
only $74,717, compared with $393,800 
for same period this year. However. fiftfia i|fCected by geti^ral droop - 
ii^.^;mai^- -jBatbirday,:- a^' l^lcd 
to : ---ffflvtk.. ' -^tftiite lairori*!*;: :^ 
Htatehietlfcl; y'i., 

net Wednesday; /:^!^tlAVfl^^ pt 

More reports from abroad indicate British buying is coming Into 
American stocks, and that English 
brokerage houses are advising pur- 
chM*^ M-aiej^ri^ftjlf^;'^^^^^ country. 
Sani4'''.'''tbifi|r ':' ci>ceurf«d ''';|tlsi before' 
heail uTSturh ill our miarketa .back 
in 1932. 

Strengtli in bond market loomed 
as a favorable factor. Amusement 
ll0tt« .alfto- f j^lt thi« ftrength. most 
bf thVm^ iicdring ^healthy advahcea 
nest showings were made by Loow 
6s, up 1V« at 100^; Paramount 
iboadway Up 294 at S8; Para 
momhVtaii»iiAM't4^ «p S at 
41, %ttd cshtfliiat^a <rf up 1^ 

at 39; Paramount-Publix 5V4s, up 
2, at 41, and Warner Brothers 6s, 
up 2 at 53. 

Warner. Brother* Uepa got up to 
S5' dtirihg ^Mk, aiid: t*MiMM»ttiit- 
Publlx bonds sold at 42% before 
selling lower to close at 41. Pathe 
7s dropped off a point on a few 
tranaactiona and Keith 6s apid down 
1% pbinta to 1^0% on amall v<rfuine^ 
As was stated last week, AtpUalB' 
ment (Iroup carried out Its pronrilse 
to resist further selling. In fact, 
group, acted a lot better than many 
bth4»!' Aotibn 
of amusements would indicate that 
this group Is firming up to follow 
any upward move of market prices. 
Bad news for amusement group ap- 
peara to be fully diMOUiited, aveii 
by the slightly higher pricea preva- 
lent at close Saturday. With the 
odds in favor of a considerable bet- 
terment In buoinesa within the next 
two.; :.|kiogMiiv'.v ftriMp. Mema^' tii ' iMwi - 
tlon 'fer a . reveiRiil 'Ot $n9iillii,T 





• I'lUli M»rU 

S'„ . 

21 H 


: an- ■ • 






I.s.iuo u M J I ate, 
A inericu n ^ Scat . .. • 

, Tutf CiMiitvIr .rUi». ... , 


i.iw C'utumI 

t»0») ( onsol. Kilm |>f(l. , „ 

2.{HH> KuHlni in K<)il;ik (ii»» . . ' 

3.S<HI FoK. ClasR A...,......i».*,jv,* 

j 40,300 Oen, Kte*;, <««c,), . i . . « i;,'*,^V..*i. 

- TOO Kitlth'pfft i »• •(^•'•t'*', 

W.1<M) I.O0W (1) ;...',•*•••••»••» 

1(H> 1>() prcf. (»»';).. 

31)0 MadiHon S<|. U4rdmf..«,;(.;i4.>>,» 

t7,li(H» Paramount 

13/J[» I'aihe l-:x(<lmfic« ^V. i.'.V. 

-l.tMN* P.-ithe, ClaM A.......4\.....i;. 

4*i,W> Radio COfR. . ...... .... , . . ; . » .•>, 

.■■.8,30© ■, ItKkt^ >•,• i# • » K • • • • ii f .•'> • nna\9. pti. «......*... 

I'O. jm Wftrner nt»n.^.\ ... .> . . . ... * . . . 

13,4i!0 WcstinShtfUM .. . I. . . .. .v., , ... 

extriis. t i*4l<l thin year W account of arciimuteUv | lOtfhsn tr«<l- 


". ; v'''(;bipifrtcibu<^ ;'p&g^;Vity ■ ■ 

|(. II ,-5 will h.i\i> >• .t , hi t -ill' 'il the 
li till* of .sa\ iiii;, ■iiiil li'iv(> tlu' vMin 

Another hooli-in beiii^; iisi-.l l.s a 
tlat nietal l):ir>l: ciii.ilile of liol.liiig 
$3 in diine.s When tlii.-^ i.s pri . rented 
at llie bruil;. lilled. a ileiio.sil !i,),>k is 
issued, aiid the depositor urt^sellted 
with a her p iss e.ise. 'I'liis must 
he ii'turned if the deiiositor f;lils t() 
turn In at $,T eaeli rnoiilji foi- a 
six-niontli Due hanlj re- 
ports XO':. of the hold.-rs ' ive 
stuck aJid li;i!f of fliese have 
exceodeil tlie $3 jniiiiuium. The 
liouse ap|)eal Is a free to all 
askiiig for it on a certai.n evening;. 

Window disjdays aii- simi>le to 
arrange on many titles, hut shouM 
bo in keeping w'itli bankipg tradition 
njid Rive the bftnlt::il|| miw^^^ 
theatre'.-gieta.r,. > 

There seems to have •iri;-i<'n the 
convenlion that, bocau.«e the inar- 
quee la arrang«^ foi* reltora^tp siiell 
out the attraction, -this can never 
be ohsi ured. It does not seem to 
occur to ni i.n.v nintiarers that he- 
cause of the fact that the marquee 
sides are never changed it is for tliis 
very reason tliat .a chanire will he 
most nulcklv noted. 

It is no longer permitted In most 
localities to bu'ld in the entire front 
down to the sidewalk, but a Rreat 
deal can he done with n structure 
not more than three or four feet tall 
extending from the bottom of the 
niartiuee in an upward direction. 

For 'We're Not Dressing," for in- 
stance, a strip of sand and grass 
can be painted to cover the mar(tuee 
sides, with palm trees extending 
abov# as cutouts. A castle front 
can be supplied for. 'Queen Chris- 
tina.' and the structure can be built 
into a do^k end for 'Waterfront.' No 
More Wwhen' and aimllar seafaring 
pictures. I.ettering can be laid in 
to suit, and the result will be better 
tlian adherence to the formula style. 

The structure should be built so 
that it .can be stored and repainted 
for another picture; anything .stand- 
ing above the common level being 
on separate pieces. Used every six 
or eight weeks, tt will give an 
tlfeiy new <tiap«9t to the houiffS 
cdmnman^ uniisUal att^n' ' 

- 'jr:.: , 

the pu t oro. .1 nVr ..:vcfui|l f(*lj:|ge^^^ 
for trvv>.s ■ 

it w.i.s l Ostly lo III ilv'\ too oo-iily : 
for tlie aver i!;o pors>» hut it g ive 
,v hohlovv'r to. V iHctiire it x limo. 
when hoKlovor.s uere nu>re 
than they are to, lay 'I'he ideij;^ 
liowever, cm 1)0 cut (town, to preH7 
eiii d IV pur.- The . origi'ftal:>.5!ifa»i''; 

ahout, 30 .feet' wivUv- n ' 


When a iiieture falls to carry its 
own exploitation suggestions, and 
th<»^ bid be^h fflLtra to fUiMitMii,' It's 
a good idea to have some of the old 
standards to fa}l back on. For in- 
stance, L.le'#llyn'« " one-piece coat 
and suit hanger is hew again. It's 
advertisedy'that one-piece hangers 
will be given on a ce;rtain ^veiling, 
The hangei s a re twb-lnch ffhlahjfng 
naiM; encloaed ■y:U^'-~-fifnsMiia^^ With 

whi<A ia merely ;a cut of a dbpltey 
facing away from t h« reiser, c TIpe 
taU .U ft piece of flbir atilngi.; The 
Ii^«d ftp«tiHiett<^ia; tett titttTit the 
tall 1«;4fir It 14 fair, but it tb« tall 
ta w«t . and hanging it la raining. 
Recl^#l^| Ijii Wi&rnM that the ba- 
romefe^r must b^ tacked up outside. 

Another Is a paster printed with 
the advertisement for a show a 
week or two ahead. It is enclosed 
in an envelope headed 'Fidelity 
Test.' Instructions tell the receiver 
to paste it to the mirror. If it 
eh injjes color 'the hoy friend Is un- 
faithful. Ariottjher on the s.anie lines 
is the emotif)n test for a thriller. 
I'rinted uj) for the i)icture, but with 
a white si».jce or design in the cen- 
ter. Held in both hands for one 
minute by the clock. If the bare 
space does not turn red, the tester 
is .aide to see the picture advertised 
without d.anger of .a collapse. 

All childish stuff, but |t^^^ 
hold amazingly well. ' ' •. > , ; 

; : tia.':- \Vri^;ht Corpor it ion, Colgate, 
v ''( <.t. Colorado Fu< I and 
... iron and Ainet Ic.'irt " A>;ri(Milt unil 
^rbVcal, ihp lixai n^inod declaring 
van Ihftlal tiuarterly dlvWend of SOc- 
■a share. f'«lgiile-I'alinf.livc-Peet 
showed a fret profit .of f2,4I6,8S» 



J, Hi 




Asik- 1 

"v.. pURf...,.:y,,:T; ■.; 

' ^ '''''' 'I 



,11. INK* 

(i<-n Th"B. y\>i "40^ 

K( ,tti »;•.•<, 'ii; . .". . . 
i.'i. vv <r.«. '41 

)• ir- r.r I'lw ly .')' .. .s. 
l'ar-l'';y lis 

:>\ .... ..V, 


IiJ.iMM* 1> ir-K;ini-l,juik> C », '47, ctfa: .. 

L'l.lXM, I'.ir-l'ul) .I'/j'b, 

\HMy\ l'.ir rul> r.U s. •.-,!•. rtfs. , . i. , 

I.IKK) IVitho 7 ». •.•!7 

1'jI.OOO Warner llrai. C's, '3I». , 


as . 


■ 55 ■ 




' oo% 

U ■• 



♦ -\ 
\ \ 
4 2 

- 1 . 

■ ».r,ti;''/Mi6Jiy. fi i.-i.t A' 
.•«■.«•;•*; t»<» l''i>rt>,-it l'ri..riii 


Novelty Posters 

One of the most novel pcj.ster.*- 
ever produced was a photojiraphic 
poster made l»y the Circle theatre 
lidianapoli.'^. some 10 or 12 ye ir.v 
ago. It was 12 by ]6 feet and eou- 
si.sted of jiiiie soI;ir enhnueinent s, 

carefiilly joi)i.-d .'ind then )r-tfered, 

Kathej- loo mueli i>f i joli for the 
smaller houses, but advertised .as 
the l.iruest ph iio>;r,'iph ever made 
(if the .sm illest .star, it got .s^iffi- 

ejent atl.-fltior» .^Irt''*; |fti»g|(j-t<^^rtl to 
ju.stify ils ( ■ ' . 

fJiant telegT'.arns and photri>.;iaphie 
enlarKernerits of iiewsi»a{iers h;ive 
attiacte.l (),, little attention, the 
feleyrariis hein^ much larger ..than 
tU.' lumh) ^h.'ii'ts wliieh now form 
11. I, , ...s.,oi y on many .. pictunrs. 
Thy » I ii ye « e n 'Ta 1 1 y b«*eri from 1 2 to 
1'. feet wid(>. with the newspaper 
enlai-getrferit H beint? nari'owei:,, but 
df!ep( r. Uoth have done ^00!^ fsojry-.- 
iV.-e .>in<r. b()tb';app<>'^r'\to 'ita«i:...'i^M'i 

tor«()tteri.. •■ ,..';,V- .■■.:■,'/■ .i,. i^; 

A notiier ^ig<x4'^4di^vii!fitava>:4^ 
cycioramit' :p<Mite»*. on^y i>i]|jp ot 
which #prM»tr)»' t* iiave lieen iniV«*^ 
In this Iherfititiisn ■ fi>iurf-M v 
d*^ss*ed in 4l6.t)t and la fiiiil fences 
over iytWch thf»y;ieanwi, wan. •biAt|.- 
pf >f>«%l: rai]i^.i'. :f Ira'sN mAl''wa:>('''#i$it<..d' | 
fin finf:. thft. 'brtttrtnj; ;/t^^iii,h'r r^f4ij najwi'; 
W:'' a'' i!*»:tb..'- wb^iAb •■tifif'-iibgbV 

NtHgiibbrliiOQd liijuse »« a .Hm.»U 
city hot frir from a bir^je auto c.imp 
uses the latter is its parking spot 

for the peranihuLit >r whiel.v is kept" 
parading the section all day. Pram ^ 
Is I'egularly in use, with copy 
chau.i'ed twice a week and by ar*, 
ran.iu'Hient the <ar i?* parld^d Ju.«Jt.' 
inside the jv^ite, no payment being 
made <>th<''r than the regular 5l?q: a 
night fee. r>urinK the touring. aea-.i. 
•Jon it brings a lot of the campefa 
to the theatre, as proven by the 
mi.ved li<>ense plates on the carm, 
linked on nearby streetx. 

Another tb*>atre lifts a pei^anibulai 
tor fashlbhed frbm an bid bus, the 
manager paying: the bus line the,; 
trade-in VaTue of th* car when It 
wanted new eHVilpni<»||^;.}<^ach after- 
noon the prarti <>|}w«»te8 through 
one of the feeder tbwna With tha? 
statement that for a ohe->««iy fara.i 
the bus will t^ry p;i.sijengef s ta " 
the Iheutre and back .after the show 
The fare la in addition to the the-» 
atre adnfilasioh. ii dflTei^ni town la ' 
visited each di«y, with a repeat far , 
the acbondv halfi Tt* . avoid ; demahtt ' 
for a iie^hae aa a oommon, iartt^i 
the bqai la <(;arrled an the tractlbai 
compiiny'M re;glatratloi>v " 

lit abbther town a trolley coiho ; 
paiiy letii tlie: :ia»Ofttr<^; liave th« ad- 
v^fdng iwe Qitji flalt ie»r with th« 

side* :bnnn«ihN<^^ WH ai^^^ 
tarpaulin prbtin^fa. the ptMiaengera ; 
picked ub. 

: In thiarinstanefe tl«j trblley peopi* 

niidil by the mula« cara. : t*h«air* 

tickets fire not aolit-.litti ia^^^|^^ 
majority come in for tlk* )ift|Olif. ' 

Lobby Dollar Bay 

I'^veryone like.s to gamlde and a 
small lowlier tied the idea to tho 
once popular dollar da.vs in .a grab idea in his si>aci()us inner lobby. 
All of the meichants were con- 
tacted to get rid of stickers, or ar» 
tides which had moved slov/ly* were packat^ed in lots guar-' 
.aiiteed to contain of a 
value of not less than $1.50 retail 
but selling for a dollar. It was also ; 
guaranteed that no articles ajich «a 
shoes, gloves or stockings, wbich 
run according to si^cs, would b6 In-i; 
eluded unless so apccifiedr Brparig 
wrappers indibated artiis|e« for qneii^ 
white paper .for -women abd a cro.'ta 
marki iii^cafed general uaef ulnesa. 

|3iu<b paiikftga firiiTled a vm^^-I^M^; . 
bf tnb at^e aupplying It* ■ 

Tha aare Was widely advert laed 
thirbugh the cbubtf^ald^t and tba 
day >C the .everit the town waa 
iNtefci^d witti eountry^ atttotiiobilea. 
They ptald- admissibn ta atM tha 
ahow. flLnd Wrere permitted to purr 
chase aa many packagea aa tbejjr 
desirbdi ,Tho bundled wbre • o«- 
shelves back . of the counter and 
could not "be Investigated. There 
were many hundles of exceptional 
value, and .some of the visitor* 
bought f 1*0111 2-10 hundles. Tho bun- 
dles were picked from their appear- 
ance, the l)u.\ er indit;ating to tho ■ 
clerk the one desired. Admissi<in 
was free jifter 10 p.m. to up. 

J 'roved to he such .a hit that it 
may he repealed in the fcall, certain- 
ly not later than spring, since It, 
mov( d a lot (>t slugglah ; 'material ' 
from the shelve;*. V \ " i 

. : . 'filevei'ai ';'ttiei4,'trBa"-"bav«" -'.cached.:- ■ 
m $'oUrt,h of QhrlatiKiaf tri«ii^; . 
but fewer have used dhrisimaa^ 
carda for hot w<^athcr advertialng; > 
though they work better in July 
than they do In December. It might 
pay to work an entiie camjiaiKii on 
the holiday idea. He versing the ■ 

arouixl T)i.iiil<s;.;ivitig. . ' ' ' 

The hasii' id< i is to he different, 
itwl if thi.s in not ovei'v.'orked it ctri 
l>e u.sed for a Oti the ;s.'tn)0 , 
lines a inaiiiijer ici enlly used some 
holdover cuts on Ih ing 'I'^m IVk k 
Alive' fis the front for a ftjur-jiiHO 
throwaway. C<jpy read I Jo you lik» 
lions and timers'.' If you don't, 
please lodi; inside for .soinelhing 
different. • Jii.^de was i\n innoiince- 
nient for "It IIai»p6ned One Night* 
•villi the poyitive as,<iurahco there ^ 
V. as not; a. Jtwigle- be.'ist in the en- . 
tire atbry. --; ;0b'' man k iddinj'.ly de- , 
liiandcd- 'bjl.Ji nioiiey back becavMo 
there! \vtfs a trained . aiumtil clip, ia 
the. nifW>irpt'J<- it proved ihey h%d ' 
.:tak<''n- ^no-Ho'e." 

: An.olli<;r r.tV.sid.'' ...->KarU. . .W4/»Aa''bn)!** ^ 
.W<M-d . dicit|)':M.'t.ry' i*^»>V'^''' around foj^c , 
'Clii»tbi<r:'.''^''.:'ip.'i<b.«''. .visits;..- the.' ■ 'j^bfif.'.; 
,anipk> <if i} hi duti. tbtf manager xroUHl ' . 
..■itj»a. in: ■ the v.,«>'ii«bt'i<i'i.{<-4;' ■•■:.'.It« art'*<*d' .i- 
w»*nfr c<fnirbieni tha 
frtlf' .?rpi»f«(r'.| ff} the i»i<i« iiiii^ acettHl ; 
■■♦o' :■». ; pj<-» ,'■ iifl(t- .^f^lltiiK; on . 
HiJt'Z'-';.-': f.'/'w. ■ [r ' 

;Tli>'re : 'tr^ ; plenty. b| way a to gt-t 
■.■'ii 1<''ntj;)ti';- ';i-|kI. as .-.gfioil 'AiWi*y-,a« any.' 
•tm. ■-'1. i»o\Y ■ 'I nit: fbeii, - ls\|b' T-'nippJeiir '4'lm-' 





v^\\iny;s, loavJiiiv; nIiowihc 
Bo^ion anJ Now V.^rk ^^l 

... with 

..t«(«t*^*'®" ^ Till 

^...u-iiit 1 think i^V^ 
tainment ' ^ j-^. . 

Airoad\. inoro iIkmi tons im 
fx'^nani limits iiavc loincd tho 
OMistandin.v; siaiN of IHolK 
'A cod in p! -.'-^laimmv; Gra^c 
Moore a Mat who has 

^ onic inio hot" eiw n 

One Nis^hi or Love" 

in Libei !\ Mav;a/!nc recci\ cd 
■1 * * * * Scars 

A C ol u m b ! a Pi L 1 1 1 rc 

^« T. •» Gib. 


HcJ^^ Prodoctioiis 

> <i>i9iuir«i now ^Imlnflr or ibout to rtaHt MF« It^^ Mow alphiibolMly 

'.:tt-rr**|iilt^, Caprm ' v ■ 
A-rM«rk HcttiMr«r 

RoivArt KinMni 
:C«-Joiii4^H Wallcpr 

WitrinT ltitKl<»r • 

Walter . C6»in«illr' ■ 

.; ■ I.ytin OvtTinan 
ItayniiiiKl Walba 
»'lurt'nci' MuiHf 
MiirKiirct Ilaniiltoa 
UuuKlaN l>unit>rUl« 

ChmM. I.«ylnaMi: 

v. ■■■'Ward Ilonrt- 

Bnrnut'l Hinda', - ■ ' / .' 
r " :, Hurry Todd 
<lert« Cooper 
rhan. Wtimm 
I'aul Il.irvi-y ; •,, 
Ki>r<'.Htcr IlarTtyV' 
.'Lv Hfltn Kliiit v-i^ 
' : lSo«i. M''t'k«r 
■ ." Irving Uacoa 

Jfl«litfard Keati* 
: mmMl<ef Mack. . . 

■dmund Ureea* 
■ \ R)«hard Ifominir . 
. ; Hatrjr Holinan ; ' 

, Frankla Darrit 
. .- stMlar lUiratono . . 
Fl>«tik |loUM»r - 
,' ":Kii^ 'RAMiuiiMi ' 

arfmar. t Morsaa 
rmon:i Kunifaoa 
. v/£ddi« Kan« 
> . ^^^Vanuan Iiing 

Ntok Koran 
JuA« Vlaauk 
.lipbart Itoaworttk 
Iba Cawthoma 
: :ilatr«>r«e K%i» 
. Reginald Owim 
. <6aralk Hadail 
.. ,.RoKor ImkoC 

Soa lAh( 


(3rd wM>k> 
;'!> — HamillDii MaeViidAMI 
▲ — ^Mary Iloberta 
Rona Frankaa 
Philip KU1« 
CT— rCoo. Hrbneidai 

c"l:iire Trevor 
V . HuKh WilUanui 
Korman Poatar 
' . .Henrietta CroMMNL 
'.^ <}in>ert Rol^M 
IBula Oujf • 

7^ (Snd 
D — Hann Schwara 

'A.--^lK HorziB 

Maurice llaat 
Frana Scliula 

9ilif wua«r 

e-^Bart Otention ■ 


I.^w A vera 
'Paf I'atteraaOt 
PeKKT Keftr* 
Ked Sparks 
SteriinR Hallowar 

(lat w««ki>'^ 
D— MarahaU : ' 
Jk)—Jmmm Starr 
Wot. -'^Miaali 

:vv '.'Ijawto Btona 
> tt«lCk Wnilami 
Herbert Mundl* 


(SUi wMkI 

I>— Ralph Murphr 

▲ — Alan c-hM<l 

laabella l^oudo* 
St^pthaa AveiT 
Jack CunnliiL' 
J. p. McRT<>r 
VJriclnliv Van ' 

O— Karl Struts 


FrancU L.ederM ■ 
'.'"ilbu ' Uetunett 
ChainitK toiKKiM ' 
Mary Jtoland ' 
Minor Watston 
Adrian Morrl4 
Walter KinerafoM 
Jean Jaeger ■. - 
. ■ p«ka-..YQrk; - ■ ., 

.. P*ul Kru«e«r 
Barbara Itiiroa 
Julea Cowles 
• irVing Il.\con 
, aipencer Chart*!*^ 
vCtoorge nilllnsS' 
Rlea Alleli 

IV— LcwIh MIleNton* ' 
;A,r-Walliice Smith 
Arnold ]}plRard 
ILrtkVr IBdeaon 

VlQtor McLutflaa 
Wynne Oibaon 
(Allaon SkJpvortk'. 
:■ J'<»h.i|i: Q^btH, . 

Wnltf^r CotflMHf . 
Floronro Rle#. 
I.i'on Krrol 
Waltrr ('allots \ 
! John Wr;iy 

Owim A«A» 
Frank Conroir • 
Andre Berknlt*^ 
Howard, FiB* % 
Claude aillinvwolMr 
C. l?at Colliai 
Tal» BircU ". . 

.Taraara 8h»#M 
Ai. R. Hayael 

Jameu niakoly 
Akim Tainlroff 
" Geneva MitchaR 
r l<u(a Alberni 
, Del Hcnder«<m 
Donald Meek 

(KOT FKOD) ' .y 

That'e Oratitud<:' 

f it ' " i hraalt^Sraiw?'^' . .'; 
-Frank cVatraa ., a ' : 

Henry V<reuii«|| ,7 

\ ' " 
'. Ki .iiik f'ruven 
Jl' l.n \Vare 
. -Arthur llyron 

- Sheila Mnnnera 
^ l«ary Carliala 
^,7.., . t^harlos Rahia ..' .,>.' 
'. John Huckler 
■ ^ohn Shcehaa 
Don DouRtaaa 
lister Aldf n 
" ' Franklyn I'angbora 

•Orrhlda « OntoM^ 

( Id week) 

'David iturtoii 
A — DwiKht Taylor 

Jo SwerllnRT 
C— Toddy TotrJoflT 

r •'iiroli- Lombard 
•. ■ ^ May Kohson 
,' ■ , ; 'Walter PonnoUr ~ 

■ Arthnr H«hl 
'>^l|a'|tmpnd.;«^«ltl|NI|r' . 

r ■ ^> \ ■*Wkrte ^'liAlipifi^v,- 


w—Henry King ; 
A~-Jac<iue» J)eval . 
^ Uo>Tlni1d H^rklfr 

." Cast ' 

S|icnc;fr Tru>\y- 
KettI QaMlka ' 

■ ■ Ned SparkM'.-.. ' 

Helen Morgaa 
Siegfried Ku 
: .Laalle Fentoa 
, ; Robert I^rralaO 
: t ' ftepln FetchiC 
Arthur Birrog . 
frank barfaa ' 
John Bradford 
Jules KaucoaK 
•Charlie Chaa la 
^ (5th tr*ak> 

. D — EuK«'iie Ford 
. A— K«rl Derr Higgera 
^rh 1 II jp MacponaU 


Jumea d»una 
■ . Frank '.Mitehaa; 
vJMk -Diirant ■ . 

• ; ^t•i• ■<>uaiea-,-..v-;,--. 

■■-'• ■..„ . ... (•lh^.wa•lrt; 
m-Slehaird BnieaiavgkF 
tHr' l l otnerBet MavflUMI^ 

John Moehaa 

Salka VierUI ■ 
a— William BttttMt 

■ ■ XiYc\tk Garb* ' . 

" 'He."i'ert ' MarakiaS"'-v ' 
Of'orgo Itrent 
Jean HerHhoU ' 
Cecila Parker 
. , . Bealah Boadt 

ICattierlne Al««aa4w 
Whitford Ka«» 
Reye T^uke • 

; Ceo, I .r>t» 

Herhort I'arjeon 
William V. Mang 

■ Ol.if Uylt.-n 

: "Death on the 

n— Charlea Bartoa 

;|b-4aa«. Gray 

Jack Cunniagh«4l 
Chaa. liogue - 

O— Wm. XelHi^ A. m H 


Oall PatHfek 
Billy U»V 
L«iia 9«an««lt 
Jaa Dasfaa.^ 
MMta^BMa. ■ 
Rawteoad fckttM 

Jame'a Keritba 
Howard Wilaoa 
Bam McDantela 
;■■ Hatanti 'H.aat' 
. 'Xa«M A; ' .ila*««k 
. Alfred 0*Wa«ahrt 


Alan Mowbray 
.. t>ouBla» Waltoa 
Murray Kinnelt 
.•..-•■WaJU* a; JohkMi 
RarmoAd vniaa* 

Pavld Turrenym, ; 
, IB, K. < 'live 
Helen Crant 
V Mona Karria 
• ' Qeorge Barrand 

■\^-.':;/«fi*re- Bella^r . ^ 
ypmt TV Ina .■■■„■■ .. 
." " Klaa Burbanoii:: 
John itoRera ' 
Itnth Pctnraoiii 
'Maaie la . 

D— Joa May 

tA'*rJerorti0.' , ■jC.rn., , 

OHoar Hathmerateln Sad 
Howard Irving .Touic 

: llilllfli Wilder - :■ - 
f"— Ernest I'.ilrtrcr 

iv, (iloria . 6>»nni«'iie 
. .J'>hn.:Btitea'-V 

(tlh week) 
0~Bdward i>tMlgwlck 
■■; 4<M34arrtanrt 

"'"'J'Oe'." Shermaa . 
Harvey Thew 
Ralph S|i<-nfe 
■f!— -Milton Kranner 

RAherr Youaf 
Ma<lKe lOvnna- - ■ 

Ti>d Hcaly 
David I.aiidaR 
■ ,:B!(1 ward Itrophy 
' ..C, Jlenry QordMM 
|la> PehdtetMi : 

Paul Ketly 
IVWitt .l..nniai 
John lly.iii;.i 
Hon 1l>>n(lrlcka 
llay MayiT 
Jainex Donlin 
; , ' Rfl^bert Mr 
Ai iim 

• /9oM>y W.-itson 
, .__;Lj[[ek''y Uooney 
r- V . ^-.■IwBrlru.i.. Short 

v^V'PlWi*' Kv.-ry 

(:'^tl week) 
IV— Gregory I .a i 'ava 
- :A!— Sir Janiea iiarrte 
MoHcktun Hoffo 
Ji>hl|'.lf*«riUMk' ' V.;; 

Caat : 

Ih l.-n ll.iy.-a . . , 
nnan Ahnrn . , * 
David Tot tm t* 
Doiaatd <:frlcp < 
■ /'.Dudley. Dlggia-' 

: i»i<Hlr> 
IV-^heater FraMclta 
A— Vance Hoyt 

Ann Cunninghaaa 
Sam . Armatrong 

' ."JFaan Parker 
Raaaell Hiardl* 
Bamunt S. Hlhdg 
Paul Hurat 
Jimmy Iturtla 
Ben Hall 
Harry I^iOwe. JWi 
WlUio FHiag. 

. *Wmi rMa« or 

''ytm wntik> 
. I >i!ii- m ch»rd Roi 
vA^Ok^ Monk S< 

' ■:t, ' K. Mc(;uin 
Phltlto Duniig 
■Ca«: ^.i v.v 
' :Wal|ik#»rtt|«r|r 

iMoinidiy of 

(Ut week) 

rV-R. H Crtffilh 

A — H. N. ivh r maw 

C — JamcH Wiini; Howe 
"Cast , . , 

Ann lliirding 
Krttr(»n MoniKomert 
M.I Kvurcli Ilnrtoa 
' Cliiiri(<3 llfchihan 

' V 'David' roplwrtleM''.:: 

..■■'■iiet W'lt) ■. 
0'i*<Je«rf;o,trukor ; 
,A«-^n»)u-l»~i I tlckena , V 
■ H6wnt4 Bf»»ifabr»»»k. 


Bl.r, Ml'in- .,'„ 
''clMiipi.' l;!;irr-5.-fnoro' ■■ 
'Ifid' l*ay.; mtffr; 

fr«4larataall NalU^ 
A— Damon RaajrOA 
Howard arVM' 
g^l<eo Tover 

•> •■••Helen Mack ■.■ 
. ' Gertrude MIohaOl 
Baby I..eRoy 
William Krawler 

•Heady for LoNf 

(tad weekji : 
D-rMarion (iering . 
A— Roy Flannagaa 

■ulalie Spenco 
4. P. MrKVoy 
Virginia Vaa Vpm 
Wm, siavlaa Miiilott 
C-^Wo Totrer," ... 

.Richard Arlea ' ' 
'Ida litipinn , » 

Marjorio Kam 
Trent Durkin 
Keulnh Kondt 
KHthcr lIuwarA 
Ralph Kemly 
Chkrle* Arm ; 
Henry Ti-avera 

lea of Red 
(lat «e«k> . 
McCa^ay ' ■ ' 
Jmrtr: . t«oa .W(|l|lao 
MtfimijilM^, ;P#araa« 
Arthur MaMlao 

I'harlftt Ixtugtitoa 
Mary l»NaM^ V 
Charlia ROMlfO 


(iiMl W««k> 
IV^KUiuii Nugent ... - 

A— <3ilda Varpsi 
liolly llyrne 
Jacquea I'avat 

qiadta .l»ehm»« 
Charlea Brarkett 

fcBmery Sharp 

Kli»i>a I>andt .,>•' 
Cary Orant 
Tohy WinB 
Lynn Overman 
liveo of a Bengal 

(Cnd week) 
I^Henry Hathaway 
dr-iilPrajnctg Teata'Bp^ 
. . .. ' Woldeniar Totta« 
:; Awitned A bduliak 
:r'"' Or»r§e Jot>e« 

Wai. Slaveaa MeNatt 
■O— Chaa.' .f.anrg;. ■ 

Gary < ''inper 
Katherin» DeMlttO 
Sir Guy Standtat 
Cary Orant 
Richard Arlea 
; Honte Blue 

■College KhythMT 
(lat week) ; ■ 
D — Norman Taurog 

A—oaors*' 'MariMir W^^'A,: 
Walter iMiMtt'" 
Jack McDerMMll' 
Francis MairtUi 

•C— Unaj'.'lU'n.'d . 

, ■. . '.Joe' I'en'iiSr ■;■ 
■■: v,l*iirir JSoae ' 

'jl«jCk.'<-Xikia. i ^,. , 
■,v- |i*d«>;tM>h*iH.'..;' 

iyy- ■:::<:■ ■t^MMnr'-: 

',' ^(he (iay 

(7th wtiiky 

I>-~Mark .-ianJrich 

A — Dwi^ht Tsylor 

^-Oeo.— Mariai|» 'iftp':- 

Dorothy 'yi''. 
■C— David Ah'.d- ■■' 
' tJoat 

■: .-v 'Fred' ■ A>;t.*rfe''. 
, ' . <linR<'f lt.>i;i'ra 

14 I'ivi-i . M tr-jcioa 

.■••. ■' »';ri.; )!l.,r<. 
' ■ • lot ik Uhi.dfH 
WilHani Awatla 
,' <.rh>ieTes,;'Chle,tw*i»- : 
.■•'.:';i.d!t:jir'Mll'Mt .,'.'' ' 
•iSMi.' .-llH-h-M'-.'itilirlV-tO' 

u:»ri*,''.: ,::-',■■■; 

;,(■.! t!k''«'*'»;k.»'' '■•■■.'■'■■ 

Essaneag Wins Okajr on 
Chi House Lease 


board and In ootM 1tivn4ftF from 
Joseph Janson for tho Ymm of the 
Vlo tho?^tr<». Janaen, fonhor oper- 
ator th# houae. had a lease on 
^IM thoitlM im JvHr Hf UI4. Biia- 
iinoiM stuniod a iO-y«AF Iomo on the 
houoe begin ninsr; 1, wlileh Jan- 
sen' claimed was A rlolatlOR of the 
code, • %vi-:'mim^-'^ 'itm'im^Xtf^ 

Uhtlei* Mtness Uki tiMlfttis Will 
abandon the lOe mll4|il|M ;«^iiM<ir 
sloa and ; s>o . to 20«i. . 

Col't MacKean Shorts 

' '■fh^6MY''M: ';.'Mab1EMt'n. •' tooWiifeei 
editor for Vox, Hearst and Para- 
mount at different times, has t>een 
SttnO^ br Columbia to sup^rviae a 
sorlos - o(^■,■.s^)<^^ts^ »ai^<p|% fWorld. of 
Sports* ' ■'■ ^'z' '■•v.:'^'./- 

Itecently MacKean has been 
editing the 'A,dyenturos ot a NewH- 
i^'^'Gameramasf.' ;CPf . '^WwL;.'-'" 


y/.^.:.:^9li^lf^ ON FEATUBES 

'■■■■■ '■l': ; \ HoUjrwood, Ai 

yiotor ak>brt; ter si»v«^ 
ohiarse of serials at Meuicot. has 
boen upped as a foatoro producer 
by Nat Levlne. 

First assignment iindpg Ma« new 
status Is tho Km MiyoMnl pictaro, 
'Dowii IR OM SaaiR iV^^teh 
Davla ■ |iowar4\ wflt . diroeC. ::• ' 

(Cotittnu'>il fr >tn page 5) 
<M manjr big. pictures |>oiuiiblo, to 

briwM;..^';'^iit|^ 'U^vetp. 
exhibitors are ent»>rtaininff ideas 

that the box ofttce is goins to suflfer. 
If eno^gh big pl<:tures reatih the 
Held, rtiajoi'iW i of f-ihjiii, :>rfidivctlons 
apralnnt whfcll flitere t$iR bo liio ex- 
ception«, accounts arc t;«>infT to for* 
gret about church and otht^r worries. 

Judged striotly i>apcr or on 
^tronfth Of previey^a, _.releasea that 
'•'Win .'•stiurt.; .to' .'.^o^'^^uh^l': ''Auff. 1 3 
li^hd htkrltsr adytuitipo .jliidi^ , 
former years, TJjstMbs arid eihlbl- p^^* * 
tors alilie ar»^ .mxious for the new 
-seacton to get started after all the 
talk abottt what's comtns on :|9S4r 

ESwy maibP has product whloh 

It looks to for results, without any 
serious trouble from the church, 

Pairamount l^ads off witli the 
B|ng Crosby picture, *9lloXoTes Me 
Not* jVlday (1()). folldwOd by pre- 
release ensragemonta on 'Cleopatra' 
Au>?. 17, genofal release to follow 
two week» latw«: /Crime Without 
Passion' ffi>^i 6iit Aitg^. 17^ flrut of 
th^ HOiblit'l^aoArthur produibtionai 
while also bunched toward the end 
of August will be 'You Belong to 
Me/ Aug. 24, and 'Now and For- 
eTer* (Shirley Temi>le), Aug., SI- 
On t<Ht «it that with jdttct to 
be set win b« the Mfao West pic- 
ture, Pletrleh's 'Scarlet Emprsss,' 

A— Norman Krai 

CHenn Tyroa 
C^Ntok tfasMM 
Caat : : ^' 

Marl am Hot 
. Joel iMrtCrea 

Henry Stephei 

Fay Wray 

Regtnald Oeaar 

G«orta M«easr 

Wade Bolaler 

William fturraas 

Burr Mclhtoah 

(^harles ColenUMi 

Riiryl M<»rcer 

Kdor Norton 

Morbert Ittinstoa 



D— Phil Roaen 

Arthur HirCoia 
A— .f. n. Prleatly 
C — J. Roy Hant 


Virginia nr<lP<|^;' ' 
Melvyn DoaglaSS 
Conrad Nagta 

■rin cynneB' 
Betty Furaaas 

fAapi '^slftha 

"';^WJad ■ waiifcl^: ^ ' 
i>-— Gao Klohala, iib 
A<^U M Montsai ' 

8km Mint* 
Cast • 

Ann .'i1nrli>y 
\ Tom Brown 
.^arah Haden 


I (iHt week) 
l>->43eurffe Rteveaa 
• A'i!-iII*rt..'.Kalmm;.J ■ . : 
Harry liehy . 
F'red Oaiol .■.•.■'■: 
c — Knaaatgtked . 

oajit: y' ■ 

Bert Wheals*, 
Robert Wes l aif • 

Retara of Chaa«a' (SBifW^ 

D — Ray Taylor 
A — Harry Chandler 

liarry Barrtngar 
C— Joha Hlekaoa. 
Cast: ; • 

Hela . I>u(,'<,Hi 
Maria Albn. 
Clara Kiinhall Ti 
Lionel AtwlU. Jt, 
Phyllia LMdwtg. 
Tjucien Prlval 
Cyril ArmbrasUr 
Murdock MacOaantS 
Tom Moore 
Bryant Waahbura 
Joaet flwickard 
Peggy MontgooMeif 
./Dean Beatoa. 
OwmtD AKllMi 
(4ih week> 
D>-Roy Del Ruth 

, ■ M« Pffrta.-^-...' 

ArthSf S h as k ata a . 
C—rHmy SiUf9 
Caat '' <'.int„r 
Ktbel Merman 
AJtn Sothera 
Bertoh ChurahMI 
<JoorBe Murtfhy 
IMork A Holly , 
fSoldwyn GIrle 
P>»ul HMrY«y 
.Warren Myiner 
Harry C. Itradley 
'We Mve Agala* 
(0th week) 
Roulien Mstmoullaa 
A— I'AO TrtlMOl 

I.^onsrd PraaWaO'.'. ;•' ' 
' *• — (Irt'Atx T'i\\hA , .■>•'•■.. 

.. ■ ■ .\ iHiA ,. SI "n ' ■ '. 
■■•l''r<<drii- .MoTc-h' ■■"...■.' 
■■ ..('l'#'<^nd'f^]in. l«<»g»n. '' ":', 
' ' •, ' Aiihrer ^rmnh- ," 
•. . Xi'iiniPi .jf^talj^h;,' ;' , 
. I iitK ii^ti^f ' ■'■ ■ ■'''■' 

' M«iy >'.>r1'''"*i'' ■'.'■ ■ 


''wMl^.'.'.' . 

O^-John M Stahl 
innie Burnt 
William Hurlbut 
Rarah Y Muson 
Victor Heerman 
■ itt Oeratajl' 
Wsti^ '- ■■■'■ .■••■■■ ■'■< ; • ; 
\ cia«M»tte. '. ^oihart' 

■ faial^trtieaa-'-.'''.--, ■.■■.'': 
' Alan H»Io 

Rochell." Mtidsoa.;'. , 
Ijouine Ileavpra. ' ■ . • 
Juaalta Quigley . 

. Marilyn Knowl<l(»a . 

. • Wetl Sp.T rks 

■■• :Slebe iiiMniri'-ii»v ■,'\.' 
Dorhthy niack 
Fredde W.i.shingtflia' 
Paul Ponssi 
Alnui Tell 
Wyndhanj Standing 
": FV;inkl\n r,inii|^,% 
Ndi'l I'"r,ini j.s i ''. •.• ' 

Nil I l.anc 
HVhat lAdiea Dreaa^ 
(4Mi lireek) 

l> — Ernst ^.. Prank 
Milton rarriith 

A— Wm. Hurlbut 

.O-^of her> '• jaroSt'Oi'f; . ■ 

■Cast: ' . . 

■ '.Blna'ie.' I|ai'hea^■ ■■'■■■ 
Nel^ Hamilton 
Paul CavHnauBh. 
Orant Mit< h.-Il 
Ferdinand CiottehaTk 
Oorta I.lnyd 

" Henry Kolkeir 

BuKene Paltitis \ 
Dick WinHlofr?-.- V ' 
..■Alan Hate ■^■■y 

'■ii^^^'y^:' (Sth week> 

QNiiiKtort N<;uman 
. A^^"7ohB Meehan, Jm, 

C<^har lea 81 ntnitr ; 
•Oast:' •,.•'-".:••<■..• 
Ruaa Coiuinba 

■ June Knight 
Roger Pry or 
RuHH Hrown 
Andy I>evine 

' '• , oavin ^^tonmi .''■:'.' 

Catheriaa ~ ' " 
WlBl Sbaif 

<•'">. -:^itoia4'''^Bsi 

(«n«l week> 

D — Stuart Walker 
A— Charles Diokena 

Oladys Itnger 
©— <31«orge Robinipoa 

'■■■'r Henry If uli° "■'''■ 

Jane Wv;it i 

Alan Htl.' 

PhUhpa IJolmee 
' llaraaee Ileed 

ParrMrter Harvey 

Uttriel Kirktand 
*lh«lit Iflfa a( Um Oe«< 

^ '■:^. imwMA), 

O— t^owell Shertnaa . . 
Ar— Thome Smith 
Barry Trivere 
O— John Mo.-,f!»ii 

■ • Alan Molvbriy ;■ " • 

■ •fl'brin'he. "MvKmmiff 

.•.;;■ •a,eh<»va\ 'Mitchell' ■•.■■••,.■,•. 
' Ir"ne W ''.,■•- .' 

, Oeo. Hi«.-..-<'ll ■-.■ 
'Si'ihi-ri .A ni'frv :'; 
Phillii'"' -■'"laiief 
RJchMrl i-»rl« . . 

. ' (KK.V 4iOI.I>HNrri« 


•i^rli.T A<"> i(|"nt* 

■ (.(r«l M.H>lt> • ■: • . 

l>*'-A'.Ubr^vy ■ .^>•..^< ."..'.•»:'., ' 
A— Al JJoa -*f'*T)? •'■■'.' 

..huthi-r ■ 11".., I - 
■■^y Paut ■K:-)n>fnlhi»' ■ >-- ,- V; 
'^^Tfxrry'. N.-,-; •v-ift ■ '■"■> ... 


,. t^/iun SI ,1 •.:• .' .; , :..'' 
■'■ Ani'.,* • > /l i li.'i'.i ' • 

' ■ '^-iriir,*'. .\Ml.i.i : •* : 
-■.' ■■■..Aittdrefc .rK. .^'.f,.ir.»H 

. 'M(miy.Ai(<ii\i\ 
■,■1 *.#*•!': 

•: 'fUrtai toil , W«tfc- ', 

X>oa .HMelman 
; Palmar I>ayea 

<>-i«ol Pom« 

cut: ■ ••'•>■ 

Dick Powell 
• Ruby Keeler 
: : •• Pat O'Brien 
; .■ John KldredRe 
. RoHs Alexander 
Henry aMalll ' 
Quinn iTillikps 
■.^..^ ■'^•(ilehn :»<«««.■■•. ';.■: 
Joha: Al!iMUra> i 

^ (Slfc WaafcV 

*lH*lIarvyn I..eRoy 
A-^Harry Sauber 
, Brian Marlow , 
'0— Tony. Oaadio- ■'••."<••-'■<.' 

•'Caat:;.-' -. . ■^^ ••",:• "• ';•;;.." 

Dick Powell 
Joaephlne Htirteaiasoa 

John llatliday 
Dorothy Dare 
•.. Frank McHiigh 
; . Allon .Tonkins 
Ruth Donnelly 

■ ■ M«Tjoi>|ay<iate)»ea ■'•■•*■'.• 

Ruaaatl Hicks V 
Mary lUoui.-jf- Treen 
• ..Geojrge t'lianiller 
(iky ^eabrook 
. .;' lierwih ijght 
: Cupid AinHworth 
r:'';:. ■J:.,m.; Kerrlgaa.^"'''' 
Victoria Vinton 
Oavin Gordon 
'S^T D,,y Btka JlM^ 
( >th areakih 
D— l.loyd nacon 
A — i:;\rl Raldwin 
C— Warren L,yn<:h 

■ fn* Wi,. . tirowai 
' , Haxine Doyitf 

, .; J>1-ank MriiiiRb 
,■ *?ordon WestPott 
' Arthur Aylfsworth 
Lottie Williama 
'disHes Ihiillon 
-;i-y*-|5*iptrade' HeffMaa' ■ ■. ■' 
. I-Ioyd Neil 
Tom WiLson 
Hurry Seymour 
IMrothy Chriaty 
Tamrhnny Young 

■:[},.y^*Mk;omt of CoUccV 
,. ■■(3«l. week) 
I><^A;irred . K. . Qr«Ma 
• ArrPobert Lea johasas 

.'■'Bag*ae^ 'llalM;' - 
. .g-jJaih*s-.^ YaS. -fNis ■ ' ■ 

:).--::.,^;^ak«hat .11^ .'S 
■ ' ' • Jeaa- .Uttlrv ' 
Ann Dvorak 
/ Margaret I..lndsar 

. ,, • Rosa Alexander 
. .VIck Foran 
. Merwin I,ight 

•lllll Perfeet Week-Bad' 
[':■;'■' (Snd week) 
P^Rar JSnrlgKt. 
A— Frederick H. Brthaan 
Warren DiHC 
Set on I. iHIH*' .■!•.: ■'.' 
.C-^ Reea • ' 

•«S^i ' 

■.■Jamea'.f'aKne'y'-.'' "■'..•i 
■.•■',.;^'.'Patrloljif |Cii'ta.''\. •■• •■■• 
A».'*n." J'>nkina^ . 
Arthur Ayleswortk 
. ■: . . 111 .-r I hartera 
' ■ ■l>;>»'f rt Uarrat 
•r.: , -A<|dl«o«.'Rfpha:r(la.' ■•• ■' .. . 

'■■ .Ch'arlwi'-Wilaort.'" ■■,■■•.'■. ■■ 
' ■•. ■■•..Wili(fi'(rt"Davldai?S'' '..■■■'. 
'■ ■; l^f.'irry ■Wooda-^'- ■^■.••■.. ■.■'.. 
■..-.yertft^de ■8h<»rt':'... ■;■ • ' 

.D-T-Willi^iii ;• mef«rto' ■'':■■. 
^^'.^Jaj'»jt,Zjl'»'hy ','■'■"■:■:;.■.■:.■ ■ 

' ; '."hnrlr.j k',.r)y,>t« 
■c— r:rtiV;st.. )i-iii..r 

■''»^*y^:' ;'■. r:: ' --ri ■ ■ 

.• ■■■ ■. jii.'ard^(i' . .t'V'rtj-a.'''. '• f .-,■ 
': ..liio'-ni^l. -At Nv:'(H--\!. /"'• .■ 

' '. •\ ■'.hi ^iiiit'i 

.'III. i; ; i>.'lW!-0,n 

■ir"«u;t•r,<•har^efg . 

•■ I)<ir»il-li'y'.;. Tree ,^}'':{ 
■ . ".''i',!'' I'''' ' ''''i ■' ■' ti ;i ir'ui.'t';' ' 
■ 1.1 '-l • " • ; . 'i.,! ' 

'Purstllt ot IJttpplht'ss' >>id 
Wijjprs rif f abbace Patch ' ' 

Motro li»oks largely to Un.* liar- 
low picture '(jiri Fi'otn Missouri.'' 
which f tSJ^ts V off its season ; this - 
weeki lb 1>e #6UoWed by 'Treitsuro: 
Islrin.l.' Aua. 17; 'Chained' (Craw*., 
foril-Ciablc>. Aujr. 31, and thmuiyh . 
September and Octol.or 'Barrett.s of 
\Vtmp61e Street' (Shearer), 'J^lerry 
Widow* (Cb*VaHe£ i|M^Aivtd>: 
'Patnted A'eii* (CJarbo); AiiBftv '\\-hat 
Kvory Woman Knowil* (Tlolcn 
llayof). Dates not st>t on tho.>;f, 
but all expected . to i^et out by 

c'Wahiisirf ■.,■:, '^V.^.^;' '■■:;:"y-/'] 
Warner Bros, load ' O^ff oifrU^^ 
"Dames.' .Auc:. IS. the Kooler-Powfll - 
musical goins on pre-reloaso eti- 
gagemehts fir::it, pettin.n national re- 
iMMia 1^ .'Ofagpri Murder Ca»e' 
ls''*>#ii- *Ar-A«fc'-*i;'''Whiie^''i1><f»ir-.,, 
able' eciOfi out Popt. 8, 'nritish 
Affcnf (I-fsiic Il.nvard-lvay Fr.ui - 
cis). Srpt. 15, 'Case of the Howlimr 
Dof?" (Warren William-Mary Astor), ; 
Sept. 22; 'A tipst Lady' (StanWjfckK 
Sept. 2*; 'Slx-Cajr filke Jfiider*: (J^w . 
E. Brown), "Oct.. 'i. ■■■■■■•■ 

Warners' 'Du Barry"; '^'lirtatinn 
Walk.* a musical; Jol.son's 'Oo Int«» 
Tour JJance' and Rudy Vollee pic-, , 
ture, 'Sweet Ifnslc/ will c<>tn« latiw;/ 
Estimated JdliMBil> iiiid Valine ( 
tures will be NO'lNHiillS^ 
ber releaoea. ■ ' " " ' ' -'i''?'' 


'Age. of Iniio^fnce;.; ',^be l^ountain'^; 

Rogei^) j , *Aii» of ; i(jNr«!»n Cial^ieA- j ; 
■Wednearday's ChiltS*; *lilUle Mlirls- 
ter' (Hepburn); 'Dangerous Cornor* 
(Nagel). and 'Richest Girl in the . 
World' (Miriam Hopkins), are the, 
jj^etures from which BKO Badio ex- 
pects eatiy seasonal Irnpetiis. R*«. . 
lease dates are yet to be set e.xfot.t 
for 'Fountain.' Aug. 31. 'Radio Citr 
Re- '^'s,' slated to go In productioii 
end of August, will. come latei* on>.. 

Fox incepts Us 19i.iet5 seasoin 
with 'World Moves On.* now at tha 
Music Hall, but scheduled for na» 
tional release Aug, 31, together witli 
Harold Lloyd's fCats ^aw' Aug. 17# 
Fojt follows theiie up with 'Bet*.; 
Yant'fi iJntWihce' ((iaynbr), Sippt. ■ f ^ 
and 'Caravan' (with songs), Erlli;-' 
Pharicll production featuring 
Charl(\s Boyer from abroad .aftd 
J^(an ,l^arker, Sept. 28. In October 
"1^1^ irlli release 'Judge Priosf (^vHI 
Roofers) ;':• 

United Artists 

I'nitcfl Artists* new pif tures .st;irf 
with 'liulldog Prummond Strikes 
Back/ on ]>re-rel«atte- it<>w;An4 fol- 
lows with 'Affairs of CelUhli* Aug. 

24; 'Count of Monte CrJsto.' S«pt 7; 
'We Live Attain' (tho 'Hessurrei t ion* 
•story). Sept. 21; 'Queen's Affair,' 
.Sept. 2^: 'Lost <^;<'ntIoman),» Oct. 5; 
'Don Juan' (Fairbanks), Oct.; iH'} 
■'"tmliHatlahtiti M^rry - Go - Round.* 
Nov. 2, and 'Xell Clwynn,' Nov. fl. 
Our Daily Bread,' the King Vidor 
I)roduction, was dated for Aug. 10. 
but is being held back for latP)f 

this^'laft?.'.:-' :;vv;:'..>;:-:'v'-.:'^;.^ 

.. Universal 

ITnlver.sal looks to 'Cno Mmn- 
Rivor," Aug. 27; 'Iniitatinn of Liff.' 
Fanny Hurst story with Claudfttf 
Colhert. Nov. 1 and 'Gift of Gab.' 
all producUon JnclMdihg Kd- ; 
mund Lowe; Phil Baker; Alexander '; 
Woollrott, Kthf"! \\',' Ruth lOtt- 
ing and (.Jloria Stuart, proliably r<'- 
loa.sing in Septembei". 'Within Thi.V 
Vrosent/ to star Margaret fi|t|lla>';,iPi, 
.wtn ^ jirol>aMyv-n«*-'*^^ 

'.''■■..6olun>bia''' ' 
i.'olumbia leads off with 'Night <<f 
Love' (Grace Moore) picture goifig 
Into the Mdsio : Hi^ 
weif^lt an4i .on geiioral release right 
aftWr ihat> *fii*adwfty^^ ]^^ 
Capra production, with W.nnef , 
Baxter and Myrna I..oy borrowed 
topping the cast, follows this on re- 
lease efftd Of .^eptfBinber 0jr oar 
October, whili» iM*oti»«r to >ith«^ iip*'. : 
.cial class for f'oi. is 'Captain Ilaics 
the Hea,' IjCwIh MMfstone pioduc* 
lion. Tins prpbiatiljr wiH be rM • 

in O'oIoImT. '"■.'?■■■ ,■' ■■•■^:. '•: -'f'^r -.-i-''^' ':. ' ■■' 

IX-r-r-ranli. 'lr.»ir/,;^,>?;» ; _,..,,,v;'/'-,' » ?.f,»" 


U \ l< \ Ki( i;i<o- 
liic'i ; 

,11 -1 » >i « »i; It 1 >; » > , > ij.- M« > 

V.,, , ,) 


c Aipgiult 7^ 

om pan ion 

M-G-JM'$ AD 




40 Oreat National 

Magazines with 


tion Carries M«&M'8 

Nevi^ SoM^ M^i^ 
to the Entire Nation! 

Whether you run a 
theatre in Casptoi 
Michigan (popula* 
tion 1,888) or 
Davis, Oklahoma 
(population 1>7Q5) 
or Harrisburgh, Pa. 
or dties with hun^ 
dreds of thousands 
ask your M«G*M 
salesman to' Aibm 
you how many f am* 
ilies in your town 
are geulng these 
magatlnei with 
M-G'M's new sea- 

camiMign has been 

designed to cover 

every picture - goer 
in your dtyt 

LAUNCH M-G^ft'« 

■ it- -.vV 

; ( continued from page 18) 

ibwerful flick, 'She Loves Mo 
fot" Ifwr). And mor(» Mhould cer- 
falnti^ be aaM «bptti tlt« deliberate 
repeaittna of local aet» In thiv liouBe 
after thejr t*»W,iMif»di.^ ^ jrlyiU 
loop and iiAbe Ihiit^ M v«CHMit)r 
Alt six months. Baiidf Laikt |t«8 
been in town In tM paat few months 
piayinff the «(tate-t<Alt<^.: *nd the 
H.&K. and Warner nsthes at 25c. 
The same K:«)ea.f«?r'Uie T*ra Daveya. 
and lVj?-LeK HrtteJii hfts* be<»ri pl!»ylng 

Ill the i-asc w1h-i<> ;i short budcet 

:■ Is noceastiry for a(l(1itional acts due 
to fhe high oxp«' of the headliner 

'■ Burls as the Fio-Kito orchestra it 

■' ■would seom the wiser course to per- 
niit the local boolter to fill in the 
necessary turns, lie would at least 

; know what nets haven't l)een over- 
played around town. The Palace is 
BulfcrinK under its present bookinK 
handicap and only local attention 

.■• can save it. 

Iian«. the Two Daveys and Peg- 
Le^ I'.atos arc standard performers 
ftnti delivered tlieir money's worth 
preoedinK Flo-Hito. Comlns l>ack to 

. town .ifter a jt>ng, ab.sence and after 
haviiiif fi(>(|uired an ether rep, Fio- 
^ito brinKrt in a 15-piece orchestVa, 
1^" crooner and a femme warbling 

...'.frto for 35 minutes of standard iMtnd 

; Flo-mti^ brlnjrs to the »9«tiru« 
jmine ipefiitful. iijaiiitliri#* wiJtiijr 
), -'tif- f^itf':. HMt Identifies him on 

of strings. 

r #11*, » *ceno: teatui^edr itU^keS 

' 'V'tt .. y;;'aoft,<^tfai^ts-and>cweet-mv*^ 
. type ofelis^Mif^ ."Phe Th<«e IMMv- 
tantes ctHtniKe dresses fbtir tinies 
•nd sinilr. Ibiir soriRS tilcoly^ while 
Miissy Mnrcetlino c*roOiHi: in accepted 
radio style. On ^rformanee «nd 
; api>ear!i*'ee reminds of Little Jackie 
: XHeller. Sock of tlie .«how on single 
perfornvinco is ,Ti>l»nny Candy, wlio 
; ha-H a trick voice. KoinK from fal- 
. setto soprano to .\slcop-in-the-deep 
bass aiHl bru k .Tu:ain with rem.ark- 
ablo case mid rapidity. It's surefire 
hokc coine<Iv for this audience. 
Candv li.indlos himself well and 
>; gets th • most out of tlie trick ton- 
•: «ils. Ht» even pels l)y with two bor- 
,. *-6wod l>ils. the 'Three Trees' num- 

V bor and tlie prote.nn 'Farmer's 
■paiiAhter' bit. The first has been 
identified with .Toe IVnner for so 
lont; that it would s(-em wise tO let 
it reiufiji with Penner. 

Fio-Uito bimseli: m.c.'s and han- 
dle.H one of the pianos. His act is 
' pleasant enough throughout but 

■ needs some pepping up with a little 

V niore change of pace. He in doing 
■trletty radio work on the stage. It 

. Would't l)e such a bad idea to spot 
' : ft smooth ballroom dancing ftct in 
. the routine f • the personal appear- 
ance tour. At present he has June 
Marlowe. ' She warblos a tune and 

aen (of .tier * ff-to-Buffalo hike* her 
~|lsf some wild hooAni^ If # 
;:;:ji|^jr;'iC!iiff.:.''Olrt'''SliaiiM' mg pr 

• ••There iriiii«ie 'J^it ■K4^ 

followed by th^ m-tllto b*nd. 
. JUid who is the hettdti^^' next weekT 
Correct ! It's C»r |bfi _M bllW» and his 

'■^-^«rehe(itra. M0Uha~1lflrU<i»a Tlfie 
fbere; he has only beefi *rotind town 
for A' year how ahd iboat four 

. months ago played a bnitsJ #0e l t #t 

the 11. .^•K. Chicago. 

The WKO I'alace here ruined Itself 
With an s;?c top policy. It has now 
' cut its adtnissicm to 55c. and it may 
have a chance. Put, with this bopk- 

■ Ing. m;(.vl»e in three or four weeks 
it'll be down to a two-bits top policy. 

Picture was 'P.achelor Bait' 
.. (RKO) Business okay, supper show 
'.•YIday. €MHk 


Slandijrd fivc-acter on tap the 
)ftrst half, oacli of the proven .acts 
r, Wending nicely into a wholly enter- 
. tainint? Layout. Carries more weight 
>; from start to finish than has been 
seen in a N. Y. naberhooder in a 
.. long time, this usually tough audi- 

V • ence respondinpr ''0kim^ 


At tlie Saturda.v mat. bia was 
Hoout lialf. but the receptions for 
' each turn were bigger than usually 
; gotten here from a capacity mob. 
; 'Whom the Cods Destroy' (Col). Is 

■ the feature following the hour of 
, Staire show. 

Harry and Owen McCiveney 
are sharing the feature billing, but 
the former dispen.sed with his usual 
emeee duties and restricted him.self 

* to the ne.xt-to-closing spot with hi.s 
rapid Jire delivery of specials and 

y chatter. Was an inst.antaneous click. 

; Mcfii\eney followed with another 

- *how stop in the closing frame for 
hw^^iii .sykes* protean sketch. He's 

now dlscloilQK how two ilressera 
enable him to doll tihe.flyo tdtiKeront 
(iisguieee «o rapidly, without; holr- 
• ver, burttiiv the effeotiveiiiess of the 
excititiff vehicle. The type of act 
that ha*, been done for a score of 
years and .oikn: go on ploasiiifl: for 
another 10< 

QpehJliV Is the standard casting; 
turn Of Thrbe Kings and a Queen. 
Girl and pantomimic comic are 
tossed by the two huskies on the 
bars without much stalling ahdvfor, 
good mitting all the way. 

Wilbur Hall, eccentric musician, 
and Loretta Dcnniaon. a red-lieadcd 
looker, singer arid musician, deuce 
to excellent results, with the Mann, 
Uobinson and Martin dance menage 
treyinp .and making it a unanimous 
okay fr(»m the patrons for every- 
thing. Two boys and girl in this 
turn have a fomme pianist assistant 
who aiiK-i a Chinese semi-adagio 
routine with a song. Mann's ruiiber- 
arm Harlem-dance depiction is, as 
usual, the aev« highHght. , 

PAR^Mii^ A. 

Los .Ahgeleii, July Si. \_ 

Shifting to Tuesday opening for 
flrtal week of stageshow poliey, 
hotHH» coiSheA In .;Ui|8 afternoon by 
having : oteftk* 'BiK for debut, and 
bis was h^ped materially by Btng 
Crosby draw In his latest iPMra- 
mount release, "ashe lk^ 
Stage ffu'e is i^mpOftlte two spe- 
cially staged ballets, and a hodge- 
podge of vaude talent, wl^i the 
spectacle portion* ol progtwli ,oO^- 
plng first honon. 

Opening ballet is labelled 'Vienna 
Woods,* and comprises various 
Waltz and toe routines by 32 line 
girls, plus unprograramed singing 
and dancing mixed team that did 
not seem to fit in. Femmes were 
garbed in summery attire, with toe 
routines overshadowing the other 
types of terpsiehore.. .Aiia B*YWd!> 
bent sl.-iged. - 

Murray Lane and his Harmonica 
Rascals comprise nine juve har- 
monica players, with a colored 
midget providing rowdy comedy 
that clicked solidly. A symphonic 
arrangement of 'Trees' proved their 
best rendition, expertly presented. 
Louis DaPron. youthful hoofer, fol- 
lows with snappy routine of tap- 
ping. Lad has nice personalfty and 
hoofs cleverly. 

Willock and Carson, comedy gab 
pair, are playing return at house 
and repeat routine of impersona- 
tions. Including Visual newsreel. As 
before, their best effort is imper- 
sonations of Laurel and Hardy, a 
wow. Act mostly is pretty goofy, 
and a bit raw, but as iHlir Wilt It 
themselves, they're getting. pwM foe 
It and the custdmOwt gesaiw to 
reiisii the nonsense. 

Show then goes into the finale^ a 
pretentiously stued iNdlet snietAele 
titled 'MetropoYM,* also work of 
MIfi ^roadborit. which featums 
CNrir and Hudson, equlttbristic 
team, and 32 girls in a series of 
mirror and spinning wheel rou - 
tines. It's eolorfut;T=Anfi e^wHW- 
pealing. ;" ■ ' ■■ '■■■^'^ 

SIlfNTttl Include Par News, 'Pop- 
Bye' oartoon, with third chapter of 
•Young Eagles.' serial ilSKeened at 
morning show only. > EdVBa, 

.■.. "■.•v^.'|ialtiniore,' Kug. 2. 

Issy RaiiikBDOH! reopened his 
Hipp, country's most successful in- 
die-operated vaudfllmer, last Thurs- 
day night after a nine-week hiatus 
for inside 'n' out rehabilitation. Ex- 
terior has been scrubbed and 
shincd; within new drapes, lamps, 
chairs, carpets, traveler and stage 
tlooring have been installed. Al- 
together represents an outlay of 
.iround |45,000 of the $75,000 profited 
by theatre last season. 

It's highly problematical whether 
the Hipp will experience a repe- 
tition this season of the suc- 
cess of last. Burg's other vaud- 
nimer, Loew's Century, which has 
been hedttedly rivaled, and in many 
instancea efiminled, by the Hipp for 
the past tliirtto irears. has now A 
product frcMn Metro and UA 
foundries; formerly had B, the top 
grade sttiff going to Warners* 
slraight-fli<?k Stanley, wllilclk Ikmw 
operated on pooling arrangement: 
and has since relinquished to WB's 
solo care. That angle notice- 
able from mid-April on, at which 
time Loew gave up the Stanley and 
impregnated self and all-first-run 
interests at the C<'ntury. Biz at the 
Hipp wasn't, in the main, so vigor- 
( us once Loew started mnting A 
product with ace st;ige lineups. 
Over the span of seven weeks prior 
to. and nine wccIj.h ')f. Hipp''^ I'i 't'l:-;. 
the Century av. r i , 1 i \\ i : 

proat of |4,000-|6,00«. And the 

stronger competlsh that will ba of- 
fered by the Century this year Is 
bound to be felt by the Hipp. 

Uappaport sought a name hetul- 
liner to grace the boards for his re- 
opening stanza; but at last minute, 
with none available that hadn't 
played town within active-lifetime 
of a razor blade, compromised on a 
wcU-webbed five-act ladder that, 
though paoks no motivating mar- 
quee iijiohloluNNK ptayl •oundiy. At 
the reopeniiii inngie^Ah^^ 
Thtn'su eveijiitiiir^^ . wltli IM dbttUe- 
ducat«:;'.rlMfittlid. ;«V«e: . hoUSO^; 'plus 

preseiw«%i"'iliioner ..and . oivio big- 
wigs, the show soekoed. ftveii tkf 

payees, piled, siz-htgli la pi^Wi gM 
clinging to chandeliers, apparently 
looked upon affair as bf patriotic 
intent, and plied Its paws for every 
concession of entertainment vouch- 
safed l>y the vaude with an earnest- 
ness seldom equalled In even this 
easy-audience town. 

With the one- performance pres- 
ence of couple of guest artists (Ed- 
die White, gab and song man; and 
Mary Small, kid ether warbler), 
plus an amplified phone conversa- 
tion 'tween Rappaport and Cantor 
and WincheU whioh was p.a.'d from 
stage, and lii-piMwoii felicitations 
extended hf Mayor and aldeHRMtn, 
show stretehOd .to nearl y tw<MWWfr «. 
but mob tAf Wgy. 

Gain in Justice 

Opening, RttsnUni Bevels. An 11- 

piece baiiMaika ork under FeOdor 
Maybohm, worked before a taate- 
fully colorful drop, running cleanly 
through a gamut of aptly chosen 
tunes and backgrounded twin ef- 
forts of an unbilled toe dancer and 
an equally unnamed aero hoofer; 
latter especially able and an eye- 
ease to boot. Another femme, a 
gilt dancer, writhed through a ses- 
sion of contortlve bends; sh^'s care- 
fully presented and handles assign- 
ment . well. Act could . profitably 
clip a numl>er or two from routine; 
shade . too long as stands/ 

4oa and Pet* MIebon deueed, A 
quIiiK V0i>e)it here for tlOs hoke bal- 
anolai and MMrlaglMMUrd turn, but 
thorouglied. Tliey ttlfl main that 
over-vulgar bit tbat Intro'a a ball- 
room flxtura ilg an XlbaafI Up. Of^ 

fenslve X.^ :mMir'\*i#v'<<^^ 
preened. ' 

Sylvia Proos'. iakt^-j'mSi') 
triumph. Couldn't 1N«|W!fHr^<t^ 
mike and had to go three aonff be- 
yond normal routine. 

Jack Pepper, who six years back 
in era of long-run house Cmsees did 
a lengthy stint at the then vaudfllm 
Stanley, frolicked through the fan- 
cied frame with/ his stooges. No 
one seemed to remember him; but 
then ho hasn't been around and his 
present form of act can't be over- 
closely associated with quondam 
chores. Stooges have a goof musical 
combo that «Ktimeta moet of the 

ooMfito elHMita and geoeiil glM^t- 

Cloelnt, .thrtotennen Br^ Ifloe 
pair or quala-olaaelcal -li( M let*l CT » 
hoofers. Their partneta deni^ 
billing : smooth Working galjlK' 
pair with tha lada neatly. 

Pic this week Is 'Human Bohdage* 
(Iladio). Pit ork overture presented 
]<'elice lula iand his trenchmen 
punching out the salient tunes from 
the 'My Maryland* score. Probably 
an appropriate selection of music; 
leastwise seemed certainly inevit- 
able under the circumstances. 


x nt-ilbmm' tat-Uo: patrow te aa 
adequate deiseriptlon of tliia presen- 
tation. Presented ohMpUr Mid looks 
cheap, though the patrons here 
ngure anything orer the picture for 
the low admission fee Is an extra 
dessert and they blister their liands 
mitting everything. 

Biz at the early show Friday eve- 
ning was exceptionally good for a 
hot night. Feature, 'I-^t's Try 
Again' (Radio). 

i^ert Walton, who knows all the 
tricks, is emceelng the corny lay- 
out, but actually doesn't put on any 
comedy steam until his own spot 
down near the close. Here he works 
With a. dead-pan stooge presented 
as a Brooklyn amateur singer, who 
la not only A diiMible buffer, but 
also registers^ * showstop on his 
own vocal efforts. WMten'i dMt^ 
terlal is fight up the .alley ^ the 
Fox's regtilars^ otteh-faeed gagi 
that doh't need any :gMBawork and 
mehtail strala, with the result that 
he clicks all the way. In ethiiieelng 
the acts he's adequate. 

.Show opens with the 16 -girl Line 
and Jans and Lynton, mixed team, 
in an .alleged depiction of Harlem 
strutting that's 50 more bumps 
than should be directed at a family 
audience. The burly stuff is un- 
nece.ssary — in fact, so is tlie entire 
' ii I'V)nowing them the I''.)ur 
!; inf^n ^n^ ;i rtrl. In 

F«tU«^wlng . a decision by N. Y. 
Miprini^ Cbtirt ' luitice Adron 

Stcuer attacKlhg the Chase Na- 
tional Bank in an action by bond- 
holders of General Theatres on the 
Fox financing deal, an appeal is ox- 
peeted to W filed In which bond 
ownwre Will attempt to gain further 
ground for themselves. Advance re- 
ports in connection with an appeal 
is that bondholders will go to a 
higher court In 1^ el|N^ 
pi^eet thOmeelves on a reorganlsa- 
tloh plan for p«nerni TheAtres and 
to demand that tlM^ IW^I^^^ 
more stock. * 
Additionally, attorneys represent- 
ing bondholders who were granted 
Judgment of |4l.4^ by Justice 
Steuer as counsel fees, believe this 
sum insufficient for services ren- 
dered and will ask for more. Plus 
more Faxi rif neral Thwatres and.Jji- 

tetnatlonal Preje^br ttoefc. bond 

holders on Ain ajjkpeel Are CO 
ing trying to get the 14,000,000 profit 
whicti went to a syndicate because 
of the Chase Bank's financing of 
Fox Film and Fox Theatres. 

Indicating that the Steuer Judg- 
ment prevents any effort of putting 
through a reorganization plan for 
General Theatres. . bondliolders' at- 
tornejni.. ;bO|lovo; .that. '^Hfi^ 

n i l ■' >' ! ! , 

Juggling, tumbling and balancing, 
intimate that Flo Kelly, the house 
producer, gave the acts the order 
to do everything they can and take 
as long as possible. Robeys stayed 
on twice as long as they should, as 
did all the acts that followed, and 
most of their punch was dissipated. 
Girl in the turn carries most of the 
sock Via the Juggling of hoops, bails 
And qalhnle wheela whila balancing 
yarloui props. Ifen ivA gialidf for 
the-acfO.'Wcnrki' ' 

Three Stewart Sisters as a trio 
were not on long enough, but one 
of the girls steps out by herself for 
an Imitash of Joe Psnner that 
seemed as though It would never 
end. Not only endless, but also 
repetitious. Otherwise thii fOintter 
Balto radio trio Is okay. 

Sanaml and Michl portray Java 
in this 'International Revue,' but 
their Javanese arm-drill flanked by 
the ensemble meant no more to this 
mob artistically than. If It were a 
Fulton street cake-walk. Response 
showed It. 

. Barry, Breen and Wyler are the 
inevitable knockabout turn. In this 
eaee the girl taking tha atanualng 
dAi the IwA IMM glvii^ oat the 
rmigh stQff« They do the usual 
flowi^Wlptiig to meAgre retui«s. 

Closinir Ii A dlOay ohain by the 
line and A fh^ waits by Jans and 

l^niy^qn niay. now be sni^eded up. 

1^ ,;.viMii(: > ■Urn. vi^wi«r.::;tM»»«i ; 

The Steuer decision in canni>'tion 
with stocks goes into great detail 
as to stocks of Fox, International 
Projector and National ThAflilfe,' 
Supply which are subject to iirov 
tection of bondholders. Ju.^tiod 
Steuer found that the following 
stocks are held as security for the 
paynMtnt of (t9.B84.000 due on S% 
bond* tnAturing In April; IHl: 
40,975 shares Fox Film A new, 
part of 800,000 shares received in 
in .substitution for prior Fox 
st^K: , 4.406 shares International 
PMiSeOtor iiireferred. part of 84,040 
shares received In Marcli, 1931; 
3,536 National Theatres Supply, 
part of 19,769 received in May. 1931 
The Chaa e Bank holds for its ex- 

clusive use as security for payment 
of a tljOO.OOO Oenerat Theatres 
not^ 100,000 shares of FRm Seeu ri- 
ties Corp. preferred and 41.CCC 
shares of the present Fo%. Film A. 
stock. Judgment indicated. 

Justice Steuer directed . that on 
10 days'' notice the seeurittes held 
by Chase may be sold to saflsfy the 
$9,700,000 note and tbat the pro* 
ceeds are to be applied,''4lr«t to the 
lien, while the balanct-%iA:^:be^ dis- 

tributed' anioiig the 

In rendering his declsloh. Justice _■ 
Steuer noted fHatlhe" libndholders ^ 
sued on the ground that acts of the 
Chaae .bank were In violation of ita 
ddnOttry do^r ia thA , hdAdhoideni 

as trustee. On the FOtit flhancing 
by Chase the decision went Into the 
question of whether the transaction ' ■ 
was a violation of the agreement in. i 
the indenture. Jtistlee Steuer rulMndui 
th%t 'If It la, thwe can be no dispute ' 
that the defendant violated a duty 
to the bondholders in participating , 
In an act which It undertook to pre* ' 
vent the corporation from doing.' 

Chase Bank had contended that 
the demand notea were paid by the 
110,000,000 and hence that there was* 
no outstanding indebtedness for the 
year. The $10,000,000 note was taken 
in return for oash. a^yancep and v« 
othOr flnhBolng eonsldeiratioiw of A ; 
prior date. 

Justice Steuer said that 'under 
the circumstances the question is 
undoubtedly one of Intent.' He added 
that 'tl^ lAtent found iiei« #m miA " 
to avoid the provisions of the in< 
denture, which was accomplished 
by stamping the notes paid and in- 
dulging In oUifr mummeries of 
banking ^ 'PNid<^0iA'.*: ' Thire - was AH-;..' 
real payment.' 



16^ Broadway New York 




Vaud IMYP Hit 

Trade reviewers and newspaper 
scribes welcome new note in 
Star's latest, greatest release! 

V.^V -■ -.AM*. 

^^Should prove a box office *^Ace etitertainmetiti Harold 
clean-ttpl Lloyd at hi9 besi! Lloyd tiMi a teal ttory and 
^mk» 4^pmv^ft h&m ^$ ffig doe$ not depend upo» 

^ Laugh* m jgt«at mnoib^i * « « 
i^$mt iitii^^kyiii;«*»tispetiie/* 


fomtuk ^ ^ \ de^y^ bl«iidiiig 
ituipeitselbt itii^jfeiit, hlfarityy 
romance/' — Finely Daily 

A packed house give 
Jbiaroid Lloyd's latest many 
tiiig^^ prolonged applause^ 
Radif^ly didetetii Mt 
klest e^orii4*»hai atrong cait, 
a novel plot^ good acting/* 
' ' ^ — Motion ^Picture Daily 

^Harol4|^jrd was never 
tinnier W, beft^i^ hh ii^iole 
ca-reer^"'<^Voti' * aife" ^actually 

DMnilte* ^lHk^^^^'^.^ifus one 
quick and ypkaas box o^ce 
a new lease o«i life/* 


^^Certaits to r^^ter a</t|^: bp)«^ liillce« Qise o£ tbe md^ 
emettmmng f^btures of tb^ylib^ Pr^^pkes lai^bter apletii^« Harold 

''An.audience etiterfain. 
ment alfording sometbing spe- 
dal for each age. Entirely 
df0erent type of Hardid Lby^ 
eomedy » . . audiences will livcf , 
laugh and sympathize with 
Hm^^^'^Motion Picture Herald 

^^Ltoyd Baa asuple reason 
to bebappy ^iJbmit his latest^ 
Oiie' those )Sbi^ "clean 
edies so many fiim fiitts baiN» 
been looking for. t lendinr 
Him my congratulattpns*^* 
^noUywood Citizen Neay 

Lloyd proves his vttrsatt%,ii^4*i^<^||at*^ - ^Hollywood Screen B^orfd 



The Coll^ Paw 




from the Satur^y fv^aino Pott itory 

f llOOUCfD iY THE 



1M» •'way, »k V. 

llHl of th« WerM ('Fin du Mond*' (Fr). Selentiflo dreain tated en VlfkiniM^ 
novel. Dir. Abel Qance. 66 mini. Rel. April 15. 

•f«lo <aeriiiaa). Sensitive atudy of puychologlcal dIfflcuItlM. MlMbfttk^ B«rg> 
ner. Dir. Paul Cilnner. 93 mins. Uei. Feb. 1. llev. Feb. IT ? / 

il de Carette (Red Head) (French). 
D|r. 4a)lM Duylvler. 96 mins. 

A Story of adolescence. Kobtirl' 
Rel. Sept. .1 Uev. Dec. 20. 

Ofdeea; 164Q •r«MlMri 
Niw Varlr. - 

vM .L«Vf ^H^v 'Lllft^I»M.'::.{>plf^ Dickie': iiQ^«;''':'0^<.'-|!4iiUt 

OMtn- ByM..^M|rirt«r]r. Chariei.' sWiett^' iliMif. ;4SN^ 

Fifteen WIvea. Conway Toarle, Nuel Francla, KataUe Uoorbaad, lUjrmoAd 
HattOB. Dir. Frank Strayer. 70 niina. Kel. May IS. 

• tttitait\\/» Road. An Austrian-Italian border stury. Kric von Strohalfll, Wtra 
Kngols, LiesUe Fontuii. Dir. Frank Strayor. Uei. July 1. 

.' But Nice. Marian Marsh has a hectic love adventure. Betty 

> Compson, Marian Marsh. Dir. Kich. Thoriie. 71 mins. Rev. March 6. 

' ttultter. The. Newspaper business In a small town. Chas. arai)cwin, Emma 
r " Dunn. Dir. Rich. Thorpe. 67 mins. Rel. Feb. 6. Rev. March 20. 
Halrtbew Ovar Breaiway. Mtiaioal rotn^ Jmb Marsh. I^iioten 

t^^ Dir. Richard Thorpe. 72 mins. itel. Die. 21 Rev. Dee. tl. 

^ •tolen twaeta. Dramatic romance. Sally Blane. Charles Starrett. Dir. Rich* 
ard Thorpe. 79 mins. Itel. March 15. 

. Twin Husbanda. 'ClieaiinK Cheaters' type of story. John Miljan, fhtrley 
Orey. jp^r. ^jnf^' liitrayen «3 nfiina. MeU, July. Rev. July 17. 

" ^ H«liy«Haa«.vCalv 

QNieali, TitI iavantli Ai 

.Maw V.ertc,.w.T* 

' eipMiie V HalM mystery in a picture studio. Rtilph 

Biellaniy, Shirley Gray, Gat! l^atrlck. Dir. D. ttoss Ledermnn. «l tnlnS 
Rel. April 20 

. Flghtmo Ranjgiar« The. Kound-up of killers by a temporary furloughed ranger 
out. foir yai^^Uice lor klUiiig bli brother. Buck Jones, Dorothy Reviar, 
: . Dir. <?eor«^ R 60 mins, ReU March IT. Ray* April 17. 

v>-||ell Bent for Leva. Young state polioeman defeats his gang rlva^ Tim iia* 
i; ■ y, ' Coy. Dir. D. Ross I^cdcrman. 65 mins. Uei. May 19. Rev; July 31.; 

r/Haft Cat, The. Newspaper man tam<'.s a socialite, with an undi rworld -anigla. 

Robert Arm«tronK. Ann Sotheru. l)ir. Al Hogell. Hoi. June 16. Rev, 
July 10. 

' . it Happened One Night. Girl marries without father's approval and on leaving 

V . , ilia yae^^ boy rni bus heading for home, developing comedy- 
t' ; romance. Clark Gable. Claudette Colbert. Dir. Frank Capra. 105 mlhs, 

Rel. Feb. 23. Hev. I'eb. 27. 

.: Line Up, The. I'olice Htory. Marlon Nixon, Wm. Gargan. Dir. Howard Hig- 
gina. €4 mins. Kel. March 31. Kev. May :.'9. 
Man's Game. A. Tim McCoy as a fireman. Dir. D. Ross L«edorman. Rel. 
.luno 16. 

... Man Trailer. Western 8tory. I'UCk Jones. Dir. L.ambert Hlllycr. 58 mins. 
ltd. May 24. Rev. May 2U. 

^ost Precious Thing in Life. Abandoned mother relives .her owA X'omance 
^ ; through her son. Jean Artliur. Doltald .C06k» :Rich8r4 Crom«r«qr:«vO^ 
. Lambert Hilyer. Uei. May 19. 
; "IWnth Guest, The. EiRht people my.sterloualy invited to dinner after arriving 

V '. told Death Is ninth guest and all will die. Six perish. Donald Cook. 

Genevieve VoMili Dir. Key William NetIL ntlM. ReL JMii iV Kev. 
'■'■['•■. March 6. ' 

; N(B Greater Glory. Feronc Molnar's 'I'aul Street noya' with a mostly Juvenile 
cast. Geo. Break.ston, Jimmy Hutler, Ralph Morgan, Loia Wilson. Dir. 
Frank Borzage. 78 mins. Rel. April 20. Rev. May 8. 
One Is Guilty. Woll-planned murder mystery. Ralph Bellamy, Shirley Orey. 
Dir. Lambert Hlllyer. 64 mina. Rel. March 31. Uev. May 29. 

. Once to Every Woman. Heavy drama of hospital life centering around big 

operation. Ralph Bellamy niid Fay Wray. 'Diri liambet'f HiUyei^. 70 

mins. ReL Jan. 16. Uev. March 15. 
.. '■Party's Over, The. Bruce Ulakely end."? the party when ho realizes his efforts 

to support his parents and brothers and sisters is robbing him of his own 

happiricxs. .Stuart fSfrntiL^ -mm^-^.ltfafKmk'^^liaV^ 
•/ , I-ang. Rel. May 15. 

v' f-iadows of Sing Sing. Rackoteer'!^ sister In lr>ve with detective's son. Both 
sKijf objecting to romance. Boy framed by rodhots and aaved by latlver. 
; SUtry Brian. .grWly^bOfc/'. 'mh^fmf mmm '::«mf'>»tf .^:mfi- ^ 
■ 'Itev. Feb. 27. ^ ■■,.< 

V,.', Ulsters Under the Skin. Tired business man takes a matrimonial vacation and 
Kcts it out of bis system. Klissa J..andi, Frank Morgiin, Jos. Schlldkraut. 
Dir. David Burton. 70 mins. Kel. April 15. Uev. June 12. 

i Social Register. A choru.<i f^irl's adventures in high society. Cplleen Moore, 

ciia.H. Winnin^er, Pauline Fredericks Alex. ;.<Clrl^n&' ;' Dtr.;vM 
. .' ' Ni<-ian. 74 mins. Itel. March 10. 

.' .-Speed Wings. Western with airplanes to break monotony of sagebrush. Tim 
.McCoy, Evalyn Knapp. Dir. otto Brower. 61 nilns. Rel. Feb. B. Rev. 
April ». 

.; Twertlcth Century. From the sta^e hit. Temperamental theatrical manaRer 
.ind temperamental star on same train. John Barrymore, Carole Lora- 

""'}■:. nara. xnf. Tleward nawk.<». 91 mins. Rel. May-ttr~"B«v>T'l**y~?' 

V(.%leice In the Night. Complications In thA MliMMHii^^; n 
I'ir. Chas. C. Coleman. 59 mins. Rel. April 6. 

V ' Whirlpool. A self-sacriflcinK hu.sband meets death to shltld his wife. Jack 
; . Holt, Jean Arthur. Dir. It, W. Nelll. 74 mins. Uei. April 10. Rev. 
v';-^'- •} ■.:;-#lay.8. . ' ■ ^ 

Whom the Gods Destroy. A man'sl^S^owrdii'dlQe: 
tcr Connolly, Robert Voumk. Doirla Keny 
Rel. June 28. Rev. July 

freiiik information supplied by the 
VSrtOHi production eompaniea and 
aifMMiietil up aa aoen aa peaaibla sflar 
■<»|la»ii.-'v-4lstti>t.^:H^ «iveiis:wh«iii 'VS^, 
laaaa datea are definitely eet. Titlea 
are retained for aix montha. Man* 
asera who reoaiya fffyiat StthaS- 

qvanft ':%^'^mfl90f0mm 
aerve a aopy Jaf ^^iMw ^ 


the ftinninf ttma iaa .iivan hare 
it presumably that of the prejeiBtion 
•oom showings and can only approx« 
imata the actual release length in 
thoaa atataa .or aommunities where 
loaal or ilili aa wt arahip may result 
in deletiona. R'uMfiinfl time In the 
reviews aa given in ♦Variety' carry 
the actual time clocked in the the- 
etre af ter paaaaga by the New York 
atata eanlerahtp, ainea pictures are 
reviewed l«i acttfslf. theatre 

thowinga.'' ' ■ '■' 

While every effort is made to hold 
thte Mat accurate, the Information 
ailpptied may not alwaya be correct, 
aven though official. Ta ablais the 
fullest degree bf aaetiraey. ^ifa-l^t/ 
will appreciate the co* operation of 
all ntanagera who may note diacrap- 

If u^der at a ttif(a<|tierade partjr. Wm^ lNike#ell< ShMe^ 


:iuA atiitn:il.s. 

Office: 729 Seventh Ave., 

New York, N. Y. 

John I'rcHton, Mary ytuart. 70 

Beast of Borneo. Melodrama 
niin.s Rel. July 15. 

Blue Light, (Austrian and Italian.) Mountain rounnco among Italian Dolo- 
mites. Directed atid st.irring tieni Uiofiiifit.ihl. Uei. not set. 

Bride of Samoa* South Sea featurctte. Dir. I'hil. Brown. 30 mins. Rel. 
March 1. 

Dawn to Daiiirnr Artl^^ rural story. Julie Ilayden. Diri-€ameron McPher- 
; spn« tt mine. Rel. Jan. 1. Rev. Jan. 9. 

jilw Caaa. Cofnedy in the vConttnental jn agoeK ^ Jtmmy Sav e, ^ |:ddie 

«ODd, v'^'lty' tt 6rt^9 iip^ •■j6fe.-'Bdhr;.,:':Sit!iBn littiffa^ 

i-elheiiiatoiwil. ^:6t 'miha»''.ilel> ■March-.tOi'^ .^'■■.•-■r:v">r ■ 
^ BO la Budapaat (HinnS^i : FlrSneiid^ OSM, JAualeal.; T« idtns^^^; 1^^^ 

• :.v;-^:':.Aptit ^li.- B*.r* Uay > •>; : -.v ■ '. - V ■■'■w.-:- \ 
..■••wei'd- of the ^Ar;rth-;'>dye«turcs--of -A 

Durrell, Dunea* RetValdor Paul iHtnsef sM fcijt^U Pll'i 

i'' Hmalley. 30 mins. ' Rel. Sept. 1. ■'■X'-"-.'-- 

TeH Tale Heart SMgar Allan roe thrtiieK W mlna 

Btdg., ' 

First Division ^'^^'^ ^NlTw^ YorK; n. v. 

lUleaaea Alao All^d, Chesterfield Md M^ 
Beggart in Ermine. iLlbn*l A twin, Betty Fu^hesia.^^^^^i^ 

Bel. May 1. . ■ . . 

Wy Umlts. A mllllo!>alr«. alUng and tirljdk Oj falle In, with t*o 

'.iboboea Sad enJoya Ufa tor a time. ■ fraiik C^^mt. 4i^JM*««i> 
■;^%alke?.-"Dlr. 'Wm. NlSh.:- 70 mIna. Rel. May 1. • ;|i^''J|ljf'^;/, 
'-^ilaf-PiW^ men voluntarily become this gttai^'aha jot S delBtlt^teyq 

tm: Sally Blane. Henry B. Walthall, Matty XemP> <fohnny Herren. DUr. 
A,. , Richard Thorpe. Uei. May 15. 

.trbss Streets. Young doctor. Jilted by the woman he iovO^ ruliiB kla carMr, 
: ;V < t until da^ of iame womaa lat^ Ut love iHtk l>lat; ytw* later. Rei. 

•:;'/"«'»h: 22.T>|r. Prank Strayer. ■ .■• ;:v ^ ■, 

■at :?Em Alive. JiinK'e suiier tlirlller. 56 min.i. Ucl. Feb. 1. 
: f ifteen Wives. Tlirf c, of a man's flft-cn wives, are suspected of hia murder. 
< on way Tcfirle, llaymond Ilaltori, .Natalie l^,IO0rhea;d,.K6ar.l^liel(> 

I'rank .Strayer. C7 mins. lUal. July 1. ■'■':,:■'''■ '':'.■■>■■•:■■''' 

'^orgotten Men. Collection of uncensored war film, tafcaia 
ar. liivf.s of 14 warring natlotia. Rel. APrtI I. , . " .v.. 
JitUe Road. KrlQ yon -$t9m^mir-Vfl0i'.m^ 

: l<?entlniied from page 4) 
iipprotimateiy |tO,OM.OOb and that 
as a secured creditor ita 123,000.000 
claim will in itself represent an Im- 
portant percentage of the total 
amounti beins more than one-third 
of all deW JaiM hM raaadn ta bd^ 
lieve will be allowable. Company 
presumes iU full claim of $23,000,000 
should be allowed because it la a 
secured creditor and totally different 
from any other daaa bt creditoi*. 

AlUed haa Iliad its paatioa in the 
U. 8. blatHet Court tinder eonaoU-^ 
dated proceedings for Paramount 
reorganization and aaka the right 
to Intervene generally in the re- 
organiaation. It aiao wanta notice 
to be heisrd on all questtona arlalng 
on reorganization and In order that 
proof of claim be given full force 
that ail mattera in connection there - 
witbji MndUM^ pl^tidna, b» ra- 
fe^rbd id a- flMal 1itaate(>. The 
trustees of Allied, Stephen Cal- 
laghan, Pereivat £>. Jackson and 

III ft tliar «it» llMkt ^Hkt)adtiBA tte 

(ler a Par ycorgahization plan will 
be of vaat Importance to reorgani- 
zation of Allied itself, declaring that 
76% o( aU aaaeta of Allied now is 
Tepreadfiiad' 'by "-^kat '^Pfi^n'^limt the- 
company. Allied'a own creditora 
look imi>ortantly to protection of 
-Mlled against P-P. Among other 
thinsa, the truateea of Allied ^ bianae 


Going on reoord disfavoring reor- 
K'unization of Par subsids by the 
i'ar trv(8teea» Allied points out that 
nait 'h^,''wi"'tk9a» subsids affected 
by tKa airt^na^^^ haa with 

the parent dompany Utit are also' 
liable for their execution. 

The Allied petition t^oca into de- 
tails in conn^ct.on wth the theatre 

purohai^i aiiraamenta it. made with 
IW lii IMT. Ho'uia^^ 

in Brooklyn (Parimount, Kings and 
I'itkin), the Vale.icla, Jamaica, 
L. I. and Par houses In Birmingham, 
Fremont, O, and .Olcns Falia, N. 
Th'raa 'tftiiaiit ii pd ,' ■ ' it ho^ Jamaioa bduae 
and thA Klnf, atlfl PHkin, firook^yd, 
were leased to Loew's after having 
boon built for Par. I. ■ 's la Invar- 
rcara on rent on this trio. ; ' . , 

't^j^jkatip . leaffida wera" disafflrmec:, 
'tie«^ leasing and operating arrang - 
nients liavo been w^orkcd out. This 
included the deal from Septem' .t, 
1933 tp Jtine, 1034, covertns tba Par, 
]}roo)^}f 11; The Eztenaioh^^heatra 
Corp:'''#ii# ''adt ''iiflT^td;' «pdra;te the 

hf^usc, Allied controIUliS W% of this 
cornpuny, Par 60%, Net receipts 
tinder. Che plan wdfe equally divided 
between Allied Md Pax. Nothing 
la mefttioiiad by Altted eprtcdriiing 
a-;^ ' flimiliar: d«iat'';'"fdr:; .:thM'.' .:optiitlp$:, 

in Birmingham, the Par truatoM 
sei •tibaldiaitr df their ovrdt; 

t ' bperata that thdatM, With f eh t 

to Allied on a b.TJ>la of 15% of the 
Kro-ss. A mlnir^um annual rental 
of 145,000 is guiranteed. in Clens 

Falla the Par tniiftaaf are atmtlariy 
op«f«, <wi'<)t' 'tfii>""<HI':'tba' 

irroHS. ;aa^^*';PBi:il(|KM|'^:df '^^^^ 

O^dan Jlyaak'^ ^.^ ^. . _ 

Claude tlilllh^water. DIr .Richard Thori>e. Rel; 
He Couldn't Take it. inside atory of a process server who makes good with 
his summonaes and gets his man. Ray Walker, Virginia CherrlH, George 
EL Stone. Dir. Wm. Nigh. 64 mins. Rel. Jan. 1. 

House of Mystery. An archeologist returns to America from tbej'ar EaaL 
with a curse on his head for his stolen wealth. Tai«iS:mi6i:'ai.Iiii^^ 
Dir. Wm. Nigh. 61 mina. Rel. May 30. ^""^ "T^ " 

In Love with Life. A hard-hearted millionaire, refusing aid to his starving 

daughter, takes her youni; son from her. Llla I.>ee. Claude GlUlngwater. 

Dickie Moore. Dir. Frank Strayer. 68 mlna. ReL May 1. 
-In the Money. A goofy family, suddenly broke, pin their hopes on a Shake* 
r-, spearean-minded prize ttghtlng champ. Skeets Gallagher, Lois Wilson, 

Warren Hymer, Sally Starr. Dir. Frank Strayer. 67 ralna Rel. Jan. 16. . 
Jane Eyre. Screen adaptation of the Charlotte Bronte classic. Colin CliVIk ' 

Virginia Bruce^ Alleen Pririgle. Dir. Chrlaty Cabimne. BeL Oct ». ■■■^^y 
Lawless Valley. , W*mMt^:wi0l0'^i00k^r U^-J^-v^ 
Loud SpeaMir. CMuMsrvdiikma of a.Mile ata^; May Wattar/ jrabtpMlliM WdMk, 

Dir.; iloeephfSanfleyi: 'Rel;- Mif^'- 
Man from Utah. John Wayne Western. 62 mins. Rel. July 1. 
Manhattan Uove Song. Two orphaned Park Avenue society deb sisters, forced 

mtS* tmi Robert Annstrons: . niKTXieonard Vlel^di; ReL May M, ' 
Money Meana Nethlng._JBffQrta of a poor clerk to make a go of marrtolse irith 
aa heiress wife. Wallace Ford. Gloria Shea. Dir. Christy Cabanne. ReL 
May 31. 

Murder on the Campua* Mystery with college background. Shirley Orey* 
Charles Starrett^ J. Farrel McDonald. 66 mlna BeL Feb. 4, ptr. Rlch« 
. . .ard; Thorpe. 

Qititter, The. A father with the wanderlust returns home ions enough t« 

Straighten out the affairs of his now grown'up sona Bfnrbara W^eka^ 
Billy Bakewein Chariea Qrapiiiidii; lBa«R|» IMnn, Qien B<4ea. < I94r. ^Rlclt-: 
^■f ::ard.Thoipa.; - ■Rel*;Marck.-l!k,::^:.;,\-; :■:'>;:■.>.■■•''■■ 'v v^". .'-'^' ^v... 
Ralilikew Over Broadway. Mdalcal romance -ikyMa ea-muailiBai eotdady atiat ai 
r'^renty yeara before wlm makea a sen'|iatlonal. eyernt^ te 
.: a . Broadway nisbt' J^^ Marsht Grace Hay«a. Frank Albertaon* 

\'l«i«l^.'|^t\eflel4.^:- 1>lr.vRichard'''Thon>e.:.'7t' mlba,.'':R^ 

Read to. Rtiiai* Innocent tlH flridi^^^s hetb 
mQd4#s;9arent8. Film on niodern yoi^b. Helen Foatair, Paul Paj 
en Bjolea xMr; Mrs. Wallaee Raid ai^ 

•iSalefi ilveata. ^Ifb preaa<dra Manranee aalei^m faDa for bal 
her yla deteirmlaed^ rapid M de of. o hatt a r r e n te. C I 
., Blane. J^nny Karren^ JadMf^ 

Throne of the Qods. Travel In the Himalayas. 65 mlna Rev. Dee. 37. 

Twin Husbands. Crook comedy drama. John Miljan, Shirley Grey, Monroe 
Owaley. Dir. Frank Strayer. 69 mins. Rel. May 16. Rev. May 29. 

Woman's Man. Hollywood Inside story. John llalliday. Marguerite de la 
Motte, Wallace Ford. Dir. Edward Luddy. 68 mlna. 

Bedeide. Comedy-drama of a women's doctor. Warren William, Jean MUlr, 
Allen Jenkins. Dir. Robert Florcy. 66 mlna Rel. Jan. 27. Rev .Mar. IS. 

Big Shakedown, The. Dramatic expose of the cut-rate drug racket. Bette 
Davis. Charles Farrell, RIcardo Cortea Dir. John Francis Dillon. 64 
mins. Rel. Jan. 6. Rev. Feb. 3. 

Circus Clown, The. Roaring comedy under the big tent with a winsome ro* 
mance wound into hilarious situations. Joe E. Brown. Patricia Elllib 
Gordon Westcott, Tom Dugan. Dir. Ray EnrighC Rel. June SO. Rer* 

July 2. 

Dark Hazard. Edward O. Robinson as a whippet racer. Genevieve Tobia^ 
Glenda Farrell. Dir. Al Green. 60 mins. ReL Feb. S. Rev. Feb. 37. 

Fashions of 1934. Story of a style stealer eet anlnat a laylah 
Wm. Pi-well, Bette Davis, Verree Teaadiila. «». ~~ 

ReL Feb. 17. Rev. Jan. 23. 

Fog Over Frisco. Mystery melodrama set In San Francisco. Donald Wood% 
Bette Davis. Lyle Talbot, Margaret Lindsay. Dir. William Dieterle. ReL 
June 2. Uev. June 12. 

Journal of a Crime. Drama by the French playwright Jacques Deval, and de« 
plots the effect of a murder on a woman of tine Instincts and delicate 
sensibilities who killa an unscrupuloqs jrlvaL Kuth Chatterton* AdolplMi 
Menjou. Claire Dodd. JDIr. Wiuiam Ketshiay; «S otfa* Rek 
Rev. May 1. 

Mandalay. Adventure In the Indies. Kay Francis, Lyle Talbot. RlccardS' 
Cortea Dir. Michael Curtis. 6S mins. ReL Feb. 10. Rev. Feb. 30. 

Massacre. Drama of the modern Indian and his conflicts with the white men. 
Richard Barthelmess, Ann Dvorak. Dir. Allen Crosland. 70 mma ReL 
Jan. 13. Rev. Jan. 23. 

Man with Two Faces, The. Prom the atajte play.^'Dark Tewar/ Q. 
inson, jSranr Aator. n», ikrehie ts mlaa»T»aL iS£ i; 

July 17. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ,\. . 

Merry Frinks, The. Comedy-drama of the typical famUyjt^ping all over_Ma 
until she turns and leaVf 
Kibbee. Allen Jedklna^ 
Rev. June 19. 

^iildnlght Alibi. Heart Interefi melodrama from Damon Runyon'a "Old Doll'a 
House.' Richard Bartlieltnesa ^ Ann Dvorak; . B^lea Lowell, Helen 
Chandler. Dir. Alan Crosland. 66 mlna Rti. Jfttly IL Rev. July 10. 

Reglatered Nurse. Drama of the romantic aide of. a nttrae'S Ufe la JL sfMtc^ 
polltan ho.spltal Bebe Danlel.s, Lyle Talbot, Jtlbm BaHllfip. flIrlMH 

ert Florejr. 73 mins. Re!. April 7. 

Return or the Terror, The. Mystery drama-^th plenty of beaat fnterailL ' 

side Streets. T'Ove drama based on an , orlgtmd atory l>y Ann Oafrtek 
Kthel HiiL Aline MacMahon, PaUl Kelly, AnB Z>««rak, PafTl^ 
Dir. Alfre4 {C.. Green. Rel. June SO. 

Twenty Mlllleh tweethearta Musical romanee taking ptaaa behind,^ 

a broadcasting studio. Dick Powell. Uat O'Brtei^^ XHnMr' Reitera. Alien 
Jenkins, the Four Mills Brother.^. Ted Kiorlto and Basd^ DK Ray Bn* 
right. 90 mlna ReL May. 86. Rev. May 1. 
Very Honorable Quy, A. Comedj^ flroaa tljie story by Damon Ranyon about a 
guy who always kept his promisaa. Joe B. Brown, Altee Watt^. Bojjiait 
Barrat. Alan Dtnehart. Irene Frdfiklta. pir. Uoyd BacKM. 1Mb(k 
ReL May 26. Rev. May 22. 

Wonder Bar. Dramatle mtfislca) spectacle laid amid the gay revelries e( a 

fashionable Parisian ntSht club. Kay Franc is, D ick Powell, Dolores Del 
■ Rio, Al Jolson. Ulrardo Cortez, Hal LpRoy,'Ouy" Kibbee, Hugh Herbert, 
Ruth Donnf Hy. Fifl D'Qrsay. I'ir I.!<>y4 Bacon. 84 mlna Rev. March 6. 

Studio: Fox MIIH, ir«- Omcesi 444 West 66th St. 

Hollywood, Cal. New York. N V, 

All Men Are Enemies. Hugh Will 1.1 tns, Ilolen Twelvetreea Dir. Geo. Fits- 

mauricc. 79 iniim. i:»;l. .\ipril 2'). Uev. May 29. 

Baby Take a Bow. The Fox child star comes through again. Shirley TemPleb 
<;iairc Trevor, James Dunn. Dir, Harry l«ehma£ Bel. Jnhe ISw Rtil' 

July 2. . 

Bettems Up. Breaking Into Hol!ywoo<l with a flCtRloiia pedigree. Spencaf 

Tracy. (Miss) I'at Uatfr.son, John Boles. Dir." David Butler. 85 mlna 
Rel. March 30. Uev. Mr.rch 2J. 

Call It Luck. Daughter of a London cabby wins the Sweepstakea Pat Pater- 
son, Herbert Mulidia.. Dir. Jta Tinlin. 66 mUub RdL Jdne, 1. Rer. 

July 17. 

Careliiia. From Paul Green's staK'* I'lay of last .•ica.'jon. Janet Oaynor. Lionel 
Barrymore, Robt. Young Henrietta Crosman. Dir. Henry Kins. 8S 
mins Ucl. Feb. 3. Itev. F»;h. 20 

Change of Heart. From the utory. Manh^tUjI: I^OVO Son^^ 

■,. Ch;is. Farrell.. Jarnos .OqfWr.-"- nl l li 6i !;,| l iiWjp?-^''J S R ' !- ' -l f ' 

■ mins. Uei. May 18. ■ ' ' ■ 

Charlie Chan's Courage. Another ct>i.'<o<lc In the life of the Chinese' '|}eata> 

Warner Oland, Drue Leytoti. Dir. <'•<;<}. Had ii-n. Hel. J'lne 29. 
Oeming Out Party. Orli^lnal done by t'le L.cVy uMtt I'.' i , .^^ i'<-f dmn 
Raymond, All.son Kklpwrirrh. Dir. John Bly-tone. 74 tfiins. itei. Marf'li 
». Uev. March 20. 

Constant Nymah (British Gaumoatl - f^rUish-ma'^e version ;of . a 'frustrated 

, - .■joiNjfc;/^lwtti^.adiiit.: 'Wvirt^ uev.,,ApfiM.o...; 



,^on their' own. ^ AIMmi ***^bon, Guy 
Herbert Dir. At wean, Bak May Hi 

■■••y:-'3Bv^lyn VeHitble, .D|rT 'jr«f.v.^fp: ■ Wmni. 

wm it ogofs, Louise Droaiac. 
nel.'.'Ma'rch' £' ttev. ,Ma^';|l'. 
ri/in Biiraa. •viE|lnd:*^Mk*' 

■ ,' ■ .-JUL,.-, 



Tn«s4«3r« AiiKHil 7, 1934 

7i SMARTEST c5Xm^ 





# tWSfill lA^^ 
^ BilMtl lAKi^ 


★ :AHCI;WMIfl;/^^ 


}^ AWXA^^ 






t s 

Ston of f cr^ftfi^ tfogt, radio, all wrapped- 
up in a big bundh of STORY oiicf SONG 
and MpilM on fhm icrotn i n 










fiof/ % J#f^ and Phil JEp$Mn, Stnenphy by Rian James, Produced J^^Oirf 

^^^^^^^^^^^ Dirodmd by Karl Fmmd^ P^onNd by CAM UiCMMiE 


sxV'ii; . ' l i t . ' '■ ' ••'r~! i fr-riMyr"'V' i| '.; ; 


inoml, Harry Wooila aua^1t«,tl#ik-\'i^B|lri-' Cly^t" 

Feb. UtfV. Feb. i3. ;y f .«* »^»t^ ^ 

.#!#r.Slnce Eytf. Country boy lioU.i Now TQHt. C^^ a«a 

:f»#iiM«1|'_MV^ The. I'Xinillar theme of ihi unknown dda^^ Geo. 
O'Brien. IWr. licw Seller. $6 mini, Qel. Jan, i». Uev. Fob. e. 

Qrartil e«nafy< Wira^^ Dir. Irving Cummin^* 7S 

mMw- Kel. Juljr M. Uev. July 24. 

Hgrtrfy Andy. ^Vm Roger«. Dir. David Butler. 81 mina. Rel. 

July. 27. 

H««rt tona>x.t4rUis|i mad^^ Lillian Jlarvoy and Mady ChrUttana tn the 

that Oirl. Orislual story. James Dunn, Claire' Trevor 
' MacFadden. 6S mins. l:el. Feb. IC. Rev. March 27. 
i ••ileved in You. story, Uoscmary Ames, Victor .lory, John Bolaa 
J>lr. Irving C'umming.s. 68 mins. Uol. Feb. 23. Uev. April 11. 
i llHrdev in Trinidad. Mystery story from Vandcrcook'a novel. NIcgel Bruce. 
. llontlior Angel. Dir. Loiiis King. 74 mlns. Uel. April 6. Rev. May 29. 
Now I'M Tell. Mrs. Arnold Uothsteln's story based on her husband'* life. 
Spencer Tracy, Helen Twievetrees, Dir. Bdwln Burke. gf ttilna. B«L 
May 11. Uev. May 29. 

©••••"Vf ^^yftery on a railroad tr^ ^MMmif ,^nf^ 

mr. Paul Martin...' 72 mlna. ' .^tdU'-^vm^'tt''' .'lUiy. ■wSW-^.'- ' ■.' ■■■J-:-'--^ 
Ifcandals. Singed by George White on tW lines of Hia f^eviie. Rudjr V 

Alice Fay. Jimmy lJurante. Dir. Geo. White, Harry Utchman. 7S Rlina. 

Uel. M.irch 16. Rev. March 20. ^ -Q'-r'-'''-:'''^.- /.Ta \' 'f'":^ . 

jij^f Learned About Sailors, Navy romance In flliMghiii ifiN^ 

Alice Fayo, Low Ayro.«», ^ltc)iel| «u»d DuraM. Dir. Oefls, Marahall. 8l 
; „ mliw- Kel. July 6. Uev. Juqr %U 

••»• VVas a 4-ady. Holen-Ttrt^y^ "toung. ptR i i8 i | # i|^rit«»e. 

,. Uel. ; July :20. ' Uev.; J!iii|t.4i:v ^-^ v ■■■'^"^ 

iMTji; paiu^Proin ^h« ligver by Fra4^ 

llMTlAf tlm« for t^ainiry. Fronr Bonn lUvy'a 8ta«« ttlar; 

.CarroU, N»g«l ^Bruce, Heather Angel. DIr, Frank 'Tuttlia. 

::,,';r\;ilufeed.r ,..,;Uei.,,:May' 2:S...-, 
■iWiiW t»|!'^^'a^^ Warner iBaxtttr. Madge Evans. Sylvia Prboi 

;Din Uel. May 4. Uev. April 24. 

tbcli Woman Ara Pangireuii^^^ F^ 'Odd Thursday.' Warner Bar- 

; ltot^^^^af«^id8<>n, Dir-^MM^ i^Wi* r » mina, Ke!> 

. ' May. jl.^.-|<ey;; Junw^ l^-; " . 

.^i^aavjin a >id^^ Xibve affairs oh an 6ei»an llher. Saijiy Bllera. John 

: : Mack tUoytn. Dir. jaa. Tiniihg. CC mina. KM. March M. Hey. May 8. 

|l^::liald, Johii B^^^ Trevor. Har^ Qraeit. Dir. Geo. Kareban. 

'-''■■■^.'■■^''^"'miftft.. Uei. June, 8.: "Uev. July 3i..\ .• 
:-Wfii^'-f»»MiJi-^tHi^ ■t<fe-;*.|c«H>;aft6*^' whiph '<}^fe4;^',«w(^W^^ Car- 


jtM.; V«f<i|fl«4t0t 

JdHh Ford. « 

Freuler Associates 

tfkX. uev. July 2. 

OMee: R.K.O. Bida>« 
New York. N. Y. 

Saraha story of British army add UiR, with love 
^ . , Waliipr BiflW, Claire Windsor. Dir. inui UOT^^ 

nc^l.. .Api1*>«li' -vv. -v.: . . 

iinre Paitt Thirty. A woman's s»^ragg^e against the lure i>( ita^^ 
: slio loved! Ailcon I'ringle; iThebdor von Eltx, Oertradf lle^ 

tt Airil^' OriHtnal, 
iiteko.sC.- Ma|-i« 
H 11; 

Olr. Tint t^eti^ 

Tow II. Myrna T^oy, Ma«ii«e« O SitlltjrMk 

Uol. M,»y-2!». Uev. July 1 

T|»(a Side of Heaven. DomefHtic dr.wn i from a ri->v •!. 
Mnlnter, Mae Clark, Una Merkc l, Tom Urown. 
78 mins. Uel. Feb. t. Uev. Feb. 13. 

Viva Villa. 

faoiiel liarrvin>>rc. Fay 
Dir. VVm. IC Howard. 

Wallace Boery port ray ft the famviuH M','Kioau ctiaracterr Pancho 
Villa. Stuart Erwln, Fay Wray. IjeoVC^rrlll^. t>ir.; ifack 1^ 

mlns. Uel. April 7. Rev. April 17. 
Yeu Can't Buy Everything. Story of .a >1.>inltio.^rin>? old- WOhnri. 
Jean I'arker. Lewis Stone. Dir. C. H. Uolaner. 72 mtos. 

M .iy Uobson 
Uel, J in. 2« 

M««n#ki>MM Office : R. K. O Building, 
MOnOgrain Rockefeller Center, N.Y.C. 

Studios 6048 Sunset Blvd.. 

Hollywood. Cel. 

Beggars In Ermine. Bankrupt steel man organizes a D^ondicants trust. Lionel 

At well. m^-.Wwimm^': n^v^m Roaen. u Mm m iMii' Ik. stv. 

May I. ' ■■ ■ ' ■ 

Blue Steel. John Wayne, Eleanor Hunt Dir. R;'>r. Bradhurr. A 
Western. 64 mlns. Uel. M iy 10. 

City Limits. Ray Walker, Sally, Frank Craven. Story of breezy news- 
paper reporter who gets* lit.s story —and the girl 7i) nilii.s. Uol. May 1. 
Uev. July 10. 

OIri of the Limberlostt A. Gene tun -rortor ».tury, Marian Marsh, l^alph 

Morgan, Louise Dre.sser. Dir. C'liri.sty C'abanne. 
Happy Landing. Rajr Walker, Jacqueline Wells. $3 mins. Uel. Sept. L 
Haalaa, IPIM. Ptw 4lt>0A' W^ Dir. Reginald Bafkl^' .. 

HiMiiiL'il Mmtofw. 1W .y«inis.'fI«K|a.-«(i' I4*«F. pi^r W»m»:t!^^J.0.i^^ 


fitiurlEHish and what led 'up to ' 

nte Male. Dir. Victcur SaVIIIe. t« Mnt. ftel. May 15. ReV. 

Aloffg Came Sally. ' Comiedy musical. Gl««ly CourfJieldsj^; 
7tf m R^l. June IS. Uev. Juno 19. 

^^^frnm 56nat«iM*J| 

aWfirty.- the. .... 

Lawthn, 8dhnle 

May 2'i 

Ghoul, Tlie. TInillor. IJoris K irloff. Dir. T. H. Hunter. 73 mlns. 
Jan. 1. Uov. Jan. 30. 

It's a Boy. Comedy. E. K. Hnrlon, Leslie Hfn.son. Dir. Tim Wlu^lan 

niiii.s Kol. June L Uev. June I'J, 
^uat Smith. Mystery conieily by I^on.sdale. Tom 
: 70 mliiH. Uel. April 13. Uov. April 24. 

Orders Is Ordera. American . makiug^fllm.. . In Brl 
Charlotfe Greenwood. Dir. Waiter- Fortfei ' 

May K ' y : 

jarince of Wale j. New.srocl conr|plWlon ol, 

.>Wg iiii tS >r^'iii.r^ fitory with music. f^-'-ifc-:-ll*i*im; 

:/--,V:-|iPotir May is. Uev. June 5. 



Wall^, star and; director. 

bh -mlnitfj' }iMtne»' '"Gteaaon. 
k^mSilp ^ Rev. 



Offices: RKO BIdg., Radio City 
jesiic M,y^ vopk city 

spy systems. 



Ret. March. 

New Vark, N. Y. 

"'Morning After. The. A merry mix-up of International 
Lyon and Sally lOilcrs. Dir. Allan Dwan. Rel. Jan 
Scarlet Letter, The. llawtliorne'a dramntic cia.'».sic. First sounJ filnilng 

leeii Mooro and llanlie Albright. Dir. Robert Vignola, 
Unknown Blonde. From the nov^i "CjjIJuslpn.I'^ The diyorce racket. Edward 
. Arnold, Helen Jerome Eddy. ftlK l^^ mllM." " 

Uev. May 15.. - . ■ ^ . ^ 

«"<'^*'«'ji'^^^^ ; 

Cat and the Fiddle. The. From the succosaful tnualcat play by Jeronia Kern 
■ / M Uambn Novarrji, Jeanette MaepigiiMl^ l^rftS^ 

: gi|h. Charlea Buttorworth, Jean Herahott. Vivlenne IhNlMdi^: 

llnm IC. Howard. Uel. Feb. 1«. Bey. I^sb. 2fc^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ • ^^^^ , ^ 
Eakimo. Love and hate In the icelahds. Native Dir. W." S. Vati Dyke 

Road.sbow length, 120 hiins. Itel. Jan. 13. Rev. Nov, 21, 

Fugitive Lovers. Robert Montgomery and Madge F.vans as the lovera In a 
Mory most of whose action takes place on a tran.scontlnental bus, Nat 
■ Pemllcton, C. Henry Gordon, lJuth Selwyn, Dir. H. BoleslaVsky. 84 
min.s Ifol. Jan. 5. Rev. Jan. 16. 
Hollywood Party. All star mii.sioal flitn. CS niitis. Uel. Juno 11. Uev. May 29. 
LauglUnq Boy. nanion' Novarro In the til'e role. r.:i"cil on (he Prize 
winning ttovel bv Oliver l.a I'arge. I.upe Vclez. l>ir. \V. S. Van Dyko 
7!i min.s. ltd. May 20. Rev. May 15. 
LBty reiver. .Story of (ho shrimp fi.shorios among the Cajuns In the Loulsiat>a 
bayoM (oimtry. .loan Parkfr. Knhcrt Vonng, V. Henry UoirdOh; Dir. 
, <ioor«e Soitz. ' 77 min.s. Rel. March 16. Rev. April 10. 
lllanhattan Melodrama. .Story of olil aiiil now New York. Cl.irk f!abl>, Wm. 
Powoll. Mvrna Loy. Dir. W. S. Van Dyke, n niin*. Rel, May 4. Rev. 
May 8 

Man in White. Picturizatiou of tlie .snece.s.sful P.roa.lway .stage plf»y of hos-. .ujr. ai€.x. iiaii. eripina. uei. Jan. iz. x(,ejr. .JAO, Zis. 

.ilal life. C lark c:al.l«. Myrna Loy. .lean Her«holL. : I . From the E^rt CarreT ^il^e pr<»du<:lloh;.^;M 

72 min.s. Ri'l. AprU 8. R«'V. May 1 and June 12. 
JMNirder In the Private Car. Mv.sterv thrillor with most of the action on a 
train C'h >.s. Kuggle.s, Una M. rkol. Dir. H irry M -iMm iiii M min.s 
Ki-I June Hi*. Uev. July 10. 
Mystery of Mr. X. Ha.sod on tlie Crime Club novel by PhUiP Mac Don,ald. 
R(.l.ort Montgomery, r:izal>eth Allaii. L*W4a' S|iiM*' 
Kol. I'oh. 2!. Rev, Feb. 27. 
.Operator 13. ISa.'-ed on the last ii iv-l of th.^ I.uo Uohort VV. Chatnhfrs. 
Marion Davie.s, Gary Cooper. Dir. Kn liard Dole.slii Sii »nint<. K*«l, 
June 8. Rev. June 26. 
.Paris Interlude. I'.ased on tlie play. .'All 0.<»')d A.wi;rit'^ris-'' Madg*'* Eviuiij. Una 
>. Merlf. l, (Mto Krugor, U«>lW;-yoVng. BdW^ 

July 7. Rev. .July 31. 
INiaan iOhrtttina* Greta Garho a.s the seventeenth century qu'-cn who was 
brought up as a boy. Lewis Stone, Ian Keith, Elizabeth Young. Dir. 
Ronti«>n M.-itnaifliflti. 00 iiiiits Kcl. Fob. 9. Rov. Jan. 2. 

Jana CHiartbtte ttrdnte'a iplaaald. 

Cbruty. 88 mliia* RtM. Aiw> 
Kliifl Kail/ at llkg W^ S. Breeay ireportor Rut» Bmaiti.plHli 

oh a pajnng baala. Guy Robertson, Irene Wlkfe. Dtfr 
Loudspeaker, The. Ray Walker, jaegueline Wplls. 67 mins. Rel. June 1. 

Lucky Texan, The. Western story of a man accused of the murder of his pal. 
John Wayne. Dir. Paul Malvern. 56 mins. Rel. Jan. 22. Rev. Feb. 13 

Man from Utah, The. (Lone Star.) Utah cowboy exposes rodeo racket and 
wins the sherlff'e daughter.^ John >ISaJnW,^^ N. 
Bradbury. 68 mlns. Uel. May 15. ' ? • • - ^ - j. ■ 

Mdanstone, The. Wllkle Collins story of disappearance of famous gem. David 
Manners, Phyllis Barry. Dir. Ueginald Barker. Uel. Aug. 20. 

Monte Carlo. Mary Brian, John Darrow. 62 mins. Rel. May 20. 

Money Means Nothing. Wallace Ford, Gloria Shea. 70 mlns. Rol. June 15 
Rev, July 24, 

Mystery Liner. Noah Beery, A(>triJ Alwyn. Dir. William NIgk 62 mlns 
Rel. March 16. Rev. April 10. 

Manhattan Love Song. DUle Lee. Robert Armstrong. Dir. Lieonard Fields. 
72 mlns. Uel. April 80. 

Randy Rldap Alpnod (Lione Star.) John Wayne. Albert Vaughn. Dir. R. N. 
Bradbury. 64 mlns. R^, June 16; / ' 

Shook. Balph Forbes. Gwellian Gill, Munroe Ow.sley. Shell-shock victim re- 
turns from World War, falls in love with the wife he had married just 
before going to front, and hates his unknown rival till his identity is re- 
established. Dir. Roy Pomeroy. 66 mins. Uel. Aug. 1, 

Sixteen Fathoms Deep. Sponge diver'a romance. Sally O'Neill, .Cralfhton 
Chancy. Uussell Simpson. Maurice Btack. Dilr. AtlOakld^ 8!^^ 
mlns. Uel. Jan. 1. Uev. Jan. 23. ' \/ ' ■'■'f - ' ' ■■ 

Star Packer, The. (Lone SUr.) Johii^WayiM, Verha HilUa.^: 

bury, M mlns. Uel. July 30. - '-^ ^ .ii;': ... 

West of the Divide. Lone Star western. John Wayili., Vl^ 

Dir. R. N. Bradbury. 62 mlns. Uev. May U.\v^'':-'-''7:i... ^ - . .J:' * 

Woman's Man. Hollywood Inside story. John HaNidMiy. #«ltiMiia Iwd^ 
guerlte de la Motte. Dir. Edwai.l Luddy.-' 

3tudloatS8S1 Marathon St., PBWik>MM«.*» 6fltcea: 1801 Broadway, 
Hollywood, Calif. raramOUni NewYerk. N. Y 

All of Me. From the stage play, 'Chrysalis.' Fredric March, Miriam Hopkins 
Geo. Uaft. Dir. Jas. Flood. 70 min.s. Rel. Jan. 26. Rev. Feb. 8. 

Bolero. Story of a gigolo who started In Hoboken. Geo, Raft. Carole Lom- 
bard, Sally Randi llflgi . Waaiey Rusftitt i^^^^^^^ Rav 
- Feb. 20. -'^ ■ -• 

Coma On Marines. Marine corps rescues a shipwrecked girls' seminary. 
Richard Arlen, Ida Lupitio, Roseoe Karns. Dir. Henry Hathaway. 64 
mins. Rel. March 23. Rev. March 27. 

Death Takes a Holiday. Death takes a holiday to learn of life. FroikQ the 
: stage play. Fredric March, Evalyn Vdnaltfa. IHr.'MIIOball' Lataaa!. ,» 

mins. Rel. ^arch 30. Rev. Feb. 27. 
Double Door. Thriller story of a dominant old maiJ. Mary Morris, Evalyn 

Venahle, Kent Taylor. Dir. Cha.s. Vidor. 76 min.s. Rel. May i. Rev. 

May 8. 

Eight Girls In a Boat. Love In a gitl'.s .school. Douglas Montgomery. Kay 
Johnson. Dir. Rich. Wallace. 83 mins. Rel. Jan. 6. Rev. Jan. 16. 

Elmer ad Elsie. Truck driver and the i>ro.sidont of a piano concern both pro- 
, claim the man Is the head of hi.s bu.sino.s.s and his home. Their wives 
prove the reverse to be the George Bancroft, Frances Fuller, 
Roseoe Karns, Nella Walker. Dir. Gilbert I'ratt. Rel. July 27. 

Four Frightened People. Mixed quartet In the Jungle. Qlaudette Colbert, Her* 
her t Mar.shall. Mary B«laikdi:'Wl|b' .''alUli(*ti.^ |9llV'^Jiip.V:«^ 
Jan. 16. Rev. Jan. 30. ■.fW!^i'7l',, .f'^' 

Ooed Dame. Fredric March on a carnival lot. Sylvia ijitiMpy ■-''^Wfe'- i-ttiiHeB- 
Goring. 72 mlns. Rel. Feb. 16. Uev. March 20. 

Great Flirtation, The. Stage story by Gregory Ratolt In which an egoti.stlcal 
matinee hero sacriflcea his career to promote that Oif hta wife. Ellssa 
i.;inai, Adolphe .lfanjd«i;-:'' |ll«i:vtt«l»l^i\i^^ 

Rev. June 26. 

Here Comes the Groom. Escaping burglar Is forced to Imper.sonate the groom 
of a Ueaerted bride. Jack Haley, Patricia Ellis. Dir. Raoul Pagol. Uel. 
June 15. Uev. June 19. 

Hie Double Life. (Dowllng.) Light comedy. Lillian Glsh, Roland Toung 
Dir. Arthur Hopkins. 63 mins. Uel. Jan. 12. Uev. Dec. 19. 

I Marrjed an f^l^^^^ J^ gfJj^^^j^^^^J^^jjlj^^'^^ ^ J^y^^ ^^^^^iui^.^'Ki^ 

It Ain't No Sin. Mae West- as a burlesque Que«Hi- '■■ikog^. '-tlljri^ 

Brown. Dir. Leo McCarey. Uel. June 29. 
Klaa and Make up. Beauty doctor marries hia model. Cary Grant. Genevlove 
ToblHi Helen Mack and the . VVampaa Baby Stars. Dir. ilarlan 1'homp- 
son, Joah Nogulei^ Rel. July 13. Rev. July t. 

Ladios Should Listen. Parisian telophone girl helps a South/All>aH#it Qilltlori- 
liro. Cary CJrant, Francos Drake, Kd. lOvorett HOTtOlt.'' Plr.' : F^ 
Tutlle. 61 niin.s. Uel. Aug. 3. Rev. July 31. 
Laat Roundup. The. Western with a Zane Grey title and a new story. Ran-i 
doli)h Scott, Monte Blue, Barbara Adam.s. Fred Kohlcr. Dir. Henry 
Hathaway. 60 mlns. Rel. Jan. 26. Rev. May 15. 
Little Miss Marker. Damon Runyon story of a clUld who waa pledged with a 
bookmaker. Adolphe Menjou, Dorothy Dell, Chas. Dickford, Shirley 
. Temple. Dir. Alex. Hall. 110 mins. Ret. June L Rev. May 22. 
Many Happy Returns. Burns and Allen at their diasiest With Guy Jjom- 
bardo, Joan Marsh. Dir. Norman McLeod. 66 mlns. ReL J;||ii|# |. Rev. 
Jurie 12..-, ■ ■ ■■ ■ - V'^ ^ ■ ■ '•■,. .;■!■ 

Melody in Spring. Radio singer at KOnle and abroad. Lanoy ftiiraa. Chaa. 
l:lI^gle.s. Mary Uoland. Dir. Norman McLeod. 76 mIna. Rel. April 19.: 
Rev. April 3. — " - " ^ " ' ■:■] '■"■: f'^'^ 

Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolaf^. Farcical play. Dorothea Wle«lt^;i^fUw '1^ 
Dir. Alex. Uall. 87 thiha. U^^ 

■Wlp Tide (C>pi»oMrtff Forces Within Woman). An American girl marries Into 
' . Khgll'-h nobility and suffers (li.sappolntment and di>lllii.sioiim' iit Norma 
Shearer. Robert Montgomery, Herbert Marshall, Mrs. Pat Camiibell 
Dir. Edmund Gooldlhg. Rel. March 23, ICey. April 3. 
Sadie McKee. . jp|aaft4. 9n the novel by. Vina Dclmar. Jo.-tti Cra^virford, Franchot 
.'.Tone, '' •■iMir;'-^fiMlil^ ■lifd#h,-..Ret'.'Mpty' lt;.'-ReV;'.May'.5t;-/ ■• 

■■;-ReTr.;ilarch'^M.;.. ■l'- .. v 

llik.-4aiii'aat. ' .Shy'sidi-y..' 'Myrna' ly>y»' Gefli..; Brenf.: JhtVifimi^ |l?«M»*r-.'P*' 
tllWi. ■.IleLJulyls;.. -.Uei^. ■July: It V' : I /V- ^ 

'ills! Mlf Matfli. Further adivon turei 'fl* the cl«i<-acierA ^>^^ea^ed by, f4» 
, j»r It l/'c ; llur rotig h». J ohhiile .\Ve|<*w»w"«r* W^W9<'n 0:*uiWva4, N;tM ; 
;;:-,r;|lam,tlloB^>'"Drr.''Cedrie '^rlht^oh4^'':: BW.' Mtt^^h,:?*., ncv;-. A»»M'.;**«.T.'-.. 

No-noH:'Wmm,i^ diVera.>':'Cdin'und'LofN!;°''V'ictor. 
McLai^^ iftit^^ R^L P»%-.n.. iteri 

■March; 8.:;.. a;;- ■ .r'-'-'v'-/ ^ ■'''■■'X ■"■i':.. ' 

Notorioua " ''Saii^.ia" . :M)«ifl. ^'Story oC'^-liiternatioifaif'''' j)ewie4t'''''tKle«aa.v!'.. Gei'truda' 
Mlchaai7l*attl ■^wmmifiU-' viE^ff. Ralph Murphy. iB«;^ilMfi*> . 1^. j lily SO. 

..Hev..'-Juiy-ff.v>..r.Vi,r: ■- ■■ 

.Old' .Fa'ahianedl'' Way;' Tha. •■■W;-: ■'<?,' yieida,: jnrlidirrtiwte 

'99s Baby CeKoy» Judllh AlleM. D|»: W^T]^ , fldiqla. Uel 

. j k \ f luiy It. ,:"' • ■[; ' "' w:-, ' ] — 

Fr i va te Sea ndai. Siiiielde larh Ich is dec! dod to be a m Mrdec becaOae nohe 6f the 
wit nosse.s darea hia own :ex^ure to acatidal. . JSagu -.'Mttai . fWllIpe 
Holms. Ned S^rkl. Jdary Bfian, . R^ph Mttit^.. :^ M-'^^ 

. .:Mayll. .Ijtev;: June .l%r..\ _:^X V.;;:J.;;':.:\'^'''^ '-^ ■'■'■/^^K'-.' 

Oua > e » i.'f »p . \ aa aaj t yi ! ! ' t1 i!ai ^ i.'jP ae ' (iiila ;.' w ^ ^ > 4 'jKtol i n.''jf i i fi t .' le . iH a piiy Wl i m e f a l a 


lliiniililirilr iiiijittiNliSpslliliii^^ 

If? *<T 

'■ "''-'-US 



A S e I f ^ 


Camden, H J. 

l*ar'a HtternaitlpitaA , 

:mi»ti«f. jOa UoEKim^ iToby 
!. TT : minav ' , II*L Fe^. I. 

v\'iiig,. jaa. '-'GteiHidSi ■'■mi:*;; wm^ -vm 

.Fob. 13:..^ ' 1' .'■'{':■■' y': .-v. ''^v ' 

She Made Her Bed. Show lot stofy about *: brutal ariimal trainer, filch 
Arl^h, Sally Kiiera. Uobt Arra.'^trollg^ Dir. iWll'h Myfphy. Rel. March 
■f...;it^v. ■;M»y:'L"-.^' '■.:[■:■"■'''■'■■■ v. . , ,.■:,"'■■■"'':.' ■: 

.Shioi9t..-the\W'aeka^.':.4'.;^teh«tuted, ?rbi;tM'oat.Mago<iI^.'':,^^ 
::.;;.^..;iwtot^r.;IJ««.V:'^lw^^^ ■■.:Uor.-:JLti*»«il»..' ..Hovv -Juiy.Kft,:.. ■ ■ 

iM^-'vari \¥^i')''Sf^ :-«:«hirc.-t'xpeWso.<i'...:trlii.,.. '.ciasi: 'flugliries.N Mar> 

V V Bul.Yhdi W. C.*F|MnKii/ GM. rturns. Gr;(j:|6 Aflohi AtfiKHi Mklpwottb. ■ Dir 
T.f^o CVt rey. M irtlft% Bel; Fob^ ^ UeV. MaT<?h 13 

Thirty Day* a PrJnceia. Ob.c'ijiire acfrexs ptay.i| At being <• i>i im .^^s SyK'l<i I 
>; ■.!.•,■ ■■••Hidm-.V,- .C'irjr-'Oraial,y..M.r.-'l»ar.lo.ij, G<jrin4^...74'm.*.ha:>-'<*e^; ^Jiy'''i8.'- Hev ; 



v< TucHday, AuguHt 7, 1931 


Henry Travfi««, •Hta«ly for I-om,' 

original,; ■:C0V, :-V^>^■; r'- 
, .KiU/.: w ■ .:-^^-}'': 
Wn. ■ 

Alma T»1I, 'Imitation iot Life,: U. 
Cnuifunl Kent^-' ■.■fliC!»^^^ 
maru'»>,' M.Tscot. 

C. Aubrry Smitli. Ktienne Olra- 
dot, Uussell Hix, Nati C5ray, 'Fire- 
bird.' WB. 

Donald Crisp, 'What Evt-ry Wom- 
An Knows,' Metro. 
; :; Cora Siu^ ColHnB, 36S NIehts in 
V Hollywood; Foi.* 

• M(k« Siinnm?!^ irorJjptlng T Love 

. .■Only.*: treu. ■■v:-' 

VnnUi TmVBk <llr«^ 'H«r* i» tly 
■\ Heart/; J*»r.'-';v-''v:;- ' fY^ 
V 'ytiiM-: 'Bitfaiett.: ' -In 

Harry. |& Braflley, 'ICW** 
.liotiiir UA..''.': ■■■■■^•'■■■:-^-^tT;: ',: 

Dorla l^c^d, 'I^ 

JMrs. Wallace Held, dtrfeota "^^^ 
.•n Must Dress,' Monb. 

Earl r.aldwin, added dlalOiCi fiflX.*: 
Day Hike Kidor,' WB. 

V. HuKli Herbert. scrIptlfljt.%lB» 
elinK Saleslady.' WB. ..' ^ ■ 

Tom Buckinprham» t»^tlliig'.'0ailr 
cealment,' WB. , ■ r-.;.:\-V( 

K. E. Paratmorci, ;»erl|i^»|j'::,^^P^tj 

nies,' Fox. , 'v'.':'';''tv'v- - .' ■ 

I.,ee Cordova. produetlMl.'lMia^^ 
'Footprints,' Conn. 

Florence F'air, 'Firebird,' WB. 
, Colin Tapley, 'Lives of Cenpal 
■lilncer,' I\ir. 

Beulah Bondl, Trent Durkin, Es- 
ther Howard, Ralph Romley, 
Charles 15. Arnt, 'Ready for Loye,' 

■ ■'Pair*' ' ■ 
. ii^%e Bluings, Rtcca A^^ 'Pur- 

•..>--vH«i«l.- .: F1iHt,^ti 0#«Eil«:.,/M«»kc(r,.. 

^ -i^i^wctyi' Sia': coT^^'^ ■■■^^ 

Oilbtci ESRMry» Robert Wttrwicic, 
•Wight I*ff»>f th« Qods.' U. 

fip«ncer Chart^ri, TlreblrdJ WB. 

Jimmy Burtiit, 'SeauolA.* 

Olaf Hytten, Horace Cooper, 
•What Every Woman Knows,' M«. 

Claude Kinpr, Theodore Von Eltz, 
Guy IT.sher, 'Charlie Chan C.nrrles 
On,' Fox. 

Tom Hood, scripting 'Case of Cn- 
, vWous -Bride,' WB. 

' Jules r.aiicoiirt, 'Marie Galante.' 

■ Sid .Saylor, Leroy Mason, 'Dude 
Ranger,' Athcrton. 

Eddie Arnold, 'Biography of a 
jBachelor,' MG. 

■ George Hill, diretts untitled film, 

Dorothy Christy, 'What Ladies 
JDream.' U. 

Maurice Black, 'Wake Up and 
pream,' U. 
V Clarissa Selwynne, 'Biography,' 
; MG. 

Tito Carlo, 'Marie Galente,* Fox. 
Patricia Farr, i'Dud«. > lUriger.' 
At her ton. 

I^etgh Jaaon, directs shor^ BiM* 
'catioiiai;,''. _v:.. .V 

WiUiam Favershaw, .t3e^ltt J«n> 
nlngf, •ttef^esvdw al MMHilrht,* U 

Jame« BtiHce, ^Qrchf4s 
lon».' Col. ' - i' / 

Tiffany Thayer, coliabbing, 'Ar« 
H4n Worth m' pmr. . 

Hi!»l)^'Erwin, sets destgnei', 'Little 
If ihlaCer.' BKO. 

: Slavko Vorkaplch, special efTects; 
••David Copperfield,' MG. 

Louise Long, Ethel Doherty. 
scripting westerns, I'ar. 

Main, Ivy, of 'Eskimo,' leads in 
'Typee,' MG. 

Captain Cornelius WiUiumse, col- 

labbtng, *i|M| frbm Heii4<iuArter8.' 


Norman Foster, 'State yii. Bleanpr 
Norton.' Fox. ■ 

I'^i ancrs Drakci, John Lodge, 'irfen- 
ace.' I'ar. '■:'"■■'„■ / S'-'^ ^- ■■■ 

Charles :Sarl!6ii^ i..4irectt>»|f :..,^M»n» 
ace,* 'Par. ' ■ : ■v";-'','v ; 

Georfie Nich(ds, direct ji»jg,^'f)||iQ. e(4i 
, .Green (iables,' RKO,^' V. 

Valerie Hobson,,>J*jrftei*y 

■ 'Win Drood/ ,U, 

RutMlmfi iSt^Vens. 'Waite Up aiid 
PrMunt-'-'tJ.' " 

• ; j|ii)«V IITyiatt,; L. Surlllvah; 

f*S*|»^B^1r*;%hat Ladies 

■ ■ Wj*'li<lhaiin ; landing, Franklyn 
Pfthgbbrnv !s*oet Frahcls, Walter 
Walltef, Nita I.rfine, 'Imitation of 
Xlfe,' U. 

Forrester Harvey, Muriel Kirk- 
1and« Rafael Ottlano, Harry Cord- 
Inir. Kmlly Naylor, Douglas Wood. 

Nancy Carroll, 'CJirl Frien d,' C pl. 
Pat O'Hnra, Eve narrower, *1l|^at 
Every Woman Knows', MG.. : ' ' 
Frank Lawton. 009^' 
field', MO. - 'y 

Charles Coieiiian, ^letuM OlH In 
World', RKO. 

Margaret Seddon Kcwpie Mor- 
iMMk-Marto Wilson, 'Babes in To>- 

Ian l|MniT,'» i»)? ii| m f# Mia— 

(C^iitiiiued iirtrth^ P 27 > 

Trumpet Blows, The. Ci iK-e itnifl iM^otics nn aniaieur J>un ftghter. Geo 
liaft Ad..i|>iie .\i.hi..n, i-r.mrcs Drafce. Dir;;#t»;pften lipbert* ^. '^^^^^^ 
lU I. April i:!. iCev. April 17. ' ' : ■ V .; :: 

We're Not Dressing. Cenudv of shi|i\vre. k. d royalty. King Crosby,, Carole 
Lombard. liiiriiH ami All. ri. Ktli. 1 Merman. Leon Krrol. V\r, Norman 
Taurug. SO niiiiri ICel. April Kov. May \. 

WJ»(6hlng Hour, The. Angnstus Tbomii.s play of a murder innocently cuused 
. : , bv liMmotism. Sir Cuv .'^taiidinK. .lohn Malllday, Judith ; Ali4;n, Dir 

N ; Henry Hathaway. 65 inins. iJel. April 2". Itev. May 1. 
i/ihUri Angel, llotn.ince in San l-"r;im isoo of 1907. Victor Mcl^aglen. noroth> 

Dell. Dir. W. C. Meiizlcs, 65 mlns. H^l. March 16. Rev. April 24. 
You':' fielona to Me. State story 'llelW.I| 'Maeki . 't«iil' flNiai^'u. fH^.-'/Jt'^'b.- 

Worker. l{rl. July 

Vou're Telllna Me. Fields as a small town garage man. W. C. Fields, I..oan 
.M^rvliL BMSter Crabbe. Adrlenn^ Ames. Dir. Krl* Kenton. . «»« mlns 

'.. - -v;. N«(»iYark.-.,»<.y 

l^i^laiwi^ 11^. in a thrilling n>j«t^iMkM 

sl^p-raising country. Kuth BuHlvan and Robert IfillAtllg^ 
Goi-don. S4 mihs- Hel. Feb. I, Rev. ^prll 24. 
FriiMing to Live. Captain^ the doig. iand Lady, his ntfitei la a stbry basad 
oh ai«^ Inctdent In their ilv«p^; Mary Iwimhg and iC^^yM^ r«n4i«toi|. 
.-Sfl.lniiK'.'itel... Mdy.V;' v,:,^ ; ■■. ,. 
Little bametel, The. Anna Keagle and James lu^ 

clyb fliieen' in a rttay ^ s 

i«iMtiMf^H#tt|hMe««, R iC n RikfliAi t^f' R.K.o. 6100-, 

:::X^.-:'''' Cslit. R.IV.Vf. naaiO Radio city. N.y.C 

AftefWarda (tentative title). A lomedy drama with a tiupernatural twi»t and 
murder mystery. .Zasu i'itte. Slim Summcrville, Bruce Cabot, Ralph 
Morgan. Dir. JaAiee C'ruze. Rel. Aug/ 17. 
Allen Com. Talented young musician realizes after a scries of disapiiolnting 
!ove affairs that love and a career won't mix and chooses career. .\nn 
Hardinp, John Boles. Margaret Hamilton, Arnold Korff. Dir. Edwani 
H. Griffith. Uel. May 25. 

Bachelor Ball. The story of a matrimonial agency run by n timid young 
: , man and the gaiiKsters who try to msKe It Into a racket. Stuart I'2r- 
win, I'ert Kelton, Sk>^ets Gallagher, llochelle H«f<don. Dir. George 
Stevens. H«l. July 20. 

Cockeyed Cavaliers. A ooytuine story with Bert Wheeler and Robert Wool- 
■ sey. Thelm.i T..dd. Dorothy Lee, Noah B«aigr..:...JPWN7Mfli*.Jfc*iW^ 

mins. Itel. June iilt. Kev. July 31. 

Doctor. A famous ilctective, jealous of his wife who no longer love* 
him. plans the perfect crime Otto Kruger, Karen Morley. Nils Asfher. 
Judith Wood. I3ir. John Bobertson. Kel. April 27. Hev. May 15. 

Down to Their Last Yacht. Impoverished millionaires take a partjr of pay- 
ing guests for a cruise. Sidney Fox, Mary Boland, Sidney, MMkciler, 
I'olly Moran, Ned Sparks. Dir. I'aul Sloanc. Bel. Aug. 3. 
irinliphing School. A young t )arding school girl becomes involved with a 
young doctor. Ginger .itogers FrahSfSi 'I^A Bruce Cabot, Blllje Burke 
Dir Wahda 'Ttich<iek^an'd''.G«4>ritf.^.WMl«''Jf^^ 4 
^ Rev. May 1. ' 

ifetl^ 'Em Rolling. One man's life-time devotion to his loyal army horse 
Waiter Huston, Frances Dee, Uohcrt Shayne. Frank Conroy. Dir. George 
Archalnbaud. 65 niins. Uel. March 2. llev. June 2ti. 
Hat, Coat and Clove. A murder story of a husband who has to defend his 
■ wife's lover against an indictment of murder, llicardo Cortoz, Jtilin 
D«!al, Barbara Bobbins. Dir. Worthington Miner. 64 mlns. Kel. Aug. 
24. Kev. July 31. 

Hlp«, Hips, Hooray. Musical girl thow. Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, liuth 
Etting, Dorotiiy Lee. Tlielma Todd, <Jeorga Me«|Wt;^|l|rtiM' 
Mark Sandrich. Hel. Feb. 2. Hcv. Feb. 27. 

His Greatest Gamble. A father, in pri.son for murder, escapt .« in order to 
save his daughter from her domineering mother. Itichard Dix. Dorothy 
Wilson. Dir. John Robertson. 70 mlns. Rel. Aug. 10. Rev. July 24. 
Let's Try Again. After ten years of married life, a couple decide to try new 
partners, only to discover that the habit of being te»;ether is too strong. 
Clive Brcx>k, Diana Wynyard, Irene Hervey, Helen Vinson. l>ir. Worth- 
ington Miner. 67 mins. Uel. July 6. Uev. June 26. 

Life of Vergie Winters, The. A woman's devotion for a man which c.iuses 
her to live in the hack strett <.f his life so that he may become a great 
statesman. Ann Harding, John Boles. Dir. Alfred Santell. 83 mins. 
Rel. June 22. Rev. June 1&. 

Long Lost rather. Story in a London nite chin. .Tohn Barrymore, Helen 
Chandler. Dir. .ErheM A- Sehoedsaclti H SBlnib; Rel. Jan. It. Rev 

Feb. 27. ' ■ \ :■<, ■■.; 

Lost Patrol, The. A detachment of BritlSli; adidiera lost on the Mcsopotamian 
desert are attacked by unseen Arabs wlth dramatlo result*, fioria Kar* 
loftr Victor Mcl.aglen. Wallace Ford, n^jtmm Vlimf9,) IkllM.mi^^^^ 
John Ford. Rel. Feb. 16. Rev. April 3. 

Man of Two Worlds. An Eskimo, tils Illusions shattered by a glimpse of Lon- 
don civilisation, returns to his own people and is brought back to reality 
by bis Infant, son. Francis Lederer, EilaSa Landl, Hemry Stephenson 
Waiter Byron. iStefll Duna, J. Farretl MacDonaid, larah Padden. Dir 
J. Walter Riiben. 92 mlns. Rel. Feb 9. Rev. Jan. 16. 

Meanest Qal In To^n. Farce comedy love In the beauty parlor, Zasu Pitts, 

Miirder en the iliaeKfieard. A seho^ teachM^^W^ m muirder which 

takes place in a classrooni. Edna May Oliver,. Janies Oleasbn; Dir. 
George Archalnbrud, 72 mlns. Bel. June 15. Rev. June 26. 

Of Human Bondage. A poignant story of a man who faces life as a partla. 
erliwle. Leslie ;;llNftwari«»^^B^ DavlSi R«taia]d Denny^, Reginald Shef- 
11^ Alan Halfc Wrs J*hn TCromwcIl. T» mlns. Rel. July 27. Rev. 

■■■■;\;,\.,.Jtily ,2.; ■ 

ling and Llkii-tl^ Oan^^ a Bi'oadway ahow ignd niafces Sure of good 

reviews by furrilshlhg special escorts' for aa#h faVlaWa^ ZMis^ A^^^ 
Pert Kelton, i2dward Everett Horton, Nat PehdleCon, Ked Sparkib IMr 
William Selter. •» mins. Rel, April 26* Rev. April 17. 
Spitfire. A powerfiir story whl(eh deals with a beautiful mountatni "wlich'* 
whose naivete, temperament and personality combine wickedness and 
immaculateness. Katharine Hepburn. Robert Young, Ralph Bellahvy, 
Martha Slecpef, Sidney Toler, L«ula Ifason, Sara Uaden. Dir. ^ohh 
-.Cromwell. ■-|l»l,v;limh'll#. ,.llevi;.liar«h:i0i,'-' ■ 


banks. Jr , Kli/.nbc lh Bergner, Flora Robson, OriiniM .4#i|Sa Cin 1^ 
.yainner. K3 ml»8. Uel. April 13. Uev. Feb. 20. 
bf Monte Cristo, The. The famous romantic old ctaitiHlc of the I^Mw|| 

<Milllant Liady. An unwed •mother who pays the price of silence in order t^ 
near her ehlhl. Dir. (Jregory La Cava. Ann Harding, Clive B 
Otio Kruger, TuHib CariNlnati. 82 mlns. Uel. Jan. b. Uev. Jan. 23. 


Stlngafe*. Notoribus Australian bandit of the "Robin Hood" type with a 
Itair for the esthetic things of life. Irene Dunne, Itichard l^ix. Conway 
Tearle. Mary Boland D&r. William Wellman. U mins. Uel. May 2i. 
■ ReVr May 22.- r. . ^ :"'Cr':n :\ ^ 

Strictly Dynamite. A poet becomes a gag ''^nt§r'''ist::im ll^Ooi Iradte^^ 

Jimmy Durante, Lupe V. lr z. .Vorman Foiifcr, Wlfianri^ltbh. : fMl^.^^^^^l^^ 
^ Nugent. Uel. May 11. Uev. July 10. 

tUCCess at Any Price. business man finds love at la^t. D(>uglas 
Fairbanks, Jr., Colleen Moore, Genevieve Tobln. Dir. J, Walter Uuben. 
^ _ ,BeI..;March l«. - Rev/ -Jtfay; 

•iicieess ttofy. The ruthless rise to poMier and wealth of a boy of the New 
. Tork telcment district. : Douglas Fairbanks. Jr., CoUecn .Moore, Gene- 
■ yleve Tobln* Frank Morganv Dir J. Walter Ruben. Bel. March 16. 

flirf Man fs Mine. To preserve her marriage a young wife virtiially hurls 
y her husband into the arms of his hrpt Ima,; yto«h«^^ 

Cuminings, Ralph Bellamy, Kny. iiainmm.r'.lSW' -9S^ 
Rel. April 13. Rev. April 17 

rwb Alone. An orphan girl and a young boy Who escaped from a reiformatory 
fall in love and try to escape the inhuman farmer who keeps them 
enslaved on his farm. Jean Parker, Zasu I'itts. Tom Bfown. Arthur 
Byron Nydia Wcstman, Beidah Bondi, Willlard Robertson. Rrriervon 
fracy. Dir. Elliott Nugent Rel. Jjin. B. 1934. Rev. April 10 

We're Rich Again. How a woman g<'t8 her man by helping her. family OMt, bf 
tinancial ditlicutties. Kdna Al |.' (>liv^r/ BHliii Bunie,. Mltrt^^^^ 
Dir. William A. Seller. Rel. July 13. ^ 

tWhere Sinners Meet. An eloping couple have a break-down in tbeir car and 

spend the night in an unusual hntei where the host, a phllosoiiher, siiow)< 
(h e m th e frr or of - tl i oir w a y — cuv.^ nrri>.if^ rt tann Wynv.ird. H»>firial'l 
Owen, Blllie Burke, A\:\n Mowhray. Oilhert Emery. Dir. J. \Vaitef 
Ruben. 68 mins. Uel. May ^S. Uev. May 29. 

«A/ild Cars* 

IliiitMl Airliili 

Frank Buck's expedition Into the Asiatic Jungles to eapturi- 
'irl^rwnk- t5»it*. ■■;;Dlr; 'Atmahd, Dailli.. . llfUv AprH'iv'-.r v 

AffaW «f teliinL. The. The love Mfc bjr iMntfehistb Celiifnl: jrredrle ilarch' 

Conijtance Bennett. Frank. Morgan, Fky Wray. Rel. Aug. 8: 
••rtl !• Bail. Story of a wom.'tn apparently destined by eircuiitxuineen t», 
bA always wicke<l In spite of hf/self. T.K>retta Yr.ung. Cary CJfai.l. I'aul 
ll.irvey. Dk- Lowell Sli'-i r-,-, fi . IM .May 18. 

Bulldog .Prummend Strikes Back.. Further adventures in crime solution. Ronr 
■ij^^^m^^^^ig^ta ■ .Vf^ang,;. ^.warner . OMind, . ;',Cbairiefli ■■ B«tterw«;rih,.; ;U,na' 

House bf Rothschild, The <20th Cent.). Strong' drama of the great AnnnclRl 
houpe: qeorge Arlisa. Borlp Karl<iff;,Ml^rtir Yotrng. Dir. Alfred Wei ker. 

^nilitS.. ,■; Reii >A^^1 ,i; ;• Hey^^^^ 
Last Oentleman. The. Iflhirvwd and elderly iAdltiBimipa cleverly foils the plans 
of his , children to <MnSel his nioney awaiTi vNKHrge Arlis.H, Edna May 
Wlver, J»\net Beethf^.;;;!^ ^AlPh Morgan. i:»lr. Sidney JLa^fle^. ifi^ 
date Set.) , 'v 
Leak(|M t«r Treuble; 'Thrills in the lives of telephone linesmen, w|th a cburle 
, bf love stories on the side. Spencer Tracy, Jack Oakls; Cbhstance Cum- 
mlng#. Arllna Judge. Dir. Wro. Weiiman. 77 ntins. Ret. March *. Bty*! 
, V itiwii tt... ■;,••■.> :'\:-.'-\' ■ ^ : :'y-'-ji-,^'' 

M^iin AeiMM. A talented wife proves her ability by a. elgvi^ 

, rtise.^^r. Sidney Lanfleld. Constance Bei.nett. miM«libl TSilUo 
' .Carmlhntl. 70 mlns. Rel. Jan. 19. Rev. Feb. 13. 
Mana« Adapted from the Zola novel With Sam Goldwyn's new star. Anna-'Slcil, 
Phimps Holmes,. Mae Clark, (.tonel Atwill. Rich. Bennett. Dir. Pbi«tt||r 
■ Arsner; ::" W Imlns.-^'/Rcl ■ ..Mar. -'Itev...' Feb: ; |., ' ■ ■ ' 

Our Oaliy /Bihiiail*^ folks from tOl 

an abfthdbned- farm. Karen Morley, Tdm 
, Plr 

iP'MUtitlkk,-.. ''!^- son oii a prisefla^iter follows In his father's footsteflp; ' . 

Mmin Stolbfr. Jimmie Oimnta^ piMfft.|i:rwlA. ^ Rel: ?ato, 

-. v., R4hr. , March' <. V' ' V 'r-'.^.'" .'•.^l:;,; .T^,;:-'-/'' -';. v-.. '■■■'■y'",V' ''y 
PTlvais Life of 06n Juah. SonieboAs iMlb to ilie great tageiijAary 

th$t hil his conquests mily dUhH^ gathers, thiitil MN^Mlf 

and puts the ouestlon to the test. Douglas (■'airbanks. Merle oiw^oin 
^ .Sl^nUa Huihe, Blsa tanchitister. Dir. Alex Korda. «No date;) " 
SorreU and Son. An epic of the love between father and son. .■ |I. B; Wnt^ncri . 
I*eter Penrose, Hugh Williams, Winifred Shotter. Dir. Jack RaymbnC 

itudlbi :'lJnl^«^|iNMHi.. /eity, 

■ imw ^i'M -ffeckiteltef ^'Ctfitei', - 
Hffyw Yor k. N. V. 

Affairs of a Qenflemiav l>riii^^ 

Onslow JItevens. Lilian : Bbbd; ' 

Mtt^y M. B^v.^ June 26. 
Beloved. Muirteal. John Boles. Otoria Stuarti' 1^, V. iliebertainiW.'^ Rair - 

Jan. ^Z*. Rev. Jan.; 90.:.. '. ,' " ■ .' ^' ^- 

Bombay Mall. Kdmund Lo^ve Production. Dir. Gd. Marin. Rel. Jan. 1. Rev. - - '' 

Jan. 9. 

Black Cat, The. Mysteiy. Karloff, Bela r..ugiwl. David Manners. l>ir 
Wllmer. 70 mins. Rel. May 7. Uev. May 22. 

Countess of Monte Cristo. Drama. Fay Wray, Paul Lukas, Paul Page, Car- 

mel Meyers. UcKinald (.)wen Itel. March 19. Uev. April 3. 
Cross County Cruise. Comedy-»lrama. Lew Ayres. June Knight. .Mice White. 

Dir. Eddie Uuzzell. 7JJ mlns. Uel. 15. Uev Jan. 23 
Crosby Case, The. Drama. Wynne Gibson. Onslow Stevens. William Confer. '/, ii: 

Uel. March 5. Uev. Ar>iil 3. 
Embarrassing Moments. Comedy-drama. Chester Morrisi. Marion Nixon. .' v 

I'ir. Kd. Laeinmle. Uel. July 9. i ■ 

Slamour. Comedy-draiya. Constance Cummiiigs Patil Lukas.- Dir. Ulillam 

Wyler. 75 mins. Uel. April 9 Uev. May 15. ^ 

Half a Sinner. Drama. Joel McCrea* Sally Blnne. Butter Churchill. Dir. , 
^''^/':::K^rt :Ne^mahhv!^T9^.:itolngi^l^ / ' ' - 

Honor/of' the. 'Range. .''We8terh/r\'l6>l|.''ii^ A.ian;,Ja!neft'-.«9''''tp»tn'a,:'<^ 
Ret April.- 1«-'" Rev. ~ May:];* v.'/.-- ;v.'". -.■irv i- V,-v-- '-..^a'^P^: 

.■•;>;;-'«isv^ Septi-i..'.. '• : .'vv- '>.■■ ■■\ •' s-;,.'a%' • 

Har^^jay^ Cigii^V ■®»:**<*'»'f*''^:' 

■I WVa My Love.' t>raina. Wynne Gibson^ Paul I4il(as. Dir. karl FVeuniL 

■. '••■... .'.«J mlns. R^l.. Jtiine'28. "Rev. July i*i., '< ■ ^l' - ^- . ■■. ■ 

r' That Way. ' Musical. . '.'Rodger ''Pn^'fiffv^'Otbri^ Si.ill^ 

nian. 70 mlns. Rel. Feb. 12. Uev. April 24. ' 'H^Z-^'-^'S'-'^i"''' 

I'll Tell the World. Comedy. Leo Tracy. Gloria Stuart, Roger Pr3ft£,\',Ci^':''.' 

Edwin Sedgwick. 7S mins. Rel. April 16. Rev. April 24. 

Let's Be Ritzy. Comedy-drama. Lew Ayres. Patricia Kills Frank M. Hugh, .. 
Isaliellc Jewell, il('<lda lltipper. I>ir. K<lw;ird Ludwig. Uel. Mar<'li lift..: 
Uev. July 10. ■ . 

Let's Talk Is Over. Comedy -drama. Chester Morris, Mae Clarke. Fraiih . 

Traven, Andy Divin*...' vKitrt .Neumann. '.f|vplip,::i--lliik'.;vi4*l^ 
Uev. June 11*. '■ ' ■ ''^ ^ .'•'>i:^-:v '^S-'^ 

Little Man, What Now? Drama. Margaret "iillii iigit: .'|^iiMii>wt'''lilO»>l|0in< if ' ' ' ' 
l>ir. Frank Borzage. 97 mlns. Uel. June 4. ■ . > - 

Leve Captive. Drama. Nils Asther. nioria! Stullrt., Dir. Mar^^ 

mins. Uel. May 21. Uev. June 19. ' ■ "X ■ : 

Love Birds. Comedy. Slim Summerville, Itosi'PMtifc. Dlf^^ 

■• mlns. Uel. March 12. Rev. Max 2J|. :■'; <'-;v; . ' v.'.:' : '.P-'.-' ^ 

Madame Spy.- Drama Fay Wray./ Mia' A»t|iir;.-'';'iW».;':j^ 

Rel. Jan. 8. Rev. Feb. li. - ';.■.■ 5^ ■■i-'N v^.^-' .; • ^ ■.'■■,..- ■"' . 

Midnight. Drama. Sidney ■ .Fb3i,-; 'ttehry'' :ttuI^'.ilK^1-W«|ite^''^ 

Erskine.. Kei.,Jan. 22. ^Rey^^ March -^it^^-'i ' '^■:.^^'^ -"- '::'■ ;■ ■ 
Myrt and Marge. Musical. Alyrtla VAli^ i)bnnll t)6^ 

M«<M|i QiMa Hayes. J. Fari^i^. Ilac^ PlrT A) BeaSberg. M mina. 
.>jWl.^i»Hfc''ifc->'Rcv.3an.--2S.--;^ > ■'■•■'*•■' 

Heather Angel. Dir Stuart Walker. ' T ■ " "' , 

Smoking Guns. Western. Ken Maynard. Rel. June It.. /. ' 
Poor Rich, The. Comedy. Edna May Oliver, Edward ISverett Horton. Dir. 

Ed.. Sedgwick. 70 mins. Rel. ]Feb. 26. Rev. May 15. . , , 

U ncertain Lady. Comedy-drama. Genevieve TiQblQ. Bdward ft fbwtbn.. tMfW • ' 

Karl Freund. Rel. April .23. ' ■'^^'-^.-T.' ^S-'^- T^",^^^^^^^ : ; 

wheeu^oi: Destiny. Westet-h. ifCen Maynard. Dir. Aran james^ Rel; Ffeb, llw # . 

\:..;\;.Reii%^.APni:',:3.. ;;---^.;:;; ; 

itudlea iurbanK. 

. Calif. ■ 

As the Eartn Turns. Epic In the romance of American life and a revelation 

of the character of tlie New England farmer taken from th« story of 
, .Gladys ll.isty Cirroll. .I.:in Mnir, Donald Woods. Dorothy f^tefSbli."' 

Dir Alfred E. (Jrcen. 73 mins. Uel. April 14. Kev. April 17. 
Dr. Monica. Dr.ima o! woman who tries to help her hubby's girl friend. 

Kay Francis, Warren William Jean Mnir. Verree Toa.sdale. Dir. WII-»..' 

liam KeiKljly. C5 mins. Uel. June 1'3. Uev. June 26. 
Easy to Love. A frothy tarce. Adolphc Menjou, Genevieve Tobln. 
. A-tor, Ui:y Kihhce. Edward Ever, tt Morlbn. Dir. Wltllaitl kI' 

61 min.s. Uel. Jan. 20. Uev. Jan. 16. 

Warner Brothers ^"''•"%S'vr^.?f.V. 

Friends of Mr. Sweeney. 

C'jmedy-drama of the browbeaten husband »h« 


turns the t.i^' trick for his rvewspaper. CluUrtie. KugcleSj, Ann 

, Eu^'.ne I'allette DorQ,thy-' :Trc*.v; W^:.»d^WMW|^ 

July "■ Uev, July 31. ' 

ttsmbling Lady. Ua.-'ed on the drama by Doris Malloy of a gambling lady 

who is such ;i sport she is willing to sacrifice her love to save her hus- 
barid frf.m a muriler charge. Barbara Stanwyck. Joel McCrea, I'at 
O Bri( n, Claire Dodd. Dir. Archie Mayo. 66 mina Rel. March 31. Kev. 
April 10. 

Harold Teen. Ilil.irioiis comedy rotn.ince which brings to life on the screen 
the ch;irart. rs of Carl Ed s comic strip. Hal LeUoy. Uochelle Hudson, 
I'alrici.i ICIlis, Cuy Kihbee. Dir. Murray Uoth. 66 mins. Uel. April 7. 
Heat Lig'itnino. Tliriiling romance of desert love and hate, based on the 
Broadway stave hit l.y Leon Ahrains and George. Abhott. AUnevMa«- 
Mahrm, Ar,n l.v^,r;ik, Llyle Taldot, rresfortv rbWeS. ' E»fe^e#V^ 
63 niitis. itel. March 3. Ue^ March 13. ■ 
*i$rt Comes the Navy. Comedy-drama of a gob that tried to biiciit the rteet. 
.liitii. N t'agney, |':,t (• Hrien. Gloria Htuart. Dorothy Tree, mnk Mc- 
JUiKh. Dir. LI., yd lia.'on, 88 mIns.V ai*^^Jal|>.J|.; 
He Was Her Man. Ai tion m< lodrama of the g.'ii Who dotthie-crog^ed herself In 

'1:XV:^Ja!-';,J:',', ' am.. J,;if k James Cagn#y, :J«an Hlondell, Frank 

rrrrvi n.nTiir-.i.i iiuh.r. DTr Llojd Baron. 70 mittS; Rel. June 16. Rev. 

May 2<f. 

HI. ..Netite. • orii. fiv -.itama of 

V lt#;V J', t, r, 

I've Oftt V«,ur Nuffttt 

itan a oi a ^newspaper _jova;, ?oitt«^ 
K«th.ryii .gergava.. -.I>lf,' mt»^yn^Uli^,rm^ 

«i v«,ur Uurt't^t ic.wdy. rf-llcking hiory W the telephone tlNNilM I 
wt.r. ft. dn P i^».n«:}ir I'ai o^BTitV Dir.; Kay BafMKt t7 


jimrr.y tr>« 0«r.» lt)i;»ri'iii>i roriiedv rbntance baScd bh |he Story by iAlid 
»*,. » <./,'; f i,r ^'asarro. which r«vr|ilH a new kind of raelMt,^^^ 
*tH(V.t.t 't> JshiKs <:agney, Bctte Davis. AIMS linMfi£^INii: ' 

•«*>. tiire. tfiKtju^r. for iw^ While the Minn felh an^ the Bia'^k and Tan 

ri^itt,/* rt.,r |o«: ' Irp Tho 

»!« . :-,..v«i;'fe-''« V^l'o.'v.-t'^^ij'^fn '..lsest,;:.;Colin; xjlWii^»-|!jfg|^ 


■»ia/iitliin9- t>u Barry. Prnmn of th«. l|idy ^)ir< niri<1< hHt<iry iMt «b iiHd 


« mi 

ih »ction. 
Fm-fcHj, Hugh 

iiloW«^ Htrc>, A. JEteii«(l en with the 

uay fpTOftiice ipl clrcw« tife and carr^^^ the hero through tn im t,(i»)ij8 
fiitanelat baUl^a to a captain ©f/juduBtry.- Richard Barthelmees. 70 
ntina. Jean Mulr, MArJork- tiaii)b«au.^^V^ Dir. O. W. PabBt. 

FlrtOM^Kty J^^ ar»d ttHiur that 

'^^n*^ .P'^ Ji^ ^%..7'.'*9 wanti^ ; Iq. cbiwnute between huBbands 
|«Mn >Btoiide}( Jly«nM^ W Frank McHugh and 

^ ^ v mins. Kel. May 26. Uev. Juno 

U|f«»ria|)rtldt with a millionaire's acjy*' mures 

(linger Koftcrs. DicUie 

i»til> a «tioru« jti.ri; W WlUiam. Mary Autor 
lilNMt*. . Roy; I9el Jtotti. 70 mlns. Hel. Apr 

April as. Rev, If Ay 

MitcellaneoiM Releases 

AHant/ i^^^ made »to.ry of a woman who pietenda aoplifaw 

til^jH^ M«iiig <ki|y/»iJf i. Buster CrabM>> «^ 

Spencer lBen«»tt ^2 mins. Rel. Jj^peen |». R*y.lilay ^ 

lii*MiKl Benoaf <Showinen). 
' May 15. Rev. May 22. 

|lm Race, The. (Showmen.) Hace trai ls story. Hoota M#llory, JiilM ^|)Mnn«lv 
' Dir. Fred Ncwnioytr. 62 niins. Kcv. March 6, . - . .■ 

ipiiM Steel. <IUue Star.) Jolm WayM^ Vr^CBtern. 
•. mins. He!. July. Il« v. July 17. 

eheatcra (LiU-rty). r.irolcd convirts Jiml <,ve thMniKli cro(ikt')ifie««. Bill 
Doyd, June Oollyor, l>orothy MacUaill. iJir. i'hil HoHen. <>6 n)in«. Uev. 

May 1 » , ^ ' ■'l^-.-' ■■■■ 

.*lUed:operilMpn. 1^ 

Creaa Streate (Invincible;) 
July 10 

Ipancing Man 

Sally Bian«. pTrw Wm. l*%h. ; R*v. 

DTri Ai Ray. «4 

OiKolo 8tt>ry. Ut't'inald lK-nny,'Jiidiith Alien. 
niiii.M. Itel. July. Itt v. July 24. 

Orums o' Voodo (InttTnationalt. Ail-Ntt'o cast in sirtH'n version of btaue 
play Louisiana." Dir. Artliur Hocri. 70 mtn». Uel, v|lay ^. .R#y ^ ..May 
tten Thy Daughter. (ISxploita'tion,) Warning te'|Mli*nl*. 
a silent. 75 mins. Rel Jan^ 15. itey. Kj^ifc/ ;ip ; : 

'lN>und Alive. (^1eal.) J[uhKle story. 9Aflia Sedfotd, Manrictt Mttrjilhy^ 
Dir. Chas. Hutphlnaon. , R<* Vi*^ ApiCtt li > 

*uM>ir Fai'anta. <Jay ne« kliy.) Sex eduba^lon «tory. Jean Lncy. Glen Bole*. 
'■f'-'-'-rTr^lt: Jack Townloy. 53 inlns. Ilev. April lo. 

|*iNl'4.'WI*t. irinnacle.) Man hireA a bride to g»;t a fortune and fails In Jovt 
\ ; jvf i(H. Iter,: Dir, Q«!i3^ McJf^nl, Aln*^ 

v:;- JWVv'iilaiBBii- ii.;.- :;;■/•- i'C>.:.:;f ' '. ■■.>.'■■:•• 

' itki 'ilut«0l#,' Trie (:Mn8«!bt)>'.'.. ClrtHia^^jtiiHt^/itory.':':;.' 

. JSchaefor. 55 nilno. Rcl. Jtiiie. Kipv. June 19. ' " ; ': : ' ' '■' 
•iijri^ Past Thirty. ( .Monarcli. ) Hrauty p;,rror rf juvcnatlon for a fado<1 fianc;,? 

AiUM^n I'luiKle, 'I'lito'lor von Kltz. I'hyllis Harry, l^ir. Viii. Moore. 60 

mriH. Itov. M.'irrh i;t. 

Moth, The. (Showmen's.) Sally O'Niiil astray in New Orleans, 

Ncvvmeycr, C4 mins. IM. Jan 15. i'.cv. April 17. 
Marriage on Approval. (.Monarch.) In wiich a girl gets marrie 
v ' reel and finds it out in tlie last. Uarbara Kenti. t>6n<tl<i 
,0.. , Howard IliKKin. Uev. Jan. 9 

iNftliire Brides (Allied) Story of the Hrazilian diamond mines. Dorothy 
^; ' M Toomey. Dir. Phil ttosen. 60 ininB. Rev. May 29. 

TrajM^e. (I'rotex.) Anna Mten'n first Gei^M - pletWP«» S^ 

■ 65 mins. Ucl. Feb. Kcv. Feb. 29> .i'-'::'- r .-r ^ 

tfnknown Soldier Speaks. Th(| (LlitcolnJiV^ 
mins. Rev. May 2»,-._ , 

'Wlilit'« y*iir Racket. ' ; (Showmen.) Familiar goiivster . friiitiiaup. Re4;i!- 

•• ^:^;:./■^3*9»»*%■ Wll^ Frartel*- me, ■■.m^l^.^^k • Wv;i«*!»»- ■ - Wik ,j|A«. 1.. .■ Rev 

M^hlte Heat (Seven Seair). l«v« 4)n an .Hai^^ 

rill, Mona Mari*. l^vld Newell. I^r. I^i^ Weber. IS iMiili * 

.'.Kcv. J,une 19.; ■. 

W)««; Wo(ii*n anS Soiio. tC»wdwlck.) Miysh i^^^ taiit pMiiirii, 

;#i^fe--«N»iiti«ld.-''(adWai^ ' C^somv 

v^r7^J«rti(|«» Oaliagher. pir. 11^ J. :^C««i^n# It Siiw. Rev; April »4, 
Imrh- lA ltov«n «lient6ne) News dli>^ «r(tih^?^0raMiMittt t>y CraMn^ M«Nainer 

^li-yy; il'Wniirv^'lwU Jtin*. . Rev; Jiihe^ 12. ■ 

Dir. Fred 

in the flrht 

Foreign Language Films 


Becauee of the Blow movement ot foreign films, this list covers on* 

■y' year of releases.) : ■ . 

(Most oi these available with Bngllsh titles.) 
-'Atfieu Les Beaux Jours (Fr) (Ufa). Greek romance. Brlgitte Helm. Dir. 
Andre Ueucler and Johannes Meyer. 90 mins. Rel. April 15. Uev 
May 1. 

Alraune (<5er) (Capitol). Test tube baties. Prlnltte Helm. Dir. Richard Os- 
wald. 70 mins. Rel. May 1. 

Bettelstudent. Der. (General.) (Ger.) Operetta. Dir. Viktor Janson 80 
mins. Rcl. Oct. 15. 

■kinSft^^Cgrii^,^^ 4g^:^^^^^^^ Hardt. DIr Frana 

Wtitin^^ politics. Antl-Hltier. DIr 

• i lititr«aMt* »ifRk(iy*. 90 minm ftfk Mkrch IS;, Rev. ^prll t. 

;-:«^«Njg^iJ^lfe*Wif,.f^^^ ma^tt 'ln'fatiMitliM^'-. i;>|r;;;AlMM'nder 

' ^if^diiit CtnoWt L»' (Spi-''«.f^).''''' i}«-a,i|ia' 'ri^|ii|Ms.;^^^^^ ,|So- 
, : reno, Gatnllnn Barcena. I^ula King. 70 mll^^ 

Cfrown 01 Thorns ( Kinematrade) (Uer) (DubbeS ttnS.K BibHfcfa ,f|li^^|.:^^^ 
' . Robert VVicne. 70 niinS. Rel. March 15. . , ■ y-'^ ^' ■ 

iSrw Y La Espada, La (Sp) (Fox). llist«>riG#.iMMiiSS^ 

Frank Straycr. 75 mins. Rel. Feb. 1. ' " '.v 

,Osua Orphelins, Les (Fr) (Hlue lUbbon) Costume m.lodrain|S''./'^yvettt 
i ; . Oullbert. Dir. Maurice Tpurntur. 90 mins. Rel. Feb. 1. fp?.: w 
lilujeres y un Don JUan tSp). Romantic cohBeUyv^^ l^ 
.mli>a».'. Ifei... June .1. ■ ' ' 

tarn Of Mr Silent travelog of Pale^iii.e 

*Hh1i»ff(tf*'di^ Dir. Jos. ,Fp?. 60 rolns, R<g. Feb 15 

■ .tin. 'Oswit^vv Hsr^. Oran ■ (Ger) «;?aP^tal)^■■ , SPir- .iflWiti(j«.' ,;'H«#i*^iaiSNe^^ 
' Gerhard Lamprccht. 70 mins. Re|, Feb. 15 
atltt Taller Kinf ail (Ger) (Ufa). Farce comedy. WiMy Fritscb, D<H*thea 
•'.-,' '\r.Wlecke. Dir Kurt (Perron. 70 minf. Itel. May 15. 
Itlna'Stacit Steht Kept (Ger) (Capita:). Farce. Dir C.u^tav druendgers. 7i 
mins. Rcl. Jan. 15. 

Eines Prinzen Junge Liebe (<!er.) (Uf.i). Itomantic comedy. Willy Frlttch 

l>ir. Artiir liolinson. >>0 mins Rel March 15. 
En Glad Gutt (Norwegian) (Scinditiaviaii ). From Pjornson s novei. DIr 

John liruniua. 80 mins. Ucl. Nov. II> 
Enemies ot Progresi (Russ) (Amklno), I^st of tlie C»arl»t generals. DIr 

Ucresnyeff. 85 mins. Rel, Jan. 16. Rev. Jan. 16. 
Es Wlrd ScKon Wleder Sssaei' (G^r) ( Ufa). Farce, Dolly Mna» Dir Kum 

Gerroii. 61 mliitf. Reli Jan. 1. 
^'•*4ti*STnH ui lj UU:M l l i if W) (Dtt V( i>i aa )> f MUrt o rX Cptff Bdi^, Betty Blrg. D ir 

rrau Ufif<iah't t#bMtr iG«r) ia«timr*t)i liltvo^mmfk Dir 

■ ;K«t!r.lieini ■Woiii.--ji-m»ni.':Rel,.oct.,'ifc.;A.v s:^; 
, Fratttoitk^alaOii ViwtainOtir cbet) (t«i»h»ni; . Muwij*! o omedjr. ,f»«#f B**- 

, UMt^ ''Din.'ll. 'IfVr Emo^' ^70'mtnc,: \R!|H.:J«ei. 19^ ■ .■^'•■^''i;vf^'■■.■ 
Frt€l»dach•, Der (Ger) (Ufa). Rbihkntle 

. Horn. Dir. Carl Boes^e. 75 miris. Rel. Jon, \l. ' ' : : , ' ' ■ ' V 
^taversteilurto. Die tCrr) (General). My'^tery Comedy W«h'^m»»l«.^^ M^ 
Adalbert, the FratellinlH. Dir. Fredrich Zelnlk. J7 mina. ReU , 

.-.itehetite Menschen (Ger) ( FUin. !...i'>). '^Drani», W fjlllfliir 'Iw 

Feher. 70 mini". Rel. June 1. ' r:'^'-' ^'y'^^'^'':'- 

©eld Reglert die Welt (Ger). Doin..stlc comely. GuStai' Wwfllfe*^ 
. Horn. Dir. Max Nrufeld. 70 mins. lUl. May 1. ' 

#}rl8 in Uniform (dubbed KuKlish) (Ger) (FllmchoiCe). Dorothea W««S JW»d 
. ; : Jlenha Tli.lelo, Plr Richard Oswald. 80 mitvi Rel. March 1. 

„id«fi fiir (Oer) (Capital). , Boarding hodnti rpn^anre , ferix Hrts- 
tlurlotte ; Andcra I )lr Rudolf Hernatter .75 mlM. Rf l.* M*rch t 
nslttsr t>«v« Karsten rt^r) (i'fa) NWtt hnch- ** 1^^ ptWPv 

Moll on Earth (Ger) (Garrison) (Ul.iio>; In hve i.ii>Kiii<Kt s) Horrors 4D|l «rlrr 

Dir. Victor Trivas. 8Q mlns, Rel. Jan. 16. Rev. Feb. 0. 
;*«iliseher. Der (Ger) . 4CI0nM«l)v'^'|IWi^ .'^'Ma^v^ 

Rel. Sept.. 1. ^ ' ' ^ • ' •••''■:^^\v■■•TA?7^^ 

Hoehtourlst, Der (Oor) (Ufa). Romantic comedy In Alptf; iOtliO^^^^^^^ 
- Dir. Alfred Zelsler. 70 wins. Rel, Jan; 15. " 

Id* Glaub Nie Mshr an Eine ^rmu (%Varla) (Uer.) ute of a (Uiilar; RKibar^ 
TAvbor, , pir. .HvR«l(:hm|kttS; .^ mins. Rel. Oct i. Rev. Oct *». / . 

tnif* und Slit MMll^nsn (Oiir) <tl^y; - llomantld (frooii draiha. BrlgittO Helm 

08 mins. sytr. Jfirteta Bi^cei. ; m aphi 15. 
in tbs Land of tliO Sovlsts <Rum) (Amkino). Ne'»»<reel eonipflation of i>u6t 

year. 05 mins. Rel. July 1. 

In Wien Ham Ich Elnmal Ein Maedel Geliebt (Ger). Military musical. DIr 
Eric Schoenfelder. 70 mins. liel. M;iy 15 

Iza Neni (Hung). Produced, written by and stajrlni: Sari Fedek. 80 mlns 
Rcl. June 1. 

Juarez V Maximlliano (Sp) (Col). Mexican roy.ilty's fall. Dir. Miguel Torres 

80 mlns. Rel. May 1. 
July 14 (Protex) (French). Sentiment to music. Annabella. Dir. Hene Cialr 

76 mlns. Rel. Oct. 16. Rev. Oct. 24. 

Kara. Slaktsn (Swedish) (Scandinavian). Romantic muskal: Dir. GuMtaf Mo- 
' ^ landed . 10 mine, Rel. M 

uachtnds UrSoa iG•^^ (Ufa). Fares. Mas AdAlbort Dir. Mm Opbtteis 

. ■■ ■ ■ 7T,:«iii» . Rsjt'' Nisr ■ li. ,^ 

i.u$m>f Muil'.-' :flM0oii'' '(Gsr) '.''taoMirai);. 'W»Mm^y0ti»: iVplllwi«> IHPf ... viktoi 

. J«n«eil.'^^IO''.mti)s. .'IU1> DsOi'-Hb,- ,V'. ^ ' vV,".-'-..->'-i v."-v- 
MOIstOrSstslctlv./ Dsr' . (Q«f) . lB»Mlr^/'raii^^ :::'1toMt.V'9l!fSi.: ;..'Dlr 

Prank Selts. 71 minsr ftiel. Tw. % . 
MilOdla Prohiblda (Sp) (Fox). Musical fantasy. J(P«0 M^^ML'.rtifi'CVieKllk: 

Strayer. 70 mins. Rel. March 15. :• ■ 

Milady (General) (French). Sequel to Three MuNketeers. '''tMtt' -iltffii.:-"'P|a« 
mant-Berger. 120 mins. Rel. Sept. 1. Rev, Sept. - ' '^^^^^^ 

Mile. NItouche (French) (Protex). <:'haniitfis K)v« M<H>y. iRaita Dir. OlIiM 

David. 90 mlns Rel. Nov. 16. 
M«J Wujaszek M /ktimi^ 

. . ..Rel. Oct.. w.'-- 'y-----: -'y'-y'-^-^ y y ' ■ 

Misttisr tRtiss) (Garrison). Baued on a GeMiii^ novel. Pfir. V. I. PiMiOyllte. TO 

mttisv Rel. June 1. Rev. June 5. '- " ' 

Mufi«r bi« Kompagnls. Die (Ger) (Buvarla). Military fa rce; ''kJl0i$ y^[W ii r0 
v. Bstty B^d, 70 mlns. Dir^ f^ana Sofia. ,;Rol. Idari^b >« " 
Odsd IM WmSOivi^ <Palestln«) (I^^^ 

^C-A'Ofr'mMftv.IiOk Majr'15. ' ' c,,.. --y- v.:. 

ParadaHsnihiwlstow (Polish) <Capital). Military musical t>fer. lllciiMOl ^s*^ 

zynski. 76 mlns. ReL May 1. , ' . ■ / 

Patriots, The (Russ) (Amkmo). ' Dir. B. Barnett. 80 mins. R^, Sffit^ iii 
Patterson A Bendel (Swedish) (Scandinavian). Comed]h,4l4i«M^'«t|h->'l^^ 

Dir. Perl-Axel Branner. 80 mins. Rel. Feb. 16. 
Prokurator (Pol).. -^:j^»«^^^.i|Mi!S^»< Sfiiili ; Dir. ^ If. 'li^lilMriMl^VHlSf. ^Brins. . Rel. 

May 16. ■ ' ^ ■ 

,<iillCk, Koenig der Clowns (Ufa) (Ger). Comedy. LlllM) ttiilifiiy, HlinO 

; Dir. Robert Slodmak. 80 mlns. Rcl. Dec. 1. ; • J^^^ . i 

iftSinan Einer Nacht (Ger) (Bavaria). RonMtntlir iiny^^iry;/ .j^^ 

:. Carl Boese. 70 mins. Rel. June 15. ■■ .■■ ■., ' i::''-,'''";7 ; :.■ 

9. A.-' Mann Brand (Ger) (Bavarian). Nasr'pr^iSii ^i ii ^ ''V^ 

•&:l«jMM. |lel. May 16. Rev. May 29. 

SatiMfi lli Katrd (Ufa). /•Muslcit comedy. Renate Mueller, Willy 

^lts«h^ Din RefnhPid Stdiimwel 80 mins. RsL Dom. jMi. Asv. D«e. » 
Sans d'un Potts (ftV (aiMl). ^^m9 Cocti^au's idM of «#BS«#n;'l9iM0. 00 mim 

: \ . . Rsl; :N0Vi 1, . . Bovv. H(yv. T. " ; . ~ 
Sttitcksal dsr Rshats Lingen (Ger) (General). Domestic driama. Mady (%rt8> 
tians, Franz Lcdercr. Dir. Felix Gucnther. 70 mins. Rel. Oct. 16. 

Simple Tailor (Russ) (Amkino. Drama of Jewish life. Silent with sound 

track. Dir. V. Vilner, 70 mlns. Rel. Feb. 16. 
Sobre Las Clas (Mex.) (Latino). Hietorlcal romance. Ilr. Ramon Peon. 70 

mins. Rel. March 15. 
Serment, Le (Fr.) (Protex). Heavy drama of love. Dir. Abel Gance. 90 mina 

Rel. March 1. Rev. March 20. 
Sohn Der Wsisscn Berge (Capital) (Ger.). Alpine drama, tiuls Trenker, Me- 

nate Mueller. Dir. Mario Bonnard. 15 mins. Rel. Oct. 16. 

Sombra ds Paneho Villa (Sp) <C<ri). Life of the Mexican bandit shlsl. Dir 
M.C.Torres. 70 mlns. RsL March 1. - -i • < 

Siiy; Th» (l>ollali) (Capital). Drama. 10 mlns. RsL March 1, 
SIsrii von VateMsIa, Dsr (G«i) (Ufa). Whlta Slavs traflle In piiropo. 

Huld. Dir. Alfred Zslslsr. Ret. April 18. ^ 
Storch Haf Una Ostraiit, Dsr (Ger) (General). Lil t>acover. Dir. Hfrinati 

Kosterlits. 80 mins. Rel. Nov. 15. 
Tannenburg (Ger) (European). Military drama. Hans Stuwe. Dir Helna 

i'aul. 86 mins. Rel. March 15. 
Tante GustI Kommandiert (Ger). Romantic comedy. Hansl Niese, Max 

Adalbert. Dir. Carl Helns Wolff. 70 mins. Rel. May 1. 
Tausend fur Eins Nacht (Ger) (Capital). Farce. Trude Berliner. Dir. Max 

Mack. 70 mins. Bel. Feb. 1. 
Tochter Der Regiments, Die (Ger) (General). Military musical. Anny Ondra 

Dir. Karl Lamac. 70 mins. Rel. April 1. 
Trenck (Ger) (General). Military drama. Dorothea Wieck Dir. Hans Paul 

and I«mst Ncubach. 80 mins. Rel. April 1. 
UnS Of IpOMOhtst dis Pussta (Ger) (Ufa) Musical romanos* Wolf Aibach- 
' Dir. MslM HUle. 80 mlns. Rel. Jan. 16 


ra ItilMisJ^lattsrt Una Voran (Ger) (Ufa). HiUer propaganda. H 
Osarg. Dir. Hans Ststnhoff. to mlns. Rel. July 1. Rev. July 17. 


VsHtdiifto Amif (Oan (KiiMaMtrade). SmstamV OMMtU^dilute^ Jamiia 

; N«>votliik IMr. MiMt Y>»hl>l*. to mini. tUl AfM lS. R«v. May 1. 
Vi .Som Gar Koksvagen (Swsdlah) (Scandinavian). Mitatcal, liel. April II. 
Volga Volga (Frl) (dubbed English) (Kinematrade). Adi'entura of a Cbssach 

Robin Hood. 70 mins. ReL Dec. 15. Rev. Dec. 25. 
Wandering Jew (Jewish American) (Yiddish). Terror of Hitler regime. Ben 

Ami. Dir. George Rolland. 70 mins. Rel. Oct. 16 Rev. Oct. 24. 
Wie Mann Maenner Fesselt (Ger). Franzlskn Gaal. Mij?<lcal comedy. Dir 

Carl Boese. 76 mlns. Rel. May 15. 
WIe Sag Ich's Melnen Man? (Ger) (Dra). rarce. Renate .Mueher. Dir. Rein 

hold SchuenseL 70 mins. Rel. Jan. 15. 

Key M Ad<irsoo 

Acme,. 66 BMt.U..8t.' 
Amliino,' ' tit SOvMith AvOb-.''. 
Guvaria Film, 489 Fifth AMi. 
blue Ribbon Picts.. 16f W. Kth. ? 
Capital Film, 030 Ninth A vs. 
Embiiasy Hctf., «t #|yf ntK^ff, 

GdrrisM Films. 729 Seventh Ave. 
a«ner*i Foreign Sales. 720 7tb Ave. 
Jewish American, 030 Ninth Ave. 
KihiematradSt 783 Utvcinitli''AV«. 
l>rot«« Tradins. <2 B* *»tl». 
Edward Rlcci: 00 Fifth Av* 
Pa 1e«t inc- A mer ica Filmi..iil.Jd 
IScandinavian Films, 220. W».^OMy;> 

M«lro took up option on Robert 
l..ivjnisston, Mtor, for aix . rnonths 
■AfrAn»M'''tWf>ou«h h'^ 't^jprnmyW^T ■ 
nard, Melklejohn and M^!l||ll. ; , U 

JjKk Mulhall has ,»ig:^X'^h 

Universal picks up option with 
Sackin for Uve more Bpaniah 
'i>t«tti»«s;/ftiiaiSii|>i|.|^ ti^ 


Universa,! has lifted option An 
'lltSnlO'^'SluriMM'' t« -HNalie' tmt' MMtf" 

?^aa$ Kim^^ oh Rob 

^wHiO : Mrtr; ''aU0t-'.^ second 
■nt^:'d(9il^^ljr«8|jOrrn'.'^ ^ 

Metf'^: >|ti1i«; .itp''.' P^iurh.. .:<>n' ' .Itenc 
. i<t« 'f v«y, " 'Hio'' A 

, "W.T.-'..,' 

HoilywooiA; 4US; 
John Mihy, mernbcr I'Jirninouht 

i)iil)li<iiv sf.'t/f, iiHn Hold hi.v story. 
Wild lill Hnkok,' to William 
i<eii<e, will; wtir produce, for 8ta.te 
1 1^,'lit rri;»rket. 

I'm (iriHiiH+f — 4iUyt boij.Kfit 'Kayo 
()k«-,' maK tale by Soijhio Kerr, ,'ind 
"Kuch a I^ovely ('oiifde,' by K. Hm^h 
litM i*vit, b«>lh yariiH tended for 
■V)ilSi^.?|i^^ ;;Mitr)f;;|K«w»" i . 

„' - ' y ,V ' . - 

Hpllyw^'Od, AiiK. 6. 

'Keri-i«a(l«\ /\-tij|)«»Sji»S';'v' :te; ' ;.<ljoVf 
■Tihic , i'*ox. ■ 

'.S<iMf of tli< < ;ii;tle.'iu' for 
'I<ciidez\«/u.s at MidtiiKht:, Lat- 
ter h.'(n<lle now h oii _ >;tpry 
iTiHiMto m<»«|f kFUiii "Hiilvo.i;, J^oxV 

Studio PlacemeDte 

Na»i«v U»>rb .thrown. Art hue Freed, ,;. 
iiuLsic, 'Love While You M.■^^^ MQ. . 

Ituwl.'iml LeiKti. l'-^< (;i>Mn6, 
.story, 'lx)Vo While You .May MtJ. ', 

inali^tle Cofftfyv 'ColieKe Rhythm*,; 

I'ar. •:y-.v>--'^ " -.-f..,- 

Mure Conneily, |C|r)i|»tin^v 'tipn-t 
don l.i.nrry', MO..' ■ "i. 

.^ai ah V. Mason, ViCtof .Hee)rhl*»»,;>^ 
troatInK •R'llute, I'h'ere QitKiar 
Hoinance', MCJ. 

Moi-tha M«rrlU. Qinlltled til)m, W9. ; 

Wilt Ctoioe, ^tmt ; Is«p<>0tkUoniiV 

short, WCOi'^ \^- y'\.:-'r:^:': 

Norman ItriMihtii, seripitnS oVo 
original, 'Romany In Mhnhattan', - , 

Stephen S. Rbborts, directlnSif 
'Romance in Manhattan'; RKO. ' ■■ 

Koy William Nelll, direrts, Til ' 
Fix If, Col. 

Leroy Mason, Dude Itanner', 
Atherton. y 

Micholette Buranl, 'Knter Ma-' 
dame', I'ar. 

. t-ene Markey, additional s< rlptlng, . 
'Pursuit of Happiness', I'.ir. 

Robert Wataon, teclini(al ad- 
viaer, 'X..lttle Minister', HKO. / 

Oeorge Hassell, Paul Kayo, "Night . 
Life of the Gods', U. 

Alma Cheater, Henry Hnll, 'Dude /: 
Rimsbr^ Atheyton.^ 

HtlMlA'' ' 0nm - i ■ Every .• 

\ Alice' Wliite. Jai#'|iAiSS,'''1^^ 

of the Chateau!, .W'-Vj^''^ '^t-'V' 

. Marjorie. j||i^:%liliy^ i9:Jtli!0 /^^ 


Frank Melton, |t;i4^t»^ 
Hollywood', Fox.. " 

Henry Bi .'WsftlMili^' :''^$il^giiMim':-0'.:>y 
Arts', Fox. ;.' ; ; 

j:>kk Ooidtttond, 
'Windy', . MO, : - : ■ :': '^.y 

Kum 'Baiklh Mi DtemMMP, 

iain. ■ ■"■ 

Willie Fung, Samuel Hinet. .BA* 
ward Brophy, 'Sequoia', M(}. y, 

Cmartle Rogers, Ferdinand MuttMi 
'BatMi IB Tqyland'. Roach. , .V - 

Hftfff Bli*mAii, ^JO^ 
Col. .'^ ■ 

RoMntftlry Ames. 'I'll Fix It.' CoL 
Phil Ormsby. 'Painted Veil.' MO. 
Austla FSrk^, llaiiny Seff. col- 

Rutus Kins, tiMiMi ^ Niii^sria 

a Man,' U. \y y': y^^-.'t 

Doris AHitankMi^ wrtttss tfli^ 

inal. U. ■ ■ '-y^-rl^'y ■i_i>i. • '-g ■ 

Jo Graham, swiStws "SlOMmvPIR-: 
Rensen,' Col. ' 

Roerer Pnroir» tHr«liM« and OaloiBik* 
Col. ■ " ' " 

Jack Mint«k 
Rhythm,' Par. 

William Slavens McNutt, Hum- 
phrey Pearson, 'Ruggles of Red 
Oap,' Par. 

Bobby Vernon, gagging The 
Range,' Par. 

Louise Long, dialog, 'Vanishinc 

Ethel' Doherty, dialoging 'Code cf 
the WMt.' Par. 

Howard i|. Green, J. P. McEvpy. 
re writing sieNraigiik %MM>n prop KKI, , 

Harry Ru^klSy SNtSWSi -^BMilF'. 
for lx)ve.' -EMS*. 

Dale Vmm^mi jMHHlAS. IMMTa 
Day,' Par. 

Oeorgio Msiion, Jr4 Jane Storn. 

Arthur «h<con, (^•dirO^te ' 
serous C4tfner,'^ RKOv 
MltchOll £eHMn« directs 'MenaSi^' 


Lambert Hillyer, writing orlt- 

inal. Col. * . 

Hal Kchumate, rewriting 'Polled 
Aml>ulance,' Col. 

O. . P. HoKKle, 'Ann of Green 
r.abloH.' RKO. 

Kilty Carlisle, 'Here's My Heart,* 

Dick llemrninpr, Lilian Worth, 
Hill Irving, Hilly Mann, A. H. llay- 
sel, Dick Iloaeh, 'Orchids and 
OiiifjnH,' Col. 

Maud Truax, Iwabel La Mai, Har- 
rison CSrecn, Harry 1 1 o 1 mS%. .'*llSiS'»': ■ 
lain Hates the Sea,' Col. 

Alan Hale, Pegffy Leon, William 
H. Strauss, Rita Ross, Tony Mar- 
t ( I II, psytliii qmne, Brot^w^ -^^*^ 
(joi. ■ y--:ryk-.V.y. ■•■l;:^'"'-!' 

Noble Johftsei!!^: . *tJm*:':^^:1SI«^^ 
Ivancor,' Par. 

JYanklin Ardell, Fred Stanlff^: 
J^meli C. Btirtis, David Lojrifl|^ 
^Ready for Love,' Par. ? 

Noah Rerryii lAicllle La . Verne, 
Frahk McQlynn, William Frawtey, 
ioick Alcxandcir, lUouis Masotl, 'Ken* 
tiirky Kornelf!,' RKCh : 

Kd ward Cooper, 'Richest 
UKO. ' .■ ■>;■./ ■ ■„ ■■^■ ■■.'.sf 

('ceil Weston, 1)angei'»u«! 'J^f**: 
r,< rs,'- HKO. ' ; ^' 

John RusHell. sbrtpts '14«>>a Cltirt,' 
iu<<>. . y'yy. ■•■"^r-yy^y 

KKo. •■■ V.-' ../■'.'{.,■'' ■;'»-y-'.y- ■. 

CvorKe Pj, fjtO0(J,';.'(hSc^lTlH\pf'WJ-' 

Cliateaii. I': ; "' ' ■; 

Mmi<-1 K II IJ.'i lid. J.'ti-kM .S»-.'irle, 
Kil v M.-il> i.ri, (I'l/i-f^-e l'.;ii raud,' ■ 
''■.I ' .'it l'^\i><H t.'iti<iit.>i.' r. 

••'♦■rdinuTui Cf-ltv' b.ilk, William 
Favt iNh.'ini l(« l« n Win e I Witt ' 
JeniiinKM, Aluliohsc Kthioi, (.>hko4kI " 
I 'rTijIns,, .; ■''8«!.#«ii-: ■ .. ' -rXU, v..Ch#»^-:' 

u. v ' 


Work Out^ Stop UiireftMiiii^ 

Sponsor Demands — Fixed Scale Tellt Advertisers 
WHat to Expect^ and No More . 

r*hlon<o, Au>;. ft. 
Tui .4t:ui(Jai:dliso a aervlc^ wUliout 

A Sloinlncor hixn worked out a 
flystcm for rddlo merchandisinfj ,by 

what each a^vertis^ htay ex^e^ in 
rnarkctlnB eo-operatlob fi^ 
<k Sleiningor atatipns/..- : 

tjnd*ir^; Ihe urtifprm: lilaifl ifn ad- 
vertiser kil6^>l Just what wiil be 
(irivon in m«rc<< an 4 a3.s>.str^,ri<'fi 
folr each ia(*!i^^ 

;C«fm»it^';t«'^i^ to tlip ad- 

y«rtW(^t^i A beariain percentage of 
the revortue ivs«felwd;^^^W 
card.; ■■ ■■- ■■■■•■C'^^ 

IJ n Vf o *;m pliw ellrttlfiat^a tt^ 
dpuibl^rOinoMt iMri^ltilttir; and priin^'' . 
tHOft betvt'efrn atatlbrili ai»d rSpW&i 
sent itive.s under which the adver- 
tiser can play one station against 
■thiSf dthefi In many cas«a In 
p«tat th4' fflifttioiia were Klvlhsr but 
^initORt an ttiueb In merctondlsing , 

■ a» received ; . In ' Vre'v«fiue ;{'irrd^';'',tN. 
Hj^ttiior. ^ . : :V\''V'-/-'''.'',' ' A-"'v-;> ; 

■lili^-Oiiler'.f tkiiiiai'v 
Schedule covers eight major 
cla.s.siOcations of merchandisins. 
' liMti^g i;he Untt vatue o£ Item, 
the , iMie*ti»t!t l^efngr entitlieifl jtd; one 
unh of meFehandialnff vahie for 
each dollar spent on station time. 
Stations also ag^ree to supply ad- 
ditional service at extra cost •foul 
state that ill: no oaae will they ao- 
lifi^it (MP M for the adver- 

tiser's product. 

Plan of the Free & Sleinlnger 
Unit system is as follows: 
. (1 ). Supply advertiser with wbole- 
^:i«kt«'';':»jiMI..'::reta(i 'Uitp'-'. M '.'apeciAc.' 
ciassiAcations, such i^^^ grocers, 
drug stores, etc. 

Per clas.sHication list 50 units. 

(2). Mail out letters and/or 
printed matter to the> tmde. 8tat-ioh 
to furniiitt ow^ letter-heads, if de- 
K'ifed. aiM t6 furnish mimeograph- 
ing:, addressing, enclosing, sealing 
and mailins. Advertiser to pay for 
«i68to«)» fiiniiali/ iMnted 
Pff -.i^tefisB ■■i,.i>-»> »■>.:«:♦ i t «.•;•.'» |L',".'Unit« 

(iy. Make" crim seettcni 
of the retail trade, such as check- 
ing the sale, distribution, and 
standing of advertiser's pro lu* t 
and competitive product, in ioqal 
..tradlhitXai^^ '\..(Advertiite(';:..|o -pisr, 
■' .■■necBssary .;■ ;, ■ . trafetlnf^^ '^WHHMiSiwrf ti^ 
personal calls nibre than io miles 
fiom station). 

(A), liy personal contact, per call 

• «.•'•.•* • * * 5 units. 

JIJ>^ By telephone, per ctiU. .2 unijts, 
(4). Introduce advertlse^^ 

men to key buyers, isuch as depatt- 
ment store.^,^ chaia and 

wIiolesalerSf/fM'-o' t^'v'''' 

J^fit call. ; i « i . . * i i » i .* ; ^ s. ..;i,50 - unijts. 

(S>; AtTOnge foK u|m^ «i<> window 
diHi>iays (advertiser to furnish 

■ material). '- ■■ ^ ■-■.r • 
Per display placed 2.''. unl^s. 

(C). Distribute <:ounter displays 
;«nd cards. (AdVlWIiw td burnish 

Per display distributed... .10 units. 

(7) . Make personal calls on job- 
bers, chain store buyers, depart- 
ment store buyers, and l««^(tnir rtr- 
tallf r«, thforfl^big li^ future 
campaig'h Ithd hiiw they will benefit 
by it. 

l*er call ...........*«ii*,..10 units. 

(8) . Arrange audition' of program 
for important iocail <)vt)bets.; :{Ad- 
irertiser to pay any tieceiHsary talent 


H-'er person attending audi t io n 
y''-.-:;-'tiy»t*'t;i"*'i.*:t *4i«*« ..tQ/'units.' 

IVestoii-Wiffilll Split 


$n'' J^w.mr4it.ii: fpr Radio ^ttad( 0» 

' ■■^-Forecaster ; ■-^'^vl 

Paris. Tuly ai, 
Firiit nulla liber verdict Irt this 
iwuhtry awar^^ 

del; a W^<vtfi«!f ^pip^dlk^tor 6f Bourisesi 
from rir. Pierre CSibert. Who broad- 
cast a perftonal attack on Claudel 
from> the rekl<>nal atatioh 6t Vler!|toti: 

Claudel and fJibert had differ- 
ences of opinion on hro^dcastlnff, 
and ae< used eaoh~6tner of monopo- 
lising the Vl^r^on mlKel At one 
tftn¥,: It: waii''!fiattf.^^<0i; .near- 
ly cantfe' to bloiWs. ' ' 

One day when Claudel was dining 
with friends while the r vdio receiver 
was turned pn he heard a personal 
ajititcfc tun Hiiniiejif; in dib^rt'il voice. 
CioTOff .t^it t;hiii^|(ipi||iai^ the 

■Suit;:: ^-^^ /■;.vV;ay^:'^il'>;^-:^?>^ . 


Washington, Aug i. 

Investigation of question of re- 
serving iime for edikciitldnai, ctit- 
tural,* a(nd .social broadcasts will be 
launched Oet. I by Federal Com- 
munications ConSniission. Notice 
was giveiX last Nveek that hearings 
will be held on proposal to. allocate 
by statute fixed percentages of .fh"' 
. ciiiti^s' . - to , '.vartona ' liwi- 

pr bflt ■:ieriterprises.-" 'Z;*'^-^- -V -' 

Commission is required by new 
communications law to report by 
Feb. 1, 1935, on this ;Q!iiM>stion, which 
arose when the law WM tinder ccfn^ 
sideration and is outgrowth of fight 
by Paulist Fathers of New York for 
additional broadcasting opportunl- 

vChicai|jo, Aug 9. 

the Coliimbla*Wtlttll organisation. 

He is slated to move Into an inde- 
pendent with an out-of-town 

Prestoa waa formerly head oC the 
Wl^U Pr60naik dei^me^i : att^ 

lately chief of the Artists' bureau. 
He had been with WBlJM ab<»ut.l|Vo 


San Francisco. Aug G, 
NBC'f ^ wales, dfp^rtniont catne 
t hr^iigli w^ llyii^^^ 
When' U cttnchM AiMit important re- 
newals; •.aiiA./'li/i*!^ 

cast/ ■■ ■ 

Landed Borax Cp. to continui.> its 

Death Valley Mir8»^ Nestlf»'s Milk 
to renfew ItTIII- A^bir^ 
ly; Wheatena to start,f|^'*||rheatena- 
ville' on Aug. 27, witli Totii ITutch- 
in.son again producing and star- 
ring; Qvaltine to, revive' Orphan 
Annie' on QCt* | 'g^Clar a summer 
tayofl!; Swift'* tWica weekly and 
Schilling's spices once weekly on 
Al Pearce's show; Pabco products 
on Women.s' Magazine of tiio Air, 
and Folger coffee to spon.sor Lee S. 
Roberts thrice weelcly heginning 
^ept^^ii.-iO-'V ■t;-:- 

. Richfield Reporter, with Sam 
Hayes spleUhgr liHely will be re- 
newed In to* -^W^aal^ or 
next. ■.■•■^.^ : ^■^ 

Up Stephenson in N. Y. 

Sa^ial Snal Ran : 

Father CoogUin's mm 
28-Statioi Netw^ 


Chicago, Aug. 8. 

Father Coughlin is returning to 
the ether this fall, and again With 
his own network. Starts on Oct 
II for a weekTr Stinday sessidh 
from 4 to 6 New York time. 

Has set 28 stations. With local 
KYW moving to Philadolphiiai; 
Father Coughlin has picked u|»,f|i» 
Ralph Atlaas station- ta oirfy 
WIND, Will also go into Milwau- 
kea on WTICJ. Win be on no NBC 
'>wn^ or operated transmitter. 

Chicago, Aug. «. 

Three midwest Columbia stations, 
WiJBM, KAJQX an* WGCO, are set- 
ting tf i> thei^ own Mtyeettn rei>resen- 
tativo in New York to work with 
the Radio Sales organization. Bob 
Stephen.son, who has been handling 
spot stuff for . ^ales In Chi- 
cago vjMwIjliijf::' ^IkmMiff] a» , assistant 
saleaimaiiagw Cif WBBM:, goes Into 
New Yoriii td handle the berth. 

Ste|)hens<>n will transfer about 
Aug. 15. ^lobpdy yet picked to re- 
place him in: thei; Wrigiey iMitfdtilg. 

Hub^^ Gommodore 

. : St. Paul, Aug. «. 

Stanli^y R. Hubbard, v.p. and gen. 
mgr. of KSTP and an ardent yachts- 
man, will act as commodore of the 
flotlfiA Of IB >»ISl|U Which Will e«cort 
iPrtaldent ' l^rankiin P. Hoosevett 
from Wabaiiha (Mlhn.> to Winona 
IJiTedne.sday (8) aftern ion 

Appointment of Hubhajrd. yfi/t. 
>■ mad9 1^ aifc««ry deiitTtfiiif^ t«tl«r|| 

chairman of the Arn'^rioan Leotan 
stations committee at Hochcsien 


^ Chicago^ Aug. 8 

iM ii "^ T ti r f i t f hff 

'Sti^ Of parta* atvoii rair, last 

week started auditions for a .series 
of three sponsors who are dickering 
for the orchestra. 

Throe sponsors ara understood to 
be American BcuAK, jEtogaht^rr' B«er 
and Or. SchoIL 

Ihain hcome from Tnne $ale$ 

■ January ■",'».■.■.,».»,* 
February ......... 

March t.»,» •«••»••• 
A pi^li 












|tS.|i|l;^: ":..;ii|i.*4|;|2it ,■; ■■..|tS^M4*ri; fl4:37ir.C07 

I .... . 


March',*''' •«■.•*'• 

June . 


|l. 405,94 ft 












$692. 1 i4 


t, 045.352 

1.057, ■230 
877, .100 

15,240,759 |8.292,85r» $6, 1 29,1 1 

'Cause NBC Comliiiies hs Totab 


Again Authoring and. Pr^ 

Walter Craig will again write and 
produce the .^emi-annu.vl series of 
live si)ecial 15-minute shows which 
United Drug (Rexall) uses twice a 
year for its Ic f*aies. Talent for ,thc 
pendtnlg series will include FVank 
Black orchestra, Annette Ifanshaw, 
Songsmiths and Edward Nell, Jr. 
Craig had the Rexall Job both dur- 
ing and since his connection with 
Worid'':^!oadc#8tingv . ; ;r'.:^''' 

Pro|rram will use three announcers. 
Basil Ruysdael, Fred Uttat and 
MiUy June. Besides the Ic^salo idea 
a supplementary merchandising 
stunt originally incorporated in jthe 
programs by Craig will again ; be 
tiaild. This is the so-called "Malgic 
Hour* under which Rexall drug 
stores one hour a day during the 
big push;: ;lyb^x,illH^^ 
gains. ,>;; '-'.C-' ^•':.'V '■;;.;'-■'; ■ ' " 

tout ttkikf BaHw 

Philadelphia, Aug. S. 
Joan Loch, f oriiisr WQAU ataff 
gai. and • local ::%6»%mt^'^^ :■. left 
here for a vagabond voyage around 
the world. Miss I.»och and a group 
Of friends chartered the Furness 
liner, the Silver Walnut, for a tour 

that wUf furnish material for a non 

fiction novel and serte* oj? ! ■ i^dto 
ghows next winter. ; ; ; ; : 

Plan Is to brem4eiM#\«« Ame 
via short •'W«f»> en route. She Is 
carrying -An ' ofllelal envoy letter 

from ■CordelrHtiH.:':'^.. :. 

Citiude Binyon will do the con- 
•tlnuifle!i for Bin g Crosby, ivjrllien the 
latter resumes his WoOd|»«rf , fijOh- 
tract on CBS SejPt. ; ? ' . 

Prograrti nw ineltlida cp^auidt 
blackout With the,^ caft. surround- 
ing Crosby made trp Of screen spe- 
clali.sts in this iV-ld, Discussions 

are no.w on for Mitzl Green to m^ike .. „. ^, ,^ ^ , . t.^ *», j» 

a batch oir;:li#^diasi* 

:. 19t 'PiaiM,f A(#. ■lil.r 
With the Minneapolis Journal hit- 
ting tho air every evening at 6:05 
for 10 minutes over WCCO In a 
news-dispensing pr<H|i|M>l^ by the 
Journal Gommentiktop^ « ia fedwlrt 
C. Hill, and the Minneapolis Star 
shooting out its news 'bulletins' di- 
rectly from the .Star offlcos over 
WCCO wl at 7:40j»:U 4;;4!> 


ftlnyon ts ar motion jpicttirW sce- 
narist under contract to llaratjiount 
studio Holljfwood,. ^ 

^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ 

San Francisco, Aug. 6. 
pharles . MacAlister, NBQ Char- 
acter actor, fin seriouiilir' 01 at St. 
Luke's hospif il with a, 'biim ticker 
that is HO b.-id his nleKficos won't 
aUo.^ visitors 

Another N UC'er hospitallaing . Is 
Nfthtftfe t>iM4«lle ^llr^ Hiirry »ar« 

Icin) who Is in Mt, 'SSiaih /^^waiti^ 
blerfsod eyoo 

la r.apidly hecoming highly Compe 

KSTP has long been leading the 
light for independence in neWscist- 
Ing, it» priig and gen. mgr., Stan 
Hubbard, being on© of the keytioffp.s 
* In the organization of Radio Nc.vs 
Association, Inc. This station leads 

the batting order hfr««|iouta !<! 
scoring eonaisten^ IM^^ in 
other .news.-«atH«iili^;iii{ii^:'v^ 
bined. . •.■■•..■•,.„••.•■■ 

Now cornes WTON. owr^-d TnJ 

bitcrated b^ the St Paul DiMp.tch 
'and ' mnli%iwttH*''''-WllMiMM,' -"''inaugii ■ 
riling minute news flashes, 'pre 
senting' (in thp rag's own wordH> 

HA tfho radio listener ail thentlc Twin 
Cities news is fast as it occurs.' 
Nine times each week day between 
8 A. M. and midnight, inttlnuto ne*B 
na«hes direct from the cit^ eij^ 
^Kank are being >therhsed. 

In front-j).TK(> announconient.s. 
these paiiers pr(»mispd 'the nine 
daily broadcasts wlH \ W supple- 
tnented lyij^h radio. neWi* extras, .iipe- 
<;iaT WaBi#t#Hi¥ WtilhK win bo rushed 
to tha radio listener whenever im- 
portance «o£ the news warrants 
breaking / into.: pTotfrtm. I^ng 
.broadwis^r; -y:^ y-^^^i: 

Ctifriouir aWrfle tti the local radio 
newspaper situation is working 
newspapermen are doubling at ra^lo 
^hows-gathering, scortng aew^ 
tfie ether rf)utiets against the very 

r -s whrch HoU out the bid weekly 

Situation has reached the point 
v/h^e 6h6 editor laid down the law 
to a scribbler that it must be either 
radio or naws'paper, not both. That 

• What started wit va« * petty pet^vo 
na» developed into a real mad he -- 
tween the NBC and Columbia Haioj*- 
proniotion dep:ii'tinent,s. I.;>st week 
the CBS faction bcctune .so provoked 
at the NBC Mtatisttcal coterie that 
it refiiseii to rfhvise Columbia's July 
gross from linur siles. These ligure,*, 
it vowed, wouldn't be let Out until 
Columbia has coinputodi What NiiC » 
rfd afid blue lihkji did s*»p4(fat*ilr 
for the same month. ' •. 

Recriminations between thf twi» 
s;iles promotion dep.irtments .si vricil 
last wintc^r w t*?**^^ 
the t?ohimbia mbnthiy gross; 'wais " 
consistently higher thnn the red's 
total. NBC sales promotion boys 
agree*) that' under . such clrcum-, 
stances- coin parlsoiis were^ odious, 41 
not enibarrjiflstng. With the re.Vtilt 
that the monthly breakuj) of the red 
and blue loops became an inside 
secrirt. Columbia haiijrilil^i at thla : 
inoVei, i>ttt ;(<0C i^fqised to hudge), 
even goiTig so far' as to instrbct 

Denny's Advertising Records not to 
give CjUS tho red and blue flgurea 
shoulii';th<*y° he '#(|tt«WedV ■ 
' Aft^r Columbia had been leadlngl. 
the red for seven months, the table* 
turned in May and the NllC carniino 
trail resunjed top position. Tbis,i 

NBC stood pat In its determination 
to keep the red and blue breakui» 
from ' : ft ^it g ,-:fiH W |' e yir n; ''t t vi'l ^ ^ 
trade. >•■,•■•; ■ \'' V'^'^ 

' -abtiiattng dolurtibl*-; 

in Its stand on not revealing it.s Julf 
total is the belief that tite breakup' 
will 9howV. C.i^:.;aga<li .leadinsf:"-:!!!*:,' 

r*ds"^/ V '■' ■■'■V^ ''.v^''. 

NBfr la^t ittiOnth groiiiSd |1.»iN;W 
420, exceediiig^^ the levels that pre- 
vailed for July In l;t33 and 1932. In 
July, '31, the red and blue ioo|»i| ;. 
combined diil $2,027,975. Comi^irCil ■ 
to 1933 last month's tally rept-P- 
se^nted a boost of 30%. 

As Cqlunnbia is in the nudHt of » 
deep' ■iK>ut»'',;y*wnii»t- Iias^n0'' :«i4t^a: 


Sin l''ranct.sco, Aug 6. 

NBC is i»ayin« salaries to nin's- 
tros Clyde lioerr and Charl-ps Hart 
and 11 musfeiami In^lleu of two 
WceksVnbiice, which the chain 
dcem6d unneces.sary wJien sharp , 
and flatters walked out in the recent 
general strike . and in rel »li it«'«n 
were not re-hired. / 

After jUj^lklng . it oyer with tinio«' 
l iMiflC %tS ^ 9i^w, ngtv r o i K i l i i ^ l i t od i a 

pay the nui.sick -r.s for two wc-lcs, 
byt n<»t to ^>^t^ them on any pi\** 


NeMtle is folding its I'liday »'•«'•♦ 
affair on NBC with tfie Hcpt 7 
bi^ildclkst^. . 

lOxit d »t.. rounds out a yi'ir's ruii 
in behalf of tliedioccdnte iii inul.i'V 
turer for ^V^tller O'Kisefo AMl'^^tH't*^^^^^ 


InternatT City Yawn 

, niRht en- 

tertainment over NliC after the two 
.remaining internAtiunal broadc^Htu 

V i^i^llilM r«nner will 

report to a tieries of weekly changod 
Variety bills Biniilar to^tie one set 

0l<fli«}^. In the latter setup 

' Stoupnarrle and Kiuld nmko their 
^ debut on NBC with the ptbera In the 

- - -Qui/t^ conslBtlngf ■"■-dif ■ ' 'ihrnnUt-' -JPartter, - 
' Ilolon (JloaHon, Paul Albert, a choir 
; and Al Ooodnian, conduciinp. l*'ol 
'lowing weok'H show will come from 
■ ;I«o|idpn . C^JM? tJ^<^ After tliat irom 

In a survey of tlic couiitry'8 re- 
liction to the broadcasts from the 
%her side ilulf has louiid that, 
itItliQusb th^ liE^rire citie» audiehces 
■'. iiilVe tpeateil ihein as imi iaiiother 
«tunt, thoy have gone over In a bij; 
way out in , the jjtickH. Dealers in 
tUii^la^ttfr^ii^^ reported that 

^ Ihipir customeris told i of practically 
•' itlck ini; their noHCS Ihtd sets so aw 
: not to miss anything, and how tin si' 
V«thcr importations were, the main. 

y »t^c|ui»» atore and other gathering^. 
V^fewspapcr checkup showed that thip 
..•print breaks from small town radio 
.'•ds were pf sljnilar measure, with 
th« internatlohal Woadipastii fre- 
quently coming In for liii^afner 
headline treatment. 

Studio Staff Given Policy Rctpon- 

PhiladelpMa, Ang. «• 

; New experiment with station per- 
iwhnel is being tried by prcxy Clar- 
/•neo Taubcl of the reorjiaiiized 
yrV^li outfit here. Taubel h^fi 
i^Mrged the studio staff with the 
^responsibility of the station's prog- 
'jress by the fprinatiou of various 
«niploy«e emnmif teeii to' arl^hrate 
4llif«>»iic4M, . decide firin. i»plieie« an<i 
generally ppertttc the statipQ; 

AntieipatieiK the success 6f the 
V!ejitur.«» Taubel has already Invited 

; 4|ehdB cut. 



I.yiicliburK. Aug. 6. 
Uundred-watt W1.VA here, long 
#«ili1^HHr'' tM'-:' HmiiI'. ''' AowspApcrs 
vfor advertising, is ]i1anninpr to take 
the Ugh t into the news field. 

Btation has tieil up witli the 
^ {Washington Herald, which is try- 
'Hltiig to bciiid li^f) « nioiirtlhir oltetila- 
4ii Mi><^i^<a^^^ and will offer a 
QW^at^- of tH<s air nightly, giving 
. both local and foreign news. 

Local news coverage will be fur- 
nished by the* Herald's l^ynchburg 
;«prr«8tK>ndCiit, No«fli» J;*jacitett, who 
*iMl IMn <nredted by lihi« wtatlori 
■OVeral times recently with fur- 
nishing news stories which broke 
too late for the local nfternoon pa- 
per and too ejirlji; for, tl\e inoif;ning 
\iiai)er.^ ■ ' viv-v 

First ilrac in this section q|- ^iie 
.■tatc, and prot>,al>ly in Vlr-gintav fli 
radio has gone Into active compe- 
tition with a newspaper on the 
^w•^lrt^;^fc;:::^n:■JB^H^ni^w'^^ .''Korf oik 
:ncw«i)ap«r« ha^V« .^otiglbt the radi<i 
.■taUona iin(^^ nightly n^ws 


:KaBsae City Sym()hbuy <>rchest 
fciM b««n a^^^ for rtatlo 

''lyldo' Bpon'^c)! .viiip the we< k 
.!:WaUc!r Craig Is option-holder on 
*ho symphonfcc groo^/WhlidivlB only 

;•;.J^*•^^c*||^;:.,^■";.•■V^^'..^^ ''■ v''' • 



liKluiry niad<' among 4,000 
ll.steners in various parts of 
the country by the Psycho- 
logical Corp., a renearch organ- 
isation^ disclosed a slight drop 
In dialing attention this sum- 
mer as conipai i (I to a year 
ago. Results of tile (luizzing 
showed thivt $0^;; were: iiHten- 
ihg as imuch as ' they did the 
same time last year, 21% were 
less addicted to the habit, while 

In thaii -jBve^V'>^i^;,Sv' ' 
Resedrfill O^peHtt iii the tieiLdio 
tiade interiwet the p»T< < ntage.s 
as anything ! but unfavorable 
to tho bdsiness of broadcaiit- 
lnff^:-;\'Spifif.'Mee'^ lit thes^ answers 
arlr#stiing Evidence of the iaus- 
taining pow<Ms of listening 
I)opularity, particularly when It 
is realized, that ; tendency 
.to belittle Ipudspeaitor addic- 
tion has become .th0> smart 
thing amoiiK the upip«'r ietrata^ 
of the middle class. 


j^er plenty fear 

tlon, Mistletoe Gin sponsored the 
first attempt at horse-race b|*oad- 

ca«ti«4i«^Nrxri>; th«''i<^'iwipii 

Atlafw atation. Started three weehs 
ago as an innovation in radio, the 
sliow was an lmmc<li.'ite click, with 
women about 60-50 with the men 
in respoiiiiBci; ,ltro^ let- 
ters, stressed the fact that while 
they were hot interested in baseball, 
they were daffy about horse-ra<;inK 
and that all tl)(^ other stationB gaVe 
'em nothil||f;:;;|iit;.;'i|^^ two' 

ing campaign the 

in three weeks rejjtitieidly cOrt^alled 
5,800 distribution points out of a 
l>ossiblc B,QOO taverns in the Chipago 
tei*ritory. All tavei-ns m* carrying 
window, cards and stand-ups t>lug- 
ging the 'listen to the ralces on 

Station has received some 20 re- 
<iuests from other-zatattons: Qii pos- 
sible pick- up of iianiib faisea, and 
asking Just i)o# W^^p wehf ibtoat 

getting the.' i^fiqiP^.r^lNgi^ti-^f -MT.^ 
broadcast. ■ ■ ■ 

(ffiCKls Coast 
Aoditiinis by Qke 

NBC ii^\aiW3^jf^ 
of piping *Mdiltt»n* froift <>er*i<^^ 

urlng that th* . CO*t Of liidW, W 

f n.noo {iVtrfal '.pWffff^m.-iwV^irfty . 
high. ■ 1;.: -r 
':Netw«rtt has deeldod the lnal)II- 
itiy to- always t prwp'ott lyo adycr-^ 
tlsers in ' the ea^tci n studio ■ wbeh 
.audition is < i.rniii.c throii^*ti make.*-- 
scheme ln«'ff<:i'tive a?id will liere" 
after' ''re 1 y on- f .d i pcis:'-; f^.; Vrtl) :*!tt|r^ 
gested programs, . . ^ 

Ih'Vjtiire t'oirist aiidUipns will bfe 
disoed at th* Vii t. r t''!»f>* if re tind 
.shipped ar<Hin<l to nilv< rtiser«. First 
to t<*^ plattered will l>e WiU|a|lft. C, 

BusineM Men*fl Organization 
with idealistic Aiifu May 
Be First Non-Commercial 
Sponsor — Fears Pi|M^iir« 

a|ed:..yoMtl^' ,;•;:> 
:W':.■:■■. ON CBS 

notary IfhtOlrnational. bi^^^ 
of bustheaa men's luncheon clut>8. 
may sponsor Walter B. Pltklii, Co- 
lumbia University piofessor and 
best-»el]ing writer of inspirational 
worka. ■« now on th? 

Columbia network i)tista,ining with 
a program called "The Clearing 
House of Hope.' It is said to lit 
exactly into the Rotarian concept 
of what needs to be done to help 
rehabilitate the youth of Anterjicia. 

Behind the prospective' sponisbr- 
ship is more than an ordinrfry deal. 
In the first place It would fte sptm- 
sorship without commercialism. It 
wbuid l)«coine tho..^ jOirtt .jln^lan^c on 
radio ^at ■ a''' pr<H¥r««A >^ii1cil^kitf' ■'^^ 
an organization with avowed BO- 
rlologieal and ideall.stic alms. 

Pitkin's main tliesis eon< erns what 
lie -terms 'the lost generation.' 
These are thai aiinir au^^ who 
graduated from college or high 
school since 1929 or those who be- 
cause of the depression have nevof 
been able to ftpc^ a place for them- 
selves in th« v'i^^ busincs.<! 
world. There ar« |4tl|^a^ jt^ .them 
aiid they Wonstf tiito K fOroWbm ibot 
the nation which Rotary along with 
I'itkin regards as most serious. 

Pitkin is trying through his radio 
prograins to bring opportunity into 
contact with thbae ihiat neod if. In 
a sense his 'Clearing House for 
Hope' is a glorified job agency. But 
as it happens various Rotary chap- 
terei around the country have been 
ta<;:ik^bir;tlM» aanrla proMei^ flnd- 
ihflr <ii»ettlis«f f br yoting people who 
^twH inH a i>r#ak On 

Cysta A# Clause Hold^ Tenn 

Robinson's Reatpiui 

/ yfiAwa.rd G. Bobinson is re- 
ported ainOhg the Hollywood 
4iti»^i^a approached % Iknielld, 
Piarsons for the Campbell isoup, 
'Hollywood Hotel' radio pro- 
gram. Rohin.son resisted tiit^ 
invitation to perform gratis on 
thb W|4« tl»4t having previous- 
ly i^icbitiRtod to sell Iria Bteir^ 
icea tb radid^vfca 
minded to nOw . Vglvb;; thWO 

With the promotional talent 
hunt sttiht of Qoippb^ll hayini; 
admittedly beoh ; a- 
so far, giving' the program an 
advance build-up, the auspices 
are plenty worried for fear the 
actual program won't meet the 
iitfmdarda of iti own publicity. 


' There ia a political motivation 
that finds an echo in NRA Ideals 
that also figures in the possible Ro- 
tary deal. Rotary has a profound 
wtph for the prMaiif domocratlc 
type of AmertctUi goVernbient to 
hold ita bwh ajirainst any possible 
contingency, however remote at tlio 
moment, of fascism, communism' or 
other dictatorships. But Rotary has 
realiaod tk9$ .4^t<^t|lfj| in Eurbpo 
have gottiett Wiir "iliipport and 
storm troopers largely from among 
the jobless, unadjusted and dis- 
satisfied youth. Rotary fears that 
permanent bad luck and discour- 
agement oif millfoha of irouhgr folk 
in the U.i3.A. might spawn the be- 
ginnings of a trust in violent po- 
litical methods. 

Pitkin has been on CBS about 
five weeka and hap attrabt 
of attention. Some of it has not 
been entirely f avor able. Efipeclally 
controversial has been his constant 
harping on the need for opening in- 
d uatriaLJoora to ^buhg apprehtice^ 
Thia ia atrbnirli'; hyi inbst 

of the labor iBirfbiiak who regard ap-; 
prentices as a job menace to tlieir 
older members. Also the majority 
of codes under the NRA take an 
antl-appentice ft^Md. Pitkin <Qttlls 
thiis (in ihjuatlicb'tt^ A'meriekti ybiitii . 

B€!gers Band, Lan^ 9^ 

• Wai^ J'amiiy theattrfe goe* off the 
'■ther on Atig. 12 to Ic r< i l. r. .1 hy 
a new show t-eric.s featuring ijudilv* 
Rogers bai,id, J^.-inle Lang and thf 
Tliree Itascals. Will ...b/e < a opce 
i^eckly iO-minute^ shbt: on the 1^^^^ 
furiibiJi wcb.--^- : r .■■XX.y -^ ■' 'X-'-y':'- 

Shbw Will originate Jicrc for the 
first four weeks arid tlj' n lli;'H to 
Ne_W;'york yfh'-n llie P.r)t:!i.r; orriic.';-; 
tVa ■ he;tid8 e^jit, J*"i/r th** >J\ow tii". 
irogers jlti^ Will be ?liud4y Bf'ig*'r> 
nd - hia" ,0jf6c)i)X ■Hitipc:^ 
''1 < f . -1, of ^.::i0i0: .iidfei^jy x^ i.;t« ♦ ■ 
cai. yy:'f.\-:--\y -. ;v ■'■j; ^'.v ■ • 

i^iiilloincs, Aug. 6. 
WQC-WHO ftrtWievcd to be first 
bro«iddftater )^ tite bbuntry ^o oriif' 
inate and produoe 14IIA ra(im»^^o- 

grams. First week tlio programs 
were presented, fowjf flye-minutc 
sketch<« jli^RiilW'^^ 
half-hour;. '.li^rotfipaai.'.';^^^ 
and music, they received the per- 
sonal. . Indorsement of Gen> .llugh 

wanted to know the scheduled timi 
for all future NRA prpgrama 
planned by the studio ab hO' :Obuld 
hearvthemr-personally.'.; 'VV ' XX^-'y^:- ■ 
Station is cohtiVnilrtg the tour 
sketches and Sunday half- hour pro- 
grams weekly, with sketches under 
dii^etion of >9^pakfi<:la A .Robin- 

jEiariy in the NRA re^jimc ali the 
niajbr fllm studios of Ho].iy.>vPod 
ma<ie apebiai ahort)^ explainlnt: and 

CBS May Ditch 

'.:'-,'/'. ■■I*OJ8,;Ah((«:;Jes,;.Alig. .6,v 

l>c<:^e^!0/iwyUcii^,t'i^ ■ iV 

and Is reported to be going back 
to the. home : studio to ,n 
scht^fimi'^;'^ ;dUcii 
RHj;: iJjie ■ Don iJcc tos Ang< l' s Qut^-' 
let, an<l 8M;U«Mtute the: 60,0p^-yrtitr 
ter , ,;l<NXv.. • ^ ■ ''-'^y X '''' 'y-'y. ''r' ■'.'-H ■^ . 
■;.'l|b"S(>icj)ectfed'^ ^rft^ii' 'tn-^thirw 
t>r four We*?>it.H to b^ WOT'lf bn 

.thfc'/deal; ■ V 'y ' .'y. 

t'olisistiftf I<|)(itt hf'Mj is tll.'lf 

CH>5 is ,diJ:.s;itisJie.l with th(; lirjiitrd 
1:000- wall . pfiwer of KIM a^ against 

the Jiy,(W<)i wfttts Of K*'l> tiic Unv 

oytiet.^:' M'ith K?jX' of this sanrie 

p<>',v<.r and with ii Iwavy listcriing 
.■.nj>]i<ii'.e in tlie north arid iioitli- 
wvfi^t it i.H bellj-sed th.'.it With tl^i' 
■s1-a:t:ipfii\' .Ci3M3/i^^!j!iMld.;.^'*t4^^ rbit.: the 
€f)ri>,i.v' •■^'i;>:'h' '•■Itib.-ibiiin 

io vyat iagf.. ■ ■, 'X-y^^lXi*.- '[ ■ : 

y-'' yy:.. Chicago, Aug. 
^Irai admii«^ iiik: the part of . 
thb laxative II, hd patent medlcina 

cotnpanies tl>at the Tup well bill has. ■ 
a chance of being passod, or affect- • 
irig Ithbin in its diluted fbttn^ ^b*« 
pas.sed, is seen in the new clause 
being rubber-stamped on all ifadio 
time cbntrac^a bqr t^^^ 
pany, manufabturers '<rf Cy^ex.^^}^ 

Clause attempts to insure tlis 
company agairist all jxissible can- 
cellatiorrs of legislation or 
governmental regulations. Parti«» 
ularly the clause states that thi 
company shall be guaranteed "aU 
possible rate discounts as con- ' 
tracted for, whether or not thS 
show, is 'oa«b^^IM^^.M!(e^ 
crnment- rulinga.-^ ^X:'XX--'X "'I 

ClifiuBe, stamped in red 
contracts, i.s as folk)ws: ''..■!' ■ 


^The adveftlaer reserves the 
riglit to camel tliis program ;' 
without short rate if govern- ' 
mental rc^ulatioii« or iegla^tloa j ^ 
should rei^uii^e auch |i .cahbbi|i|^ ■ ' 
■tioh;'-' ■' ^^X''\ 
Uruler tliis clause the advertiser 
is given credit for all possible dia* 
counts as originally eontracted for, 
and will not be forced to par tlljji:< 
higher short rate If eaiic^Ued IMfSit i 
tho long-tiRM ./Wabount;. |«|*'...;|p!|^ 
into effect. y:/-y '■■.X-'-'- . : ' 

Indie station* in thla (vicinity 
quiszed on thia^. pi^'Oblem. aro a«)res<|^r 
that the/ WIH allow this clauae *l 
remain in the contracts. However, 
NJiC here states that such a clauso 
would not be permissible under the. 
notwork'B fi^«d poUcy; that dis* : 
cbunta are bajkid bn oontlnuous pro-^ • 
grams on tlie air, and that, It 
pi'ograrns are c.incclled before dis- 
counts are earned dis(;ount8 cannot/ 
br |^jiow(i^' .$o.: the-: ^y§|^^ajp,f:, .1^^ 


ofiStedi.;; ■ 


Will Ballyhoo Mora Radio Becetti^ J 

:•>;•;■;;• . -^iiii^Pk^iit'X-^ 

' ■ ' • - Birrilirigham, Ailg. 6. 

Evi iy st;<tion owner in the state 
pt Al^bq.nia was represented at a 
mitMStlnif /rln^PMb^ Sunday 
(2D) iwheii a., wtoie brganlzatlon *i ■ 
broa<lcasteih« 'Waft "formeij. A' atat'e* ■ 
wide camiiaign with every station 
co-operating to Increuse the num- 
i)er of radio i^pbtvi*^ 
one of the first iprbjectis.;'.','^ ■ yyX 

Kach station has pfbiniscd tb do- 
nate so many spot announcements 
weekly urgljig the public to buy j 
nevv radio sets, tubcis and equipni«^> ' 
to try to Increase radio's populafltr, 
Tlii.4 time will be donated regard- 
les.s of wl'ctiier stations are getting 
bu!i)in^s«i . fp-oflp .radio manufacturera. 

tlon will bo to present a ujiitbd front 
.■ifMiri'-t hatriifiit legislation' which 
J ly come up at tiic next session of 
tlip legislature, meeting in January|.: 
i^MS. fttfii: ianbthbi* ahgie vpOlnteiil' 

<;Mt at tl'.e rnif'irig vas tViat a stato- 
wid'; ot t.;:i riii'.alion could co-operate 
ntr)r(; fully with the Nat'loha) Asao- 
=glatiOn of llrOadcastcrs. 
'% <}. P.ersbiift, Of ; • WSJ''A , Mont* 

■J^ornei y, wns el< ctod, pjJesidi'nt; ' Ii. 
H. liopsnn, VV.APIj. Bij-mlngham, 

vicb- pi"'"-' i d en t , ari.d ;.-.F...- ■ C.-- ■ Jsf ose.iej^; l 
ot W A I'd,, IXtt iaoinv-^ secrbtaif y; ■ "TivitX 
board of- :diri(>e]tOr:«, .■ consisting- ■ bC; 
^:t.;v() Cislcr, \VSriN[. i^r'tiUnghani} 
Ho'.var.i I 'ill, Wtilf-.A; 7Clontgomery» V 

uho:..' Jit.' :pu:'6n^f h/^;wwi : 

ha^nir-Vii'':, citbfic^^ ' 


' Lo^i Ar.j. ' I' S. Aug. G.- 

y ^irn)iiy;vf;Vloii^^;jS(^i;t;tiVig^^^ 
;.l.".ce iAm :Ktri}v^m^k''.6^ 

on ti:e M./ii; 0>a%::e . hour.; oirorv'.^',. ' 
t'oast KiMj net work. ;': :X:.y. 


R 4 O I 



. With Holzep Orchestra, Krall Or- 
chestra, Viennese Waltz Girl 
''. Orchestra, Joseph Schmidt, Rita 

V G«ora. Tauif rih»yn Quftrtt^ 

30 'Mint. ■■ ■}!-:■-■■'/: 

Transatlantic ' ' 


tW;.-.-:' ^»ur'-''?.i;«*kj|'; ,".il|ipi'y:.yii'- hfi^ti 
brujQcViruiRt.thic. 'Wi^0jtly.: Suiidfly, ''>vi>;.1it 

• tifth**; of, ;ih©m. nirijir too ubooiI, but re- . 
; copt,tp|| Vfitp* P<«rfe(ct. tumlpn rame 

in .cl©tir; aWd Btroner; I'ftris A^raa «$ 
rlonr nn .thini;,'h It wore Sohonec- 
tarty; -itornn wms Htatii'U'sa. TlU'ii, 
Sufidny ntRht (5). cairio Vionnii. The 
Rlr»i roAlIy boo»1, completely Rood 
program. And the iif nio.sphori" went 
i<I<>i)t>y un thoin. *i<> tliat fcveution 

w a s j u»t itftreiy;; v tf^udi biei-ini^ . in 

. wri VO!j. /.'; . . ■ ' ■■ ■ ■ • 

It's rcfaHy a sJiame. Thi if was 
entcrlnlnment v.^hio galore in tlio 
\ i. iin:i I'roadi'.ist. It was from any 
siaiiiliMiiiit HiiOd and variod eiiter- 
tahiMii 11' witli (list rate ta!tM>t. 

J''eiiiali> anncmniHi-. .\Inie. I.uzzat- 
to, .spolie i;nf; with a pi<iuant 
^'ircf-iit but i)i'rftct eniuu'iafii)n. .so 
that her sfiittuiees eould 1>e easily 
understood. ; Also had a clianninfj 
per.soiialUy thiit hieliHij^. ttOftisider^ 

rro^'i nn ojunid witli the -Bhie 
Daniilic" sti-ain.s, as played hy the 
.lose.nh Tlolzor orehostra. 'i'hat ,!i;a\e 
the i>rii!4rani its projjer note — "\'ien- 
nese lif^ht music Jo.'ief Sihmidt 
wa.^ tlie tiryt soloist. SGhmidt is 
the live- foot tall Viennese Jew who 
caused the Nazis in Gerraahy nvore 
worry than any other artist durinj? 
tlie rtrst months of tiie Hitlor re- 
gime. I'ossessed of one of thft 
pdwerf til tenors in the world, he Is 
generully cias.sod with Jah Klepura 
and Ricltftta Tuubcf ait one 
be^t threb Birtt^era in i^urope'ii Aliilt 
eiitertulnin<^rtt fi«ld< He had Juat 
fliitshied ai'ftinTi whe^ the Xazla won. 
ttinaa is6 ^b{>ui{itr With the masses 
thilt (or ii* nwhtha It contlnnM 
bteakfnii^^ ;b< 6. record* despite the 

• fftCfr thftt a|t<l?Wii Gofebbela forbaae 

<fttiiB- tinift Schmidt sang 'Fras 
. UlCflt,' a s6-suoh tone whleh, had it 
iBB*!!'- properly h<?ard. Avould have 
established hl.s name in If. S. etlior 
circle.';, and probably induced somc- 
Qpe to bi intr him o\ *^r. :Satl(^6cine 
will, tiomo day, anyway. 

Krall orchestra, a jazz 
band, and not bad, oithor, played 
'Li.s<d'.tt." a current Vienna foxtrot. 
With lUta Gcorff and Krnst Arnold 
Chipping in for vooal effcct.s. 

Viennc.'^e AValtz Cirl.s, a f< nHne or- 
chestra, of considerable fame over 
^ thero. p!ayed 'Ohne Frauen, Ohne 
Musiii' f Without Women or Sons"), 
a Ilalph renatzky tune that ought 
to mran somethiiic ^^lieti impoi-ted 
to til's .vide. 

Hi'.a Cleort; sanj? 'Why Should a 
Wonrin lie Faithful?' by Paul Abra 
ham, Avldch doesn't do justice to 
that Viennese songwriter. The 
Tautenhayn Qtiartet Bang a typical 
Viennese wine song, and Sch»n4dt 
came back for 'Kin Lied Qeht ISm 
I>ie Welf CA Son.n; Goes Afauiiid the 
World'), from the mm^ which 
, brouiTlit him International fnine. It 
•^ Is, inr identally, a poach (»| a iMitiirw 
ICndcd with a medley o£ l««i£ar 
music as play<;a by th« Hollfcv :)^)c. 
A^nne blending oC talent and «su«ie 
all arpCind, rcprcsentativ* th« 
countr^r that «<^nt it forth ahd in- 
trigulhjp ehot^irh to- .t«tnpt * desire 
..for i.roturiK' .■• ^ ' — ■ 

BERT LVTELU. : y^^'::-^' iy.- .; 

With Walter Ki«M*<(«i S^Nt 

Howard '^v/ ^^ 

'Front p»mfytfMm0^-''j''z-L-' ' 

30 mins. 
W ABC, New York 

Hert Lytell is a good voice, name 
nrtd b^t ft»i^ rftdio but not if tb«y'r« 
(Toihg to iniicast biiU 'ti|i«,Wtey> On 

the Wrli^olft ihd UiiiOii tW» Hitagd Ly- 
teii itaa hlway»ihfieti (d^kitiQied with 
siiavit>\ pWli»H.: fl»'?i(«i.^.ll^ that 
kind rtf li yxrioe ^ntf "-'Mi^^vi H» 
<>xemijji(1^a gentlematillheali a»»d 
elas!». So Ward's J<'a»ftlly theatt'e, 
\vitlr supi'rb disreKoril of common 
sense, jM osents dentlei. an liiert as 
riildy .bihnsnn, a .slan«y nisW^H^d^pfT 
muKk'. in "J'lie Front I'a^ic'. ' 

Tvytell is too Rood an aetor to nuiff 
even so toui-rh an asKii^nmont al- 
toffether. lie did Ilildy .lolinson 
pretiy well. And that's acting'— for 
.1 rol'' more incoiiKruoua to the 7)er- 
si.nalily of thi.s star Is hard to 

.\t that the ehoice, while p.iliiably 
bad judgment, ha.s its possll)le ex- from the Ward Family theatre 
viewpoint. : It seems to have l>een 
.1 belated' .iubstitution tof' 'Alias 
Jimmy -V*tfrtti|jte' a play lolig iden- 
t ittod with Beifl , Ly tell aitd that 
\volild have vindubltably have tnnde 
an ideal radio eoRveyaiice tor him. 
It appears the Wttttrs of th» literary 
rights to 'V'al<*ntih«»' wl(i«t to sell the 
story on a ii-Week baslfi fot a 
serial. In fact neprotlatiotls fo*" 
lAtell to radio-headline in such a 
snial have Iieen on for some time. 
I'arentlulically 'Valentine*, with 

r.yteii should be; ;«;;pijR :?s*ittft>«l!;ti^- 


Final scene of 'Front Paere' was 
u.sed. But the tlnal punch, 'the s. 
of. b. has stolen my watch' was 
trimmed for the kilot \cl. s and road 
'tiie dirty crook stole my wat'-h.' 
And WM ii ft flAt ,.f^n^ 


SPORTS 8TdRlt» 0rrV THE 

■' B'CCO.RO'' 


;WJZ, New York 

Whether dramatized anec- 
dotes of peryonalilios purportedly 
from the world pf .sports are 
fouiwbd on some kernel of fact 
there's no tellinjf. Thornton fisher, 
sports cartoonist, shrouds hii *lli- 
side' tales In anonymity, paeu- 
donyniity and whatnot. But M' re- 
flections, of human naivl* I they're 
btrpiad .and . fiThpl« enowm : to : At 
«oft»© eiS«e that plight autareiit Itaelf 
. tb th^ iipbrta ftniowet «te^i>ed in 
the b J ogmphy a nd trivia of^he ^ dlft^ 
iQOnd, Ting, etc. 

FlBh^r as narrator Weaves in and 
the indivldiiat sapra. From 
the production angle NUC's treat- 
nient of these sketches is slap- 
dashy. Cast Riven Fisher is expert 
enoupfh but the dovetailing of the 
narrative and the acting has every 
evidence of, while the 
interpolations of the sound effects 
could scarcely be more haphazardly 
contrived. WMCA, New York, 
made a far more effective Job of it 
when Fisher did * Bimilfir series on 
that station about «:|rMu;, i^g^- 


Musical Revue _• 
90 Mins. 

WIP, Philadelphia 

'i'his show, whicii opened the new 
FpX Weiss emporiuin in Philly, 
litiHiml flve local stations split up 
into thre(» separate broadcasts trotn 
the stbf* itself. Signed fts reflEttlar 
talent wew M*<*ey:,Aipiett OS .irt.c., 
Pete "Wolw-y,: th«; WijHriliri^ Sisters, 
Hutte >i!arhart itnd itht Importation 
frortii' }C«w York. Ireho B^rdonl. 
'What was probably » mce}y pre- 
arransed program firtt int© n gen- 
eral shambles at the vepy start, 
since production WiMi Waited : tt*- 
auently to allow for 8|>to<ches by 
city otflcials and gratis nits from 
theatre acts, all aireasting being 
done before a larpe group of pros- 
pective customers. 

Conuner'.ial credit ran through 
the show proUrifally, if not smooth- 
ly, by descriptions of the fashion 
shows presented each half-liour. 
The radio audience was put into a 
mood to buy with such detailed 
word pictures as 'There's a cloth 
coat trimmed with fur.' l'"urther an- 
nbuncements included the none less 
humorous one anent boss Fox's trip 
to Europe for furs, expressed In the 
manner that led the listener to be- 
lieve Fox also took a j;un with him. 

From the talent .an^;lo, the show 
soi'ved to afford Mivkey Alpert his 
initial air appearance, capably han- 
dled rrotwith«tanding the fact tiiat 
the trek was long. Pete Woolery's/ 
back-up by the Warwick Sisters ai- 
ttiiMly caused a show-Stop, while, 
li'ehe Bordonl chanted t\v¥o number* 
with defcfded eclat; Quested the 
:pro|^;ai|A *W<Bre the Michel Staters 
and fi<Miny tlosi^ Vioiet iiove, ^die 
Cot^ Ddfothjfr? Hall and sdVeral 
others. Arvhouhcer James Bi^ley 
of WCAtr si^toled for an st^tione. 

Brbadeai^'ilffts heat showm4tfship 
for the sponiHiri if for no other rea- 
son than tl|«it lio female listener 
could miss it, regardless of station 
preference. Knough good local 
names made up for any faltering 
production quality or smooth pres- 
entation. Tiio show will probably 
dra>r many lookers into the fur 

I. J. Fox firm In New York also 
:uscfl I'renv '' :^9«M^ddftl;'l.'lid«H.i'ty.' /'QVer 
WEAF,' ' ■ ■ "'■ ■ ■/."■/l'- '• 

With Johnny Murray, Jimmy Tol- 
son, Sally Dubre, Red Corcoran, 

V Mary Trayhen, Bob Oakley, 
Julia Kingdon and Minora U re- 
el I. . -w'. •./■■■;-v,!.:..>,.r^'' 

60 Mins, ■ ■ ■ 


KHJ, Lot Angeles 

This commereiallor, Jumping from 
KFWH after two years there, is on 
Don Lee coast network for the com- 
plete hour show, with half of it 
HToihg over CllS coast-to-coast 
chain. Switching has cauised yoiing 
war between KHJ and KFWB. with 
latter having its pwp Hl-JInks pro- 
urram on the saime Si^nday night 
iiour and trying |(i> maintain its lie- 
toners by throwiniK in -'tt(cli- ,wtpek a 
different Warrier picture hame, 

Inittaier in the hew cipdt fails be- 
low' chain quality ai^Vfilils tb live 
up baUyltob that 'stc^ontpanled 
switch. Pol f ii^ jhftia,; ebmedy talent 
is sanie fui has lMeh.<#|i prograni for 
many months, lind ihpH is its prih- 
cipdl weakheMr^tht^ ^jMBeiftii^^ in- 
ability of tolent offer :»ni^h1niR 
new. ;"' ■ 

For IcKal It might pass muster, but 
in competition on chain, hook-up it 
will sutfer in comparison with pro- 
iiram.s that carry writers to pen new,'s or skillfully revise old ones 
rather than obvious attenipt of III 
.links talent to roll their own, 
mainly from vintage joke book w . — — 
IM o^ is supposedly 75 couiio, 
and is therefore particularly weak. 
SiniTin{; numbers which Jimmy Tol- 
-son, Mary Trayhen and Johnny 
Murray contribut> are oke, but or- 
chestra stuff, coiJ*|>ared with back- 
ground prcvlot^rlyj bitered the show 
by Jack Jf>y i4rffiEeim:t4<>ni is off. Ap- 
pears to lack i>i^<M|wr'' co-ordination 
and in spots fftf too blataht. : ■ 
Oomcdy stuff ti fti> of bjicic nttd 
forth vnriety andL metity: jrHnuiiijicent 
in ini(iCierta^.t»7Viaudei of i#b.iiecnde8 
,ag)b; At:'4]wt:':1t;%ti;fct'>lK9trrea^ 
tor new iirnemtidn itt whoin gaga 
would- be new. Here is sampl<Q of 
rcacning back pron^ness: . . 

Minerva I'reeal pulled one about 
Italian mother who told teacher, 
'Johnny is no.^rpserr-ljarn lMfilw..d<Mi.'i 
smell him.' ' ■ 

Althou.iJrh a perennial. Sally Dubre, 
with baby lisp d(Tivery, is bri^chtest 
spot on comedy .side. One innova- 
tion is .acting out ^ags l»y various 
members of cast as brief blackouts. 
Oke but for stalcness of material. 

Six Sixty-Six Geym Shttp .' / 

1S Mins. '>■■ 
COMMERCIAL ?v ' ^ la v 

KEX, Portland, Ors. 

A novel Idea in taking listeners 
on imaginary tours is the new radio 
program of the »ix-Sixty-8ix Gown 
Shop over KEX, I'ortland. Ore. Ti- 
tled 'Century of Progress Tours,' 
pro^n'am idea is to take listeners on 
daily tours to the Chicago World's 
Fair, with sound effects, etc. 

On the trip through the Si)«nish 
village there nire - oa s t a ft e t s and 
laughter of dftihcins; sehbtitas. and 
so Qhi JBtidli daily bro4tdca«t is de - 
\'oled^t« Vm*- i^tirtteular d^parthtent 
otthe-^afr/; ■.l-'r: 

Ifi #:'h«w;'-pi«6t«darte^ 

gettihir quite a bit of attention, 
Iiooks aa .thouigh it would be on the 
local air fbr tifhei with spon- 
sor's bu^hess alr^y , idioWing re- 

tmhaii,.'^:; ■■■■ ^f•v^:■■■.v;.■.^ ■■ 


With Dick Powsil, Chariis Kaley. 
Bob Shafer, Swor and Qoode, 
Jsanna Dunne, 'Earl Hodges, Jos 
Twerp and his stoagepw Jaek Joy 
Orchestra ■ '■■.■•S'.:'' /■ 


Sustalmno' '"' " 

KFWB. Hollywood 

Just how hard this old CuoMt fav 
has been hit by defection of Johnny 
Murray and one or two others will 
not be k!>own for two or three 
weeks. At that time a survey Will 
be made by the Warn«r oxeea Which 
will l»« the yardst^cli ;i:4^^^^ J^ 

With two HI jinkers on lanes at 
.same hour, it has dialers in pretty 
much (>f a dither. Holly woixl spot 
has not concealed its burnu)) over 
losinK the bread account .and th«'ro'8 
.an evident note of reprisal in their 
buildup. Fir.Mt, Dick Powell was 
to.ssed Into the lineup to give it a 
wallop, .loe K. Hrown is tentiitively 
set for the next airing. There will 
bi>'' ho skimping on Warners film 
star power to give it a sock and 
perhaps force the Don Lee station 
to change.lts: ff>ot«' that i% t<ii, move 
off- the :8-9' nlchei^. v; 

The flrst Murrayvless air^r ^as a 
shade better than the old routiho, 
due in miin to Powell's warbling 
iind several other gootl voealizers. 
Powell always seems to have his 
pipes well geared for radio, and is a 
favorite in these parts. 

In Charley Kaley, single and duet- 
ing with Jeanne Dtihne, and Bob 
Shkf^^iv thfei ;aj|>4t nej^'i worry 
a'l»«»«tM|lfv 4<ttta'.:;-l»a«id»n*.- vlfii: : the 
c<wW■)e!dSfev^^■'ih'd^■m en.t;»: ./.tbdt:-','-H«ed 
fnir ■ j^ttid i 49 a lot bettf r if ihi* 
had fresh jiriiitH'iia tb iworK ^Ith 
Jack cltffordi the hard-of '^^eiiring 
sheriff. stlck.s too much tO a itaid 
set of situations to click stroni^ly 
I'.itter team of liilly Nelson and 
June Knijrht suffers from th^ same 
tjatr anemia, 

Joe Twerp, Coast edition of Koy 
.Vtwell went straight for the em- 
Ceelhg and it is doubtful whether 
he madj5:> thartupcrf-in f<>rget about 

bit ?was hot ovoHbolted and ia f airly 

Jack Joy's ork inovided the mu- 
sical backKioimil and is capable of 
holding its own. (Jood 
sbi-p was displ.ayed in bearinur down 
on the l.ast half. Kay Van Kiper's 
^ »*orqnet^' follows and is a hot fav 

Soprano, Baritone with Orehestra 

in iMi tiiries labeled 'Uoraance in 
.JkMfg.* doing a nicely selected pro- 
9ram of light operetta and standard 
ibaliads to orchestral . acebnipAnlw 
nieht of August Frana. 

They're on Thursdays at 9:15- 
• •'36 p.m. EIXST from the N. Y. 
studio of this Newaik station, and 
contribute a pleasing and .well- 

Chatter- ' "[ ■■■'■''i- : ':.■;>.■'■ .>:;.--: 
10 Mint, : .-■ ^■ ■■: ■:V^■''^■''. ■ 
KSTP,-Sli Pai*l, . 
mrith ohi Rtshwbrth at the tnike, 
KSTlP Is putting on a IQrmiiiute 
sustainer twice weekly that. Is- get- 
ting bodies of jrood witi front the 
general public. Stunt,' Which goes 
on at 1 p.m. Tuesdays and Thurs- 
d.ays, is called •Headline Memories' 
and recalls not only the headlines, 
as per title, but goes Into the news 
columns and even extendi . W>. the 
ads of 20 year."? ago. 

When headlines of 1914 prove 
tepid, material is kidded, so that 
the announcer telling brea thl essly 
of a salc) on ladies' lace-edged pan- 
ties ffets a good raucous belly-laugh 
any day. Men's buU-doc shoes, 
brown and with butttMui lip to the 
lower calf, a^w eause ehucKJes-^ 
and many/ ^}»* prtdii bf Ihbse 
days causes i^Uthe amasem^nt ae 
to thb epcppamtiVe ffbbd times we're 
living In today". Kxam pie: the best 
In bi6yCles'(n6t nearly up to today's 
product in all-around rc/lnfinents), 
went for a C-note In 1914, while to- 

Meetings of . Munieipai Govsrniiff 

Body •• -^pvi-"- 

60 Mns. ''■■■'-;iAr->. 

WBT, Charlotte, N. C. 

Kach Wednesil.ay afternoon the 
sessions of the Charlotte City Coun- 
cil are put on the .air in. their en- 
tirety — from"^ requests for an extra 
street light in 'Hlack Bottom' sec- 
tion to kesf p a.nd biting arguments 

over Sun«B^V:mpvt«il''and:'Blbi fHa< 

chines. ' '■ • ' ■ 

The municipal govemiffg' h0^^ 
which has been embroiled in pn« 
situation after another in recent 
months, all of frbht JMMff hews 
vjUufii, hiaksi- af tf^ij]^ a:«dto :^how 
aa-H'ia«kbft:a neti^-8tory.v i--"-' 

9«piiihiir thift Wlitiaih A. Sehudt. 
jTw inahagfltr of the station, con- 
c($ivipd th^ idea of giving ses- 
sions in their entirety to the pub- 
lic. Thet« was some sllprht dif- 
ficulty about breaking down the 
bars of traditif)n .and setting a mike 
in the midst of the .somewhat mike- 
frlghtened group. One or two coun- 
cilmen shook their heads a bit over 
the proposition of having the en- 
tire proceedings .vhouted tO thl^. 
world over a radio .station. 

Hut the situation was handled, 
the mikes were installed, a per- 
manent leased wire extends into the 
council chambers of the city hall, 
and the broadcasts are yery popu- 
lar with Chariot teans or anyone 
who likes to watch p.oUttoal Ohes* 
being played or.relis^M |^ 

'inent.'" . ■ ; 4 ""i," -. 


Danee -Bshd ' ■ -; ; 
15 Minfe./ ■■ '. I 

Sustaininil. . 

W K JO, : Landaitbrv^' PlW'' y''' ^^ 

The Sallbrettes are eight gals who 
got together and forihed a very 
slick little dance band. 

They made their radio bow Mon- 
day with a series of dance special- 
ties which pleased. Outfit, of cours»», 
is new and needs se.a.soning. 

Station has spotted them for |:S0 
#y!B»y:, -Mnhdajr-'iyeninci, .-.-x- 

FRANCIS MACK^;.:.-V;;:.:-,.\v:-: 

Songs . 'i^ 

25 Mins.;'- . 
Siisthihing;' • ■'^ ■ 
WGY, Schenectady 

Mack, supervisor of music In New 
York f'itv's public schools, has 
joined wiih the WGY String Kn- 
semble for a series of sutomer pro- 
^Mams combination cominj? on the 
air at the dinner-hour on Friday 
eyeninfT. Mack soloed here several 
titties last sea.son. 

Present broadi asts probably have 
strongest ui>peal to students and 
lovers of good music, althourrh aver- 
age listeners should find Mack's 
voice agreeable. Inclusion of one or 
two light numbers would jrlve the 
prognams a more popular pull. Now 
they constitute high-grade biit 
rather heavy fare for a summer mti- 
sicai meal, served via loudspeaker. 

.Mack p6ssess6s a robust baritone, 
well trained and llii#}l%9^htly han- 
dled. Jud<» .by Jb<^ iWahdai'd» it 
i!*-- well "i^i^ ^iii:.':lpHeN,:' particu- 
larly ■■Ihi^witi^^;;^^^^^!^ 

Aecbrdloii ^•^^'■'■'^■''■''■''>^"•■■■ 
15 MIn*.- ■ • \ ■'. 

WGAL, Lancaster, Pa. , 

Anthony Monde, v^ifdeyille and 
recording artist^ is ;i|e# to WO AL. 
He ciaiihs tb b* thd only aoqordibn- 
Ist ever to .ihastof the trc^ola r^n his 
ihstrumieht* Appeai^s each Mirnddy 
at l,2;^0 presenting a variety df 
classical ahd popular huthbers in 
his own piftrticular stylb. 

•M nnderii inst ruiftent dlff er.s radi- 
I ally from standard ones, and en- 
ables him to. pr pdU ce effects 

deemed impossible;, bni thf prdipary 
.instrument..- ■ ' 

In vabde days his billing was 
'The Coa.1 Miner Accordion I'l.ayer.' 
He )ms numerous phonograph lec- 
ords to his credit. Makes an un- 
nsiMil local program. 

PRED HUGHES '':-'yiy--lr ' 

Welsh Tenor ■ ; , ' '"^V;, 
Sustaining ' ' 

15 Mins. 

WOWO, Fort Wayne — ' 

Formerly a member of the Prim- 
rose rdur, well-known vaudeville 
act of so.vtirM years' standing, and 
nbw identlAed with station in .seml- 
pTofbilHldiainal^ ^xecitlve duties. 

Makes reinitar appearances and 
with reputation Is ac',utrin>r a ni<e 
following in vicinity. Ilroke Into 
radio bioadr a .tln;7 In the east a 
few yjuH tiifi, wiien th« etmtr Wai 
in Hwad'lliru; 'l'<fhei. 

I'roifrriro //'-II bilari'ed with the 
rrior*! j.'.prjiar bits f.ff -M'Htlnjf 

tb» fi'f.iitcbt l.;:h» '.pern soniTs. Ac- 
ef,rriri:if,;rr,< fi' ,i pl iyd on or«an by 
I'er' y ftot, .M, I h In b» t»er than 
the usual rt.i.t piiho background 

•TUAlIt Mirf 

Caihady. , 
WtAF, Nm» Yarh 

Their mtttertal oh tha PUlscU'. ^ 
mahn-VaI|aa hbur spot waa of poor 
quality, but Stlaart and Lash in V 
their live minutes or so of talk gava 
evidence of possessing a style and 
delivery well suited to radio. A bet- 
t»^r script next time should bring 
out tlio boys' poss|M||liM<a|i^,|^,^^ 

tliem somewhere. bein>7 bad in quality, ths ' 
material offered by the t<'am on thi« ' 
hhow was bad in form also, because 
in seeking to distribute the laugh 
lines evenly, it failed to eMtablish 
either of the two men as the com- 
edian of the act. Tl>e Jokes a*.' 
dished out had the partrters: tig)]it>> 
in< each other for laughs, ratheirV 
than helping one another snare 'era, 
In vaudeville the con.stant alter*' 
natihg be straight arid comic ,1a: 4^ 
okay* Arcangement, since theft -akm,'- 
al w.ays opjportuntties . f<kr sight MMt 
to cover aiiateriar deflclenci(>ft 
load Mt#si^a btiit :bf it« con* 
fustbh flvirir rAilMI Ai^ switchin 
questiohd a^d answers: Oh riadib ' 
It's required of all JokOsters to d^iV* 
niteiy establish thettisisiyipa as a 
ty|>e at the outsc^t. Oh the Pleisch. 
mann program it was often diiiicuit . 
to dlHtlhguish between Stuart and 

On the Flelsc'hnuinn perfortnance, - 
the logical .solution for Stuart at\d la to ha ml the l)orfs to tho 
former while I..ash jroes more or les.s 
straight. Lash has a Hip style of 
feeding anyway, and he's bound to 
get lauKhs on his own work regard- 
less of who the I'liun.v answer.s. 

Itt'sides t.alkim,', this 
variety turn tan siiii;. Their som; 
ftnisU Kot tliem oit handily on this 
•program.^ ■ . ■■■■ ..Btpr." 

With Cliff Edwards, Emery 
Deutsch, Edith Murray, Jerry 
Cooper, Chester Hazlett, Do-Rer 
Mi, Mountain ; Mfledfera* . HU^; 
Eastntan .Riviia . < ■.'''■'"'V' 
60 MinS.-..-V' .■.i'.^-i^-^-?^T: .. *T ' ^:' ''. ' ■' . 
Sustsm|»(Mi::'' r'''.''-X >'\-^^-^'-V'>'- ; ■ 
WA86, New York 

Columbia wfi^b'ik regular Sundaiy ; 
night showcase for. CBS talent has 
been ' having lots of m.c. troublo. 
(?<»orge Jessel has been in and out 
of the program. Latest to take the 
chairmanship of the didoes is Oliff 
Edwartls. lie also h.os an indi- 
vidual spot over the network t>n. 
Thursdays (unsponsored ». 

I'Alwards Is .a Kood trouper. Ilia 
eotnedy methods While not always 
convulsive liavo the ndvantacre and-' 
virtut> of beinj; lu.i own. He re- 
sembles only himself. Material will 
be his chief hurdle. I^ut its thb,.' 
chief hurdle of all other radio come* 
dlaiiil ib that> nothing .uniwisb' 
M«attiil4iai»li#|iM a pialhU^v««^^i^ 
lienilmted: HMi «f huiiibr Which ha 
strcniKtbepa iiiid viarios froihOUni^ to 
timd :<trttn iiKiihchy 10 wdown ybdeii ng^ 
It is to hia remembered aniong the 
present day crop of Heat Waves, 
Saxon Sister.s. Mills Mrothers, et 
al that .as I'kulele Ike this performer 
waa showing the way In vodeodo 
as far back as 11)24. 

I'ropram was not well 
routined. It opened with a long 
overture by l-'mery Oeutsch. Whilo 
tho Oeutseh fiddling when the 
tempo picked up proved to be highly, 
diverting it was a long overture andt. 
for the most part pretty dull. 

Edith Mtirray s^^ 
trtergiftdr^l^ . thar pvertt>redomii|ant; 
orcheairatiotta. bat gave an bkay a6>* ' 
countinf in a voice tlilkt h^ tyabyW 
kins stt-aihs mlTiigjihg With Harlem; 
yehmahi; itfry Cooper ahd Marr 
Kastman rdvealod good voices of 
more oithodox coach imr. 

A memorablo few moments wa^i 
Chester ll.azlett's socko seHsi(Mi '>n 
Uio rl:iri!iet, a show-stoppiiif; solo. 
^ dramiti-.'.ed mui^ical insert cred- 
ited to Coiirney Savage was .sm.artly 
ili>ne (Kl.iiling with dialoj^ and soiu-,* 
tho simple talc of a ne>;ro lad who 
got an attack of awolli-n craniaiu 
when, achieving a llttlo success. 

PROF.. THAtcH-iii: eiLkm '.vV;';- 

Preneh tessdni - - 

30 .Mins.,,;.-. 

WOR, Newark- N, Y. 

Prof. ThaFcher Chirk lias been do- 
ing his linguistic la.stniiction act on 
the airwaves for many months and 
if one doesn't think that lanKuawO 
iii.struc tion nan bo made entertain*' 
in^;— just as l-^lder Mlch.iux's gos- 
pel routine pl;\c(\s religious evan- 
gelism Into the entertainment cate- 
Kory-^ono has but to Kct a load of 
the i'rof.'s S.atniilay evenin^r l)road- 

It'.s entertainment plus. Yet It 
never its ditrnity. It's well- 
routin'Hl, dpcidedly appealing to 
anybody virlth any sort of .an inter- 
est in learning how to parlei! in 
another language but ttwr. bno in 
wh ich this. Is being wrltteiii ithd it's 
all most f etchln«l)i^ nabi^ tTdfc 
Clack's^hlka Mrdkinaiity. . . ■ ' . . 
. ■li§i-yii!^'-''V^f^. his little French 
j>hraniei» , itt-i a col IcKlnte stfle ■ b? 
cli^r*.1bi((tihg, doing it In- «li1lh«* 
With a >i»iiiplcion of tlnpahalh»ye»nue 
yordo-dC-6-ism Just to IfrtproSs thb 
ncceiiiitai^y rhythtnic cadence. .|*».'« 
a niike ftpeliblnder in that h* yl^lvl 
hlii brief free Instruction With mfiich 
Interesting by-play. 

lie has a CiHsa before W^ht 
'l.liey'ro mixed, and he adiiifli^p* 



■<^U time i(B p. m/ unlcfci? <)thf rwiTO n^^ VVhcic i\ne advertiwif 

hns two or more proeru mis they ai^ lifted cvintsocutively. 

An ftstcrieH before nArhe lnfllcateR adVe^^^ affnty handting 

Abbr^vlatioiui: IB^^^^^ M iMohd&y); Tu Ituckday): 

W ,;(iWediie«ilajf ).; ,,Th':jlt|M|^^ ;F-<i^Wi^);^ 8.: ■ :<i.Sfiittrd(^y^., , 

^ C. HVAHK 1*1.1 « 

Dick raiii|'|.t.ll 

Unrry HwMCk 


I'hil HnUer 

Mattel A|l!!WlfW< 
•N »* Aypr 

II. f. ii MiniTT 

Mary ^'mnll 
Tiuth IVnntllig , 
l.i«>mton 4 ■ ■ ■ ' 

"■ ..- •■•■fi!o«';,jBy. . 

■ <v>rn t'lnslerK-v. . . 

■Wa<l»' Hootti 
I^oriilliv |i;ty 
•Nt" . I'm 111. I, K n 


BV«i-«it klarBUatl 
JB.tis*b*th I<«nnD« 
Ob man At Ar<I#A 
Vlt Jor Ar.lKtiV b" 
•HI;. • • 

iO-Tli-H Allt' 
H» Min in H lyw^d' 
IftirM'' Wfirnow 

• VounK A liubfinin 


I . ai .•! I 
Pr«><l Ml.'ii 
I'oil.iiiiil lloira 
Jack Htnftri 
X<tAni>| Ktander' 
Kilrim PoiiRiaa, ' 
liwin noiinore - 
Mill ' ii Won* 

.iiimitu .tl<.''i<uii 

i.cnnl« llaytbfi 

' l<pi)tiin A< ItowJea . 

I .tMl>.%NA 

10-K-n KAF 

KirMt NiKlitcr' 
Juno MureilKh 
Uon Aiiicch« 
I'nrtton' firfcKcrt 
Cltff Soubiier 
K KajB«rtiu>«t Orjfs 
■ ^ A-ubr«'r ■..|i|«or«: „ 

cabnAtiom Milk 


liene ArricUt 
LuHa hy I.aily 
M I, l<:;is'tiii:iri 
.t<>;in Paul King 
* lOrwiii, Wasey 
■ C'IIKRA!«|f->;\,: 
Muxiiie l.asli 



■ .■;«-.r.WKA,F 

jeHfiia t>raKuiuti(' 
KoHuriu liouriiMfi *.>i 
'<i«i«rtet.: ■• ■■iif,- -- 
•tora ft tlibtiia* 



Harold HtoK^f ./. 

• lalo Vixuf 

•W. S. Mill 


I'liil llartis 

l.r'tih Hay 

•J.. Walt. Tliomp. 


(ColcatP. Dctitifriro) 

•e'lK^la llo'aa rrty 

J.t>e Cook 
Donhlil Nov If 
P'rancrs r.nriKford 
I Ion Voorlifcn 
•VounK & Rublcairi 

/raMtiolive Soar) 
W. A. nn.Utr. nir 
•llnl Mill- 

" .!j'«i »wnrt»»oiit 

Jo)ih BaiCday r , 
Nat fihiittfet 


Oil. CU. 

Hurry Rlchman 
Jack Denny 
Joha .|C«nn.edy 

CRAZV eity»TAi>i 


<3cn« Arnolid. 



LiMl liiUflkin 

'Rrfff - 

liur X Diiya and 


I'siiii UohiKiil) 
Joiiii Mitchell 
Hill Mitchfll 
I'larl I'lc'ltenH 
John l<;tttl<' 
Ann Kl.sniT 
Konnctli liai^m-au 
•Will. ICsty Cij 


II. Kirt'Htont, Jr. 
(.ilailya KwArthout Kiisepible 
Vtrm. Ditiy Ot/fh. 

, :wrcli-. ■ 


Wendell luir 

•K.'W Ramsey 

Kr«'il Wnrini; 

Ted Pearson 

•N. W. Ayer 

(;KN. ItAKINft ' 

Jutin .Sanderson 

Frank Cruinlt 

•U.. B.. D. A O. 


Fram es I.iee Uarlon 

* VounK. A , -Rub)Gan 



»'hai WinninKer 
L:inny Uuss 
Annette Hanshaw 
''onrad ThibAUlt 
Murirl Wll.fon 
'Moliinscs 'n' Jan ry 
'ius Ilarniji'hen 


•M«ria'a Certo" 
Maiiy Imu 
Conrad Thlljiautt 
Fra n<'ea I.i««: 'BATton 
(J iiB HaiinacheD Ore 
•Uenton A Bowlet 

' Hyrd H^xiU'ilUlun ' — 
.Mark Wariiow Ore 
* VounK A JRubtcaru 



Ja< k AriiiHtriiiit: 
All A iiifi iraii Hoy 


Oetty & Bob' 
Hetty Chiir. hll) 
Don Ainerho 
L<otly WInKlef 
Art Jucohson 
I'arl lirlckprt 
I.oiim lioen 


Jack I5cnny 
Mary LivinKatpO 
Jimmy Orif* 
*I{ays MacFarland 


Mm«. gchnmaiiD-H 
>|Br«in W«B«y 

(Snfoty Ranor) 
7:IS-I>aily rxreitt 

il< no and Olenn 
*Ruthraurr A It 


Stoop, Af Hudil 
Helen Ulfason 
Haulin« Alpert 
Frank Parker 
Al (Soodman Ore 
Modern Choir 
•Cecil Warwick 

<i l5-I>alijr>^ABC 
lIKar () RiinKerv' 
UoUby Ueniion 
Neil O'Maltey . 
Fturenre ftollaa 
Ulily llallOB 
JObn IHnrtha . 
•Hirwin- Waeey 


i'Jilward Oavlea 
Citkavo « Capaiin 
Jolt KQ««tH«>r> 


<'i)i*>«' .Cttjp«)' ' 

Dob &her«oc>d 
IVradley- narher 

l''ran'U NovaU'i. Ore 
• VounB-H 

10-Th- WBAF 

P Whileinnn Ore 
Al JolHon 
I'eKiiy Healy 
Jack fulton 
♦il. Watt. Tlioinit. 

Wayne Kinir . 
♦Stn ck-Ooble 

(Neat lew) 

■ H-F-wj».; 

Kthrl i5hutta 
Walter O'Kcefe 
Kobliy Dolan Ore 
•J Wall Thoiii^. 


jDon vO«at«r Ore 
^RttthriiHir A B 

:'":^^-'uJ*oi»'" , 

J Armour) 
TrtikiV 'iiwc ' 

J line Mrrcilit h 
John I :old«worthy'; 
Jiihii Stanford 
riiltert l>out;laii ; ;v; 
Miirrav Forbes 
•N VV Ayer 


(«O A1N (iO. 

Jack Artbttt 
i)«Marco Bla , . 

. iOU' ^fiaijnnoo) 


.loan Mariwiii 
ifob Molan 
loiidie Hauaia 
•I "la ted dlr«ct 


(True Story) 
Court of Hiiman 
lirlat ions' 

Percy UeinMn : . ' 
Arnold Jolintoa'a Of. 

i'llKiO llltji 

Ned Weavtr 
Luelllo Wall 
Allyii J<)>1', n 
1 alll y.H'W ai t 
•i'liwin W.iM-y 

MET. I.ll'l'. CO. . 
6-.4&-l>iii!y U EAP 
Arthur HafU'y 

DR. Mil. EH I.All'H 

( AIha Selt;'rr » 
10 iiO-Sii \\,»Z 

WI.S tin in Da nee 

Ridge Ktinuera 

M^c A Hob 

Cia?«nce Wht«|«i^ . 

> ilBMJ.'l^MdOfie ' 

Betty Moar*; 
UiitV/ hit* 



•mil A C.lnjter" 
VuK<»ia I'aUer 
l.y II M 111 r;iy ' 

_^lf KAHT 


•H(iy« McfarUnd: 

ba*e. Buaiiy A 0.=^ 
nunny Coiif;hhn 
Dave (.irant 
Cordon Cirahain 
♦ H. 13 . D: A O 

(Froot r A (.ianiblei 
3:4S-DaUy Eaeept 
Ma .A '.Mo-IVItAir,'.. 
•Ma .fertinr'^ 
VIrcinIa Dayljie ' > 
MarKery llannon^ -* 
Karl llubel 
Will l<'orniiiii 
Chaa. KKglcMton 


•DcHth VAII y Dayf 
Tim Fra w ley 
J0«eph »ell 
Bdwtn -W. Whitney 
l«Onc«olilo Cowboy 
Jaaeph Hoiiliiie Or> 
«|li:C BrIcK 

'.''":'rKrK01>BNT ■ 

'Jungle Ad vent ur^n' 
Frank Ihk u 

1:4fi dully ex. to' 

DcaKe Carter 

•P. W Armstrong 


l.oo Relanitrtt'a.'lOic 
I'hil Duey ' •^v •'•• > 


^Today'a "CblltireB' 
Irina Pbllltpa 
Waiter Wicker 
Beail Johiiaon 
Irene Wlrket 

tutcy CilllMtan ' 
Wttd „V»>n Aii^,o,n , 
Jean MciU'cgQr 
*Uul('lvlivijOii ' 


i'ookint; t'loKC il^'U 
• lliit< liiiiion 

KMiUtil^ IliiC. 

p'.c!T'K/"a: 'ii-MBi.*:.' 

i:SO titilly >i. Ma- 

•'1 1 o iiie", vSV?**.'''!!' ; ■■• ■ 
I'et il Ketreati; 
Ilarjjctt MneCm>t>'ri 
Hilly llaloi) 


chatt. i^rev'tn 'X>fch 
<'hail('» l.yuni 
•til win- Wasey 



Kdna dActl'.-: ■ 
I'hii i'oneMl«ld ■ 

Irii.a IJipn 

lOarl Law i» nee V 

Bverett MnrHhaH 
ViOtbr Younfe Vf>' 
SlooiuiaBlc A Budu Ci uir»it 
Vivian Hutb .' 
I'arker . FanMlly. 
!.*. B. ' D.' A -O. 

SILVER Dl'til 
7:SO-r.3-W-K- W .AIH' 

Tail I KoaM 
lioHo 1 1 llllVUII M 0> ' 
i^p,. H , D AC 
0-M-\V.IZ . , 

(i<'nc A mold 
Hill ChildB 
Mac McCloud 
Joe I'.nrsonW ■ ' ! 
Cliff Soublef 
Il.iiry Kofc'Pn 


(t.'ha'-p A iil)"i n ) 

8-Hu-WEAF ■„, ,„, 
Jiiniiiy . Durantf ' . ' 
♦tw*in<>n^: ' :, 'T 

(C A 8 ttm>/v 
Jack IV.iil • 
Cliff Hall 
Peter Van Steetlen 
Kathleen Welln 


Rudy Vallce and 

His Conn 'Y.Tn! s 
♦J. Walt. 'Ihonip 
STD. OIL (N. Y.) 

''ocony vSUetrhe^ 
Arthur Allen 
Parker Fennelly 
laabell* Wlnlockc 
Ruth Raseell 
Robert HtrauRn 
•J. 8, Getihell 

sTEIlMNti ' PMOP. 

h-Tu-yvAiaC r 

(Dayer'a Aipiria) 

Fiaiik Miiiin 

M III ii | \\ il-iiui 

liiiM 1 1 .u'ii> i lie^ iJrc 


Fi aiiU M nun 
Vii ^^iii.i Kea 
tMiiiian A Arden 
Beft ;llM«eh . 
(tiiw iraVnMeheh Ore 


I I hillii'M Muk) 
Wall/, 'rime' 
Atie l.y man Ore 
Fr.ntk Muiin 
Vivieiine >ie;jf«l ' 
H :-o-Tu-WAII!C,;, ' 

A he l.> ;iiuiii, v 
V:ivientk« Secki 
Oliver 8»h1tlv 
•HIa- U- ti 

S:;iO Tu-WAIM- 

Riehaid itimiier 
Joey Nash 
.4.Roelie W C 

r.oWeli Thomaa , 

DrjRinatic Bk^sieh€^ 
T*om Powei-s 
liiiin.'i VloK.iitK 
lleraliik TlafOTTl — ^ 
•rit^tk-Uotole , 

fbni'a BWitV 

^•Oa»': , HuHktimMifii^' 
PIc Maliona ': ; v - 

f'at PadRPtt 
Jo'^ef lioninie 
rMcC.-Erlcfc. ■ 

ir.ANbBR CO. 

l.ltlla OrpfcaA i^* ' 
Allan Uarijc^.: 
Henrietta Ted ra; , ; 
Ell Hprague , 
atanley AndtCWf ' 
Sliji ley Poll ... -I 



Uudely RoK<ry« Qfl^ 
Jeanie l^ant; 

;t Pa':- alM , ; 

•FIctehcr Kllii* ■ ' 

B. L,. WATKITi$ 


Tama I a 
l>aviH 1 ercy 
Men About Town 
JacijufS Renaid 



Irene Rlcli; 



' V ,'I^di<>-'U8t^^«: ■'|n"-;<iB,n!ft«4A' iiip*nt.' ' • 
lour liincH as much ori. "vi^'H f*"'^ 
durliiK the first quarter of 1934 than 
they did doriiMf €0^1^^ 

do:il«M-s from coast to trast, meet- ' 
ing in coriyention here, were ; tpW. ., 

tic.«. S.'ilofl for tii'st fom- months ofc A 
•34 totalled 24,420 ijets, factory-' 
valited at 11,031,152. ^ UelieV^d ^t«i: 
omphusizo. Canadlaii:|»»bHcy'j!<?*^^ 
to luxury -buying. " ? ^ ' ^ 

Oi-atis on hand in fanada fui 
10,667 radio seta, valued at approx- 
iinatSa^"'''|750,000i /.-WlH^^^^yidie, ,-W0i#-\- 
tpic:-,6v4r tfiO^ w .th<^ radio 

And Cabinet IiidustHeiB liei"e untH 
advance onlors at^t'^^tii^&^l^^ 
ern wore told,, v''' ■■ 

Warden Lawes, M'Connack 
Reiiewe^ by C. R. Warner 

i4irlii)rtent and Vlnc« - 'Ji|(i»iyil^1^A»li)^^^^ 
rotiirns its Warden Lavvofi and John 

.Mcc\)rma,cli innings to NUi"8 red 
i WJZ:^mii^ Bept. 19. One piofc-rniBfli*'' 
Will, as pre'vloiiflly. fullovtr tbe .otb^Ql^fr- 
mAklnK it a full hdiir foi' botKl v 
' Irish tonor will <lo the first eitjW;' 
bro;idouKts with John Charles ; 
:1*hci>iinn# : repli^ hinii , for Beven 
W'eeiiiK'':'«|iil -iite .;<p|i:tr al'tef.naltoii .-^ ifffs's - 

•prOKrarna for' ._thfi:' ',liBm,wei»'. ^lOf-^tli*" ; 

Ill '' ,1 • II I 'ijl' i 'lil l ' li ' ii f V ■ t .' 

Willard Now in Druj? 
Stores—^^puids on Air. 


wide radio campaign thin fall. 

Fiijurc on un increased use of ether 
dlscH, using hUI-billy taieht. : ; 

AViiiArd. ijuRfl this jfifeiir pbcnmiy 
druf,'-*»to?(B iaistributlon and 'th0r«>>^ 

fore plans a more extensive mefto*' ! 
politnn rovorafre than fiirn'- rly, ,'. 






fRaJio Editor, N. \. Daily Hirrw) 

—IF "Amoi V Andf* and *'The 
of the Goldbergst' when these 
two $€ripta return to the air in the 
Fell, won'l find it tomgh to tein 
be€k the many ftm» who hmm de- 
•erted them tb feilom the "Home 
Life pl Om fyUM* Mr ^ 
wont The tmi rnttM H»ifim»t 9b 
thU Irieh **Rite of the Cctdhergi* 
protet that it i* daily thinning more 
and more feUomera. mho u$ed to ha 
true to MaUy Caldbfrg or *'Amto» 






lis Uniyfersal/lppQal Reaches E^ei^y /faiiona/ifyojii/£i/ehjf C/oi!^ — ^ 

K^nct Goina Just JJs Sti^nf f 





»^®*o'Ne\«8 ^T": about ft 

[and eSVou^i^f* 'h*? Joy 

*^°"'e toi took r! ^« have 



ff f«i^^m£S m^m\ NBC-C85-WOR 

gftEPWOLF i^sodtooJu/ei/MC CHickerlng 4-1711-^ 


rAn M0N-wS0'i(pai'«f y.'so iP.M 

jJHjruES • Ak TMU At •* Ts*« * 

'•(OoiigrafulaUonn on 

Rftiio of htihiAii'iiitmM 

fiilly iKirlrayed. 
•'Jn< rrtciitaUy. i ABi n|) 


'^O' jL**a 3*'>-«/ * »^^*- "ht 


^WiW'ii the InclVislon In 

• pipK-iu annouiicemonts of any- 

tljiiiir that smacka of advertising haa 

station operatorsi Accordingr to the 
authority's iuteripretation the pal- 
aver vjnnI Oft if iisiatninff program 
c<^inin|gr from a hotel, or nltwle 
is to be confined to mer0 mention 6f 
the band, the wuiblers. the numbers 
a.nd the apot. References to the at- 
twk>tlven«M of the rpoift; the «ur- 

: Mundlhgit; U»e iooii «stc, wre, ottL^ 
"VPTratt ptompted ihe code au- 
thority's action was a complaint 
ftled Nl'.C by Thomas F. 
Burley. .Jr.. who operates WCAP. 
Ajibary i'arlf and Wjm, Red Bank, 
H. J: ijufiey chargtid tft • letter to 
the code authority dated May J^L 
that Niit-' l'£>^d frozen him out df the 
imciote control liVie market in theae 
fUrwM by. coming in this summer 
ij^d iiiH!*r«<atflitvh in every way. 
NBC, liurloy averred, had InataMed 
line.s in various Jersey rQadhouses 
at rates unywlioi e ff-om 50% to 75% 
under that which he (Burley) had 
%f ; .1^^ kumnlec.- billed these 
satfne spotB; fitirJejr declared that 
he had trt'ated these dine and dance 
spots on a r.trlctly commercial basis, 
whereas the network was only 
Chajrging them for telephone lines 
installed, ^lurley tfoAtWded that 

r the twit of the ' ciwr^nt hwwdcaiiti 
wait ho different from- that he car- 
ded laM summer when he carried 
wach ¥p0t- 'on a. commercial baaiB 
cod t^t the^^^^.h^^ wei^ ptUI o£ 
an adViertislng characler 4nd that 
NBC was evadins the provisions of 
the code by not billing these road- 
house conneGtlons accordingly. 

This roa^ouae bu«ifte«a, aaid 
Burley, coftstitntW TS'lfe of hia in- 
come during the summer. If the 
small station, he wrote, has no re- 
course from such network competi- 
tion tliere wlU be no alternative left 
the fdnpMT elemeiit ut to to out of 
fiittiilBMa and leave the field to t^^e 

, tl^#|ip ;|ncnopoly of NBC. 

. ■"■ '-litfiti^p letter was submitted by 
thO /dodi authority to NBC for a 

Hollywood. Aug. 6. 

W, C' Fields will bo auditioned 
i6mott^ir^ ■ .tor- ; :If B'<2; 

tirht'ch :ha« thr*e prospective epon- 
voru' inti^reSted^ Packard, Camp- 
tkeH's Soup.: an(V^ th ird not named 

The comedian's contract with 
Paramount makes no mention of 
radio, Iff ; understood Piar has 
fivcn <br^ etMuiimt: i^- riejda ahii^. 
if and When. 

field.s' deal with NBC was ar- 
ranged by Maurice Cleary and Ran- 
dolph Crouley* his business agents. 
Gene ViiWtte and Oraham Baker 
MuthorOA iketch. 'False Arrest.' 

irrh'ich irieida will do in 

audtionr;''4dliu,|^iilpw; .^^^^^^ ' to 

Brillo Manufacturing Co., 13 

weeks, starting Oct, t, Sunday 
majttin^es J|)^f : hoiir #ltli.^ T^^^ 
Chal'aafe?-. ■ lirir^lvps- ;24' '(SWI "'stiif^'- 

Wasey Products, Inc., resum- 
ing 'The Voioe t>f Experience,' 
Sept. 10, -pix timeii a week, 
<)Verv24 oi0t^.iM-i(a^ 

Ameriean Fre<iu<BtS Corp. 
(A. S. feoylb lioorwax), start- 
inn Sept. 30, Sunday matinee 
half hour, CBS, 47 atatlona, 
with Irving Kaufiihaft. / ^ 

F. W. Ffteh Cf>^ i^tive 
Sept, 9, 41 etattoftS ;Oft RBCfa 
rod (WEAP) link; vflth Irene 
Beasley, ■ i '}■'''>'■'■:■.'' 


Bsodua of f our atwilf IMMM firom 

the commercial program «il«»'4tt^- 

.«ion all witntn two weeks was de- 
scribed yesterday (MpnUay) by 
ward':lCI«ulH»iri; .CBil' i«i»ctitlv» V. 'P., 
4s Just an Wcidental coincidence.' 
Klauber declared that the bureau 
was not undergoing a shakeup. nor 
did the network mtend to abolidi. 
the division. 

By the end of the current Week 
the deiMirtment vv^Ui he without the 
.services of Kenneth ij^ilaon, John 
Quale and Miss Bobsie Marshall. 
Bert McMurtrie left a couple of 
weeks ago to join WMCA, New 
York, while Julian. Field, head, of 
the commereiat program salee divl- 
.sion, has been reported as sched- 
uled to leave for a Job with Lord 
& Thomas. Klauber averred that 
he had not received Field's resig- 
nation and he wasn't inclied to the 
belief that Field wo^l4 inako ihe 
reported move;" 

William S. I'atley is due back at 
t lie CBS ofllcea this week after a 

With the" Columbia prexy set 
tied at his desk, Edward Klauber, 
executive v. p., will' leave for a two 
to threerweeli vacsftloki.^ Klauber 
oxpteti : -dftl'IWt^' Mnr '■'■■br: ' Saturday 
(ill. rV. 

Leonard F. WiMofi hiui quit as 

-sales promotion lhanager of Acme 
Broadcast P^oduOtlons and opened 
his own oHice ut a t «iwi n tadlo 


w^^^w^ mm 

Rosa FederM BerVloe. 9urV«jr c^ut-' 
di, is underwritliis Radio Arts, 
ti*ade i^aper, as an exploitation mc- 

ilium for its checklns surveys. Itoyw 
Federal Is widel^f employed In the 

Hn^n picture, 

ing ahd has been hjandling surveys 
for yarlous' radio advertisers and 


C. L. Tigh© is editor of lUdio 
Art.H. iloaa Feileri^ii '-c^oiiiliMf 
stirts Aui(.^l|^;:.;' ' 

(Continued from piige i'i) 

mndame. MonSleur or mademolselie 
with whatever to thie pertinent 
phrase id hand, and has them re- 
ply in kind. In between the entire 
clais repeats whateV#r the thought 
or phrase under conslileratibvi, in a 
rhythmic sing-song. 
' in matter of fact and impres- 
sively sincere manner Dr. Clark Is 
announced, and m turn self-an- 
nouncjP8_h_i8^ school of languatre in- 
struction wfiTcTi features minttiile 
tutoring in four languages at the 
same tinw — French, German, Italian 
and Spanish. L^i^sons are free for 
three months; after that, if still 
intere.»<ted the pupil can carry on 
for a rimall fee. The neces.sary text 
books naturally must be charged 
for, but the «Prof. states the Is 
nominal, and it's all done in man- 
ner as to hold forth much\ educa^ 
tional and economic proMtee tor 
iny prospectlv« pwpO. ~ iltel. 


With Landt Trio and Whits 1 

Harmony, 0«i» 

15 Mins. 


WEAF, New York 

Laughing, and with every evi- 
dence Of high relish, at tltelr own 
stuff Landt Trio and White, so far 
as their comedy o^OTtf go, don't 
click. It's prettjr blali gab with one 
of the boxf Msuming a falsetto to 
Impersonate a itejrthical Minnie, 
proprtetreM of i hash liotiie where 
the others, Parmeiee ekbbtes, 
stop for victuals. 

When they sing the act Is safe. 
More than that. They're very good. 
But a gift for comedy seems not 
theirs. Still If they would stop 
laughing so annoyingly at their own 
gags tha j ift i<idye ai e * t w^ifbt be 


Parmelee's spiel for the nice, cool, 
comfortable, dependable cabs sounds 
oddly like the radio ballyhoo for 
things to eat or things to clean 
teeth with. Which Is an idea of 
the lack of ideas In radio. Hardly 
one intelligent reason was advanced 
as to why . a would-be passenger 
should look to see If the hack be- 
longed to. a certain fleet. While the 
stressing of the name Parmelee has, 
of course, aa^^MUipiitable value, a 
more memofiiMi llivf M; persua.sion 

is- ip ..order.'. ,;i««ad» 


WMCA, Now York ' 

Eklward H. Smith, who is re^pon- 
.sible for this 'Flotsam' series over 
WMCA Saturdays at 9:15 p. m., 
I'JUST, formerly did an early a. m. 
poetry reading routine for WTAM, 
Clovcland. Smith here takes as his 
central character for the subject And 
study the panhandler, Hto is an lil- 
f ouhded ftireai^ fkMna paiihaiidters 
ritisa aeaMi pltr Ui human- 
kind beeausa tbet ara benevolently 
regarded as victims of eirfiim- 

^vy''-: ■ ■ ■ ■': Washtngloh.' Aug. ■«. 

Amendatory legislation giving the Federal Conmiunlrat ions Com- 
niis.sioii additional but unspeeided powers will be required to make 
th« new cotnmunieationH control law wq«i(jable, ih^ Amoritilhif. ' ^ f' 
Aisoipiation committee on oofii|^p^atlo|i«i ;ira]^*ri ta;the ahhiiiai 
:tsc)nvi^atIoh'.' in .Milwaukche.. ■^'■ /'■V'', •■. .x;.- ■ 

Surveying ;Kei>niplishments of the past year and analyzing the 
new statute, the committee, headed by John W. Guider, counsel for 
National Association of BrDndcasters, predicted that 'the cqmmer- 
■clal ■ Jt;onA<Kl^«^|^ti^::,^ 

reachlnit. but IM Jin. the ld«1HT c^n^ wllf he even 


Committee pi^iiied at'rangen made for staKgering terms pf 
eoniklnissi<mers and drew an interpretation that 0phgress appra^ 
elates the importa |ice of problethi proseAted lii reigoiatiOn of/ raidto 
and of providing Ctlte nation with a 'woi'kabia and -eflaeiei^t^ rtti»^ 
latory system but (.b.served that ''The^ €!o(if^ 
does not In Itself accomplish this end.*^ ! ■ ' - ' 

'tt must be followed by such amendatory legljilatioa as will aftord 
the cohnxndisaijMa^^ t^ for its activitieSb' |he 

committee e:kp)attte4,'' *Ot eqtmt importance to the irov<>rnlng sVatute 
will be the ability of the commission and its staff. The selection 
of a full complement of personnel capable of eftoctively adminls- 
terlni thf .tew will be (Misentlat and pro^blr Tlie nutnt>er 

of persons poiwesslnc any eapertenoe in the regulation of commuiil- 
cations is n^eitsariiy limUed, The heW coinmission wil} find itself 
in many fields previously unexplored, but where a high degree of 
understaxidlng of the technical problems Involved and of the public 
late|*8t.''-ec^V;ei»lfn^ .aeteertty ^^^•^^l■f^»e;•■of vitta^iiiiporlaW-er.'' • 

G&iirds Sold Direct bv Carfaui 

Pat Flanagan Sponsor-Reassuring Stunti 
Obtains 3,500 Orders Over Air 

.stance; tntt the professional panhan- 
dler aa 8mlth portrays blm, with 
the anmUMSQilal preface that, he's a 
shiftless. loose-aiMntML JMjr 
sponger, Jealons of Jits^ 
beat and not at>ove petit tarceny, 
can't command such sympathetic 
attention. ' 

In the •Fiotsnm'^ series. Smith Is 
more than passively satisfactory in 
his histrionic personation. But he 
never makes his character appeal, 
for the basic reason it's a negative 
personality. If he endows the 42d 
street and Broadway nickel-and- 
dlmer with any more sympathy, it 
would be a libel on the clan. Pre- 
sented aa is. he^ not -!ikimmm '-4mr- 

It's difficult, therefore, to accept 
him in any light. The routine he 
hands out the old lady; then the 
.spiel to the war padre who catches 
him in a lie; and the rest of It 
paints the panhandler for what he 
is — a worthless sponger. 

And not even Smith's appealing 
George M. Cohanesque delivery can 
offset that. HenoO the f utuipe of the 
series holds little jprbnise, eitheil as 
a susU)i|« o».fof':oa|ln»«i^ 
sorshlt).'"' .'Vii ^v■•■■•''••■-!ilfce!l. 

Buddy LinthiouRfi* who started oiit 
in radio at WKBC, Birmingham, 

and then wandered from station to 
station, is back at WSGN, formerly 
WKBC. Others joining same sta- 
tion u-er Jacic Keasler, ^. H. Tonn 
oMCFJCJ, €»rand ^unMlOn, Colo., and 
Don "Campbell of KUOA, Fayette- 
ville. Ark., who has been made com- 


Wf4A8, La¥>syiile, celebrated I2th 
birthday with an^day pt^iitQ at Fon- 
taine Ferry Park. Artialf of the 
staff appearing during the day's 
festivities were (Jeorgia Wildcats, 
Sam, Oil and I^uie, trio; Monk and 
Sam. Master VotlUMit' Linton. Three 
Shades of Harmony, and ftthtra. 

• ; Chieago, Aite, I, 
Out-and-out appeal to the«ii..; 

er« to se^d in letters In order to 
liiap a' show on the air drew a 

hearty on WBMM, the 
CBS station, when Pat Flanagan 
begged for mail. Wlien l*rima beer 
stopped sponsoring the Cubs' ball 
game broadcasts Flanagan ibid lis- 
teners that he would get a new 
sponsor if he could prove he had 
listeneini»/ '.j'lla' iltat^ly,. :be«ved : 'fo«.''' 
mall.-' y \]'f ■ y 'vv' 

Sponsor at ilffiir- was atri»ady 
set, being the Penn Tobacco com- 
pany for the Kentucky Winners cig- 
aret. But since company was not 
ready for distribution at the timo^ 
the compahy atarte<i a straight 
teaser campaign. When the clgar- 
ets did arrive In town and Flana- 
gan announced the fact, he received 
3,500 money orders for cartons of 
cigar^ts in the lUwt thi^ daysi 
These nion^-Ordw requests wera'* 
answered fmmedlatety in this fash- 
ion:- -../^ ■ ' V 

'Dear Friend; I dun't know liiow. 
to tell you how much I appTectata 

your writing me and helping mo 
land that cigarct account. And to 
think you went so far as to order 
a carton so I could really prove to 
those, qtanttfaeturers tiiiat i liwl' 
backing, realv backing. , . , You faii.s 
surely have been wonderful to ma 

. Sinceroly» . ^ ^.j ■ 

Qeorao. . Fraaier* '':4tr««tor:;''e!f'''.'.ilia;.. 
minstt«l band for thc» i*itre CM4 
Dixie Minstrels and pianist for tho 
Rosewood and Ivory spot, both on 
WBT, Charlotta,< If. C,, : Is^^^ i^^^ 
sisting with the organisation ot A 
Charlotte local of . the Amertcaa 
FadaratlOM of Musicians. 


«t 7, 1934 

A D I • 




Milling This Week in New York WiU Piifdut* Fiitiira 
Folicy^Meiiitwhile NB^ 

1^, fi; 'i<:i^i^h^i:H»iMn«^ iiie 
,."bl)«'i''T I Un".\\ scfvioo or 
:' . jlpot bi-oaUfastinu^ dciiartnient. as 

for \Vi><irie»day . irtid Thursday of 
this week. 8u»h|nMnvd to utumd the 
giatherini^ i^/tiw^^t^ 
are iJfciiki Atl«ss^ B«'n. niKr. of the 

frt Sti'vonsgn, C'hlcaKo mpr. of tho 
m-twork's local tiorvice birrt'au. 

Shoulit ii «lirrc*d tit thi8 meet - 
iiiK to expand the function of the 
local service dcpa.tmcnt Columl)ia 
will take cognizance of an error in 
; policy madei by >IliC and avoid inr 
cludlniir iii ita Uiit bt tfpot t«presenta- 
tion thoBie ouBpcittted stations 'whlcih 
are under contractual oljlifiatioii to 
exclusive rops. As a preliminary to 

' , Uiia . week> diav'tiuKlMnii CflS con- 

■'-iiiititiia^'m ii^'ti^^ 'iiflioiig-: th<» outlets 
on Its^ network H«t to determine 
whieh of them had ex- lusive repn 
and whi( h were anicnal)i(' to joining 
a spot timo |i>ooking propctHitiiui 

'•■■«!»|»erated/ W:'^!M'^:t^,'y- . ■ ''■ ■ 
- ; Another an^to thnt will bip' goiie 

; tiito at the Wedriesday-lrhiilrfiday 
conference has to do witli tho w<d»'ri 
entrance into the transeriptipn mak- 

:^'ittw'''iW»W!^ - Wirt:.;Of '.-lU''^ wot 
•iirifliBd, In the event that tiiis iniiove 
!■ 'deemed necessKary CoiUnibia has 
a recordin , plant that it <'an readily 
step into. It's the layout ntop the 
Steinway buttdins; in 67th street oc- 
cii^pied by the ^i*"* 
jpn^ to lit tflirtbliit^^ 

the web about three years sino. For 
the past two years this plant has 
been und*»f teftsf* V* -Grbrtbftchf 

V Inc. V ■••'■■:^:\--!?!;>V'--^'>: 

Ilepr^iieiit««on *iHst of ilUs lSfS0 
local service bureau as it now stands 
is made up of 11 (stations which the 
web owns or operates directly plus 
the outlets in the Pon l4ee network. 
CBSHi booklns aufhoritr iA^^^^ 
ter instance extends eve? everythihg 
east of the Koeklcs. 

^■^^;}-'%^^^ Shift ■ 

CliicaKo. A UK. 6. 

NBC has aboiit decided to modify 
Ha former ati|iice; ■9o.\U9^ito the 
•gteeliiii repreientiitie'n' flm oh a 
straight competitive basis with the 
other rep outlits. Network is plan- 
ningr to make n simple announce- 
nejit 19 the effect that it is ready 
te i%iM>eiient aH NBC satiate* which 
want NHC to handle their spot busi- 
ness in tho key selliuK puints. 

This announcement is td , follow 
. the inabiUtx of NJ|i(S t^t obrriil all 
Kfec affliihteA uhlttiP !t» origThal 
blanket plan of representation. NBC 
found that many of Its stations 
were already tied up With Edward 
I*eti7, Free *, Sleinii;»ger, qrieg- 
WWhr if liirtffht ana bihei* rep of- 

Slow but Sur»!^\.;'/ ■ 
Unable^ to simply wave or buy 
K' these other rep companies out of ih* 
"%ay, NBC now believes that the 
best course is to prove by actual 
results , that It can best represent 

V Us afHllafes. iJuyinfir but thiwie pth^ 
ef contpanics would be only a tem- 
porary move. HHk". states, and would 
not prevent these companies from 
Boing back into business under a 


Ilnder the new iiluh >SfBCJ: -will 
ni«'rely eontact those sta(ions>whi«?ii 
are not novy under eontra<i?tt. with 
Other rep ouihCa^l^ti^ JrUl attempt 

secure statibhe i^hfoh We s 
.free of such alliances, An<l will 
•j'.Walt for i>reseiit rep eontracts to 
<^piro before attempting to brinK 
Stations oV*r into the NBC. fold. 


•St. J'aiil, ,At>^. «• 
Jv^STP believes in tooting ita own 
horn.' ■ ■ ■ ' 

Having no n. u .si.aiK r in wliieli 
to front-paKe its achievenums, in 
contract to other local radio sta- 
tions, KSTP annoutie^s periodically 
to its listeners that It 1« living up 
to the limit of its |)romi.-ie to sepop 
all other loeal n« ws-Katherlng 
agencies— newspaper and radio. 

On a recent Ltrpadcast. the KSTP 
anh0utteer declared that in the t>jen 
past 10 days the station had beat 
everybody kx ally on the Dillinger 
killing, was 12 hours ahead of all 
cpmpetitipn on the Von Papen ap- 
pblwinownt tn Austria, and was and 
is away out in front in repprting 
d^lnfa of the Minneapnlis truck 
drii!Wrif^:«trike.v- v;^;:-,:/:.,;- 

Theatre Msrr. Headlines 

Radio Sta^e Show 

■■-•'''''■^'■■i" - J;-'.: :;*<cW.'H«iye»,'Au;i..6. 

got a w<eek of stii^e time at the Col^ 
lege theatre. New Haven, in a revue 
called 'Rjidlo Revels.' Talent in- 
eluded Lillian Kaye, Adeline Manzy, 
Sammy Allen and P^ul .Cummings. 
singers; Jimmle Cayallaro, violin ; 
Mitt- tti^brge, comic; Billy Laden, 
Mildred Butk-r and Kay Dogart, tap 
trio; Carlton Weidenhammer, an- 
nouncer, and Freda Swlrsky^ An- 
thony I^liikni an^ . ;AU<?« Thofl(|#piB*ii; 
pinno-ae«<»m,pdTiliKt«.' ' - 

Ben Cohen, tli';itie's manager, 
who has-been building a rep as a 
sinKcr at:l(Mi)|f iitfttiiiii^^^^^^^ ffj^llner 
on bin., '.r:^'- r-fV^?--- v-'.. v;v;^;-: 

Chicago, Augr. 5. 
Mantle Lamp baa aet an early 


new.':aariiiiof platter recordihga fea- 
turing Smiling Bd McConnell. 

Are flgurins on a 2t-week run 
with ^ wao^ RCA 
VIctbr pt«dio# here. 

I^oiidon, AuK. 0. 
Buiins aQd,; Allen, now tp^rlng the 
Cohtlfifi|t-«i^ Vi^ 

Aug.; ''"iSS' . ;6n-'; .(the J- iie'f de. ■ fYnnce, 
They're due' to start , broadcast inv 
apaln from N. Y. S^i.t, T.i 

Prior to .sailing, the Anurican 
comedy team will j^ilay a' W'eek (Auk 
1») of English ; yau4e (It the |?9lt 
1ndhihi;;L^ndbfti'.';'-'''^':^'. ' 

Ruth Durreil is back under con- 
tract at KKWP.. Hollywood, and will 

be a regular on the weekly ^fl^-ijlinKfii 
Blue ainger hHfi heeii in <rM<N»#*vfor 

two nuinths. 

CerMMb Bers Siiirii 

NX Vaude Of f ers; Will 

^^^^^^^^ fi^^^^ 

Still determined to do a le>;it show • 
next season, Oertrudc Berg has'. 
turn^>d down all New yorlt booltiiiiira 
for th*^ Vauile veraloii fltC '*th«:i9ieAilL'r: 
bergs." All the major tJooklnf l^^^ 
tice.s with Ne\v ypi^k hpui^ipi.ma4 


Playing jB^;«|g^ 

(loldhergs* 'h-^i;A^w|t^',~'^^' 
Pier) an.l Balttl«6i9^':itL(^«i 

far to follow./: 

tetas Bc4^ on doing ihe legit 

in the fall.:* 'S ■ 

' ; ; O'Keefe a Camelite 

Wftlter O'Keefo w«s 8u»»mittcd 
last week to Camel n« thifr talking 
: PHpt of the cig rollcr> riibw with 
the Casa Lbmtt band whlrh r^-tiirns 
to CnH in .«.>pteiiil)er. Also In- 
; eluded in the audition which was 
piped tQ^ 'W1risionrSal('^1 <he 
. ,»P«well glstera and JaAc Fi-ornan. 
^4?count will ««aln bl?llgato »t«cJf 

With Pepsoilent stt upon contin- 
uing Amoa 'n' Andy: in the 7 o'clock 

Chemical ha* fln'anged to follow 
the blackface act three nights a 
week. Contract calls for the 7:15 to 
7:30 segment Monday, "Wednesday 
and P'riday. Pepsodent decided to 
retain ita A ft A originiEil v.^fisr it 
had adviaed NBG that the team 
W'ould be released on their return 
to the air next month over the red 
link at 8:45 E.ST. 

Among the cumbiuations, audi- 
tioned by Vick laai <w«eK WM^ 
Groaby and the Dorsey Bros, band, 
Freddy Martin's orchestra and Hill- 
billy 'Heart Thre^?»^^i>n. NBC aus- 
taining frame. tvv'- 

' , Cliicago, Auf:. 6. 

French XJck Springs and hotel is 
planning ii radio build-up to plug 
autumit ana irint ey t rade. Are au- 
ditfonihtr lit^otirid WBBM for a local 
shot on a test campaign. — 

Tom Taggart in town, lending an 
ear. First talent auditioned is 
Chat^ley ^yil«pn, ether, coiii.lker. 

Cecri, Wairwjck And Cecil agency 
has ^Expectations of bringing the 

f^herlock Ho1nie.« series back to N1?C 
for G. Washintrton Coffee this sea- 

ACeOUni .h^^ U)1«^^^ A^^ l>een 
uslhg"''d'ii0 -iiifiit^kiiltM-ViOt the! 'CoDan 
Doyle 8tbrtei<}'in: ,ii;:«is^«rt'l#ki!t^ 
west coaM. " - ! 


, :chlcagp,;':Attg.; «. 
Littfe iapitie Ii«'ller sta^^^ a new 
serle* ■ of ' Weelcany programs r 'oy« r 
NBC through the Ibi^rtl , h^*ad<!^iftr- 
t. rs, .-tartin;; l^'lay (C). ' 
On for iri-minute siiotis live t inns 
iFr^'tirUh llaiTy Kogeh~naire< t inp 

h*^ ^jKhfntifa, be^t \]xe w ajrbler, 

Ihonio Kelizf-r tiiroiiRh the Jam< s 
:.Matlies a?r<ii<y li;is contra' ted for 
;v ^inndiiy nii^lit lialf lioiir on Nl!<'. 
Though the . ac'coiiot is .sliUed t<. 
mftk« ita Wr dehtit 8^^^ no pro- 

pram has been plched for the spot. 

Indicatlbhs are that the Khpw ,^'iH 

imj;. if^wtifhr ;^iifai,; : >,'.;. ( 

' Telephone 
ftftliillnliiM fiUMMI 0870 

Dt^ni, New York 


Announcing - - - 

Decca ReccHNds, 1 

799 Seventh Avenue 



E. 8. izms 

Chakmn Bpuri of DkecUr* 

. p. F. STEVENS. JR. 


We have acquired the physical properties 
(siudiosy factoryy etc.) and the electrical 
transcription business and facilities 
a/ the Brunswick Jtadio Corporation^ 

•TUDlOt , 

79^ Seventh Ave, 

Manaeer „ 


Furniture Mart 

^6 Uake Shore Drive 
f . yOYNOW 


7541 Ney Ave. 


f4C|ORY: 619 Wiesi 54th %e^|, l^ 

'.■.t -|!l I 



■ 'V- Moines..';'.' 

isl''ith a ifyybvm l'4dai«H aceenti Ana 
Eralllo ywchl* BfHJrtftewit tttll»*c with 

j«uch a ;©<*n»PS" * local bar-r^^ 

her a«of» '^H*«ii (PonfluiPtinB » verbal 
ci*osfi w* ' bv^ir the Bapr-C^rnom 

,iV)th are wtU K^iowp Malia Stre 
biisinonsi trt^'n nnfl KSO vj8^iiiVl*ed 
plenty of loral intofost In h aerliw 
: of st.ii^oil .H'i;i!nit'»its in dlaloi't tie- 
r twetMi thftii. Ifpni o KSO ap- 
'; pro.n lied the inon to discuss ciir- 
rcnt pvonts in their tyr>ifnl ver- 
nacular hefore the in irm phono. 
' ' They nooepted. 

To add the rii^ht t«»uch of diollory 
; KSO is placinc: "Diitrh" S<'liultz In 
the pr"!? to act as referee. 

woe- WHO'* Rebuttal . 

KSd's new frequency, start- 
ing July 52. WOC-WHO, competing 
at&tion here, Is usinpr daily promo- 
tional plugs trivinp listeners com- 
plete details on watts, kilocvcles, 
etc.. to Show WOC-WirO has '200 
: times more power than any other 
station In Des Moines.' 
* WOC-WHO stresses the fact 
there ia only one other station In 
the country having more power, 
that It is the only full cleared chan- 
nel in Iowa; emphasizes the number 
of engineers employed by the sta- 
tion—the number of letters received 
Weekly from foreign countries con- 
cerning the programs, etc. 

WOC-WHO is also using double- 
|»age spreada weekly in the Des 

; «t fl.«M, rivins htWl" l^r Irattr pWi 


■ ■,■ ■ ■■■■ ■ ' ■ ,■ 

'/■"•^ Fresents 



HON* nu.. WABC, tt MI9M1TS 

•t. Morlts Hotel. Now Tork. MlrMly 

Sole Direction nrUMAN nKR>nB 
Ifiia Itrunduuy. New Vork 

graiiv.s atid using cuts of NBC art- 
iHt.s on I lie rod network, local ata? 
lion talent, human int;ar«at' ■lie^'lati 

uhotu. Jhe. ■;(^aleijt< .;etp.\''l'\::;':^-' ^ 

: Way ' 

' ■ l^rovidence. 
AVPliO. of the three radio 
>itatii>Ms in I'rovidcrue. success- 
tully rallied out an e.xploitation 
.stunt, wiiii ii .st.irtod out on a small 
scale, but now is considered as one 
of the stfllion's best. Moreover. 
otluT stations are burning plenty 
that they missed oUt on the scheme. 

Wl'iiO has tied un wUh two the- 
iitros in town on a weekly broad- 
oast in wliicii vaudeviUe talent is 
furiiiished free, and ik, eoinineiitjaior 
dispeiisos human Jnterest atiiff '!e<i3)ii<^ 
cernihig IlbtlyWodd afiara. 

WPRb sUirtied tha proirram with 
an be m^rueihg uj} talent; alnce 
thb bther two atatlohs had the edi;^ 
on an suitable ntnlent. £:aeh theatre 
supplies ducats. EfVejry ilatener 
writing in concerhinflr t>rogram fa 
mailed pi«?ture of their favorite stai*. 
The first 12 writing in get ducats. 

As a result of the tie-up station 
has ca.shed in on plenty of .swell 
talent. Sometimes jirogram is spread 
over to an hour if talent warrants 
it. As a result of the tie-up station 
has broadcast such celebrities as 
I'ah Calloway .and his orchestra, 
Hilly Rose's 'Crazy Qullf, George 
White's 'Scandals', Benny Davis 
revue and others. 

rrogram arranged by Allen Mar- 
tin, program manager for WPRO. 
One other ataton In town has made 
overiuivi to ineatrea to broadcast 
iHroffriMn Along similar lln0< but 
tamM^ «!b atlcklhg to W|^0 be- 
cause thbaires got plenty <rt cold- 
BhoiildoT;^ trom. radlb ■tuttonii In 
towii hiirbra Martad; Uia , do^ 

operMtlvb broadcast. 

gram '"'"wMkiy)*, tlii«N%: 
waiMngtMi ■ Vh0:.:1mtm: 
MotoKMit^ : . i *f > i ti g» 

ham. " ' r •;■ v : • ■■ 

Houth Carolina |HiUk)«tlona using 
the WUT programa ar* labated at: 
C.reonvlUe. Spartanbiirg, Rnintar. 
Uenncttavllle and Rock Hill. 

Plarra Du Pent Spiel 

Wilmington. l>el. 

WCIEU Wilmington, was assured 
a large audience recently when 
IMerre 8. DuPont* nationally known 
industrlaliat and head of the l>eln- 
ware Liquor Cunifniasion, broadcast 
his views on the atate'a *y«tbm of 
handling liquor. 

Ilia talk titled. 'Thoughtii Devel- 
oped After bha Year of Operation 
of the I)el«war«[ 14auor Coimmission.' 
pointe4':;'iawt '"'iceblcnaaMii. iMi; .-arell'.M. 
AdvantiMi*i-^-'bf tha'-.ayiftw*!:-'' ■i.'^-v 

Ons-Minuta Dramatisations 

One-minute dialogues and play- 
lets are being used on WGKY. Cin- 
cinnati, by Nu-Knamel stores In 
Greater Cincinnati area. They om- 
bracb a variety of situations, atress- 
ihg the ntiB.rlta of both Nu-Knamel 
.'ind .Bhittniellsed paint rind ar« oh 
the air alx Rlghta a week. 

AU copy ta wrlttW, W the^ W 
continuity depaHmanit > A typical 
pli^tet follows: ' 
Uluntl _afFaet 

this fall. althbttykillM to^^ 

set. Idea, hofiraybr;-'!bljH||:tl|bv.t^ 
ilramatlc. -Lr-' 'V- '' ' ■ ' 

J. Walter ThoinpsOn ia tba^i^ 

rea:(ly.jny .th*- »how.^.'; ■ 

True Detective $et 

True Detectivb Ifyatai'iea, a M<kc« 

fadden publication, will ballyhoo It- 
self over Columbia, starting Sept. 
5, with a weekly half-hour dramatic 
scries., Pro^rijim „Is tagged 'True 
DefebtlfA MyitatlMC^iaaidijAgitin^ 

Crime.' ' ' ■ ' V '/V; 'I 

Hookup vviil for theCsfaH Uka In 

si.\ station.H. BUthraUlf/and Ry^^^^^^ is 
t he ■ agency. , ■ V •' ;-; ■ . ' ' ,■ 





ir<|BC— Tiie»d»7, 9:30 to • r.M.. DST 

(vbiWia< 'Oaaia^''.. 

(I>lilllip<i Milk) 

f red allen^s 






HOui|:OP •Miku 

iH>im^Aini noiTA 


g. llsaageiiient iValter Satolielor 
WwlaeMlayi. »_-lO P. If.; D. ft T. 



SiH>nKor<»ci by 


ui;nk. mu 

9 I'M , i K-^T 

Endowment as Prise 

In odhnbctfon with the Camay 
progranif neenily launched over a 
group o£ atatlona In NBC'a red chain 
on a ^traa-aftemoona-weekly basis 
with Bttvtf U0MI»r, vooaliat. and 
Ray UnM»t> «rbliiwtra aa th« iMi- 
<;«rtianerii^ the Pr<;tc^er * Gamble 
company is conducting a lattor- 
writing contest, the chief pr lab. for 
which is an award of |1,000 a year 
for life or $10,000 in one lump pay- 
ment. The grand-for-life offer is 
guaranteed by the Union Central 
L.ifo Insurance Company. 

Subject matter for epistle, limited 
to 100 words, is 'Why Camay Is the 
Fiest Beauty Soap for My Skin", the 
femmo writers being required to 
send several Camay wrappers, with 
name of favorite dealer. In addition 
tO; the big prl2e. thbra;lkt«'«tt 
i]il6hei^':awat'ds<..': * ':y 

y KQW^aJa^inaaa Prbifrai*^ ' 

' I»brtlanA,' -bre.' ■ 
The first s International radio 
hroartcast ever to originate In the 
Northwest was released by KGW to coast over NHC and also 
»)y sliort wave to Japan last week. 
Occasion was the visit in Portland's 
[liiftrbor of the Japanese training ship 
Tnlsel Maru with 72 naval cadets 
being feted as guests of this city. 

Radio program was well received 
in Japan. It consi.stcd of an address 
of wilconie to I'nrtland by Mayor 
Jon Carson, talk by Con-^ul Naka- 
mura, and on the friond- of Pacific relations between 
Mayor Carson and Captain Sekiya, 
skipper of the Nipponese training 
.ship. Musical Items were by the 
Portland Elks band and a choir of 
15 Japanese girls from Japanese 
language school in Portland. They 
sang the Nippon n.ational anthem. 
Dr. B. B. Barker, vice-president of 
the University of Oregon also spoke 
on the program. 

Complete radio coverage of the 
event required two mikes, one on 
deck to pick up the talks and mu- 
sical numbers, the other on the 
ship's mlaaenmast. where ah an- 
nouncer described the drills, picked 
up Japianeaa chantlea^ and described 
a race of €ftd«ta lip tha ratlliiaa to 
unfuti thb lb^!W topaalli ? . - 

KOW'* hifrh dimtMn* an- 
nouncer had th* J<* of broadeaatlng 
front tha maat, l^hla waa Joa Iwil- 
lock. formier; naval radio man, mho 
shinned up tha raUlnaa Into the 
crowsnent to descrlb* tha gplnga on 
aloft. Production In cbarge 

of Archie Presby, and th» 
level mike was handled br; Henry 
IMuie. Whole event was mrilte out - 
st.'inding In western broaflcaatlng. as 
iliiect short wave hook-up with 
.Iai)an has never been attempted 
frotn here before on regular schcd- 

ulad prii>;rr»ni. Alan bro adeast coast 

to adaat over NP.C network. 

'"HjfaWi 'Hear ybr ■' Hbar . rat 
His Majeaty, the King will nbbr aid<^ 
dress the people/ 
Sound effect ... Cheering crowd. 

The King: 'My Loyal Subjects! 
Economy is the watchword of the 
hour. This year the royal coach 
will not be traded in on a new 
model. I'm having the old one re- 
finished with Nu-KTnamel. And, be- 
lieve me, boys and girls. It will look 
iiko new!' 

Sound effect . . . Cheering crowd. 

Announcer: 'The King said a 
mouthful! Nu-Bnamel will make 
any royal coach — or your own au- 
tomobile — look like new. You can 
reflnlsh your car yourself for only a 
few dollars, with Nu-Knaniel.. It 
goes right over the old paint, dries 
quickly and leaves no brushmarks. 
See a demonstration tomorrow at 
your nearest Nu-Knamel stoT*.* 

^ha - Front- Pagar*' 


New tiO'^Up by WIP with the 
Philadelphia Morning Record is 
arousing plenty of comment here. 
Station takes the daily's biggest 
front-page local story each day and 
airs the story's participants by in- 
terview and Incident dramatization 
every night at 8, one hour before 
the paper reaches the stands. 

Ten minutes of this qu.arter-hour 
show is devoted to the news story 
and the last five mlnute.s to a re- 
sume of the sheet's headlines. Time 
is furnished free to the paper in re- 
turn for news p"ublioity and pictures 
snapped in the WIP studio. Tie-up 
is one of the first of its kind ever 
made hare. Show is titled 'The 

■»bl*»» Will, Some Won't 

.■■v''iv -v'-- Charlotte. N. C. 

AVhilbr Charlptte dallies outlaw 
radio piH^iirami lind all nMntlon ;6f 
1 adiirti 23. lifbrth and South: .<S|te11na 
puhlt|!btl^hb 4b .iii^ tha proipfraniw. 
.•I nd-m^/m. .5|»f«»pb ;twi,; note*!. 
. 1 1 >ottt tha nitit Wn iuj well. > 

Wtntn in North Carol! ria J^Fhere 
the progriaraa are teaW'tcd Itt loeal 
publirations Ifl'rluile the f olWar^hiif ; 
f Irff nsboro, Wilmington, Af^bytfU), 
Roc kingham, ( 'har-lotta fradiif* pittr. 

rull Film On Air 


.Starting a couple of months ago 
WSCJN begun taking a mike into 
the booth of tho Ritz theatre and 
picking up a part of the musical 
score from the sound track. Now 
this tie-up has been expanded and 
the complete picture is being broad- 
cast including the musical score and 

.Steve Cisler, chief announcer and 
tnanager^ go(;8 along to deacrlbe the 
aef#^;^|M|<^-;j|g«C, ;. . . , 

WiAC iDultlth-Superidr) came 
to bat ifflth « atUnt in tielng in 

with tha regtttta held Saturday (28) 
in St tioula Baj^ under the ausplcei 
of the Duluth Boat Club. 

Pat Murphy miked proceedings 
aided by field glasses, from the stu- 
dios atop the Spalding hot«»l roof 
which overlooks the waters. Tricky 
stuff, but Pat bird'a-eyed nobly. 

Actual event was preceded by a 
series of interviews throughout th 
week featuring members of the fa 
mous Duluth crews of 1915-16 and 
thereabouts. These airings built 
things up to a haa| OlilHba. for the 
regatta Itself. 


■ ' ■ Lancaster. Pa. 

Radio is being used extensively in 
Lancaster by fishermen to deter 
mine whether the are biting or 
not. In a novel broadcast. .Station 
WQAL devotes a quarter hour spot 
each Tuesday evening to pre.senting 
a complete summary ol listiing in- 
formation covering favorite wafers, and .salt. 

Information is gailo red by Rll) 
Rudy, veteran fisherman and sport- 
ing.s gf) ods man, who has fisherm en 

Here and Tliere 

Ed. Craney of KGIR, Butte. M<«bt,;; 
vacationing in Southern Cal.^^^^^^: '.f ; 

J. A. pai^ntar to thb MW^^^^ 
iger of tha Canton atudfoa of sta- 
tion WADC, Akrom P'or two years 
he was associated with WBNS at 
Columbus and since Miarcih has been 
lUt tha commarcial dapartinont of 
WACb In Akron and Cantoii. 

Station WAAW. Omaha, goes off 

tho air completely on Sundays dur- 
ing tha ntonth of August. Keaaon Is 
malhiy to Irt^e staff * ra^t and a 
chance at .yacatlona without njak- 
Ing too many chahgea and rearrang- 
ing schedules. Manager Bader first 
to take advantage of the relaxing 
time by motoring to Minnesota, Sta- 
tion will ba back on Sunday broad- 
caata iQrft onb lb Saptembar and 

Vic Oakley from WL.^. Chicago, 
lias been amployed by Brown Dun^ 
kin to bliiff over KTUl*. /tiilsa. on 
:i|inWn. aahsi^proi^^ 

F. W. 'Doc Sunshine' Roth. WMC. 
Memphis, announcer, and 'Heinle' 
Zimmerman, control anglneor. are 
back In harnes* after vaeatlon trips 
northward. 'DoC Vls't^d th* bid 
homestead In Waukesha, while Zim- 
merman and family i"<'?*led in Mil- 


KOA, Denvar, >imiC» bUtlct* %1U 
move its studios downtown the 
of this year. Will use three floors 
of the Paris building. 1625 Califor- 
nia atf'boti^ 
at a cost of 

lahlch ?f!»pdeled 
of froth |»i.1iBi» td-|«O,00O. 

George Driscoll of the WHAM, 
Rochester, transmitter staff, takes 
electricity out of the air to light a 
sumttor canip he built ib thb Woods 

near tho transmitter station. He 
erected a 300-foot antenna for his 
radio receiving set and found It 
picked up so much'power that he &t- 
tached alebtrld IlgHtip. OfrtF trouble 
is Illumination when 
WHAM signs oflr: ^ ■ 

— R oge r g ak ar , sporiw ftiinonne*? f , 
recerilH^ '^l^m^O^-iimit^'^^ of 
three basebalf gamea In i.a alngic 
day; New York arid Detroit over 

WKFl! for matinee and Huffalo and 
Syracuae evening double-header 
ovcr,.1IWill;'- ; ■•v, \r:-y-::::-y.' - 

Clinton Buehlman and liill Cook 
of WGK, Buffalo, will audition for 
coibctdy apdtt for KB<? netxt irabjlt. 

' Jim: and i>-6n:'''^HnVttr ItlfUlSW 

Buffalo, '20 Fingers of Melody,* have 
split, with Jim going to Join Clayton, 

Buffalb F'QA beif teurnabiant an- 

ubled WKBW's Doc (lallap to snare 
Gene Sarazen, Helen Hicks, Leo 
Dlcgcl, Denny Shuta and . other 
ytaltlng ealebrltla* l^i*' irott ; in- 

and captains on all fresh w.afi-r 
streauis. the Chesapeake and l>el.i- 
waro bays, and spots on the 
from Atlantic City to Cape .May. 
aend^htittt dally cards, giving liigh- 
^dt catches, names of boats and 
captaibn^ condition of wind, weather 
and. tide afid varieties rif flj fi being 
eiughW From these he comfillea a 
sui-vey of' moiit likely tishlng spots 
:fbr:h^iit«G*;'of 'brack.' , 

Fhhi»irinbii itb foir program |n a 
big wdy fM^eia^ liMvaii.thim.many 
ansuer'^e-HRful ' 'frI'M' .: lttWM«;t wbi|,^:"»ip 
'jirith. . th« ' prot»ar;'b0jbtb'',<knid:;ci' 

and gives details on tackle and 
equipment they'll need. 

Xdea has won, many; friends, for 
the/ station.':'. 

Oniaha, Neb. 
omaha; atiidiai 01 KFAB co- 

< ip<-r.> tifid with thpisa In , Lincoln in 
i>ut t ing over A ii.ovel litilnt on its 
'• Illy piornihg Times and Tunes pro- 
m-iiii from 7 to S. Orilinarily the 
lir ocTa iii is a n org j i n -n-mi- c o t<- 

cert with .Milan l/mil)ert at the 
console of tho Lincoln the.atre or- ;ind Lyie Dc.Moss of tlie an- 
tioiiti' in:: ;!t;irf <Ioing Ui'> t.ilking and 
liK- I!ut ].anil»ert beiiii: 
aw.iv on bis for two weeks 
eliiniiia t i-il the oiijmi innsie ])ossi- 
bilities in Lincoln. 

.So it was flrr.iiu'.i'd IMilie T.iit- 
ler,musi»-ian of the Omalia studio, 
to Niipjilv tlie oriran niu^io from tho 
corisol.' of till- « iri'lii iMii theatre «)r- 
gan lipre. Ihrtaits, uere worked. 



OlOWUlt of the Radio News .Sefi 

Vtea brAiin(«iCA laat Thursday x;?^ 
IbaVea tha ahbrtWi^iva news eoiie* i, 
Ing and : tmhHniitting field ( in. 

slvely to the Ijadfb News As. .,( i,i, 
tlon, a 8ub.sid of the Transra^lio 
I'roHH, Inc. As 4 convonlenco to th« 
j^NSA'a ba -client* the Trahsi adlb 
subi»I4t ia; pernsittihg those stathtna 
to ptbk up ifcratia the RNTA'm daily 
news bulletin until they have time 
to negotiate with the latter for thb 
service on a regular basis. With'' 

tha disppDtinunnca of the luidio 
Mawf iMMrViicb bf A^mei^ica the itaiUa : 
Nrows Aa"bciatIon has increased Ha 
.schedule of bulletin transmissi.m 
from three to six limes daily. 

Trnnsradio last week addvd to 
the llat bl atatibha taking; Ita dally 
biiwa abryleo. WLS. ChieagO; 
W^AM; Itllatnl; WflON, Blrming, 
ham; AVMT, Wat^'Wo. abid Wt^AT; 
Fargo, N. 1>. \ ■"..,■"':■•■■ 

It doaanT^)«& aal^hbugh Hudnut 
will r^tttrn ta thb ether thta fa 1 1 
l^rfunaiar^a current pilana can for 

concentrating on newsprint. I^ast 
.season Uudnut su|iported over CBS 
a program 'timitMllfSm^ Whit-? 
ing;, Jawilb ; 

band.'. ■ ,''■'. 

H'thryn Kint < haa been pat iia 
charge of all women'a progrnma at 

WHIC. CI.-v-T.Mul. 


Sattirrfay, 10 P.M., Coabt tb 
Coast. WEAF 


UvmOmr to Mdny. laefaBlW 
Startino Third Saason Aug. 27 

" ORCVA^ ^ 



"The Sweetheart of the Blnei* 

'■^'S'y-:'^-. AT ■■ "■' ^ 

8ol« Ulrerllon 

Hit fftpdway, Haw Vartt 


Slionaordd ay 



fnalpui^afitiir Vtyllat 

I'lTKiinu l iHriT l l i i n 





Mi ,\ uiitrrrioN 

Tii«M)ft7« Angiwt 7, 1934 



t'iVic:X (iUhptnded 20 dayn by Ba* 
,(io t'omuaiHh on aroounl irt -Jaii- 
KU(RKC UHed In proKiams. 

^ in Telephone Co. dt t-ided to 

which will b« indennlt^4i|r%ll« 

Stationa CMCD, CMQ MnA OMW 
have been given clear channeli but 
it nieans they'll have to lnci»©M« to 
8.00 watts and broadeaiit II 
H day to keep llcerme. 
" Many of the stations Iwivf had to 
■ chanfe'C fretiuonry with the new ar- 
rangement of the eommish. 

CafittH, Jr.. expec-tR to have his 
ah^ tn the air l»y nest 

;:■ .Mbnth;;'/ 

■■'■"'HMX.- Iia«u«ttrk^ed it«. neiir aludloB 
at the ciUiJWMt, aad^gftttlftii good 
Imports f*tk«r *il ov 

UroadcuHterH awaiting for Cuban 
Telephone Co. to brniK out tariff for 
Jine ehartres. 
' CMAF HtiU iHtdtT eniburgu by 

|L .tn> ' program 
red networlc 
lO^rtiieiBtra: from 

' ' liubei't Hitwling. liiniiOiiiicer. ■•,■^1 
inOit, make* a 22S^iniI<» roiiitd tHp 
fi>om ScheiiitetAdiy to handle the 
Tiiesday 4:,lS-CtS0 
l»i«^d<^t ov*r 
■■»jr' '.Harry -M^'yipHl 
hotel at A vsable 
irondack foot hilhi.' 

Bill Meohekni- p a. of WttY. grind- 
ing out rcamn of copy after a two 
Weelts' rest. 

Albany Count^i^ American Legion 
convention lias adopted a resolution 
calliiif^ on radio station owners and 
■sports pronuit<'rs to l)road«'ast major 
Bports events so that (lisalilcd vet- 
erans in Kovornment liospiljils may 
enjoy tiiein "durinK their peaee- 
time battle.' 

IWIlio Dauscha will air over 
WMi'A as Dnruthy Shea. 

-.Inhnnv .loliiison's <ir»-lH'str;» over 
W.Mt A as well as NHC. 

(Jovfinor Al Smith brought 
W.MCA a biK audience when Kivinj? 
an important political talk Ajlonday 
(6) over tiie station of Vrhlcll'lMI is 
board chairman. 

Rod Arkeil hn» a letter,, guaran- 
tfed. hot publieity. fn>nvi «i c 
littf 'WM rcfttraliM^ sutcide bjr 

high words 0t ehiMV lrtt«f«4t 

WOR by Arkeil. 

Bert Lytell did « dramatic etint 
for W«««^ fflMUy rtmtrit wmt 

ens. '■■ . ■ , 

Benedict Glmbel. Jr., of ; WIP. 
Phiiiidelphia, In iianbfttllin laat 

weekv,v. /.;.::'■■ s ''■■■■^v -'' 

Jtaiph diPOsVenor itartii a 4115 
p. M, ipr0gram Bufidayi oyer WOA 
And . will eoiitinue until iPathei- 
Coughlin taken the niche In Oc- 

'SpotliBht' .series if batk Mondays 
at WOK under the auspices of the 
.station's artists bureau. CBS has 
a 'Spotiight .Revue' on Fridays. 

Ben Grosa pihchohit for Qide 
Dudley on the tatter's 1K^6I|vpM»^ 
gram laet week. ' ; 

' Ann Boland, Sally Gooding with 

Dave Vine program over AVOR. 

Among the radio eds visiting 
New York this week are Joe Hefner, 
Buffalo PJveninK News; Margaret 
Maloney, (Mncinnati Radio Dial, and 
Darrell Martiq, rutsburgh Post- 
Gaaette^. ; -..v/'^,;, 

' Belt cheering flection -i^^^^ 
Walter ThompMm Tadio id^pftilinjutt 
is auditibhiiig £ Aew yell. :^ 

Jack ]>ehuy i»aVoa tlie t^let're to- 
m erirfw r ■ CW ie d« 0 i a ay]t a iid WHl < i a ll 
it . a. vacatl«^ inside froni his 
1IV!«dneaday night C^onoco broad - 
6aHt s. Due back dt the Pierre jSept . « . 

Fred Wile started his publicising 
for the Youhg-Rubieam agency last 
weeic. ■ ■ ■ 

Philip Mygatt added to th» writ- 
Ing etaft of the J. Walter Th6«||taMfl 
agency. He's Princeton '34. ' ■ - . 

Don Bestor will have Joy Lynne 
and Neil Buckley on the Hall of 
Fame (NBC) this Sunday (12). 

Can't keej) Howard Weir, WGY 
control room enprineer, away from 
radio atmosphere. On vacation with 
the Mi.vsus, he inspected studios of 
WTA.Af, Cleveland, and WCU aniT 
WMAK. Buffalo, visitinf? his friend, 
Carl Hoffman, chief engineer of 
latter two stations and former mem- 
ber of WCY's technical staff. 

Henry M. Neeley, 'The Old 
.Staler.' did not m. c last week's 
'Two Seats in the Balcony,' .-ifier- 
noon sustaine.r over .the NBC red 
w*>b. AAvay. i/^Hek' .Mtifiir^Barines- 
substitutintr. Cilbcrt. substituting for 
Cheerio (Charles K. Field) di.rin« 
latter's vacation, included in the 
birthday salutes on the morninK 
prouram over the NBC eliain. one 
for WRC, Washington link, which 
had an eleven-candle ealce. IKTRC 





■'^'all it a i. i, ',,1, ,al iiiiirth if you 
like, or call it peatclul pemtra- 
tioii. Certainly, never before has 
anyone captured .a New KnKland 
radio audience so «<)niple|ely as 
Christi.ifln Kriens, Dutch-Ameri- 
can composer, c»)nduetor andt fo'' 
the past four years. l»ljS»ltii|^; ttf 
Music of Station W TIC, 
Mr, Kriena-<^iecently hohored tit : 
2^»0 Cltjr by being invited to 
eoMliet his fainbus comjpMbaltioh 
•In Itoltand Suite" before lOO 
gobd-wui messengicrs sent to 
America by the Queen of Holland 
-^typifies the distinguished array 
gf talent avn liable at latatton 

Now let's take a uuiek look at tin- 
: ^T1C Communities .as a market , 
Hej-e are ovw. .iy8WK>,<>00 ;li»tph!t»|'». « 

Their buying power 1< tvt afrwc 

avei*age. Di^tributlett costs arc 
well iifirfcr average-^for the area 

Is less than 100 miles square, 
nnally, station WTIO offers the 
nn\v way to reach this entire maf^ 
ket at small cost, A few choice 
hours are nf>%v .av.-i liable. Full 
particulars pn request. ' 
; NB1ir .1fOKk >OFl!'ICB"' ' 


«•.<'. VV. • (', MiuiMf ' I 

■ Hartford, Conn. ; • ; 

fi(t.o(i(» Watts . . . ()wned %:;the 
• . ^irayelers Hroadeasting Herrjce : ; 
. .Corporation , 
The WTtC CofnmiinHIc^ 

hookeil up with the web for Cbeerio's 
ahot from the eatset 

Citarles Sherman, Sam Porkhurst 
and Bid Caller doing the radio 
■eripta for Cliff Bdwards' Sunday 
night broadcasts and new material 
foj^ Benny Rubin, BIosiKim Seeley 
and Benny Fields, Art Jarrett, Elea- 
nor Hoim, Rita Qre»M aAd Roscoe 
Ates. , . 

A young man posing as John B. 
Kennedy is issuing gutta percha 

Ace Pancoast new musical direc- 
tor of WPEN, Philadelphia. 

Charlie Stahl has bought himeelf 
a bungalow. 

Btfiie Finn back from Meitlea and 
apontlng Spanish. 

Powers Gouravd. 'WCAlT public 
relations, iiek abed writb pleurisy. 

Ruthie Bert and Ray Alden ipuU- 
ing hair for those glances from Roy 

Dave Walls, WPEN Philly war- 
bler, snared a commercials flpr the 
Foot Health Institute. 

Auditioning for Philadelphia 
Household Financ0.8how are George 
Johnston, C«4t<m and Giraig knd 
Alan Scott. 

WDAS' new Woodside Park 

transmitte r 
hours last 

Enzo Alta^ WCAV laiMn sailed 
for Italy. ' ' 

No matter what th« nam* may 
imply, Casey tb« ' Cb^aapeake re- 
i^iev^ puplpy raeaiuh^ ac<iuired by 
Jafco Mathtot; lHaaoii-Dlxen Qroup 
technical chief. Is not ah Irtehman. 
Cascfy. in Matkdot'k Ijinwif i« 
spelled "KC.»* and i» Are^ 

quehcy. not nationality i^^^ ' - 

Mary SCix>egert lAiioaster I^ew 
Era society editor, spends IS min- 
utes a day before WGAL mikcpass- 
ing out highqwMtC eh the day's so- 
cial events tb tM' littening ladies 
J i mmie litndls. member of WG A 
commercial staff for past year, <ic- 
serts radio for newspaper. ResiRns 
to . become classified ad manager of 
Blnghamtoh. N. Y^, Suh. 

Louie's Hungry Five, German 
band and patter disc, Oh WGAL. 
Lancaster daily. 

Bowman-Throbahn productions 
be^^in scripting Christmas program 
even thouph weather conditions 
aren't just right. 

Bob Styer, vet vaud. and circus 
entertainer, now on WGAL, Lan- 
caster, as end man with the Merry 
Minstrel Men. 30 min. black-face, 
heard every ^'1 ya^h ^i i << ^ | F. ^■#» ^^tl ^l ' ^':at 
9 o'clock. ' ■-, 


A. A. $che(ehtef, news editor of 
NBC, In 8ah Flran6iscd on a sur- 
vey of the Coast for hia department. 
Spent two days with XJoyd Tbder, 
western press chief, and the pair 
are now in Holly v^ood for an o.o. 
of that field. 

Betty Kelly walked ©ft with the 
rejrional Campbell Soup audition fdr 
CBS. staged at KFRC, .San Fran- 
cisco, and goes to New York for 
participation in the mid-Atigust 
finalf Hm^:. / 

WBUM adding studios for the 
program department and dramatic 
shows and or'-hestra on second 

Henry Klein wrote all night to 
get the Dlllinger script opt- Mt' lhe 
eight A. M. broadcast. 

Eddie House, WBBM organist, 
checked with newspapers on the 
DtUlnger shooting, thinking that the 
boys at the station were ribbing. 

Don McNeil, flated for the Pon- 
tiac program, inaAe iitart ; not so 
long ago as announcer;. 

Ruth B«ta .0(f New tork CBs 
spent a few days of her vacation 
pinch hitting for WBBM'a Holly 
Shlvely, doWn with pneumonia. 

RCA Vlct«>r distributors lii Chi- 
cago for theiir annual maetthg 

Parker am 
broadcast for NBC. 

Ted Fio Rito tossed a party on his 
return to his home tfiwn, Chicago. . 

Joe Alvin now with th^ >fiBC 
press department, Chi. 

Katliarine Drake out of the CJi.S 
publicity K»'oup on exit orders from 
high up in organization. 

Bill Young doing night and .Sun- 
day duty on Victor recordings. 

Anne Courtney -heading east for 
a spell. 

,Thre# Cowboys added t*; th^ 
.aaftatg, axtilt, -tJbl.' . . ■ ■ . ■. • '■■ 

'■■>^-. ■ Market 

■.■ $ (.0(1. OP 

I'.Kxl (lotlotB, n«'tnil. •i&i* 
A,.lu»n<' of HuHipcHsr. . tl'ST H^.O©,? 

Iileihb«r I3iii»rl« «ri«.1 N m> W KA » I 


l'iaii(.«s Hill, WLAC Nas;livili< 
siriK* r to St. I./<»uis to take part in 
the H0l;]ywood ll'itel rfgu)na| audi- 
tions;., ^'' .'-'V':';- ''' i-'' .'■'■•'V ; 

A 1 S.weet , D V^i W JuA G, is r^sttun - 
slhUi for tt. new weekly .q»jart<>t* 
hotjr 0f ' ho»^»en*e; ■• fin'eh Thrir^drt.^' 
higl^t ■ftl^«'^4S^':-y-''^r';>- ■ 

W«(M, : ..VashvlMc^, tt^< h^akihi^^; W 
t eri'sl'ir^. .,;:a1^riri]it|ot'H4 ." W'H'h. . nft^ifir p: 

New Business 

■■■,-':''„-.-^-:':-.- CHICAGO ■ 

8i$ancrafi Company, series of one- 
minute announcements daily for 
two week^ (R|»g|^i,;|^.,||^ 
cago.) WLS. y ' ' ..■.^'VV 

Oillctte Huhbcr CompaiiisatlBau 
Claire, Wis., for 13-week serieis of 
15-minute programs each Saturday. 
(CYamcr-Kasselet agency, Milwau- 
kee.) WI^. 

Bcott and Bou->ne, series of 39 one- 
minute radio discs for Scott's Emul- 
sion, twice weekly. (Marshalk and 
Pratt, N. Y.) WLS, 

Northicestcrn Yeatt Companu^ 
Chicago, series of ^9 15-iinlnute pro- 
grams three times weekly. (May*. 
McFarland agency, Chicago.) WLS. 

JTeviftONe $t€el awl Wire C&in- 
^ay. Peorih. renewal wder for 62 
30-mlhVte piMftahi* on Barn tta^^nee. 
(Rogers and : 9ihith' ageneyi Chi- 
eafo.) , "WIi*; : ■ ' . ■ 

/eha IforreA CoMpaav; OttumWa, 
la., oohtlnuatton rnder nr series of 
flve-mihute talk three times weekly 
during Homemaker's Hour for 39 
weeks. , (Henri Hurst and McDon- 
ald. (Chicago.) WLS. | 

ItvUancc Mfg. Vompnny, Chicago, 
for Big Yank work shirt.s, series of 
13 IS-minute program^. (Carrol 

I )ean M^fT%^^■;^■^•:■ii■ll|9r^; -. ' -"Oliliftago. ) 

— Vnmpbrll Crrrai Company. North- 
field. Minn., for Malto Meal. 26 
weeks for IS-minute progr.ams three 
times weekly. AliU) series of two- 
minuto announcements during 
Homemakers Hour threp times 
weekly. (Mit.Micll FfliUtft dig(9>cy. 
<?^icajgo.>; yL a_.:,v y::.}''.f% 

BaOOcIt;'*, 7.4S f« .« p.m. |l|toh. 
Jack Jo y's O rchertra ' In .ifeatehi pro- 
gram. KFWB. 

Amoi7on Lahorutories, Sat., 9.30 to 
9.45 a.m. Drury I.Ane, tenor; Mar- 
shall c:rlint. organist. (Logan & 
Stebbins) KNX. 

Upton f^inrlair^ Mon.. S.IG to 9 30, 
four weeks. Political talks. KNX. 

Franco American Baking Co., Sun , 
8 to 9 p.m., Vaude program. KKr- 
win, Wascy Co.) Don Lee network. 

Floral Products Co^ Sun.,- 1 to 

1.15 p.m. V()cai ahfd'ifeiatrumentai 

music. KHJ. 

M. A. Jjahoratories, Sun., 10.45 to 

II a.m. piano team. (V. G. Freitng, 
Inc.) KHJ. 

Ercr-Urif l^bor»$orie0, Thur., 3.30 
to 3.45 ' -'iM. : Mitele' '*#tid : 'ai^ker. 

KHJ. - ; 

Albert F. Samuels Co.«:daiiy except 
Sat., Sun. JFIy^-^mtt^^^^ aunnqNM'iz- 
ing day's prQi^MpT fWUI RtMWll A 
Co.) KHJ. 

Alii«rf F, SatnuelM Co,., Wed.. 7.30 
to 7.4S. 'Hhlf Forgotten Ajneriicana,' 
drama. (WiU^usaell * Co.) KHJ, 

BiMlfc»cfe.*«, dally exoept Suh;, 7.S0 
to 7.411 p.m. Vocal and instrumental 
prOgmm; 8.SS p.m. to 9 p.m., 5-min. 
moaicala' (D.ana Jones Co.) .KHJ. 

■ ' SEATTLE' ^'^ ' 

Lanoundorf liakrrics, series of 60 
spot announcements over KOMO; 
July 10 to Aug. 14. Also KPCB. 

Itilinncc Mfg. Co., six 100- word 
announcements. KOMO. 

Best Foods. Inc., 26 announce- 
ments. KOMO. 

Western Apparel, series of fire 
sale announcements. iCOMO. 

Copinol, 52 spot announcements on 
KOMO; two a week starting Aug. 1. 

4nti-A«t;iii!u»-/>ole aeHes of 
13 spottr atarted Jtily fti KJR. : 

Ntuioi Products Co. t tO'-Word 
spota eh HJR. Started Aug. l. 

WAtfe JTia^ iwiy^i •teht an- 
houncemente; a« >rlRoMO betweeri 
Aug. 1 and 8. ' 

Comtnercitfl Tire Co., Ifl aniiuunce- 
ments to run two per Week etaitihg 
July 28. KOMO. " \ .\v:/'>/ .■ 

Tronizcd Yeaat Co.^. 5S ftv^.^min- 
ute discs. KoMO. ■ i 

National Groct ry Co., 52 .-in- 1 
nounccments over KOMO and KJi't 
to be used at a(l\ertiaSf!»,:)W|*pTOtllwit.' 
during coming year. 

Eastern Outfitting Co., Ti-min- 
ute program daily for one year; 
sidit between KOM0 and KJR; 
starts Aug. 15. ^ • ■ 

Fndcrick and ^^(Eliikm (dept. 
store), 13 announeemcHts over 

wman-Uatifiial, 15-mlnute ,pro- 
gram each Tuesday over KJR, st'irt- 
ing Aug. 15, to run indeflhitely. 

Morvpt<!k jpharmactil Co., an^ 
nounci^mehts between Nov.. $ and 
.23',- ■■ KOMO, ^■ 

PugHt MiUa Co., six iS-minute 
programs- per week for 20. week;<^ 
ov«r..'KfR; ' •tart^d^'-Jtiiy. it.' 
'"■'WtU^intto*^; -WM- Connclt, 
series of i.-M. .if«iii-'4<w|r/:iCjR;: atairt- 
ing Sevt, ■ . . ■ •■, : 

Poole Mt<!trU: Co., of^J^i^u^^ 
ment per wpek, for 13 w:^K5( over 

Citrvs Aoap <.'omponi/,- series of 
(iVe-minute di^ll over ||OI^ Aug, 3, 

7, 9 and in: ' ' 

llosti SS Ciil( Co . tbiee flftatioK 
■'irin>iii,rir<rri<'rilsi liiiily evi^ept S'l"'^-•0• 

for fhr<f ni'inihs; started July K. 

.\tn' I II <ni .\ litiitiitih'ilf Insnrmir f 
Co. i-ir\i ' (if daily aniiotineerrn rjf- 
ovcr Kr< I '• nniTiiiiL' to (V-ffil.f-r. 


:.''-JoWh;.'i)«l«>«t ■•<Otm0'mjf' ■(fur!<),i'.»^ict 
.^Tinotrhefcmcftt*it' : thiwfre , wcfilflyi- ■'l.'e- 
Kir»■■|1ing,^■^.■J:H^y■ 8l9v '.ft»r , ,J8.'.'':'Vi^ef:l;»."' 
Fr^gehha-Mtiv Agenv,>r:-, ' VfFt. ; ■■ '■■ ■'■ f 
. , ' Jlufdwif'fi ,, ■ antf . Mnpec, , npof' r ' i ' 




8:00 p.m. e.d.a.t« 




lit, nii^ilti- ''iri''^'V-''""|i'i' • ,-' 

1 '.■ 

^iNii^ August 7i«4^31 

. 11 J ill 1 1 ) 11 y ii I M i p iiii ^ 

frutti hi||i MUniititdr pla,06 on 
l<'or the nrHt time WDOy an* 

noutuvrs 'I'c'd Kioy. Neil Hoarlcs 
l\tu\ .l;)('k l*><)ii.;:ui shut a TUUIld of 
^n\f toKrtluT |:ist WOetk^t |fe«iti iOW 

M irt I'.ir (lidit'l siHTcr. ' 

\VI»()Y stMiT .irtiHts !m> throwing 
I liiir i>.irty fi>r » hoinsflvi'H Wfilnt's- 
il ly at l'-X( i'I.sii»r A miist'int'iit 

IVirU. It's t<» Ih» VV1»C}V ni^lit uud 

ot}n>r boys artil: wali*, . ; 
i!r:i/y SiiilprH, im'vduUy At 4 |i<m. 
over W I K rv^^, i|,rQ, pjiliitf >t|»^l^ 
fan- mnil. 'V':.; Av;' t^.i^ l-'.. 

of' }jViiOy\ hAH tiMiuKht & hou»o 
triailor foi' hiiiv Rolls ntiid prqinisew 
tilM ; staff a trip «(>on; JSyerybhdy's 

ani^jouMl y wa i t injif , '(>auHe thie Doc's 
sworn tt» provide a full Ice box. 

lOarl Alrniiuist. \VIOt{(! contimiity 
I'liicf, ts sjuMidinK this woelt in St. 
IViul, .swinitniiit^, hoalinK and llsh- 
inir. as tlu\v .say lioroaljoiits. 

I'lilh Coo, WI'JIU^ supervisor of 
li >tlh\ o.o.'d the World's l''air and 
(after those day.s of 106 in the 
shade |n Phi) is ^^lad to bo back 

Duluth 8ynM>l>ony ork'i* 
wide alrinpr is Rolns over bif J< , , _ 
luff jtv&si^Me tan lf>tt<»r« |*6tirihR 

Chi NBC Qu 

SnC KK-ally l» makiliff Xise of the 
tftt-KO HtunherH of W'orld'S l-'alr visi- 
tor:-. Villi! t;iUi> tinio off to l.ilio u 
tfandor tliruu^li the NHC .sfiidio.s in 
th*. Merchanclist' .Mail horo. Has 
t^e*ii p|{,'!^y|ti«:«{p> about 4,ooo visitor^ 
dAfly thfrf 3ti^lnn6r and l.s usIhk that 
4,000 moll a.'s ,i li.i.sis for .x piovTr itn 
prcfcronoo 'ur\!\\. All visitors ai'o 
♦jivon i|ii<'.stii'niiaiit-.s asking; thoir 
HKca and (iisli|{o«i ii^ radio entertain- 

from the country p 
ty ffood rnvs.s-Boettoh of thP 'll»» 
tenoi .s aiul i>.irti> ularly NTH' fans. 
Qu€>stionn.iire ia callcti a Hadio 

Tloro in yo\ir clianco to cast your 
Undio r.allot. You, no doubt, 
have often wi.shod you could tell 
the j>eoG>le >vlio make radip pro- 

';;lllM|niV|^ wiiilied yon virotil(l;.t«ir'' 
u«. An bcoa.«Ional letter <!ibeH ii6t 
help much — but if many of you 
would aiiswcr spooific qiiestiona 

uirl^t yolp 1?«itf!h^f eiijoy. This 
bailbt prepilrea for that pur- 
pose. Our rcauest for your as- 
sistance i.s sincere, and your hon- 
eirt Answers to our questions will 

;.-lNr,..';iippr«clate4. ;;inease -;ipjhif4M^,\'. 
yMtr Answers a lid leave ybiir'tiiiit-' 
lot with oiir attendant, or take 
it home and wlicn completed drop 
ft into the mail lx>x. ^twOlE 
What Is Your Choice? 
LiHtcd below are a number of 
types of programs under the 
h«aclines Tiilks, ln«trtfmental Hu- 
sk, Vdcai HtisHi. etc, Indtcdte tSe 
timei of thK day or ev^nirtfi^ that 

' ptlmmMtk' Broudcahtlns (tfptmi 

■ PreRentH 


;-;:^ii^^-^t^tio*Y'» .f>.M. 

N.i' Coast-to-Coast 
^ ' Personal Direr tlon 


lOIO rtrn,')flwiiy >>w Torh 


" ' ■ ■ W.I/ 
Snt., 1« MiilnlKliI Mon . 11:35 IVM. 




PerhoniilHy Coiidurtar 

Chle«ao Ttieatfe Qfeheetre 

No«r en Serodd Vrar 
li»Mr TaMitNy«/e:80 ITJI. C 9T 


AN|» niA ORrilF^TBA 


Century of Proo»^M 

is 'A M.' or M^Af-'' W:hi»l|;:;yi^ 
Iiko to hOAr tiiese pr6Rt*aW^^ 

( I*lea89 limit yoiirself : to flye!) . , 
A,M.."^|^.-ifc'\ Talk* ■ 

■ ' '■ ■ '"■ 1 ions ■ ■■ ' 

1.. Ueliuioiis 

^'V'.:' ^Oy^/'tfwSal (History. 

Y'/t->';.'v;'». Tfaveti'- iVy - 
" ' ^■:"■ch«^io^y. titq x 
: ItistrArntental-'/iiiiM^ 

■ :,;0V8y|ij^[»tto»i^.' '-'-v 

9. SlriufT lOn.Hemble. 
10 Dance ■/ 

■ ^ . . , ;'-^jf^|jj^;y,_'^- r;atlh, 

14, Instrunumlal 

■ ^■\v:.;-\':<Voeaf''.,l#v^^ 

■.■ i!V, Men's 'gplbs^'' ' 
; ■ IC Womon's Sblofli. 

„:,-^'.' "'.v.-' 17. Opera, 

18. Ojicretta 
l.».;;Qua,rtet<.-;Trlo. : 
' i'v ■■■ '.. ■Clidruiies, 'Cholt-ii. 

'i; i-' .'ai,; i^oik^'.sonKs' 

' '(Motintainccr, 

■ 1' tWAma, 'Plays. ''^ ' 

Comedy, f^kltii, 
';; ^ • Conjotllans. 

/ ■ 2r» V.oriety ShowH. 
: ' 26. Children's Showp. 

*All-Wave' Competi^h 
Questionnaire al.So allows 4ipacc 
for the visitor to list their own sug- 
ffestlons. Also ksks if thoy ihave 
written any fan letters in the past 
year and how many; if they have 
mailed a response to a radio con- 
te.1t during the P^M^t fear and hiow 
I nany. M they "ttiiiiiWy^" buy tubes 
in ft- store or from the radio man 
=wh<^h he services their sets. Also 
asks 'When you purchase a new 
radio will you be i^|e,re^|.tod in an 
ali-wiVer s^, t1^ 

ables ypik to tijfK) iit foreign Sta- 
tion, police ciills. etc., as Well as 
roRular broadcasting .stations?' 
-Also: 'Do you linten to radio while 
on yttur summer ya<!ifttton?' Vrith 
the auestipn to he iin*Wered yes, iio 
or occaslminy. If W In the answer 
the ballot wants to know if it's be- 
cause no radio is available, or if 
it's on account of po<»r 
lor «ome otlier reason. 

Last spot (m the ballot has 
•simple liner 'lily tjUlKgeiitton for im- 
proving radio is . ; and the rt-st 
is ftp. to the visitor. 

betfmnin*; July 30, ltS4, Placed lo- 

ciuy. Will'. 

lit Pcpitcr Co. (contihuatipH con- 
ti lit), for r)2 evcniiig announce- 
ntciil.s w.-i-kd:»ys beginning .Inly :U. 

I'll Oil IlirowKli Tr.i('v hocke 
l):iw,son. Dalli.s. TcXiU* WUT. 

(■^>^l> iiid New York City, four 11'.- 
lu'inile eveiiiiin t I'.inscripf iori.^, b' 
«intiir»g Aug. 10. 1934. I'lain'd ,lty 
i •ariH,-\*..'i'»A*t,'-' ■Mi^V'':Tflrlt'.:-.^C«ty' 

Vharlotic Ilanluhito Ciwtp'iwy, SIff 
.%«l«»uftlenu>iifs WSOC, 

riohno<imenti». VV8()C. 

''^■■■■Wi^l'li. XHcin i^umwnv, »00 an.* 

hoiHlceiiiients; WSCX3; ' 

: Joh'n&tan Furniture CompaftVt. 15' 

wookS;' ■ 'W80e.'. '■ 

; ncAlpinc 0^^iilttm!ihg l^wW, I* An^ 
tuHiricenioOts; WSQC, ■ 
Kcw tie tiUXe BfidMtw: PAflor^ 1 '> 


Father Charhn Cowafclin. C:»tb(>lic 
priest contracts commercially for 
i-j :;,m., Hundays from Oct 14 to 

April'?: woa ■ ■■•'■ 

Mcnncn, .13 week |K?hewAl on 
Mon.-\Ved, -Fri,, ]6-mltH)te8 at 7 p.m. 
with. Ford • 'jgrick,- •■'-■appcts ; resum.e. 

iVOiit.^'^' ■'^'■.:;^■.■'■:'^:! 'V 
%'i«W*e«p*^- ''-IV' . = *>rty/ / awbildneei';:^ Oji^ 
Wed:.^tirs>^i. for two «reek« 
wtoiHiliMr Aulr. i«« prtM^itini Xfatt- 
hattoti neach Batlui» . iw^nf IrVinff 
Aaronsbn and VjMlee, 1^ 

tras. ^ Won: •>■'■,;,;■;:.■:■:■':> , ■ ^■- 

IfaMah Cioat-dtict (Brown & Wil- 
iiam.son), 13 conHecutlve B-mlnuteH 
waxed programs at 6:S5 p.m.v Mart- 
ing Aug. 2. won. 

Koppct's (las and Coke. 20 wei>k 
contract starting Sept. 4, partly 
recorded program 7:45 p.m , Mon - 
I'-ri., inclusive. Placed by N. W. 
Ayt^r agency. WOll, 

Shiiplfj: IHothrrpmy Institute. 13- 
week contract ending Oct 25, 5- 
nUnute health talks by Jules Libert, 
Tues -Thurs. at 1 p.m. . .>l(||Sced hy 
.lfriei>(|...|4^ney.,, WO!Hj,v;,':-.;i;:;;:. 

■^'■ry'/.D08T0N ' 

Jenny Mdnufaetiirinfi Co., 52 ono- 
hour program.s starting Sept 22. 
Through The Crcenleaf C'omp:iny, 
I'.o.ston. WK.Kl. 

I'lai' t} tf WiUiamson Tobcm o Co.. 
16 .inTiounccinents in After Dinner 
Ilcview. ,st;»rled Aug. 1. Through 
r.ntlen. I'.artnn, 1 >u ratine A Olrt»0tiie, 
New York WKIOI. 

honfiu-ood Crleket Club, four an- 
nouncements in livening Tntler, 
.started Aug. 5. Through Ing.ill.-- 
A(^ve|^iiiPlfrk Inc., ^Um^ ^^(15^1, 



Walker, announcements. 

Itr. A 

llovHird't Qroccry and Market, an- 
ji((un(K'ineirti,-)W«r, •Kl%>li for one 


Chiek Boyci I'layera, announce- 
ments for one nionlh. KJ<X>U.' 

j (Continued' from page -Ijji; ^ ': 
nounCements for 5 week*, fTues. and 
Thurs. at 9 i>.4n. Feigehbauni 

Atm^. .;;W*?i.v,..-::\-'^- - v...:-:.,. 

^Kifi^f i^ reflikius pTPffi^tfm, 
$0 iniHutei, jftiir tf week*. Wftced 
direct.' vWPBaf.' ,. 

if. C. Kahri and 80m, t^toi an- 
nounpements daily for one year, ' Di- 
rect. WPEN. 

Chrittitin Voices, seven 30-nrinuto 
i»orM«'.'-'v;''Weeklsrt. -.'.forv'. M ■.■v^eeks, 

WPBN,';;^ .. V-^.^;^^:^;- , 

OermdlH:Missi(})i , six hoiir.s weekly. 
Direct, for One year. Wl'ION. 

Itiodi/ Fur nit lire Conipauy. ,'*pot 
announcements for one vear. Placed 
direct. WPION, 

Central Uaptiat Church, on^ half- 
hour on ';';|l«M(liq^. ' ;-''-Pia««dV'-dl«»<zl:'' 

WPION. /„.■■.■.:.'/■■ 

C. F. Hiinmon's Son.<i, time 
annouiK'omentH for C month.s' pe- 
riod. I'laced direct. VVPIiN. 

Keystone Macaroni Companji, one 
hour program on Sunday, for one 
year. Cloniehts Agen^^y* WP^N. , 

Prophetic Traflwpny, . seyert- Mr 
minlito vMiri«H^ weekly. |6r bne >eftr- 

■■ ^CrtAiw;dtt«>-f«»^Ci:^--^ 

\i ni(infl Co , NfAV ^'orl; City, 1.1 
<|n,:irtcr hour cyciiiiur tiaii ( riptoiis 

l<'ridays, beginning Sept. 7. 1934. 
I'laced by s-f.-'"^:": AJ^r * Sons. 

n;'-¥;;.<3.v:.-,wh1\ • ■ ' 

^ridhii^ P^iriiH Orotrerit .ls.<ioria- 
tioii, Cwnailil^, N. C, series of 20 day 
;ind ev6illng announcements, bogin- 
iiing .July 2;;r(l. I'lneed direct. WI'.T. 

Ilmdairaif-Jh ( hi Co.. Charlotte, 
N ("., series of tlo-in announce- 
menis with Schlilv; network pro- 
gftini.^-, run at ■■Qtfl^$lBtJ■: 'VII^I^\iO' 
('■.y\\y. WIST ■ 

/.vrillr ^7lop^, f IrirloHc. N O, 
serieft of 2C daytime anpi^Uftooincnts, 

H€$diQ Clwtter 

audUortvnl tinder cofiiitrMbUpn. pf- 
fl<(^ will be extended to nlpet th<' 
glowing demands of the olrfatfi^Mi- 
tloirt which will Celebrate i|a".»!ti|th 

:inniversary in October.. 

.1 immie (lallagher heard With his 
thirte<n-piece band over WSM. 

Mary Cortner Joins the staff of 
WSM, to pr<^Mkiit;'-tWQVproii^ 


Frank Walger, Na.shville boy who 
earned broadcasting spurs In In- 
dianapolis, is now wlCI| .^1(10 sal^^ 
department at WliAC. 
' alilton Simon. WMC, Memphis, 
production director, now vacation- 
iiit; in New York. 

C. I'. Wagoner in Memphis rei»- 
rescnting (Jeneral Electric in the 
Commercial Appeal's salulc to Ad- 
miral JJyrd and crew in Little 
America. The program was broad- 
cast from WMC over an NI'.C web 
and through G il short wave sta- 
tion W2XAK to Antarctica 

Mary Cortner has joined WSM, 

Tommy Itagland. WKEC, Mem- 
phis, announcer, returned from vtt,-' 
cation trip to the mountains 

C)klahoma~*tnging Cowboy and 
Ciirl have recently joined the staff 
of '.^WBICC/: MeMpht«;;'V ^.^/.^ ■ 

bacH from- Hl« Pvtrk Rft|ittfi|.?tiltti^.) 
v«.cft»|i."lpQktoji-i:il|' m.-lim ^mraterbiai 
Adillfi ^ ^BM) ,Mkr« thp n»miipm<tter 
reghitered only 40 throughout hl^ 
three-weeks' stay, while the rest 
of the country boiled. 

Ifayle Cavanor, \v'C('0 protiiam 
and production mgr., leave.s Wedncs- 
day (15) f or a flve -week .auto tour 
with her family, doing into old 
Mexico, then up the BloM jind baci( 

to Mlnne^lMillC^'l^^^ 

ttugh M lyccJos 
chief engineer. Is in Ootham these 

d.nys picking up pointer.s on the lat- 
est developments in radio work 

from .dpii;'g iii>' iM |i i<f t t .tho^'-f^ietrop- 

olis ■ , *■ 

Kd Shurick. mgr of KSTP's Min- 
neapolis branch, stopped in at 
WKIf n)ululh-Sur)erlor) last week 

to say 'How (fo?* on hi|i way horac- 

Beth Walicra added to publicity 
dei»arthit>nt, WOG-WIIO. 

.liitimy Lunccford's Cotton Club 
band had such a draw at KSO the 
station had to use CfipM to.^ haiidle 
the crowds. ' Sheridan, stiition manager, 
KSO. taking the f.amily on an 
eiM autom(dMl<> tour but they'll 
probably stop it 1 lot of radio st.a- 

Uay Collin, publicity manager, 
<'entral States Thea ters. - handles 
the mike personally for their radio 
M^f'rtUilniif over KSO^-^'«kch week's 
broadcast promoting some theatre 
in the Central Stat.e.«i chaip. 

Fred JFeske has new sustaining 
pr6gra:m on WOC- WHO called 'Mu - 
sleal Love t^f^t^Wb* -/iH- which he 
gets •a-.chAlire*:?|0';tlfSr''O^t'' iw>iiie:;'pf 
his own ■,fw*pll.:.#<l|«^l<^ 
evs, ■ etc. ■ ■ - ' ••'■ ' ' •■• . ' '...,•■>::'•■■■■ ■'■ ^ ■'• 

Full stiff (.f WOW will work In 
picking ni) the Omaha Air Races, 
Aiif^ust 11 and 12 at the Muny Air- 
port. Three of the staff's four an- 
nouncers will be on the field, one 
at the judges' stand, one in audi- 
ence, other on the field, and fourth 
man will be at the studio switch- 

liois fireen liick at her desk at 
WOW after tW(» weeks respite. 

John Henry the beaming f.ather 
over the new boy receivetl In the 
family last week Mother and son 
doing nicely. 

Helen Wh'tmore in tlio receiving 
line at WAAW ag.ain after a week 
at liake Okoboji and another at a 
(^entury of I'rogress. 

Phylis Uader reports feeling much 
better after her extended vacation. 
Winding it up with the family in 
Minnesota for two weeks. 

Larry Kemmer went back, to his 
desk tw(» days before his rest spell 
ended because he got home too 
early and couldn't loaf at home 
Spent a week 1^i|>J;l}« wife. Har- 
riet 'efaiii»;~iii-:ii|''t!|f^iii|^ 

John Ciillin spending MM^t of his 
spare with ndv<>rtMM9 OXectttives 
now making their '«il#tA<!t« before 
the fall bl* sets in. 

Captalh Downing operatlPis the 
army ^hort wave iBta4i«i| . iit f ort 
Omaha was ;he flt;st oiit t*>t the 
neVirs of the sti^toa|intM ' fitf rs 
forced landlnft; •■'■■■,•.■■■/■■■:•■:' ' 

Cr<;do Harris, ilfiaheral niikhaget' of 
WH^% LiptitsvlHip, back at the helm 
aftcrv.rehflfthy^r.n)he%;',v; ■,'■• :■'■:. 

As h » r »M t it tt e i l iii ni»i l #k ^^l»ilibliiy 
and Juvenile, bacit .TO LOttlsvllle 
after ; Jong engagenrtfit $t nWItaa, 
OftlUui..: :: ::'■, 

mlty feond ah^iPurton Black well. 
ailtfOttnCtPril WA VJEI, Louisville, 
yacatlbh^nlf York City. 

While there they were given op- 
portunity to announce several bus- 
talhlngs on .NMC. Pillv Mon<l is 
brother of Ford IJoud, NilC veteran 

Lyric li'our, < olon d cpiartet over 
WA V 10, Joinini; Connle'K Hot Choeo- 
lates in New York. 

Pacific Northwest 

c;ra«-e Lars.n lud lOva (.Jonnella, 
of the K()\j. Si' jttle, si iff, vacation- 
ing in f^alifornia Norm Storm, 
KOL .sales ni.inaKer. in the s.ame 
.stale— but on worlc 

Under the direction of Archie 
PrcKby, K(;w and- Kh^C program 
manager, KC.W produced for the 
N15C«t het#ork July 
J5. a half-hour program from Mult- 
nmnah stadium in which Oen. 

t<Mr. waa the apeakor. Rain fell. .«« 
It usually does in the n(»rthwo,it, 
but the oui'dour program went »o 
without InteiTUption. 

I^ou'iso lie<*if^n«^oni won th(» T i<-'>ut& 
end of the CPS contest. She la. a.^ 
staff artist <m KVI. : / / 


Alva OeMirks. of WIMtC. Pir- 
niin^'bam, won the right to repre- 
sent Pirminftham in CPS's hunt for 
a gal to Play opposUo iJiek i>owQH 
in tl^e^:■,M«I*;::lMil«v;•}f«fe»^^ 
Hotel,' . ■■'■::•;■ :■'■/:;;.:<'•■•'■'. ^ ■ 

', 'BMI -Vouhg; 'iPllBic*; : sure '^Hiea^'^- 
remember the folks boiek hoiiie .la 
Limar CKiunty. 

Steve Cislor liko.s wroy suits 
.\ndy Smith in getting to bo % 
.short wave fan. 

Pull Conner doesn't feel good 
with the Haron ball club down ta' 
second ' division this |at« . Ih 

8cit«uan'"V'' ; ■■'■■.\-' '.X 

•FJxiH?rihjiental laboratory' peri(»t| 
over WUl^, Ciiarlolte, N. Cy -de- 
signed : to ;JWBifct^^ good win and t« 
servo as ;« seaHOrilng ground for 
untried radio talent has unvovereil 
.several finds that the program do- 
pjirtment hopes to be able to con- 
nect witli Kponsorti ia 
the fall, lively n Colo, blues singer; 
P.irry l''reemun, singer and guitar- 
ist, who works Nick Lucas »tyl(% 
and Larry March; who^ has a Ping 

( rosby type of volcf AiMl pifty* hW 
own aOcittiKpanliiii^ta'^"^^^ 


•musicnL piKccT 


45 minuTESi 



%t TEN tasr. 



For FurthM tnlormatloii 
NAROLO KEMf, NBC ArUil •mm* 
^•ri«s«|.-D'lN*fliMj;.^|tAllt,C» K.- #AVNA 

Boop-B0op^a-Doop Cirl 

K A N El 


600 CLUB 

lilSMr' jciflSlY 

f luifri. 
: Me Mreet-,. 


H (Ct'fAPfV) 

c'D.sT. , .-. >•■■•■. ;. ■" "■' ' 

••MNci,.^ IK Ml NHTirtii'ir ■ "--^ "'iiiw!. 

8:00 P.M., C DS'r. 

J V IA., Ciwr. . • 


of Briiswid Ra(fi^^ 

Decca Rc'LordH, Inc., th«> Amer- 
ican brancji of U»« London phono- 
" gr«ph ^:^(dMikv'^i9iM^^ ;'iitartoii 
1: ^^i^(Btl4Ml"9' ^ttli Ja<* JKapp B pur- 
'•. chase of the New York and Chlrapo 
V ftkctoriea and faclUties of the Urune- 

v-^t^'.»Tt |i| the old nrunvwidH 

1th avertuo, 

, . Dh-U. Voynow In ctaargu of Chi, 
, vlipa; A" J. I'erry, another old Druns- 
wiok mail, b©ad« the U A. *'*cor<|i* 
••'■ins ■dlvliiiwK '■i' 

Kapp, former fe't-nfral iiiariiiKCT o£ 
■v>!^^^^ is president of tho 

.. American n<'cca company and Kd- 
tt-^ard T. (Ted) ILewia^ i^aow^incr di 
'. rector of the London Decca, Is 
cluairtnan of tlie boanl. E. F 
<Stevt') Steven^?, Jr., fornur C'ulum- 
, bia sale* i manaper, betoin«'s ditto 
; for the n0w outUt. h^sidt,'^ hioldin^ 
y the title oi i». art* lifeiiferBl 'man- 
ftKor. Milton Itarknul, another 
Ztrunswick alumnuN, is treasurer. 
^ AJl will be on the boards, b«s}def k 

; ' Wheti Atnierlcaii Reeo<>d Cbiiir^ tlie 
H. J. YatoH subsidiary of Consoli- 
dated Kllni Industries, took over the 
represent Urunswick label from 
ilVlM^ner Bros, ^wb originally had 
^ III it« famous 

|8,00b,000 music buy-up pool of 
»29), Yates decided not to take 
over the old factory and ofTlce sites 
and; also powy^ up c«rtaii^ f4vU>-' 
r toent. ' , Thl^i;' *!• :S^»*t-, -xill^'mH 
:.:-:;flrnr has-;; 'aliiiee: ;^fiB*4W^^^ 
. Warners. .r-,",- ' 

Active recording; ulurts iiejtt Wuek, 

: iQllowins «pme intensive prelim? 

, Croiiby- - ar»v:ii^|i^||;:i>!tib»^vai»t 
virtlxtfi' vchoduled.. ■v•^■/'^.•■■' . 

• - • 

Jazzbts If Venuti 

London, Aug. f. 
jPaUojllM a^ upaiit^, Jo» Tcyiut^ twi 

' Iftnlfltry's recent attitude aerainst 

'any more imported musicians 
lAbor bureau opined that (t a per- 

. ion«,Ut3r maentro if ao l|rt}>ortant a* 
lo whtrnnt bisfnir l»roiiirht from 
America, why cannot an EnRllsh 
combination of muBlclan."? serve him 

J instead of American Jazzi.«ls. 

Venuti i$ lioldinf; «ut for brint? - 

Mig tSm "'dr''|<lur^^of : hiK 

'''0icU men over to sit in with the 
iiative British Jazzhounds, but he 
alone Is deemed sufllclent In view 
•f his owu trick Tiolin s|^ocialties, 

; ^ioh.. H |Wt, 4ofiH ■■irtiitilriB- .any, 

Benny Goodman s Foreip 

: ''r'' l^ondon,; A tiR; : •» ' 

'■vptMH i y.' . .'; ijBtoioid' s ' ■ /b it nd ' ' from 
Amwlel* • ' ia<^man wlH line up a 
mix( ri Mscli-atid. white oreh^ra 
of 14. ,„ / 0:;;. ' ^ 

fcif ill the trade, Ooodnian's Indl- 
▼Miial atyle of vwy heated dansa- 
Vatlon has created local demands. 
It's a rep chiefly built on his^^ foreign 
<i«k record sales. 

; AuirmentlnK his band with colored 
;« strictly a to-order idea 
from the local entrepreneur, Hyman, 
lor dance-ball |Md ffirtety l^ooklnps, 


Lud Qluskinr hoe gone undw 

^^Ttef iciiia^^^^i^^ and Will 

Sa*^^*"* '••^ lutthes to be 

to Brunswick's recording 
.•Witts' roster as pan of the new 
:7lwiirBrtiiwwte^ Ueiiju 
, iLffli^Wt^ftt ■ ■: ■■■ A'inericiili ' maost ro ■ 
Jiw * enjoys a, big Conlinvntal, rep, 
do tanKo. TWiH''mi^:l0^^ 
".TOr Brun»wic|t..:^'.:-;'"^ ■ .■.;.-vv'';.'; . 

The < new"' Anieriian Decca 
company's decision to marketak. 
lt« disks at 60c is crea,tinK 
mu( h industi^ pro ||,nd co^^^ 

Conceded that the . totir-bitB 
will up public interest in pho- 
nofrraiili rec<.rd sales, othert^ 
argue that if Docca cap't »et 
76c for. ;Cro#hy, : Ciius^ Loma, 
etc., just a« BrunKwick (most 
of whose stars it threatens to 
raid), then what's the 

JJecca's attitude. Is lljat ' a 
«ua!lit)r disk at ^6c is -not only 
posi^lble, but cap;iM( oT nnu h 
revenue throuBli. Kiimulated 
public interest in phflhoBTaph 
record buyinK. . 

May Revanii) Code 
Music Without 

Indicatipiis jU!<s,j^ the invilc in 
dus^y'i' /-^WijBf • ' V^eyomped 
wth<iut any further heaiings. Is- 
sues under dispute are expected to 
1^ itralghtened but in ptrivate dftr- 
cusslons between John Williams, 
NJIA administrator for the publish- 
ing industries, and reps for the pop- 
tilar :;itril' nid^ 

John G. Paine, chairman of the 
Music Publishers Protective Asso 
elation, last week declared himself 
amenable to revising the document 
so as to embody two points brought 
u^ at the July 28 hearing in Woikh- 
ihgton^ On« issue had to dflr: with 
the election of the code authority by 
the entire Industry Insteatl of lim 
itlng this franchise io MI'l'A mem 

Oii\er objection that took ,UP * 
major pturt of the hearing dealt 
with tlie Inference that performing 
rights societies were subject to the 
provisions of the eode. Paine sug- 
geated that thiS; latter argument he 
settled hjr lncludilng in t^ fsode a 
clause specifying thkt the eovMaht 
In no way afrect«d performing 
righil. . ■■■v.'-^::;:;; 

Lombardo Bands Set 

■ ■ Twonto;'-Aug. 6. 

Innovation at the Canadilan Na- 
tional ..^hibimit^i'fpfei^n^^^ If, 
'.wfll %0-Cii^ 'pi^'esen'^ci' flip. IKmc' w^9iIM' 
froe aimed at luring in the dance- 
hbund.s and radlo-llstenerp. Deal 
closed by Elwood Hupbch, C.N.TC. 
general .manager, will have Duke 
Einingtwi'ft band in for two nights, 
Abe Lyman j^d Krlip Californlans in 
for Ave nights, and Otiy' t^^ 
and his Royal Canadians here for 
the second week of Canada's annual 

. ' f-timw -•^fiftjpa . Ifft P a ■ ■ ore : '■ oelna U^d . 
in the fiifillMl BulMtng and the 
elevated promenades, on ^hleh the 
mannequins parade afternoon and 
ovenlnp. will be rollinp stages 
which will elide back for the dance 
presentations. Plan is to levy a 
SO>cent admission tariff dnd then 
a dime a dance. Fashion hutlding 
floor acrnnimod itlon l.« 5,000. 

To avoid any trouble . with Can - 
adlAfft union musldaiifi',' the three 
vtsltinflr bands wm hay# ;Augin«f4iifcd 
grpups of ■ ^oti$^rmai^/lx^^ 

CoL GH Opens Antler 

Colorado Sjprings, A^IV^; ^• 
'" 0in ^Md. litg^::iiKAi^^ 
have oi>ened the new Cooper Gr^ive 
room of the Antlers hotel here. 

It's Col. Gill now by virtue of one 
of those Kentucky colonelcies. 

Jack Mills h.ts amicably adJu.-stcU 
the Jam between Editions Salabort 
and Lawrence Wright, over the Kn- 
ropean rights to 'Stormy, Weather.' 
Settlement terms permits bdth Said* 
bert and Wright to reloa.«;f' the nuni- 
her, with one acc(»uritlng to the 
other on the sales. 

As the result. (>( cable complica- 
tions, the two flnihs simultaneoufelv 
undertook to the Il.arlenv 
ditty. Intipation in the French 
courts followed, with one concern 
seeking to restrain tlM».<>^ 
marketing tho song. ■''■'•■^'^v 

Mill.s Music, Inc., Is also workin.u 
out a settlement of its differences 
with Bert Feldman, British pub- 
lisher, over qaon^fa claimed due on 
the Wat«r*rtii <k Bnyder 

catalop. When the lattei Arm went 
Into receivership, Feldman put In a 
claim for coin he had advanced the 
late Henry Wat«!rfK)n.,On tbia claim 
Feldman wib idiiliiki' Mills 
Music subsequently took over the 
Waterson catalog from the receiver, 
and sought ,from Feldm.nn an ac- 
counting of the bueiness done on 
thv ' "tVaiferiKHjp numbers. Amount 
which Peldniaii a<N^^^^e^ to Water- 
son was 4i\0<iO. : ' ■*' ' 


Mu.sic F'ublishers Protective As- 
sociation's transcription dlstril.u- 
tiofl for July OMne. to $6,800. 
Checks epvcrlng the** jroyaiiles 
from radio disc sources were mailed 
to the publishers concerned last 

July e<4i««tions w(N*e about is% 
b«ii«r tlian they had beeti tW pfff- 
vious month. ■ 


■ Toyi^ninmrise tk^,::^!^*^^. the 
i>6it)/tifv^i^^ tttiiri. JMo«i on 

the air around N'ei^-'''1i^it1(': .-the 
foUon irif} ia the c6jfiP^iUioi% for 
last ucrK: 
PlHffs nr.f fltffHnd fiti 0 £a.(i4r- 

Onlif the cHdtn stations are 
listed as iiuiicathe of th^ pen' 
fro I plug ppputaritu: . 
v;-l>*|4 } ohtaipiid y fr&m :Hti^io . 
Log compiled hp ACcuratM: ,Af^* 
poi tiiiff. f^cryice. 
■:■•■]■■;{ WEAF 

''^A:/:h.S-i-''K^:'rf\::i^^ ■ WJZ 
••Tl.tIV" :' '^X/' . WABC 
Very Thooflht of You..;.,,. 32 

Moon Glow 30 

All I Do Is Dream 28 

Never Had a Ohance 28 

With Eyes Wid^ Open: .. , . 27 

Once in Lifetime 26 

I Only Have Eyes 25 

Love in Bloom « 25 

For All We Know....... 24 

'Gleepyheid: '■ 94 
Pardon Southern Accent.... 21 

Than- for Lovsly Eve...... 20 

Dancing en.-'R.«0fto|k^;;.«,^.^';,,. 19 
8 ay .. 1 1 ''ii. « fc.i, > ■it.vfjf'i. **'i|V M . jg . 
Spellbound*'. cvv*.'.*-*-. '«'*'•'••' W ■ 

I'll Close My Cyea. 17 

The Brcexe. .>..;. <•>..«••!,.• •.• 16 
Cocktails .■f|ii^.,^|fti»,.^.i>.:,iV^^ 14 
. J>a mf «' . ■ '''iU V'f • ' W 

CountinO','l»^^':'V!i^.'. i'. . . .•..iv'l4 ■ 

Rollin* Home. .... ..... . . . . . 14 

Prire V/altx . ... ... « . . .... 14 

Take LcsBOh from Lark.... 14 

• •eeeeeS.t** 

1 Still Po...... 

I'm Satisfied .... 

Moon of Desire. . . 
Then I'll Be Tired . . , , • » • • • • 

Tonite Is Mine . . 

Oh| You Miser. . . 

Dion't 'Let It Happen Again. 

Wish I Were, Twins. . ... . ; . 

Panama ..'«.. . .* • • 

Moon Waa Vetfow. . ..• 

' • e • • e e < 


Musidans Ballot 

Iq N. Y. Local 

Ohio /Drunkard* 

■ ' Toledo, Au«. %. 

played at U»e' Tr|iW|k«ij*, f 7*»*'*^ 
dance hall, for two Wi(»e1cir ahil' tlllS^^^^ 
days hefore tables of beer (irinkere, 
closed- ^Saturday (4) and moved to 
Clhelhnati: ' v ^i:';^v•v:■^ .'v'';i, 
Play drew excf-pt lortatiy well dur^ 
m the enilt-e period ; I '10iC« :wW;*» 
redecf .f,-i f And'' reopertpd tor dane- 


Moritz hotel was ordered by 
Judge Woolsey In the New York 
Federal Court last week to submit 
Itself to th» Society at Buropean 
Stage Authors And Composers for 
an examination before trial. Suit, 
which SI3SAC had brotight again^^t 
the hotel, alleged that music con- 
trolled by t||# former was played 
without'- th«'f4N|«ii^ 

SESAC set 1200 per year as the 
license rate for the St. Moritz, but 
the hotel ha.<4 elected 
court decide the l4|fue. 

■ ■ ' - Ptttsbuffirb.^ Aug. ; •.: 
r)eHr>lte tuft break la weather, 
Sky Club, Plttsburstit's loteat out- 
door dance spot. g«t 'mWkr to a fly- 
ing start last week. Spot, which 
:an accommodate 2,000, drew around 
3,000; la. :|ti';ftrai^'.twd':hl^^ 

Orchestral . mix-up w^icltjiMit i>pn 
Dljrelow here instead of T*d lilftck 
at last minute was due to MCA's 
offering of Black when latter Wfus 
under contract to Of^A, As a re- 
sult. OCA and m>% IdC.A sent Bige- 
:ldW> ,i«rho.;li». A.;*MW^r;-pl|t«bti(rg 

in *iry Club. 

Members of tJte If . IT.^^^ 
local have been asked is wte 'on 
the proposition of whether they 
wonted communists to remain in 
the drganisatlom Balloting on this 
question Is being done by mall. 

Cards, containing two queries, 
were mailed out to the Tx)cal 302 
membership last week. One ques- 
tion w»«i^' 'Do you approve of com- 
muhtets acitating within the 
uniohr, and the other. 'Shall com- 
munists be permitted tn »Mnain 
members of Local 8027' 

Card etptained that the taking of 
this Tdte was mode, A wndition of 
th« local's ffoitig /f0ii*mioM 
Resolution permitting; the New 
York branch home rule Was passed 
at the Cleveland convention of the 
A^n«rlctM> Federation of Musicians 
in /d«e; <-\'i-': ■ 

Vincent Rose Bankrupt 

Vincent Hofo, songwriter an<I 
I'ianist, sought a flnanclal bath from 
the New ;T<^;' FW^l^vCniigt^-loa^ 

WW*/;--; ., 

Schedule he attached to his bank- 
ruptcy petition saiVf JOA^ltebiHt it ^ 
at VM^ and aiw*i^''ilW»fi - ^ 

. . Qato's yas*.ben<4i .^«re'./at'''' "tybrisn; 
I'aviiidhv'. Savaioi'hAli ■ wiich-.''-.' Jjfwi'i . ■ 
cant ■ 6ver.;;-irtr^5ipftAv|li 

Noble Here QctT^ 

Rxiy Xoble's arrival from Enjjland 
has lK;cn set for Oct. 1. While on 
this side, the band leader's radio 
affairs will; be managed by ^ock- 
well^bi|t**f*v::ji»c;^' ind'/Wk/^theiMrc 
and danro tour bookings by the 
William Morris ollUe. 

J,. N. Mathe.s, Inc., aufcncy on th<' 
BhgNfno : Seltzer occ'ouijt^. .la.<;t week 
offered II, t«0 a bi;is^ Nobtc 
aft'T llstenlnp' to a proKrom mndfr" 
up of Noble phonograph recordlnps. 
propo«ltl<iii was tufiiif^ down.,/ 

Red Cross pautte ^t^ 

^>.: ■■ ; ; ' ^ ■.■St; '■■jfehifi; • :Ati^. -ei' . ■; 

JDWin Mf-HHcrV Corn Huskers' di'* 
'iheptra^ from ril.«?j. St. John,, If 
, touring , ■ ; the pro v i n < ■ r>;,-: ' - 'iii^^. '"j^i- w 
Bnihawii-k^ And Nova .Stotiav' ' 

tbiir la ^ivwuflth A tli^tip ivitli tJje 

lied rrr'^n Sorirty and the l.nlif? 
•^fr'tton. The' lied CrovK l;vl<e?va iK-r— 
■ ■ ' ' n ' .-. " < 0.1 ■ ■t^hj»'''' ■iiiit' -'VKyl^- iic»<( : 
arranKt^d. Vi-^^.'S '■ ■•''■'•,■ 

•; ', 1... ■ . ••• . '■' . :l: VP»' ".K'''*'*."'*;^ i^'' V 

Harms, Inc., and T. H Huj ins, ; 
Inc., have signuturod th»?. publish- 
era' ; pledge < agaihst; for pljiga . 

ai^l ' lurikii^i^'' , ; \ 

ments. But the agreements In both , 
cases liAve stritlirs attached to them. 

'the;.two:,;';t?^^ B|'08.Ai?'ubU«Hflnir'v''' 
iubsids, reserve^ : for therhs^lvee th# 
ri^rht to withdraw fronr tho 4)act In 
•;o days If by that time tlie entire 
industry had hot been signed up, or ^' 
if indicaiiiti;}* .w^re .that there waf 
rin:r«b«n!i^;i^''lehfe this 'ohiiiis*''}: 
tly'iip in the near fuTurc. Two Harmi- 
oiitlU.s are the only firms in the 
p.ut Hiat hixw niail.^ their partici- ' 
paiion subject to this coiidttion.. 
Be4i^t^;i8.''|itr6hg'':iii^;tii«t^^ '''k 
the" 'Ri:^bine^';vM'u8lfi^:^(»|h ' %.iU - 'ht)-'--- 
u^'reeabld to coming in oh tWe pledl^* 
under a similar idoviso. >: 

lladio code authority has cau- . 
tioned N'1^0, Colunilua and indie . 
atati(f|itnf»/ .throughout the count^i^ 
agalkfrt /tifib^^^ in the enfbrciiwiiehi- : 
of the anti-bribery provision In 
that industry's code. Warning fol- 
lowed the receipt of a letter from 
Jolin G. Paine telling of the adop« , 
tlon by the music pul^lishers df. 
i>iodce ago^iH Mtjr. tor<n oC. plut'^ . 
payoff. " '■' , 


Gray's fig Job 

Irving Mm* switches' his rnMl^ ' 
ing atliliatlons back to Iirunswiek« 
offectlve Sept. 1. MIIIb' contract 
with RCA Victor,- entered into about 
d^'fmr: :iUro,' expires' ^iK«'^«i^!l':4^ 
current -month. Involved In the 
move are Cab Calloway, Puke El-: ,. 

linfe'ton, Mills Bl^uiB ifthythm band, 
.loe Venuti and the Ina Ray Ilutton ; 
all-girl unit. With the Rrunswick- , 
Columbia eohaplidatlon. Mills irin 
also serve as a ;tppectaliet In . jeont 
triving novelty Instrumental And", 
vocal cojnbinatlons. 

With the assignment to Harry, 
Oray of supreme authority over all 
labels controU^id by lUte Brunswick 
and Columbia firms, the Setay In- 
terests, which controls both com- 
panies, has entered into a new 
pgilcy in the matter of ArtlDia' eon- 
triUiiAi' ■' :.i»!m-' -mw: ..ii^^nga^;:.: 
m«n^ an' (rohtriieta lit^ni b« Made dl4 

rect with the recording companies 
Previously, the recording bandmen 
and warblers did their business with 
the executive In charge of the hook- , 
ings, with no check ui)^ being made 
to determine wficther these artlst.i 
had written agreements which put 
them un(t9C: |ni^.^ i^^ W tba 

obnii>anjw.^^V%'! ''■<■■: 
' tMiitf»:-, nomtnii under Oram's «it« -^f 
thority consist of Brunswick, Co- 
lumbia, Cameo, Vocalion, Okeh and 
Perfect. As the designator of what 
prodttctionjs . or* to be tumed-^<«H» 
fdr 'mie^ :'WM,' dr&y ' wKl be . fa:e«| . ; 
with the problem of keeping the 
instrumental ^ and warbling names , 
well distributed IK> that one list 
won't have mcirn attrnislion* . than 
the other. It ii the Ilr8t=^m1>''ih tRT * 
history of the phonf».t,'raph business a single person has had that 
number of labels under hli* super* ■ 
vision, simultaneously botb as to ..■ 
booking atid recording. 

Oray for the next severol weeks 
will tour the country, lining up local 
artistaahd rfVfibfiiil^ lil«'<i^iiiAl«a:- ■ 
tlpn>,-v.: V :■■■■•■;■■•:',■ '-v ■'. ■ .-■ 


Cliicago, A up. 6. 
Merging of the Colu.';,' 'a tLuA t 
Bruhsvirifck record sales force brings , 
Hai^y Vict<i»r and Walter JP ugh over : 
to the Amerl'^ah Rerbrd Corfr.fitatibn 
ofnees fi-om the old Cfihimbfa staff. 
Victor will baiKlle the. noi ilinide for 
■'kim^H^in ^ieitfora-'^Cdi^di^thn'a- ; 
tii'h1'biW«ii^run«W■i■ck^|«a.l(!:^.^:'Wtiile^^^ - .■• ■ 
(^onf Irtii^Si for the MtlVi-Mik;*'*? 'wrrii' 

.■llA.n.-;bV (A Il'-n I ciii.'liris . in cy.arKe. 
thfl, «r)1;d^v'(>lt'^''lvlf!:l*.iTi 'h>r {'thti/'i^4(iiy\;j', 

ytay ' fcinii;. ATl'^ii ■';|s'>V■'^V^ 
the ■«'V'Vuiivl.W:sh«'J;V:''.-'' ..•■ . th;e^''-; '' 

I. 1m) a. I'll; 

• mern»i)«.. t'-Vvij*! get, by, A us .13; 




• July pulled thg sboet iuu»io luiai^ 
liipM In tflfe 

of tho (loltlriinia, with tWir j»|eturo 
tunt's sorvinur a.M livoly pncMnakcrs. 
Windup 'of tho miiiilli fuinul fhc 
ieftd^ ol this duo. «tri«tf Along 
With (Wltmark); A<rf©l^h 

for a tiirnovor of 230, (>00 copies. 
Other .SI n-cn ditty Hiat oxporionccd 
slroiiti gi>in>; thiiniKh July \va:^ 'All 
I Do Is Dream o£ ypu; (Upbblns). 
■DeiafeipSord^Ps t*w^':ilw({ .^|«5«^':«t.,Au-,: 
B«8t iridtcatod a Uflght^rbutlfiiok for 
that month. : >-'v''' 

■ • : Nt>n'r(M>i>yrlght^ /Man f>n the Ply-: 
Inn Triipeze.' continued to get a 
hefty c;ill flnowKli .Tuly. Showing 
signs of lifinj,' heiulcd for Ni>, 1 posi- 
tion was 'Moon Cil<W.' (MillH.), while 
♦SpelH»otiiTnl' ( »aht!yy >«iied 
itself over .TtnonpT the hIx best .'lell- 
er». Ollu-r roni«r-upi>er,s a.s dis- 

THIS TABLE SHOWS THfi LEADING tl)riii|L>UM III tHitT ••^ilC i«*0 

i jPfll ill $li«9t Mutic 

Song-— No. 1 

clo.sed diiiin 

.Tilly were 'Prize 

WaJta* (T. JJatms), .'j:^r Ml >Ve 

Song — No. 2 
Song — No. 3 

Song — No. 4 

Song— No. 5 

p. ♦ 


•I'l l Strinfl Aloft^ With You' 
• AH I Oo U Priam of You ' 
'Little Man, You've y 
'Cocktails for Tw*' 
'With My ^Eyw Wid» Opijn^ 


♦ I'll String Alo n g With You' 
'Alt t Do l» Dream of You' 

• Little Man, You've Had a Busy Pay* 
•Man on the Flying Trapeze' 

•Sleepy Head' 


•I'll string Along With You' 
'With My Eyes Wide Open' 
'All I Do Is Dream ^ Yww* 
'Cocktails for Two* 

'Sleepy H»aci' 

Wivir >ta4 ^ Chay 

6 BmI 


For Md. Nile Spots; 
1(1 Weeks MeU)e 

B.altimore, Aug 6. 

V Lopk?i like niteries hereabouts 
:may have unit floor ahows next 
winter, following o| last aaA'^ 
son's ,vaudeville trend! Tha Na- 
tional Agency of this town, which 
books some fifteen spots in this ter 
CtiiDryr 1^ t>lan* for 

ih(»!9rac^s^pUt»-UiM^ al^^ #hich 
thej^'irahi to i*ullhe bji: lh?i>nwives 
If feasible and possible, br lMaiy Jn 
tact out of New York. 

Present plans call for $800-$1.000 
•utAti^ Whiqh will represicnt a cpii> 
iMai^i hike over budgets now tn 
force among niteries In these parts, 
but agency claims it has operators 
interested in plan. As It books 
•pots spread through Maryland, 
l^nnsyivahla ami PiMtrict Of Co- 
luinbia. it; In «y^ht alt spots come 
in. could offer about teii ■vyreeka solid 
and unconflictliig (iTHi^. 



If ill 1 lilt 

Baltimore, Aug. 

; Mayfa^r : Oar 

that Is the leicftr ftpi^roxlrriatidh of 

Billy Rose's Casino de Pnree of 
New York, is platmlng to make a 
winter go of It. In a spot orlfrinally 
modelled, and used, for Ice hockey, 
Oordena* nltery policy was to be in 
fpfce jfpr the aiinimer only, revert - 
Jhaf to Ice in bctober. but, accord- 
ing to present plans management 
,*rlll carry on along current lines 
throirtrh the ^nt«*. . x ; 

Effective this week, Jack M^nton 
la out as manager, with lien Zim- 
merman replacing. I^atter hnlls 
from York.; Pa^,. .where he promted 
dances. Of week, Ar- 

thur Fisher ceases booking the 
floor shows Into Garden."*. Lady ,San 
Mey pencilled in the current turns, 
but It . is reported a local agency, 
the National' (B^i-Kere-Trowtl l^^^^^ 
Vkahdln th--' ac'ount fn future. 





6 RUNSWiCK-^No, S ^ 

•I Never Had a Chance,' 'Long May We 
Love' (Casa Lom.a Orch.) 

'Rollin' in Love,' 'Born to Be Kissed' 

(Freddy Martin Orch.) 

'Margie,' 'Everybody •hMffla' (Claude 

Hopkins Oreh.)v ' v , .. : ; 

'Sleepy Head,' 'Put On Vout VmMrfy 
Bonnet' (Mills Itros.) 

'My Old Flame,' 'Lightt Ar« Lttw* (Ouy 

£omi»rdO Orch.) 

'A Laay Pay in the Sun/ 'FreekIa Face' 

(ted Pio Rlto Orch.) 

'Margie' (Claude 1 [opk ina Orch.) 
'Sleep/ Head' (Mills l.ros > 

'Fraekle Face, You'ra 

Fio Ulto Or. h.) > 

•I'll String Along W»tN 

Rito Orch.) 

'Why Notr (Hall^enip 0»ireh.> [ 

•Soft Qreen Seas' (Ted Kio Kito OrchJ 

'With My Eyes Wide Open' (IMiil KHaT 
man Orch.> 

'All I Do Is PMam of YW (Fred^ 

Martin Or<sh.>,. 


'Freckle Face, You'ra Btautifiir 

„ ■ '(FYeddr iMMwrtlh; Orch.).,/: 

COLUMBtA^o. 1 


C0LUMBIA-'N6. 4 


'8« Help Ma/ 'Little Man, YouVa Had 

a Busy Pay* (Bmtl Coleroatt Orch.) 
•Moon Glow,' •Breakfast Bair (Benny 

(Joodman Orcli.) 

'Rollin' Home,' 

Solvin Orch.:> 

'Prigl : W«Ha^ (Ben 

La Rosita/ 'Amapota* (The Caatlitahs, 

TiUis Derano. directing) 


'Hot Lips,' 


•Jealous' (Henry Busse 

'Mat Lipa*. i Henry bu««b oreh. > 

All I Do is Dream of Yay^ i^ 

Busse Orch.) 

•Little Man, You've Had a Biiay Pay' 

■ . ( K'llljL , ■t^Qleniian., .Qrieh.;^)'; ' 
'Bopi^ ta Bi Kissed^ (»eh «ei«th Orch.) 

•Freckle Face, You're Beautiful' (lien 
Pcdlack Orch.) 

'I Only Have Eyes for You/ 'Bom to Be rl Ain't Lazy' (Kenny Coodm.iu Orch.) 
RiaaadP (Ben Selvin Orch.) 

'Moon Qlow^ (iSeniiy GOiOdtman Orch.) ; 
^1 Ain't Laay' (»«tny Qoodniaaii Prch-i^ 
•Onyx BraaMw^M' Jo«^Bf^ate>^' . - 

'Stomping at the Savoy' (dhtck WobH 

Orch ) 

'All I Do Is Dream of You' (Henry 

M n s so Orch. ) 

•r7e Got It' (.lack Teagarten Or oh.) 


VICTOR— No. 3 

VICTOR— No. 4 



•Cocktails for Two/ 'Live and Lav* 

Tonight' (Puke JBlllngton Orch.) 
'r Navir Had a Chanea,"Puat an the 

Moon' (Kddie Duchin Orch.) 

'The Very Thought of You/ '111 Be 
Good' (Hay Noble Orch.) 

•Stririfl Along With You/ 'Fair and 

Wiriiiaf' flrom Coakley Orch.) 
•Riptide,' 'I've Had My Moments' 

(Eddie Duchin Orch.) 

•Dancing on a Roof Top/ ^Maon O lijW ' 

(lX)n pestpr Orch.) 

'Dust on the Moah' (fiddle iHi^tn 

• , Orch.).; ^^ . . • ;• ^. _'^ , |"|- ; ' ■ 
•The Vary TKOught ilf <INf4f' (Ita^ 

Orch.)- ■ -: , > ^''...rvy ^O'--^.;-'. 

•Dames' (Kddle liuchin Orch.) ' ' 

•Thank You for a Lovely Evening' 

_( i>on Bestor ( >ich.) 

•| Saw You Dancing in My Dreams' 

(I'.ivil Whiteinaii Orrli.) 

•Very Thdttiht af Vott' iMiar 

: Orch, ) ■: ■■ ■' y:.:^...: : 

♦All I bo Is Praam of Yiu' (Jan atf^^> 

ber Orch.) ' _ ■ 

'Little Man, You've Had a Busy Day*. 

( Isliam lone.H Orch.) 

•Riffin' Around in the Rain' (CJtuie Au»«. 
tin) ^ 

'I Never Had a Chance' (IMdie Du- 
chin Onh.) 

'My Hat'a on the Side af My Haadl^ 

■ '■'■iiftey'^ wobie on'iKi^ . ■ . • ^; : 


A Mwlcftl n<.<»n from tfte 

■ ■■..■...•v:wcst- : ■■■ • '.v^' 

it/^t CmAYSON 

and If in* C>rrlM>i»'tra 

frMt uri'il n.1 thp Olynuil'' 
IPit*-! In .SeatftB itnd iiro- 
vulink? Hits .. of ■ thB lloiir 
via that hmrh. rlMjte^ f»i»ot. 
Thftlr inlisli! honks In eJUtU-: 

HlW Soon is o«t^«y 
"dWiPr MI^»'♦iii 

' ONcr IN A LiFfriivitr' 




Coa»i mC/^ vPeneila In Units for 

Music Corporation dt. America of * 
flees here has started Ita fall shtlfis 
ing oC name bands. , ,;v:/^;'.;, v.-' ■ 

kiipipy S*)eltiaii ctoaes' at Bftl Ta- 
barln, San Francisco, Aug. 16, then 
plays .several one-nlghters and 
opens at the Yourec hotel, Shreve- 
port, La., Aug. 24.. Tom Gerun b^'Od 
replace* at Birt Tabkrfii (17). 

Carol Lofner closes at the (!un- 
ther, San Antonio, Tex., j^ug. 8, to 
begin a tour of alhglejilt#i..; 
s jai;^;. Oarber ' 'o^itflir '■pltiAM^v^s%i§ 
flURiTher run at Caiallha island 
26, opening Sept. 1 a^t the TTlandn 
Pallroom, Chicago. * 

Don Cave has replaced Al Lyons 
a.t. the X4dQ (Hotel Ambassador) 
ninNii ., Lypna qurrehtly plkying an 
cngaviiHiiaiiMtt'Aftt) llM' 'ift|>rie<|kies.: .tian 

Diego.""', ' Y',- 
Jay Whldden engagement at thai 
DeftuvUla club here has b^en ei-. 
t^Mitkld' tb* iiabor ttit.'- iittX cNysoift 
clcses at the Club Victor, StiAttie. 
Aug. 12, and goes on tour. 

Ou9 Arnheim band is definitely 
set for the Cocoanut C^rove .at the 
Ambassador here until :o<st. i, lat 
which time Ted Fio-jtito wlli re- 
turn. Flo-Rito currently la at the 
Palace, Chicago. iJand'.*! present 
tour is reported by MCA. a,s draw- 
ing WiOimd 60% better than ita^l^^ 
vious Inyaalpn of (he one-nlghters. 
Outfit grossed |7.i»0 at l^tlarid 

MCA- has spotied Johiihy arid 
ISdna Tprrehce far;^&^^ 
Ct>.«r VWiewta-'.-af -'the .■■Co^orthuV'-OFovi} 

hero,'/' • ■ ' ■ •:. 


■ ■/?.(>«-':Ani^«»l(>s,.''.Aii.;T.: ■^.'"^ 
• i-n .Arj.stiii aud stoo^vs .dperi t-i- 
luori -i,\v (7) riiKht at Cucy>anut 
( ! )*rt v^, A' ni t)a H-is a d or. h ' >te h: fur A .si x , 
vy^^'^k' Ht/iy; /|?j^<>v>.hirii'diH^',^ii?^^ xwi*k^N 
Wpt^irjin" ■"; ■■ ' ' ".'y^- ■ -Vt' 

": 'Iff»lior.fe'-;'i< jsrig*. 'iS^M 'fi»rc,:; AH«tii>V, 

Canadian Bandmasters' As.socia- 
tion will hold their annual conven- 
tion n Toronto A^Vf iiAid^^S^ i. 
Expected: m i mm, .Mlfk- 'M 
Canada/'^Mf 'litfM ■ 

Bill Nappi is back at the Pickwick 
Club, ace night club in Birmingham. 

Ramlek h«a taken over the ir^ore 
of .»COnwntldft Oirr, iPlnrt bivlaioh 

release. Number.^ set for publication 
are 'lITou Ought to Be Arrested' and 

Jack Mills, during his stay In 
Europe, 80ld 'Christmas Nif,'ht In 
HarlemV and '1 Won't Think Abo^t 

<Pontlnued on page tsV 

Weber's UmIui 
Vitil Nay HeaD 

London. \<\k 5. 
Important developments are ex- 
pected luring the current visit of 

Josepli , Webor, prealder|itr of; < the 
Ainerichh t'edei^tloh of Mttafc^ami. 

There's even talk that Xark Hyl- 
ton might visit Ameriea profes,- 



;ir ttie 


thut ;;\Ve.lJ!ef ; 

.\t the itUertialional 
iitii<m ill New York, it 
yesterday ^ ( ^f onday).. 
vfkh irt Knglatid as part Of nn i^lelvt 

ui'i'U v,nMli.>n lie had hcen uril'-i, t| 
to •alv<- liy the A. F. of M. coiivv-ii- 
1l«)n of );ist J(in(», and t*t<»t if- h*>«' (Iroldliig . jjiu^ahi»**^ ^ 

Itrltlnlt uh|ortli!)t*^lii^ 

AV?tji. .^M)kny>>irh'.-hera;,' ''.'i' 't^ 

Name Reconbrs Say Hi^ Woiit Wax 


. :- I^hiladelphia, Aug. 6. 
For a town whOs^ annual "sum- 
mer exo dus to the shore points is 
proven history, I'hilly still is keep- 
inc: this room close ti> Its heart and 
bankroll. A lowering of the tariff 
to a Jl.OO nnitiifnuru may have much 
to do witli the situation, but the 
main attrat tion continues to be 
top-ufitch eiiK.Ttainnient .and a 
sophistieated atmosphere heret<}fore 
well hidden in (Juakertown. 

New .«ihow opener finds Joe Pra-* 
setto'.s band upped from afternoon 
dansants, supplantinjt Vincent Riz- 
zo's unit and doing a shade better 
Job. Star billing goes this week to 
Arthur Boran. aiTBastlnr inlmic, 
who iyalka off with %tt hondra and 
then aotne^^ Kiiht .favlewcdy usually 
Htaid acUdleh^ #Mk from its feet 
a nd ; aceorded Boran htf ty reception. 
He encored Into a twehty-twO ml n- 
ute stretch. Show a^l8<> n>arks the 
return of ICathryjn Rand, comely 
dairicer, who was severely burned 
in an 'accident liere two months 

Uoiitine opens with fiie Vercell 
.^^isf.-rs. a sTMootli duo who 
make the initi:il sjmt a happy one, 
le.uliTiL,' intu a fair l»,iHr<>om Klide 
by W.illace and Arnold. Miss 
Unnd's turn cues the blueM rtlhffh 
iiiu of Violet Love* a hbldovcr frOfh 
the iMev|ovi?i bill, g al hn<i ht^dvan 
<>-f ep^^onfil run here and snared a 
("HS contract a« <i resWlt. ,l)o\fay, 
Mofire .mil ;Mftrtlh tji^ffer , 4 ci^miv 
ad ) g i o, |, .imrtift'ii t«r« • :C< il I.m - 
ing; JiHM, W 

fer pidly .rtVtmd f>u t : tho' i«ho»-. wblcft 
: wfth^i^^ liy the daHee,jt<*«)wi. 
<>i<!»ok , ft:"hMTK' :!M) mtnutoM.' ^'■'■^•rv. ■ 

■■-■■.■■■,■■■..-„ ■ ■ -i ■ ■ I- ■ 

,Suc,e.s.s .,f the- Miur;;u< ry Is due 
to Ilii.e ptitji.,ry thtitus. l-'irst is 
I I' l; I.vtlc'li. :i .'-^liicwd ioipre-' iritc. 
.^(•'••tiid i.^ I'SCf.ju service, and 
the I:i.-t IS m.i-., Xjhdu v A.'p..rt. L-it- 

Until the phonograph recordera 

achieve some means for co|)yright 
protection and restriction of broad- 
castings of , phonograph disks, cer* 
taii| |iaiDqi9 han^A wUl: no longer per- ; 
mtt thefiriTMivea 't« Im #aK«<i.' 'Timp 

artists, h.aving radio commercials, 
,iver that it's - no break fof their 
.sponsors if some ( ut-r.ate neigbh(»r- 
hood clothier, for ox,ample, can givf. 
oiiit A spiel that: 'youi ||rttf laoiir ih««P 
ah electrically transcribed progrftyii 
of Pa)il's latest dttnea 
styles through the cpiirteay ,<»f ;80(»\ 

Theae spot broadcastings ilae ail i: 
isorts of fancy names to get .around 
the direct Idea that they're l»road-» 
casting records. They call 'cW, electrical ay wB|)roftli- 
zatioha ttM adl^ffedly aiiir oVcrT'iiliMHit 
phraaea because Federal Radio 
Commission statutes compel them 
so to do. 

Attitude of the name artisi.s 
that theif« Isn't e«iost^h 'A^^^ It #lro« 
the revenue if they can't be 
protected. Seemin>;ly, any station, 
throufTh the hlanket ASCAT copy- 
righted muaic |>riv lieges, by p.iy- 
mclii:-<at fc:'lfei|i*e:,f ee, has .atecess ' tf ; . 
Jtny and ail MortH of public: perfot'riii- - 
ance of nm.sic, whether recorded or 
r)t herw ise. Since they p.iy 7r»c for 
the record, tjre law is defl<-icnt. 


^an enjoin alM|f^;j|fliitil^ trom P"b- 

The comp.iiiies tliem.sclve.'j hivO 
been peeved for long ; t line but 
rcatixe'' t^.if'; haie' '.iri'O ■.rftd'iff^a, 
new X'VsmTrtunUv'i'ttnii.'f Com 
set lip as a pr>st-NlVA body to W.V'rh; 
oviM- telephone, telctcraph .and ra-' 
dip, i.-^ t)(iw looked t*^ for ^iome re* 
drcKS, : ;Ul<^': rc»fi)Mlt5M:< 
forhii:) tice of any |»hi»h<igrft;|*h f t^^ 

is likewise deemed H- k.l|ir>s d'l'tt'^'* 
rer.f to the <li,-U 1 pi udui't'Wf 

Ay^ll as .7 prof« ssi»Ji|^i.Ll h.vndi' .ip fW*; 

;tho.^'iiirttftta;.v' \ V, 


Oit Bis liiew^^^^^^^^ 

BUiHvy I'K'iinuiil jjtnoyt's, iiitv t»»f 

V';.j|Sarvifi fi-hcnck, who lion<rf<irth 
take OkCtivc intpivi^). in 

■ the ;CornerV..;, /^ Slj ' 

': ho will book the 'Imk time' lioui^ In 
,. fUUition . to thi/3 . . lestief : th^a'tr^s, 
' ■■:iifliiieii^h^' liitm' iiiiek The 
•L'^.tilftf in the I.oew oHicf,' 

ilmbrkdiew ti^^^^ Capitoi, n. y.. ami tho 

ciifuU'8 other tlo luxors. 

A« iB th^B caw wUb other ctittiJiivs 
r'Hirithin the I^wTr t>i^ 

►.■„ pi < l)ly won't ■;.fet» ;;^-fl]ll- ' ;f«fl(i^l(lt ; it-rt% 

..• 'nodiirornont. ■ '''^ " 
• ; Srhoncli will in lh<' future be moro 
i sjco,n«:erne«]( :^ tt^e il]^i»in:tre >nd of 
•, ;|ip«wni ^ll*wKll^■r^^^^^^ btot- ■won't 

^ iljSyei hlH bookInK otllro ^nnno(•tioIl^ 
} . •htirrly. Tho rin iiit Unti indif.'itrd it 
d»)eH not wish to h)so the bcn<'fit of 

' (^cbencK'n expert knowledt'e of MtA^e 

; rotj> in Kii|>oiA-lflMy;'-|6B^ •'■•MWf' 
' booking ollito. ' "^ - : '■ . 

l''or tho tim«' boiiiK it's unliki'ly 
^ the new booking Bctmi under Ifier- 
; ;iiH*nt Willi ^ehiNiw the :more Im 

booking doalM, silch. a> buyliiK nanio» 
. j|.nd tho srttInK of hlph ealarios for 

iMCItH, wiiiiouf ooMsiiltinK 8chcnrk. 
../ •J., 11, Lubin remaintf isOnerAl man- 
ifclf*r of the |>0Qklnjr oMei* «ftd Hb 
•'V nominal 8tatuH of I^oiiis K. 
Sidney rtliio r<»main unohaiiKod, with 
Kitlnoy to <oiitinuc< in (har^re of nil 
;lK>okin|| and production (or. ttic de 

Stephens and Brunelles' 
Close Call in L. I. Sound 

Fred -firMiiietfe, tt^ of RItO 

MAdi»on, Biooklyn, had a narrow 
eilicapo wlion his <i|)on launch «talled 
in a I'OnK Island Hoimd otorin off 

.bt!ibtft|iliPi4n'1aw, Mr. and Mrs. TIarry 
f^tcph^lis, known in vaudeville as 
Stophens aiid nollt*, rowed to a 
Ug hthouBe, w byre th<!|y , 'irfrt* taken 
onfdeck M«t^ i iHtMi'"^«1utNiided, 
thfn to Rbore in a pai>ising tug^boRt. 

r'$ Ballo 
II RKO Booking Office, 

. V .' .'""Vv^ • ' ■'. ■ ■*■' • ■■ , t 

Hiiltiroiii c. Auk 
, JameB Allen, Jr., and K. n. Eddy, 
• > ''Itftliifto ■■■ii'flltndwn.- . h«i;ea.bQ|tiii^'.. ..hii'V* 
- opened an agency liercTtaKipQd lioVv 
> lywood Thrnirical Kn»orprl|f^|ij, on«l 
rare repreHcntinK it an the Io<>al RKO 

T^r^'Thoy have boon KolifitiiiK anions 
•AbarctH and niterles and, in oiu 
InBtance, penned a WtW to isvcddio 
.Bobmaff,, general inftnAirer tor Dur- 
^^^^ which has the 

.' jWtf, split -work vaudfilmor l)<)oko«l 
:! by Bddio SlUM-nian out of Now York, 
.. orfoiiiii,' acts and units. 

in the letter to Schnmff. Btation- 
;iry upon which *)t n« -k-rttten bear- 
: te|r WferencoH to othor otticoH of 
••tflt in New York and Hollywood, 
Opening paragraph Htnted, 'RKO 
W^heii to annpv|pi«e the opening 61 
/ « branch omi^ir 

i Bookers Pay Code 

f'oputy N HaI AdnitntMr^tor B. 

in W.ifihInKton, r>. C., has warnod 
the Hoston vau«le and club bookers 
that A'iolations of the amusement 
<!od«' would Ksult in severe p«^nal- 
ties. F, W. Cilendennlng. Boston 
tofle hdthinlHtrator, Invited Gaflfney 
to tho Hub to put the bookers on 
the oaipot after jiKitatlon by the 
American Federation of Actors. 

C5aCfncy called in the., I^jOjiB-Fen- 
ton Agency and the Oolil(i» Alhtise- 
Hiont Conipany, telling them that 
unless a<'tors wi^re paid at least the 
code minimimi -the theatres and 
cabai%t«i . involved would be closed. 
:Hi$r-4tmmf^^^ iBiS 'iwW; the; 
other aKOiit'ie#iam^^^ pilBces 
in iHoston. ' 

The d(.|)uty adniiiiistiator also 
took steps, to stop the so-called 
prcfea^foital tryputs and free audi- 
t ionk by' telling the bookerti that 
even ^amateufs' niust fe*ieive the 
$7.50 minimum daily waj,'e when a|>^ 
pearinpr before paid .audiences. 

lialpli Whiteheau, executive .sec- 
retary of the, AFA, a. few weeks ago 
Tiicd a ntibtib«r pf cohtpIaint8 a:|^^ 
New EnKland t hWijej* t»opliji^ i^^^i^^ 
of Post on. . ■ ;" ■ 

Pper«tor« and Bookers Feel 

Achieved IPyi«Mnir 

ing Rdatiwii.''#itll' C^i^ 

^ HKO'* ho. in N. Y. declares it 
hiiH not established vaudc booking 
otncc in CaUiraore,.,i]«r giViSiri ppw 
•r« of reprp«entnti<?h IP *ny ttutiiidic 

CliiiUKo, Auk <>■ 
I'juii.y nul.uis|<y in town anaiiK- 
Jn^; loi sonic vaudc for his Jefferson 
' "'"^ ' »t, Joseph spots. Starts 

■ *.*i'S fall u/ith miit^i^nl n^t^, « 

fall with nets 
ne*(day to Sund.iy lun. 

on A 

\^To be booked thiongh tli©. Billy 
•*»"VW!ond olUcehcir. '•^.^y-: 


ThioUMh tln' Cotton Club slmw 
beinf,' first at Loew's State on 
liroatlway a fortnight a«o, it killed 
the Capitol engai?eii«At ' f dr tiM 
whole unit. Instead, Mills rtlue 
Ribbon Band < Lucky Alillender di- 
rect inn? )i; ;«|oii<^':;:l« ■«|'--«h« /Cap';,jp«ir- 
rently, ■'':\ 
. However, the unit as a wliole te- 

sumes Aug. '■M'^:i^:r'i^yf'»:' ':M^t, 

l;j*ookryn, and iHe Valenctai v Ja> 
maica, the week after. 

Adelaide Hajl has hcen spot- 
ImokinK her.self. at the Acaden»y. 
N. Y., While ipnt ire unjt f>ol^ldn't 
be! bo<)kert/--: •-J''' '^^v;'--^ : 

llTMayor Turns Booker 

J. Co> nc|i us Tucker , ex - ma y< >i of 
Itochellc r.ark, N. J , has formc«l the 
Cnivi r.v.'il Aniu>-ei,i( nt h'Uit:f.'-::tA!li', 
With olliccs in.Ncw Vork. / ■ ' 

Jlariy licse IS doinK H slp«it 
atutin, the Kd Kulltvan unit havinB 

;il»r Drowns 

^ r^mnk\c Kh<nvb, .atv %hifcb 
PW8 up and «lo\vn the honj,' Island 
•jjWf'd ■ was .drowned K;.tur4iay 

I nrko a<;cldfirttAlly^i»«<»fif><^d otfi the 

VWhfrb the 'showboat was 
/E'"^ down IM fore aid 

ft ri I shed it»» boiiltTni?*; 

rp< red S(.I< tin current 
Inst hall at the / < tiiy, New 

York.'-.-'"ii'.-.; ^ .y-' . '■]':■■ 



l >< imi^on s« v< rs 


yaude pa^t nerwblp witjii W^Ujui' 1 If* U 
after this Week -to jf*«u^ 

■ImJIics' in (Miii .'if o Auf rt] 
Who was with the iivue d^nntc 

New York vaudeville bookliiK 
otiices ar© looking westward now 
with hopes of establishing closer re.*, 
latioiiships next .iseaffon' with . theit^ 
afnii.'itcd Hollywood picture studios. 
In an emergency that arose during 
the height of the recent church- film 
agitation It WAS fprc.efully b|-oMKht 
home to th* **8tern clrcnlt theiitre 
l)ookers and operator's that under 
the present system they can't de- 
pend on even their own, filtn-pro- 
ducing cousins, for help duriti||(, times 
of Mresfi. ■. ' 

None of the l>ookinp oflices has 
ever succeeded in establishing a 
sound working agreement with a 
stu^ip,, Ip tlie pitst there have been 
irik^*ek wWi^B l^latfons between 
affiliated booking otnces and studios 
have been so cold that the studios 
have booked their Stars in opposi- 
tion theatres for the sake of a couple 
hundred more dollars in salary. 

About the only consideration the 
booking offices r<$ceive froni . their 
related'' - .ptetlivto: <mni^i«ft . is'-'first 
call on the stars, when available. 
Rut the studios accx>rd the booking 
otrices no protection against com- 
lietitive bidding froii} tjh« outside. 
Competing theati^, W <Mp^n# <be 
studio's afflliated theatres' salary 
bids, have frequently grabbed pic- 
ture 'nfiiaff: :«ft«i(sy:ifj^m.'-;tbe':.,M^^ 
:..circJe' .-i '•'"' i:'':-'-''' ' ^' ■ ' 
■ *rhe tjoirtr bookinsr* «illlU^% rela- 
tionshii) with its film affiliate, Metro, 
is the only one that has approached 
the cordial stage in the past. Last 
season Loew obtaljned A series of 
MetirP% top" hatPM foil' pei*bhals in 
the east, with the studio going as 
far a^ permitting its stars to gamble 
with the theatres on percentage 
deals. From |hat It l||>peared t|iat 
;a' oov^iwiEiuyi^ 

w'orki • -■ — • ■ ■ ■• • 

' ''''fi4M4'i<ii«#.' 

Put when the recent emergency 
bobbed up, the Loew>Metro 'agree- 
mtf intv wwi one- bf those thlpgs/ 
made when convenient to the studio 
and n«)t based on a spirit of help- 
fulness between one patent com- 
pany affiliate and another. lyoew's 
Capttbl'.flie(i4re «» S^ioedWiy, ace 

house of the circuit, found Itself 
Without a jiicturc for the following 
week when forced to set back the 
booking of the new Ilaiiow fllni. 
No Hubtttitute Metro releases were 
vailable. so the New York office 
s<«itired the indie film field for 
enuiKcncy filler. But nothing was 
lo( ated there either. In 4pHpKeAllim 
« tie booking ofnce seirt eitft liti »gs 
for a stage name, but that measure 
also failed. Then a plea to Metro 
for the loan of a contract player for 
a person«iJ ftppeiarance inet i^'lth 6 
reply that *n tlie itpdiP's ' names! 
wci'o either working M'pictVir«*s or 
awa.y on,va.catlon,,.- ' ^' )■:■■■'" 

■V- '^'Capti CirlmsPn 'tpitMh- ' 
': l'"'»''Ic to get any fielp frotn ;tli< 
inside, let alopc the outside, ' fin: 
Cap tttd fell back "■(^■'"itxt! fpiir- yeiat-i 
>(i<l ?Min and Biir i l.' ^ i n>: 

it AS a ^eviva""! and 'lojft h' fi vily on 
the' \\<4 \. 

VautlevilJc jbii,cl<s, wifli tli.c Capi-. 
tn] cxampje in inlnd; fcfel that in 
sueli an mierpency an afhiiated fihr. 
studio t;an sonnehf w fiml a way to 
Hi liver n film riame loi* a Week. 

Tbe|i^<9's; a(«otli«ry.^^«i«>oh, for ;t'hc 
■east's 'ifflSslf* -Mt -^WsWr • ■st'odte'-l'ier' : 
lips Tlio years are pa'vin).' ip' < 
and the theafre'n. sfciilHy an U 

Defeated in 

To Cimtinue Agency Uc^^^^ 

-■.■7, ' 

Hobll^wcne-Q'Pbnnell Interstate 
grolip lifA Mt Jthe Cab <C<^llQ^ay 
'band' '<:>'in'''a'''i ',''t^iit^fl<e ' ttirft^j^i^M^' 
|t| a spcf ial attraction Miftw^i ' ; the 
lieturn of ret'ular stage sho^vs" in 
the theatres. 

Calloway opens . at thtj Majestic, 
Houston. Septein'bei' . 21; with six ' or 
more we< icf to follow, but as yet 
unset. It's a diieet booking be- 
tween tlio tlieatres and Irving Mills. 

Charles Freeman booke^d the In- 
te|vttit« : %i!ith ' :' tiiti'i'tii\'Ia«i^; 
9<iiib9's 'pdilcy. 'has: not "be^'^ypMi^ytted. 

it^^ OR React! 

^^^^^^^ I^^ Ooe-lfl^ 

First w*«k ope-act ex - 

perlmental vaudc shows* RKO has 
placed in six of its New York and 
suburban theatres was 'very satis- 
factory*' at 

according to Nate Plumbeig. Cir- 
cuit isiwa'ting for a further line <m 
the drafting pow*r Pf the sidge- 
sDtOWS 'and future Screen product, 
befot'e" Amplifying to' five and six 
;icts fts a regulnr policy. 

The one-act sliow s, without pit 
accompaniment, went into the 
Fordham, , tVbite tflains. If onkurs. 
MT^nnt Vernon lana' K*!W'^ 1^ 
and Flushing.' .'=?aturday (1). Acts 
were of the comedy-s|nging-danc^ 
ing type furnishing inefr own ipMs^^ 
cair- a<;eofnptknl«iri^: ':-:^.::ri\r : 

Previous w'eiilt the pVanklin, 
Pronx, tried a five-act show for 
weekends only, and with 'Pahy, 
Take a Pow' )(Fox) on the screen, 
broke, the house. reeoM for the two 
drtjrs. jReceptibrt - vaud<J i^eely ed at 
that spot indiiced |tiCp to'; ex pedi- 
ment elsewhere, , 



License ^^diipmlssion^r Paul Mu^S 
vyiii issue :SuinmcMai^ei^ two «r 
more Now !Ydrk 4#{i|tti this Week 

.as violators of the Oneral Piisine«s 
Law in continuing his fi^'ht to li- 
cense the theatrical reps as employ- 
ment agencies, • Commish figures 
i that iw^ ' loi ^ in 
jBj|>ecial Seiislons Coui't Thursday 
(2) only because the assistant Cor- 
poration Counsel, prosecuting for 
the, City, was not sufflc-ieptly ye^fsed 
in theatrical lore. » ^- ' * 

Moss, following the dismis.sal of 
the charge against Charles Allen 
(Curtis & Allen) .Of ojpemtiilff, an 
unlicensed emt>l9yineht ag^no^y', -der [ 
elared he wottla continue to iitrlve 
for licensing of the ftj^erits, . 

If tftilinc in- hiM . |ii«sf ^cputt it- 
tetn^t; iffpsft st«tt«<«, iie^^^^^%^^^^ iim 

Board of Aldermen to amend the 
employment agency law so that 
anybody procuring a Job for another 
l^rspilt vyhethef or not it. is tnel> 
<^MHitiri.^t<i Pnana diities, ' will 

have to be Hcen.sed. He added 
until the licensing question is defi- 
nitely settled, he will not attempt 
to get tli« varioua vaudeville book* 
ing ofdimi' in .NeW Ybrk to use uni- 
form and equitable contracts. 

Special Sessions Judges Kerno- 
chan. Dale and Flood, in dismissing 
the charge against Allen, ruled that 
thie ftgettt's abttvitles In piH)curlttg 
em|)loyment for actors arc only in- 
cidental to his managerial activities, 
such':.;M : ;actcHni';.'oa «b» 

iCppttiklied on page 49 ) • 


(,.:vAug,.,«. ■■. 

iAttachifie'nt ..»ult-: '^bai:''?^^!*'^;,^*!' 
agaliiist l^p Robbins, of 
bins Fnmily, by Billy Diamond for 
alleged lureach of contract. Claim 

is flMf '^he RObbins ^mily, booked 

into Lou Heinheimer's Poseland 
.State, aecepte<l a differtnt bookin^' 
from a circuit and did not 
appear at the Uos&land tJ^talre. 

liciiry - kalehel'm Is hai'^dHng the 
att^fHunent proceedings for I'-illy 
piambhd and Lou lieinheimer. 

New lOOG Marsh 

■ ' ' : / '■ ; ■',■■■ Chieiigo,:' A ug. :, C „ ■ 
Andreri %$h rHft, yande: ■ ond^^^ e^^ 
.warbler, was jT.aitf d a rn w trial 
in h<T claim af.'.ijnst the C.Ky 

hbtind Bu^ lin« s f< r $H)0,0(iO d.'no- 
aj:es in nri a^if-id' nt e.'iily tliis y*-!;r. 

Case had gone to tri.-il before and 
a verdict of riot gui jty . JaP,^tH«r' 1*u 
i-irtes: wn'!»; rendered. ■l^}].: ' 

Verdict'' ' im .<dtif:''',t|UiK'"":w»«di''': 
New York Supreme CourtS>; JljM^ 
Valcnte, who last week rcservetf de- 
cision on Henry Chesterfield's peti- 
tion to ex£^mine before trial the di- 
rectors PftlMi NVA Fund, l^e re- 
quested examination relates to the 
civil suit which Chesterfield 
started on behalf of the NVA Club. 

It was Jusli^e. Yalente who the 
week het6r^'f^%kM>::4itnt4A ^dtpMr^:.'- 
field's motion for nti KVA FuPd jHIt 
ceivertihip and aj^countlngi ; 

jpcason «ef M tiiC TiujukA-r,, pf Cjlepeiid- 
fl'>)le,;,d *»iwing vhrt»^ 

H?i:di'f, {IS the new ^raircf of siii>- 
piy, i^'ih i.w/t; bf ffn hij^'ldy j i •.■il ih t iv* 
'Tbe.f<ifj)^«", ;rfroi;0:;.'*y4i!i';,.JSr(Oi < <it i>r,nd. . 


V, iTi; fi • » t!'d'it.«. M ill t>v': 
iif xt . >f fisori tb;t ii 

■ I; 

liiOi < ru ( e•-^ ^ll i' 

Benway Heads NVA 
Slj Sll^w ffOTMpittee 

'■t^tleiiii|'-'faf''''the'''l^."V''.A ■%Bn ''at" 
Sarana^S;, are gf Uing set on their 
Khowi' which will be giv( n Aug. 19. 
I,)r. Karl Fi»<-hel appointed Ifappy; 
Bcinwaj', Tommy Vlcks, lidflic Vpie; 
Chris HagediDrn, Danny Murpiiy and 
Hazel Gladstone, a committee in 
eh;.i rge, .Avi t h BehWia'y as < hairm&n. 
lie sat in with them at their first 
nr»eoting, July 31, and tben lleft It up 
to thetei to put on a' ilpod shoWi 

A riurnb< r of visitors an «•>- 
pei ted to be prcsc>it, mariy {ilieHdy 

S<idhfmck's Chi Lo6k>9<e(>, 


M.'iivin li. ii< k T.<)«yw:"8- lj|C<>kitiK'- 
bead, tr.'i jj .--('d to Cld lost wWfii-j.i^^^ 
a hunt fi'T attra< ticnr. ■'■■'-.■'v 

.iic' gwridtrcjd- the /■'>I'^>^i,viH.^:^••^'■r^>'■t■e*'\■, 
shP*\f;.|i^^lth«:; FretVCh'CftJfiivi -^^^ i-iTMiing"' . 
■others,: 'bill " m'."idc' ':n'( 'dfVil«! ■■.■' i '■ 

; ; Dp^n ;■'•;::•' 

tfi,f p^;:,t|6:;;ibc.^:/Hif'» ; ■ 

ni'tf ^ie;'^.^'^)ir^ii'''c!f;■•^ :'starf,'i''ng'.. ' 

A'l'i'f;;,.!^';, \ '.■:;"::'■'[ ','■ . •;'' 

Vt^j.i'iv: >f-\l''.i:''''>V,iif;.''f<'l^«\v'ra'.' .w«'*^ : 

i&N IMy 17 Rtri lUi t» Ink 

| . ||| \| || l U. II. 

Hollywood, Aug. 4. 
. AUhough. virtuittly put oC aUtge 

']i|M^e^s•i^k'\;^ . 'iuiv« it''' road 

show units on tour by Nov. 10. First 
of theiie to get wtarte^l wUl be the 
:CtiM4rj^;:;ll^ in t.lir#e 

■ Capt. Dobbsi* and kt« Happy Time 
SIhip of Joy unit begind an F.&M. 
tour Sept. 19. Thia will be followed 
by: Blftbl^atoiie. 
F.4^M. to negottatlnff to iend out 

T m A € T 


Aug. 6»'tttfif»lKirglv fte«tl«nd 


ie7i RrMdwar 

REED and U VEI^ 

rutrbm wtik aw. (•''.-::' 
ALfiAWillA THiAtllK 

the 1 J Baby Wampas Htar* of 1914 
:is a unit, including Shaw and Iiee 
and Vince Barnett, to be booked 
simultMieouiily witti the acreeninK 

in, ' '«rKteli':'':$k|'' lM|bM '-'ti'ire fc^»tlU!*|.; " 

Money Diff Holds Up 
hi Hritii^ Brit. Ditef 

A hundred pound* diftereiKie 1« 
keeping Ina Rar Huttoii Ifor 
Melodear A ( girl band)* trotui] •f^I'MiMr 
for London. 

Irving Mills, her manager, has 
been offered £,|00 *nd;,tr*ni^p»prta'- 

to ceilt. 

y. $. Acts Abroad 

Frank Belm^t litis set iour IF. 

arts for vaude in Oreat Britain 

I..ady Alice's Pets open in Liver- 
pool Augnt 2 0,: Ch arles and Grace 
Keating follow In t^: aam^ town 
th* foilowlng weelt <1T> } Billy Hotl* 
and Dorot' y open at the Royal the- 
atre, FJdInburgh, Scotland. Sept. 17. 
and the Three Dusky Cadets start 
in 01aago«r,,X>ot.. 1. AU have further 

General Sxecuiive Offices 



New Tri© 

len), while under ((uestldiilhg 
in the agency licensing case in 
Special Sessions, New York, 
last week, reeled ott auch sal' 
ary flgurea a« Hl^ for on* 
act, 16.000 for anotliir iM»t^ 
$0,500 for another, ote. 

Apparently surprLsed by the 
mention of all that coin for 
vaudeville actors, the presiding 
JUVtloM KernooMB. Ualo and 
Mood iMK iM^ 

and went Hito •;|i«il|ii;Mi;th»;. 
bench. .'■ 

'They're no chumps,' stage- 
whiaperod AUoil They're 



AgonU esp««|iii>#»af»^ a on 
name booking nest aeaaon, with all 
major booking offlcea having al- 
ready fadkiate^ itfora iron*! Im any 
coin limlta placed on re«lly drawing 
stage attractions. Competition for 
the few real draws la aa stiff as 
evor; and thta ttn^ 11m 1^ 
Brtf}t0^r.m^^^!tm 'llkeHhead' .tii -'that 

.<ioine new. iilftha in gutMolitntee and 
percentage deals mar bO aet during 


In the past It haa been the cus- 
tom around thia tima b( tho year 
for bookora to aiinotonao a 'jMsltiye' 
otttaldo Ittnlt for ttlarlOo for the 
coming season. But the bookers 
have always overlooked their resolu- 
tions when finding aiBiaiMhbtir that 
looked good to them. 

Thta tbiit nobody kiaa niotitloiMid 
a salary Itmtt. Agents have been 
informed, however, that there won't 
be a market anymore for aynthetic 
namea, but that an atlthentle one 
will ba wale<Hn* ahy time. 

ACanta aira eoantinc heavily on 
the effeota of tha film morala aiH- 
tation for aid, figuring the cleaned 
up pleturaa will aeoaaaitata aecen- 
tuatio«i:.«f «|# fMii^;aM'^:Uia 
atrea.;""': ■ . ' 

'■^3fa ..'Ji^l^.. 


Willi Misil ilrt^ 

■ this Week (Aug. 8) 



SI B T i. tt 0 W A K 


Thin W»«)k. PAI.ACK, r!hi«ui«o 

H)«Mt«tril K^p.. M\X TI.SIIM\N 


W««k Auk. 10. VOX. ptitntit 
MoHtcrn K<n».. MAM KOBKllTH 

Kott M ayaai<td Ai^d hto film horaa. 
'TarM|^' atir (i^^ cfiM- 
nightera to CKl and thenoe to the 
Coast after closing at Steol Pier 
Atlantic City, this week. Martin 
-Wagner, of tha Monrlf ai*»ey. la 
handilB* tha lUnarary; ^ - 

He opana at tha oriental, Chi 
Sept. 1 for a week following one- 
nigh ters, and thence hops to the 
coaat to ra«uma a aariaa of weaterns 

HoltyWood. Aug. 0. 
irtvf •a-'day grind »r««MI taa mvoh 
for TjMMo, Ken Mayaird^a atead. 
ea atair'a peraonal api»Mur4ncea in 

east. Horse got sick on the show 
diet, so Maynard cut abort aome of 
his bookings, and returns to Maacot 
several we^ ahai|d oC aohadala. 

PIrat Aim wUi Im 'liaar^ 
Santa f^*.'.: .'alilMl'-'' -W'- abaaMiig 
Sept. 4. v, /■v:^-v^y '-^ 

hoijik^l^^ Vaude 


^; ' Bvnhevllla^' ' Aug; . 

Ix>ew'a Victory (straight pix) 
picked up the I>uka Ellington unit 
passing through ott a iay<^ batwaen 
regular bookings, for a ona-day 
stand yesterday (Monday). 

Booking served a double purpose 
enabling houaa to pick «9 aome 
extra coin Md alao datarmlna the 
local appetlfa for a^hfa idia^ 

Piirainount last wcttk axked tlie 
New Tork vaude producers to furr 
ntah::fiia'4toMh^'^afld: at^tiia>tr<»uf t ' 

with minnie revues that can play 
one and two-nighters at figures 
rangint iitNM^^ U to tfillO >air day, 
wants woiiMd-ooiilljjl^^ 
formers.; ;;'^ /-;.>x; ,;^; ';" 
'li^^pni^^ <!i>>W<i^ >ui;fi>ir' the 

active; I'aat' -aiwa^n 'itt'/'tlia. .'ftfirnlsh- 
ing of uhita for tha tflteratate in 
Texas. All of them told Knlchelm 
they could not produce units that 
cheap and pay |;>^forfners the $7-S0 
mlnlmiiim requlr^ by the co^e^ nor 
coiild they viltMiid a profit 6r even 
i?et their inveatniettta back. 

Most of the time, kalcholm told 
the producers, would be In the Ciro- 
llnaa, In tha Wtlby-Klncey houses 
which.' arg..:' !i^t•awhed^^i»y • i*ara- 

mount. Aa hi dlltf ined it, there will 
be 10 spoti that ^an pay unlt.s $125 
tlaily; sin at $150, and fojir which 
can pay $200 per day. They're to 
.start operating With atageahows 
around Oct. 1, with Paramount Is- 
suing blahket contracts guarantee- 
ing 4t least two weeks to each unit. 
Wants Stage Shows 
TiieiM aania >iiKrta wai|t«t othe 
unita laat aeaaon aa they cfama off 
the Interatate time. ofTering to play 
them on a strictly percentage basis, 
but nothing ever came of It, A 
couple of weeks ago, at ttlie iiieet- 
ing In. 1^IFaw . Tork..of all ParaiiM^nt 
oporaiM^v:::ino(i|' AW. vmnlitivrm 
a8ked\'^^»tai^r^|«Ml^ iprtg"%as 

Airki' t DmI^ KA$ 
m Auto Damages 

tho foreruimer of the Kincey^WjIla 

bay. olfar through' Par. ' - 7^'- 

17.50 per day for 18 people, the 
salary list of a unit would alone 
total to Ins. TraiuiportatloA oo*ta^ 
baaldea cbatuniii, acenle and atage* 
hand axpiniiaii piwt tha NA- 

get well abaft itfttifa^f^t ittliiwit 
revue. '■.-■■V^ 'f- '■''^■'■-■''■'■^■::.'':'x'.:; 

Tha kiaiiaelM bai^^^^^^ 
the Inferatate last season received 
anywhere from 13.250 to |S,750 each 
per week, and eom#lliad M inany 
40 people- ; 

Threa-year-t>ld Patricia Adrian, 
daughter Of Lou Adrian, stage di- 
rector of the B. A K. Chicago, has 
filed suit in the Superior Court for 
$10,000 f dr damagea received in an 
auto accident laat month. Henry 
Kalchelitt fa handling the ault 

Dafahdant la L. C. Taylor. 


Gene Dennis 

IV^ JUnomti Psychic' 



RKO BIdc.. Rockefeller Center 

ORPHRirM. litM Amrrlen (Aug. 1> 

BEE and RAY 




pis mrw I 

BlMtk Aipkin After a Hueremif ai fiiniprw TtMV 


Wrnn Morria Olfiee 

, For Laaw'. ' . 




iif>dY a SMlTH^HAt lANHS 

Uii iiiMii ^ EARL CARROLt% ^^MM^^ 

(RiMd fUlOW) 

fust Returned Rast After a SaeeeMfsl Sevea Ifooth^ »Uf >• 

thla Waafc t)/ M^^^ Haw Vai* 

l>lr<^ti<>a NAT KAT/CHKm, Wm. MerHs Offlee 

4iitt CttnclikM If ^lii^^^rt 


TMiS WEEK (Aug. 3>. PALAQf, NUV yORK-Avlum InmtMMnt iMMi Thn* OnMMT 




Variety Bills 

NEXT WEEK (Aug. 10) 
THIS WEEK (Aug. 3) 

Numvralf in cor|nccti«n with l»ill».bfi0W; indicula ^i^ins day •! 
•hew. wh«lfcfr fUN ^ liitt Mk ' 

KfiW YORK cimr 

I>ttia4« <tO) 

Klbjfl Howfln 
• mily Houfie 
:l*«t»r Culo Co 

I4rnny U<>»*» 
HimltT Shaver 
A I Noi man 

|i.rm*«> Ore 

iHt hhir (lOrlS) 
Rh<Iio ItubfB. ' 


iHt sair (in-ii) 
Johnny WoixIh 
Uor<it>n A Milter 

,1. - 


Hoxy, NBW vol 





iHt half ( 10-n) 
'Wltiley KobrrtB 
' Kfltlio, Rotnien 
D^mhrest *■ Hiblpy 

<'«)llr;ino Vnin 
(One to III!) 

:;<l h.ilf » 14 Ifi) 

<iUH \ .1 II 

■ (Four ti) fill) 

:-; . Sii^. iMif a n ■ 

l>av'> lintriH Co 
«'nr| Kr«<'<l Ore , 


AllM»C <10) 

Ha*' a HiinHliiiin 
Mc<Hrv A Dut'ioe 
HiniH f! niiilry 
3 KwiftH 

(itfnt (it'i'lattOR' . I 
Xibyl Howan • ; 
^ l^ttUv C^Ui JSiH 

inilhf rt Pron 
liny Hid) A Drlt 
: 'WndhhoarjL.C'o 

Stexo Kvnns 

Klatr Hr«>8 

i':irit>n MhithaK Ore 

<3):.,- ■ 

Siliiiiy T^aitg -.'i^ ■■ ■ ' ■ 

'i i'avrvH 

Till I".i/iilti On 



'r«<l Kiorlto Ore 
Hal AtenlcMi;-:.*:, 
,2 Oaveyf' 
Ro«oiiiary I>««t(ni| 
KrnnUlc Conridrt . 

iCiriftya • ■ 
Hlftt* ttron 
1^n»: Tarl* Sum 
Krnii l( it' CfinniirH 
lat half (IV-13) 


Vftcr lliKKinf 
Nnrd'^ A Jeanne 
I) iv K HarstdW 
2i\ hnir (I4-1C) 
Wasliboanl Co 
Kdith Murray 
\ Four to mil 
, ?d hKlf 47.») 

li»t«f« i>f inr 

Capitol (M> 

H«b Hone 
nine -KhyUiin M .v 
I'nt Rnoney » TP •* 
I .Hwlftf. 

■ HirriNdti A Pifjlirr 

^Irt h*»f (Ifi'lt) M, 

RfitVnry A noiiM 
:<»yp»iy Nina 
Roy Slianiiiinnt Co 
PIrkol A C.rdy Rer 
2(1 half (U-16), 

• Otrton Mrlf' 
MoBnn A. ' T«»V«niie 
llollv won*] 

Hill Tilaak Co 
Ittwann A I^utllli It 
Int half (10. 13) 
Clilhert HroH 
MlllH g, M T«.Ilf« 
A * M Ifavil 
KiK k A Hill. 11. - 
Wona At M'reno llev 
. 2<l half (H^M) 
tie* nutherii Co ' 
Kianliip I'arrish Cn 

• l.'iiiy Kahn<- «'« 
Cliffoia A Mail.m 

..PtliJ Rminrrton f>ri' 

■ IVaHlw (10) 

liodiiiy A Ooiil.l 
Waiiiian Saxiimttrs 

Mrtrofiolitnn (10) 
mifay Moore A If 
tleiirire l^rientloo 

naplT^P ToIIaKl 
.lanH A Whalfn 
Manjran Infl 

Vnl«>n<ln (10) 
f'ah Calloway CP 
Alia Ward 
h rerrotntora 
Aitna Tiirner 


Century (10) 

T.. e : IMn A E 
Vila Van 
Ki'Ws <V Kilwai«l« 
Hoiiih Mincvitrh Co 
Or^liewn (!•) 
< !a ut ier'd Toy Shop 
,1 A .Tanr McKewitH 
Alio UrytinUlB C6 
.liie Urssor '■" 

(One to Mv\ 

• i^w**"' 4w% 

r. i^iMriichif ■ 

lii'llilt K I.ainb 
UoiHw A I lunn 
.Tommy -Mark Co - 
Wfiti lf»<>ni< nhytUm ' 

'ICfAt. bplNTTST TO TUB N. V. 


.;'i>Ai|A'lw0vNt\iirif>nm« ' ' 

t(il« mttk- t&t' TrrmiNi—JiilM Delmar 

.►'laiarH Hunt 
gWl f«o\Yry 
Fl«*<!n<:e A Alvarez 
IhtnA KcUKWItk ,. 
(4aMin(|fni1(tt, Broir ' 

■jlt-rire Fl'an-h' ' 
Carl Shaw Co 

Kuniiy iMinern 
Hrinian TiiilbrrK 
IM»ye A Mayr K« v 


<i»t«'f< A\e. 

iNt half (10 13) 
« «!ri Ion CHrttl' 
M.,san A VeWWill* 
ll< tl\ <>.<.. .1 4 
•*>ll T.'l;,i, k C. 
»v»«nn A l.urille ti 

?«l half ,(IMe) ; 
Kpna/.atr(i 3 
•!.«'»i«). A"B*y' 
A.'A/'M,"''lfav#l". . ■■>' 

M»;RiitKN. <oNX; 

Foil , 
2d lialf (H-1«) 

Mate <iO) 
4 Ixliiys 
A nn ( iK'i ii way 
M Mont|fOTni»ry ' 
r.nnff A. Sijillre^ 
<iia<<' l>ul''av< <■(. 

l.<N'tv'M (10) 

DonaW Hln • 
Hobhy Cook 
KreO Wf brr Co 
liuinter Wrst 
Artnir *, Hii'harrts 
Fo« <I0) 
6 Yellow Jacketf 
Y«Mh«i. Uiinctiuk - 
'A'l ■Ti-Rhftn,'.'. 

X I40KT0N 

.■:,iW*o A Joe Mantle! 
* {Herinaii llyite c« • < 

■ .■/Art'hiii' T4rira'n.' 

■/.rWO T.-Mlt'" 
!'C'r'' H|l|<-|-V.\l.t» . 

■ K>*n«iia. (10) . 
r" ^rtlcfc, ■f»»*rt .'O0 

.fiie 1''oTi»r 

( lilt /\<.o 
, ClilfHilo (10; 

.■;f«iT<if-Ai|'i#'r,iv . 


I'l. .( V, .irmp 
/I'olM W ai iiiK 

R A T UiM ' •■ 
'HA ba* Ryan A mou 
Stuart Churihlll 
loUniiy DavlH 

Mnrbro (3) 
liill Aronson 
I-ee A Kafferty 
Ju Kong : 
Mux Co 
;i In Long 8ia 

OrleaUl <9) 
KinKA Jaetera 

llAMny A J6<t(ita.\ 
Hap ItaMfd 

4 KiankB 
I..OI raine A W 
M Williaiux Co 
Cliaw Cotton 
Ted Cook U»l 

IMwal <!•) 
Don R«>dmari Kd 
Mlehlcan (10) 
Vl/aringa Qrc . 

lat half <ii.J«) 

- Ut half : 

S liordcna r • • ■ 
3 KewH Sl« 
Tom Diok A H 
.'ay Millii Co 
UuHHian PantAalea 

?<I liaJf (8-10» 
liiibi'rt Kinney Co 
'I'oiii Harry Co 
Hunter A I'erclval 
A ivies A A rnQ 
5 Oay Hoya ' 

Earle <iO) 

Xfann neklnaim A .M 
pemareat A ' ill* 

Calif ColleKiarid 
(Two to flU) 

Jolinny PaMtna 
Tyler Ma^on 
I-ewiB A. Moore 
Chaa Foy Co , 
Alex Morriaon 


r<>|.pj e . ' ■' 

Knri< o A Novetio ' ', 
Al Noniian 
Plekeaa :81» 
■ (3) 
.1 SliafiT A 2 Key* 
l>«inar<'«;t A Mix 
i'atriciu Kownian 
OcorKle 'Tappa 
Andrei If arah 

no*y (10) 

W'enley- (trtidfa; Cfli ' ■ 
A 1. Verdi 

ThelinA Xa* * 
Commodorii ■ 
llonex, :Tr ■ 

4 Cobs 
Alyre Cerf 

Fox (10) 

I'liil Harris Ore 
Leali lUiy • 
3 AmbaHtiiulorp 
(Othera te ,IMt) ,- 

state Lake (ft) 

ConHianei' Sis A H 
Mi«B Muffct 

June Carr A M 

Ttay Cfinlin 
('Ian IK t SI rou<l 
iVIoi(>S(<> A I.t\iin 
HAY Afhi'uni 

lat hal* 4ilr«> 

YeTtohia ' 
5 KraUn.lax 

i:il halt (9-11) 
Cupaltii ]iro8 

TiroeaAaM^ OaI^ 

(^haH Healdp 
llersehel H«Bl«r« ' 
I.ow-Skaya : 
At A Hob 
Miiurlcfi -. 

fl Jubilee ftinfTfra 
10 Creole Acea 
s »iack Btreaka 

WcelE of Aug. 6 

Bmein'n A ftr'hdow 
niue lliill 
iHt linlf (6 8) 
CaiK'iIi!' Hros 
Joneo A ThoniMii 
Id half (f-ll) 
( Kraknjax 

Co an booked 

S Julrilee Hinder* 
10 Creole Aeeii 
I Blark Btreako 
BmerF'n. A Br'nd.^w 

Week of Aug. t 

Kill Mil 'K<ill 
, New >irt<>ri» 

iNt lia!f (fi-«) 
.In»r);liii>.' Demonf" 
Larelle A Hilimla 

L'.l half (9-11) 
Mary Hagni) 

Mary (I'liourke 

1«V *A>f 

Maajr Majran 

2d half ('.1 11) 
.IllHKliO).' I")<-tii<iii> 
I.ati'lle A Ui.lintlu 

Ambaaaador, t>. I. 

•faekle Maya 
.fiihn van I..owe 
Kv.iirn Wartin ' 
Hul'tile* Shelby 
Ka t h loeii Howard 
Dot A bash 
Harl- s Hros. A X 
AVill Willis • 
"The!. Dref'sleT 
N'elt Oolden jQrc 


lr\inK Coon Ore 


Kililie T.ane Ore 
The Bti^ 

.TiK- /ellie 

Hob drant Or« 

.Villi Ml ni ii'le:' fir< 

Canoe i'alaee Inn 

Kililif: I'aMs Ore 
4 Rhythm Iloys . 

.Ii.M Zaioiir Ore 
Kaljjli chiKrinsky 
Manuel Valdespltio 

:AH«B »?•«•• Ore . 
hub Alton RfiyV 

AV * V- Howard 
.f ilhvoiii Murray 
(Irarie Hal ry 

rnul nrapw ' '; 

Clark .\Vhe«<lt»r:,A„il 

(ienfifia Routhern 
Chas i)ruty Ore 
I .e*i|i Iff Isdtna « pr- 

Ra y m ' nd .A Tyucihil a 
.(lilherlo A .'('se 
lJ>on J< >■■( 

CMitral. I'k. (Cnaino 

itirnl* 1foWHf'-i6i^«;.' 

, C^tmrenHiiit 
r< rde Orof« bi c 

Club Keii(iiek> 

May Kettn«iiy 

r«o«i<a<!. .,Prj>dyfv: ., ' r ■ 
TJielwa 1Wil1»: 
sally Hold 
«h«ri.y , Ma« «>« orn 

Clab fUfhinaii 

,T«oji ifas«n ;.Rt,T 
i,ido fHi'lB Ore 

Adetakla;'HAn . 

I <p|." A t.oiiii 
.Mraifi A MejuJ" 
.1 llano Henantlez 

Croydon Motipl 

t ;ho rlea- Eekals <>" 

i: J £;!■ tttpirtt^f 
Ti ini V»r,ela' • , ' 
I tinof a h A»'|i*»de.r> , 

'.f'uaiiiillll' ■.,.>:■' I 

Ann I/f>|>frt 

1 lui' t hii'f Ore 

I'loridH Club 

.Mal'vl Kcott 

Al Moore A Amy 

III lilt lloldar 

'-l.rn A Kddl*. ., 
Lull) Mnv 
Hai UU All (.>!(, 
(•■en iHliuid Caalno 
tilen firny Ore 
l ea Wea |}UDt 

Gov. ClfntMi JM*l 

ICnoch Lttbt Or« 
ll'lyw'a IUat««niBt 
Chari«# Prnxi* Ora 
MvQi-» A II*VM 
Crpea A Oiinai , 

Hotel MUin«r« 
l aul iiviiluaD«ta Ore 


Jaek PjiHoB 


Uobt Laurence 

liabe HaUHer 

. liotel BdlaM 
Raniwaky Rim 

■ ^N««f 1 :0««lHtai. v.. 
P Van Steeden Oris 

Hotel LexioKtoB 
Al Kavalln Oro 
Hotel Ot. MortiuMnk 


^uin itobbinii Ore 
WdICI Mb■^4^^lr 

Harold Sterin Oro.. 
Mario A Ploria 
lioiUU Orteco . 
(Htetf I Hmt VorlMr 

Relchii9«in Ore 
Ayre'a A^Rena 
Hi»i^fl^:: l <<i •^i| l l^i f i .»^Mlll% 

Pom, 'Ba«ior:'.brf... 
Baroii A' Blair 
Nell Buf kley 
RitihfMB IU|tl|>^ Ore 

J«,ck OannV Or« 
lIotiBl Roooevelt 

KeKfe-l« Cliilda Ore 
Hotel Whitehall 
Don Illgelow Ore 
Kinc'a Terrace 

I 't I<imai> 

Jeanne A aifltii^ -. 
•Ii.e Carter ■ 
GeiTKe Siliaub 
l.a Cabana 
Eddie Jackson 
Jaekson I A°B 
Ed A A Kinley 
CarJ4>8 A Marchan 
Ja«k4o B«likJ|i)B 
Chaa 'Btroiif 0>!B 

I^OD A Mito^ 

Kddie Davtir ; 
Del. Poao - W*:,' 
Hon .Porh!>'..lPMiv 

Vic . Irwln Ore 
Kvelyn Wliaon 
Toiiriia A Knott 
:;';Jinr«Mi% Mfkm 

Ootnea A ■WinOna 
Tie-Toe Girls 
Dolores Ferris 
Neilla C.odelle 
Tearl 2 
Stanly Meeban 
Oua Van 

I'red Berronn Oro 
Mori'a Real 

Nye Mayhew'a Ore 

Onklunda Tavern 
Wilt Oakland 
T^ou Malian 
MarahaU A Inon 
Terry OreeB 
Maw £>is 

Jirn^nir <2ro«i9 .Ore 

NTG Rev 

J Johnson Ore 

Ann I>ee Patterson 

Kail, Jack A B 
Hillie burns 
Coles A Reea 
Hosezcll Roland 
Ken Harviey 
Marbara Jason 
HootH Carroll 
KuiUly Alda 
I va. Stewart 

rtwadiaa Dactt lali 

AtMf WttmA) 
Ray OUar* Ort 

Arimtd't RaV 

Park CoatnU HaMl 

Karyl Norman " 
Hi^ tk Uf 
.( » o-«.ils 

fli iM I'.ii nett Ore 

Pavilion Royal 

Hudy Valleo Ore 
Martraret 1 udulla 
DcnuvftI A Tova 

Plata Hotel 

B A J Vernon 
Marlon cnan© 
Orlando's Ore 
Kmil Colman Ore 

Red Mill 

I'adily • 

Oenc. '.. ''-v'f'' ■" 
Joan -y:'..-'- 
Jimmy Ryan 
Barney Hoaa 

Wally Yourifr 
Fred Turnstal Ore 

ReMtaorant La R«e 

Arlbfir Warran'a Q 

.A '^mtit-'twfm:. ■ 

Nf(»i ^ttiirrig,:o#o' ■ ■ ■ 

Bob Alton, 'ii^v: 
UlUan barman 

Ray HuiioK 
Buater Shaver 
Oil vo A (Jeorge 
Brneat McChesney 
Hughle Clark 
Ben Oondmon Ore 
jel-ry Arlen Ore 
Rita Bell 
Mike Bernard 

Showboat €^alM 
(City laliMyi-V;':: 
Castle Sis 
Dave Fox 
Kay Scott 
Marie Whitfify ; 
Kenny A LewM 
Mildred Rnye 
8 Kiver Girls 
Joyce A Sinallwood 
Olbson-Wood Ore 

Show PInee 
Hums A Kl^-^en 
Jack Waldron 
Frances Fay 
Miss Harriett 
M(^a AJIicheU 

nea-:.»frBaf#- ■ 
Mnapioa Caalao 

Pep»e da A:ibraw 
'Lyftntf m Walino. 
St. Moritt Hotel 

T.cor Uelasco Orch 
llomiiy. Jlalley 
Le*<'.fim«'..' ■ 

St. Revti Botrt 

Freddy Martin Ore 

Man A Barf 

RoKcr Kahn Ore 
Sanford Rev 
Mildred A Maurice 
Nick LonfT Jr 
Martha Kay 
Bunlce Healy 
t«v^y .Kida 
3 A r-'Htrikart ' 

Gab Hall 6rcli 

Joyce A Sniallwood 
Havana Jockey Ore 

Taacany Hotel 
D«la Loblov Ore 
Dbiuigl Clob 
Gladys llentley 
Dave Martin's Ore 
Lee Simmons 

Village Barn 

Anthony Trlnl Ore 
Beth Challla 
Eddie Ray 
Geo MeOuira 
Francos JieOOy 
Joah Maddara 
sir Jaek Joyce 
3 Octavea 
Ruth Delmar 
Rose McLean 

Guy Lombardo Ore 
Zlto'a Ore 

Weatfheotor Clab 
Fiay A BraglottI _ 
Arthur Brown 

LuiH Raval 
Get) Clifford 
I Nadlne Wayne 



Rowery M. H, 

I'hil Furman 
T.*W Klltv; 
Kd F»y 

Harry Sinper Ore 

Canadian Club 

(Worlds Fair) 
I'lanUie Masters 
Doiothy Dehaao 
Du Maulln'a Ore 

< hez I'aree 

Lita (.Uay Chaplin 
Veioz A Yolanda 
Kiidip, Oarr 
i.aellle Pake ' 
retc'r JfUggiha 
C'oufitesa V*n liaaaen 
Henry Btisse Ore 

; C?lob Lelaore 

S.iielo flarcla 
I'.Hv Meagher 
li e Maiioi s Oreb 
hilly chafie 
.Talk Sexton Jr 
.>iiKar' Harolds Oi 

College Inn 

8 r.varts Co-eds 
.lailiii- Heller 
r< ijvell A Tova 
I'udily Bof;era 

Congreaa Hotel 

<(f«« I'rhan Room) 

r{«>bert Royre 
I r.» lie & Tomaslta 

I.ydia Harris 
() H nlon A Z'nitor.l 
lu.r<)thy Henry 
I'i'b Tin«iley Ore 
Club Alabam 

1 mil V Davidson 
I- ihlie lioth Ore 

Oralio Hotel 

S^VH' '''^»»Mft V 

lilltmore 3 
Kranres Wilier 
Ruth riia A MaU olm 
Wheeler Twins 
Ituth Lee 
Earl Burtnett Ore 

Bdgewater Beaeb 

Wes Ada ma 
Lfaa.-''' -■■ 

Halrry Sbanlli ore 
Harry's N. Y. liar 

Joe Huekley 
Don Penttcld 
Oerthalne linPierre 

Harry Harris 
Al W.'iKncr 
Hilly Meyer* 
IClini r S( hi.tiel 
Joe Uuehley Or< h 

Tilly Fiiannf.n 
Half- lint .laxi.n 
Kil f'asey Ore 
I. eon l.a Verde 
lOarl I'artelio 
'Jeor Ke Oliver 
R<dan<lo A Verdiitii 
Ciwen Gordon 
Neeceo Shannon 
Atni*^e A Marl* 
Virpinlli llU'lian^iW 
u< h Wyfltt 
Mauriar M«/rei On b 

MotHta; . Raaca - - 1 

(World s Fair) 
H.-.y I<e> nobis 
I 'iiiiit' A M; 1 !<■ 
Ji.l. r.r.y 1 '.i r ki r ( m > 

Club .Minuet 

Fiank Sheririun 
Dorothy Nort<»n 
Ad< lina Iloxsena. 
Ralph I'eters.v 
AutctHi: Rta : 
rietiy .*|ur»»'tto 

Hiliiral Rhom 
t'Brevorf tlou'li 



With Adalina Duri^nr Conauela Mo- 
reno, Nina atidl ZabaK Moya and 
l>onirt«a» OoA Albarte Orch^ 


It Mint.; Full (S»fai4|l» 
Palace, N. V. 

Ju»l>-« <1 an AiiuTii an-typo 

vaiiik villi u vu*', this iu I inmlit f.ill 
short ill tiiinio notable respects. ]{nt 
obvliiU}<ly it should not be scrutin- 
ized throxitrh Hrotidway-tlntod spec- 
tacles.. It must, tundameritally be 
i^ktird«d ,iltA A Spanisih revuli; 4rid 
thA value of tta i^seQce, dA(2VAI>d« 
biiU l>e fackcKiiad tti tarmt^'el llov- 
eity. ,,..r.':r^:.:\ ■;■>■: 

FuHHCBKed <^f «hoiiffH wiiap AivA 
zing to carry the ^^mpo. ttia Castll- 
ian flavor and enylronaiiivnt takes 
cdre of tho rest, Cdstit^lWlJa not^ 
ably unlike what is e(eneral)y seen 
today. This heightens the aspects 
of national authenticity which the 
revue packs. Troupe is from a 
CIrionwich Villngo cafe of the same 

Wliile tlu> sp«iialties do not in- 
clude any neck-hreakinK or show- 
stopping hiKhlights, they 
profession.-xl experience. D.incinK 
doniinatcH and is stronRly in the 
.Spanish-Cuban- Argentine ' :rni,'lii'ft:d-- 
Ca8tanet«.v«;ro :rAti-tat>)btM>Li!0^^^^ 
' .iajitly :: t^^1m'^0»f^|§. ^ |Mprt(MiM- ire - 

Jit- anytliiRir. it jaRbuW #ee.m the 
SptfnfMbi ntiotit should be Ihtenisir 
fled^ A bAckgrouiid drop carrylngr 
out a soene apropos the costumes 
and natlohaFIty aeems a first ahd 
obvious extension in that direction. 
At present .ict h.ings a piece of 
something out of somebody's trunk. 
Color and gl.anioiip- of things Span- 
ish i.s the big selling sock and 
should sugge.«t ample scope for 

Femininity In the .Sp:ini-li man- 
ner has Its distinctive appeal. They 
are not hotoha Yankee strutters but 
gals ttii^d to a different concept. 
Henca ^^pWp iadcn^eiit^ . to, h* talr, 
miist tfiwtt tile projw 
They siiread their : o«r||^^!|^ 
kind of charm. ■ >'-C' 

Stngli^ la wieak« One 6t the g^I« 
is especially thin vocally. Jiyrlcs 
are entirely in; the Itiniriiage of the 
frrandecs. Orchestral support is 

strong and the: farR:'.ll«U|;.^Jwm 
lined nicely. 

All in all, it's ple.'isant variation 
to season-stale bills. Lan^ 

LOU DUTH«ht'(3) ■ -.y. :.■:■■}/::'■■•: 


10 Ming.; Full <Spe«lal) 
Academy, N. Y. ' 

Nice little opener that's all dan- 
cing — and all of it good. Trio, en- 
tailing an unbilled blonde sister 
team besides the billed lad, is young 
•and personable. 

All are dres.'?ed neatly in white 
pea-jackets against black trousers 
and display a varied brand of hoof- 
ery singly, in duo and as* a trto. 
.Include a tap-Carioca and close 
%itn .Ihe conventional contest. 

ot ac^ ^^A^ i^*^ 
#m m «to m fiii^a of most 

flV«i-ict4»rili: ::-.r9^m»^flimV. fteW ' Very 

good. , -■/■■'f ::r-:^ ■ 


Dance FlasKi 

14 Mms.; One, Full (ftpectal) .> 
State, N. Y. 

Fast and punchy danve llaNh, in* 
eluding routines that arc original 
and clever, Is here ofrered, whether 
for vauilt' or picture theatre, for- 
immediate considerations : ^ct )s ;th(» 
type thf t ^f»IU. *Mj';ai^';^aet ^pn'Mim:: 
show. ■' ' 

Its only shoi'tcomiiig, and easily 
remedied, is a running time of 14 
minutes that might be cut to 11 or 
so by shortening two-ditterent niim-.. 
bers. 'Phese Alra the iingle by Klas 
D^'i^ik near thfe «l0se and tUe trio 
niiiiMM»r up ahead; :::BoaA'':'-:Mf 
«tfetched*d«ihgcrouily lar. onty^ ^ 
oieve^nesa of ' tha woi^k prbt<6c.tii(iv 
the A^ ffoiA .effei'ta vof .su«li i^UmV* 
■neirti^:-"'; . ■■ ■ :■■.':.■■;■ ■.}' 

Miais J3u Fayc is essentially aii 
acrobatic dancer, but she adds much 
to the technl<)ue possessed in that 
line. In her first single she works 
taps into acrobatics, cleverly beat- 
ing a tattoo with hands and feet 
wliiK> in split and other aero posi- 
tions. In her other number Miss 
Du Kayo <l.>es a slow acrobatic spe- 
cialty winch includes much that is 
both clever and new. At first she 
moves around ingeniously In a high- 
kicking po.stuie, keeping one foot 
always in t tie air, the other on the 
0001*. Toward the et^d there are 
somo roll -overs without jve handi 
touching the floor at all. 

Tl^'l^: Vlrla all bf 

theMi lAst^ r and bock dandeors, 
are Dot, D6na'?aiid^ fTciHy. Their 
challeiige barliigs *ut ^some very 
agfl© fbotwofk. A fifth i* Eddlb 
Stuart, who does a dance on a piano, 
hopping from stool to keyboard and 
up to tlio top and back aKain .as the 
d.'ince mn.-ically deniinrls, Very 
iinifiii'^. 'IMie ke\ board i« specially 
fitted out with l;u.;re 'iv;r. ies' so that 
the feet do not hit more than ona 
at a time. 

. Cl<?fed show here and , wibU , M« 


Geo DeCoata 
Harry Rherman 
Jimmy Lana 

(World'a Fair) 

Hank Tho Mufo 
Szita A Annls 
John I'oat 
Eleanor I.earior 
Willie Shore 

"Opera Club" 
KiDviii.'i .Mershon 
I.awren<B fajcrr.o 
Tom Gentry Orch 
Jose Ri vaa Otcb 
Pierce A Harris 

Palmer Houao 

Ted Wccma' Orch 
bydia A^ Jor.eseo 
stone A Vej'heih . 
4 Calif* 
Larry 'Adler 
Abbott Uirla 


I'hil WhHe 
.lulia (lerity 
Kil na . KuHh 
Miss Harriett 
t'earJ 'frio 
Faith Bxuoh 
Cliff WinehIM 
M.iry N'^villtl < 

7'.:nio*ids .■ ■.. 

Mary Lnpean • > 

BafI Hoffman Ore 

The Delia 

Ken Murray 
ch.Tjiey A Fox 
.Minor A Root 
Frank H.izzard 
4 MeNally Sis 
Rlveria Hoys 
Carlos Molina Ore 

Royal CoKon <'lub 

Geo D Wrfshlngton 

Katbryn I'erry 
Hert H/irwell 
Tatt'a Ore 

iWttMe ;')04rd*i|S" ' 

Don Carioa 
Roma. Vincent 

Showl.oy Har:nm Jr 
Ann.-i May 
«;iyde Luvas Ore 

liobhy firaham 

I'rane Rii«i!<ell Oi r-h 
/il.i A .\!:irei.lle 

Jules Albcrti Ore 
Jack . iUnMh'"".'' 
Wanda Ynf 

r»23 Club 
A I Oarbell 
Bdna I^eonard 
Bdly Rirhard 
Aft- West 
Jif*n fMMarr 

LOS As&em 


Kdtmore Rftwl 

\V,.rU 1 iriivU' A P 

Iii'lora T)un'nfc - 
DixTe Frii m-K s 
S\|via A Heltina 
.lo.'i'iiijii (■ia\ 
.1 oniii V < , I ii.j fir < 

Hlltmore K'tlrooufi 

Me| RHkrii'S'Oitt 

Vtttt nr Puree 

.viodtc A.I'Aronui 
.Merle cartfon.Orf 

CMOMaut: brovr 

Fi,7f e ni e ; A • A i va » ey 
•.fjlua ' Afifhetin. Or( . 
' n^lfon Club 

H ltle<rf'Ae^ 
■Jaek Dritiii if*i1 • . 
fUOfilnfielit A «; Ity 
fJUtlby 1 1 >,i .Kfl ; 1,11 

* 11 ' It 

hreen finlttea' : 

..M. tntin 'K H.A v, a! r,« 
Hell n ( III! ri Id V 

Puns Inn 

Geo^ Red)na.n'a Dd 
1th$ Xtaellea 

R*-* Mcf^Ar^'er" Ore 

nnrv fai-e 
.Vlaud 'laylor 
.Mary Horton 
Torn Thomt^Hoil 
Allee I'irkertllg 
Dorothy rudd«r k 
I'hvbs* Cartif'iTori 
IV »r|f y: ItoKers 
Doris Williams 


Dorotlnv t ^' • 

Ji-rry rb;tlii - IM 

ref». I'.on'r* 111 < '< ■ 

RnlnlMiw finrilrna 

<,<.idi>n Sii.iih. ' 
Maflfe Kaeiy 

\ f'o ' „' 

Dance Flash 
12 Mins.; Full (Special) 
Orpheum, N. Y. 

An ideal dance flash. Class all 
Over and strong throughout on en- 
tbitficininemt puiich, it's a ticket 
.that'll help Aiiiy, irtibw place. Mutt* 

'|i%':fBr':plCtttif*:||^ ■■;{■ 

Jisanne ' ThifUVbrni ' -'''#hosa' ' RMin* 
heads the ac>t, is a tob dahoer b€ 
special merit. She. does tiro nuitt* 

bers, one as a hotcha gal to tha 
melody of 'Sweet Ceorgia Brown,' 
sung by one of her supporting danc- 
ers. In this one she wears a very 
daring net costume. Oth.-r number 
leading up to the flnulc features a 
lot of clever splraling on the toes. 

In between are two numbers each 
by a trio and a novelty d.aneer. T^t» 
ter, Danny Klmore, is tops in his 
work, while the trio. Fay, Tucker 
and Johnson, are right with liim on 
class dancing and technl/iue. Trio 
veers to society waltzes and 
adagios. I^atter. near to the CIOMt 
is unusually well routined, 
v '■ :C!l0ili^>mim '-|Mf»,' Ai)d .. ever gooa - 

Gags, Pantomi me, Dancinfi 

11 Mins.; One 
Palace, N. Y. ' 

Norman retains some of the paik> ' 
tomihie bits from his older abt, . : 
Just: how new the prieseht turii I* 
is'. .'n'0!t':''reporteiAi' ^S»t^^■eeTP^ngty i;!?!!.-:;*, 
a -candldatbrftM^ :At*^Mce.:' 

with NormM ' ohe' fl*m «Ach side 

ot the house. This piicM yp iots of :;:;. 
guffaws with an arrangement ot'« 
embalmed wlieezcs. Thereafter the 
.stooges climb the ladder to the 
rostrum and contrlbllte an eccen- 
tric danf routine, — ^ ..--^ 

No serious criticism of the turn. 
Sf)me of the gags, of course, are .; 
venerable. lUit then that's scircely 
.m original observation, since the 
biggest and the liest could be slm» i;,^ 
Jiarly indicted these «lav'<. .Suflice . 
that K«inian and his assistants : 
.ereate a goo<l1y : <|ii.ota of mirth and 
k«H>p the peasants ^rtgros^ed. 


Hill Billies 
14 Mms; Two 
Earle. Washington 

Tins act has jiist enough talent 
and crudelU'SH to click providing it ' 
ran retain the amateur flavor.:- 
Work in .custoroary .overalls and 
shirts with no artitle^al. e.'caggera- 
tioRi UHe uke, guitar, Uddli^ fand 
small plttAo. i > 

Rufi through customary ytw^tiihu 
Ail «M)ifr with UMMI ' a(r4lt«^ 
and alliibsi'RiA mt^mpts at humor* 
f'air All-ill. 

Parrish in Vaude * ^ ; 

!• iiiiik)« i'ari ish, cm i« inl\ In the 
I . u ndiwo restaoranfj N. Y., floor 
show, l«^ gnlog vxitwie as R HinclA . 
wMhf plfltiiif't ' '' 

Oil I.- .*IM' 

M t b> i\faU> iiost II. 

I .. »rn ^ .Or|4Veutn, 


Elll¥ •■IX K 


#6tiMDiiD Br iiiuiB mtivmkkm 

Woekly bF VAKIKTV, bic. 

Bid Hilvorman, Prc.<Ulont . 
tii WoM^ N«1[r York City 


". ■ ;-4- 

MA. 8 


l^Vi\{6na\ Ass n of the M P. Inilus- 
ti*/, <n convention came to the con- 

(lurers to put forth whatever pte- 
tures tliey see fit, restricted only 
by public;: 8(>ntl«|fte«|^. -.-f^il^. '*iNn|«P>^;- 

Universal duff up * half-brother 
of Charlie Cliaplin »ntt put hlOl liar 

<l(>r cont ract; tW--\ic^j'iv^Xiiilb^/^ 
used him,,-' ■ i [ 

; Ctoid wy n w«Ui ei;p#rimef»tAtg With 
the Idea of having the atiitior ait in 

oil the prodiirlion ot hi^ ptolflrk 
^|tU(>e;rt.;:Iiiii^es the ftnil;*- - 

At>ou t to open Capitol thektre, 
tl. Y.Was renting its offlQe httil^itig 
Hp.u-e at M a square/f6<j^t^:;:|W<^pif^^ 
price for the timef. '^^ 

Newly devised pla« Of percentaiKe 
pl.iying of pictured held tO ffdVOr 
showins of big pics at IcRit tfMNktf^ 
Didn't work out that way. 

. . Jack t)«inp8oy wias getting $15,000 
a week to head a vaude_ company of 
soven lots and hin flight ;|»iettUr<9MI. 
i'laying K. & E. time. 

r-', '-'^^ 

Key citUM thrv>ughi»ut the counitry to wltkOl 1^ churcli. fr^P* 

have w.m'LHi the vigorous light hava floiMrtaliad fi^ t^ 
of iil^iitioti:!! theatre oinM\iMgs. 

During the months of May and June, an offlclal Induatry report shows, 
aome addUional itt iKeatMii opened in Detroit, original hotbed of tlie 
campdign. Detroit wa« one of tha flrrt cUU» to clrcttlaU a WhUa and 
black list of films. I>e8pite this, durlnt tW "MK^ Intea^ 
city's drive, .luly t ahowftdi otttf IT thciatirMj^^ etoliii^ii^d % ft ^ 

i/eiifl;d''ln;AprU.. \^ ' 

MflMMplkta '^^^^ stronghold* of the church attack, 

from Which Emanated tha mdat publicity and. draatte j^^^^ fbow alight 

gains In lighted houses over tha aama parted* ' 
Chicago and New York combined, however, showed an lhar<^aaa In 

dark houses of 27 for the same period. From April to Juna^ iiiclUalve 

tJliieaio clonings «rj»nt frow ti| fd Mt: Na# 

Waiting six nionth.s to decide what shottid ba allowed as expenses of 
the aeven weeks' cijuity receivership of Par prior to ita golnir Into 
baiikrtiptcy. Federal Jiidge WQO^»;|r .hM lOlofVf^ intlp^iiiBu 
which meahs '(Mi iccountV liM^ Wbather' or 

not additional amounts may be soi»ght later oh when bankruptcy costs 
come up. Another unexpected portion of the decision deals with allow- 
ance of $23,000 asked by Adolph Zukor aa one of the equity receivers. 
Judge Woolsey ii|rUhhc>lds any allowanba la Zukor becauaa ot threatened 
ihdependent li^ actKm. WlOir Mtbrtt^^a iji^p tHhii^ Zu^ is 

entitled to be paid, tHevimoWili -la ylrttr^ii fflffiri^^ 1 
after any bondholder lltigatiOh. ' ' " : 

In connection with withholding iKiyment to Zukor because of possiVle 
boY^dtiolder sttitf (hot tlia ..Frajtlc VaiidarUp comm,itkaa>t Pia^ trusteoK 
ihefitaetVM 'a(¥^''atilfkir / '8tilei»'''aa&^-otlkary \-f^^ rraeovarr 'i^di :|lb|,iMo;<i90' '.on. 

stock purchase agreements. Orlirlttally' .; 

for was just under $300,00Q.._..:.> "'^ 'i': J.r--::^--':'- i; 

Members of the film code authority are fully protected from damage 
actions individually or collectively by an amendment to the film code. 
This reads: 'Nothing contained in this code shall constitute the mexnl*rs 
Of the Code Authprit|[ .partEiiera for any purpoaa. Nor ahall any member 
pi tlH>'CN>d# AtithoHt^^^ anyofiii for any ildt:^o 

any other member, ofllcer, agent or employee of the Code Authority. 

'Nor shall any member of th© Code Authority, exercising reasonable 
diligence in the conduct of his duties hereunder, be liable to anyone for 
imy actios ^yOntlasion to act un^er, thia c<M^ except for hla own wUfui 

Denial Is made by C. iti^; that codists themselves drafted this 

amendment because of fear of any possible litigation Involving them. 
According to C. A. hoathiuarters the amendment origiaiatad,A|| 
ton an<| ^aa 9fbniit!ted to the C. A. for its approvaU , v - 

. i^ka J^biii atice^ 8cha|)ok 


tfenderson'% Coney Island theatre 
and rMt«9tfi|ii^^ to United 

Ci^ilpar, IliwraM; 0h« of the old, Unwinii 
iiaVJIy- missed:' ' ' : 

Durlcy companies rehearsifig, out 
of town so th« chorus; 11^^ 
not liop to an<Hhar show. 

?;hul>(.'rts announced! SO0. )MpmiN!i>(pl' 
foi lhcominfT season. ; > ' ':■ 


; \ (From CUpprr) 

•iRttgene Field iiiade a version ot 
•ryuiioh: of >thettil^ r ^Kot yet well 
t novir h tin d i*f err«4 , 

.Chlf'-agO' Ni'ws,' ' "" ' ' 

Lilliun Russell was clipping In 
London ;' :'and": ''-'pin^iml^ '' to'. '' cmm» 

fire 1 1 year fur blowd iWns. Only 
recently two shows were liit by the 
aittii^ storm in th;9 northwest; ^ 
ISarnum'a : a^Qw was flattened at 
Cortlaiitl, N. T.. by the same storm 
that tossed over the Washburn & 
liunting .';hovv in noatby UlcUneld 

Clicking in «irlth the 'Wlilte' elo- 

plimt, another circus was olTtTing 
a 'sacied Indian monlvoy." Thou- 
sands of thi-m around the temples 

Movement is under way in Hollywood to bring court airing of entir<^! 
.sound recording setup as it affects producers. Independents using un- 
licensed sound are already fairly Well, agreed to cooperate in a legal 
fiflfH «^ii|i«.d chiefly at KCA. wbic> ^^^''t^ ^ be i,itamp.tinc to halt 
wNT'^'-tinHeehsed sound 'and'' «<i 

Indies are trying to get the majors interested. Majors ar© known to 
be weary of paying the large royalty fees to Western Bleetric and IVCA. 
.and moi^'iit'mmt'^i^ '.bon't^Mcta .:ttwEt;'aClll -lUkin'.Mmi^pmrv 

to'-rimi::;-c;-.\;,':^';^';:.:::'::; v:V;-;,;-^V-'-^.-;'.'' ;;-'' : ■ 

Pli^tt of tfilii' ittilli^ iM (alt; on ayinp>%t|Kitt(; aara om tha ntajfor .lot^, im^-. 
the two branches of vi^6aiuctU>/i:'.^^^ 

against the electrics.. ■^.}/ ^yj-^::. '..'■•:■' '' ^'.'^r:^''^';'' '' , 

Negotiations by RKO to return to Walter Reade's Mayfalr on Broad- 
way this fall are confirmed as status quo at the moment, but under- 
.stood possibility of a deal has not l>een dropped. Interested in getting 
back on Broadway for a straight fllm policy, RKO last vraek wa« well 
under way toward an agr^mant ii'itM^ t^ariw tlMin ba^ 

fore.^ Aniong the RKO receivership claim* U oiMiii (iroB^ fMr i^ltttire 

rent under a long-term on Mayfalr. 

While RKO information is that negotiations likely will bo picked i||P 
again later^ possibly with RKO littfereeited in atill batter tarma, ^ade 
dacIar^8''''Uiec»'.: fa^.notHittK'' 6ii ao - Daur'.' 'M.- ht>'M' '^OMwaraed - ana ' 4l|i|il;.:te-:iMm: 
. Conttn'U9^';to ■;(H%i^;lli»'' •«^^r)jt|^»il'A 'flr^^ ■alr^(^-;,lll*i4;';.:i;:i.' 

I' lthc i:s not t iking over general control of the altnM| iSnlshod Falcon 
I'ictures (pave Thoflias) indi(p prp^uctiQn,^^^^^^ 
reported, but la IM^^ 


^Wetuife had one day to go wh«n fog interrupted tha shooting in 
Itawlinson are the leads, ■•■i'\\;v;;''''' '; '. ■'^V \ :./■'.] ■ r 

Additional time for fliihg objectloni to proposed assessment against 
moinbers of production-dlstribtittori branch of Aim industry was granted 
last week by National Hecovcry Administration, Deadline was sot back 
from Aug. 6 to 15. Only a very few kicks had been ra^ialvad fin to ^t« 
urday (4). an ibnmni am^^l^ Ihdepandeht diatirllw<loii 
th«yr-«hp«ld:;kia 'i^^ 

Warners studi ) b is put tho tabu on the Sm.ail-Landau agency. Ban 
is reported due to Edward Small's hiring aa his aid9^ Milton S^perling 
secretary. ;ta 'Mai Waltli^' W^rrter''^e»ccutiye. ', -^"V^^.^';;-''' :;;. - 
: Hmall,' h6(id Of Reliahco and partner In the ag<BAcy. washes his hands 
of any d^iiirta to raid th^k^ fxplaining that dporling came seeking 
the. Job,: ;■; , ■■..;^;/'-' V.. 

Of -inidia, b)^^ the por|t>hiMik?rs didn't 

khoiW iifint;''''' [''' '-^'y '^''i-^-'>- 

Irving's Lyceum, London, closed, 
reason assigned that l-Jlk-n Terry 
had : the arm 

had ii^K^idiJW C'tivi^T irt- 

tiruited that it was the lailti're of 
"I'welfth Night* to cUck^ : < - 

.'.•Th'orilr. :/V^f#9■;^.Vt:WQ■'•''■'co|h.t<;; '.-(il^ra 
:'''.c«mi»*nf*(r^?*(i :'if»-;.¥... with; -ii.^wdpitly 

■• rbango' of bill. MoM^-'tbw^ll.ha*^^^ 
. least orw ttio.s»' dayiv. ' ' . ' , 

V; , A- M<. I'-iilirter bought the Amerl- 
'x;.#.»ii-Vi i e|| f iilj>; : ^ » ^>'Pr^y a la ' :."^e e i r» tial ^ y ,^ 

IJayitf llplasco byick from Londini, 
iirk ' To rn«kl* •t0i:]jkM0ti*'.(in^ pfO'' 

I'Jrnest ' liyiy, x»f •XJoyi'nt. C;»i'ien, 
Ka^ ,4 '•ic'ntai^W h«i e^^^^^^ to run 
■ Yhit'':.'k(*v^ti%4''\'yr'i^ ■■M'''.'- .■..oi»era 

■■^X. ■ ■■ ,,^tJdWM»uod--on ■•iiN*i;e.' .frlj:':';';'''^-^:; 

.Froy idence^ Vis i tor, offlcial dioci'ftan organ, has been carrying reamii 
iT'news on the film crusade b.cre. and ili^Oughout The counts Most Of 
the local news has been fcatttred by Iha qiidting of Vamary** flgnr^s to 
s^w ftuctuatioii in btfslfN^iis we«^kly. ahjdi c'omiMrtiilr^^ WmI ffrosaea. 

First picture receiving Joa 9r0ehV>iie>^ up 
to catholic JLegl^ .Dec«^ «ip«>ciflcatiQns la Metro's 'Paria jntarlu do', 
which has lK>c>in ^lm$'"- obi^etionable In spots in a aupplemental blacklist 

issued in Chicag6.v''::PictiH>e;: «^ by'':Br(>en 
on the Coast, :;V:;.',/ ■ ■■^■'''^'■■■-■''l-^'?'.' ": ■ y:"" ?^ 

W llllaifi Ant hony Md^l^, 'iiK^iiit^''^^^r^^ Oreat Zie^f eld^ for tlniver- 
sal. is seeking legal iK^rliitii^i^: i^ Ibt^ 

tho shownv'in's estntO' lim:-?;tim^ ^o^-^^ 

toot light originals,: ■■ ■-/yy-':'''' ■'^■'''>''.'-'\''' <■■>."■'■'.'■;;" \:''' ' :' K. _'■;,:■■',''''.'.■. 

Coiumbia h.iji 85'% : of • the n6w so(».«to«'ii product bodked by Radlb City 
Irtustc Hall, That'« a total of 13 Col pl^ lOT the Hall starting 

'Vvith;''.N|;ght ot'.LiO'^re'; (Griii'ce ;Moore> (.i»ehi||lg;.tiaborl3i^ , v;, ' 

^ltm(^lO ■^(l(t?fl M<^ is toaklnjir>|or * b^ Metro auttk IliMW^ Oiii 
Htbrjr; lind i»rcM>j»)ng including tii't'lim^^ t^^^^ Intf Amazon WtMl. by - a 
srotJtinR Hludirt then decided it was tpO costly to oatflt trpUPI? 

into bcirt f»f .Soulh AnHM-i' tti \vil(l''rneW^'"i|ii|j|f 

irt; .lioMyw-ooil., :H«if^ yal'n'f* .on ^the,: fJl^;irkey^^.■^^V■■'■■'y ,';■'; ' •,• 

fiiii- of f.i>i('.Ht Jit odiii t (OILS (o come ih at Metrf», 'l>r'.'iih on Ihc. Di.unond,' 
ii,i.s bc.-ii tiiii.sbx-irin IG diiys, two under schedulo. After JLuclen Uubbaid 
■^cWt'.l?8('iKiMfl»y^ /■:...Vp^ v'. /■';.■;'■ ^■■■v 'J ..'^ 

rt'lrt iilii i/ 'i I I il •■ 


Charles W. Burton and Lawia & Whitcoinb, ma;nag<H- 4nd xMiHiHiant 
inanager . 'ot :. W^BBI. ' :B6B.t:9nr.' 

of their coming to tho Bdlfton atation oit ^(^ton m of the com* 

pany's broadcasting department. Statidn nMiiasarB have c^ome and t<Mi^ 
in thi.^ vicinity, but .tMrj^^J'iM^'' ,^l(CO^ 
by several years., .. .''■'-■"■■' ■■■-■'■V ■'■'■^ ■' ''V'' •'■'■;■.;'' '■'' • "'■■'' V 
. In the aummi^ir ot 1$24, Burloii; .i#aa radio editor of tha Bbaton' M^riiid 
and wlEiltcomb held a almilnr position with the Boston Post Th(>y 
applied [simultaneously for a publicity Job with tha cpmpf^ny's htatioii, 
then under construction. To ti|Ni|r mritrta^^ 
publicity nien, but head men. :''h.'C-I]'S.- - ■'■.■'■.':"''' ■■'■■':.- , •■■ 

S^h hiid eondttc^tad i diU^ Wbich ha found cohHideraMa 

fault with radio. They wera told to go ahead and put into effect the 
improvements they had been hoWling for. A|a<). they were told to maka 
WKKI a paying proposition— in thoaa 'imiiilitiiit^' fifvlarH:-iM'^^ a% ' 
liona weren't:, on adeakinf ; terma,'..'v.^^t -i ■'■•'';• ,..'■/:•!!; ^.:•■':^':^V■,' :V.7^'',,!"v.';?,:^''''-":^ 

when flva amall Seattle boya got wanderlust last week and went 
canlpll^r wiUtOiiit atation .mit wap/^^tlw ijatarmediarir 

which found tliem anil brought relief to tb«ir^^^ 

Lads set out on their exploration of Pugct Sound at noon in a llat- 
bottomed rowbuat. As npon stretched into twilight and dusk into dark* 
nesa,.. air^availafiila::lMMita'''in ^'tho' yl^bi^ilti^'' i0ti^ 
tha..:auintet. "'■-'-^ " ' [^-.y]^: . y 

Finally the pairents of one of the liida called K J R^ asking that notice* 
of the disappearance of the five boys be broadcast. At 9:30 th» 
announcement was made. Before 10 o'clock, the: boys were found A; 

lif^ene^r'M whtie waikii^i lilt^ii^ 

ti!»'';||i«ae]|''99''|iqlnil ..vtkf^lK«ra.'»i^'hd'a,1^^ 

Data compiled by CBH rcvoa's that around ^00,000 auto .>tuts wore ais-> 
pose^f^bf. ki)^^<|iian'ufacttirera tha flrst air montha of 1934. Using thoi«a 
(Igures as a basts the web estimates that by the end of the current yoar 
1,500,000 cars In this country will ba equipped with : Hound reception. 

mechanisms. :' :■:..•.'. 

Sale of this type of set in ia33 totaled 700.000. , v . ^ 

Holly wood-on-the-AIr" has a karlal thought a* part of Us Btinday Atliit 
NBg prosrMn. 

Chapter play is tfaa of tlKMMi (uktraa making good iii Hollyirood affalra, 
Running seven mlnttt«a tMT- Hia|iler the top spota ara AIMI fey jjMfn 
Shirley and CJenev* dMl. 

Figures given out by F. T I'Msk of Am:»Ig.iinatiNl Witidess,>rt that 
in Australia lO.OUO people ar^ employed in the radio industry, with wag<*H 

llrunswii k fat t-s a great advantage through its Colunitna Phono i<'.- 
q,uisitlon, as this gives both Brunswick and Col the international alii- 
i^nca f>f the powerful; Columtili|k '|>li9lioira|^c€b^ Latter (la 

tieaded by lAkui4 Sterliitig^ a^^^ Amariea%^^ a^ regarded in 

British show circles. ■ ^ ,-.v, 

Another angle on the forthcoming shift-over of .some Brunswick artists 
into the new American DOcca disks' catalog is that , this will bcnetit 
;mtt<!li''''niKl.'.-blbod. ■•iiiM^^ 'MaW'<;'dl;<^''':\tiilentai.' ' Vfh^ new . re- ' 

corders are. e}Cpect«t4 ^^^tbie«M|l^;iat:^ ' b^uae'.;of ; :^^,' 

songs, if 'nothing' else; ■'' ■•':'• ;•'...,■;: ■■-• ■-••,;■'■• ■■:.•• •'.■ •■;•• •■:•'" ;■■''■•■„'■). ," 

Obviously tho top talent gets preference on top tuiu-s, and Miiu>« tha 
extent of the popularity of the songs fundamentally, attracts the publio, 
it will likewise react in fAVOr of tha artistHi Heretofora Brunswick'*; 
top disk atars had thoir plcjk bf ma:teriaU Wf tli aom<i ri»ported aMf ting : 
over . W'-^3kik''$!l^it^M^W: naieoa outflt, tha iWBftoomera will Inherit 
taf^aong;' i»^iiirt«il»l»^£:..^ /y^-';.--; ■.■■: ' ■■ ''\i'-')^y.'^:^y\.>^' 

Building at Sfvcnlh avenue, N. Y, Is »>ecoining an irtlpoftarit K<*n- 
eral music center all of a sudden. With Berlin and Bobbins pul>lisbci« 
respectively on second and third floors* Mtiurice lUchmond's Muslo 
bilfaWa Seririce Is taking Over the irabaml Itnfghta of Cof umbiM School 
space on the fifth floor. Irving Mlll.s' various music enterprises is On 
the .sixth, and Jack Kapp's Decca outflt is reclaiming the old Brunswick 
Kocording I^abs on the seventh door, which, too, were more or less 
dormant sava for: some electrical transcription tfrork in which Warner 

The late Harry Pinsley, MCA exec who was recentUr killed in a plaiia 
crash, t^ad IS&tMO of : insuranci^ In two cbaftliiMlia 'miitt'^iii'' which at^ 
amiong tita law uhderwrlterii Who fipaclflcally except airplane accldehta 
fi*6m tbcllr double -Indemnity accident coverago, Otherwise hla parents 

would hav.e collected $r>0,000. : , ' 

Pinsley's parents are suitig the air line for $21*0.000 (iamag<.«H. . 


Clark Brown, now managing Sliea's theatre, Jamestown. N.. Y.^ com* 
int«iils that ho rogivts to .see his old employer, the late Frank R. TaJo, 
of St. Louis, given .ho brief an obituary., He feels that as ono of the. old 
t'im^ra l!*ata ratea t)i(^ ample teention. Thotigh ho hM been dor^ 
for so many year.'j, his sole interest in later tlh^ being participation 
with tho Louis Cella estate of the American theatre, St. Louis, which 
pl iyed stage attractions when they could be had. 

Tate'fi paatiiihg givca; emphasis to tha rapid di8ai»|>f arance of the oM" ' 
timers. When A grdup pfot^ mada 6f th* or^^ of W* 

Ifnitod Booking ofllces, it represented the cream of the v;iud(>ville ni in- 
ag'.Mial end. Tate's death reduces the number of living members of 
that group to three — ,Iohn J. Murdock, Morris Mbyerfeld, Jr., and Martin 
Beck. At th<{ time the picturf was made Tata, had an important part 
in tiitf , S t^ ^t^la: Orph^tini th<iatir«, part of tha oflfe'nal orphouni circuit. : 
■He' sold ■ his;'', interest. 'i|rii<^.-.kAj^ 

Aloha Wanderw-tl, widow of Capt. Walter WiihderWell, wocldllraveler . 

who nu't a ti* fl'vuh on his y k lit in southf-rn C'llifoirtit w iters .sont<* 
two years ago, plans another expedition to the Far Hast, simijar to tlift^ 
.on«r on which ftho accompanied her husband, -V 
^Wtied re^^^^ to Walter Baker, Wyoming raiich : 

owner, Misifi WamlerW^n 'has been m.iUing personal .ippeanhres In tt»o 
tkast Her ( ojorfiil past. (ouiiUvl with tb<» f i. l that C'ljil \V;nid<.M v\' II>.. 
nVtirder w.m ncvei* solved,, luui gotten her plenty of free bally in the d ttl - 
I***? %t' the BtVoli, naltl?ffii»n(^>^crt« she j^d ■ l-^r^h lly ; Mi?w Wa tlcie;':^-- ! 
vvcU exnressod hfiiiftf Ic I'lin:: : l,i., il, (.,1 r (>vi> • lilt ill ti> (Vbi.niS 

,(n<l thf^realMJiuts Her new Uujil^aud Ut not u» the. act, alHioUdli liav dfHg. -; 
^WiiH::h«fc,, ■: ■,:.-< r: ::■ y^K- ■'-'•;. ■' '-'i: :- 

liyi AHgurf 7, 19** 

4 > 


levp Legit ft^ak-Iiis 

Atlantic Ciiy, Auk. C. 
fttity<jir liarry th<f' 

';' Joln«'<l liarulH to ballylino thin n:;- 
•< «M)i t lia» U into its formor oniinonco 
ftH a luM-ak -in stand fur Uroadvvay 
1-.<WU . pfPtl.ucors. , ,;|i'i|«e , wuH wlicn 

; town «>f many |)r<)(ln< <'r>f, but In tWo 
• last four yt-ars tin- iH.anlwallt'H T<^Bift 

• $C«aiitfi liavi' ln-i-n s< ai « t'. 
' ' . i^ii^Ht Hht{W , to Kt' t *'X i|U>i tat i«>ii 
: itQuKt from" ' »lflt'ial« is 

. tialuta', the "Will 'M(ii riss<»y music al 
Whi' ii 11. A. Hi'ppil (Arlhur Lippcr, 

■ Jr.) iH j)rudufinK with Milton lit'rl" 
^ f^turt^.^ U opens the ^Clardep 

; : ; Ji^jjrd^ ^ftphtt^^^^ lUmiH St. 

*/'jf«|^.n;4>rgg uf th«^ lo<-al::(Qj;^(p^';C. hayo 
~j«(fccW -iif^tt^ist * ^iit#&,4i^r urging 
' , IwjAl rc«t#«?tt«« ani 'VilMltors to give 
, "^lu a play. Marc liarhman, 

'iihow'.s p. a., is having the ii'ttc'i.s 
. blown up for boardwalk dis|)lay. 

J It Ui« iwiHt Atlan^llc^ty t>ad; 

'trjfVott'is throughout till- summer 
' wrts«U». It was partiiularly noted 

aa a ivroakrln sjiol for the larKe 


,abl»y:;*<«re ^<»U 

■ iirO^dViJy iTou d, probairiy. >noro so 
'.liian ftny tlw atrr pulilic It) tli^ coun- 

Itival Ic'Kit at lolS^hSjfiiic' lirudied, and 
thp iMOduviM-s rufeibe^i A. ofl" thf 
buoKiMK map. Hut this year A. C. 
liaK. KtuKtul «^.|>^4lj^^ tind 
iocaJ^ ifiJoIinB 


!■ I iiHT Ki<-<' nets int<i .•-;wiiiK as a 
. prodin cr ji^ain at the J{<'l;iscu, N. Y. 
', ik*^^ 12 ■with the opehint; of MudB- 
Paiy.' Jilce ^^pepin^ io pv^UG^^ 

t\v<«. n t'witji Worl<i«' ^ a 

; Childron.'' 

t' imt sft f(.|- 'J ud^'OK'lit I)aj',' 
; |)Ut J<.»H^l>h .SIiil<il\raiJt will. uiiKK in 
'Two. ■W«)rld»4i''.\;.v ■ % 
;:.?'tli>re aro 37 "ornirttctets ' lnf 'VJii^ 
. '•'•^ only tWo 'h<>ihK •Wpmcii), 

'■ and <»no a nirl child. nvVvrJdsV.lwUl 
t..|»avo M ijcoi'lc irv the .casju ..• 


Aivshfcl goliorr, pi.iywriKht and 
mana^rtT. ha« jnincd fonos with 
Max La.slvy and I^i»o Sclicclitcr for 
the Continuation of the J4cKlnI«y 
S.iii.-ir«? thoatre, :ln; ,the.':Bwnx^^^^^^ 
V id«lish legit next riif«a«^n'; Scho^^ 
wilt write the aiiractton for 
Ik.uso, as w*dl M;''aid;^iiri:'thje!' ih^'n-' 

iM< K inlcy, whlojli .reupenl 8ept. lo, 
w ill ha ve iMt^; «t ini>ii«al aiidr a dra- 
matic troup«V peirtbttining on alter- 

nafo nights, llyman Jacobson and 
Miriam K rosin will head the musical 
cntiniatiy. Dura WelMttian';: wHl be 
t ho ,«iramaAi.c- staj';.v.v:-v ,y 

a ii » i! t** i , 0thw Y^^ 1^ house, 
tho FrOspeet, Is boin^' ronovatod for 
the return of Natlian CJoldberg and 
.laoob .laoobs. Joe Ja«30ba Will S^rve 
as business niaiiagen - ^ 


16 Stitches Did Wright 

Albany, AuK. 6. , 
\\ illiaui AVrJkhi* lnj[#i^ ti); aur 
/fpniublle a,ccfdoht, i^^ 
■ ihroo hiitirs lat er in "^l^ijfi^iBrt o^^^^^ 
piness" .'It tbo Ncll;'''0wynne';:th^^^^^^ 
..^ jUaldoij. liridKO. : r ^- 


lto>l>;\v(M>d. Aut?. 6. 
TransMN >nt I noiitol'iaStJttLfl ^eper- 
j^^rp .. 0t fihakcspeai-raH plays Is 
'^^jl^f; Hhed up by WUllam T|horn- 
wh)) pl.-m.s to i>l;iy rru irir 
dates prior to the holidayr,, and then 

' ,,|>lay school awii tor 1 u ms where ih^ - 
'if ires ai*© not avft ilabk'. 

Tills will be Thotntoii s third tiuii 
*ci-<>ss tho eouhtrj*; and. as hv.f> >ro, 
•he/iwiiU sponsored by th^:,Sha*e- 


•on, 'V;'' ■ / l><«iii,l<>fi, July 28. 

. Aiiiidl *^»'*iOit^ f«>r N'-w York 

Itoite irt' Aui»ut}t,; tb,ivrti* ''JL ttc; pis.- 

.'^^JSyb^I-; 'nioriidikr will iiI;iy'b.T 
~|»irlKinfrl |)aft li)' tlii--- i>l'i\, nu'i 

t il t' ..B^/ i | ' til VI ' ■ ni x o. K i.ii iir - m .! i- 

, ;lo iii.iy in. sii«nv i;: t-. lif ^ViIl^\^l^ 

(!iin'liifynyi'iai&'- fVirt'est' (fheatres 
wiMo sold at auftion l-'iiday (15), 
pl.iintiffs bidding; tliom in at nom- 
in.'il pri< es. In both cases, the plaln- 
iift's^%,orO; banks..':'-; ■ ' 

. ■S*lwyn--''i|ilsaiare-.ii^ one 

p!i rod wlth-i.ip»i)r^lW^m^ jbuild- 
iriK. Ilry Tlcif<^ SaVlnRrt'got.^U on 
Jl $0)10,000 bid, property boln|fV|(|ib- 
Ject to a 1650,000 mortgage; ; \ " 
Fbrr<fe8t theatre sale IncliiiillSS^^^ *^ 
Forrest hotel, adj<)fnInTg4 Thcy^^w^^ 
both put uji in action by Ih^ I.iaw- 
yers Title At tJ nam nice Co. Thcro 
was fU8,€07 and $117,912 diie on 

In taJtcs 'irnd''^ 
dharKcs. Tltlo company bid both 
properties In at $1,000 above the 

Jioth properties arc assessed at a 
WiMd' .(deal :!m!a!i^vtba|i''ta'l!Q!^^ 
these bids, il^. j^iiT^ (natatiee. 
having an asiiieMM ; vatua^ia^^ - 
$r,7(),ooo while the ■h'<^«--#i,|i(ii^fJi«d 
in at ${i2S,O0.Q. 'j y 

Forrest iitlll .play« lefelti Aithfotiish 
empty at ; the moment.' 8^iwyn a 
few ihonthisi ago went grind pics. 

Shuberts are dickerint? with the 
bondholders' coniniittee pn the Jklas- 
Qt)e and Maieatlc ':tliett)iir«8> If. Y., 
fop a possible taHeover 6t" tljia^^^^^^ 
houses. V ^heatresy once part At the 
.Shubert ch.iin, arc in receivership 
and a Shul)ert deal now Is coiisid- 
erahly In vol v«?d but thought likely 
of matiprlaU^ng In 0ie iMM^r jEuluirc. 

i»hHHp J. Biiiiin', I'eeelVier ft»r the 
Ihujsis and Continental P.ank & (^o., for the estate, will have 
to be consult* <1 and af,'rco to wliat- 
ever movq th^ bondholtJers'.. Qom- 
mi itoe . ■ diecld.eiir/';<»n;-;^f«)*»x^^ 
becomes worltable. " ? . 

tfndorstandinp Is that th<i^' Shit- 
liiM ts w.'iiit to talic ov« r tlic two 
houses on lotiK or short term lease. 
Hitch thus far has been lack of con- 
vict ion on part of »i the bank t hat 
I lie Shubert*' riential la better thati 
the house e;in do If continuing op- 
eration as at present ))y the estate. 

J ules I Wee and) Leventhal, 
producers of cut-rate plnys, 
Jilfbiifs oh the tiveory that if he 
produf^f^s six road slunvs w bii-'i 
bring him In only 1 100 profit 
each he- .-baa- a-'|M4t ■n*ti«ii,.,th^. 

week. '. .■'■■■a 'i:^,^' • 

He approached a prospective 
at^r for one of t% shoii^rn, i^sk- 
iht thef actor how much iPMilaty 
he wanted. Actor tinhe^ita- 
tinKiy said '$2,000 a wpeii.* ■ " 
'If I could only gro^s A** 
much!' W«« ifftyjUAkftl'U Ai'dont 
reply. ^ ' " 


v ■ ■■- floJlywpOd, Aufr. -4.' ; 
^ j^jfsha iPook; : taking hlH 

v.iciif ion by motor trip, and at New 
York j"(iis 'Ah, Wilderness' com- 
lijjiny for tour; Flayer ^ return? 
ari^ujnd ';i?ew-:Ye{ir'». . ([■ 7 ' 

.... j^^^ 

opiioh, but P*'''*»'tt*^^^ ^i^P* t<j.!.appear 

ill Hit, ■tio'Mfi'i' '^t;' cimn sbW, 



Xe^it l»4WSQn will bow intoi Balti- 
more week of Sept. 3, when I^aw- 
rence Rivera ( Rowland . Stebbin s ) 
will- brei^ :|n pifsoi^ 

'Ti^lit Britches,' Caroliny liillbilly 
drama by John TaUltofr Foote and 
Hubert Hayes, at tlHi llCftr^land t h e - 

■imMvi^.tth^ ■w'l!r;''«%«.-.%- -Vi^^ T'ork 
at the Avon. 

Staged by Miriam Doyle, cast •will 
embrace Shei)perd Strudwick, Joan- 
na Roos, Etbel Wilapn,, Boris Mar- 
shalov, 'KatHlfeeh^^^^^^ and 
Frank Camp. Jean Dixon, who 
tiouped in tin; top femnic spot in 
recent summer tryout of 'Uritches' 
at the l4angners' . Wes:tcbeBter^lay- 
:hou8e, ; ■ .will;: ' n^i • ■ ^H*; '-'Wiifiiy 

'Nothing definite is as yet set be- 
yond 'Hritchcs.' Len McT.,;iUKldin, 
general m<'inager of the Maryland, 
is dickering With Wee & iLe^wntHia^ 
and a deal, looks to eventuate 
whereby the Maryiahd may gel an W'^-L prnducUon. If so. 
will be presented at eitraight $2 top, 
with no cut-rating. 

Raymond Mppre, .opf fii^ ,; )!«(: 
summer' st'Pck' at -'liil'jMii:^ 
has sent notices to drama desks of 
the newsjiapers here announcing 
he'll brim; in his.;»1B!«W»e'^or:.^;^f^^^ 
Ipr stock .try. . 



By Mid-Week; DucatXontrol Plan 


'Waltz in Fire,' three character 

drama to be produced by IJarmon & 

tJlmaitl In ^jilMSN £aH will ^ flven a 

tryout In --/iioca'st'iValJey^'^-Vifw'^^ 
Aug. 27. ■ ■ ■'' '''■'[\: 

J.'Kob Ben Ami will have one Of 
the tryout parta witb , gle aPor 

the otbers. It depends If ileal can 
get. away from Hollywood in time. 
.;i!l^4||!ii%m Schorr will stage. 

lai^ Jane' with Fratees 
Starr, Frankwyns First 

Franklin-Selwyn get started In 
their projected voluminous legit ac- 
tivity^ by i putting a Khow, 'Lady 
J;i no'* ' imQ^'-.f«l»Mra|a^: .'«veki' -.Monjiay 
(13). ■ \ '■ ■ V.,'-, ':y 

Show is a British hnpiOrtation, 
h.-iyiniEr played in limdon as 'Old 
I'olks at ilbrrte.* tt 'was Written by 
II. M. llarwood, who is in New York 
to stage It. It goes into the i^lym- 
flvith theatre .Sept. 10, Fringes 
Starr handling the lead. ' 


Group Tiieati-e left for KllenviUe. 
>j. ir.; wer tfte/weekvenlii ta biejjlln 
reiicaiHiils on two now plays which 
they will pipduee neict season. Plays 
are 'Gold Kaglo (Itiy/ ^j*" ^Melv 
Levy, .Hid '.^chooi-Te.'xcher' by 
I'hlllp Rarber. JUitter is bapedOli 
the Chicago situatloil A Odiil^ 
of years b.'ick when the'i fkChOfl-- 
marms coiildn t KCt paid. 

Ciroup will stick to KI!<'nviI1c for 
rel^earsats, j^s lis tlieir custom, for 


on Oict. 1*5 in BostowV Pm^^ en- 
gagement Is for six weeiis, fitnrtlng 

vitli f'lui' ^^^>^^ks of i-opcrtory. First 
two weeks will consist of 'ATon in 
White,' two moi^e week of 'Success 

Story,' and then two . w^cks of /Gold 
Eagle Guy.' Tliat pla^* Will, at that 

stage, be brouglit to New York for 
opening, 'School-Teaclier' following 
it.: .:.'"'-::':.v,.>-.' V,;,-, 


■;■ ■ ■ Minneiiixilit-, Aug. d. 
A comimrutive deluge of . spQken 
dranm seems in ptrQRpect ;fe#.i^^ 


pleto ■ starvation. Another -/liical 
group, the second one, has been or- 
ganlae<d to pres' nt plays by a 
permianent , Ipcal cast, with guest 
stara recruWt^ from the stage arid 
film.«. I/itcit orp.-ini/.ation calls It- 
.sclf tlu- i:< pertory Theatre of Min- 

Richard D. T. Carlspn, its director, 
informs the press that he 'will not 

be in competitifin with any other 
dramatic projx^et in the pity, or with 

the liMr^.::<ia^^^ 

Among others, Mr. Cari«5on, promi- 
nent in ITniversity of Minnesota 
dramatic activities, Is believed to 
refer to a group which already haf? 
arranged fPr a, el* weeks* a^iaaon at 
tlio .«hubert theatre, starting next 
October, with Broadway recruited 
casts, ln<:luding name star.s, offer- 
ing r<!^ettt.ijs' e\y. y p»:H hits n^ver a^^n 
iiero'--'*eTOiS*.i-'''-''^.''' iar^e.^itttinifber.-; 'of 
^ s u 1 . s ( - 1 - 1 1 . t i o n 1 1 ck ctaV . 'Wi*?t(fl^ 
been sold for tilj.s. : , . ' ' " •■ ' - 

C.'irlsfm says tliitt; tiniong the at- 
tractions and guest- .itara stjiggcsted 
for hl.t Ri<pei>tory' Theatre "season 
are Ch.ailes LauKlitoii a» Fal.staff or 
King Lear, I'aiil I'.obeson in 
'Othello,* Jacob Hen-Ami in The 
Living Corpse.' Editti, JJarrett In 
'Camllie' arid Patrt Mtifttfn «amlet;' 

Metropolitan, regular legit road- 
show house, already , has booked 
.thrfep., Nc'#''..,'lEi9l!|E?'<'|iea'^ ^ 
traetioha,-: y ' ■■^ 

A series- of last-niinute objectlbna 
Saturday U4-> fuvth,?r dt'layipd aub« s 
mission of ;^he mwh rpvisipd 
code to New Yorki pr<kiticere <^ 
unions, but NRA : executlveSs wei** 
hopeful the badly battered doeiiw 
mont could be returned to the Cpdo _ 
Authoritj,- for tfltamination by tlia ■ 
niiddie.'iaC^'tjhe, isfeeki; 

. ■..Expressing'' ,''^cf<>nA-dc*»ce';.'.''^ 
perfected p.'ict wfli be 'gTveri: final 
ai>provaI and place in operation 
before September. Actiivs PlvisionM 
itdmlnlstvatPr "W [[.tiirt^. 
worth said that tor tha nipat: iMMrt: t 
the latP kicks; • Which canie itdtii ■ 
NUA's Kescarch and I'lanning Dlvi- 
sion, were of- minor importance and ■ 
probably couldvbe lrbrie4>i*at '» 
out: a> threat deai^ of troublp. ^ r 

'Wbile Farnsworth declined to ^ 
make puldic the compromise draft 
until conferences with Researc)! and ; 

^l^iaWiiiiifb ;;0^ 'said ;'iUMi,i 

hoped assents would bo forthcomlnif 
rapidly from producers and labor 
oig.anizations. ^ * 

■The tlckpt-pontwl plan, bpne of,. 
ccihteritiPn for many • mpntlia, hiMi 
been framed in such a way, Farns* 
wortli said,, that violations of tho , 
cole also will become vlol.ations of . 
the Internal ^ev^ntjie lawf. ,Twfta* 
■ury Depart jnent'*-=llnai^ctdr^^ 'MlLJ||$^^:f-'^^ 
pected to carry tho major la||Ui,..'8§'-;.^' 
enforcing tho ticket scheme. 

Some of the late objections wero 
directed at featur«lt;:i(t^,U^f 
system, it was le«r*i)(Sd 
for tiio part this portion of '{ 
the agreement has been ironed out 
to tho satisfactlpn of all goverftf 
mPnt' pillcials cphceriied. . QonslMlttis* 
able vblunte of squawks la eap<eotdl ; , 
friim.. the;.itifiaalkif' ii|(.^llrat'';tta«i|i(^-.-./ 
however.- ; .-"W'f • - •■'•■^^ ' 

Stubborriisf sfaroudtng detalla Of / 
the ticket system in'secrecy, mem- 
bers of Farnswortli's staff hinted 
(Continued on page 60) - ■> 


: : v Aug. 1. . 

looked for iPcally tl|la?8«Mion. Harry 
Brown, man-aftcr of Nixon, town's 
lone lcu;it site, says nothing is In 
sight for opening an* doubtfu.l If 
getaway Swili eriiife 
October, mnvbe later. 

I'sual lo^;it start here was I.Abor 
Day. Lately that has been switched 
to about third wteH in ;Se||tfimbfr. 

--■■•'a.;'^'";.! :--':-.-li|Jiiyw««Hl; A^itx^ C. 
„ :.;,^lary-.' ^f;<*,h;?c^»n'tr?ict- ';fttarrfcs 'M 
■ Wjirta*»'**-'»iiaar,-b»^eri^ intoned Mv-XioMj-'- 
.^o»id''"'i:ittI*'''^ i:he;fti;>:./ :^U:ih ' ^oi 

' )!■ V. !•> 1 'el (-r -Ki'li;! rv 

l-aiM i Miji e.-tey iKi.s hf r ]f .'id. 

''•I.. i;-:-er'. l.«>>prod'ucit-i);, , J-i.-.\ 

'1. i:ii.i,' opf-hhif^ "riiufffdity ,;<?); 
i.N-flin'- Cllve liiV.'rp.ifi..-, 'he -'.eHated 
I.iiMdi .n i)i'>>(T\ietloii; ; Yireen , '.JJay 
Tic( ( iid« d tivV; wV-ek.s' fun Sunday 
■Hiixhl (.'■). 

/. Iv . K^ Cli:ve ':l<;i,s ^^^<l OtU.C HMt^^ 

iff'-'irt '-prodiiii^tifM': ^,Vf■■•^»|w>^'a■.■■*|lXt;. 
wl^i'.:: bri" bf's.ld'i---' rilve,\Joiiy?-:\VflLr*-,. 
I . ' 1 1 1 n T, r ( ir res,t,er ,J-l(orv»»y, ' - (U^t«U} 

Jriauffura] "'ii'aiii: -.-^r-^., ■ ■ 
ho we ver^v M-t^-' piti^ia)i^:^iM;' lui:, ''i^:. 
season. ■•'■'^''/./;•j■v' ' ■'V' '"' T' 

Gordon Bringing In 

ri^Ptors E«itilly last week to<tk ' de- 

clsi'.t sti'ps to shorten ' re}ie;irs.-tt 
Imur.s. Jti in had been disi us,>?ed. in 
the /tiiajh.l.nfe-.. of ';^tS>e!''>)!e'i^ 
Whiqh t>nrie piJpiiuc<?i^«!i adtfi't 
itierp'-' ; yv.aH : ireqtieWi-'';; abus'*-'' 'tfii ' th*; 
nia(t.i.;r (if tini'.' a.ct'.'i'.s 'arc- f'Vt'' - i.l ti 

rehearse. : Wilh the ^co'lf^ ■l'»,ve<h 
■l|qt)ii^.:-.^i^«^idt!H;- t»i»^ 

fin its «w-n. ' ■ 

eff- <:tivo iniin>--diarely js t.; 1>,<- ff- 

rehcJArsi^ htif tha n ■s<<v«^n hp\jf s but 
!'f a s,if;in of t'-fi hour.'--. 

. Irt- b'/Vli. caf^e..!, excr.fAiun ifs rnajrle 
.*^ '.!th-e- ,:finfi r :;\yce-l<;'^ of - r^bf^af K«l,-- at^ 
^^'-'fifch ti'i-ne ttie -^^^hi i rin be' dropped 
f\Ti<l'i}!{- tn'iiiHi- tljn'e.'t'aken ^.^ r<;li<-ar- 
. -il --IS the rjire' torr-: 'ir pro'lucc-r." 

The Spewacks* play, 'Sririn^ 
i^cutx,' whi<h opened last week in . 
Wliito mains. N. Y., With Franclno 
-taitimpre ,ln ;thO^^■^|ii^g,:^:ii^'■■■■llelrtC ••■ 
bt>ought tp-.Broadi^y>1^' -l|ax Oor^' 
don. ■■ , 

In White Plains-, playing the . 
Rtdgew.iy theatre there, the^how I 
grossed $^1,0(K^;.^ the week, topping- 
thP: aeaisonra Wish mark W 

ffnrdDn will lireak the .«liow in at 
I'biladelpM.'t .startinis Sept. 2i and 
bring' it^in ,"'.ip. :-NeW^';:irork,:a '.tiredfr 
.later; "'Np-th(Satre-Bet:yeti.v.; 

New rule adopted and bev ■iuuiirf adilit ^ ns.; t^-; ai:l n<. \v C'^ritra'-t'si iifid 

ert Adair. 

KJM:Ie Mcfijll is tufninK;pi*odtK:«* : 
w^vb 'x;;^!^ Called- li^^venv': by Tiit'h A : 
tirii 'iliihtft'dnv.-': lft?»or:" *!dt^<trr 1'«f the:'-'.-,- 

!'ar-itii!d I 'iji.!;';!! tonW. ^ ' 

ll Will Ih- tr:. M .OiTt: T.t^r .a , w:evk at ■ 


feet, tlvit .no.;, actors;; arp;..t,o ■.y<A,'::i.r'^'- .j--vt.-i/ -d;).; • .1 ' .l/a,c?<'; -to ■-4w% '-'.J:''- :. . : ^1,^:^^ :!/\^(;-'eT..W' Ali^ri'lj-. 
jlfi '-'a :ilticrt{vi^.,'i(>r\-'-rii^ . ;i';'; ;'h;y;:;d ))iat'-. riie'ie/'it 'e<;>de;--w'l^'i'"ti;!..V .si^tI'f«V, f-'iii^i\'-/-,:ri^.' ii'iur.^ ■ 

(-'.-nyf.f-ijti\e ■ hotir^ a .l':. v;, y.i,.. (.r| ■...rv, ):,;>•):-; ,r: ,.w;.n <.^r,.^i:t;^iIl/ (t <;-!-, ii'^,. '^n, \\ f -Si-Jh' 'i-^y t'i t,.,.|,; to bp ■' 

v\-b.i<)i Is' to br; -fik' n (.fr l,inv-l,|;(.lo:.i5lf; .;tjh«<., .^«.^u'^■ ; .;Ji.ti,'j:, ' ;;.l.iuV iv/uU iri.^'Mi-reti 
ot- dinner. For innsiual :c'urucdy ; R'e..|rir-,he'T"ir itV,-'«i!U;>ri!fn/;elfC^^ ■■■■Y'.i % - : .;'.,:V . v 

:tors -tja-e^noi, ppi;mlttf^;^ftny.-.lfitiM»*-t^:t*>'n'^ 'Hi:n:»A4<'&'->''-|v ';:1t;MnlV*d ''N^tii'ift . wi|!^ 

•VARiBTif'S' u>irDOM omc«, 

s St. Martin's PUc*. TnifalK«r »^jDar« 


TelopJiiMM TMnplc Bar 5(M1-S«49 

ruble A(l(lr«*.N: VAKIKTV. i UNUONt 

■.-;;.cMih.l«ter; ' of \'-i^eiitli»»il,'"..'bia6'^; ■pr</- 
. 'iniilKati'il a (ItMTcn n^q:ul,ltin>^ thf 
:|>ayment ami jnupoKeH ot the voIt 
laption of . ihW . ««» -caitlpit . ?'the^a (rr* 

. .ibout 2c In Ainfricm monoy, wus 

instiiiitoti ais u kind of tftX lO f^^^ 
■ j(it the i<fglUinat«> th<^a;tresi ^hd ta b** 
■;. Wht'n ,ohi* 'btjys^ tlcttot for a 

pictiirt' Jmust'. As I'xpectc'il, tho 
owrtiTs of pictui «.* hi>HiSfS. reboHeil 

aviiil. (Mily niit ij^atiotj was that 
pryvinc-ml picture lioutscjii, whore 
/'I^gUiinate thwtreii do hot «>xist, -are 

•■ ;,'for ■■ whose-: ■beneftr'.tJi^ii^iS^ 

lectotl. Tht'Ho are' th* national tl>e- 
atio.s in BolKiaJe. ZrtRrfl), Ljii))l- 
jaria, Sarajcve, Osvk, Marih.-r antl 
Skoplje, rrpceeds of thia tax ai;e to 

> : ;i»iTn ft v«|><»etai tun^, which will; ^ 
iplfce^ in tli4(. iKftte M6rt|:af;^ Bank. 

Vtflnister of Ed^^^ will be re- 

sponsible as resards the handling 
of fund- Colle^tpra of the tax 

Crsei of tht« ftift»i» wft^ lb» fbi^ 

: Irtyilient ot oM <1.'1ils. IV crec 

:*«Wlte8 the or.ler in whit;h tlu'so 
/#ebta are to be paid, ''B»r|HC)fittl ex- 
,;i)enau^ cannot b6 ix^iE) dut of 

; ihW fund. But. if therd are not 
46bti, or after the debts have bron 

' paid, tax will be u.sod for the build- 
ing of new theatres, fof- tho repair 
Of extsting buildings and f<Q|r, pur- 

; \ehaiie';0f ncw;';8<:eh<>ry^' ''' 

As Belpfrade needs a new opera 
houHe, It has been especially put 
Into thia debtee that, from the 
■tart, there should be, left auide 
70% of the proMNte li»w^ the 

i^'Ifii^iaitf/'-ot the ne^ opera house. 

.' ' New tax. It Is believed, will cre- 
ate a very laij^o fund in a short 
time, so that tho crisis into which 

. the legitimate theatiF«is h^rt K*ve 
fiaUea Wilt. b«) exuily ovfi;co^:3It 
la, tlti^refore, expected that 'tlfiS *»- 
glt.s, beins rcli»>vod of their mate- 
rial troubles, will get a real fttim- 

' «lsia'towiirda praducihf; 

Another Paris 

M'(Vt.'iin'ni of 

jpfarls. July :'8. 
rari.sian actress 


kIvp up 8tn|^9,fpr convent gained 
iriipetlJs W 

entered Uip hotise of the Sisters of 
()Ur ILAdy of the Apostles af Venls- 
si«ni.\, near I..yons, as a novice. In 
the past two years, Yvonne JIautin. 
of . the ' Corti«p<ll«^\. F^ and 
Su?4nhie I?i>ioriHb- of th# eoiiiedie 
det Champs TJlysees prf<<»*d(NI her 
In iimilar .stop.s. 

Jkille. Wcndlinf;, who l.s about 30. 
played in .loanson's 'Word of Honor* 
tXt the Michel last af^a«on;Aild;^r^^p^^ 
vlousty had a part- itl' 'i^in Olrau- 
dotix's Mudith ' 

She went into tlie convent four 
months ano, . in secret, and story 
only xtrtfted out. this wooltj provin g- 
it waa not a pi*«e of Wten»M^ 
on her pArt. 

Daughter of a Strasbourtj busi- 
ness man, Mile. Wt-nilling came to 
Paris to go on the stage. :. She won 
a second ; priM''i|\''tl#/'1^^ 
abd then went on^^^l^ 



Sydney, J oUr f, 
Aiiee Delyalft. Prench actreaa. has 

arrived here under contract to F. W. 
Thring to appear in 'Mother of 
Pearl* at ' IVlileeaiii Kelb^ 

Fr»>nch Is tho blKgest Importa- 
tion to reach Australia In many 
year.s. Krank Harvey will produce 
the now ahowt with opohlng pet for 
July- 19. '4'^ C> 

Thring lUiinoiiflMd^^^^^l^^ that 
he Intends to btrlld « ne^ theatre 
in ."^vdiioy very Hoon f<»r the pre- 
sentation of h'Kit. Since entering 
the legit field Thring has turned |n 
sonle nice slaed hitf with 'CoUits' 
Inn,' 'Beloved Vagabond^; oihers. 

NaL Theatre Ready 

^^^^^^ ' 

Comeite Fnmcaise Wants i267J)|IO 


Mexico City. Awt'. i' 
ot >'ihe Arte (Rational 
the handsome pile liere it 

Mew Strauss Opera i ^ ! 
r.Off; See Non-Aryan 

Berlin, July 26. 
Richard Sir.iuss, on what is un- 
der«itood to V)e pres.sure of the gov- 
■ erhnlMit, has withdrawn his nbw 
'AfMN^.. 'jantitlfrd: .:ana 3iWMi',--lo 
liSi prodtic6d her'e this tidilikNl.^' 1^ 
son Is that the lihri-tto was written 
by .Stefan Zwciff, a Jew. 

Libretto actually was written by 
' Ben Jpnspn many years 999, ^ut 
,-)Swetv''iiad ■ ^hio^et^lfetf lie ■ 
: Y Ncft' 4«c|d,e^ yet whether Stt^auss 
Wlil . ^aVf : ^A^^^^^^^^ libretto written 
: ,«r, 'p^eiye-. n terni^p^sariiy. 

■ 'v'v.^~/", ■■■■„■,■ '"Parts,. -July '88. 
Paris Oj.ora, despite fact that 
limes are potting touKher and 
tougher for it, has ambitious pro- 
grans. tor next aeftson. Director 
JA&iyitk Houehe *hnouncies ftiat « 
Reynaldo Ilahn opera, 'The Mer- 
chant of Venice.' book by MiEruel 
Zaniacoi.<?, will be put on, probably 
In pctpbcr, with Fariny Heidy and 
Va«toI-Miirtsoux li tfto; |^ 

Another new opera Is an 'Pidlpu-s' 
with music by Geors»'a Kno.sco and 
vers^e by Edmund Fleg. Marjorie 
tiiWtonce and Andre Pcmat are 
caet for the leede* Paul Dukas' 
'Artane and. Bluebeard,' with Ger- 
mane Lubln e:nd Pirioux's 'Love's 
Spinnns Wheel* Will also be pro- 
duced. ■ . • 

Bpuphe bohteniptetiM/ t^utt^ on 
a number of batletfl. Among them 
will be Gabriel nemo's 'Imatjes'; 
an 'Adonis' ballet composed by I)eo- 
dat de Severae on a theme by Ga- 
briel BOiaay, ::tt#ws^ ; 
CfeorgCft ' Mifrot**' *Coi^fi»«RBioh8 and 
Promi-sos'; 'The l>ancnff Slipper,' 
by I-eandre Vaillat, with music by 
Alio] pile Borchard. 

the lesi. frf«}u,ently played old 
■op^TMv lit^hieii ^.'•HSl-V-h^^ ten 
Vincont d'Iridy's TEtran«rer' ('The 
Foreigner') and Nassent's 'Grlsell- 

took nie government ."JO years 
build at a .setback of around $5,000,- 
000, will live up to^ itp name and be 
the jplace for tM e3(fS9M,i^ Pt flpe 
arts in all Iti pliaeei, wiye tli^thlitry 
of public education, edifice's custo- 
dian. Fine arting is to be st.arted 
when theatre is inaugurated In Sep- 
tember jWUbor|WnUatiottj of a class 

dramatize'' ^'«iiipl^ of 
.Mexico's be^t thespiahs,. t(f present 
pick of native and foreign works, 
and a symphony orchestra with ace 
native conductors and a . 'diatin- 
;guiahed'- tonf|a' dl'i<e:oto^v .^rlio;-^^^^^^ 
t^ be^'OhOien. ' ' 

Ministry says that white theitre 
will fayor native art, it can't present 
Mexican works excUisiv^ly. Dra- 
matit; unit and symphony ork will 
go on road besides playing here. 
Theatre will fiitve a governtnent 
subsidy and be state administered. 
Eiliflce will also exhibit selected 
! palntinRs, drawings, sculpturin«s, 
etc., and ministry is organizing his- 
tory's flrat Metlcaii opera company 

to^^n Aus*fmW« 


% JIp's Opera Co. 

. Ijundun, July lijt. . 
ilir Beiijaiiti^ VHitli^r'i bpeM 

pany l.s about the biggest a ggroga- 
tlon ever assenribled here for ex- 
port ati oK;;- : ■ ■ .' '. ■ •■■ ■ 

Company, which will be knowa as 
the lienjitmin Puller Royal Clrand 
Opera Company, consists of 27 prin- 
cipals recruited in. LpndOn^ twUh th^ 
rest of the cothplilny; iglll 
number around 100, to .be, got t^^ 
Kether in Australia. 

jBiitire outfit eilled^^^^^^^ 

dnd is due to open at Melbourne 
Sept. 2a. Sir nenjamln has a list 
jf oVor 30 operas, Including 'IVarl 
toshers.' 'FI«H[^crmaus; ah.d Tlwt- 
andi* Which have neve* thiiMi 

After a season in Melbourne, It is 
expected: th»{!«i^iii|iM^ 

Pntire country as well as TTasinanla 
and New Zealand, tour lasting about 
18 months. 


; • • '. ')t ■ <5!Mf*P» ■ July 28. ■ ; . 
Ifeiu^'; ; ' Fatwret ; : , ■ <lto4«l^'' ' ■ •'W:>>tiir ' 

dojmedie Franoaise, wants the Coy.; 
erpstieiit to give , hint |2«7,00« to fig " 
up Mpa^^<4d; place. ^ '■■^'' '■^y'C':'^ 
f0mii»-^'M:' ■ the.''f)»ir''-('he<.- 

aires In town which stays ojxmi all 
summer, Fanro wants to put an air 
ooollni; system Into Molicre'ii tf|O.V 
aire. Ilo d al«o like to diif iii Or* 
chestra pit. When iiicidOftfill llH*^ 
sic is needed now t^^'Otfi5^|«^^ipa 
t,o use. a. stage, buk^;'"'' 
: 'Bntire elootricAl system oif th^^i 
aire needs diiing ,pvojr« S'abr*: a^ya^ 
and he could use a lot iiew sot's < 
for tho repertory. Everybody aRiees 
It's a swell Idea, but none can see 
where he'll get the coin,: 

caise oye*' actitm w it« 'aAiiilhlRtra- 

tion In calliiit? Andre I'.acque on thft 
carpet for accepiinK part In Julii^n 
Duyiv lei's fl i i n. Ma ri a Chapda * 

es on 

Clltrlptj^ Dress Houses and Gigantic Cafes 
Npw S>iraiiip Boulevard y-r-xrh:^ 

(Continued from pajge iO) 
•oins) and 'I Never Had a Chance' 


For the mechanicale the, etory 
Htm 4" sad ■ ona. ' -^WiH.' mw i m i k :0ivir' 
the load for Columbia's i>e8t slXi Loma topped the Brunswick 
li.^t, and Duke Ellirpton nud'-rcd 
Eddy Duchia out of Vlotor's top 
rfot:^^;..'^v:.: ''-V^: . v'-v..^ vj,.;.v v;.!^,..- ;. 

Chi Bi« Levels Off 


Busii>eM went along, pn an even 
keil til J^H wlUfc pfttetteiyit 
-hange in the setup of the first six 
best sellers. First three leaders re- 
n\ained in status quo, while 'Man 
on the l^lytivr Trapese*. moved up 
froiii fifth to fitmli placie: tWo that 
dropped out are 'Cocktails for Two' 
and 'Love Thy Neighbor,' being re- 
placed br 'Sleepy Hea4* «b4 /Wltit 
My By«i Wide ppen.' ■ 

rFeapesO' is tke first neiv«Aty tttiie 
to hit the blue ribbon list in years 
and is being marketed In fat quan- 
tities under the Kobbins printing. 

ifeory. Busse ioclk the two* top 
spota' en the Coluinbi* ibt^ goliig 
particularly well "^Xk VH^/ t||eme 
tune, 'Hot Lips ' 

- V Paris, July 28. 
Frank J. Cloald's Palais <to U^ 

Mediterranee caeino at Nice, which 
has been closed since a fire hit It 
last ye.'ir, is to bo reopened De- 
cember 1 under new management. 
Outfit called Societe Fenniere du 
Palais de la Mediterranee, although 
thero are no farmers on the board 
of directors, has decided to buy it 
.and take a chance on fixing it up. 

Rule that roulette Is allowed in 
French oaafofii ttow has a lot to t 'a 
With decriroii. Kew' outfit believes 
it can do a lot of business that 
formerly wont to Monte Carlo. Pres- 
ident of new board is' Mr 8aint- 
Pot-cux. and gen$l!al ntanafelr. wilt 
be 'M.'^DaibroueM|..;'.^^'i>ey\'.'^ -IrMta 

Monte Carlo, and this move may be 
con.-Jidered a victory for them in the 
Nioe-Monto Carlo gambling war 
which began when Gould buiU t|ie 
ptaoe la'lMJv.:.-';-- ''^--. 

Ttentat ts said to be $140,000 an- 
nually for I years. Itebulldinp to 
cost $35,noO paid by Gould, plus 
whatever the new outfit sees fit to 
put in. 

Gould hieanwhlle denies he'll quit 
France for good, deeptte his pur- of a S250,ooa eiijtai^ Wflpir 1^ 
sining. New Yorli,.-v^ ' v..^ 

FarreU to N. Y. 

■■ ., Parlf. July. \ ■ 
Cbatiips Elysees Is getting to look 

and less like It iiseter. Two 
Rtain tendencies arc swamping the 
elegance of the once .swank avenue: 
cut-rate dress houses a |a Klein's, 
.^'.:'and'''r«nM^ :%:«ilifet'::;w(ih big 
8tr^telM|fv:df .sidf.walk tables and 
several Ikthds of bars and restau- 
. . . rants on the in.side. 

■ ^I^atest announcement . regarding 

■ t|^ '«y«^« '"is by owners of the 
jin<i^« ee cafe, one o f__th e most suc- 

' "ciessful of the big ones, which 
^'ro.s.sed about |1,?.33,338 year. 

...If'hey l^ave uak^n :,oVer site of . liO, 
ti^lrrt ieafe which was operted be- 
fore the Culi.seo and which folded 
last season due to competition, and 
will remodel it into a spot three 

;;, Mttl•■.^,•»;;■.^iv■«• .tlw .: they 

:vjMy. ^X'*ar--dp*li.\l«-'vtiii*ir''* - four 

Architect is C.harles Slclls, who. 

*4M :ai4t'<aiiM:|iM(:aioo:«^^^ 

liothschlld's extravagant Theatre 
!Pigalie, one of the monuments of 

modern architecture of the town. 
He and M. Lefranc, owner, assert 
that they'll give Parisians a WI'- 
prise effect that will astonisli. . 
'■ OmrnW of the Portiquee, an areiide 
le.adfng off fr m the Champs Elysees 
further up, also has -dans for en- 
ormous cafe, which hp considers 
necessary to bripg business and 
tenants to his arcade. Arcade in 
which the T<ldo, now dark, is sltu- 

ated, "was first to bft operiod on the 
avenue some years ago, and sev- 
eral ifihetB followed la imitatloa. 
All atW itbiw, t^i ill the "ICatibM^ 

City Hank building being the dark- (Jaie idea is now being con- 
.sidered to rejuvenate them. 

Profits of these. ciKfea are not as 
big as thn i7j^liiee' gn^ would in* 

rii' ate. H(^ntS are tretneridous, |ih|4 
fJvvernmcnt takes a large prOpOC- 

L. A. Leaders 

ix)S Angete*:.. '' 
lC.\ce.ssive beat late in the month 
and customary seasonal slackness 
fiiiled to halt platter demand and 
Jhiir ■' sa l e s,N.:! m » ."ir Mi . e i% i # b y whol e - 
saTers. Mid .'t«faneiriir-''.''wie' ■ -trifle 
.ahead of last July. Ordinarily, July 
Is a dog month in the bis. Same 
opndltions applied to sheet muatc 
sAl^ .with end of month conditions 
hm^MlHng iomewhat of upset la 
best sellers for August. 

On volume, WItmark's TU String 
Along* maintained top spot, while 
last two weeks Of the month saw 
With iffy Byes Wide Open, I*m 
Dreanilng' forge rapidly to the front, 
'IjOvO In Bloom.' from the Famoui 
cafAlog, started briskly late in July; 
likewise Wtttfiark'a •Very Thooght 
o f Yen,' botii o f whle k sh o uld be 

Billy Farrell— the original —who 
staged a maihimoth cakcwalk at the 
old Madison Square Garden with 
100 colored performers la 1897, is 
returning to ^:iM^:^f9^:Jmit-^e9ik 
for a visit. :>,■■■:' 

Farrell started the first public 
'■abaret dancing hall at Queens 
Hall, lAtndon, in 1918. Prior to that 
he reproduced th(* tMMNMdk, «t the 

taine»* jppn^nues. - I^'abro says Hac* 
que w!l* v|i«ve ^ take a fine hei 

cause the Comedle's rule awriiiist 
two of its .actors appearin.g In a 
single film is absolute. Madeleine 
Reiuiudt .of .thei/ <^n^ U; -atar Of ; 
'Maria Cha pdetain*/ "iVoApie ; 1» nrt^r 
in MontrcMl on location. 

Pacque says he thought the i ule 
had grown obsolete sinoo the ivdvcnt- 
of the falHers, whteh ha^l i^iit : tho' 
trotfinire from Franee'a ae* threnim 
on the cinema map. Says adiiiitir , 
istration didn't take any action re» 
cently . when Cathi rine Fontenay 
played in the wme film with Mariei : 
I5ell. so Why ehlrtuld thity Vi»irk 

Rene Piuneri's, ontj of the pro- 
ducers of the lllm. has written to 
Fabre that he ought, to proud 
to ' have ■ . two of hi* '-peOtlr' to '•^tlHl: 
same film, espeeially if its iMio;/II|^.:; 
•Maria,* which glorifies the Fr*iic1i ' 
Influence In Canada. Says Bacc|uO 
should be taken out of the dog- 
house out Of rosjiMtet to the turn 
buslnOse, into which ths Comedie 
has decided to go itself by making 
talker ver.sions of the important 
pieces of its repertory, with thi|i; 
original stars. 

If Cotg^v^-Jifttlf^., the ' nioiiey ; if 
needs for renovation it may . go oh 
tour during three months in 
while the is being fixed up, 
or else it will take another theatr*. 
in S!a»A« ;f iM»a4^^^^*^^ One o* the 

projtoetf.'' l«^ng''. '.eOA'Mldered, a" tour 
,o*,:<J!i»ttMta..'^ ■ 

Yugosbf Actors Meet 
0ecr; jUwered Salaries 

lielyra do, July LT... 

Actors Association of JTUKoshivia 
h.xd Its yearly conj^ress In Shoplje, 
South Serbia. Delegates from all 
the theatres attea4e4 it^ as th« |)ro« 
gram ' '^tiilbiia ' tm^ ef:' .tfMk' v 

greatest hffili&rtafiie^^ the *»i»tli* 
lial welfare of local actor.s. 

Iteports road there were unfavor- . 
able to tlieatre managements. It-V. 
was pointed out that, while the sat- 
arlei of the ; :*tetOrti-'':kkd' abtreseea . 
weril^ eVory; year tens and less, 
Of the managements remained the 
same. Ca.soa were cited of actresses 
who receive ^salaries loweir thfia 

those :04::i!^.^^ii ^ 0t m rmit 

.aHnts.,^,'■•^■■;x■.r■^.■.. v-.'': 

good August sellers. 

'W|th My .E^es Wide. Open' was 
tnttrti i« lieiaand :9k the Brunswidk 
piattil^ With only Ted FlpRlto's 
drag herOabouU putting his 'Soft 
Green Seas' In top sales position. 
Benny Ooodmaa reoordlnge ooa- 
ttntied «• top tho sllfii Coliimitta 
output, and Ray Noble's numbers 
were heavy sellerf oa tlie Victor 

■• ■ t^ndbri. July St: 

Charlos Cochran is weeping bit- 
terly, lie says he is the unlupklest 
maa In the World. :Tiiro\M great* 
est Xondoa theatrliNM successes of 
racent tlniite— 'f!ntivacaati 
itarririg Yvonne Printemps, and 
Kscap^ Me Never,* stafriJMF ^U"*" 
bet^'^Borgner'' ' mi0''itm 

lOhgllsh-speaklng rolos). have had 
to be withdrawn while the box 
offices were besieged witk > pttbiUc 
clamoring to see then*. ^ ^ : . ! 

*Coiiteir«atioa - V1»e«f':- mBM: amid 
scenes of wild enthusiasm more 
reminiscent of a first night than the 

last woek, only once falling below 
$17,000 during iU 22 weeks' run. 

Since 'SecapO Me Never* openeA 
it has neiriir Mid one empty btik^ 0^ 
unsold sent, with standing tOOOi.' 

very performance. .'. 
Y«t coehran had to withdraw bttti 
at the peak .of their' euoeese owing 
to previoiiii otMihl^ of the two 

stars. IJoth are scheduled to appeal 
In New York—Yvonne Printemps at. 
the 44th Stroet theatre Cot tl, AM 
.Haisabeth' ■ BorgnOr ' 
named theatre. 

Meanwhile they are re.HIng before 
Itluropean film engagcmentf ipfhl«% 
Ijiir ittit fttifi U prior (• liumfNr' " 

Loop Revives on Coder Weatker; 

■ • Ni^ thcalreiB qpriatiuK 
hoPH to i r0M*id *»aay (6) WlUi 
the operiin* «t • Clllt>0rt <Wid SttHi* 
van repertoire At th« #(^A^bak«r. 
Been about three yCftrjB |iln(D#4Yi««« 
have been any O. <& fil. revlvtrin b^n) 
and this one lookR cafMible of doltv- 
«rinK- * ®' reViWl was 
under the aiiupiccH of tms Gtvlc 
Opera eompnny, and th0 opetti tar 
Bcnrod away many likely eufttoinors. 

On Wo<lneH<l;iy (X) llio «howl)oat 
, Pixiana linally Kcts KoinK. after 
more than a y(>ar of <lick<'iinf,' atnl 
cajoliiiK with civic autlioritic.s for u 
permit. It •uiriv»»l in town last 
summer and parked on the ('hi(aKo 
river at t'lark Htrcel, oxpectinj; to 
coup plenty on the Kair molts. JUit 
the authorities at City Hall couldn't 
, »ec why a p<'rmit Hhould l>o Issued. 
Foi months the shovvhoat lay there, 
(dark and empty. Finally it got a 
,;flieep-movinf;' notice, and they 
tuBKcd the boat 'way out north to 
CiV^rscy avenue, where It Is parked 
at present. Will try the l)urle.s<iue 
melodrama revival on We.sdnesday 
jHiih 'No Mother to auldc l|cr.' 
CtoOH Jnto conipctitioh withCtHe three 

■ pre V tolls •prunkard* coml>ahles in 
thi0 idwn. itoite o( whleh did any 
IfusiMpw id ape^ of. : 

'Frwih ficW and T|*ilky Way' 
feotll i^rlced iiipi som«|wtiat oh th« 
<M>ol apieli laiii week And are on th;^ 
yrom Hide of the led«rer. *FieldB' 
doesn't )wv«^ to much, but 

•Way* is in touyh: spot and rt'lT he a 
siriiKgle to keep H iroinsr, Hoplhcr 
to keep going tintit the second Week. 

: in Septehibcr^ whcrit th^ next show 

. ift due, but it'll be k w««ii^ grind. 

'With hot much leeway oh the profit 

^:i(|llier Jf any. 

Estimates for Last Weel< 
'Fresh Fields,' Ulackstone (1,200: 
$2.50) (5th week). Cooler thermom- 
eter meant a,dded in)p(>tuM to (he 
box ofllce. IJpped nicely to $6, .100, 
and should have no trouble KoiiiK 
throiiKh the summer at present 

•Milky Way,' Cort (1,000; $2.20) 
Hth week). StruKKlinK desperately. 
Cut-rate tickets flooding the town 
but little help. Ea.sier we.ather was 
a better al<l, pulling the take up tp 

Other Attractions 
liiibert and Sullivan revival, 
Stndebaker. Opens tonigh^ (6) at 
$2.50 top. lias 'at[i excelleiil -iriMinee 

on indications. 

Showboat 'Dixiana'— 'No MotJier 
to auide Her.' Opens Wednesday 
. (H) un showboat parked on north 

• , l*rovin<'etoWnf Aw. 1. 

V WHiMlrnniA In two nets by RrriuiI HJiId- 
■. man and John H. Ilynipr. PreMentod by 

-MwrKnret Hrwe>s nt the Whaif rinyerf 
Thentro, I'rovtnrctown, |tfniiB.. week *<1 
/ ,i»ly no. fitntfo.i by K. Ptnrtley T'fatt. firt- 
IlnKi hy I'otcT Ik'rnston. 
r.i5«t : MAtRiit HteviDnftoii. 1M>tti C. 
; B«*irnoI, Rthrl VfttetiUno. Henfy tttfw^if 
' VOUKliiH Orr»r*)ry, Mr. Alrott, nrur«» 
VtSitlanr, Calvin niomii.i, Sydney MnFtm. 
,»bii nowsin. Kdwln K. VJrkery. KOkI 

Anney, Beiia 'WHRht. ; 

As tlM title indicates, this t>iay 
cohoMiM^llMilt ii»>a poUie yir&y with 
the mMt «i>rtd^dftt« d«viBlop^ri0iit in 
the Jleid df leriniel ■ jlhia 
ntcket; : Through nine s<fehes and 
; JMK few light comedy situations 
•><be hatching and development of 4 
kidnaping case is Illustrated, with 
tlw terror and cold brutality of the 
•rime always Just below a surfacp 
, ■ ttiirt is very near to polite sex-com- 
•djr. And, when the punch does 
':.'pHne, at the very last moment of 
•, « suspense- filled scene, it bloody 
and brutal enouKh to satisfy the 

V most e.arnest seeker after prim Jus- 
:' , tlco 

Only in the solution of an ap- 
Piirontly insoluble situation do the 
authors permit themselves to make 
use of the tlmC-lionored methods of 
sfflKe melodrama. The faithful old 

; retainer crashes through with a 
triple killing;; which saves the ras- 
cally skin oC the horo and the lovely 
one of the h^rolhe. So ^Ji mo- 

^tivated is this act, an<1 sli .^fil^iy 

■: f one, , tblit it Is convincing', ev^ri 

..^:«hou^h-'juiwsxpeo,ted. -'^-.y 
;^ If the i>ltiy has a s^rifms druw- 
; fn«k in eohstrnctlon ft in th*" 

, .■.■■many-.. ... , fK|>iHtiB,;. .-rttiHi^ •. : , eonf using, ■ 
*Nm*(H to Ship. 

Work. To the rre«Ht of the 
. W^rtirt' I'layers tnariaf,'emcnt; it 
>--g*yjlSt lie' salil that st.iKc wa its w< i e. 

. - and very short. The i \v < 5 - a » -1 
/ fhrrn has inu" h to i « ( ».riiiiu ml it ami 
,,lbc,. flint lv<M>< « adejit III tli< li.-iiiil- 
;..***'iiV of It. A THVel stoiv. teii.'i 
'"aiwl »)lleii liiiini 1 1 .ii>' sit u.'it ii ii'' and 
•■, rkmaiiliUr i l.-i < i. urina tion niaik 
,",ttio Tlien .in- iii.'iny sm.'i II 

:. '•'"< I < n. 1. s and > i < d, hit «'f 
' "'Htcd (luilivj^u,. whu'li will fteed,i»~- 
. .'-V . It iii:> befiut; Mondinx: Hve <;Iare V-f 
..>:1"''oad\vay' .'V; '.„ .■' 

. I <e.'M.N n^' . 'ehitt;n t«'.t: •<ri<:. ■'■jBttHi**: 

Only new one here li Helen 
giyh In' 'Mary of S( otland,' whii h 
.0f»cn» at tl).c Curran- toni|^ht <|B) 
under ''the i ilopritr ^C^iri^L ''liuil^r* 
and Wtth- :* |WlTltyV;«o^:^ 
Bale. :,■ '■■..,■.„■■,.■ ■.■' \\ 

Ian Kettb, Violet liembie C^ 
and Wn MlioI^ciNt SilJ^i 41*0 
piece, which ri«!<»i>eQ#: the boutie att^t; 
a fortnight's dftrfcheis. 

At the Paloee hotel* 'Drtankard' 
Is in its thlrte^9lDi . w«}0k* halted 
only for ohe staiilw iiy l the strike, 
liusiness continues n*ar top f^fld 
show apparently win last indtfl- 
nltelv. ' ■ " 

I test of Frisco, lnclipdlng - <Jol»Jim- 
bia,'.4i?iW., :iMci|«W" f^^fAjr' •, 


Syra<Mise, N. V., AuB. 6. 

Civic theatre, closed for several 
miwihs af^er a j*ort t^ Pi«^ 
tureB;::uhdcr'^iiii^ man- 
agement, will opUn Aiigi.: ?.9 tov a 
draniatic season. ; . u-' ' 

l^se of the hOuse hAB been ob- 
tained by S. R. Diamond and K, G. 
Patrick, of Bchenectady, eperating 
as Kndipa ManaKcment and will be 
linked with the Capitol, Albany, In 

'The Parsuli «r Hfipi^tK^/ With 
(Jlerin Hunter, tt an*louh**d fts the 
first attraction, and listed to follow 
are: Judith Anderson in 'The 
Shining Hour' and 'No More Ladies,' 
with Tom Power, NormJ^ Terrls and 
Mary Sargent. Ireti* Rich in 'Ah*' 
Woman' is penciled ' In to follow. 

Rowland «. Edwards will direct 
the Civic for Kndipa, #lth#i»qip^i 
price;:a(cale indicated. i; -y: y'.;. 

QnTeDt Road Shows 

Week of Aug. 6 
•Fresh Fields,' Kla< ksttMie, Chi 

'^*LifeV B«iiina.'';«t ^MO/-.' :f»t)iibeft, 
Bostoirf. : ' 

, »IKlHky, Way,' Cort. Chicju o 
'SWnihg Hour,' Kl, 1a>^ 

'Mary pf $cot^nd,^ Jpa^41ilt, . 

Franipliico, '■■':.::-■}■,■'.■■:/''. ■ ^ 'y'::-^. 

NwliyUle '^k 

f*iiriiv<t^;" ■ Tent^^^ ■ 
A summer theatre, hou.sed in a re- 
modeled tobacco barn near C3oi>d- 
lett.svllle, Tenn., similar to the rus- 
tic piayhpMtes in the,;|»w.theni At- 
lantic seiibonfd stati*; » 
«»pened in the vicinity of Nashville. 
Since its opening date it haP proven 
a splendid drawing card. 

•Old Barn Thtatre* is Ipci^ted. pn 
the Long Hollow t»ifci> n^* 13^^ 
lettsville, Tcnn. Different playf lie'- 
ing offered. Project is operate^ by 

^^^^^ 1^^ 

Hock Isl.ind, 111., Aug, t. 
Crowds of more than 25,000 \\ill 
see the ro-en,ictment of the" Passion 
Play here on the OberammcrKau 

vUut^ ^lifore ;thain''.-i|t<l0t'''ii^i^ ' xviii 
tah(^ p^irt 4h the spe<!ti|dle <pn four 
nights. Starting Aug. S^' under the 
direction and authorshp of the Itev. 
Davd A. Johnson, Kearney, Neb. 

WOC-WHO is iolnihg In on th« 
iiiresentattdhs thro^irh : ' iQieciiti 
broadcasts. Chur*b«« of ttie Hty 
are backing the spect.ible, to be 
staged In the high school stadium. 

Chicago, Aug. i,' : 
Auditorium theatrO; bp^hs ttgairi 
Oct. 1 tvith the San Carlo diiera 

Company for a month's run. Rest 
of wlntep season uked has Monte 
Carlo Biinet' llWMe, Gertrude Stein's 
'Four Saints In Tb*** AOts,* Ch^^ 
apin and the Russia ti Opera .Com- 
pany, Nino Martini, Arthur j'ch.nrt- 
bel and Lotte Lehrnaon. . v 

Stage Hands Reject 

^^^^ C^^ 

Albany, Aug 6. 
Dernand of the stage hands' unioii 

:(;ot^iii^^ of 

$400 a week has been rejected and 

nonr- union men were employed ipr a 
seiiJBon of play* opehliiis tcmlibt' if9) 
at the Capitol theatre, ^ith >M4t» 
White* as the first attractibi(i. 

Samson R. Diamond, who is be- 
hind the drama project, declared 
that when: he canie to A>bany ho 
offered thie ttage hands ISISO « week, 
to be Apportioned amOng Ave pr six 
hiPh, as they wished. 'They refused 
my offer and insisted on a 40-hour 
week,' Diamond said. *lt takes more 
time than that to handle a stage 
show, and T eatirlot afford an over- 
time bill. Then I increased my offer 
to $300 a week for six men at from 
44 to 48 hours, but they also refused 
that. They insisted on seven men 
for $400.' ^'P'''- 

Stage hands : have b^n the reason 
for keeping the Capitol dark on 
various occasions during the past. 
Stage is small and at one time they 
demand#d--and got— • ■laawt num- 
'ber,':of .ttieii'.'.^t<> . :iuk«idi«: tik^:i$»tliili'.^)^ 
there wiem room t6t. ^ ;^ ->:.;e.: ■ 

Another fight was over the union's 
demand for a boilerman after the 
Capitol's heating plant hnip bfj^ 
switched from -iBQal to oil. . * ■ ■ 

t»lek1niirs "liAn I^n for the 
stage boys, for Albany has had 
nothing but pictures for many 
weeks, and not more than a half 
dozen plays were presented at the 
Capitol during the t>Mt l|«it season. 

Stage luuads/ fn an answer to Dia- 
mond^ said they haV«" volantariiy 
accepted a 28%% wage cut Bincc 
1933 and arc working under the the- 
atrical code, which provides for a 
40-hour Union president 

Henry <?► Itilriris «l#elftred th«y 
asked ohiy thifci tO*t;-,M':iii!;>. 
served. ...-^ ^ '."■'■> ^-'-'.v;; 

Los Angftfes, Auk. 6. 
Ian Keith Joins Eva Le GalHrnnc's 
company in October for revival of 
The Swan,' flcpit produced 10 years 

Aetor Is •pffliitly with Helen 
09JttMi;an In ^oast production 

: •SalHta * ■ inusienl 8^ Milton 
teCrle .1nd which debuts Airthur 
Lippei, Jr , as a I'n)adway pro- 
ducer, will opeii ,jj(t tljc ,Cla;:den Tier 
theatre, Atiai^llc .CMy, A^ 

New York hpuie «k»t ^ 
thoiigh show's ■.b^9eh^ ,T^ 
the Majestic it .'WlW npt- come. itnt«^ 
that theatre. ■ ■, 

"Shimiig Light' Just That 


' • Los Angeles. Aufi. 6. 

Fol<liii^; of 'The (5reen H.ay Tree' 
SatuKlay niKbt, after a forced 1iv«^ 
weeks,;it the I'layhouse, leaves the 
town with one ICKif- At Kl Capitan, 
Jane Cowl continues to draw heavy 
matinee traile .ind f.air niKbt hiy. in 
Henry Dufty's production of 'The 
Shining Hour.' Second week grossed 
belter than blshly «atisfac^ 

tory. — '. 

Fin.'il st.anxa of 'Tret' garnered a 
slim grand, with the total fur the 
Ave weeks only a f«W ddlkll«'^Ml(riil|*.: 
cess of $5,000. .stay.s dark until end of 
week, when E. B. Clive will revive 
'Journeiy's End,' With Colin Clive. 

Charlotte Stock Co. 

Local Gal Lead 

/ V. Charlotte, N. C, Aug. 6. 

Adopting a policy Of presenting a 
local girl with acting talents in 'an 
occasional production, the Bert 
Cert ram I^layei s, summer stock 
company here, j^nnounped that Bess 
Wtiibttra,:'i«^ tittle 
•Theatre productions and formerly 
a member of the Avon Players, of 
Atlanta, Oa., Will : pljkjr ; 
'East ..Lynne.' ' 

Ah experiment In this dlrisctibii 
was tried by the stock company last 
summer when Sadie Gilbert, a local 
girl, played the lead in 'Rebecca of 
Sunny brook Fai^' and John Mc- 
NeiJiy, iinW*h*ir. - 

pated in a prodwclion. 

Success of the idea thoiiie, times 
caused the company 'id. ;%wi|<^ince it 
A«; future policy.! A-\ -'i' 
■ ■ ■•' ."'.'^ ' r^o 

Denver, Auf,'. 6. 
Walter Huston .and wife (Nan 
Sunderland), Robert Edmond Jones 
and wife (MfStrgar^ t C. Jones), ftnd 
Kennef^T-ljla^ ; Wer«l '.fbrped: to 
wade '.A after cloudburst 

washed out bridge in mountain 
canyon ahead of them on their way 
from Denver to Central City. 

,^ : ; lijiplljr: w^ ■.-:}::■:? 


■'■;■'■• '-'".ihiiilftflena; Ci*l;r'Awiifi •.: 

('c.i)(m'unlt|t P^^ reviv*- 'A nn.i 
Christ if^' torherrrw ni^'ht (7) f« r 

line u i r k , - 

Hum La$t Year; 

Festival Better 
1000 in 17 Shaws 

Jean InneSfj^ yj»-tiir Jury .•Mid 
■ Raiiph ,, .;: |<i»|-' rjpfllfiy ■ ' 'tbjp',: Jenif- 

( • n->vh'y ■ tTrrl ^i^^-Wl 1 1 vi)rpd i jc f:' ■ 'Si i*'J- t ; 
st< ly ' rr?rn<'dy ;>iiy;.:l^|^tij[i.rd^ 
royii- i ■ iiM, aexf ■ ' ■ : 'V''';'^'' . 
/kiiUuyi ^ii .:br; ■'■i»:!at ivt.'.! Uj.;''Kn(ii..a 
•^povic'ij"' wt^veUst. '5^'V '.C '■",. 

Central City, Colo., AUg. 0. 
Third annlial play festival With 

•Othello', ran about 3% ahead of 
last yea^r in seat sales, jt>ut .consider- 
ably imor* iBUphey wais cI<Mi^d. No 
brchesira belng^ used the nut was 
smaller. WUh IT |i)evf<Hinance^s, five 
of tbem nuithi^eii, the gross ^as 
around $28,000. Laft year the gro s 
ran around $26,000. 

Cars from practically every state 
in the union were seen on the 
streot.s of this quasi-ghost town 
during the fortnight. All pre.^s 
ervices covered the show, the 
stripcjH hitting xtaj-re one on several 
iih I I o'politan sheets. 

Walter Huston made the show. 
His name proved the draw for the 
u|)«nihg- pctrformanccs and helrK;d 
offwt the ahtagonism felt in Denver 
over the aiaging of 'Othello', Even 
the backiiii'S of . the play festival 
fouffht •OthenoMeeUnfr that firA^dy 
in a .spot 47 filiile» firoin th©; heni'cst 
big cif y . wotild iurely . ftbp. A ft^r 
sjct-'i'fig -/tb* ■ o'pefiink!' •■■ perftirmnnc't', 

♦•amr rabid boosters.. ' 

, iluston was in titc. best of Voier 
.<il (luiiiiK the r^n, as were th.•• 
< th< r princ ij.jils. After the fitht 
hif.-l t K<riri«lh KuiitM slowed df '.vn 
I.I' i'l ()'.i ^;\n- to the proper Kp<Ml 
'jtl.i'f pT.iri' li'alM were Na?i y\itiii>r- 
f/iiiit tf^rv. IliJHicf.), Ki nrM tli M.i. - 
K< iiN.'i, Kenn«.'th llunti i, l iulii 
l''!"^!*!, flelen FKeinan, CUiuU^ 
il;>.itoji .•iiSd Roardnian Ro».fh>».in 

grand opera; .iMttmethinC ••w «hd 

modern, with.;*, Iviti ptill 

and the b^i .1M>^^ possible. 
After the «HDlHrdi jt| this year Jones 
is <»nvincf4 .BuMtc will support 
anything « ;jefthtrar^^ C^ that 
done ih A fr^mh, and new way, but 
he also figiels that the play festival 
Will be even more of a success with 
something great In music. And the 
backer, the Central City Opera 
House Association, non-profit, is 
preparwl to furnish ftnyAmblint of 
money ncedttl. 

Hii.'itoii and his \^ife left Imniedi- 
atdy after the closing frr th«'ir 
inount.aln home near Hun n<rnar- 
dlno, Calif., wheif they will spend 
a we<k. kefuinirif.' to New V'ork 
tlK-y will reop«n 'Dod.sworth' on 
Auk. -f). Mis.s Constance Wolf, 
managing director of the Garrick 
thc<ater in I'hi1.'t<h Iphia, l.- arrom- 
pahyihg ■ the Hustons to California 

'and-.'Ni ...y. ■ ^' ■ 

, Mr, and Mr^<.. . jo)hrs wttl return 
to |iii4iy W6«.d, ■l»he*'€ Jones will de- 
«tgh jHevr riii fer^^^^^ 


itijSHe|l Tvtwls, under c'rirTtr.'icT t< 
Jones nnd wli'; dill f t' <] er.'/ rfii l< ^ 
in 'C>thfll</', al*-'. r'tiirnra to ILolly- 
v/f.'id. KMifiitli M.-if Kf fiti.-i i.'j <.!i 
his way t(, New 'N'ork ff;r i< he/i rs.'i Iv 
HI 'M< i r lily VV « l<<j|| A l<.i,) ' . k Ik <1 ■ 
■ i'«il tf.' ( I < n ori I r I .'kI V, ,i y <,tt I 

Kiihaul II.'iIlHt.iy K<r,,-iiif; •.!-(< ■ 
foi 1 .1 1 .'I mi'iiiii 
\ I'l U to tf' I < 

><ptw>t; f riemi 01 J( iui^.t,o»»u . 

"With tlie sufrinu'r practivijliy A'V^r ; ; 
and the new season just , aboulfc:, 
reitidy to pop, legit men are begin- 
hing to 8(^rlpiii?Iy lihe i9p tltiCtii: plans. ^ 
It was at first tWpught -0iat the 
new seastin woiiM start «i bit earlier 
than it has in the past few ye*l(rs. 
but hot any longer likely that thtwe , 
will bo more than a Ii.ilf dozen 
shows at nx St comiiip in befoie > 
Srptelilbei-. • .\ 

\Ak\ In ^'iii> fattening up next • ,■ 
week Three .^hows are pencilled 
in but all are tent.'itive. Likely ". 
entiies arc "l.ife l^ei^in.'-; at 8.40' at 
Winter <;.U(len: •Keep Mnviuf,'' Jit 
I<"oriest, and 'llide aiul Set'k' at 
Manstield. Latter slmw may bo put 
b.ick one wcrlc. 'laft^ I'.iKins' also 
may not conic in for another weol;, . 
or so. It op< nod in lloston last 
night (.0) and its sh<>v,ini: there 
durinu the enircnt week will have 
a lot to do* with its N. Y. opening 
date. A ■' 

Crop iqf summer .••how s in the 
outlying sumnier theatres has 
proven' «urpr |fiMg ly disappointing. 
Regular obS*fv*rt ciaihi that verjrr 
few of the hew ones seemed worth- - 
while, or possible Broadway foddisl'. 
TaieAi vlicDd^ 4>f the Picture, com-. , 
pani^^ WM have be^^n making a 
roiiOid oi Wtt ^eripbts, w<&re equally : 
dlMn|k]!ilif«^ according to repoft. in . 
fliilimC'.'-npl'^ontstaiidtiMt iiyoung "Pefi^;' 
.fonhersi ■ ' ■ ■■■■vii 

' The • five: shows rem&ihing ISIT! 
BrOadw^ay had a good time Of it jaAl , - 
we6,k. tSvenlrtgs cool<^d off and bir 
ronriped back, it tuisned out to b« 
perhaps the best wieek of th« 8um> 
mer session. With Mond.*vy dawn- 
ing cool it was expected that th* . - 
good break might continue, espip- 
cially since there** ) SO llttlft': to; f 
choose from. " ■'■ 

Several shows that .are aljlhbst 
ready, but had Jlpured on the first 
week of September for entry, will 
come in a week earlier if they can 
possibly m.'ike it to take advantage 
of what is hoped will be cintinuous- 
ly cooler weather. Two shows 
from last season will also reopen 
week after next, 'Dodsworth,' Slm- 
bert, and 'No More Ladies,' Booth. 
■', ■ ' .'EsUmatM 'for' , Lnir*1ji^;'' v-; ' . 

'Are You Decent?' ^ Ainbabssador 

(17th week) (C-l,16C-$8.80). Ne'^ef / 
much excuse for hanging on and . 
never much coin, but sharing ar- 
r.anKement and cut rate tickets 
keoii it going. About $2,500 last 
week, a bit liettpr thhn' the '$2.009' , 
it's l)een getting. 

'As Thousands Cheer,' Music Pox 
(4!:th week) (R-1 ,000-f .l.s.'-j). It 
cooUd down and the folks started 
corning back. Got about $12,500 

last week, a ■fuu.,.inriiWv:b#it«r/ti»ii-'-; 

week previous. ' 

Dodsworth,' Shul>crt ; resiim* s 
Aug. 20, but b.o. now open, ('losf d 
for summer .after smashinK 18-week 
run because Walter Huston wanted., 
to go to Central City to play*' ■ 
'Othello' at the festival there. 

'Sailor Beware,' Lyceum (45 th 
week) (C-0l;.'l-$3.30). Was to closer 
Monday (.K)), but decided to stick 

. |thd pr.9>v^ a gopd iAett, despite cast/ 
.^MiiRiiiiBiri: Giiwnered, eloa^^^^ $i.O06' 

' otT''^' w^k' 4hd ' the'.oast"wai|iit-tialiitni..' 

.9llt p«rc«ntag6, iiheaninfr deflnlt« 

■jpt'Oflt; ■'';■..■ -'^ 

'•he 1.6 vie Mf Not/ 46th St. (42nd 

. p.roflt#1)l!(i':..-.iiKc»k. > ' 'WefttHer '■■'%t^'---- 
and Unelt. of <!omif>«tltlon «<»ht -t^etm':/. 
up td liiHiHy' $«,0<ie^wM^^ is hOtclMi: ' 
at'- thjCs'-'-stftge .of ' the -mill?.:..: t ' 

■ *Tob«eeo^' Hba"d/':<l^|i': i',if.'.H-Mtb''. 
week) <D-w*^|8.»0). This ohf, too,; 
pjeked tip a bit, cohiihir close ; to 
M,OWl! bh the week. 

Additioniil Attrietion* 

The Oruhlcardf' 01d«timb meller . 
revived in one-time church on I'last ' 
55th St.; free b*«»V vCohtinues > V 
profitable run. : 

'll.oll.v He i'n',« -iN?! ^' ]• 

fcctly barmleiw aiMciaia frefciicd 
by the f>rofe«eioni for Mvei)tkn jg now cc>nr.;ir.e(J m ^ri 

ultra .•■rr. at p< lifl.cil U! .tuiiXiii- 
Itt c.'c. r.!.ii.k, I'lown f>f 
blue . i . etill 75c ,kt .^ It4«lint ' * 
tourt goods cout)tef<^-''''^ ■:•.'■•; ''"• 



L I T E ■ ATI 

'^>;./' :. Book Bii Booiiilwi ..J- 

fitook publtahm about X» fv tato 
the new secMon with their most aue- 
«MMifttl year eUie* the general de- 

;:iifiiiiiUm:^i<i|tVilif:'; bU to 

MVlMpi evelii % Sdnrtr liirel than 
gilMKil Ihiluiiithr. With itraetl«a11r 
ifgery publisher reporting: a vast 
Increase In business over the pre- 
vious year, coming: ChrlHtinas pe- 
rlb« t» exiMKst^, to bflHf tho book 


^uMtriess report by every piiblish- 
Ing hoiist) is ohoerful. Typical la 
SinUh ^t Haas, whose sales for the 
^ flrit slvllnohths OC this year repre- 
•ent an; lne««aiM 0% pver 
thit iftf the saiffMi V^irtdd fl# #l^vl- 
oufl annum. 

lilffloult to point to anything In 
liarticular fis responsible for the up- 
tttm m the book bis, J>ut the «reat 
hdpe '-held ' 'out ' fat wen- 'irr«at«r';ial«i»: 
this fall, and winter la ' prompted 
by the clean-fllms crusade* With 
pictures undergoing a whitewashing,' 
book p€;ople ar«i c<»i9dent that 
' pl« lirui tarn ''!«('. !.i(Aii\,,iior»' ttmm 

BWif Tlfedpli POtot~wit "^ ftur 
from boinrr threatened by the sam« 
sort of censorship enveloping the 
Alms, books are freer of eurlallment 
titattvevcr b«(ofie. "Tha 
1t«to'of tbnetlnesi' ati^ 
then ' rractifally everything pub- 
lished hns gone unchecked and 
books fi-rmorly banned have been 
permitted tp. come intO: th« 0P9nr ^ 

TrehiJ IH flctlbh foi* the nei^r sea- 
son, is unmistakably, historical 
romance, or the costume, story. 
'Anthony Advariie^ responsible for 
this. No>v iftyery . pltiiblisher !• look - 
Ing tor cOBttitne storlfi tor th* tall, 
and publishers* fall a,nnouncements 
are illuatratcd with pictures of 
capes and gwixi^ itamm/t-.-PKAvL" 

Popularity of ' mystery stMlas con- 
tinues unnbated and they will be 
numerous in the fall. Those scrib- 
blers combining the costume story 
with mystery have the b^t chances 
: o^;;|i^ttMt^ ''^'iWMtenis, ' .wkNii «o«>k 
(Ml som« Of theiiir oidrtlme favor, 
falling off agalfi. Poetry scoring 
a nice conn-back and may bo a big 
thing this winter. An important 
algtt bf thfs is that the New Tork 
TliMs ; fiook impplfmant 
t%T^ Its tfcrit pag* tfVisr t» a i^aw 
o< jii»»t«>r JMfek for tfia'ttrst 

TiiefdUf, Aug usV 7* 1934 

Best Sellfri 

isal •sll««« fs^ Ml* WMfc enit^ AutufI i 

'I^rfunb in His Bosom' (|2.W> MUIer 
'Anthony Adverse' (13.00) ..By Hervey Allen 

'So Red tha Hose* (13.50) v. i...V.v«i;ti*i^». ...... .By Stark Young 

'Years Are 60 libng* ($2.50) . . , . . . ; , . Hy J osephlne LAwrence 

*And Quiet Flows ths Doj*' (llOO) , » . . , . .By MlkhaU; fllrtgklM?^; 
^t■:Oia■udius•■;■<ll(H>)^■ . v. .'i^'iVsV^^ 

•While Rome Burns' ($2.76) ^^^^•'Ai»Wi^ 

'St.ars Fell on Alabama' ($3.00) i ...... . .By Carl Carmer 

'New Careers for Youth* ($1.50) By Walter D. Pitkin 

'100,000,000 Guinea Pigs' (ItOO) By Arthur Kallet and P. Schllnk 
't4fe Be»tnii *t Ifbrtjr' , v.. KiiV»* * .B|r Waltwf; » PItklw 

Bscaw **om the Bovleta? ft5.W)i * , , • .Bf Tatlann Tdliamattana 

Lucky Oppenhetm 

FJ. Phillips Oppenhelm, veteran 
writer of society adventure tales, 
makas plenty with his Action but 
moni at roulette these days. For a 
whole week at Juan-tos-pias. 
French Riviera resort, he matfa tkf 
eyes pop out of the crowd. 

In an hour he picked up 200,000 
franos (HAiOOO) at one tabla, lie 
tlum ,^afii^ ^t«!M^^ M Ha M«k 
continued wltluiiitr # IlKiME mtii 
closing time. - ^ ■ . 

OppcTihoim Is now considered the 
luckiest roulette player on the 
' !Rivl<rtt|,''4illi|'.^'i)0sl^^^ for- 
tunat* irtiilieinit'i^ want ib^ learn 
his systeiit. Ha ■tarted at tha be- 
ginning of the week merely playing 
5 and 10 franc flakes. These 
produced such large pr^llj^ -||m||[^ 
decided to so the Umli, ■ ,> 
<?aatai(»^^ . Inn 
' ' The a4vtrt|Wnp,l^^^ 
.they- flglir*^; - ■ ' 

', 1 , 1 1, r, I . .: : 

Hitler Bars ■': 

Both American newspapers in 
Paris have been barred from CJer- 
matoy teittpiMrdrtly. Chi Trib Eu- 
ropean edition is on ths Nasi black- 
list because of a story by 6iifHd 
$chultz, its Berlin correspondent, 
to the effect that Hitler tells Hin- 
denburg only as much of what is 
going pn in the Belch as he thinks 
th<B old inatt- ought t« ItWfWf.: iTbi» 
appeared July 18, b^ip^'f^ 
German prez's death. ' 

Joke is that Miss Bchultz's stuff 
rarely gets tafa tha European edi- 
tion, as she usually flled for Chicago 
direct or through London, her cables 
not touching Paris. Story which 
earned ban was an exception. Most 
of the Parts Trib'a German news 
has biMh rewii^iMI'iiv tha offl 
Havas agency, and was really 
tougher than the stuff )^ Miss 
SchultK, Who lsvaa^tlM«''t»^\4i»^^ 
stay, in Berlin.- 

'Trtb'V^t lougk about t^^^^ In 
a front page editorial July 24, signed 
by Ralph J. Frants, managing 
editor, it told Goebbels no pre.«»sure 
could Stop it and thl^ the ban 
w<>lild da thore harni to O^naany 
than to the Trib. As a matter of 
fact the boys on the Trib long felt 
slighted that their paper was not 
banned, when all Uia respec>^ble 
Bngliiih ^ :«liaet^»~HMMic^ ' 
spectable biiiast too---hav# Iwaii iroing 
on the Nazi blacklist from time to 
time for months. 

Frantz pointed out in his editorial 
that the (?«niijj|iaiui have long been 
trying ta inHuane* tha -Trib policy 
by thraatening to wil^k«i4 t^rt 
and travel advertising; iOM -^^ lha 
papOr largely lives. 

Herald, la also banned, but doesn't 
know; wily. Mm how par |or how 
long^ tniilttaia maiia«er M Herald 
npont entire day to get enllghtsA- 
ment on what was what. 

' Ansae Anti Crime Msgs 

fredal^l- :fe0» 'i i ^ In Sydner is 
expected to move against the Ameri- 
can pulp mags now flooding the 
Australian market. 
' Move comes about beoauae of sot 
erU jMKieht Dililiiiwr-ttlia holdups 
oommltted in Sydnay, and follows a 
strong outcry by the preis against 
the murder mags. 

PoUca OfBcials have been in con 
fttit&tloii v,iirlth FMaral authorities 
outlining a plan whereby tha flood 
of unwholesome literature ban 
fluickly be stopped. 

For a year or so now the pulp 
" fnMl(i,'iia« ;.foiiim "«'',raa4y^'>M«>kat in 
tha many chain stores scattered 
around Sydney. The mags, mostly 
back dated, retail at a very low flg- 
arfi and. are snapped up. Rapiorted 
tkit savorai jcTltniniils eapitvca^ 
oantly by police have had on their 
person copies of the orinie kind 

IMefeba Afiat 

If the plans of Elliott F. Simpson, 
former mac publisher, materlallae, 
K. r. t« to «at a new daily tab to 
All tha >la<6a vaaated by tha Chraphic. 
Understood that tha flnanolng is 
practically arranged for, with a 
suitable plant under advisement. 
Unless a hitch develops. Simpson 
Will begin publishing in tha fall. 

PropbX(Pd 8iiiiD«6tt dally arilf am- 
pha.size amusements and sports, 
though coyarinf feneral news. 

ViMfif Pvlif the Unusual 
Uhustiai iriKuation tai book eirelas 

arrived last week when Viking 
Press sent out a note to literary 
editors asking them not to review 
a book. Item Is 'Not Ir But the 

Wind,' by'-p.- "ii;- -t Amm iii ^ -%^<aw, 

Frieda, lJ«irif«»«a,'' 

It's a s^ory of the' tiawrences' Hfe 
together, giving a lot of Inside 
glimpses of literati all over the 
world. Mrs. Lawrence wrote it and 
had it privately printed ia Taos, 
New Mexi«ai:::'>f!Maiiia''teV« taken 
it over and are publisliliii|r it in a 
regular trade edition In October, in 
\*hlch will be included some photo- 
graphs and other items not in the 
privately printed book. 
; Vlkingf wi'Ota editors that Ixias- 
thueii at ' tha regular tra<ie book 
would bo out soon, they would ap- 
preciate ;it if no reviews are given 
the private aditiott fof th# ^imf be- 

Crick Gets Hot 

New Brunswick (N. J.) was the 
teapot for a lively tampest lately 
all over tht Rutgart aitiamar aghoqi 
thaw.. Winter shows are dona br 
Jane Inge, but Prof. Richard C. 
Reager stages one in the summer 
.session as lalNirf tory #oirk 
Stage Production rtailW.v S : ; 

Home News crick delana Fellar, 
recent graduate, Is an Inge devotee, 
and apparently can see no good in 
othw* prodtiitlttb^ib Hha gave 'Take 
My Advice* a Very •ptit notice. 'Con- 
stant Reader.' 'Old dtibscrtber' and 
a lot of others wrote ta the editor. 
With the result that lltMi Feller had 
ta nai l|tN«it » aalumn at the pro 
tests 'm^^i 

Hemingway's Pals 

E)rn«st Hemnilngway spending 
his days on his yacht Ashing off 
Havana. He had as gue*t Octavus 
Roy Cdhen aha Mher irrlterii 

Sydney Franklin, the Brooklyn 
toreador, arrived last week to be his 
guest iiiia.^^^-J^^ was recolvo.i 

by the cbiintnish tryinig to 
,flgbu ,i«;gaiis|Kl''tn„cuba.''''' 

\ir"^: Ceofiemy 'in ■ Pari*;,: ' :''"-^^' 
Ronewed ructions have burst out 
In Paris - Amerieaa newspaper 
circles as tha result oC 4 >l«lt of a 
New York business of Ace big shot 
to the Paris Herald with the re- 
ported mission of cutting expenses 
regardless. Ogden Rfid alsy is ex- 
wondering what ltV«mii i» aM»n 
to their Jobs.' 

They got a shock Mondays (tS), 
When the. Herald eaaaa ovt in ^Ix 
pages; instead of its ustiat eight— 

the first time it had dropped so low 
since the War, and one of the very 
few occasions on which It has 
printed a smallervpi||»er ttMMft its 
rival, the Paris 'tm^ilill'M'tiMir Chi- 
cago Tribune. 

Herald's big modern of Ace build- 
ing on the iUia 4|a started 
during the bflKim ind a white ele- 
phant ever since. Is now reported' 
to be on the market. Independent of 
the newspaper property. This is 
chief element ot the paper's losses, 
mortgage Interest; taxes and up- 
keep cutting lieaytiy Into general 
revenue. It is also reported that 
negotiations for purchase of paper 
by Colonel R. R. McCormick, of the 
Trib, have been reiftPf bu|^. that 
is iust one Of thMii ' " " ^ " 


Oigest^i M« Itami^^^^^ 

What may be the costliest adver- 
tising campaign ever undertaken by 
any mag is underway by Literary 
Digest, whlcli is preparing a series 
of fttU-paga newspaper si^ads in 
tha principal cities of the eountry. 
Funk A Wagnalls. Digest publish- 
ers, hope by this means to recover 
some of the ground lost to Time. 
News-WM^vVii-^IMlMr' aC,K# a»m- 

Lit Digest has been spending huge 
sums for some time to achieve 
supremaey in tiNi newa-mag field. 
An eiUiimplaVTtiril?^ 

mlum of a t4-T0lume encyclopedia 
set. The latest advertlainc campaign 
will go after both snMerlptioBa and 


Mexico Attrseting Literati 

Seems to bs a policy of the literati 
tb ikirtoit a dl*fe«*nt country or 
comihunlty eash year. Mny be; Ma 
Jorea ana imtjimieir,- iuid Cuba "ttie 
next. This summer It's Mexico 

What focused attention on Mexico 
was Diego Rivera's exploits when 
here. Kaws folldwed him when he 
returned to his native land, and the 
scribblers, who are notorious travel 
ers, became impressed by the home 
of the tamale. Menleo has been 
visited by meira < AsMriean type- 
wrlter-ctlekm tfria year than ever 
before, and still more going. 

wiy,..pir.oH'^ "^ean a i<^t of books 

on '"' " 

Publish Davis* Poems 

PhU Dfc»is* oo ll ea t ion of to poems 

was accepted hT ilm}.'BI»i^'M9^ 
Press..':Of Chicago* 

New Liberal Weekly 

New weekly ot liberal opinion in 
the making, to be called Public 
Opinion. Sponsors, who plan the 
thing as a eo-operative venture, 
have banded together aa the Public 
Opinion Associates. 

Only thing holding up actual pub- 
lication is the mek of an editor. 
Th«^ are seekin* a #ldety-kno#n 
liberal scribbler, offering the post 
on a proAt-sharing arrangement 

Trst»be's Movie Novel 
Shepard Traube, theatrical pro- 

', ^ 'Chatter ' , 

grad. ■'^v^.::--*: ; y 

I Bavenih;e4iti(Mi 'e^ 

Leonard Llebltng back from a 

' Fahhte Hu'rst /.andi " 'h«r ^«piriUR4'. 
have gone' abroad^ '■ '' ■] ' Vj ■' 

FloyJ Dell has Anlshed' 
novt>l, Tho CJoldon Spike.' 

Thayer Hubson. the William Mor* 
;ruir ; MM^^lMpi^riit^ hkt: 4eslt. ;,';':;,;:; 

9itnit\r''t^-(Km summerinr At 
Woodaitbck on an abandoned barn. 

Paul Horgan in from New Mexico 
to deliver .a new novel to Harper. 

Joseph .Connolly, head of King 
Features.'; h«eli.-'.Aftef. »'PMf|IM|irtal 

o.b. , ■ ',/,'.: ;■•.;*;■, ', '>'^' ■■■•;, '•;! 

Ka t hcriKia I. Tresa 4(>lniK a blog 
of the late'^sc!ribmf^■':A^ 
Cooke. ,,:'■ :,':-v ,,''',■■■-; ■-;,■■.•,:•:'';''? '•>■■.■ 

I Hays Haitnmond will ta. ^ 
Gloucester to Anlsh hie nic^MNil^ 
Farrar & ^tineharU ; 

Aben'v kan^l^^«>Mr-- no^ 
for Conquest,* jiue In Septeni^r, 

postponed to January. ; " 

Norman White, Jr., has 4Uit the 
Century Play v ,€0. fnd is again 
agenting on lils^airn.'- 

Isa Cilenn has completed the 
working outline of her new novel, 
•O, Rose. Thou Art Sick.' 

W. Beran Wolf* deilveraa, :iiew 
book toi his jpubltsher aifid iiane# tbr 
Mexico the very next day. 

TifTany Thayer easily cops the 
rtjcord for the greatest number of 
publishers issuing his books. 
Appleton-Century will piibllsh 'Or- 
ganised Labor tn Industry,^ by Mat* 
thew Woll. v-p of the A.F. 'of t./ 

Grace Flandrau back from MexU'o 
and will spend the rest of tbe sum- 
mer at her place in Connecticut. 

Kd^rard flale Birstadit Ihmi handed 
D6tibleday<I>oran the manuscript ht 
his new book, 'Enter Murderers.' 

Ann Watklns no longer agenting 
Sinclair Lewis after many months 
lAtter^to da hts awn representation 
>'''^*ts»it(yit'>l^vewr T««otiiting 

#111 Julius Klein of Universal to 
puiblish at least one book of his an- 

The Andre Gide autpbiof« which 

Random House %iti iiiinifciaft <be^ i^ 
a limited ^4mm^-mi^ «^.< signed 

by aide..' ' ■ •■ '-'l-^'-:. ■ 

That 'Dogs - of War,' just com- 
pleted by Yeats Brown, supposed to 
be an answer 't«M.||^e|i|^ 
'Cry Hayoc,'-,, ';■■ "- 

I:«w1s Browne #111 mt^m lecture 
at the University of Southern Call 
fomla, one of his subjects being the 
art of writing. 

M. L. Werner has done a 
'Privileged Churaaterib* " 
will publish. It tskea WsMhtngton 
over the hurdles. 

Myra Furst, playbroker, Is still in 
business by herself on the Broadway 
beat. she>as five pta^r#iel.«#il«|i 

timtrstdn Hughes' short stories 

'The Ways of White Folk.s,* will be 
pu blished in England by {Jeorge 
Allen and Unwin, Ltd. 
. , Bennett CerC reportinc t9 £ugene 
Imif^^tt^'lM pilUliicfions 
of O'Neill's plays, sevi^rll; : w^^ 
Cerf witnessed recently, 

Katherlne Brush's next, 'Don't 
I<rver Leave Me.' will be serialised in 
CosmopdlltM and iMs^^lslie^ 
rar & RInehart In Spring, 1935. 

S. S. Van Dine has written an 
Introduction for the 50-year-old 
mystery tale. The Leavenworth 
Case,' when.' ; ■■»' , .'appjpinre- ^U^'m "new 
edition., ''■ ■■' "'■■'■" ,■' ' 

Hdhdrick* de Leeiirw back from sinful places In Europe, 
Africa and South America. His new 
manuscript on the Stthle^. prjj^eded 
him hbme. ■','.";' ']■■■:'''■'■'::" 

'Laughing ifourney.* inovel by Tom 
Lennon, news editor of the RKOr 
Radio publicity staff on the Coast, 
is dated for publication Aug. tS, 
John Day publishing. : 

Randoni House hM tsicen Charles 
Ooughty's Travels in Arabia 
DetMrts' for : republication In a 
cheaper edition. Cheaper ; mekns 
only seven dollars per copy. 

Isaac Don Levine's ^5-yoar-old 
Metropolitan Mag (how defunct) 
seri4i. '9atfali«^n ot l>eath,* Sttviet 
story, suddenly In demand on Coast 
for lli' kers in the new vodka Aim 

J9«ck jCobroy's. 'ri'he Disinherited,' 
hiM iifdvia. iatik^^ # edition- 
.=ilmultTneous with Its publioatton in 
England by Wishart Russian and 
I Tkr;) (ntan -lO^Kfit^^ 

■./■r'.v'llWwon's Sh^rtiee 
Damon Runyon's sudden rise ta 
Import as a writer is one of thoso 
things that makes the theatre and 
literary worlds wiiat they are. liuVK 
yoi^ h^ been wriUn« .Wn sHbrt 
stories for same years; viit mMion 
picture folks and the general read- 
ing public didn't wake up to him 
until very rerantiy-^biit ilWiefi they 
did! ■;:„■',.'■■ }'::■:/■■■ ' ■•Oi^:>.- 
: '9i«ia^^ift-''«l»«<»iiir''^(ii^ik^ 
is Runyon's latest collection of 
yarns. Thirteen stories In all and 
as good a baker's dozen as could be 
asked for. Included are 'Little Miss 
Marker,' 'Jisdy tor a bay* and *0|d 
poura Hoiiee.' all ^ which have ai> 
reaidy been filmed! Last named was 
called 'Midnight Alibi' as a picture. 

AH of Runyon's stories are of the: 
same mould, h shrewd mixture of . 

btahWr. 'tmim; 'jiti^ylfm-mt^' 
%nnii'ty-^th*,y're''e*j^r - '""'■ ' 

hpyei, *aionr Road,* which wilt be 
published by Macaulay's. 

IJook depicts in story form the 
growth of the film industry througli 
the development,-'-,.©* '•,.4#<|.' >|iliiti(M^. 
who Ht-art with tpl':'|iM|pilM^:,j^^ 
grow up with Uu 

■ Divoree-LSvv Pan' 

*A, p. Herbert is a writer ,; ■ 
who has force and personality plu« " 
a sense of humor. His 'Water An- 

Ifeto'/ brtmfht him a lot of renews >. 
an d 'a ' 1b t - ^i>t attention: ' His hew 

book, 'Holy IV.ndlock' (Doiihletlay- ; 

Doran; 12J>0), although not as good \ 

a book, ought to continue his repii- ' - 

tatlon and earning rapacity. .. It . 

bught-^<»,'^^eeii.; , ■■■,-,''■>:" 

Herbert is coneerned In ,'iri^.y 
Deadlock' with tho evil.s of the dir 
vorce laws, lirillsh divon-e laws, U .. 
seems, are atoii^ the same linei^ af i^^; 
New- Tbrkv4iYi6rb«.-'lNRnim-^'' HerW?rt'^';' 
tikM^^^theiie iawsfor a ride, showing 
libw terribly uhfiki^ and uncivilized 
they ar^. His story is, for ii feyr ' : 
pages, long-winaed. but there are a : 
lot of good laughs, aonte perfectly 
gini,.nd. .; 6hara«terisationsr^ 1^^^ tha : 
Sitnitinn hits where it: >i«risr-in 
Biigiani and: In ..ifew- 't^ifci- r 

' 8«rewy ,'R«manee - - 

Tho Mediterranean sector being d 
wild and cockeyed corner o£ the 
world, books abotit it are likely to 
take on the eaoie tinge. Such i* 
certainty the m 'Mediterrati- 
ean BHies* (Vanguard; $2), by 
Yvonne Cloud, as wild and cock- 
eyed a yarn as could bo asked fo-. 

Josephins^lll a vacillating Drltish 
lass who, net ta^iwlng Whethm she " 
loves Mothy or James most, nhare.i 
her charms between both. And 
eventually, when Colonel CJrey, with 
more coin than either, comes alonff 
he's the boy: It's fas^ H*|i sciSewy; 
but it's funny and easy reading^ It 
deserves |(o S011 bjBtter thOA it pr0iH>^^ 
ably will.- ': '^rbO' .ad'.tiit; Ittr.'.flkn'- -mff^i' 
poses.. :.■ ' 

llaverting to Type 
After her fling at the llunganatw 

Elinor Glyn goes back to her fa.^.V 
miliar pattern for 'Sooner or L«tei^5 
(Macauley, |2). She tPimils a'bsk|4 
en tra9k in this history of the benu« 
tifutl^aawir thing who. though lowly 
born, raises herself to the peerage, 
or near It. The heroine is Hm 
daughter of a chauffeur and a la^fcM? 
maid who gets an apprenticeship in 
a dress ihbi*, swltclies to a curib 
dealer who peddle« dope on the side. 
Is befrlend«;d by a moraled. 
but high-minded American womaiti*.- 
and marnies a relation of her ear-: 
Her .tidli''pntrbn^S. 

Shop girls and stenographers will 
put themselves in the place of Mari- 
lyn. To others it Will :ba flat Antt' 


iljUCer atfdi diraetdr, haa epthplelad 8^ ^ H, :L. Mencken wMiU to knotr 

what changes the Chinese language 
underwent in the Chinese colonies 
of tho tl. 3. during the past few 
years. A^ks anyone who knows to 
teli hlfn. 

CleVereHt bouU title ol lIi.- hiontli 

10 isiiutfoue Quuj|ioghaui'f> 'yiiitiieir- 

nometry; a Gallary of Gunflghlers' 
Carl Carmor will go to New 
Hatnpshire to write that new book 
about JiV'Y*.- ■ 

Although Isiclor Schneider won a 
Guggenheim award a couple of 
months ago, he's continuing to press 
agent at Macaulay's until he An- 
ishes a hovel that's been uhdef ^ay . 
for a eooi^e of years^ 

Spurred by the success ot heir 
'Treeless FMen,* which went Into a 
.second edition, J^rancine Flndley 
has turned out s^ At 
record .speWi---;' Tlie^-new-.^ona.'-tavlNl 
called 'Bright Star> j|#i«l King nr^ 


'l^ulfh' Liznbuch not returning to 
(Cleveland —at IcMist, not Just yet 
Landed ih§ post o( art. <^itor of the 
' New. liasseb; ''ir^t»h(f .iiNk^ 'just tA^ 

he wtis looking for some flivvM*- 
tourlst headed westward with a 
.spare rumble seat. 

Former srt I'aul Daily N«ws 
movie crick, Gerald A. Smith, lidw 
tending bar at St. Francis tap r6om; 
.St. P., and FYed H. Strong, News 
olty ed for the past several veirs, 
is doubling at lils rag Job iiy doing 
fika Mii;utlVe secretarial dull 's for 
the St. On.9i^^|^||^^i|||i^ 

Tu«i»dayr Au|$u()t 7t 1934 




By Cecelia Ager 

Mit« Harlow's Problema 

y« ry < !" ly in 'Tho <5lii from Mis- 
V^rthl" MiHK Joan Harlow makes 
torn*? pnaen}«iiilri. After trtratlni^ %hc 
iiiifliAttt'e to thW pl«*ttfr^ 

;.' bririirniim' With tortra as thoy loiiiit 
V f. in* wo 11 ii|>T* mcithor, whilst mnijia' 
'rufV^M abi'tit lior buwint-ss, lakinpr care 
''■■'at' thp l>P.y*». ll ruatlsido hpnky^ 

tli«^ LoKlnri of i>©c6n(:y i« thb; 

4)f M is}< Pat sy lC«*lty 'thttt she has 

jdoils; that sho ront»>miilatos hnv- 

• JnK hahioa by somo millionain! or 

• .(Dther;, that a life on thfi KtuKf is 

It .(doesn'it tend 
■'^<> help a Sf*H Iwnfove hJM-self. ahd 
. VjrtwLt, above all, .1 Kill oiiKlit to know 
-■how to take <Tiro of lu i-solC in situa- 
^iidliH other than such Mitufttiohs IliH 
Hre «linctifted by mqxriOMe. 

I Missouri.' appr<i*y«iB, every lovely 
t!" Inch of lier approves of marriaKo. 
■•. It is a Kreat tribute to hor art and 
also to the new o|;'der that. ^avinR 
made her 1p1ie4i|S'ie» Mliiii ifftirlow^^ 
J41H8 Keify :eia^est^ aiiflike hand», 
^/ With ofily a thimiifnuin of conistraint, 
, ' Instead of thumbinp: their noses. 
That owr. Miss Harlow can bo 
liilit'Selfv And Is. Strnlf?htway Bhe 
■^;-i(^^b^ If.;, .a |Hll|r;' bultt' 

. rehear.sal costume. In black velvet 
' trunks, litted so appreciative of 

" their privilege that there's not the 
^ tiivjr'Ht wrinkle to dlstiH^ct from the 
> i»efiih«^tic« Inhei'iNtit ihe^^^^ of 
' llMp. j|ISC«ndi|Hr ■^t>e. and 

- , Iri «hoM-aleeved white ailic 

- whose .soft folds proclaim what It 
,' .Bhyly means to conceal, Misa .Harr 

'Mpw stands forth quite aa ei^l^ 

liS9fn -the sea; 8b ' many observers 

'' have boon blinded by the dazzle of 
; her platinimi hair that Miss Harlow 
V. often feels her gther Assets have 
; been ne||lef t«d, \«nd ao in thlf cjos- 
:~[ ^whiie ':-(iaw--,iirimy^,' with 1«0% jme'^ 
y.eess. to be fair to them all. 

In her insijiring- climb from Hupy 
to Kielies— only, somehow, there 
, nev» r were any Ra{;s— Miss Harlow 
r-ln-f.'ViS other niiimberii of ^fnilla^ 
: ;;p)fri i«etvorthr . hitent/ ^ 
ft<i(f»' sfi* t« «ponsorine> pleated ruf- 
lies flimberinK over the shoulders 
from a dc<'p V In front in both 
sin^et frocks and plaid chiffon din- 

j^^gtea««i^ fhip flerur« icnf hep- 

■?f:JW«^' she reiterates. It's really 
i iWfn'lty Bood for marking the be- 
1,'iiilcment of a flat diaphrapm, when 
that .diaphragm follows a -certain 

l'::;^lK5(lSit;^ from the 

^ 1# . oo^^ nnprles 

,. ;,|y(4dden, too, ah« ji|iBfi:et.«, yet she 
•berstlf becbmiail fjnroficd aeyeral 
timo.s during the pi<rMire at the way 
. .certaiin, jitiea^ htt 

lortkfi 'ftftil Ihifr j^^ ftnd 
;•; iBbouts about It rather vehemently. 
Al iss Kelly takes things easier. 

' /' / '.CoMrtum^ and Actresses 

f hou^h it'a made of sapphire blue 
iotin and ita nmm« ar« mar|E«d iirlth 
'l>And9 of rbtnwtdnef, tiM upi^r pari 
. V ef Miaa 'tta^le'a eontume <Madie 
and Hay at the Palace) is still too 
. obviously and necessarily a bras- 
' ■iere. ller aecond costume, little 
Vlafi friiigeidl^ eowKin akirt an4 bo- 
■..tfnA-''4i^t a white ailk bimtwi llii*'' 
• Ished with a rose silk handkerchief 

• about her throat which in turn Is 
Inatched by rose satin panties re- 

' Veal^d durini^ hjer .sc^i|tou$ |>ack- 
*ends. Utiderstaiidii 'rMt^^^^^ iladie 

Then there is Maxhie Stone In 
Ileniiy Ross' act. a Kal who.s de- 
Vclojied an anjusinB comedy char- 
■^H&ttiwp^ -foir ;H«iN<^tiri^. ^ laiy; ' insl. tion- 
;;^i|j5^Bfmitta^^^ thbhoiyiteWo, a f al with 

- •ft'' ovfc^rtvjielnilnf? need tci be supirie. 
I^tit occa.'^ionally Miss Stone for^ct-s 
hor character and tlares up in her 
back-talk' with an erieriiiy .that con- 

\teadt<;ta iH she a bttilt up. Nor Is 
i^^kitaik luhnf enotiirh fdr the 
'•i,l(|cri(ice, nor docs a lazy Kal have 
TO he a cai'elessly p:room<'d gal in 
a two-pieco white satin dress with 
, ♦ beaded top an4 «klrt thbt d i«playa 
;;.Hte outlines: ef 'h^r tlnderplnnihRS^ 
■ Hor need ,Jier yellow lonjr bob fall 

• Hirt/strairied over her clieek in largo 
i Bials, 

■ Midtffil Olive >ft Buster Shaver's 
Wrtli' •t6H-HlBe-'Mr.- *»hi»y^. 
s.ailid the more nervous members of 
th«» auilien< e worry at the contrast 
hi size as tiny Olive l.s yanked 
hither and yon. bm aiwa;)i> sin>ilihK 

, .'•f the procf>edinKs. olive is so 
^rnRili ly, diiintily pretty^ Bh<)uldn t 
be handled wJtK in ifiprjc^a 

. , <Ieilci)p.j-? '' i /-'; ■ ,, 

formera a^ai^^t a hiinjdiiioifnc y^i M 
vere l>hie baelcRroiind' that atylii^es 

their danclnif and mak« s their na- 
tive Kypsy and Spani.vh co.stumes 
th«' more interestinf.', since its sim- 
plicity focuses all ^Ke..«ttentiQiii on 

, Qalisthenic Halea ■ 

As they dance their way throuRh 
this week's Capitol sta^e show tlie 
Chester llaio (;irl.s ouKht to foel 
mighty giratefui thaf th^ir wprk jper- 
mlta theni to keepi so Coiiiplctely 
physloatty flt, that It provides them 
such thoroUKii exercise. First, they 
have a workout, for their, abdoinlnai 
nuisel<6a |n « sdrt ioi a j«niKi<S h^tiii- 
ber wherein the fiirls wear lots of 
Krccn feathers piiitu.d to their little 
trunks, and long seiiuin i;loves for 
tone, and then for the flnish ther<j's 
a ^-ModerheV thlhgr that cftlls' fdr 
stralRhlforward calisthenics — arms 
overhead, stret<.h — which, done with 
a staring, blank .«xpr;efml6iiv -be- 
comes rehl fai^cy. ; . ; . / ■ 

'Modeilie' art dandlnpr takts place 
these days in lonp, hlRh-necked 
satin dresses with Ions sleeves, 
which are exactly what tho Chester 
Hale Ciirla are now wearing^ • %nd. 
nibri^' Artistic still, their' d^essea -are 
white, 8ha<led fjreen with paint only 
on one side. They have sleek satin 
casquea foir theif Iliads, too, wjth a 
fanwise exti^naioii^^^'p^iuii^ ijC .th« con- 
temporary dblmhit ieni' of thelr 
sleeves wars with the classic look 
of their headdresses, they're too 
busy winding; vtjp their arins* then 
tht^ailngi tb Ic^ bfll. They march 
dbwit bflr a tetriw!^ fbc Jthls: litimber, 
a white ter^fliieit^gkv^^ 

Bob H<>pb introduces f pleasant 
blonde In a sii»p|)» biaok aiM White 
plaid chiffon dress. Who turns out to 
bo a stooge, and a tall, slim bru- 
nette. |3olorcs Held, who sings with 
low.'' rt^X^krr^mm^^ mntt tookH 
very chle in a red, white and blue 
striped frock worn over a navy blue 
slip. Mrs, Pat Itooney takes a bow 
perfectly grpAtni^d as always In an 
orange and blufe plaid *hiffon garden 
party dress and an oran^rc felt wide- 
brimmed hat, and she carries a 

hata like orangea; orange trees sud- 
denly sprung heavy with fruit on 
tl^ Anal* flitt .i^^ trees 
wlM :««jitlM fblli^ b«lim th« 

vigor lurking, aoon to he discovered 
in their electrically glowing crop- 
And pervading the whole scene, 
ste^linii^ Hn'ougU avair breyice in 
the '^beafito, aMia«Utng every nbfetiil 
-orange blossoms. 

The Ballet Corps prefers to lie 
subtle; its wea s the costumes of 
VAlenci^ 7110 pepii^e whb «t^U d«?n 
like-. miaiiiifA -mt^'^aiii-'iMtil^i^^ 
find that this production about 
oranges is called 'Sunshine Land." 

The stage show begins with 'A 
]^iudK.ii!i Blaelt.^ wblt;!) tlie ortinge- 
hat«rii;#111' e<iiMjf«#^'^^ 
fJecause the stage Is hung With pale 
blue dnaperles, and The Entire 
Hancing Ensemble' wears skin col- 
ored lebtards.button«sd in hack with 
Hbarlet IhittbiilSi alRd b in 
only in the black sequin bands that, 
descending from the shoulders, cross ^ 
in front and meet the black .soiiuin 
paniera at the hips, from which 
bioblE het flwttera to the floo^ How- 
ever, no matter what The Entire 
Dancing £nsemble' calls its num- 
bers, nothing can alter the cffcc- 
ttvenesf bf th^ Muaic Hall stage, 
banded: all iurliMMl^ giria ; in the 
same ballet pose, nor dlni the beauty 
of the Ballet Corps' own pet fbrma-- 
tion — the diagonal line progressing 
from right upstage to left down- 
stage^Juat ai nothing aucbeedia for 
the Kockettea tike their atraight line 
kicking advance flnished by a kneel- 
ing bow. 

Nina Whitney's aolp dancing 
grace lii 'A 8ttidir'l& BbiMli^ W'al^m 
obscured a wh^ta chiffon and 
diamant costume tbo heavily hung 
with ostrich, and a wig of long thick 
white curls; Ray and Sunshine's 
abrbbatie feata m<«> «b ir«^^ 
thiat the Music Hall audience fails 
right into the -vaudeville habit of 
applauding their challenge presen- 
tation, i^nd even agre^a to their lit- 
tle vaui^#lthi; |(^^^ And bobbing 

Ijatt dressed woman of the week: 

Ii^ Swiss x^ofituimoif and a French setting M/^^ge^pa liitefBaUonala open 
ihe;'6fatc- shoj^. ' it lir all veiiy-^lbrful. ■■11iMi;.iifiW»'ii#b,-iWi^ tJtila. 

act and with rjortrudc Nicsen and -Mr»v 4l..'.i^l?an,;:-li*a 
not enough for a vaudeville bill. . ; ■ 

Miss Niescn looked lovCly In a powdered blue crepe made b.\ckle8S. 
A very Bht;^^ bj»|i!e/,vaa .|nade. sQl^^ blue bea«a. On the shorn- 

der^r<eiWd? a-b'9r»M^ 

goi«*,;W4tbVhug* silver d»>ti«. Sh* ciarirled a large hiacic feather < 

Miss Farrell's MMiiiftirt^- 

Knocked off her balance by find- 
ing herself cast as a faithful Wife, 
(llenda Farrell becomes ao iMliettl^^^ 
in 'The Persbnality Kid* ais* tbr; pre- 
cede hbf ispeeches with little as- 
sccnding scale ^igglos; worse — to 
pucker her lips in pouts and scam- 
pers. It m.ay be that that'.s what 
Miaa Farrell thinfca At. w|vej|v Uut 
JttBt thb'>\ ntinm'':jmi'y''t^lf^^ 
K id's' audience ia auppottCKi ii» ltk!e 

them. ' ' "• ' ' 
Miss Farrell's strange behavior 
drivef thte audience right into the 
it^nid 'Jiii'-^miy'Other: 'VV^'oman, IA "i^hls 
case Claire D odd. who nlays a com- 
mercial artist arid lives In a dis- 
traught modernistic apartment 
lighted by lampa designed with the 
perdAhffnt i^i^jwi^ pttchihg« over; 
and , whb has a amock. Miss Dodd 
amuses herself and her gay Bo 
heniian coterie with other peoplc'.s 
men, snatched at random from the 
lirlitc^ght ring. She dbesn't hav 

She deserves hotter, though. Wie 
is pretty and calm, makes no strug- 
glea for a breezy pcr.sonality like 
Miss Parrell, has a plca-'^antly low- 
pttcbed: vbi^e and. wears a d^irH: one- 
pie«* fwKsIt 'with a hitit'ttecked 
white lingerie ruff colla? matched 
by ruffs at the wrists. 

In defense of Farrell, it 
should be said that her ,;r.oIe .as a 
pork-ahd-bcaner'a wife :tfib1ittd«^ the 
far from adorable fciture of her 
Jteing his manager too. It is vir- 
tually |mf»opsif)le for people to he 
mad about a femme prizeflijhter 
tnanag^fTv Mlas. Firtel^ii iB^ of 
t^* liijti^iHEl- strings accbun|m ' for . Iter 
Iftrge and jauh^ Wardreb*, Whose 
more becoming item.s are lta':'da(rk 
suits and o(T-tho-facc hats. 

Of«fi#e Week, At the M. H< : 

it WbUld be 4uite uirol(i*sir I*©** vl»i> 
tor^ to the Music Hall this week to 
protest that really, they d<»n'i like 
oiranges. Orfinges they'll get, painted 
oraiigew on t-liia lc.urt«|,iii«(. hr^irli^d at 
their eyes HfWilh thp Ija^^lffouhd 
bl.'iekness; oranges masking thf in- 
troductory pl.t t forms for Hay and 
Sunshine t»nd f<vr^ «lng|hg Slapgatet 
T>a 11 fh ; Appi tqued br^ing^ blft t he 
Rifickef tes' i^reeti oi*g^p5ta • : ijcit^ij; 
oraiit:< ;- ' hi.--terr<l indi-r tii«.' .'■lahllnjg 
halo ,gre' n brim;^ of the lityokettc*' 
,^}iiii,r''«>rftni?f^ taffeta ^^rirywii,!* -oft jth'owi-; 

(GMtiiniilld from page 41 ) 
proper pi^eaentation of thelif Aate • 
rial, , istaigfng aiid dreaaing of their 
acts, ^nd generally improving their 
status in the profession. Law pro- 
vides that seeking employtneht must, 
be tjbf iNTlniA vbtivo of an i^ency. 

Ii't^'^k^ were spent in listen- 
ing to the testimony of in 
the way of bookera and agents, as 
well as that «f tiia defendant and 
hia . gpnenil , i^idM^w»; !^ 
Burka* infl(^*li m)srat<$t' after the 
judges had retired to their cham- 
hOTB to study the brief submitted 
by agents' counsel, Maurice (lood- 
mAj(i and HATOId GoldblAtt, the de- 
claiiHi WM ripttdered. lodge Kerno- 
chAin aiUd: 

The chief purpose of this trial 
apparently is to determine whether 
the securing of employment for. ac- 
tors bir Itba dafeiidaQt la taicddeiitai 
to Mil mahAger^ duties, (tr whether 
the ihAnAgerfAl duties are Incidental 
to the securing of employment. We 
find the securing of employment in- 
cidenUl to the maM|i|N|rlAl 
Caab' la. dtABUlgged/ . - 

While f^eatiieCJQn^ Paul 
Moss and his counsel, Assistant 
Corporation Counsel Sidney B. 
Schatkin, cannot appeal the Allen 
verdict, the|: ^aiA3^ atill attempt to 
try the Mmt ileven defendants on 
the same charge, Marty Forkins, 
Harry Itomm, Ferdi Simon, Charles 
Yates, Mark Ijeddy A Ed Smith, and 
Jock Curtis, who- wece-^Lven aum- 
thoiiaet at the tiwe An«ii got his. 
Ai the hei^riiig 111 Magistrate's Court 
cAFly in June, MAglstrate Ix)uis B. 
Brodsky reserved decision on the 
others while holding Allen for Spe- 
cial Sesalbns. stating at that time 
from i thb bench thAt ha WbUld be 
gbvefhed in their respebt by the 
verdict from the higher court. This 
indicates that «o far as Magistrate 
&lrbdB!ky la coneemed the Allen ca^o 
wan a teat caiKB fbr /aU, and that he 
will di">nise the remitihlng: m 
cpinpiali»t8. \ 

. fibokers Testify 

The bookers who testified Tbur^■- 
day were jesse Kaye of Fa^nchop. & 
Ma*bb, fit eve "tVllllhir ef Wartj< r 
Bros:, and Bill McCaffery of NU«'. 
Nat Kalchelm of the Willi im Mor- 
ris ofUce testififl a.' U. bus;- 
nes.s relationships with the Cuiti) 
a ^lien ofHce. / 'I ' v V ''-^ ' ■■t-^ : 
kayc's testimony revblvbd! around 
the booking of liou Holtz Nov. 1, 
1933, through Allen for the I'ox 
i'hilad£lphia« for one week at |.'?.!iOO 
pt'ivhieh llplts received |2;3$o;^^^ 
dcdubiibhe were 11,000 fof eperla^ 
advertising of the ilitto and lir.'j if. 
commissions to K, * M It w.i*- .'.t 
this point that the city's cfl.=< rc- 

Amusing Film 

Mort anijusing ik tht'[P>ct.Urc, 'My Friend Mr. Sweeney*, now showing 
Ai the Hs»yf^ir Ujealre/ Charles ittigrglW is at his best.^- A DVoralc iii; 
ple<a.slng .a flit^ dressing the part a little too elaborately. Her flirat . 
frock is of: black «a^ with a wide white collar. Disrobing in full vibW. . 
of the -cdinertV Miss Dvorak showed a satin stepin with alencon laCjfc / 
She dbii]R: |i 1^^^ thin material made fuU in the skirt a,nd 

P*» collar aiid ciilf a bf embroidery. Anbther blabk 
satin dinner dress was shirtwaist In model having a very low back; , 
The only trimmings were diamond bowknots. A., White gown waa madb 
lofl^r oind plain with insets of a dark ntateflal. ^HOl^ 
deiri were' cryntal. balls . and ..tiny chaiha«.'.>- 

Dbrbthy Buri^e^B, iii for a hit. wall lit * metnlllb gbw» with black .▼eh^ : 

Miss Tree was lovely in a solid black aequin gown and QB^^ 
outfit.. praa^ worn with- ^•Wilea.^. v'';;.;-. . ' ;[y:>-'Z'C:^.'-'\sJr.\^'^ 

•Blmbr aiid Elsie*, thb picture ait t*^ no great 

stir In pioturedom. George* Bancroft, loolllnt veiy triin i||^ 
star, with Frances Fuller as the leading 'woman. 

Miss Fuller is a fair looking brunette and looks well as a white bridfi. . 
Her other clothes are of the household type, with one street outfit .of 
black with Whttb biittone. A dinner ftrbck wiU bf a^^^w thtoi ihAteriAl 
made with a small circular cape edged with ruffles. 

Sophisticated Nella Walker Is seen in two cbstumea carrying three- 
quarter coats, one worn with fox boa. A white lace dress had a corsage 
of flowe^a. Miaa Walker weara large and amall hata. all becoming. 

The Danny Dare girla are aeen drat Itt red aatln akirta and white 
bodices. The hats were of blaclc patent leather. Ifhey are again iMen In 
silver frocks slit up the front. The outstanding black mlts Covered With 
brilliants make for unique figures In the dance number. The waterfall 
finale waa pleaaittg to the eye. The girla were in combination of red 
and yellow. A eolb acrobatic miaia with red hair waa In white trunka 
and brassiere and another high Wbklhg; wilaa W^ 
blue slippers. She did a bit on her tbea in black tighta with ih^i^ 
Jacket and soft felt hat. '-i,-:. 

iCaire apeclflbally atAtlhg on the 

stand that F. & M. la an amploy- 
ment agency securing jdba for acts, 
suggested by theatrical reps, in the- 
atres. Trilling reiterated this in 
explaining negotiations for Gilbert 
Diaz With Miles Ingalla. <Curtl« A 
Alien - associate, for Warner vaud- 

McCaffery also stated the NBC 
Artiata BuT«^tt waa really the em- 
ployment iikici^': whiM) aec.ured air 
jobs a year ' i*e fdr • 
and Mitzl Green, who were sug- 
gested by Charles Allen as possib- 
iiitiee for the Fieischmann Yeaet 
pregran^ Miae Moran. it waa 
brotiriht >e e*l ve d I7S0 Ibr eaeh 
of two one-program broadcasts, 
with Miss Green receiving the eamc 
for one engagement. Commissions 
extract^ from the aalariee of the 
two ptiivibnailtiea atnbuinAed tb lO % 
of their gross, McCaffery testifled, 
with half of this going tb NBC Md 
the remainder %P the Curtlg Alieii 

kalbheim, Vw hO:.'' ■■,«»- associate 
agent -with the libfria office, tbid of 
negotiating four weelia Of Para- 
mount time for Dave Apollon 
through Burke. Salaries of the act 
for -these eiifAigements, Kalcheim 
testihed, raiisped from |2.S00 to 
$4,760. from which 6% Was deducted 
and split evenly between the Morris 
office and Burke. Kalcheim atated 
he knew for eertaln that Burke's 
duties did not end With the aecur- 
ing of employment for Ap<>ll ow, hut 
that he also cast and MllhelUa^ed 
the comedian's big act. 

While Kalcheim and -JtfcCaffery 
testified aa to ecanmiaeibns received 
by the Curtis & Allen office, Kaye 
and Trilling denied on the stand 
that they Kpew what compensation 
the defendant ; ireceiycd fbf . .iliBF 
booking*: Abgbtiatbd with thfua*. .; 
Ifen' M'u'f^ay, Exampi*-.''-'-'' 
Allen on the stand stated that ht 
-has been an agent for 18 years and 
formbriy an actor; that he was the 
tine ■ re''iPpiiK'l''ic 'br the.^ aucceas bf 
Ken Mtirray, for whbm- he : hda been ni.'inagrr for 10 years, pick- 
ing him up when he was unknown, 
'Ohoollng :hl#rt; and preparing his 
matcrt<at ; AilMa ; earefif lly spbttihg him 
jn tfteatre* to the extent that Mur- 
ray is now u star. Also, he testl- 
flsd tb-a when I'olly Moran bamd 
fronv-tiir-. C.oa.«it- ■A:-,.y«AffvAgb .fbr'' ijbR-. 
siijie, :rMib' •^nipa|W«i>lBijt^ ^ 
ac t ill ^ Jict^pt, htif * tha^ he Mtien ) 

co-ifh'"! h'r in art ad lil, routine 
tb.M gi>t her thr I''ieif;< l,rri;+Mri pro- 
i-rarii ar^d VjuicK repeut. , 
Hf derilfd ttliat hi!!i >4le .!di*tl^K. 

w» re'' ' proe aft rvg Wiii'k ■■ ' tsi/r ; ^.iiic|'b|rt».,' 
fM 'if;! . ri>-- to Oilfi'Tt Ilia}-. ;i,s;.'A- .iPAR'- 
>n fioiri^ by »a.\ inij. ft..'it l>ia'j! tame . 

amateur, was taken in hand by 
Miles Ingalla and eeachcd tb the 
point where he was now a succesa* 
ful performer, though still under 18. 
Allen stated that his office also pro- 
duced units, in the p'ast seaEon, such 
AS 'Strike Me Pink'. ^Artlsta and, 
MbdelaV 'Paieing dhnw* »nd t^reeil^. 
wich Village Follies'. 

Burke, the last, witness, following 
AlMn oil thc^atand. tbld bf hia build* 
up of Dave Apollon over a period of 
11 years from a |400 act to the point 
where he is now getting as high aa 
|5>009.. Tb prove the fact that ha 
ii^ijiii^'liliil^ ail the wbrriea bf tha 
act. Burke exhibited a couple of 
blank checks signed by Apollon. the 
amounts to be filled in and spent 
by. Burke fbr soeneiry And coatumea 
for next acMtioh aa he aeea lit; 
Apollon is presently in London. 
Court, however, would not admit 
blank checks as evidence. Same 
proeedure. Burke MUd, wAa followed 
with thb iftbt of WiltlAm aiid 7di 
MAndell, whom he discovered in a 
circus 26 years ago, then unknown, 
and maneouVered Jiitb the Iveadliiier 
class. _ 

Chief Objections of the RKO, 
Loew and indie agents' associatitms 
to the licensing, was based pn the 
repuffnaney of being clanaed a> em- 
ployment Agencies And thb linger* 
printing that goes wth the licensing 
of auch, although the yearly fee is 
only 125, with an added $5 or flO 
for hondirtir Of IIW lio \ ; 

6m €!WA AxM 

(Contthued i^bm^ ilage 1 ) 

chbrus; ranl(ia:«|td ae^d the liKt 

the'' ^ ■ 


Up until the okay was given tor' 
the free vaude units, pcrfurmers in 
thla prbf eah have received ho Gov- 
ernment aid, although the legli < 
field's unemployed have b* n« filed 
and are continuinir to do ao. 

As th« AFA siees It, there will be 
approximately 20 performer.s used 
in each of the 30 units. A( conling 
to present outlook, though, this does : 
not Include the chorus girls, ft'a , 
hiured that at least JOO ohorlnes ' ; 
.wjli be • used in the reyucrtype 
ehow«^ "''•:..."■ ■,''■'.•:' '^'■'■■'^v-J:-^':' :: 
■''i'iltottef :<ff]^«lii'f ftlf'tlj* V£iU«lfe:..|*i5^-^^ 
farntcr- W«S''-fet'otii?h t';to- ::A:,'hea:d.,'; twer: :} 
weeks ago, w.h'Ti AFA rcpre.'ienta- . .■ 
tive.s tooi< tlK ir plaint to Mayor ■ 

t'u»;Uc:-l^'piift.rd .«»it*iai"|j: >|^".jW»^#iit^ 
tit tjhfj 'CI ry-: 'If fVn '%e?*lH*iS\^ 
< xi)-r(' s' '1 yiinis' !f wli-i'ly in ac- 
vift (3 . w 1 t.h.. r* -i i vf f oV t be unf- nipl oyed ,. 

'.;:.•.'•■-:- I::^.:v.>. ■■.>''^-:iV!^>, J'."^ ■'■' •^'•i''^- ^;('.r-■'l.'''*'^^^'''•'■':'^ ''^';'':'''.".: •' ■;?•;■■'('. 



■ tWI ML IS N M M-M 

V iiluh i»»tun from or niv i'«*i r. .-i 
.Mt*;*H>"e Hipiitipivti 20 nhiiifftH!* w iH» 
. WtMrtv li'ftUlnflf fo«: vfUi;»> >an. c>v o>- 
5# HhrttH VkHM'C'' liveij.. with oi.»*.v. 

■■•j*fii«io<v; lybinifChlt;, ' .: 

piftfti*. ,,»>l4ttlby«^utl« 
; jai'U I'.ciiliV .st;il-l«-il rt'U^fJ^lW 

<hf> Co ist I'll- lli<» Sri i« T.I. -Mrt'rri>: 
, (■iiin ''l\-, T.ritm mi tlu> (lirl". 
. : I'.fiii^li ci-'xiivTs iii;iy )V>t rhirp 
'«!^>'\.' Thy Ni h;!il"'i' ovci' tho rinlio 
: Ii0<-;|US<' of i:if>!ii ;il rdiTOHr.-'. Okjiy 

for <l.ini'<' ii.iiiils, }iii\vi'\ i-r. 

ami 'Ki'i'it Moving:' art- iMtiii.r fof 
Tiro AU lhnH' afo niu.-<ir;>l> 

wliirli nr.' f'Ni««(a4wT:;tiA'^i?|t«ln-'!^^^ 

DistriM Attonit'v Ktlwards raiiird 
IjOiiK IJonch's 'nasluT joints' and 4i 
bdardVi'nlU roncossions t'losoil tlown, 
ichiciiod with KyiM'i''^^ tlu^ puhiic 
To* Insure 110 tipoff for tho roni <-s- 
■HipnatVeR. tho Xasaau, Cpuniy State 
..I^ifte# ■ flrnve fr^oiii dawtaen Cltjf' a« 
a funerfll trnli*. 

Sean O'Caaey.. Iri^^lv piatfj^ 
coiiiMg to Am^vUii tQr Tchtm^w ot 
1M« May; N3at«a Within'; vrl^jii'li 
have vX^iillian: 'hQMU '■■ »n4 "il«!ivyu 

Ma;y\|nvln, now 72, will ^'app^ar 
!n one oT hor preatcst sufbesiaes. 
•Mi*«. Pe^kham's ravouso'. The 
event Is t'i<^ ninvinpr of tho Civio tho- 
atre from Clayton to Watoitown. 
N. y. 'Carouse' will play throe 

Mirlilotto lUirano of County the- 
atre. Siiffcrn. N. J., haa received a 
Parnmount contract. 

When Kva LeCJallionno niovos 
out of the Civic Repertory theatre 
for hor engagement with Franklin 
and Selwyn, the Theatre Union will 
move In. Uni,pn': announces that 
three plays Will |ki staged At the 
Civic Repertorjr thUi aeason ind 
that tiMf. Union ilirttl iiatve offlee.s 
/■A" thf:-<f»»k5, 

WIlMtn d«r«4 Who niakes his de^ 
|»|M;^ liR a dancer in 'Life Begins at 
•:'4d' is the son ' of Hendriek Van 
LOon. author. 

Racketoera reviytniB t^e old Hilv«r 
fox racket. 

Sehvyn and Franklin to bring 
Tiady Jane' with France.s Starr to 
the PIyinf)uth Sei)tcmher 10 after 
an op>-^ninar at Hartford I^abor Day. 

New racket uncovered iri West 
Rich' Court. Some of. the Bmaller 
bus lines are advertising e';](Cie|^lon- 
ally low round trip t^tes. After the 
t>as8ehi(€^l' has been taken butt Wav 
to itonvhere. 1)# !» Ktten M* choice 
of t>ayihil «wwH>th^da inoro. im orig- 
tfua pri<^e «Je«ted from watgon. 
; 'Maurice .rtil^Xussell. Metro dance 
dir'i»rtor.,h:as arrived froni the Coa.^t 
to stage' a York nYislral. 

: Pranklin and Stonei- have ohanu'o.l 
the title of •"Voice Within' to 'Hand.s 
. as p.;ni<is.' wbtk^li 'Ai^H%vVftn/'B«iren 

will direct. 

Ifcalth Diparinient will dunk 
four of ius staff int<i Con.'y surf to 
; prove tlio water is safe for swim- 
nihur. Ufpoitoi] the ocr-an is nol 

Fail ("anoll ri'poiled to be get- 
. ting v,*M !n ov. r a now re vue with 
Dennis Kim;, Ina Claire and ISltssa 
Landi. . ; 

Allx rt .Monks Ila.;liy, N. Y. ittusl- 
eian. honnrod with a srr ill of ap 
in-fM-iation for his devolhm to ,tl»e 
Jtayicntli festivals. ' \: ■ 

Helen*' Lnckaye. sister of th^ Utte 
Wilton lAirknye^. recuperating fi*m 
an «cciae»t; lE'liin^iidiUf/^ ih! 
wait hit W M 4rwi, Ihjurirtii, h^^ 
■right .leg'.-". •■ 

, *wo tfoile^ ' bWk<? f rotn. theTr 
tnatlhe^ 0iaKtv: at event 
In , New RocWcHe. Spectators in- 
jured by flying bits of the cart."* and 
brushed by 6ne of the runaways. 

Jack Denip.sey bet it would be a 
boy but he was wrong. Moilier is 

3^/!»lV rf«jttarl»i»**^^ fJtihUshcd during ll^tfft m 

papers of NeW^ork, Chic^^ San Francisco. UoUyxvood and ■Lm4sitl^<^.yt^^ 

credit for ihc^r ncivii iVffMs; each ha& been ren^rUten from u daU\) paper. v ? r : 

■ ■i !g; rT^-i - l IM^I B"l.-i ri,: t M!,l! I.rirl Ll'iin' f;»!,;f ^ 

— Screen — 
w ll.lKt.oW, "The Ulrl 
Mih>.i>uri," whh Fraiirhot 

lUae Rhyllim tiiUMt 


the foi iiHT II. mil ill W illi inis , l'ol.\ - 
clirii*' hosp 

Seandal in tli»V national Capitjii;!, 
I'liarued thai oJives and chcrples; 
st'i'viHi in eoukiiitis ;ire repeateil un-" 
til. »ortitH)rie- eats 'etti, /MJiStriv't''<» All «etvi«^t} biars .to be . iiidr ■ 
d'lXn-^ ■ fi4i;p--:>piitir«t\8* ■.whic:lii.-:'"n»ake6' 
(.•ractice:."-V<>»j*ible..''- ■■■"-,.■■■-.'■■,:■■! • 
' ■; pfif fQrb^^li^^^•««^::'■«t•^•.'I^^ 
TouVk C«bih' ^iveriige JO,0»>!i> 
.spectatoi-s .siaw eheh pre.<*»'ntation ,hy 
tli»^ poriable theatre player.s 

I.ooUs now as ilioii^li "Tiulit 
liiiti lios' will open at tli>' Alaiyland, 
Halto. Sei>t. and land on li'yvay 
tlie f(dlowin« weeU if it -d^ies hot 
have to '-;o into di-ydoc!;. 

I'oslal Ti'Ic:;! ;'.l>Il will slipplv tne.s- 
senp,ers foi' any i>lay retiuiring a l)py 
to deliver a telegram. I*nrt' Of its 
exploitation selienie. 

Some oi" the Sunday papers kid- 
ded tlie story that Harold Stern 
had saved a girl from d'.'owning at 
Mainhiattan .;pesyjhi> . He's leading 
tlt«i^e ana ^ pui: . pl;&nt juspectBd. 

IJavld MEurtliy; W to v BItiy 
Rose's Musftf Ball ; the other night 
and refui^ed to pay. |l for a .miht 
julep. In West Side court iila 
trate Brodsky ruled that a julep Was 
equal in potency to live ordinary 
drinks and that a buck was not too 
inu«'h. Murray got a suspended sen- 
tence when he paid the $3.10 check. 

Vallee-Webb matter in Sui)reme 
court again wlien on Saturday (4) 
motion was made to examine the 
crooner before trial on the .allega- 
tion he had liidden Itis assets. To 
l)e argued tomorrow VWedtfcbaiJliSr). 
Both sides had, agreed upon a trtioe 
until November;. 

First . pavement, dancing on the 
plasa at Union 8«l^ Friday (9> «, 
mild froat. ^uil« AjisalOAl fthirt^li^ve 
dancing no Help. ' ; 

'She Loves Not' Vwenl Into Its 
300 performance Sat. Inlghi t4>. 

Sally Gibbs, daughter Of Getorgre 
Ciibbs. will make her debut with 
•Life Begins at S:40' 

Motorists in New York will be 
re«iuired to have their brakes in- 
spected twice jearly if ordinance the state legislature. 

When .Jack Arthur flnish<>s his 
current Monte Carlo engagement he 
will go to I'aris to do a revue for 
Roger Ferreol, I'^reneh producer. 

Fourteen young actors and 
actresses tila' cd 'The l)runk;a*d' at 
the Toy .Theatre^ Atiantio City, om 
the bar.Giii('.'||lA^:,v;f«i''-ftd^ 

Ijbim tiiBfll^ appointed gen^- 

eral tnana9^r ; f «»r Yirtton Freedly's 
■forth coriiffng |*roauction;. f ; 

Waldorf la putting In a .new lw»r 
which wilt cost jilOOiOOO. 

'Fools Rush Iti'. Leonard StWman'a 
;diow boat revue opened ■ at 
Mamaroncek Sat. nii;lil (4> in.stead 
of (Jreenwi< li. as was orijjinally 

•'Niid" in Wa.sliinnlon S<iu ire' will 
be tlio next It the Red P.arn 
Tlieatio, I.ociisl Valley, Jj. I 

Walter Hii,-t<vn flo.-ied his two 
week cnK '^eincnt at < 'entral City 
in 'Othello' Sat. ni^Iit (4). 

I'^arl 1/u'iinoie and Scjcn.a lloyle 
u ill in 'Tlie Se< ond Man' at 
the beach Theatre, West F'la month, 

Eugenie tieoiritMvtch heads the cast 
of 'Candi^rWght' with Ernest (Jlen* 
flinhing at the C?ap^ i»iayhouso. 
iJennl«^,:Ma88... ■ 

Speaking at a aymjkoaliim .on ball- 
roorit .daheJng in tiie sttiui» of Mrs. 
I :veiyn Httbl^rt^ jJrIdiyi jjl* L. Roth* 
afel toW; Itts' li*t<»ft«(» liwO^ifia pre^ 
pavinig to stafte a comeback on a 
gr'eatetr scale tliart ever, but was not 
vet ready to aiiuounco detalla, , "' 

H. M.Harwood. author of *i?ywi- 
la.' arrived from l^ngfa^hd' to direct 
his 'Lady .lane' for H; B;' t'rankllni 
ind Areh Si lw yn. 

Ca-oueho Marx will play the rolie 
of prodtK er in TwentiHili Century' 
at Skowlugan. Me. Tlds is CJroucho's 
slraight legit debut. 

Art bur Di eifus.s and William G. 
fJornliardt have formed Iheiuern 
Productions, Inc. lOxpect to <li> tlirce 
I)Ia.^s. one a musical. 

Mae Murray went to tlie .aid of 
.^am Howard, theatrieal agent, who 
is in .ilinio!iy jail. Howard says ho't pay, but wife claims he got 
large commission.'^ from Mae Murray 
bookings. Miss Murray went to 
court to provi' Howard was not her 

The dancing master is a yani«hing 
Amei-lcan, The, I > uieing blasters *>f 
Ameiica, Inc., Bow holding , a con- 
Ncntion in N. .Y;,' pointed .Out that 

Pifir 'ii - ' ■ ■ " ■ ■■ 

eountry ail'e , wiinieii. 

of Honee Adoiee will !'e ain tioiied 
by L. A, court's rulimr. I'mxls to l;o 
to her mother, .Mrs. \i.torine 
A:d))Ree. Jn Brixton, Kngland. I>ia- 
nnuig i'lriR presented actr»>ss by 
iloward Nace, her tlauce. was je- 
turned to iihn by niQther'.s permls- 


' iJfW Cody's cliauffeur, Jimmy 
■Glen; has been given the actor's pet 
doii, Tratn*. >: it%t of, t*pdy b^i<vng- 
•fnga awctlohed'-df.; 

i!4tage ah^' «ere»n players, itoiial ' 
danis and writers wilt lie nski^d to 
make raidlo transfcrlptionii ft>r^ L^^^^ 
Community Cheat; waici<*in t«^ be used 
all over ftotintry in iflrlvi^ fol' 
funds. ;■ ' .";■ ■,■';■"-'■■ 'v - ■■■;'".'■.' ^ 

.lame.s Starr, Hollywood coluritn- 
st. beaten by three men when he 
(|uestioned them after .iuli» smash- 
up. Police said car in which trio 
lied n-gisteiNfd in , nahne of ^ 
lilin actress. 

Wedding of Verre Teasdale and 
.\dolplie Menjou is set for Aug. 26. 

Mrs. Florinda Gardner, sct nario 
writer, in L. A. court, accused lier 
husband. James V. Gardner, Of hop - 
support and asked divorce. 

*Bud' Averill. known in vaude and 
film stiTdios as a singing waiter, has 
sold his interest in the Paradise 
Gardens Cafe,. Hollywood, to. .Kf v^te 
full, time to screen. Is noW''i«iWl*mfi: 
in 'Mualc in the Air' at Fox. 

Fred Astaires have Worries. Hus- 
band pa,i4 A It trallte 9l|lie) in I4. A. 
court and hH» frat* h^d |I ;f liQM d^^^^ 
mond clasp stolen. '.^y^ 
L. A. polteo scented a screen test 
racket after AWestihg man accused 
of trying tb collect f )S from Mrs. 
Oliver Wise for expefise «|;..tWt ■ <or 
her baby daughter. • 

Permits for 18 chip and circle 
game concessions in S'enlce pcocti 
district have been revoked by l<' A 
police commission. 

I''ederal court at L. A. has decided 
that Irvine Pichcl did not infringe 
the copyright of Marc Ccmnelly on 
•(.Jreen Pastures,' by reading ex- 
cerpts from play at a critical lec- 
ture. Court ruled that IMchel's acts 
were no more than a fair criticism 
of the play and did not violate the 





♦'Tii« M»fi With two Face*" 

■■6ft:'t>i«'',^ti««'rV-.*rfTlli^llAN ■ 

.■■^.:^-y^.x_..^^j | jj.ji 

Fattier. brothei?*' sister and 
brother-in-law ot /lite John Dil- 
linger booked: on: an In^iaitkapo^ 
vaude stagie.., ■ .'y^.,- i >;■■'./;..;,. :■''■.;.■ 

Betty Groentvood, tT, 4011*0^ and 
sci'eeh player,^isapi>9iaried' whien -siie 
left h>)h mbthertln if^ont of a i>e- 
trolt hotrt "for a ftde wUh an. un- 
named liian. Police went on search. 

Walt K. Disney nied suit In Chi- 
cago federal courts against Sawyer 
P.i.scuit Company, Chicago Carton 
( ',,nif),iny. and I'nitod Liseuit (Com- 
pany for using drawings of his 
eomio cli.aractcrs. Seeks to restrain 
Use and want.s diiin.a-res of $1 for 
eaeh pii Hire appearim; on each l)ox. 

Sally Rami, fan dancer it I lie 
World's Fair, took a spi!ie te..<( for 
the 'advancement of science.' al 
American Naprapathic AsSi^iatirltl 
convonlion in Ciiicago. 

Haakon, -bullet dancerj ,and 
SheiiaHarling, solo di;inc<er, «Mtr«nt 
stniii ih the dt. I^dttis Mifni<!^Ar 
( >pera o%!(WlnfAiU«enit In Cla y t on . 
Mo. to\iim^»-.:.Wi0^''e^mnny the 
eighth. '■■■■ ■■■.;■ .■ ■■■ ■'- .,.■■■■/: .■■'.>^ •'(•■■...■ ;■■■ 


, C liol .-^I 'llt, ,1.1 11 dl% )ti t;.l 

from Alfri-'l .\1 1. 1 ).>ii iM, iilin /liri e- 
tor, Jil iiis to til u'l y i.; iiri li'it r<'- 
fil-^es to tell \vlioiii 

llearim; on .vJimoiiv pifi of 
' Ii'ortTe rieioft s itrst wifi-. lOdn.a 
'f. P.inrioll, postponed ,*t Los 
An^ele.H to 7 

■ (Continued from pa^io 
are - vehemently 4enie^ by 10 R PI • lies. 

. The dismissal of ' the 
y^cafilm suit inniediately after the 
A^afner peace announcement was 
as-qUlekly blurred by ay new action 
by a group of indie equipmi9ii.t ioik, 
ask irt g f Or some 1 40,0(M)it(W/ • 'The 
Voca case simply went by the board 
ljucause the plaintill" evidently, from 
the record, couldn't furnish li 191^0 
bond required by the court. 

Moist seriou* bit an the litigation, 
and regarded with the greatest ap- 
prehension in electricdom. is the 
Trl-Ergon letion. If Tri-l^rgon's 
claims to. the Hyiivheel patent ulofK- 
are uphdiiif^it «*h Virttitklly: co 
•1 1 1 s o 1 ) II d 1 n t ere s't s i ^'■^'W'.:- iS'le.c - 
trie folk concede. ' ■ ' , ■ ■ 

The electrics are not bein? t»vjth- 
ered by paton f > t'onidA . i^jitif^o t ite>t.> 
:J;iys. ■ . In the jAst feM?' Weelis t lie 
flrst i^iotip of. exhibitors iri the 
.S. to resort to leijlil attack '>h 
Hie e1e(-(r|cs fli«?d their; cdtnl^^^^^^^ 
tlie ■..Fodeixjt.'Cout-t.'' - '■■ 

I'herk in^-:' through /lfi<»?|^'i^ 
(iFa Irit ft'fs exililb m^'h^l^ors" obl^^il \- ■ if 
(he IT«»A'H>f' N. .,y.;; 't)M» ;electri.;> 
have found niorj9 th<tn pn'^ tj^ivtter 
who .adihitted .:i)iei hAdhVt a 

^Cputinucd fronr page 4?) ; 

doubt V W delightf ittly played by, 
Bruce Mac^'ttrlahe< bite «r 'Sailor 
Beware.' 0he, SU^POcts that Messrs. 
.Shipman aVld IlyniVr have played 
somewhat Upon his reputation as a 
.sca-going l)on Tuan, but his 
.1 morons i»ass<>s .at the detained lady 
develop i!ito pure and honest love 
and aiidieiii'e is thus .s.aved 'some 
lather embariassing and probably 
unpleasant bedrotmi scenes. This 
de\eloiuncnt is eleverl.v piii't rayed 
by the authors and beautifully in- 
terpreted by Mr. MacFarlane, 
.arousing no end of sympathy ami 
interest in the »t raqge Ip ve . alY^jr. 

:KIargot~^lBtoi^fl«iiQ^'^^«ii* ''ioah^: :Pai-. 
mer. h sort of composite Rtith Nich- 
ols- Amelia Earhnrt - Katheri he Hep - 
burn, is the ehnrming victim of the 
snatch plot. I'nfortunately her 
tendeiuy to .shout all her lines de- 
tracts from the freshness and 
beauty with which she is endowed. 
Miss Stevenson, unhappily, too, 
seems to have all the lines spoken 
against the kidnaping racket and 
the splnelessness of the public, 
which might h.avo been much better 
left to the editorial pages. Slie. 
however, brings « certain fire to hor 
pa r t which Is ref reshft« tn the: ex- 


Kthel Valentine, as the distracted 
mother of Joan, is excellent.and ap« 
pealing, although her Hn«il display 
a knowledge of gangster slang one 
moment and an innocence of every- 
day^rsrot the nekt. Caivih "Themas, 
as JoO; parcyt racketeer leader, is 
grlifn. ftn4^nnhenaclng under a smooth 
exterior,^ ; have ex- 

actly the Hght feeling for a <1if. 
flenlt and unsympaithetic part. Ed- 
win Vlckery, Jn the role of Jackson, 
the fiiithful and homicidal atn-vant, 
does a splendid and convincing job. 
Robert Schimel, playing Craig Pal- 
mer, father of the aviatrix. gives a 
sincere and sympathetic perform- 
ance. Sydney M.ason and Frank 
Rowan as two gangsters arc .s/itis- 
fyingly human and blood thirsty. 
Cast is .also enhanced by the pres- 
ence of Kthel IS.arryniore Colt, in a 
small part whieh makes one wish 
tor more. .Sh(> displays not only 
her beauty but an appealing voice 
in a .short ilrawing room seehe. 
Il'al)..|t Me.Vnney is good as nn 
•uiiorous but iiolite «lrunk. 

The custom.iry weak spots in 
summer theatre casting are more 
than compensated for by MacFar- 
lane and Miss Steven.son and the 
direction by E. Stanley, iPnttt ,|a 
iinrticularly good.' Set of i'kliMlMK 
lodge Is ejcccllent ■ but^'^'tlMtM-teletiorii 
of a luxUrrous Larchmoint; hotrte' 
mtist: have h^eh done IM a moment 
of exti^ihe deiiresslt^h. Allowances 
can be iiiA^ for Ibis due to, in- 
.sufricieju ptMi^ftlpn faciiiti**. 


■ \ ..^je^tiiMiHNi':!^^ 

that an entirely new juetliotl : 
tratUng ducats frpm boi^ olH^e tji;-- 
thoat^J^^fatiron has l>een doped out; ' 
and siitd that proposals for piim li- ■ 
ing or statnping the tii keta had been 
.ishcanned. The T.'ic premiiun liin|t ? 
has btH>n : retained and pruhibitidini V';^ 
a gal n .st riefiiales Is con t in ued. Ir rl - ' 
tating tiuesUon iibout anuumt of tax 
to be V barged when tickets uiti uold 
througb- agenciea waa solved when - . 

titfl revenue bnt'eau; a***^^ 
terpretatlOh Of tax laws which stipV 
ulatetl that the 10% impost sliall 
apjuly, regardless of whetlier siile i» • 
''n^iii^'ll 'tli«.;^lii«m . " 


That 'u few minor' alterutiouit 
have been tnatie in claUSM .iregta- ' 
Inting Working tltn^ Wais reveailed 
by an NRA attache Sat urdny (4), 

but details of the revisions were not . 
fortlicomlng. Salary , figures. . W«Jre }. 

Although the new pad will not " 
become effective until tlio suniiner ,' 
season his virtually endedi- the re- 
vised code will grant an exeinptioa; 
to alt little theatre and sumni<i« , 
companies, except where there is ,■; 
conclusive c^ld.ence of compctitipiiii ' 
with::'a' .conuil^iljtel'/compa'H^^^^^^ ''^^X 
NRA will pass on any. 4Ste|ilutes '! 
the nrtatter ot competition. ' , ^ ' ;j 

■■'■^3it54«^**r-M^ throwftwayW 
aniij QtH»^ |>Hoer;e«ttlni^^^^ devices wlil > 
l>e pertnltted 'bndei' tlie perfected 

pact, but restrictions will be thrown ' 
around this systeip to prevent , 

(.t.'onlinued from pagt< ll» 

»)rganlzed for special occasions, but*. ^ 
side of I'aris city limits. geit;;f^|p|;^ 


. , Westiiort, f'onn.. .Vug. <? 

^roSt-ritfed by I./awri'nct,> J,:in«nrT. Stnrrlii" 
llin authi>r and r.>a.uirinR Jtiuh Nu.iient nihl 
.Vl:ir>. Bynre. ^ ?!|iref.| hy. t-ric North. 

Tbis' li) prbbiitily ibe iest play 
tiiitK'd out by the elder Nugent 

wtthput ..the collaboration of hds 
sort, telllott; ttoVv a fllfh idlrectoi' ^or 
Prtrramount. And although it falls 
Abort of perfoctlgn it stands by U'- 
sdif Aii a pieasairt, InofrenaiV** fam- 
ily corti;edy,:' '..;.,-:.; ■.■■■■■,;■: 

Weatport audiehws. : which are 
usually soph istica ted. liked the play 
and gave it a better reoeptlun than 
-any ■■'of -the 'itwaw^ <;nt H gf i^l e O f that ' 

.s-tiirted ' the ''i%iEMi^ /■■here"''' AH:', of 
which was sohi^tlktifiiir o< « iiiiniiH^^^ 
to I^Awrence Xittrtgnef. 

The etory is about \ the famiiiair 
sm all to^vtrh Babbitt, as played by the 
elder Nugent,, who has longed for 
something more than lOaslview, N. 
.1., .and who talvi-s his son to New 
York for an encounter with life be. 
fore the latter step.s into lii.« shoes 
in Eastview. 

And J. C. gives one of his best 
perlornLinces in tliis frameup, get- 
ting i l.iugh out of every iln^. otit 
of e' l iy st immer and out of every 
«em that he thtnight jpp; for., tag 

lines. It is a good .semfH ''Big 

I '. itnre. Whteh ; h^ ; Iw b<lles 1 h hU 
u^unily |i(botr . ttjd(rtrie!f* Bimce baa 
(ilAVt-iys be^n art efforth^'ssly 'ettgag. 
IhX jo veriire. II is wife, itpth Nu - 
ifiteht. i.s liki wise effcctlv.-. 
' .'^Upli'ii t ill!,' ( a -<t \\ a.- ii.'itluT lua e 
I. 'I- tliiMe. V ith the . sei-ption of 
I'eiev llelion. uriiid IS a hoofer, 
Alice J!i'lnMr>--<'tit'i'e is riood in a 
■<'«> ill rol ■. Hei.Mi C(U(.\v fine ft* 
I ivi>M'al XuiT'-nt lion'<-l;eet)er. 

50% reduction in taxes 
' V''' '/'' Canter ^tste' Tax 

State tax hitlierto collected. On^ 
admissiopf to-.tbo state's OWn 8Ub<»j 
sidi^ th«ntr*i' ~ Opera, dper*' 

Comicjuc. Comedie Franca Ise, Odeoa 
and Trocadero — is cancelled after 
August 1. All shows which chargo 

lesattaan aeveii oonts admission are 
ata<riyil||«ii:.^^ Thia . 

is in;p|»Y(^;:t^,t' 'aiiM«nf ;ahd :;rita.ritr''' .; 
peffowwinceat^ j'■V;■^:l;■^;^ 

All this ;^reliefi' '/if^He 
tbe niteries, leaves the film trad*'; 
and legit Just where it started.. "Ita : 
ehlef buid<<n Is tlllfe droit de»: 
pauvres — the charity tax— collected 
tl»e hospitar and public welfare 
systemr Which is supported en 
by the arntiseirnent business. A ispO* 
cial committee, lieaded by Prel'eet 
Villey ^>f the .Seine Departnient, 
which contains I'aris. and Dr. 
vtjj«i:ier. head of i4iiip . hpapiial: sys- 
t<hh, will ineet' In Oo^6!*ef to we 
what can be done about this, but 
not niuciv is expected from them.: 

£l*'iiiisl»'y\;of'.''|i'inah^ i^.'-^xpecied- 

to say that budget doesn't permit 
relief. Will probably offer to su»)- 
stitule a turnover for the .id-r^ 
mission tax, but, theatres aren't ; 
having any.^, 1^^^ cii'cW^ 
strike is c«»rt>»fdt?red ;tw' rt^ 

play -.11 c.iirid is niit a big hit, and i 
y may bo inaugurated; in 

vJeWei*..4iip.d ;ot1i!0li''-.ti«|"!«iiwrij.|l: .»j '??3M. ; 

thern.ore, fl«at he didn't knx>.*|r .what o,t,,« fl^ ^.Mk^^yi^^a. 


•lllii'''!y»^yl'heiat' -fntitu^ 

A.oked ' whether his oigaiu/.ation / 
would definitely sell all product to 
CS. T., Arthur Kelly, U for. i;^! ; 
director* here .ph s^V v^^ replied 
that UV Ai ; is TW»"*«*t^ sil'tislied ; 
with the i)resent position. Kelly';, 
tnentiuiieil that 'Henry lOiglith' wtis ., 
expeetei 10 run eight weeks, and 

Gallant ^dy'. four while •JV>n>«'^" 
siea»i5^W -bating -tbe .iii|ii!K:itJi^r 
ord of *K'ld from Hpaln.V An:ttM*»-t»i«^:V 
are pktying the (}. T. eirculti ^VolW ' 
,«thoihcr souree it is learned thiit tli'> ' 
I'. A. i>roduct, wilt deHnilely to, ^o . 
G, t.i despite die high 

AiistrtiHa ^n.t«! ■■N<'w^.;'.Re«H«»]^^:a^^ i*4:' 
s.aid to Iiave chteoiy . !\vaie 
<t. T. o.perationSv;. - ' X -f ■ 

Now that most iif the j^ajijr difli- 
tribs luive gone , .jve'r to Hie < oni-- ' 
ImiiC, ev i'i ybody is v\ oiv lv i iiiK .ii'*t ? 
uhy tlii> recent film ju'ol,»e fbimS,.; 
e;vnie jiu(» l»elng., Uot,b d is ii; . 's, .< i 
\>xiiibs ;;are'' ■ sirtild'"' 10, .\i6'-'itoMjl^' .■it^^^/. 
•>ver let the govei-iiiviirnt I'ilt?. ■t^*'^^ • 
inner workings of theh\ 1»ii;«jh':.''S^v * 
and ; .inilidiv .iie a bit atiaid pf^^'.'!*^! ;. , 
•Wig., Ui^, Wolf ^,.llM:«y,cre;il'>d*'; :' ;:';i:'v!:' 




.1 V Hollywood, Aug. t. 

HollywQOd^, h«» token iU indoor 

^IL/'jU-mrmai^^ ■ the 
»ame, quite the rage at pregent, !« 
eutUng plenty Into the toke of pic- 
ture ■pi)^.: fcoi<;^»rie|^h^^^ 

"' wood ' and Imb Angel«|;^Wip«;^ 
. FAciAc CoMt leaKue.;,:r■■-■•;■:^■■■■•C•^v 

^ 'r.' t^; M>n^ tiail^ f»i^ 

M vacant lots in L. A. and its en- 
yironSi hut the one in Hollywood, 
'■: iMiui<«Ml i* gMli^ loiic put^ 

the hoofers* hanpout at Hollywood 
b^^^ , Vin<!« atreet. 4raw8 

:^,4rm*iA 2>000 MMiBft^ 
|l,nd a dime a throw. 
■ Hollywood burkers .started out to 
pass the* hat, but It costs $50 a 
inofitli license to do ^hi». «o they 
- " \'W9nt-i6r^'tW'0li^^ .tl*ilf.'-'--.,'Thr'ipot 
is rigKed similarly to » big league 
bailiwick with all the trimmings, 
down to the lOop back of the 
platter. An"'(>un(;ing also if done 
with a plQtt<r<s flavttr through Mtind 
: Apparatus on a truck. 
" packers went Into the studlo«i bi« 
houses, etc., and orpanlzed 16 
tMunw: two leaigueii with eight each. 
Oh the mifhi cttugnt^ the si^Ot was 
doinf; b.-id biz with only ahout COO 
in the stands, acct>rdinB to the itnan- 
ager, but the fans were whooping 
it up for old Dayl^ge lab team with 
:Vf««t6. T;iM^^ ildditlon to the 
leuKues, the Imcktrs organized two 
proressional teams and some girls' 
outfits BO the lot is ustd every night 
. f Dd aqmetimes two and three gamrs 
\^mi' i l W< i t* ^' ;C»Atbirteht^co|iW'*nd go 
. vfieeiJrCl^ing advantage of pa«K«it». 
: ;Ahy a patnmaBe tossed 

V ilo llic L,»)S Angi-les and Hollywood 
. jiittttb*. in the Coast league would help 
■^mM' ^IM^now; : thm U ism is 

at present negottatlns to pltey ja 
couple of its games at Lbnjgr Beach 
'■[i;]flei.'.'tf!K^-'.'out'<yt the red. 


'. ■ ^hiilA;f "B^Kt Helen <;:io8tei)9. in 
■■ v1ii)#::ir«^''ir«e«)itl|r'» Oroi(Nii''ii''a«Bt.. 


V : llMjorli Lytili t^ riiilip Faver- 
: >iiBaih at *tt^ Aug. 2. Both 

■ wn. of 

Yvelto Beyer t6 Harry Arnheim 
«t Yuma, Ariz., Aug. 2. Groom i.v 
» vli^thrr of Gus Artthelm 

Sara Clark and Eddie Suzzell 
j ' |^^ve #e(4 Loir 

■ Aug. 11. Mis.s Clark Is the 
' liikughter of Hay Clark, retired 
/ Texas rapitalist, and Buzzell is a 

Vniveriml JUUpPCf^. l^ fs his second 
' : [-wMM^iift^ 'wtfi»';|«lting 'Ona xi.iih- ; 


Mr. and Mrs. John JHe^r*. 
^^■■'Oirtaii&, •^■■■boy, ■ July V ^lf^iir■ :le 

manager of Oit^Mut itu^idiiii . of 
K<)lb--KFAn. " ■ 

To Mr. and Mrs. Cliff DaigU r, girl, 
J uneauki Alaska. July 13. Daigler 
lis Beii BheaMir'i* irtanageir of plx 
j^dtisc* in the Alaskan capita), and 

■ li^^ b^ of H. A. Daiglcr, JTohn 
v-Uamriclv's 'right r -|«fytt4' JIMBt ip 

;:';jteattie, ■ ^ 

• Ang. 3 at Hollywood, fi'ather is in 

" iRKO-lladlo's Coast FtudlO t)uhlicity 

Mr. and Mrs. ^111 Saxton, son, in 
Baltimore, July'^.-at Boh Sccotira 

; hospital. Father is' Baltirhore town 
manager for I^oew'*. Mother 1^ 

; former tiaureih^ : :B*«» i;Viwiiideville 

■-.^v^f. ■■./■ 'u'":- ■ 

-•.'■■S.JiiRh . -a»d ;'.lir«." iwek ■/■Dempsey, 
daughter, |Pplf*linic hospital. New 
York, Aug. 4 Mother is th(? former 
Hannak WiUiams (WHliamf 8is^ 

..Coast ,,Lind^'». ' v'-^;:"'';^ 

New York trade-marks murt be a 
f»fish with Kddie I?ranilstnttor. 

Next week he opens a new oatrry 
to be Known M liindy's> Tw«> reatfi 
tiiip:'^'--4iMif\ttil Saul's t9 Ihe 

06h Cavc> and hi* orchoftra Is In 
^.|,^c at tb(> Amha«i<iador h< t< i 
feplaeing the Al I^Tons aggregation; 


(Continued from pj»*rc 2) 

which was in the common domain 
since U3l an4 PUrcha«c4 the work 
wlilich ultlMMLfeiy w as 
joan Crawford'* tietty Lyntoh;. 
This refers to the now notorious 
trial of ModeUne Smith in 9din- 
:t»iNi|iik^ Jvidie Wootitif ^liii tiwat' 

tJi»|lmH!|l ifftal Had h««n ^i'Mt^h ui» 
several years before and was in 

the public domain, and that Metro 
was In its legal rights by going out 
to buy the film rights for |3,500 to 
a book wjritteNi by^^^^l^ 
LowndeH it>n ' this 'faimvns - Bcoteta 

Parallel Thinking 

Judge "Woolsey also dwelt upon 
coincidence of two sets of mtdcrn 
writer^ possibly paralleling their 
theuflita, meaning the suing Bheir 
don>Barncs team as compared to the 
scenarists who ultimately adapted 
'Letty* from the sources of the Mar- 
garet Smith which are . reputedly 
public pr bpet t y*;,-'. ' ■':-:y'-^'^ 

For fllm-legit literary record, this 
portion of Judge Woolsey's lengthy 
opinion may serve as precedent in 
other casc;s, aa he <>bseryes: 

A booik ef pla!y< «f4tl«h eonlaine 
some matter not new or original 
may be'copyrifrhted because it is 
an entire thing whicli, unider the 
statute,- nmjr not be ' copl'i^ in. 
toto. atid the pttrt of It ifrhleh' IW 
original cannot otherwise be pro- 
tected. But the securing of a 
copyright Is a purely nieichaiitcal 
matter involYing the t»p«^0l>iKiit 
with the statute as' iiio ^^^i^^ 
of copies of the work for wnH^ ;. 
copyright is sought. ^ 

when a book is offered for copy- 
right, study any prior art, as does 
the I'atont Office when a patent 
is sought. It grants the copy- 
l«iiiV'>liNHN^ the lirbteetlon 
of the law not only over the copy- 
righted book as an entirety, but 
o\er the original content of the 
book. It is then left to the courts, 
If llUgatl<»n':««»tiei». te^ what 
that content Is, and to de- 
fine the zone In which the copy- 
right owner is protected. 

ii} deHhing that always 
hat ttf be deteirtirili^ 

1. Whether some part of the 
zone claimed is not a part of a 
common ground— the heritage 
of all mankind— usually re- 
ferred fi»«^^^^ 

.,.,'-;er- ".. :•/■■;•>■,:■;■■■ 

2. Whether soihe of the In- 
frinfrement claimed is not a 
matter which is not protected 

■ by- ; <»p3n^liht 'Ifeir' - ethir^ 

reason. ... 

Ideas Net Protected 

Ideas, of course, arc not pro- 
tected by CWyrlght, and, cf nse- 
qucntly, the Ipialntift's theme, 
that Is the baste idea of their play 
would not have been protected, 
quit© irrespective ot the fact that 
it was b^sed on the trial (of 
Madeline Smith) which was In 
the public domain. 

Obviously, the iocalc of the plot 
cannot be protected by copyright. 
A«:':iiiM'''.l)My^.^ta^ 'of 
a landscape for Wlilcli he can get 
a copyright, but he cannot eoit)y- 
right the landscape. The same 
in truef of course, of an author 

lar locale. 

The so-called sex tihbl which 
led to the acquittal of the berotne 
in the play , and to the Pistrlct 
AtlcMiiiiy'ii droiiplhg the Inyestl- 
gatlon in the picture ha« long 
been In the public domain, a« the 
books cited and SUbmttted at th« 
trial showed, ■■.'v ^'^^ ■';■,■„ 

thi» i^lalnt^flfs* iSHvate dbmain 
did not include, and, cotr er^umtly, 
the plaintiffs did not have any 
copyright protection for the 
Structure ef f he plot of their play, 
for that wae cii^ariy in the ii>ub|ic 
domain as stemininL' from the 
trial. This was true of the 
irrc^rularlty Of th* heroine's life 
and Ot her 'e|i.r Of t^iike^ dlscuyejTy, 
both of which aiNBrti' te be empha- 
sized by the plaintiffs ue infernal 
ovidenco of copying by the de- 


Family liih«!lt«M»<^. f « ▼4«i©»« 
charactiTlstidis; is ndt .pretiefcted 
hy coj.y right, ffiEjI ha«i|?wii;iWi«i 

^'lii..ihe. public .domai»i >.',■'"'■■":.■' \ ■ 

" ^(€^tlnuei;::lNM/.Vi^\JV''^ ' 
whii h it hopes may shortly solve at 
least a part of th« enignwi. 

Kfiowin^: ''tmai ' ■ ^perienci ' titat 
last year's successes furnish no cri- 
terion for this year, and that con- 
jecture leads to nowhere, film lead- 
era 4|ffv pursuing new tactics to 
wt> 'tpe-' liat' .they hop*- - wfil' .'iix^ye a 
sclent Ifl'C b6jt.'; ,fM(^y-Ui0mi^ tor 
Hollywpod.^ ^' ■:.;',„■•;.■■;-„;,.'" ''''[A 

. >'':'v' abates,' :il#l^-Oell^'''''' v;>' ^ . 

Instead of using the dollar sign 
and looking over the returns for one 
year, the new work, partially com- 
plete, delves InJto tlMawIn of play 
dates obtoined by iMieli: hiajdr pic- 
ture during the past three years. 

Were it not for the present emer- 
gency, the promise of the business 
to the churclMl le turq oyer a new' 
leaf and thi^ admitted rssiUtant ap- 
preheofllon for pictures and their 
future outcome, it is conceded major 
fllntdenl woliM llkelr be satiaiied 
still to; regard next yeiir's horlzeh 
as the Intangible trhlch Wpttld best 
be handled by that usual commodity 
known aii shqwmanly Instinct. ^ 
. 'VUmiP*: . cempaniea ;iii^v0:'.^:^^ alwaye 
been eiMNSItMi :#ltli keeping the hum- 
ber of ieotiti^iicts on a picture a per- 
sonal matter, although some of them 
have encouraged big receipts . aa 
.proii||^ahd« '.for'' Y*rium$\ 'ti^i^-'iiKiaAi-' 
uct in' t^e past. 

.SO; in order to get this informa- 
tion the statisticians had to agree 
they would keep eecret . from other 
dempiantee the play : datcM -liiied up 
for each picture reli»iiS i ..y t^|M^ ■ three years. v 

To date private records of some 
7|iQ feature* ;With a.U of their play 
dates-'haVi .'''l»t*ii>|nil>niitt«d; isf ty9 

ot the malbr .;,ii»i*i«le*':;',to . the 

Five Majors as Barometer 

From an initial comparison and 
ciassinciKttofi;' '^pWl«H''''ii!i!ti^''^i«^^^ 
include''' :1kit4.,'tMirit '.4M>flai|NMBy;:.i»iK»rts 
before the lAromet*ir WlB b* rea 
for detail ai alysls. this is how the 
answer—- to What Does the rublic 
.Want?->lil; UMI^^'iiiif^ 

tty iouring the past tllrwi^ ir^i^ 
clean comedies have had the targett 
number of play dates in the V. S. 

(2) Drama is in second place. 

<i) Alt tha tett<M^ 
that gi«up eo far having the fewi^ 
play dat«>ti bv*r that period, are hor- 
ror and thriller pictures. 

<4) No a,ttempt is b«lng: made to 
clamiif y dirt pictures. The word 
Hlirt^ Is regarded br^^^t^^^ bbX office 
scHoIiars ii,a\ t<^ ; IptanglhUi: and a 
va 1 n attempf'*)*; 'a .':,ti^\' 0lfee;;' t'her- 
■niofneter.. :.■ 

r:itior:th9-imt^^ classi- 
flcation hoiTbl" pictures are gener- 
ally devoid of pay dirt. £ven some 
of those which seemed to succeed at 
the time didn't have anywhere near 
tha hnnibet^ t>t ^fiOab ii^ ilrhtch 
lesser known comedies are miw !<••> 
corded as having enjoyed. 

Advance guesses as to the out- 
come will avail little. When tt's all 
over tite new^ bariMiieter . 
even he given any publicity. Inten- 
tion of film heads in the east Is to 
forward the anfalyaki to the studios 
and let them liaake #ttt ji: wlfegt 
they. WIIV '-■/• Ir:.'-:':'- ;'v''."^i: 

Dear Ben: 
'.'lir^: Itabinaon 'had- 't^^i*: 
town yesterday afternoon and I 
had some time to spend looking 
over the Fair, fiince I met Oscar 

.md I was kinda irlad for the chanct 
to get out a little and meet some 
new people, even though It was 

tough to lose that five thousand 
($5,000) fmr ti^e private •Ittlner. 
^The la golni^^ along; how 

long, nobody can tell yet. A lot 
of concessionaires are still full of 
hope and say that it isn't fair to 
make IIP their minde yet how 
it's geinr to turti e^nt ' 'nm: aay, 
let's wait until lAbor Day before 
we decide. I should think, Benny, 
that they will be able to tell by 
Christma* time whether the Fair is 

a'iiucitie«i-«irAi^^ 'v--^-: 

I did meet one conceMlo|.<inirher 
whc is very happy. He sayii With a 
couple of more good Sundays he 
might get off the nut, as, they say 
In show business, which iaiiipg. he 
won't lose much inoney. 

Everybody in the Fair Is very 
kind to me, even though they are 
a bit Jealous that I am makintr 
money. They let me in the villages 

people sonvething for their mMut^ 

like nie. 

Ko wonder these concessions don't 
g<lt' anywhere. Talent Is what the 
pubtid wahta. Well Benny, Mr. 
Oscar Roblnnon comes in tomorrow 
and we'll >«, httsy M usual^. again 
.'■ .■■•■Jtll^diMt, -JBi'.'^Wa^i''. ■"■ 

t he fran of Selen<ie* «tiitt Hl!^; teli 
nie they have here, but l|^||Jt<|red 
what's the use; it's free and any- 
body can go in to see that. 

I went to Ripley's Believe It Qr 
Kot concession Itira^^^ j^^ won- 
ders of nature, as they call them. 
Kverybody is talking about that an- 
4^tomy wonder, and I went over to 
Utpley's becaufie I tiipught this 
Wonder gvlght jti^nre ft ebm^tition. 
But It's 1l«i^''^,«^ Benny. 
It's a man. - 'Rlli does funny things 
with his stomach and neck and 
arms. But there's no ^'nse to that 
kind of ahnatomy, Benny. It don't 
^Ijgiijhfe. I do with my. 

anatomy, luillt me irid my pillowr 

without making my stomaeb-- 
anything else disappear. ; * 

I went into the O^her villages 
where they haye th«iw tiUfal' pe«t> 
sheWt. They're ikot dNwtil^' husi- 

nrss though, Beniiv. ."^ome of 
these filaces even lot the cusorneis 
in for nothing, and let them pay 
What they think it'e worth when 
they- ipi)'' out. ■: Th4it%'iBi^^(ir^ 
a business. It's all Wrong.' If/you 
know anything at all about men, 
B«- n n y . you 4tn«rt|iHjr#*- 'tB^'im^ r th e 
money , first..' ' ■'■"■'' ■ ■•'■'.,v-,;';>li« ■ 

Then thefe'» another iirtn^^iiw^^ 
they charge ir»c but-the girls Inside 
iiave more on the girlv wrri 
outnid)^ for the l :illy. 'I' in^t 

fair^ Beniiy. You ve got to give 

Chicago, Aug. 4> 

Dear £enny: 

I stIH wo^ldn^t advtiMB yott to 
waste your money to eome to see 

the Fair. Really it is not so hot. 
Besides, I am the big attraction 
here and you know me from the 
Old iBajni jth^ii .1 m;!: .ll«^^ to 
come t^ IMiivln^ when my tfihe per- 

I have been gt;tting a lot of of- 
fers for personal appearances in 
vaudeville. vOf course. m|»«t , of 
them aril froni those mh^RMip^ 
street agents, so what can a real 
artist expect. I have been thinking 
.about it and I am trying to build 
an act ao that the public caii really 
appreciate my art from the audi- 
ence, because after all Benny I 
don't dance or sing. Just me and 
my pink pillow. 

Pne - writer came to me with a 
preWy^-:-.g^6otf 'Aiea 'of' aet'' that 

wciuld bring out my talent in the 
l»est way. He w.ants to have a 
faMow or something which makes 
a very pretty picture. Of course, 
he waa -goiiiv to haye other people 
la the case but that Is >ttst to flil 
in the time until I come on. But 
this writer wants some money In 
advance, so it looks like the whole 
deal; Is ''.off;'.'. 

About youlf 140 that you Mih- 
tioned In your last note, pleajie re- 
mjnd me of it in your next letter. 
I am In a hurry now as I have a 
date With Mr. p»car Robinson, that 
oiipgtviwer»: for ohni of these $5,090 
privaf e' :"krt ' 'stttings.: .: Aft .'la sO' "l.m- 
poTtant to p8(«r'ahd,''I;'liatei'']k>V^ 
Jfim. walting.;;>-:- .:,•:.';'.'■.;. 

The best breiUt Coney Island has 
had in years in the line of weather 
hae/iftVitd the' current :if^a'io«< -'flNMil 
the'worst^'A^/iii l^:.)Mi|^^ ' 
resort, .y.' ■'.^[■''■■,' ' '' ■^/'■'■•i'' 

Busi«(ip^ii|NM terrible ^. and v4yeryf> 
body .■vMis .-iijrytnjr'.. the .■■■'biu*'s,: ';wi»n;^ 
along .^nve a month of 

LuM, Park's non-openii^g hurt 
St|rf' avenue, ^here was a dark 
sp«>t oppoilte Feltihan's that looked., 
like the winter months. T)i« Ooft#i^ 
Island Chamber of Commerce inide 
Barrpn Qt C6llier^ah offer to ItiM 
the front of Luna to brighten iip 
•iirfS, When the Ptirlt. people decided 
to open the 'acen^ rallwa the alr# 
plane ride ah4 tlM jbool In the front : 
part of the i>ark. Uritoih Mlt>ed iMat- < 

But still, with the biggeat attrac- 
tion on the Island falling to open. It 
hurt business. Nobody realized 
how much the creation of Fre<Lerick 
Thompson had grtant-''to thg-wgliiytt •-. 
until it closed. 

Feltman's. the biggest restauraai^ 
in the eountry, lost plenty thrOUgIt 
the i|on!>oiMinlng Of X«ina. The bs4fi 
housea irittib Just aturting to #»tHM; 
best breaii III yeara through ^ 

whea tht New tork papeni 
started rmiriiing their pollutiMi- 
scare on the local waters. Laat 
we*k the llaswr and the Health 
Commlasloner took a bath In the 
Coney surf to prove that the aqua 
is o.k. But some say the officialg 
will have to take a drink of it to 
prove It to them. 

As far as the games and the joints 
are concerned, it's going to be a 
long, tough winter for the grifters. 
Never has the Island been so 
devoid of anytlfing that swackg of . 
a gime':af; ehaiieai..; '-v.. :.-':;'^.,> 

Fehi^ Haartav mnaJI hoop rtoga 
that don't ri^ oyer the objeet. Itairihieab 
ilfheela. have all taboo, llni* 
Whitney, the Deputy License Com- 
miaeioncr, is a former Coney Island 
woman, and she knows all the 
rackets and gimmicks. The License 
Commissioner has even, gone so far 
as to have women spotters come 
down and play the games. So It 
looks as if the boys will have to 
put their names on the snow-remyv* 
ing Ustitb live .this winteri, ;;':.;</3^;.y 

' Autoa: lor Dressinf " ' 
What hurta the trade at the hath 
hoUMs is that thera: gfo iOf ar 
inbre parking spaces. The dty 

parking space will park 6,000 or 
more automobiles at 26c a throw. 
Mr. and Mrs. Bather come down in 
the family car, put a piece of news- 
paper over the windshield, get un- 
dressed and ready for the ocean dip 
and save the commission to the 
bathhouse. They usually come down 
five to a car. 

They used to say nothing new . 
but the paint, but this year they - 
even saved the paint. George Til- 
you's Ste^lechase Park piit a new 
ride, from the Chicago Fair caUad 
FlyiiiigV mtMi thia H — 

a food vit^i, It la aliiiprW' 
Luna'a cloiini ild »dC h«|p H 

Iltvi . Giver, who last year , cbn- 
ducte«I th*i jieleciion of a 'Misa New 

Vorlc' for the Atlantic City lioauty 
I'.ig( anf. and then wrote an expose 
on the latter,' will con<lnct a nn- 
Xiondl. pfitjreant at Madison Square 
OtiT0m -ihiii year, Oct. 1-4. Ajn- 
ncJunces that beauts from •.l itiites 
will compete. ■ 

Olver's beauty hunt in '33 wa.'- 
h^ponsi^rtd by iiKO and the Daily 
iwrihrbi'^,:-''but: withdraw.? 'the;' Wlftrr^^r 
from the. A. C. ftniilji after unearth- 
iiiK eijdit ;rinK<;r.V: whfft^ At- 
1:. :.l If City .•0|flc|n^>fi^>^^ 

(iuai4:fy/...''. ■ V/.- .;■':■'.;• ;':'/ \ ■ -V'^: v,;" ;.:■■.,'' 

chase. : Tllyou contend* uiaf 
was a graat draur and theia 

people e<MbBt(\\mmm'U^-,:if^ 
parks. v^- 

Fred Canfleld AW. . Sidney Kahn 
opened two new ertterpri.sos this 
sea.son. One w;is a reproduction of 
the (Chicago Sky Hide in miniature. 
This is the ride that was over in 
Bamberger's department store in 
Newark. The rifle Is akmp the lines 
of the old "Trip to the Moon,' which 
Thompson and Dundee first brought 
tp Luna years ago. You are sup- 
posed to go up in an elevator, which 
is an illusion, then get off and oee . 
the Fair. A aort of p.anorama on 
canvas moves arotipd, the lecturef.;:'^ 
explaining the poifitt. But this &• 
luslon ride did hot go. They re- 
cently atiMlc a eouble of iemt-nuda 
fan danceiii on the iiia*fflWi tg 
haiiy, bttt that dtdnNrt di*w *«* He" 

The populace #!own here sure 
thfjught that repeal was tho long- 
lost angel, but tho angel seems to 
have flown in an opposite direction. 
Repeal hurt tho Island rather than 
benefitted it. It opened a lot; of 
spots and placefl''''i|ii||^'''la' 'ilD^ 
(>etition. ■ .,.,'■'■■''' 

Cabaret Ne Oo 

Canfield and Kf^in opened A k^w V 

cabaret* the flt-ai fl(ife aiitw the 
of Penry'g^ CHilfiva^^^^^ 1^ 
and Other (ti«fe: aameg that #er^^ 
ttm9vm::i>t$:.{4iB0i^^ But^.eyeh "' 
this dldn'f' iST^Mi^ have nd# 
changed the cafe tiit)» A two-btt 
( lub, eyerythlng a quarter ihcltid" 

int.' all mixed drinks. 

All In all, y<ju can put dfiwn the 
pre.s'vnt s<'as<>n as just a f.'iir one^ 
if it was nf>t for the Ki' -it break ] 
In Weather it suf wuld h;ive »iren ■ 
a thorough liift. >\ll of which 
au^nir.s n(» g(""i<i for tht- fulure of 
(!onry Isl.inil. Theic jirc many who 
■ CO the passing f f Cf'fiey as the .' 
Kre.'U pop priced ^ irnnu r pl.ay-.; 
;;roiir il of ' Ameri'^'- Tbe. eUiPSce' if' 
win.- ! It to the. long agc^ ' 
.v.- even the' maasiciii.'arf'.' *""' 
4ii..ibe gc^-t>y,:': ■'.■;:'■.,'■ ■''.^^"'lii'/^' 




Tuesday, August 7« 1934 

• tiiiii t'fiMii 

Ilj<?n;i.v I Jaih-y iixl Sims into 

■'■"'the*.- St ■„ M(i!it,v! ■ 

. OiK» si'l of tt-ntiis OharUo 
■ y it<':>' h'xl foot went li.iil .s^; tin. 

Mr-i .Julius IvoniUcr ;hu1 r>()tti(' 
QuitK'tftv luotoriiitf la ('Ul find lUo 

'■ moon. ' ■ ■ 

0;.;Mr Sh iw .s niotlroi; h<> ill he 
had! ttir (h o|) out of .^uiTfi^' tryditit 4n 

Woodill; I t'. I/. I. 

Davi'y N'/'oyto, hkui uvit of I'roc- 
toi's. IS'ow Uoilif^llo. i.s tlie fathor 
of a .si\'-|vi>iiii<l hoy. 

ivii^dio CUy shop o w Item tiiUt ins 
Jh a 1)1^ a>*.sO(. i:ition Xit ' mwm.ltm' 
piililic U.l'.-ilniin<ieJ. 

'lMi,'!>trloa| jroinijcratltr Club on 
4f>lh .itroct iH tho no\V; fi^fiffOiit foi 

Jaeit Conholly, {'atWe n^^a ictiie^ 
toil*. 6« to ; Kwrotw; l^«7H VMii »H 
lifcv cohtiiiohtai !bfnc«8. r ' ; 

.Tettjiiiic! Oolllor Jbihinie fikilh how 
ttiitlt tjM. .1l6lIywoo(l Clf^|(N>ii^»»* 
''ft0iilj»' jStH>a^<t^y. jo^; ■■ •, 

S'^Sti^'s tlborty ma^ l>i«cie 
on. fliliwv bif»irtf; reprinted arid clr- 
cu^talifn^ In the tt-a^ 
^,:lli(g llro;U^^ to the 

%ife ildfelhB fit 8: I0" opMilnier last 
tilftbit X^T'<>1i'Tny) in Uostoji. 
'i ppc. Joft Lro a 
wWpil IToitdini pioco for Marcus 
Cii ifTIn in llio Stin. lOna'iircr. 

Ivou Dot'ii.Ttin can toll a bisffer 
f\s'\ .story than any sruy between 42d 
and ;;9tli. llut he does catch fish. 

lid lio Elkln!^' Orchestra to appear 
In 'ClKoletto.' which lJurt Kelly and 
liill Saal vlll produce in the east. 

.Sam T>yons' particular p. f. Is an 
aviation enthusiast, and every time 
Hh^ ixoQn up in the air Sam Is ditto. 

Sim I.inz had a blpthdny last 
week, so they let him qome in trom 
Riis Vark and look at TlM««;«i|ilftre 

Peppy de Albfew suddenly can- 
ceiled sailins la«t w«!«k :i«il4 l»i«d W 
Hnratogft iQst4Wd fw th» Jflktii^^ 
'tteason. : 

Pauline Lord U lioloing up in New 
T^rlc at her apartment tuxni .|i,ft«r 
jl»%^Wg»« of tha Catxbai[« Patch' 

9|bbel rec{pr/>ca<;ed all the 
ftrM ntdft he'a been^^ K^^ with 
a wholeMilc Bftti-together last nisht 
at Letenie'a, 

; " Par has taken two dramatic play- 
•Wi -with limited rsxperience for 
wiort termcr.H. Douglas Blackley 

m0d J&ek Cox. 

Clark Qetts' concei)tion of a .swell 
Jj^cation is slacks-cla<l lolling in the 
Indiana dunes near Chicago. Hut 
be .'trys in New York. 

llincst C. Austjjon. of Loew's 
Al.ron. in town last week and back 
homo to tell 'em Akron's main drag 
tooka busier than li'way. 

Al Simmons, the agent, 
going to Europe Aug. II. Cioing 
alone because be hates to have the 
Ml ... see how seasick he gets. 

l''lor, nce Uogge, gencraUi^sirK>' j>t 
the Kadio City Musto Han'«OiK|ii & 
ballet, guest of honor; l!tt :lNiMI«t«i 
-tos.sod i)y Jiancing.Mai^«fjs\Aitt»;iat 
Hoosevelt Hotel ; 

With Donaiiup, Coe agoncy :add- 
»ng on the Truly Wartier and Other 
accounts, the ad firm haa taken over 
hall , oc the 22d n6M:'4t.'1^'''P*i' 
•woillil Bldg. in adilfli^ii!i» tfcvir 
, preifont^SMt.floor^/.v' ' ^ 

AttH^r"*'. :«>rlacoll (O'Brien, Drls- 
(^H ft ^^llartery) rushed to Mercy 
hoap.. :et|R>ihgf)eld, Mass.. for ap- 
¥*w^eltla bp. after . being .suddenly 
JtrlCtpftrt at his summer camp in 
W£|I»J?R<?Wj ' poing oK-av now. 

Thj^ tWo-bit snap-you-while- 
. WhPlH)ig-down-T?roadway businesses 
gow, total a half dozen outtits. 
■ moady isrriiid and big ttnnovor of 
SI6*? cu.'itomers daily, with few fall- 
ing to mail a quartie^ IFor th* •nail- 

.singing for 

Maigaret Slejtak 

. lanino VViill play 11);: solo at Kur- 
naal in Sclicvcningcn. 

liOie Fuller ballot at Ani.steidan) 
St ilium for open air pciformance. 

Sonja Cocrs, .sclocu-i ns Hol- 
land lli.'ll, KOiiu; to llastiiiu'o f or tjbS- 
Slide choii-i' of .Mi..,s I'^iropc. 

ilu:!sian r.alj.'tt, founded on re- 
riiaiii.s of I'avlova eompimy, leaving 
bcf o for Dutch 'Kast ln<lies sliortiv 
Uridor au.spicos linprci>.surb» Dr. Also visiting AiiHtral|a< 
: Milts llrot hers it KurHftal ; ifi 
/liphtfVbj^Jngeri. for tir«t ippoariBiriicc 
.iAijif|th»ehtal Kuropc?. Tbf* rteia^ 
M$t ji^idti i» M full. «win«r how; but 
hotola; are emj^ty l»0<B^VNe Oerihantt 
; cannot.':' eome/ , 

Cip«iviaa, ai'ftlch wer^ biaiy/hi^ •.» y 
■forced closing on aceotint of ni>»^rii« 
ing for late J'rlnee ('on.sort, madie 
up for lost time in we» I: ifift 
foiUial. Wlien I).ie|:e(J by audjfnt';; 
Htixious to see newsre-'ls- >,li')-.viri:'. 
tpro'ceMsioii. .Nolwi'li. ' ii.'l.n;-' ^i"'.' 
;h8;tidi<-ap, buuMOM. pa': J<c-d to c-nnir.- 

lOle.itior notrdm in iiere 1 ist week 
Kiy V:iugliin ofl' to Aiistrilia for 
Fiauk Neal. 

Mi s. Harry Ui'ielienb lek in town, 
just holiday making. 

Kit-Cat closed ,Iuly 28. with no 
ro-openinjv date in sight, 
s Queen'H Hotel, Leicester Hquare, 
to be converted ititb flats.. 

Michael . |4rpns to be operated 
upon for cataract on one eye. 

ltdy liahficley of Columbia tal(in|^ 
over ttianageniexit of Ch^pp^lla, 

Sherkot working at the AlhamlMra 
with a; couple of torn Itgainenta, 

TUorhtoh li'reetand to direct Jack 
Buchanan in 'BreWater'a MUi^pna.' 

V 'jftrdour Fil mis asking exhibitors 
for a 50% split on 'Blossom Time.' 

Mrs. Arthur tJent died July it as 
direct result of fhdtdi^ acetde>nt last 

July. ' ; -r-.-.-':A ■ 

Lawrenca Wright putti|ig Mti 

feelers to try"'.ai)d'..f«t' ir#ltt.':Oli^'': 
back again. . . v- : 

William CJargan will be Cicely 
Courtneidge's leading man In her 
next picture. 

m. E. Lyons, after a complete re- 
covery from 80rt<»tta:,|M n <ia i li i >. 
had a relapse. ' ■ y r r 

Loui.s IS. Mayer and wife in for a 
couple dayjj, then off to Vichy to 
take the waters. 

Lew Leslies 'Blackbirds of 1934' 
definitely set for Lon4<>h COHaaOlll, 
opening Aug. 27. 

I'Yank Neal suddenly changing his 
mind about going to New York, and 
off to Paris instead. 

Nigel IMayfair will act. as Prince 
Regent in Alexander Korda's 'Scar- 
let Pimpernel' film. 

Richard Bennett guest of honor at 
the Ciarri^;^ . Club« with Seymour 
Hicks In the chair. 

Sir Denjaml 1 Fuller feaated hy 
the Film Croup of tha Federtktlon 
of British Industries; .. . ; . ■ 

Olahh Ellyn nmy 'itS- Ui^'^'-jfl^^'- 
sie Jamas' show, whicii Ldflita itah'^ 
son is td produea shortly. 

'Christopher Beifin,' Jtiat ^ cloa*d( 
paid over 1100,900 In ahtertainmatlt 
tax duiinf its I^don rim. 

Ralph Pean elated with cordial- 
ity with which he received dutinir 
hi* recent trip to New li'oirkt 
-Scalpel's charging |iO for ataUs 
for the last week of the Elisabath 
Bergher show and^ getting it. 

Jack Hylton to do a film for Oau- 
mont -British. Originally scheduled 
to do one for British International. 

Blackpool's Pleasure Beach razed 
during thunderstorm July 19, with 
damage estimated around (200,000. 

Gilbert Miller caught in the midst 
of the Au.strian revolution; and he 
went there to spend a quiet holi- 

IJoy Fox intends to spend hjs 10 
day.s' holiday in New York, in Au- 
gust, eating hot dogs at Coney 

Reilly and Comfort losing all 
their baggage on way to Aberdeen. 
Had to play the week in street 

Dorothy Fox on her third sea 
cruise and always preferring the 
Doric, wliich is soon to V>e renamed 
the Dorothy. 

Constance Cummings and hus- 
band Ben Levy taking a look at 
'Oazy' .sea-son at the Palladiupi be- 
fore closing. 

Dare Lea and band vacating Cafe 
de la Paix to go into Prince's Res 
taurant and (Jarrick theatre for 

Harry Day's forthcoming visit to 
Ant«vik», early in August, is taken 
as aign he Is returning tO show- 
business activities. 

Lupl^o line's l«test ttlm ,00m- 
pany forihad 'I With V|40.tM^ emtAW, 
>vith A. Dubin. thmtrlcal C9stuni(<ftrk 
behind the vchtur^^, . 

Fred Hpenc<Hr, film eahi!l>it(Nr. IroiA 
3 1. John; Neiw Brunswick, Just iaiit 
of nurslnff home aftar sis weeks. 
,Cioes home July 28. 

Jaick ^aylie'ii hroa^ast aff^ a 
wliQle wiMl^ at lie eanildt ^gi«l Ifr^ 
geth«^ iwltti ' British Broaddastijitik 
Corpprotion oh Inoh^y. 

Charles FaireU and Virginia Valli 
oh motor tour oVer Kurope, now 
that Ji'atTell haa finished 'Falling in 
Lowj^ itor Vogue Films f 

,■■ i ,;'Sy JMaM ':'tiiwtitm^'-;. ■ 

Mr»f;r- Krt^t*«?rlno iii-oW«i nioathei* 6f 
Heii^h -Hayeks.' herer, 

Fred Williams :<l0wn f i^atrt ' 8*^n 
l^'ranciseo for' <>i»e week: . ■ 

Vina Oclbiar, writer, with her, 
It 1 1 .sband. and Hon at the 1 (oyal. ' : :: 

1 Iltiier iJavis of the C'<»nsoli<lated 
^^jiug to the Orient on 

Mother !ind niece Of Spencev 
Ti-.icy at liie Moan,-! for two week.H. 

Williatn Couch enroute to Manila 
li> shoot Hceno.s thr-tc for tr.ivel 

I'MdU' Miteliell Juiiiie from a. tliref 
V. f • < • I ; , ' vie at ion with his ] people In 

' ' lll(oMii;i ' 

(><l, I'j A. S' lilller iri'l wife Jiere 
lo'dttiif: oyer tti' lo' ii deld for the 
1 .■•'•w irit'Te.SiM 

I 1; I 1' 11 1 er h:i{;k fi »iii the rii'iiii- 
I h-tid .-iiid I i/-.)>i itii'ji yfy i^ufiwni^^ 
I J. ',<.'•, r.;iVji.j.i i(i,v liiL/iiH-.s V.;. ■ ',. 

Bros director, with bor tbroo sons, 
vacationing for one month. 
■ Will Rogers was grven a tremen- 
dous ovation when be an^ the 
nii.s.nis irrived iiore. and thousands 
of faiUH liiu-d the grt41erio8 to got a 
l(H>k at liim 

J. I. I<'rniklin tiack and getting 
three of hi."* midget tlieatres ready. 
The Oahu theatre, in the heart of 
the Oriental district, will be re- 
modeled, and two other locations 
ire nearly completed. 

. Benny Meroff back in town. 
'.:Mtlton ''Sch.|Ni|rlii»iM|v'VM 
' Billy :Purt ...paitli|i|(:''''4p«i' « .'ilbwary 
unit. ^:v, '■ '■- 

.1 oh a:^6alafltaii:v 'b^' *(im^J^: f^f^ 

hunt. ■ ; 
Aaroh- 'JonaS' '.-'^Miiminutiiiir''.'t^^^^^ 

yor^c.^.:V■v■:^:A■^^ ■>>■'■■■:;;;■;; 

itikn ■*ragg4rt ^o*' ' a'..-wi'iia. 


Paul Sanders handling (he "thaviu 

Marviii fiichaack on a tatont hunt 

in :-th«;ili^7' ..; ' ^'ir ■ 

;iifl|'Caa'' .In 

Tommy SaCca 6i 
same buildlnii -'.^ ^: ,■ . , 

M or t on Dowpay ^ <NM>' ' li^;';U#a . for 
a week's sing,-,', ; ■■ 

Paula Stone on /awif^ Itobkinga in 
vicinity of Chi. 

Mike Barnes booking the Lagoon 

theatre at the Fair. 

Irving Yates back to New York 
after three days here. 

Carol Frink back at har Job 01^ 
tha tierald * Hxaftilnar. V . 

Olsen and Johnson raadyihg a 
new show for the Loop. 

Muriel Kretlow and Joim, Castfo 
shaping a new dance octw 

Archie H*n!olf escaping publicity 
job for a couple of weeks 

Fred Crow leaving the Majestic 
to manage the Auditorium. 

Ed Qordon, Trl-Clty theatre tecli- 
nlClan, roaniing arOiind Chi (6r a 

King Vidor waa npt iMi^sent tor 
preview ofhla 'Ow Daily Bread* at 

the Fair. 

Motion Pictures Operators Union 
working in both television shows at 
the Fair. 

Hinda Wausau becomes another 
Fair dancer. |Pi>l|ig Into Tunisia to 
do a strip. 

Harry (Joodhue, of old time stock, 
has an illusion conce.ssion at Oasis 
at the Fair. 

AI Borde swapping talk with JacI: 
Dompsey on starting a.b«|tt\iO)|ANII«t 
along the lake. 

'Melody in Blue.' by Joe Cher- 
niavsky, Billy and Eddie 
Birnbryer. just off the press. 

Duke Hickey, Universal ex- 
ploiteer, celebrated bis 34th birth- 
day and 21 years In show hlz last 

Alan Doone and Edna Keeley 
back from coast bantering with 
Irish societies here to stage some 
Irish plays. 

Frank Dare back to Equity offlce 
after a month tour of California, 

Lou Pollack publicity director of 

WM-id piayhowwOi 

{tttth Paga, who danced with the 
Matr^pbUtan Opara la New York 
and Jlo Aiwia l*aylm. Co; to 

act kM^^^mmMM^JU PI' Natiomal 
Board in the Alt!<>IUlliiiH^^ aiHat«ur 
dancing coittiaii-. 


MoUsei- : '.• "■ 

Tnga Wank Cbj^ertlhg at - Po- 
cono Manor. ; 

c.reen Mask Tanior cattsMHi aome 

stir hereabouts. > ^ ' . /-^^^ 

Lloyd Jackson's ha,i^v-ii0f!li^j^til^'*, 
nnr Farms Lodge - ' . 

Stanley Jay m-c'llHT /fllt'^'^l^ 
Queen's floor show - 

BiiriToss VVoolltty, of Warner 
Bros , visiting at his cabin. 

liillinn ^larchetto featured In 
•Bits of Op» r 'f T,utherland CtsI- 

Irving Aaronson and his Com- 
ma riders : o'no^highteil'''''. •vfiklMiey 

I 'ark, , ■ ■' 

Dorothea Ltnge and the lOii.seni- 
l>! • Art Trio appeared at Buck 

I lenri iicot t of Met ilnd Chicago 
Optra ih«:,4tlra<^fjpn: l», IM Audl- 

toriunji,-'; V ■ ■:• ' 

CaJtjbterltta'f: l^»iil*r,-< '.-filttitapoat' :,»o. 
fiiirthpi'^V' accljiirtpiwiiM' ..■■:!»»•.■' -RlflWard^ 
wiumf».:;at:';9iia*i|^.v '.V-'^' 

Marjf;,'''|l<rt)ilir''-'an:d'. >Maipy " Hi^wUt 
with It^nfM: WhlTmai«:a b,'«rtd pl^y- 
iiuT at Teddy 's .lW^^^^ 

( JeMrgeHernar rf Hhaw's 'Chatter- 
ton' presented at l'"orre>4t. l*ark by 
the Pifie firove Players ■ 

Kteliiiioiul Cooper, (.f the Hemp- 
.^I'.mI 1 '1,1 vers, .ulded to cast at 
.'-III I V, iier- .SiiniriK T Tlie.'itre 
. I'oeririo I'layer.H, surniiier .stork in 
(be .Stiriiid theiiie. frt!(ie«| after 
tbree wrecks of aw aniAteuAi/jb c?*Mt 
and- vi>ry.:-»|ftiiipt:i)|rt|pi^^ ■ 

Percy Noel ill at .American hoa- 

I'aryjiia to play .tt Concert Mayol 
next season. 

Dorin and Collino writing a revue 
lor A. B. C. 

Alfred Cortot Commander of Le- 
gion of Honor. 

Marcel I'agnol's 'Angelo' now in 
cutting room. 

Flsa Maxwell visiting Followes 
Cordon on Riviera. 

lOleanor Merceln Kelly, author, 
motoring through Europe. 

Cieorge Uurnai and Gracio A-llen 
liore, loudly Wiscoracking. 

' Banque Nanto»* vfltm# reiea«ed by 
iH'nsor. at ElyiM»a Oauiiaont. 

'Litt^ Woiiiah^ naiurlhg closa of 
third Itnohtb at^douard Vtl. 
> Ge<>ri(riM% eohi«dian. hired by 
Varna tor na«t Casino show. 

Frank PC Rita Bar denying story 
in Fol^uha that his bar Is shut. 

•Veronica.' with Franziska (Jaal, 
Hungarian star, at Rex this week. 

Local go.ssip is that Buster Kea- 
ton will not do hta touted French 

Clara Laugblin, travel wrli42r,,due 
here .soon, ^he's iiM»w ; t(| «iMtai^ 


Pathe annouming it has signed 
Charles Boyer on long-term con- 

Itobert Itlskin bacl^^from Biviera 

Oh ■/■■way-, ; -fiaaiiiisrtitei'.;'''-' fiallihc 

Aug. 1. , ■■, , ; ./.:' ;■, ■ 

Joseiiliihe Baker ahd Al '•fiiow 
putting on sparring .: <««|l|^ at 
DeauvlUe. . ■ ' 

Aicaaar closinir July 80 for atim- 
nier. Will reopen In fall with same 
1900 show. ^ 

M-Q-My r^Soh* At the tkssert' 
( I;.aurel and nardy> .4w.:e|i|hlli 
at Madeleine. ■' : 

Jean Bablon returning to music 
bal) from films to take part in next 
l''olies Bergere. 

ITourdet's 'Temps DiilUiles* to 
play r.russela in 3i>ptentb<>r with 
original cast. 

K. Phillips Oppenheim inviting' 
party to opening of summer casino 
at Monte Carlo. 

.New film th(> Napoleon, on 
avenue de la grande Armee, open- 
ing with 'It's a King." 

Fanny, Heldy, opera singer, and 
Ida Rubinstein, dancer and tragic 
actre.s.s, getting Legion of Honor. 

lOdouard Herriot reported accept 
ing chairmanship of committee to 
reform laws, especially tax laws. 

K. Bcziers* 'Miss Da* picked by 
Marie Bell for Oiiehiiitf'r jMhOduictlon 
of Ambassad«>ur« wmter 
agem^nt.'.: • 

Fifteen thousand ii^a|te« at 
tending peirformance bf 'Antar/ old 
itiece ti^ Odebn repertory, at Saintes 
ronian- arena. 

Marceile Chantal planning tour of 
France; 3wltaerland and Belgium 
with Klstermaeckers' 'La I\a.ssant' 
('She Who'). 

l''anny Holtzmann here from 
London to see Princess Youssoupoff 
on 'Rasputin' libel Has been 
visiting all continental countries. 

'Jack the Kipper' piece, based on 
Kn;,'lish criminal's life, to be played 
at Crand Guignol next season. An- 
dre de IiOrd#.;«UM|'.Pi<N9«'''Chtlne'are 

Donys Amiel 11 nish ing translation 
of Moinar play and working on two 
new comedies, 'Duplicate' and 'Lib- 
erty,' both for Alice Cocea and An- 
dre Luguet. 

Comedle Francaise board of direc- 
tors deciding to go ahej^d with proj- 
ect to film M.oUm'a 'PrfclBfiBes 
Itidlcutea.' : dbsf«|l# liiiailttnbtui j^s 

FlgNtHit rpul^ttc compotttibn of 
French reaort oatin68. /]i<iiata Carlo 
is hiakMif : bte. prices 
of adflfilMicNi to bat*Cftrat and chemln 

First Leon Volterra. production 
at Tltesltre de Paris to be 'Marie 
Cialanto,' adapted by Jac<iues Deval 
frojin his own neivel. Fox has made 
Rim Vf^''"!"" Hollywood. 

N'ational lottery olllcials report 
1C4 prizes from 10,000 francs ($700) 
to • million ($70,000) are waiting 
for their owners, who seem lo have 
for^otl('n to come and claim them. 

.le 1 ii-.);u(|iies Bris.'^ac ill I'aris 
Midi ruiuiiiiLC irit< i vlev, with Derval 
of l "oli<-s and V.ii na of C i.«*lno, pay- 
ite: tli.'ti, >v<tvo of pur it an L^m in 
.\ ire rirji ha* iSo chaii'f. pf sprMding 
( . I'ari.^. ' ;. 

Ili-niy Duverois. author, .tO fict 
.1 i uvat. of . ('orrtrnaudtjr. .<»(. li^'ifioh of 
-Hflitior iiext iii*»ir»oi,ftiiV, I^ftopard 
Bpr'nat-d of C'oinedio ' FriitiettJ'# ,'<(n 
b«/oks -f or . rank;';o^ 
«rf'-.Hoi»or. ,,;•>■>,: ; 

ff'om iymdt>h to try co^(|;iiihe« for 
■fWtnje , aiijp (Joniii'Iius.' her flrwl 
taU(cj'r.,\|ft-liirh ^iHb6•^^ shoot this ,01m - 
iher. -Kaj'.^ slie'.'V griing to New Y cu k 
Willi ,'tfort,v|;«^/»;tiir»ii-'.4M^ .^p- 
t ember. ■'- 

l.oiiis Joiivet rei) u ted inU ndint; 
'o put on iep(ilory al 
..Mljciie" 'Beniiee,' .sLirriiig \'alen- 
liiif' Tessier, I'hedrc' with I,ni jcfuie 
B'i'gaert, and 'K'V»!e de,-; I'', inn, 
v. flli .lo.^vel tunUM'lraiiif .N^«fidalai«( 

Max Hansen t^ Il^arlabad. 

':^iFi«Mpiita/-'«idili^ ■^■'■''■■^^ 

Sybllle Binder back from Paris. 

Vaud tax to ba reduced f r mi ISiK 
to 10%. " 

'Street Muaift' 160 up at Raimnni '. 
Jan Kiapura- and kartha 

'in-tdwn, ■■ ■ 

New batcft - Of BuDfariaa viMi(|«# > 
for* SiOabipri^^r V/' , 

Jiiw* aariallaad^ Ideally.^ ^ ^ # 
Adate Kern of Htatea ^rf ri Ijirrtiiii' 

casting In Cope^nhagen; 
Lehar's 'Gluditta' scorin|f at tkMI' 

Stadt Theater. Karlsbad. : ; ■ 

Hans Adler completed niuaical 
play, 'The liife of Rossini.' 

London nibbles for Kdmund 
ior's 'Die Boldene Meisterln ' 

Viennese Saengerknaben to . i 
in L(mdon in early October. 

Josef Gregor publishing volume of 
poems in Darmstadt, C-ermany. 

After Nero opera, Pietro Mascagal 
will write a Julius Caesar score. 

Franz Lehar composing weddin||r 
march for bis ifreneh adapter, Man* 
l»ey. z.^: 

Count Frans. pttbaky wrltl 
Pontius Pllata^^ ■ 1^ Wf 

Marion Wuensche* RielnKairdt atailv* 
signed artth v-< la r ^ l wi^^ •.'i n iMitra" : - --nii^ 
Piitwiia.r^,'::-' ^V. 

Ac<M>r4fili;;...tb rTl^hiia' ''*M^^ 
actress Fedak la wivtin« a 

conj^dy^, v, . 

Gilbert 'Inmr aiiwl family holiday- 
making he** ailtef' abort irtay M* 
Budaiiest.. : 

New sctipme for r«opanlng Cart 
theatra. which waa dark for flva 
solid years. 

Ministry of edqcation planninc 
regular R\a0^'//.pirtwn^ti(e^ 
.school kid.'i. ■ • 

Chrlstl Mard.iyn here after de- 
buting in the 'Young Itaron Neu- 
liaus" talker in Berlin. 

Ilia Byron- W'eidenholfer, prom- 
inent tigure in Prague soctatl^ V 
appear on N'ieniia stage. 

Frank l''ox und(>r contract to 
Joscfstadt to conduct revival of 
Italph Benatzky's 'My sister and 1*. 

P.asle tenor Kurt Baum to aing oih 
local radio, arid Invitied to give a' ' 
Brahms concert on Jan. ' Stt I* V; 

Gustav Froellch oiX tot Daimatiia 
to produce *Bosniaca^' talker atar^ . 
rinir BH«ltta • Hi^rtaii^ mmI. MUNk 

Hoerlgerij ;:'"v^v'.-^;-:;; \-y.^-^P' ') 
::'Jjiem-J-:Hm^i0^M':. ''Osaii*:.; 
if 'fteta^'K^; ''. 'iiroa#i»at' . i'tom i^imt^s 
Cip«ito«tomta.''.' in'' hoi^Qt^-'oir ■ jiMn-' '.' 
poseiKV f Oth birthday. 

With exception of Theater an der 
WIen and Baimund Theater, all . 
legit, music, and vaud houM«s dark 
over dead summer months. 

After starring in lOnglish version 
of I'Yanz Schubert talker, 'Unfin- 
ished Symphony,' Schuberl-Hann« 
Jaray vacationing in Mauterndorf. 

Kate Dor.sch, lycopoldine Constan- 
tin, Syballe Binder, Lil Dagover, 
Kathe (!old, Albert Bas.scrmann .and 
lOrnst Deut.sch under contract at th» 

O. I>. Premlnger back fr(m» lion- 
don, where he saw and liked 'Libel.* 
The Wind and the Rain* and 'La- 
burnum Cirove.' He will 6peif 'li||lty 
'Libel' in the fall. : 

l''ilm regisscijr Paul C/.irinalj^> 
telling local iriterVlewara that hla 
wife< Elisabeth Bergaeri 19'ill npt 
ap;p Mi» ; yip atlMi. ■^iti^v'OfjMii^.v 


San Francisco 

By Harold Bock . 

li A a tray at Xh^:.htmti-i6t-::^^--- 
Walsh. ■ ■■■ v , 

Mel ilartg.. ;agp]Ki;'9fgaM'i^^^^^ . 
Cajiitan. ' ' • ■ . 

Harry Maizlish and Frank 111611 iit ' 
are Warncriles in town. ^ 

I^ou Anger in town to 6¥era«» i;.' 
United Artists' reopening. 

Roy John.son leaving .Sunset jjN'Osa, 
for the isle of grass skirts. 

Mrs;- Walter Bc>ban divorcinii 

hubby, vwhOse band la liOW on Btis- 
sian River, W ■■■ 

pcRgy and Helen O'Nelil** k*d 
revile ihaktrig i^^ bow at ' 

the Warfteld. ,. , 

Boij Dbmah ba^' at Ws publicity 
typewriter now^ 4^ llnttaf Artlat 
is going .again. , . ^ 

After ( s heat, A. A, 
.*^eheeliler couldn l g«'t iise<l to tbo 
l''i isco coolness. 

Jack 1 '101 tor and wife ei» route to 
Tahiti, where tlVat'littfO- p; a. Wllt.d«' ... 
some pic work. 

Connie Cl.amiiett >>f 'Dninkaid' 
east hroiie her Wrist, but did a show 
bi forc dropping out. 

K.ty Thompson has permtlfieullilf : ■.. 
divorced Los Ao^eles ;to.-.Whri'' '•ii#^^ 

.'^'omrCQuldey's barid.'' S 
■■■^J}tMy. MacCioy'- lvtuf.n^^^■■■ta■'■'W*»yb'^-i 
Hopkins lA^ dha^^nt'E^r with wiiHairitHiv * 
Wabih band; ipftVIri^ I>ot Hill oiit . 

ll.diert T, Kaiie'and t^rlk Ch.'iie» 
up from tlie Fox lot to iireVlcw 
'Caravan' in Ortkiand. Ch.irell goiii<? , 
for a hit of art work at (!iini|>'>« 
while on ;i tour of the t(»wii 

I.ols i out of town radio .c\e. ,, iM 
town. iti-lii,in,r^^ .\ .Mc- 
I ..Mir.hlin, Bakerxtiold;; Ueoi »;«' l;-'***. 
.'I'- 'cioti. Nornian-^lidaittn; s<- 
i;ol. 'l.'r.itil , Wa*ihiUf5lo'n, D, '■(.'■. «"tl 

; jfiiKk cettiiiK Kliid hand. 

rtoil ileaiy iallboating to Catalina. 

l]na Merkel to Del Mar for re«tup. 
' CJcufk Cable In from week's ctuIbc. 

Jul** Whlt0 ^Jd^ opt «n <?*tft: 

'7/li*'tro. ■ ' J, v';, : 

'rUe pitik WriilateiB Kave a^6pt«d 
■^ ■'A l'ai>y. 

, Rui>fc "V^'v^lfe l^i<liUn> i»o4>pin^ to 

•• ■ ^'Rlta' ,C»re^' Vi|^t1drtr v jloweir - 

... /. saiiv . 'M''ar,*; ■ '. in'-; ■.irdiiv\':'y(^^»iiii . 

h-f-iV!*- ! ■' ■■.■■.•i^T-' '■'•k ■ ■ 
■ ' i ' na 0',Ct>ni»oi* tuvewHni?- in a Wal- 

V v Fi'y I'-ii'" f'niiu T flyiriK in 
;,';:.'jiri(ia I'lii. 

i'''-^^\n TCom.niy;' 

\y Kthcl li^^^ awiiy fof ; a BiJto- 

■•■Vl»f-;'i h vacation,- '■ ■ ' '■■ ,"»:'■ ■ 

5 Kitty ('uviisie M«^i>»ttlnr after 
■■':,K«'W York visit.- 

i; Shorirr and nu>5f»er Hto^Iptnl: 

■ at ili«> Miruniar. >: ■ • 

M;u-v. y Thrvvs a||i|yi|»^«f j^^^ 
' K .iitr.'in vacfifMi. . ■.'•■■.'•••v ' , 

ll« t Mrmheim sottlnji np his typ«- 

■ . Wi itrr at Mascot. . ■ , ^ . . 

'''■s. IJoy.l n.i. on arid t«ro .I0ae:9ii; 
'-■ Ht' iirtiitu' t(i K<u(>'<ir)c. . /; ' .• ' ■> • 
.vV' KiUiy I'olo dii<r»Kni !; lifter. iibf»i*W 
'.. .of I '_' ycrirs in Knr(i(><^ ' ^V, . 
> .?< an I l«'niu-f,'aii, liltn *-d «it Cinol 

J'" in for iiilt'i vit WM. .[^^^^ • ' / 
i'. I'-r F.nrrv in lrMiit/]h}'HUrOj^ ilnd 
; ■ ciiH (1 j)t C»»luiiilii,'i. ■. : . 
, .M.irion Kendrifk <'f the ^LlT- 
,,|t«i . ; ,tt«l l>v T yim VarrKpI. ' 
■. (>M-'jic S!i< i wiViinjir ■ th©^ i^^^^ 
■ .' \: '' fn use - at^ ' -Ca t j I ii n.a : ■■ '• ,V' : ■ 

■ ; . 4 r t Hiir taieekinans (,< Mi i*ia Sliidrt) 
^ >f a:iy«jc»«>nitifr nt Cannrl.- ; \: . . 
v::',r;Vn>V Cootier and.' frUiK ..(-p^lrtkril! 
■>iKl!. v.-i fn frmn Manlwilirrni 

' ! j'»h Bttinsr K«Tlnir tii ft.f: a flii^ivt'^ 
* -fiott' ii^rj her Bevbi'llft*. ' . 
'.:.'---:-:';,:ti*< .sam.iny'.l<eeH' i:nf:t\\n!x'yk 'liliif^" 
!■;•■. (iuy>l>'te ;fii^' l5i|li;th:Sheetii»tt<r' '.^-''v. ■■; - 
•;• ■•,r;^:;;.lS;- . ;Hobt>l^'' '>'«<cnW(ri(^||ll||ft 

"cv .}':^'ft to frl(r*n<i«! Imck' c:Vi«t, , 

V Tort) HinHf)'> -trau ^ja nd WHg' • 
;■, •i?^i*NP>ttijii;;4l|ieiatl*. :-for ^hiiri," : 

■ ■ :-'aM|iiaH*'» 'iPkiA : Uttmi^m 
to f ini'*'* bn hfer ftni|' 9$rthdny; 

; .I'larenipe ipfroWrti*'' ' readjMn^^ for 
o.!Biiii7»i»(^ah V tit Ik month. 

.flitaih O'B'lah* crulKini? ai)oard 
'•V ' John. Ford's yndit In Mex 'waterf . 

■ . Krie \VhyIr-Spit7. comint? to rep- 

teyfiit Austrian tiinrrs an<1 actor." 
; ; Morvyn I^o Hoy wrnrini,' tropical 
, ,?l#»ort.s and liplit helmrf on tlio FPts 
, TA-sfrr Th()m|).«on in fri>»n Frisro 
. anti oa.'^t for conffili at ll.iys oOice. 

rJeorKe Sidney beioR treated In a 
; tSjanf a mrban^ aan ttolf «t<»»n««'>i **! 

, ' .'<<■• Allor w.'illi t injT Arnli i;;s/i(1or 
' J'K : ;ilonp wilii Ills iH \ vv, Ilorb 


i.<"i Diamond far» w.«'Ilvd by ,Ben 
■. ■■ : ri-ai ;k 'and--, piiurty-:|fct:1lN!^'-:'|5oc«»»*wlr^ 

ili Kinp rharn« V 1I1<- » t\\' heat 
' %h:!f frn\rlirr^' ovi r <?•"-< rt hitlior- 

■ V |W;;i''l<s. 

; r.riricja Uolman , jRladdrncd hy 
y. 1^11. ■'; .T(»iijRt,,facltlii»:-'6*r/:.fl>r -Rct^tn^ 

t ti;, iKT. ■ .-^^ ■ 

l'>l>lip Chodefirty'.^fcoiiipirtg to PCT 
tiyout of hi."« play lit S<»tithanip- 

:':.\ton, L. I. 

" . ' ■' MTK'th ,'Ma« CTowaiv\<'e»-k-'endinR 
:, In i:oj-lnaJd peitny-»! ea^b Ar- 

u, -. . Ja.«'kl«>'-'<!deiouili4h;:':i*.:.'dt>u<jite'. iruBh 
, t>f .»>tM'epn t<*«(ttnif; wnd 8"*^mer 

tliigf hl8 litRbthorse Tryoii Into Fa:i"m 
Lives ot a i]nni?al. iiftct r.' . ' 

Sol SolinK'T tiring of indir ptr- 
centinK and l)a< k with Jerry Mayer 
iftft'or hoitiK out tlirc<^ years. 

W. U. MooriiiK' l»ere lo t;ullier 
yarn.s lor London Daily KIrprasf/ 
Kiliii W.ckly .md Film Fair. 

Hhoridan dliluu-y jilanninjr trip to 
Westport, ronii.. for looUsee. at 
drama on wliich lie colkibht'd. 

lUiil i;:ildwiii IcliinK tiial '(."asiiio 
do I'uri.s" is lii.-s 20ih >;(,'rooii pl'iy in 
his p;ist tlirrf >far.s at AVarni 

Mills ("roslty tnkiiif? his fraii from 
Ctilars of I'Mianon hospital, but 
leavins. t\vli}.s t<) incubate further.; 
, ^illlam A«Uhon.v AU-Guiro ucranj- 
fhinK to Habta Barbara to finish 
'Great 'Zir^K»'.oi<V *crlpt in hideoii:.- 

WaUaee MnffDonal* cop^hK 
PirilitptHh jl^u1,d 

cohtepi RponSf>rje>(I ; ^ml* '. <,.ry 

J imnile Fi«lf<fiir cornMlnK ^eit^ l^y- 
montl, ih?»*6thy li^, iiingit r ^ifi^' r 
and HuRs C'filuifnbp for ftl« flrtpWWbr 

Vaska' I^morii and ; Wother, An- 
hetta ])«rtlbii. suinff Van4}a'» !C4ff 
Cor $r>0.(H>»r^arp:lng ' to a <i j r <^ ^^ 
altercation. ' ' .y:^. ■ 

Malcolm .'^iiiart Koyiaitl In after 
^rettiiiK :.juvc;ninental okay at Wa«b- 
ini,'ton on hi' script of 'Air Devils' 
for Warner-. 

Loui-s LocifltT bai'k on Fox lot 
after year Kpcnt showinK latest 
cuttitK? j-iioni methc'ds to I>on<bin, 
I'aris and Home. 

VVarei' is i;raciously upcedinK up 
'Firebird' 10 d.ay.s to permit Verrce 
Teasdale to be free to wed Adolphe 
Monjou later this month. 

(ietievieve Tobin tilinf? cross- 
complaint tb Frank Joyre-Myron 
8<'lznick .suit, denyln>ir i^he owed 
aifency $',(!1'7 in 

>k»I L<'s.ser aj)d John Z.inft incor- 
.pbratinsr a** ' A'ihcrton I'roductions. 
Inc , anil as «iuch fatherinfr OeorK*^ j 
« >■ I irieii h>i:<y. opei'ai for Fox. I 

Fay llh.ildeeett; afiefl. fiye, an- 
»Wer<?fl ad f<,>r l^^dl© J'frjth Briti-sh 
aceertt). and tibW'- lM la pja'ced In 
&<fiti?cf4i 'IHiyiih iJojfperDeld 

the Mill Saxtonii bW«Mi w»t^^^ 

(Jene Brown away to the beiicb 
on vaeash. 

Whole town poured out for Hlpp's 
leiipeninK flourisli. 

Jolinny I'uyette is young eon ill at 
J< tin.s llopkin.s hosp. 

Jx>s Spoiuslor defeats the heat by 
wearing Bilk polo sliirls. 

iJurket. Kiiierprifcs rehabilit.-itinf,' 
ri'iiUiside nahe, Waverly. 

Lou A/.niel's talked about nows- 
■pai>ers at Kiwani.s lunclicun. 

iOvelyn Varden (Mrs. iiill yiiitin; 
u h i t; Wi^' #hart ,|»tftyinec - 


Don .'^penct r Jind bia P.edeuiiip ork 
up fronr Va. Hoach and into the 

I.»on. Hix* phiz, crywned with ad- 
miral's cap, on di^'play ta I^pr pho? 
to^^'s thow Window. 

i-^ylvia Kroos at real esfan- 
de.ilers' outing day before she 
opened at the Hipp. 

'Trail's Knd,' new play by . Ip*^' 
lad, Walker lirooks. produiC<B4. . by 
Jr. VaBf. lil theatre ganf,'. 

Fair of loeal?, Helen Meek.s and 
Huddy Monroe, warblers, current in 
lloor show on Southern Roof. 

Loew'.s bip money-making uptown!nenter, Parkway, Installing 
cooler. Uival Indie nabes' adoption 
of chillers prompted the move. 

Tbougb won't reopen till mld- 
Septmnber. tha arty Little fs install - 
ing a >bol« with plans to span 
.•^timmera W operation hereaftei*. 

(lens Fpfd popped Xfvw from 
Washinxtbit. whWit^-ha It ImildlnR a 
ioei|li.tal«tit thowr <o!r, LpaW * Fc». 
to se* the nv«^-bor^ JMt6^ aclon. 

Venice he wUi apend a month 'on 
Brionl before KblhK into Utiaala. 

lietty Ann Hagler ▼li»ltlb« ■ her 
pstferits here befora fetuWiln^ Jto 

aia;;e and I>itture Work In London. 

Harrison Lewis codfiing hore' froiTi 
New Vork to pick winnera irt. at, 
beauty contest and do caslilVe for 
a home talent picture.' r , 

Tommy Wuriu, ieoh ef Mlinl 
Youde, American danci r. and a 
Japaiv tic citizen, allowed to reuiain 
in this cuunity under/.':, ^^^)ibj|if",*^^ 
Alt\ .-lien, t.'umminf;.-^. ''' ' ' .'' 

'llell\A\ (>ch1 I'ru'eiiSi'i i d' now be- 
ins,' syiKlioatrd by tlie JieKi-^icr and 
Tribune here, crcatin^j (■• 'n.-;i«l< r.i Mc 
(li.-^turl aTii'c in tilm cir< Ic.'^, I'Ut in- 
ereaiuUr,' circulation con.'^idei alily 
in llic J-^unday Hep:i;;ler \\lii> li u.'^es 
it a.s a ri'to .section — .-^eius lini.e !iy 
Vern^H,. i'opa .in Hollywood thM 


pUM. of ■^.lei^tf.'CiiWMji'-.W *0' 
Attorney Cieh^ral'Honier S. Cum- 
min gH-cotildttee^ > It oii way to Hono- 
liilu; :-:.-;v\:i; ' .-v' 

Wiw; rMrtrrIs; JrW air minded 
ajgeitt, 'rtbl titit come throii^rh t 
way on his <nirreiit trip. ; With Abe 
Last f..-. I 1 riey"«puried .Jti-be'tter,;' t»> 
tnivel rail.. ■ ^.J. 

Me(rot>olitim lillMfO, t'lofiirtg oh) lot 

'^.iiWierftiilieiy;-'--; ■ "■-''•■"^ 
, ' lf:^ll!3L Mttliliiih^ 

Oft; blj!. ; tJittb pr'rnrik JRbnmti al»o 
::;0^.y/if^h^#rJ^.r .V 

. >^:-jf^jr:^.|iaiilt/''SVaterR, ^plaihnini?:' .to 
.|ii»lM .^jOr: ft;. j<cH6c)faer . b'^-JT f or, Pa- 
;■ .eific erufisifnff. - 

Maxle IU>senblo«)m ;itf«,yH hfi was a 
lUtJe too careful b«'Ut lir«h 

■.'il.«ee Il.'im.DK:e, 

iMiteh I'ettit hcldilitijr on 
•erutclios with bp tiroUcn in hor.-e- 
;. back mi.vliap. 

.Ta I If Coojier happy, over Bill 
w.iPli" t.ikinj.; Mm..'a|otig .on, the Cii 
: .J3V' DcMille trip. ■ ' ' ^ 

. i.^abelle I'dtiey. <;r<'tt( bc-auty 
I ' HUCefi, arri viuK with li' r ma for 
y etudid .nttenfiojti, 

Ar-erit,s cnTiceiiint; , t , be- 
tw'- n Toti. (>nloh^, iiit.vVand ^W*u» 
^ !■< • 1. ( ' Siil!i\ an. " ■ : ' ' ' 

1 •• , ,M < , V. r I. \ t.ickle, 
; iet riiit in the Warnf rt n.irc I'orta- 
tlofi merit. 

y I'lcn, tbrice^ wt«kly Sp«»fd, .Xen- 
, dfin'-.- cobiiT.n hnn hrr,( tiif.':'^lfj^'.-1tlt:'- 

; ,■ litn-*- 111 iiif Tiin^'^ ; . . -■>•>. ■■"• ■' ■ 

IVTr; Jot* |?rowii nixT kida eur- 
vrJf^i^t. hubby with bb'brt^y rift'- 
<\n the Warner lot; . - 
\ ■ (.;erji|[V'»eK|flie'»Anjil ;.Biir;:tfiiift,b«|p;n. 

r-ht*^:r€!int{it(i^ tar ,':ai». 

v;..ftp^k'«ff^bi)»)r- '(ka-' * b^.v,.he;,r.ay%'-«wf., 

(Continued from pa4rc 36) 

by Al Bates and wires were put in 
so that the two putting on the pro- 
pr.'ini could t;ilk to each other al- 
though sixty miles apart. Butler 
furnished thp music from Omaha 
while I>eMoHs continued his talktnfc 
an^slijifrinfT from Lincoln. , 

The two made the whbl« thini; 
rather informal and sort of Jet the 
listener in on their conversations 
between nur?^t)ors by aittiply talklnir 
ba^k and: fofth 6vcir't|)« aif^^ iPro- 
i^?jun. aho\ve<r untistiiil Itat^r in- 
t*r9i»t even thowi?J» It 4» bqa «ff «ita- 
tlon'tif. flhleat: .ftrngrajiiHi ^nd, itfcfttieaa 

^'reate*t ornitnint of fan iria^. 
Rram is a sort of aenil-ebtniiherclnl. 

CharU.te, N. r. 

A Hohd week of American I^-^ion 
prot'rains-. varyinj? .frotn a 
irame to a beauty, were 
handled by WSOC . exclusively for 
the lotarp«»«t;- ■ 

lliprh Spots: Wre the Junior base- 
ball ,team*i* meet With a rl-vAl cltv-, 
irt which ; irt^aa Jciftien^ interest, 
and a daily plvsiiattaiibii^^^ the Le- 
glon. bereufy ^ ■ pft Hf eaX t be ing atag ^ 

at the arnioiry^ auditorium, rogetbcr 
wlih- danee iiiuiuv- .|»ittyed for ; the 
beauty:' eont^rt ^'halfAJ' ' 

, Landmarks at Theme 

• ' • AVilminKton. D«lv 

Delaware: 1b be<'oW]nK history- 
wise throjilL'h the effort.'' of C. C. 
SapdeVfim. 'and hia' weekly , ,wi <v:l 
prD«rri^V ;H if tbf le itAmbHnKPV 

Altlti^illt. ^ m.; t^tumt / ■ ■P.cruis-yl.- 
vanrav,.-fllii*deyi«)!»''''.|Hia'. .'liiiidf •^m-'--%^ry. 
detailed stii'cfy of the fimtirf and 
histbrtci scenes in the nelirhbpr : state 
and Kives hfs o,Kdic;ncea j^rapnlie and 
hlkhlj^ IntcirestifVf deiwSi^ : of 


^vy, Wii^Uw^loW -Carnrva^^ ■ '':'.\' 

. Al UosenburK a. good fisherman. 

»*l.ark Beldln to Spokane for emcee 

t;iub Victor, Lieut. Gov. Vic 
MeyerH' nlte dub, turning 'em away. 

KeiBit Jybow^en*; j*M»^^ of Met 
t mm 4ai*;- WtlMlMf ducat s at 

lx.hgaei^'-r^ce;-Mtii»:ti:- : w'-^ ' . . 

Frank ■■Ke^ma/iMii'Vm^ - and Al 
Finklestern in -..It* ft>r aabther 
week on annual film buying jaunt. 

SiKn in front of Old Town 11 all. 
doped month aRo, still reads, TiSow 
I'layinr :'TI!l<|'.,.;i4at flound^^i^' ■ :-.It 
wa.-i. ' .■■•"^.'■v' 

Rodney PantfUres In the City, 
!o..kin(? af ter ' W* Pan buildinp, 
whero: 'thiAtr*./^jNMM»' . .hai. ,;Juat,;.«x- 


Paballero beer spot usins con^iid- 
er.nblo talent, includina; 
Daniels as emcee, IjUfj^'' '0i0ISlltllM- 
and Mariacco TaRayoshl. ; ' ' 

llal Grayson band, with Martha 
Tllton, booked for thre* weeks at 
Club Victor •tayint 10, to elose 
Aug. is. Qraysimrftiaefc , W Hotel 
Rooievcih, WAj. . • ■ ' ■■■■'"■■„. 

Keighley 4 Hitoa<»M book *Casa 
Nova Revua' Irtto' lianirIck houses 
In Portland and taeoma Weeks Aug. 
17 and 24, with Music Hall. Seattle, 
,». i|!wae «Miliy..i a ^i a »lai p tfi ' -, ■ v 


By Jama« T- Wyatt 

President Rnoiiiev«lt ;dir*Ppe.d .iB 
from Honolulu. 

Pol Milne and his band h.'ive 
rnoved to the Arab Inn. nite spot. 

.lack B.iin. of (Mub Victor, i.l.jns 
A branch In Seattle. Spots will al- 
fcr*iij;t«' handSi 
fta»^a tth a atr a iB Q bilft' ^.tt a ite^ fnr 

n thr^rday a^y Ja ©fc^iWi of H. K 

Ilowaird; fl**di» froili here to the 
ChlcaKo fair. " 

Helen W«ibi8teri Who iised to bo 
KUW's ether sweetheart jintll she 
errit niarried atid-bfeairo Peel- 
er's; canie back to tlie burg for a 
Ktay imtil Kovembcr. 

Auto and doR raciripr are added 
distractions of the Multnomah 
county fair, ."^peed bowl events are 
! rondi ast by KAI.«E. Tr.ainers have 
sorne 300 lior.^es ftnfl 100 dops 
stabled at the bowl. 

Membhis. ' 
NBC' is pl.innin!? to gO Into the 
sticks and pick Up tbe wnt'*'^'"*^'**" 

ca r n : v.'i t at;- ■ -Wa t,ir>r i'-.,yipilley, .- , Mlss v 
Ami:. IC. '^l -r' '••■■^ 

lifa Kal.n w ill do the enriouhclnf.' 
and tH^ prirtrr.-irn lasting- tbfr(y.min> 
uteF wii! he,,han,dled'thiw<Hrh ^ 
M^ml1)l!'•^ ■ ' '■}' y ,■■ 

Brcadcast Funeral 

Chnrlofc, N. C 
A fun'-ral wa.« hrr-.Td'-.'i'-'t f"r tli' j 
first time : In lbl« na-^ i- n v. \i< r, 
.WSOC put the last rltif-« fop; Iw n ! 
Blake. i»asp»»lia# eWy >>ll«a;«^^^^^ 

'/"Sroridca'Kt >OriM'ln*t«d :-:ti»,! ff^H ] 

. Moines, 

' v^' A-.'" .Hl:"i9laiiik ,^to,- N*w Tork on -aft-' 
•other. huslifiews'-tHp.'-'. '^^ 

Ti-l-f^tates to hfi ve conVentl6n for 
mann«erH this irnonth.i 

The G. Ralph Br.into)rM?/wM5i«tlbn - 

Ib^r at Gull lake, WlBij, ' , r.-:\\ . . 

Mr.«. Blank jra^fi * "tag ' dinner 
for Ifi, honf>rinrf A. H 's blrtKd.iy, 

Sehor f Joolsbif s Tiewta' company 
tbroiu'h town on way. to Mexleo 
f'U'.- lut T)n show here. 

I'.-'v rt.flin, pubM'i'y mana;rer, 
(VriT;'] S'at.s.-, finndM^i': the mike 
rn th'lr radio ad vfTtK^lnfr. 

T 1 f^i' n< r c< tit Inulner to fli'lit 
t,>V,t*'.tts i t piiiperJv own*'" af^.Ttnf't 
•fit'- new I'O f>f"» n.-^tic h' U--. 
: ■■■ii(,:;.inc'n& , f}in*-itn esbltnjr from 

'y':ry- W^V'P<*'^'»f».y • 

ATorty Henderson at « \'in field, O., 
i:i:Mia!;infr a prey hound race traeic.; 

Judith Anil'rscn due in for re- 
}■: -arsals Willi i'itlsl.ui>;li Civic 
IMn > liouse. 

Charlio Daiiver, I'ost-Gazclte 
oduiunist, Uking his «>«{|Sfttlbn 
in nine years. 

Floyd Egrgers, m;rr. Belr»iar, 
used to be a cartoonist oii the Jack- 
son (Miss.) Jouiii.'il. 

The John Harrises are picking up 
a sunburn in Atlantic City, • Par- 
oihv Bushey also there. 

Jerry May hall's wife and kiddies 
to Upper Sandusky, O., for the re- 
mainder of the summer, 

Huth Jamison, former ciffgle gal 
at the Plaza here, now in ensemble 
of e.ife in Noo Yawk. 

riarry iSiff. boy who has a 
bit in 'She Loves Me Not,* here 
vacationing -ior couple of days. 

Geprg<? 8h«ifcr, I'itt owner, slipped 
into town for few days, but says 
fall policy hi^H been determined. 
,joe '■•f*mi'a' -i-yiBsiie^ '■wrecked in 

York, an* W?!^^^^^^^ aportlnf 4 new 
one, ■ . •■■ . ■■ ■ ■ ■ . ■.' ■ . . 

Rotund Johnny Perklrii, the .Mrs. 
and Ruth I*ctty b«r« fgr^tJ"*"*^' 
days en rotite to' NewyXork. from 
Ht. Louis by a.tito. ' ' 

H usk O'Hat'e, at Byerly Crost for 
fortniKlit on a guara»lt*Be .•against 
a perceut.'iKe, drew doWtt double his 
guarantee for his end. 

A. Monlamie Ash, CO-aUthOT Of 
'First Tlicy Whi.sper.V neW play 
tried out herw, hitch-hiked Jfrom 
New York for premiere, 

Harvey Caul, I'ost-Gazotte crlck, 
dividinf? bis summer between golf 
and musical composition.s. His 
dauf;h»er, Inne, made her stage de- 
but last week with Civic I'lay bouse. 


Maureen 0'SttUt^ <N# In.. 
Howfu-d dohovfer flguHiiir ottt nt^ 

ga^H for Imperial. ; 

Tom Kirbv Bloganlng Tnttmbs 
down" to thumb jcrkers.' . 

Amu.«oment parks biHIng free ad- 
an l s fiun ex^ 

Vautie with one pic eonUng back 
to Locw's next month, says rttnior. 

H n Atterberry hdld$ pver 
, 'Drunkard' ' ■ecoi|w5l;';'»a»lf it^. 

■'cabaret. ' ''V'^ 

Victor Geortje, CKAC ma.nag|fr,^ 

broadc.i.^ting Knipire ganies fr<>nn| 

London. .. ^ 

IMiil Lalonde, CKAQ., director. 

In und.s r ine-jputider-^^loiidf y r*^^^^^ 

blue eyes. * . v 

John 1 "arrow in town, looking for 
sub-teen age kiddles for screen tests, 
tried out couida bundrfd:. al Cap- 
Xtol without results. : v' f : :. 


t»yrlc. ' ■■ .■.•.„• ..' .• ■ 

Albee Sister** TakUde\nuWiw»i. ya«»- 

tloning here. ' ' 
Shubert dramii aaaaoii «che4ul#d 

to start Oct. 29, jj -^ 

Fan dancing all the vogM* in,|0<Wil 

night clubs ugaiii. 

Columbia e.xchange moving **«t 
week into larger quarters. 

Mother of Barney Cohan. Mono- 
gram salesman, pas.vcd a\s.iy. 

Ben Asli, nian.ager of lir.ilnerd 
theatre, Hraincid, Minn., a vinitor. 

Halph Branton. general inanagtw 
of 1 : 1 a n k'a-l»w%. i^ifmitipl^ on; f'tt/m; 
cat inn. 

V. K. Xetzini-'cr, RKO bonker, va* 
iati<inlng In nortliern Minnesota 

italph Curclofinl, veteran n»u«i- 
clap, fatally irtjtit*d in automoHttf-'' 
accident.l ■ 

Jim Kecfe here from Milwaukee 
to supei-vise AValkatlion for Saxe 

Little Opera. C!8*»WtiBy>-at , Lft^ 
Harriet, city iljaf^f siirtti* »# 
adihifesions.--,:..-.::: -r.'V 

.yw«^ mbrd 8|ta^« attractions, Guy 
Lombardu and Russ CplonabiO, 
booked'; for ■■BtdtC,'- 

Herb rauli Star re-:wrtte 
brbadcastipg n<BW« .oyer W.COCI^ 
'CBS'.ch^tt''»tR:f(i9."'' ■ 

Herm tiH Wfett bi^ f An d Rygeir^J 
here from New "Tork to addf 
Fox sales' itteetlng. > . . ' 

Wife and son of I* 15. Goldham<» 
mer, liKO exchange manager, va* 
catloning in Alaska, 

Bobble Jellison. formerly WCCO v, 
sound technician, joins NBC 
Chicago as noise maker. 

Carlton Buffus, Publix prase 
agent, managed Century during, 
Harold Kaplan's vacation. 

Morrio Abrahams, local MG ex* 
plolteer. piloting Mary, tiM( 
noceros, through territory. 

Lillian jfenven. Witfner Brothor# >: 
8e<*retYn >% >*ent nil way to Pensa- 
cola.^Fla., for her vacation. 

E. C. BuiTia^b8r former St. Paul 
Orpheum nwnajMr, how a Fliiit» : 
Mich.. «xhibi •-•to;-|l^lii,^Cj«Mi-' tuii:..^: ■ 
cation.' - :'-v ■VV^'v^-^'v ^•■ " 

Rlngllng: Brotli*W-Biirndn» • 
Bailey circua paaaiHi^i? lip Min- ■ 
ne.-i pbl Is t h is auhliner tor flrat tl<ki«i 
m TR years.' ■ ^x. 

Krn 'neons newspaper dl.spatches. 
h;id Cliailes .Sljeekman, father,,ft< 
Arthur, i nstcad -C^f --'IHMft^f .VpM^^ 
(iloria .Stuart. 

►Six-hour Ktrcamllne alihninum 
train ser\ice between Minneapolia 
and Diicago to be Inattflll^ated,-!^^^^ 
Burlington railroad. ■ 

Mannie Sgutt, formerly Wrttik ■ 
Universal at Omaha and Denvwy • 
Joine.l sales force here, auceeedkMr'V; 
Joe KaliskI, resigned. 

Bet timing from Minnesota vaca- 
tion to New York, Sinclair Lewis 
told reporters film versldns of 'Ann 
Vickers' and 'Arrowsmlth* w©i# 
'iousy' and 'line,' respectively. 

Bennie Berger. bvvner 0| Inde- 
pendent ibaatr^ chain lind former 
Northwest AUijNl M^imt:. sNMldenti 
off 4^ tHMe nidii^ IH|^ «roii«4 

Because i40h4dA Byttip)^ 
thestra playa In film ^Constant 
Nymph,' W. A. Steffei Induced 
Journal to have Us mualc orl^ic Kiva 
attraction a long revl^;^' llitf^ 
to usual film notice. • ' 

Out-of-town exhibs visiting Film 
Row Ineluded S. M. Grengs, Lake 

i--i*on 1+ttt'kley, lied wood - 
F.alis, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. C. H. 
I'.ritton, .St. Charles, Minn.; Carl 
Sather, Annan<Iale, .Minn., nnd 
9inM.h..:Br<.thers, Men<iiiiineo, "Wis.?' ■'■ 


' By: ■Harofd ; HI. Bohe,.,:: r'.'; 

i jiii^ iSaUson out of hospital. 
Attdr iWtt* back on job a,t Hpgev 

■Shie^nBl»»l^i^"^^ ,;: . :.:("■ 
Vaiial bathing beavt •ortteata 

croppln<lr.''Up.':; ■ •■v ' '. J: 

LoQks like Ben Cbhen^cts-a. B 

nuida cruise. ■ ■''ij.L--: 
Karl Peck's brr h gets a wfeck .on 

College stage lit). ■ .."■.)'.■.' ■'■'::'. 
. Little dr)Uf-h bcljriig- /■8i>eit*,'^.;::at 

amusement jiarkn. ..-.v ; 

c.ono i;r i -s;i H aho.tbifr'^.aitti .'Of 
those proud falb'-i . ; 

ChriH Joyce nml I'aramtowbt'. trill 
part f</r sii'-rt vae.ash. ,, , 
: William HarrU'ari guest -starrlhK 
;forK('Mi\' .Creek I'l.-iVf rs. ' ', ■ ' 

A rrV't.jr r. lo xif:- r the day's work 
goe.iMg with Hnrry Shaw. 

F-YaneiM Jo.-innes getting in a bit 
of Stony cre(;k s<"eho deslg?>lhg. 
* Stage stult at thev botlego; initkes 
Bill i6'«?ohhell feel mdira i,t h.ofrieii 
' TbeyVft .bringing^ six Cheitor Httl«v 
gIrH' in ,' for .beauty ■•|lo.i|jr...;.*l;:itt>e. 
t'olJege.'' : 

. Cora WHherspobit gue^'t-stofred 
wiih Btahy Creek' I*^^^^ In 'Her 

Mf!-'ter'K:VoicW.' ' < 

VaJerie <•<< 'ntx heps JHn';y' 
I'^ivefB f<,r te,m;^»y^^nr>^, '.»t«y...y'wU'h' 
Ne<ep»»irt -trrrijpft,.: /-: :;]'/' \''.y 




The Leo Marshes off to Cape Cod. 
Lots Moran here several days a 

. -jtoll! j Pe tera here_ en. route to 

Capo t,"<jd. 

Helen Hoklnson a flrst-nighter at 
the (Country Fl.iyhonse. , , 7,''^ 

South NOrwalk ||^^fr:|||^v^^ eai^^ 
preriilcre of 'Clipopaflli/' , ' " ' 

Jo^^pb vMoaahan. foMaer *6it6ri 
n^^.>peraf|n« lko||eir Ziudlow hofet 
■■yv/fi^m Farrptt Mkillnfe -f or liusttia 
next- week to do serleii «f .ma^aicinn 

Lawrence li^arighpr vwiU not do 

,Sh.avv's .0a.-.v.t«|iaiii*'.' MH' ' ' 

,^la.nned..■^:\v,■.^^^..^'■y, ■'■ 

l'< g*?y Wood rn.'iklng a t>* 
nppenrnnee with 'lljindy Andy 

;-■••! frifi Td. 

Hugh OConnc II is visiting Clrant 
Mills for the,:: l!lt|lV'i!lfe*kie!nd/-:-<if- 

hf>u^•elluntlng. , ' , / ' 

.Ml -. Lroek Pemberton d' sirred 
c.'.tunif.s for 'Mlde and Feck,' try- 
oui hrr»' this wr<:k, 

Maiiei Drjwns scores a hit In /her" 
coji<_^ri_appe;i taiiCiV:, ti.:iih 'ftinikiii«toyi' 
orc};ej:-fa at 'Music 'Iliii. 

.vrfckr-y MacAiiriey Ifere for J^iW- 
rf nca .8r>h#abi opr-nlhg. /Will inan- 
,age- ,'^Htd*' 'iijdrSt^ekV'^l-'iJlftrtHHelit-r 
theatre; ■■ '':' ".'"•■ ""'^x.''.- 

'Richard,' B'»'rth'r'lt''jti(^si • 'held ^■■.a 
■■uhloh.'. .wl'th''' ■I.'>ot-.r.i,t i.,y.,.- ^<^^;■{;,•■|^iakii^y.. 
ft'iTHt li fh e t he t ot ri . i- ieaiiiii; 'feh'iTfhi^t ' 
invyivrp,,. r:- ■'- .•■,,.•■=;■,.■ 
■• \' .'Sanrir :;; Be^x-e i'ef,. .urawt • :,sf IcK '■■'to- 
.grfher. Kd,di,^„ Craven,:, out of ti e 
ea,j?.l> ' kliiy.q:' ,»'.»,■ 'fffyT'-'t^'O'-. !*T'.'»-e..VI.!thrn's 
■pia^e-at' .t'^>nt'h';^'X>«.-U'a.i'<, v»v^iii^ :jat'*' 


tViesdaj, August 7» l9il4 

Hot On Fox- 

(Continupa from Piigc 4) 

Warner Rros. imllvidiially or In 
ebmbination with othors (oxrcptins 
LiOCWHi. Itok't'fs puitl he wns not 
prepared to aiiBwor that q.viostlon. 

flRrtedman, gcnorai bbunsol for WE!, 
; was at lloKors' side but Inforposcd 
no answer. NtMlhcr <liil lie ai>ptar 
in any way in behalf of \V»irni rs on 
tlijB prooeedinKs. . ' v ^ 

; ludise MacH, wltli the i?pni«io6l ,91 

^iHftoItJcrs' comniitteo Whose 
|>Ian is iin.Ur ootisKlcTatfon; acrrwd 
to (Tive IldHei"; Kt tlay;^ in \\)ii( h to 
aubmit his l>Jaii^ potlinp next hoar- 

After rttUllning the Kitti.itijOh as 
It stands now and llstorilniT to fur- 
tlier ol>jf •tion.s to the ori^iiial re- 
organisation piopoaalj^uUge Mack 
lliik«4 it tlv<?r9 ^vore ttiw^^"^ 
<ifiltiwi'-ij>xi\;!l: otic,; Jlogelw tMjoated, 
tot, nitnd. aiict h* nsWed for more 
time to work it out. Other tlian 
refu-slnij to ariswer wli- thcr W'l?, or 
©ttlW^w a^lf^hc^^ would have 

iaothihlfr tiit ??OTt«»day»* ii<rtsrli^^^^ 

..• ,5''P^g;e -^I 'ok liad Indit atod prior 
to dC'Vcli'.iiDcnt of tlie U«.i;ers plan 
that in view of llio fad that ll-.ere 
wer^ ao offi>i-» VP for Fox-M<'t, that 
fM> t^X>itldr .taU<^ li!^^^ advi.scniont the 
oW6?rtloita ra Isod ; to tho Initial jre- 
brganlJi.itrbn BchGhie ahd await set- 
tlcment of tlio question of the indie 
bondhol'li r petition to reorKaiiixc 
Pox-M: t under the Corporate Bank- 
ruptcy Act, He. issiied a attty against 
fiirther proceodlflffs In iKti mdtter 
Thur.>^day (2) and the next day an 
appeal was taken from this stay to 
the Circuit Com-t of Api'cals. Judse 
Ifantoi^ had ruled that sitch: an ap 

with SI:oiit,is IJio-, and Ilaiidl"i\a 
inaltit-'uiiiiK the nuirkot should he 
opehefi \,o otlipr Qp_*:»ratoy8 .^'h'> 
nilKht bfe \i^hted or af«> IwW^ 

As sirM'-nly as throe hoiidhMlderi^ 
tfot a pctitii>n to throw Ko«-Mt,>tro* 
|>olHal» Into bankraplcy. (whlje a 
reorgaolj^tloirt a# -a^^ 
portittrtirj and otter .£rd^^ IjOPVi'-War- 
n»'i- for its ' pur<?]|i».Hfl«>/ under 
eon.sidcrat ion. Jiist' as slnldenly Fed- 
era! JudSoMit*'l» durin;^' tlic past 
week atupP«^(l 1 all procevdlnBn In 
bankruptcy 90 that' »t»att«Wi p^Alw 
■liefore him rould so forward. As 
a coiiseiiueiire .Tiidu'c Mack s<>t 
yes(cnlay (Monday) for anotlier 
hearing inlu ^ the .Fox-Met offer re.* 

CoincUlcht wli:|iv;#t)^plalftk^t<> 
Federal Trade CoiWnfeil trt Wa^^ 

in^'lun hv Cheater New York ex- 
hibitora that • .tt<'(ii*>»'>tion o£ Fox- 
■■M'etro|iKi»iltia-tt ■::;War«'eritjbe 
rtilgivt '<>r*>nfte a a 

the WH-f^oew bid for th« hoiises 
was witlidr i\\r» on notic© to Jud«re 
Mack. IJotli niove.s came a dis- 
tinct surprise. The withdrawn of- 
fer Of, WU'-I^OCW in particular g;ave 
rise to POiiiWtrferaMe apepiilatlb^ : 

AVhile the effort of Now York ex- 
liib.s, fhrouKh tlw' Independent 
Theatre Owners' As3Mciaiion, to 
protect themselycs ' against >yhat 
they vlsloncil as too great a-domlria- 
tion of metropolitan N. Y. by I^ocW, 
may have bi-cu back of the rc- 
nounc" ! off' I', it is reliably rejiorted 
ljoe\y'8. Inc. wa» not afraid of this 
at^ ■ Ati;*' ■ . t*ie i^O A' 4mim ' the ;• l^ai 
wei&lt haij dispatched Lowell Mason, 
former I>arrow Itecovery Board 
counsel, r ecently r. tained by this 
organization, to Wii.shinKton to out- 
fUoittkm for ajfipeal tirouA^ have toljtn^ tW» i^rifloiis a WB-Voew 

go b<>fore the fUll eourt at the fall 
term. MeattT'rhUe answer to the 
original bankruptcy reorganization 
pf^tition signed by Judge. AVoolsey 
had to be Ih iibi UitiBi thtut I^M^ 

■ Aetloirt bjr Aug. , 1« 

Indications are that unless the 
Itogerl plaii receives ct^nsitieration 
and' i>ra^<im ierbj^ot hot re- 

moved, action may be expected on 
Aug. IC or shortly thereafter. 

Archlbal 1 Talmcr, attorney for the 
jtlir^ bondholders sopking, io . reo^r- 
jBAnit© Fox-Sfet as a debto# cor- 
poration under the new bankruptcy 
laws, wa:j in court yesterday (Mon- 
day) to object to the rcor- 
ganliAtipn proposal for FpxnMet 
oiAtMy 011 th<ei grouhda that fo^ iHbt- 
sey, Stuart & Co. It was a plaything 
and that they could control It in 
any way desired. 

Paimi^, ijlted tbat rec^^^ the 
Iboittfa Kfi ' iw^'Met have igoh« iH^ <6r 
down sharply. lie wants to know 
who causes the ripe and fall. Judpc 
Mack interposed that he never knew 
the pers , al holdings or interest of 
m«intMHE| com 
• li l dtiew iiut Bftld that h e would like 

acquisition of Fox*Me|;, Indjis. con- 
tention all along lias been that 
Loew's vvC'Uld so rule tiie N*ew York 
situation on product and In many 
p^er iiraye as to iitoperil the un - 
(tfnllated exhibitor in Conipetition 
with that circuit. ' • ' 

A de.'il for Fo;:-M.'t would also 
have greatly weaken< il UKO's pos-i- 
tlon In Metropolitan New York both 
as 1(0 ,^lieati?ef and ftivO Iiadio X^c - 
tures; ifot mt'hiton.a poOTitbW rte 
strlctlon of film jtepply bci-ause of 
stronger buying power by I.oew's. 
Radio product stood to be replaced 
in ani^imd 4& Ban4f<^rc$t (iiinzler and 
Frti^>'" 'lKB«i!(5i;: v|hf6okIyn alorc 
which hav(i;'i!(iatf been pltiylhg Metro 
pictures. '" f . 

When I^oew's pulled but *>f 'be 
combined jo/fer to buy Fox-Met w jth 
wd -ipif ^ J-iWiiy:!*^ ■ ■.modi^r:;a«- 
thoritative .repior^ were that Fox- 
Mot bondholders were prepared to 
accept the $-1,500,000 l)id in prefer- 
ence to the propoj^ed rcor>;anl7.a- 
tion plan wbtch now remains the 
only matter :9tii Which action im- 
pends, with brie 'oaEbept Ion. ' ^hls Iw 
the effort of three Indie byndhoMors 
to clear the way for reorganization 

to ktiow. ^iTibn asked by Palmer If 
he would order inff)rmatlon in this 
direction, includln|r how much in 
ieQiirlttea : At:'.^^ comtnlttcc 
Snelnlbci^i. Imd oil bcih^ appointed 
a<id ,KbW* much has bceti acfjulred 
'■lijuce, the > ourt did not answer. 
, ^ttdge Mack indicated, however, 
Uiftt he had received no complainti 
from credHorii aga^lnsi: the commit- 
lee's rbbrgiinijjatlbn p|ai^*: i^^i^m 
that ho always gets a \<ii'i)i$,';1^ptu. 
In cases of this kind. 

Among other things, Palmer at- 
tacked .'ts eh reorganization 


Wlion RoiKliiiK for Miiil fo 
VylltlFTV Address Mull Clerk. 

ijirtKMi adVrrtiskd ith 



t*v»Ile''''nnVs'" ,'' 

wfiiti> rtohtrt: - 


tin w 710 St. 

Now York City 

~tH9 Nrt» Assnrlmtnt ol (;|{l'.i;riN(. 
CARI1.H Is >ntt Kondy. 21 Ili-fiMfiful 
GARlMt alMI rOl^ntSKH. lUiMit, VMi* 

of F-M umier tne Coi'porate~TtnTrtr'=- 
ruptcy Act,: a moye that was inter- 
cept^ tititft When Jiidge 
issued an order staying all such 
procedure. The bondholders on 
Pi'iday (3» went b» :' re Jrd;,'*^ Man- 
ton: in the Circuit Court of Appeals 
in an effort '^o 0y-irt«l«tle the' Mack 
restraining order. 

WB Started Bidding 
It was \'Varner l!roH, which 
briginally sought a JS'cw YoJ^'ls c'*!- 
cult of Its owH; bidding f!!.8<^^^ 

for Fox-Met. Imin<'diMt<'ly I.oew's, 
which last season had all of the 
AVanuT product in N'«'w Yurie an<l 
this year Wilt have half, put in an 
offer |itsi>It, (ftt^l^^^^ 'in- 
nounced it Was .prepared to go 
higher. Then the iWo clrniits got 
toK<'ther and combined tlioir offors, 
Loew's to get everything east of 
thf ,; lja4isoii, ; rIi?en;;.-WI^ 
Meli^'hoti^ciif ,^:-^he'''We»t:.'. ■ 

Siapposltlon how is that operating 
and nim pirodufi unib rsiniidiiius be- 
tween \VU and L.oew as well as with 
the; SkoUrasrHamifofce^ m^^ be or 
hayi^ -v'beeh' 't^t)^J^':M;'' ■>to-'" .'bther 
roaWbn ean ^ie'Se'en for sirddeh with- 
di'awai Of Lo' w's from their view- 
point aside Irptn wliat W l! pjay do. 

.1 niX^p !liack*l*:net [on en.)oin ins any 
I >ankrOpicj!i» . pptriccwli ng.s .of ;l'*iix ' Met 
c iH i te; wWlf i l y " ioli t* ve nf aa e w ■ 
:imit); seir< dtilrd for TlitM'.-.l.iy 
niorriiiiu I ' I. .■II whieh many pei-'-niis 
wrj e to ?>•• i|liesl ioned, fneludin-^ 
e'\eciili\'es of lv>t.i\ WrV'^^^r: i}ro.s. 

and Luuw.'s^ IliMB. 4i>PMi;iM)Ux \^*< 
lurried by the brd^ of ant&tKeir Wd* 

oral .ludKe, .John K. Woolsey, In 
ujr.intiug a petition of b«»ndludders 
for a reorganization of l''ox Met un- 
der tho new Clorporate ]t»jfmKKuptcy 
A(^t rthd airectlnir namerbiiir persona 
to ai>piar for examination V)efore 
hipeciul Ma.ster John 10. .loyce, Judge 
Mack acted on his own cmn-t's mo- 
tion laatftying, ajil sjljuh procedure. 

In a W^f 'i^^ 
Judge Mack, vacated the order for 
examination as .scheduled Thursday 
(;.') and decreed that all proi eedin>?a 
unJer the Jii4gc \Yoolsey d»'cision 
be staSrwiftntt >nJ«»ined until further 
not ice of the U. S., District Court. 
Me also note4 that ail proceedings 
in the J''ox-Met matter aa a dpbtor 
corporation, other than petlti<>iia or 
motions ^ . W noted for hea^rlhg 
before his «tpttH also ha atayed. 
Hilt* Aittai^ Aetlort 

lOffcct of Judge Mack's order was 
10 temporarily, if not permanently, 
set aaidei the itctlbh that had beten 
takf^A in .t|»a petltlwi ©t ■ SAmuel, 
Jfibbb and Herfcwt-' M, Adlcr, 
bondh<>lder.s, to reorganlsie Fox-Met 
under the bankruptcy law.s, a peti- 
tion which they had succeeded in 
Kct tins Judge Woolsey* also of the 
l'>d:'lsi*jir?»^'t» alirn. ■ ' 

Justice Mack made an effbrl to 
stop everything else on Fox-Met 
outside of his jurisdiction by re- 
straining creditors and attorneys 
from' tak4nflr:'''.:tttHl^|itr''''']rin»i^ 
w I tli respect to br attc<JtJ^/;,ip^ 
erty or assets of P-M. ^ ' • ' ■ 

Tie noted in his own motion that 
the Adlor bondholder petition was 
filed when Po-x -Met as.sets were in 
the custody of tha "y< tj. pistrlct 
court through itir receiver, Irving 
Trust Co., and at the same time 
that there was pending in the, 
equity side of the Federal court a 
motion to apiMroV^: a plan of reor- 
ganliatiohl' plan, together 

with the $4,50(»,000 combined offer 
of Loew's and WB to take over 
Fox-Met, has been up for hearing 
on numi^rou* occasicma r^eceptiy but 
adjouirn'Ml''. ..iwltii"-' ^'velop- 
ments occurring. Most suji'^iatnf; 
was the Adler petition for reorgani- 
zation under the Corporate Bank- 
ruptcy Act, the development. Judge 
Mack AtUcklr HRl«d» 

The Justice noted oil jhta ilkiotlon 
that this step was taken . ifi thou t 
notice to him or any pattl«i:,.fl^ the 
orlKlnal equity cause. 

Three bondholding Adlers repre- 
sent I9>109 in Fox-Met gol;dl.. notas.. 
Thejr proposed a reorganl«atib<i • of 
Fox-Met under Section 77-B and 
the appointment of trustees. Order 
of Judge Woolsey, signed Monday 
(30), directed that es4min«itiQna be 
held under $ectloh 21 X' bf th« bahk- 
ruptcy laws before Special Master 
.loycc Thursday (2) relative to acts, 
ro^iduct and protMUty Ift ^COMMCtlon 

with . jFoxTMot,: \::\ ■ ■■^/i 'y:: • ■ 
';l%biw'dti^'t<lMl>'ifi- ihe rorder 'to: a.p- 
pear that date but relley^d of the 
necessity by Judge Mack's retallat 
iuK move, wore A. C. Bltnnenthal, 
Saul K. ItoKcrs, Leopold l-'riedman, 
Nicholas Schenck, J. Robert Itubin, 
Harry M^ .Wari^er, Major Albert 


f i 1;T. U J 1.0 f» i N T.E n N A T I o N A i. « ■ ■ ■* 

^iertihard, Josieph W 
Marshall, Jr., Abel 

Warner, Joe 

Dixon, Warner 
Carey Thomas, Krnest Niver, 
William M. Creve, Alvin J. Schlos- 

ser. Si . Fabian. William Atkiason; 
Mix ■ - tiof^t^, central Itahbver 

flank and the Irving Trust Co 

(Sroup included executives and atr 
torney.s of both WI* and Loew's, as 
\vell as banker and other interc^ti 


((^)ntlnued,"«««n|lt:- \ 
Every other week the engagement 
wns stated to, be Off because of his 
inability to secure singers at prlce« 
wluch would Show him a ipiTOfit. 

lIiilTilo Bill in Phila and having 
th(i._ uni:aual ex:PCr(encLe ,of a better 
bto«lneifi»iitl)« '^iiB^^ th'iiia;' '.th^ 

fl j»t :•<•■ : Y e ? ' ■ -V.C '" ' 'V;«',;,y 

\- :(^^<fiSftrt''1lg^i>(ii^ 10 theatrf s w'Ould 
V»t* " oiien - t fv road shows ; WlVeii the 

sAisoin' opened. '. ' , 

,^V--::;-' mvtf LEVY .^^ ■ 

Bert Levy, G3,, writer 
and vaudeville player, died in I.-os 
Ahgele8.:A^'8^:.:aftw'.A'Ioh^^ •Ilii^eHs. 

some 3!) years ago, was most prom- 
inent as an entortalnert Departing 
from thb iitiiat cliaJH tallier with his 
sketch ptip^r on an/eiMel^ he origi- 
nated a prism device" for throwing 
his work ui>on a screen. In actuality 
he made his djr«^Wl;n8;»» P'» Hlidea. 
cbated them Wttfc w»ni»black and 
briished this coating off, gradu'vUy 
revealing tho slide In a mahrieir to 
suggest the work of the moment. 
He defended . this practice on t]he 
ground they rbiiily were hia draw-; 
ings and that it gave a better act. 
As the lantern necessitated a dark- 
ened iltiM(e, he chatted or whistled 
as he wbrHBd.; He was a maa of 
culture and hiis actnltbod sKsveral 
stages above that of tho usual quick 
.sketches, lie was generally head- 
llhed :a:«d for the best part of one 

.season was a heaUlliner i^.^^h* i^lpi* 
podrome in its hey day." ■ . ' " 

lie was for some time a contribu- 
tpr of both cartbohs and articles to 
VARiKVt, and aua»it Iha^ 'WhU Bat 
strike, about If years Ago, he played 
I prom1nerttT:i^a>rl Jh the arrld dlacus- 

. ia Irvine Memory »( My IlaNbqtid 


ston, his views on the situation ai>- 
pearing In pajje advertisements in 
which the managerial side was up- 
held and for which the United 
Booking t>mce ■ wa* H«PT<b»ed to 
have paid. 

Ilia stand brought liim into soiiw 
disfavor with the Bats, but eventu- 
ally they recognized tjha •otin^n*'*"' 
of his arigumentat. ■Wt^iiAk^iM6rii''ti^P:'^ 
ho settled in T.1OS Anpreles. in practi- 
cal retirement, writing and illustrat- 
yig books, 

Surviyed. by. hia widow, who re- 
sldea lit«« iy^'''iieV«r|a'-tif^^ 
ai8!UM*iW;a|ii»trail»r ; 

.stage. Born in Frtince, he^e}it'!ii^ 
Cooat- 30 years ago. . 


Ifotl^a^ KrAUif.' popular ih Suiiit^ ! 

>a;' died jiily 8 In the 
^fWft.'hospltal. Was formerly Kap- • 
p^hpibtster of Nuremberg, tlermany*^ 
enjoying an exosl|«iit . reputation a« 
conductor. : \Vr*j(iie ■ sib J^outh Africa • 
some months ago '^in* lntrnd'--d to ■. 
residiv in Cape Town. ^ 
His Widow, Lilli Kraus, won ap- ' 
IKreciatlbn ' in Africa as singer 
coneeHs and l)roadoaiit;,ina^ ^' 

'■■<l tuciLLS : ybu^ii.'.''^; j':^^ 

tiUC;ille Youni.', 42. pioneer fllin" 
.actress, died In Hollywood Aug. S 
following .tn opjeriiybiir OrematKM 
f(>iiowed scrvJiceji o^^^^^ 
was «■ former lending woman for ' 
1>. W. fJrillllh, the old I'-tthe .studios ■ 
and with Cabanne Productions in / 
New York. .She wot'ised t» plettilNeiir;, 
for the iJiat 20. y*»»w«. \\';x:^'' 

William 11. Allen, 15, for the 
past 16 years sfaKo manaKcr for 
OWen MctSivney. died suddenly ot 1 
heart disease July 2 at Ph|ladol« ■ 
phia. Allen previously itf Joining th» 
.act in 11)1 S was stage m.inaKer of ' ' 
the Hamilton theatre. New Vorlc^ . 

i:urlal wn* at I* 
leave* 'a^'iplatfer.''! 

Joan Fouque, CI, general .sivre- 
tary of the French r«Mra!nw»U» t . Cor - 
poratloh^ ' died Monday, Jiiily^ 21, at 

his home in Cirnri'y. in tho I- reiu h 
Alps, He was an ollicer of the Le- 
gion of Honor atnl bad an Impor- 
tant place in the .prcneU military 

Fouque been with the French 
Paramount for 10 ye.ars. He was 
not «)nly secret iry-;-;eneral- in 
Franco an imi>of tant adnuuislratiye 
post^f . the iaiR^''''^<^OMl'|Muiy ' nliio' 
of the organization that owns the 

Paramount theatres here anTToriliie 
studio company. After .a ye;ir's ill- 
ness lie was believed to . be on the 
W«r''tf : l^Mi^ ^Ibetlli^ed 
to-\'mil,:vho!m«;. (i> t0t •<*>»Valcs.''euce, 

/ /■;;rV^^';j^!it#-BOGARD ^ ; 

Jamejt ^^ie^ardk .43. ^iied at VliiNH; 
land. N. J', in vatidevllle ho worked 

• i.s NicoU ;ind Boir.ard and Jim .and 
Flo BoKard. In musical com< ily he 
starred with Jimmy Hodges, he wa« 
alifo wiUt T/etty Baby* and 'ThaV* . 
I lis Wltle;-^|(<w^ 


Charles J. Marley, 41). former sales 
m.mairer of Columbia Pictures Cor- 
p<>rution, died of asthma, in Tujunga 
Valley Sanitarium* Cal>, Prlday (27W 
Burial in Ftweat ' Liawh. dlendai% . 

Cal."^ ■ ' />:'■':■.'-' 

t<;urv'ivini; aru wido#«'v|'f^>^.tetbth* ! 
ers and two siyters. . . " 


Anton Mazzanovltch, 74, died' July 
^1, in government hospital at Tuc- 
son, Ariz. After years of service 
in United States infantry, during 
Whic^ he fought the Indians, h# 
went on stage, being » tro^uper for 
.10 years and friend of David Be? 
hv.sco ;ind Arthur Hammersteiiu ' :. 

iiis home. was In Hollywood. 


paitiei l^vans. J3$, accnari writer v 
died in Hollywood— 

Jtt ' TaiaiHuuiit, 

.Aug. 4 as the result of .an automo- 
bile Collision. Survived by hi* 
widow and two' cbHdreh;' 

Kiftola CJoHhtteh, Juicoslav come* 

Konrad Dwertlion (I'.S) t - 1 di in, died after a short Hlil 

jpuiing a jsalary row in Atlantic 
city, one r)f the players stabbr-'d the 

muuai;er- of \'iiglnia (i.atden, but 

fi'ilowing divy. -Company was 


I he. 

d' ti ug w eU,.: ^>M* the manageitv^tcd 
to pay ■jS.'ilatl^l-tirttlf 'ftjij'iil':'!^/?';; 

John B. Horrls doubled with the 
( I it(N'i t in t eroceari 12 shovys. T;0 have 
I li n ; a pi a t for m and trt^ck.- ; • 

Cross, the Liyerr>ool auiin al man, 
'\v iiijiy.f <rtf;':''.'>.g : a n ele |'^jtii'5ii^|^'>|n^\<^lY: ■ 
A ri-ruvd ■aiRiProachl^l:'".': tttat'efhlty' 

rlcal manager whose real name was 

Kurt Ooldwei^ died in y 

15 after Cohtractlhi; paralysis a^ a 

result of severe nervouJi shock. 
Uwerthon directed tonr.s of lOlis.ibet Ii 
Borgner, Grete Mpshelm, I'aul W»%'- 
her» Maj^ 11ans6n, O ustay Frool leh 
and dittia Alpar. lib :. Was alsb for 
almost a year manager' of tlie Ko- 
moedle and was tlu^ lirst continental 
director to lajmch , 'Ten Minute 
AilUr in the iDf^i^^ by, 
EilCh ■ dlass.. ^} J''y:.:}r- ■^,"'^^■^'■■■■-^1 

Mortis E. Bowman, for many 
years secretary of the Mahoning 
County Agricultural Society, and 
a pioneer promfiti^r in the annual 
Mnhonlngr rounty • i'alr, dit»d at his 
home Yotini^stown, O. July .7, 
followiJig a short illne.s^i A widow 
and . ope son survive. 

Burial was mai^O , at . .l?oW;nanV 
Corners hb''ih.'ix!l^;:-iipbW-' a 

![«>irg <est(ient.. 

T^tpmyp^ widely .»s 

ow'ncr of .■^am^n-i's mani.ige place 
tniide' ftit»wtl«,ty M 
!<on, died Augj; I b 

the house at iiBan JJlego; which : Is 
Hot ed :iH 'shrine. ■■'o.i? ^■/Cn'llforTi la ro- 
mance,', ;'■ V'.,v ^ '.^ • '-^ "V 
Aft ''"actor ^frtr.'l;^aii>^'.'.y;eaiv<.; C,Mz 
f u^hded h 1 »lego Troupip^^ r*i up , 
and once wirote and j^rpdiibicd for 

repertfdre was varied, but mostly |MI 
played (^omic roles. li^tiHSjuirwi^^^ 
titty ; when .. ho tiled from pttctimoiiH%i 


Marnaret Leoni White, f,:i. of r>lck 
and Mag; Leoni (ring act), died July 
23 in d^ili^U?^ Ilurlal wOl t>e in |(h#;^|te ^ieadf^ei^^ Chlmgo. 



bjr ' hHfil>.1tid and tWf : 

• . • -^Aiiiii '4;: p^tk I '^-Ay:--:^^ 

r.inie.s H. I'erry. r.(». eit-clytcttiin iw:'' 
I'Hi'amount studlp; lioUyWOfoA •'iN'illl'' 
kuled::ln>an^^ntoiTitil}{#'|!l^ ; 

• A-:w0ow \and t hree;'-iJ^^l»)^l^^^^^ 

Wife "of ■ W^ Archibfiid" rtfe^nS'^ 
owners of the Coron.ido theatre at 
t'orohado Beach, Cal., died July , 30 
of pneumonia. P.o{<ldei| tiMfj'l**'"^'*^ 
tljree /children .^survlve'i'^' ;"-';s'''':.'f'iVv. 

'■"•'leather, 7^. of it^lhk-^:^-:ti^Aoi^' 

;Ti'by;...'.,<^an.cp' 6rche..stra,-^^eaderv'.':4■***■. 
In thiit city recently. v,.'; 

■ : ' • '■;':■;■";/? 

Father ;ijii:'3siy--'Tymi*l Itlaijirttii 
plitywriKht and p a., anit I'jmiI iflaiJ* 
.fi'x, theatre nianaser, ie .l Auif . 

4ii ; itockaway ik»at:h, N. V, 


isard:--An|i.- fitiqfatK^lcd .ifUty\ij2.' int.tfe'*^;' 

Tuf^tUj* AuguHl 7, 



>.. ' ,-... > ..^ . ; 

out of the plctuvc &R far atl Btatp 
^nd county fairs are t'oneerne<l. 
'vH^retiMrlcs have complainrd to the 
IMr (liirc:?)** around thU town that 
jtlH>y are tired «ft thip^M^e hlgh- 
wirf. jumpinK and rlulipy turns. 
That the public wants Kirls and 
$kr\» nnd more tfiilH aftor the 
devel(;>ped by^ thow»>u«'«"f' 

: prictlcJiny fvory impditant fair 
IM ,pUiKKinK a 
" |»i«#entirt<l6n-«y W of show 

for this cbmlnif i^iion father than 
tho dld-fa«hl6ne<l leapeni aiid 
tumblers. Tlio c ircus turns are bC- 
jng, relegated to the early matinee 
i i g l W rt rg. I Wie'tt the kldli flock to the 
"^iBirtL But for the adultii:^ l^^ 
ievenlrig the clreua trtckB are 'ndl so 
thrilliuK. I*'<>r tlicso pooplo the fairs 
are paraOint; plenty of femme units, 
viodded wltii <N»iftH!Wi». «oine*^^ aHfl 

Warries * Carriitiiers aijency here 
has some half-dozen units on its 
, ow" bookf.' AU ^^(^ pretty inu< li in 
ijMiie iftl^ and what they are 

'liDini)in«e4- ' ■ .iMt ■"■ ■ ftee»>-- tmtn 'the 
WleB 'Show *»f a C«wtt»ry,' 'World 
on Parade,' 'Kchoos of l?ro;idway' 
of which there are two ooinpnnleK, 


''^{^■' ■'■-•■i^nettster, - Auk- 

, Tbe cireus sejison is ended ho far 
iui Tom Daily, 79, XorB^fr. manner 
4>r ilinfriinK 10ros. arid ^aritiim <ind 
Faily's a#|IM1fc(i«ii^ 
'cernod. "'■.'v' 

bally, who'll t-riiss Hww slates to 
Me the. circiiB, saw the show nine 
V^'tWimi' thtR'' me»t(m, ■ '...beKlnrif i^j;. - tth - 
the opentrtK in Mad^igB^ 
<ia4'<len. " "'' '' ■ ''' 

.\ow the bin top lias inuvt'd out 
of his traveling rtmge so hv con- 

liiderti 8«aiK>rt^ :d^ 

Me was retired four y^ara ftgo 
when he reached the 75 ihhrk/ He 
bo^an his <areor its a bill poster 
with ftinglinfj Uros. and switched 
,^0 ^^arnum & IJaJley when it was 
•till eoArtldered a m»A^,»hifWT^ ii** 
%Oirked ;for the outfit thi^jilii!i|i|it>ttt his 

Akron, O., Auv. <• 
With preparatlonii nearly ipcim- 
pleted, • and greyhound schooling 
aesBions about to get under way, the 
' ^rthlleld 4oi track la exported to 
«fi(iBrt Moiiday, . aocordl iig to A^pr - 
insir Itictiai^d HforlrtVtt y of ' CJWve - 
land, counsel for the promoters. 

Bcttmg will bo carried on at the 
Summit County t»lde of the line 
With the parlrmutucl iiy«i|eni op- 
•ratirig iirider Otiib lawn,' Mr. Mori - 
arity said. Mayor (leorno Kusta of 
Northfield stating that his township 
J« in favor of the races and the ex- 
|)ected r«venv«f haa ^clared that 



'■\yZ■■':■'■'■\■''''''^ '\ioi-t, la., Aug.' 6^ „ 
;V lirhen the jR;,ingling . I3rn». aiftd 
Barhoni arid Btiiley toriiWfied elf'- 
«UH gets going full blast hci c Wed- 
nesday (8), sale of foods and drinks 
of .all kiridn will be barred on the 

: lot. , .v■■■■'^;^•■■,^■:.v^• v:,-.;>';;-:^^^ 

ii' precaiitlonary ii»«iait|iE«' to guard 
a^nlrfNt ^typhoid feV<sK- ttri ^'pldeniic 
ef which hit the circus recently in 
Michigan. Indian.'! also banned th« 
•Atii <iih the lot: 

'^''Xeiiiti,' ©..■■Aug!,-'*. 

A" Voldiitaiy «liss«.lution vt tbc 
l>'«(.t^field Amusement I'ark, Ltd., or- 
'^lrArilac<d iri ; 1929 to promote dog 
tfl!ianK» was Voted by »toc;khPWcrs 
' |r*(» tkty tof),: 8prlni;fiefd» ' Middle - 
il,':.l!rnmilton and ('oVIrij?tt>ft, Ky. 

If not 

It's got 
to be on 
needs a 

Of- ijrftlt- 

i« found 
a house 


y • Week of Aufl. 6 

I », K it. ln'i,. 1 ■ • 


,, Haycnb^ck- Wallace 

• Alttr, 6, Wiltww.-H.iii'r: V, .<<i tiilit«» ; K;< 

,^»n[j*'«towii ; 'I.'!, i-iifi.-ii.v ■ • ■ ■ ■■ 

■•..v.; Ringling Bros 6 & B 

fi, M.KliM.n , ■ i'i» > I (., I (t, 

(Continued from page 

deal within a few days! 
it'll be some other house, 
to bo a big; house, It's got 
iBroaid way. Hiti oompany 
shWoaiM.' rio^: ft hideaway, 
In other titles It's a matter 
ing. Only when and If It 
to be a necessity, althomrh 
in Chteai^o «4fikeii h'ti't^mir 
a|lly'>:'ijro4>cl; idea, at l^ast.^:- •'■./^■'■- ■ 

After Real Star* 

. Tuloijt?:; 'f hat's a pryblem- 

soinehoVy.'''^'.''> Z"-' .'■^•■^■■j: ^'-'y'' 
'U'e have Oe<»riBe A-llid for threVr 
pictures,' Bernerd pointed out. ''We're 
talking to two other American stars 
of a rawking in the ,sa,rae class. We 
Wftnl» ^^yentuallyi to ha ve » h6t |i t h f«l f 

'■A^yiii^ti^n^--:iii' least, i^lly airorig 
American sl;ii s. Wr have p.-isscd 
the e.\pci iinerital stage on that. We 
don't want nlmost-there's and we 
don't want ha«"^?Aa* . . don't 
Want feature plikyian)**^^^^ : 
enough of those oii ,<>tir*«^^^ 
want stars. • 

'When we get the stars, it seem'-: 
to ine t^hf aituAtion will be. . this: 
■wis'-'wlll'-. *l»t#''ttt ■■ least hftif ^#'■i•o#M^■■ 
films with strong names and appeal 
{(t the box olllce, to start with. 
While we're selling those we will be 
making more with the same or more 

■ stai*.'^ ''#ii^-plctui^^ 
their money' back and ought to in- 
troduce Koirte of our own talent 
stro.i.i ly and auspiciously enough so 
that we cun then .slowly take Homc 
of thttt .taWrit ri»i«i PreWrtt it it* 
«)%|ri Witli<«nt hesitation.' 

That English Accent 

The . question of , accent was 
hroilghC up; It ^WD*rit#d Bernerd. 
HO do««rt't »eo Why 1^^^^ 

serious as it Is. 

'We, In Knglantl,' )iv pointed out, 
'managed to learn your American 
slanir arid accept it. Every time 1 
come ovipr here . I am. told about 
British nccehta. It's my J9tKf f rip 
.ind always the same story. Do 
you want to know something? 1 

important as you would like to'.mak^ 
believe It is. I don't believe it's 

a barrier -v c «an't hurdle. I believe 
it's largely a matter of .selling the 
exhibitors. I dori't think the au- 
diences actufMly^,,niii9a ol them, gi^ 
much of Mobt ■ WtirPttier there's «ri 
accent tlliOr* or not.' 

There .iarp except ionn, of courst", 
he admitWdi> v■■■■■■■■■■■^ ..''■^ yy'^:'.l. :''''^< 
, ./W,he.h.fV*''i^';*rit'0 aidrfrie'riw^lWi..^^ 
lectp,' lAricasfiilre arid such, • ijifalifiie 

of our own I/ondoners don't under- 
stn n d I t / h e admi t t e d. 'H »i thiUs 
true about sqme^ of your local ac- 
centa here, to«>, * Py and large, i f 
We u»e t he sort of Briglisri tha t ' s 
used in London we'll be understood 
by the average American without 
difhculty. 'Tou liriderftArid me. 
don'' ; ;■■•■^■■'^ ,.■/■■": -'';; ■ '.v' 

The reporter admitted he did. 

'Well, then.' Kernerd said. And 
thtat ernled the subject of a<c<tits. 

"With bini en the trip I'.eirierd 
btrOUght, half a dozen of the. best 
■#>W-pfetu.res,- • Ine'ludlngr' ■'B'tfWilriWfri,'' 
Thu Chin Chow' and 'Man of Aran.' 
St>me othi'rs are on the way. "Which 
one ■ hc'j|f\-:;flajrt'' ' wlt»i':v;;l^*,;, , dpesn't 

: ^miimk^'' V.rie my - 'Ne#-\' Tork 
sales < lii«-r decides be likes best, af- 
ter I .'ipjtoint a .Vrw Yorl< sales 

( llief.' 

And ^v, tui v.iU be the 
■Th^*J ^'?t^^i^ji/^^ 

lillf>W. .'..■.''■;":■■'■: .■. • ■■V, ■ 

In the irve;urtimi> 'ti*' Was li'*^re to 
^;et tbiriKv started. And in several 
nidntlis ilakon would be here to 
l(U)k at hisi .end.' A*>^ iri; tW^ 
Mark , p*tf<)^ W '^jftauriiorit's hoard, 
woriid 'be hit're 'tfe help" B^rriterd get 
st.'ir|( <1. And in six we< ks C M. 
W'o^lf, , the ct/mpany's fnnnui/iuv 

dil'etlor. Aer^^ i*i w.iifch 


$m NO SHQWiliN 

Expoaition Boar*!'^'"' Hj Mj w t ' d? 
^11 ..BwjiiriMi'.'Klvri; ■ , 

San Francisco, Aug. 6. 

Olllcers of the San Francisco Kay 
Exposition, which will run the '38 
world'a fajlr here, have been named 
by the iMMrii «^^^^^ 
opened offices '■U(i;-ik»':':p1iiui3t^^ 
ter building. 'v ' ' 

Chairman is Atholl McBtfM^ .busi- 
nessman; president, I>laii{Ai iN^« Cut- 
ler. in«uranc« bria^rj y 
dent, ^. lleek, University ekec;^ 
treasuirer^ John P. Forbes, president 
of Californians, Inc., a publicizing 
group; secretary, . Col. Allen U. 
Wright, attorney./- • 

Dirvctpira aUU , iMiVWf : put any 
Hhowrii«>n' ''.'mi' - tfiO'.' ' IMkird; but -'are 
chlririing over finances, etc^ 

N. Y. H. f ? 




■foronto. Arig. «. 
Over 50,000 Great War veterans 
are in Toronto today for the first 
reunioif of Canadian troopif ! 
seryad lii^ Large area of 

the bariadian National Exhibition 
grounds has been turned over to 
the ex-service men and .. trans- 
formed into ■.•W|%*|Bi||?;i»^^ 

hind the line<b 
Area i« oMlosed by barbed wire 

and .s.andbagged trenches. No civil- 
ians are allowed in. French village 
is complete With billets, inevitable 
spired ehurehf . tstamineta mnd yil- 
lage square eoirip^<^ with mariure 
pile. Chalk scrawls on walls direct 
the troops to the various 'made- 
moiselles.' Boys have also been 
granted a apecial beer and ,win^ 1|- 
(^entit «o '.that: the 'profMW -rifilfrit' .il^y 
|»e maintain^ ' in the estanl'inets. 
These have also been equipped with 
badly tuned pianos as well as phon- 
ographs and records of war-time 

Moat of the fliiori: ar«r in uniform; 
thosiB who cah*t g^t lritb' the olive 

dr.'ib are wearing colored berets and 
armbands identifying their divi- 
sions and regiments. Quest of honor 
is General AilfmWy Who «a»ilured 
Palestine fToiri "tlM Itt t*17. 

The entry into Jerusalem will again 
be enacted with 250 men swinging 
into the saddle to go back in mem 
ory to the scorchjing days of jtbeir 
triuiuph in thelliql^ Admiral 
TyrWhltt, commander of the Brit 
ish fleet, will also be present. 

Nightly concerts will also be 
staged in the. Frenc^h village by 
Capt. If ort I>fiiirit«ti(, ortgiriatbr of 
the 'Dumbells 'Ove r»< N M ! . .vWhteh iater 
toured Canada and Vtlie Uriiled 
.states for some seasons after the 
Armistice. Gathering lasts five 
days. J«en Win live in bltteta Rul- 
ing that period and are ; lt^ 
i?.Qund to sleep on ftraw aitd g^ity 
out fatigue work IMS \|l|ey did \^U.r^ 
ing the conflict. 





? ; H&n PiunjBia<»;;ifl!ui^ 
Annual Salinas rodeo arid hdriie. 
show. July 26-29, made more dough 
for the cow town this year than 
ever before In its history. Although 
gailnae is generally ,^ kriowri #s a, 
bovine ceriter, It has plenty of agri- 
cultural dough, ti>c>, and with this 
year a good one for payrolls, prpftt 
is estihtated r-tfi ynear'; the: :' llpMNM); 

mark.';'; •■v:;'; •/'"', i"''' 

La«t year it was itonne: |^.||^. but 
the two years prior to t1|Nt;P|^ in 

the red. : • ' ' 

Foley & Hiirke cainy is sjaked 

out bet'jB each year, an«i cashes in 
■.beavll^;^' '.ibii ■'..jirtjf:., r*lj^^;!;-<w»nwi« 

Music Notes 

:'• -t^jiiritlW'Ikid-' from page;,^)- '.V..' 
er, and 'llen^ Today and Q One To- 
morrow' to Irving Dash.; ; ^ ■ ■ 

Sherry Magee unit moved last 
week into the King's TeEracp, ujpper 
:Manhattijil».i. :*-v ■.V'i';r':;Vv:. '/.^ 

Kettridge Wheeler joined the 
press department of Mills Artists, 
Inc., last Week, as aaslstant to Ned 
il^liltiuris.': ; 

Ouka pkllinston leads the parade 
of riariie bahde lit the Canadian Na- 
tional Exposition, Toronto,: opening 
Aug. 24 for a stay of two 4ays, 
C<>|MlN» vetting 13,000 fOT: tMs date. 

Jiminie Tenrliple orefieefra' at Club 
Kentucky. New TiBrji^ :Bo<*ed by 
Saul Stein. :>::,y'; ^: 


.: . ' Fort Wayne, Aug. «. 

Itease on Trier's park expires this 
year and fo fiw OeorgsJirrier^^pco;:^ 
pHet^' ''arid '-ieriet^if 'mttimim^ ':1mm' 

not m.ade It known If he will resign 
or not. T.alk of city re-opening old 
lt«)l>inson park which flourished 
Roveral years ago. Itocated seven 
triiles froM oily itrii|t«.ari^^^^ 
In natural 'eetting: Trier's park 
situated just on edge of city and 
li;is never been a re$l .Itteeea'/fft^^ 
picnickers and su< h. ' 

Craig's Mental Work 

l<'reddi< iUmw J(: tuentJilist; sails 
foi London Kud.'iv i M ) fi t some 
London ll»; <n eri^ at l"'jnsW(iy- 
Prtit k Scpiv a, Yiiiki^Wtri!):? into Till-' 
ladiiini foi .a foitniubt. 

Craig s| efit <'tn d.'iy liot w«'ei< 
geitipg rea«l> tni llic I'tiiisli «< - 
memoriz.»ng the narpeH : «»f ail.,f, 
itfia1n)«trcet<! ' 'tft all' &r|k|i«|i) .'bit'' 


Bouth Bend, Aug. fi. 
; RinglingrBam elrcus .-ittend^ 
rince cut 40% on a<^Ottrit of .typhoid 
fever scare.' Rlcvi?n^mcriiberB ot 

troupe behind in hospit.'ils for ol)- 
serv.'ition. All working men. Nam(-s 
given as J«'hn Kelley, Alfred Web- 
ster, John Kolng, David M^^ri^liiion, 
WilltciriV fihee, Timotliy Keriried y , 
Roljert Prown, JttmcH f' 
Tim«ithy Carroll, . k , Yrunj. and 
Harity.-Tiuis^lrt,.'i/ '■■;'',■ '■'■",■': '■".■■■'■'■ 


PuHi ri gtww, In , A ) ir f 

Tri-jgtutie lair .t^ils W^Vk slai l« d 
:.^|)ikrig;i ('alT' .'spadic, ; 'Mv|ri^' 


off- Willi.. -11.,, . 

b<en algried, tornrii^ielnls gi^ 
most of the "itoOthijv.iS*) financially 
that end of the frttft H dy fti ^l t ely In 
the black ''' ''.: ■ 


ftlkader, |a , Aiu- <■ 
I'l l Ibe first lime Iri the ln'^iniy 

Neva Ly nne and Sedan*) are do- 
ing their terpsy. turn at the ?<implori' 

Cordova Sisters now With, J^eon 
Belasco at the St. M«>rite; . a 
routine of Spanish tune% , r C ■ 

GKobe Attractions, booking ii^ency, 
has opened offices in the Hotel Ma- 
jestic, Utica, N. y. Composed of 
Al Hall, formerly With WMCA; 
Anthony^ QtgliottI .'apd :<Qehe .,1^ 

floor shows. 

Halfold Adaniiaen .and burton I^ne 
have' signed with MetrO for one 

year, to 'vrite songs. also 
tied up -or year, with Rol)binH 

aiusie,<;((»; ■'>■-,:• 

Johnny Crowe: and Aristocrat s ibe- 
gin an engagement at Villa Louis 
on Hiver, Louisville, after 19 
months at I.,og Cabin, Jefrerson-yllle, 
Indiana, They. ^. replfu:f jimmy 
Oreeri^'S' brcfi«*fra. :-■ ■ ' 

Sam Coslow is writing the Hcor*' 
for I'aramounf's 'All tlic Kin^^'s 
Horses,' whl/'-h. will fcatiir* , f'arl 

Lloyd Huntley's Isle o' illues oi - 
ehestfa riow playing abibard The 
Showbdat on . I^ke cWrge, N. y ., 
wHh a:iS^-ptee(p ilrietip. ' :; 

:''''-v:-.r, Chicago, AU|r; ■ . 
■CoiMjeeeidiMi^ ■riri>*:'' 
giving lip Jtl'irlrig to get people to 
drop riioriey : for the Various spots, 
liu!t the free^ exhibit conces^ibnaireH ' 
ai^- d|*eoVeiflinii' that they can't even 
get people to come in for nix. With 
tho attendance at the Pair slowy 
free exhibitors with huge coin in- 
vcstedi In good-will .. displays are 

battling each dtl»er to get vieitora* : 

General Motors has started tO; 
give away one free Chevrolet each 
week in order to bring the people|e. «POt for a;,iook a^ the GM. 
biiiMingi fhey have apotted men 
at each entrance at the FaJt^ tO give- 
coupons to every yltiltbr* . Cbupotw 
must ■:be dro|>pi^ ;'-'ll|\'iKW#^ 
G M building./.. :' ; ' ' "'' ^^r' ■ ,'' ; '; 

Gobdyear company 0jthti»lt Is^TiiMi^ 
ing its two big blin>ps to adveitise' 
its attr.iet ions, t^fissing u|) a p<iM:t ; 
sible income of $100 an hour for the 
use of the>p.:fpr advertisers, the 
Goodyear c'ori»i»ri^ is rising t^ 
loon to tell the people in neon lights 
that the (Soodyear exhibit is free 
and that besideis the commercial 
Stunts there «dlvyriude and cil^jus 
nct» for the piii^^ 

General Motors is now talking of 
spending IIOO.OOO for name orches- 
tras .arid'. Wfl^ieii ;t* iiraf : :tiie peic^li^" . 
down towards Its exhit^lt, Orily 
worry now is whether they'll get 
enough attendance at the Fair to 
make the JOOG . expenditure worth- 


^^^^ BIZ 

' . ■ IlaKimore, Aug.- •• 

Thv (Jlenburnie Carnival, <innuai 
Anne Arundel county fair, current, 
has gorie hOtcha for 'IhNit }itU^ 
In its existence, aind fs consequently 
winning ihbre' publicity and coin 
than it ever sn.'ired. 

Has installed a 'Streets of Faris' 
esblbiti piua a fanner, Lrlly ; Do 
Haven;' A« rteeult fair 'la drAwintiv.: 
greatest erofwdSs Iti ifs htstbiry' arid 
the town, fifteen miles .south cf 
Baltimore, is split into pair of fac- 
tions, one d^!>MMNP^iS>y0^^ 0<^rier 
cheering,.':' ^ ■'■[ '.' 

Aside frorii the fariner, the Natl 
Agency of Halto has pencilled in a 
line of girls, a pair of spe< l;ilty acts 
and an ork to support the plume- 
waver in roundinn out the 'Streeta 
of Parish show; ofReiaioaiyi^ 
comnilttee, not a concessioiiioiirei' jN»v 
handling the pirly shpwv , . , •. 

TCttnsas City, Aug: » . 

Abe Lyman will stay on at the 
Colony Surf Clxib, Wfeist Knd. N. J;^ 
f oc. thi^ balance of, ilje summ.e)^* 

Maurice and Cordoba. Mi i<(<rii 
team, sailed ,Satut;da,y (A), U>c a 
run at ■ the^of*aIacl|>';'':^^ 
.ilihelrb. I?ry><^bn: brtnd -■i^^'ijffi-- 

pan1f>*i th<; teatn. ■■.'■■,'■;;';;■;', 


..■':>'■;■:'';' ;.^/''';.'"'::l^c<;oi ah, lit,, Aug- , 
; ■ V Foreign Warji post 

;.l'iere;,''.-.iiiri4; •: wi# ;-''.«P«>n«bif''''.'th|p'. -''fiiti^- 
nimb'^'Cfounty-Vi^IrV .on ' :A.Mj^|;'.'.'j^B-Vz. 
It will fe.-i(iiif a big <.'-irriev, i< vue. 

Ti e* jjltritf lions jkmI intioduc* 
hbt';i.e: r!>{f;ihg,'ori,"t.b«*' 'thir<^C!'.''dAyH;;;'s,;. 

Atlds a Wedding : 

ll! I s ( o n , 1 'a. , V\ u g € . 
Jaroi ,s .1,. lii/pl. has bftfen; appoint- 
ed m.'iri;!^;* r *)f' titc tljuakertb^^rt t.-nr 
I' -r .( Ills y< .. r .iinl is a i r .iri) i 'ig tfi< 
f.r<4Kiii;^» l< I II, (, week of AugVu t; 
"21 - i - '■ ;■ y{iX\ ,>nc:i 4 1 f h ■ miit rjf ige','..t;iV r ' 
Of tiie iiiikjkder . faif, aul« ■ J /Ve ar|iii; bft^j,' a«» p*>i(f«*lfifrii>i^^<^ 

The Old ciMte of '^ors«: embeaala* 
meht* against 1*orij Mix, which Was 

recently H vived in the counly court 
at Newkirk, <;kl,ihonia, by Colonel 
Z.ack Miller, of the 101 Itant h, waiSr;, 
dismissed by Judge Joh/TMripurger, 

this' week."'' '■ ■ '' ":'" ■ '' '.'•■'■•■:■■■;■ 

The eh.iige InvoKed a . h;<ir«o > 
.Miller .said Mix took froni thje.'rarich 
said Whs lent arid liftd to be' dc«-' 
stroyfd beeause of a broken leg. 


Canton; p., Aug. 6. 

. Thii-. i 1 ; Weftk pai«^ ofLiiiiilit 
counly and irKbiietident f;ihs f"t 
under Way Wednesday (Aug. I », 
wrhen the A.shley eornmuiilty,.: 
f.«rebirie xind J[^«>gan c^jonty e;vpoHl;» : 
t ions bpened respectively -'ial" A 
^Ce rtia a n d 1 ?. • lie f o n » a 1 1 1 e. J; HSiit'H yitil ) 
extend through Friday. ' ' - ' ' 

The iicason will rejo ii it- ere-* * n- 
do the ivt^k of Aug.,U» to 2.7, Which 
pre<?«idtti tlie Ohio Siwifi fair at t'.bi- 
lurnbuV, with 

taj)er off In , earljy ^Ottober. f^ivf). 
«-oiim,y;.-,ti|ii^-' :^ftt^'''''''scti«duletf...'.;riH^t ■'.■ 
week. •.■■'.■ '."' ■' : .■.-„"■■':■'■■'■'. .''•..'■ f. 

iCKtb#'Tvirie, hi , Alii.', in. : > 

Tbey H' Ik'h vci- tirif." the oafv c t» p : 
in tbe f.offi .»^if.:,fe aiid' ijkV.\vi'''e». . 

Airiiee S*. rniilo Mcl'her.sbn ; lti,;rit^^ 
ing'' f hC' ."ict^jier'; Cbw'riiif.:'''a»^ X 
wlihiiv. iluio .k>fj*ti,' . 
Khekyis .wiH'i*'^ .t)M;v.'j;e' *<^iH hr.t: '::Frir >' 

tK« . ffi ! Ill' I. ii/if' . till.:' e;ii'!i fie';'.:, ' lt'»; . ' 

.not 'iri- ,tJic . t(.^^ r,v:; a«i»l. 'Jt'l:!;; fi'y, t^-- 
Miitf , .«if '. gi • v*/i-t j'r it^^li*. ' V"'''^!'' 4 ■' ■ ^' .■(' ■ ■ 


Af 'I I R 5 HARD Si:i^J^ — 

roi)yrli,'Iit, 1931, R. J. IWyiiuliiii Tubaoix Cutiipiuiy 

and then be Smoked a Camel! 


^^W^^ ^^nr^f •^^^^^R I^^^V' ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^R i^^W^H^^^^i P^^^-' 


- , -5. 

\mw newly ~ 

by Science 

When you've used up your energy at work or 
play— smoke a Camel and notice how soon you 
-lieel your flow of natural energy snap back. 

known to Caiael «Dok- 
mm, Imw ftow beea confirmed by a fiunout M«w 
Yotk fM ti t c h lab ott Kory. Cuacl imokai eajoy 
• potldire ^*eMrgiking efitct**. . . a iMalthfiil Aod 
dtVlghffbl feifAM of aatHfal, rlbcaM tttitgf. 
MUUoM h«Tt foiwidi chit ta be true. A typical 
Ounel e>cp tka itfe It tlilt* VtStmoHik Vi«M; JMv 

g "Epeii^zing fifiecl 

modern sports. After four or five sets, you some- 
times feel that you just can't take another step. 
That's when a Camel tastes like a million dollars. 
Not only does the rich, mellow fragrance appeal 
nif taste* but Camels haire « tefreshlog way of 
bcloging my energy up to ft higher leirdL Attd I 
am ifliolie aU dM Camels I wvat, Ibc tbcj doi^ 


So^ wheMver you want a **lift,*' )uit smoke a 
Camel. You can smoke them steadily. For the 
fitm MORE BXPBNSIVB TO9^COOg imf!iim0 

*• . ^ ■ 

Costlier Tobaccos 
never get on 
your Nerves 

8IVB TOBACCOS --Tufklshiliiil EbmMlitf 

if%UUikp$ Annual aubscri|>tion. %t. Hinut* CApie<i. tS CAnU. : ; 

■MterMl MMH>iid-^0lM« ntftiUr P«MmtMir im. »t tli* Post OHIc* «t Mvw YorK. N, Y.^ wilder tht i^ct «!( IMftrch t. IM*. 

Vol. 115 No. 9 



er a Sai Sad Song 


N(»l Hirico tlic <l<';ith of Klovd t'ol- 
lln» hiivc (h»« Hillbilly boyn had 
'»Qyit|ins tQ Hlimulate th^ir imagi^ 

■' '?Tli© Dt'tith 6t John DllHrtJre'f* Is 
tlie titU^ of a very tnouriifiil sonK. 
ftoititin^ out the iH>;hlif;htM in the 
guhnian'A ctiroer and ^lie perils of 
M:«iMf pcMil^^ %o »»y ndthinti 
:-li|t.»'''4P<iin^ the ' OiC' 

i^Wfl) Mhootinu; i nd ,cl<^elilt of the 
'ilotOrloiw cliai;u l»»r. 

Cliff Civy. chief Hillbilly for 
pt^tiu^ WO A I.. iM reMpun«»ible; for 

'igw a .fiiltbniy WL*'!'^^^ the music. 

iBoys haV6 had! the HonB printed 
In I local printing plant, with 
enoiiKh mu.sic to help the average 
puitar player cui the ri«ht track. 

They're jj^ddHiiiK t;h«in at » dime 

fui (tepieti^qr. ril Oi^r ntiA cidl^mi ^ 
■ •,000, ■■■--yvV 

2 Record Advance 
Ad Bailys for tko 

"'y:' woofit n.i! v<' rl iKl t iir tunlm^t ft»r thf 
'l*rtrnn»(Hitif , N. Y.. has iK'cn -set on 
XMeopalra." openin^i Thursday nlKht 
(.t$). oil a Mpeciitl ,prt,'miere. j|. total 
. f W^il^l-ytiiMf ^'be- -ftn^ii* rtn • «dv*r- 

. i.lKihf; ill papers ilone on advance 
and through the run. • alculated to 
l»o at thr''e wcek.s, with i po.s- 
ajihility of fotir. , Thl.s in exeju.sive 
■ ©f ^^he cost nf Qth«r adveirtliiilnB, 

> .'iuiivUnig.j trniler.4. lobby di8pt,lys. 

'v #rrtnt.«r. ote., which will probably run 

''the total c< to $30,000 or more. 

'.V While the N. .y.: Par spent 

: ©f tlie hou»«) W,ften built, it has never 
IliMift dVlM^ lll^^ iiiy picttire to 

Average lias been $7,riO(), 
The all-time hislj of 131,000 ad- 
;..Jitafi^e cainp«l|iji fj^^^^^^ two weeks' 
':''pin'ibt.:,vii.-: p1cttJt^e» sot i*y Sam Gold - 
^fijiviS^h <>i* *Nan fecflnrf t<V »»e topped 
>; by C'oliinihi'i . 

On advance itid id vert.isin»i dur- 
Int; r forlninhf '.s engrtifement of 
]-_'0i\9,.. Ni|tht pf i«pve' i at the jMrusic 
' fl«i|, If ■ y;; prolxibry; 6pehin4 S<*^t, 
6. r-dl has s<»t i)^ the new 

Was a time when the re- 
viewers wanted to know bow 
the show was, before the open- 
ing of a new revue. 

Now with tb«. ina«i# of the 
cabatSet - tiieatifvayv'tlie:'. -tMresit 
hoys' first «fi|ie(|tk«l: to 'H 
the chef?' • ' 


era'— rft« for bart<pnde**^ls' t hei n e w 

idea of llkker .showmanship. A rtew 
Cuban rum l>en>B introduced jfl^to 
;'Amerliei ■ is 'dfttfy '"adVejri^iriiiliir ■•l*»«»r' Cuervo, pre.sident of the Cuban 
Uartenders' Union, head harkeep 
irttm the Hotel Nacidifiai, Havana; 

Increased Big Name Salaries 
and Expense of Script Re- 

' C'm iiltp»;«:||i;Bf;;'«^ 


HO jm»sm 


. Wouhi stimulate Consumption of 

,:-.r^\ ':W-i:A}/er in andithftninK f»evoral 
•iJNfyte^wcrlpi hIi.)\v;-! for th.-^ N- V Stat'-' 
Wllk pislribtitors' A.s.soi'l.ii i'ln 
"When ind if i proi?ram is .sel>*' ♦'■ I. 
, Uia niilkifrejni ^ill Uack ^jye quarter- 
:-'!kpmt.:-pi»ji»An: a' Weetf nin.' rWH tnt 

! : fil^rlo.'* will ilicfiipt to Hcll the kidw 
oil the idea of drinkin« at l«><M»t A 

;«i»art';briihe^rtMid a,diay/';,''.: ■'■ 

who is m.lkini? a'foUfe'Viif the btjf- 
t;er New York hotels.. 

The ads call attention to guest- 
..staf! engrajRements by th? bartende^. 
who will P roba bl y !nl|t t he t>rept - 
detite, dalMiiiri. pl!tht*^i*'s punch, cil- 
banola.s, mojito.s and pancho.s and 
kindred native rtimlia poth»n«. 

The senor opens at the' H< )i el 
Astxit', I^Jiew Vorki; t»l*y .split 
weeks in yrtch spot.V;':^/ ' ','''V: 


Fort Wayne, Au«; 13. 

pompelil ion between tlie itres ;»nd 
beer, isarden.s ha.s refvclied .sudi a 
st.ate that Associated Film K^hitii- 
^ irs i;^ Xndiaiia Vvoulf) ? epH ti^. se.ciire 
. u y ;i«>fftii"1-^tioii pk>vidl*iti? ilfti**'*^ 
I tinnient Ilcen.He fee; ■ 

If aile-iuate restr1(.<» 'Ar>-« n'»t at- 
tained in citie.s. .if ite i -^t.i I i >i) will 
he wiui^lit» I<ocal lieaire men hn ve 
ma^^e'^^5^9;: - tlifltt • 'the- 

pirejient i^^^ 

heer lijitrdehs with v?!ittde(ftife shows, 
i.s m;j< h to t ke.-«n. 

In ni lUiiitT their initial ple.i pub- 
Ih ' . I ll " t l if* !) re eM peuttvon lia>'.o'i oUt 

Hollywood, Aug. 13. 

Hollywood is still on an orgy of 
ntrtihey spending.; ; 

Today it costs an average of |50,- 
000 more to produce a major com- 
pany fllin thaai it . fUd In tj^w; boom 

NIIA l.s conceded to be responsible 

for $:i0.000 of this average ttirou«;h 
Inci-ea.sed costs of labor and mate- 
rial, ,|3!0.(M)Q ;!» cljarged 
oft to • t W- .j^t^MkuBliti: : ■ liattrfes ^ ■ ■ of 

name players and more recently the 
heavy story citarses due to repeated 
i«>wr it ing of . ^riM to <Bt thft iilijrtf* 

aiity i|iii/;v;- ..-r-. , ■ 

Tdiugh fraft of th© wltuatlori— at 
least to the jfHaiorUy iojf Hollywood 
talent aftd- Worker.'ii-^ls that the 
big salary increases .ire K'>ing to .a 
limited few, Small coterio of draw 
names, pefifiMiibaiily alctppli)*' from 
,st.^diffl;-t<>-- 'trtuiiij'^'^toaoiait'iattlarte^ epo-- 

J I n»- d t h 0 lu unfc^;giu» tech nic^jf . IjiWH, 

in riinntni? their hortsi<.*i; and from 
vvtiii h the ij irdens ar<» ek^mpt ?«<i 
I ir 

Onc. tiielliol (»f c'llting into this; 
v?oiripci,li<on 'ftftis 1^ t<i run e«t.isA': 
late ; ;:Hitu^d!iy;;.y.f»Jdnis . »h(|irli^ 
wi»»cti Ir-tVe the :t«t*<»n» a^ 
otit tiy the timf the ^how tx flayer. 

Himilar coiiKliti0iis' exist in the 
nanie Writing fteld. One studio has 
a .seen on its list at $4, 000 .a 
,w»H«k >*nd another at $;i,.'iOO a week, 
|»,i]ll#\V.'l<O0 ex!>enses f or ^ 'Watery 
h'irnv« ^nd additional bonus^s^ up to 
't^'!l,00tf for each oriiifjnai itory. ' 

While ott|.T industries ,»re cuttini; 
to the tione, the picture lousiness, at from the production end, has 
4 rc'cord jfi^f^ -curtailment, but (»f 
Qperat iiig ttn'iW» a . h«>av ler expense 
than before. 

They still talk of H.OoO.oOi) pro- 
'loclions here. "Merry Widow' is 
now up to 11,800,000 and expected 
t<»..::.«u.;;;.to ;;|2.#0;(H)0' ^/li^bi^* ' it's 
9ti;i«tlied^. "I'reasure IsWiWi' *vyst 
aroiiih |r.'0'Oa,000; ■ 

And not .so lonif ago lloll.vwood 
iiinoiinced that 4t. wa.s trying: to 
keep p6cti||i!©.C(?!|l)ts^^<loWn,;^ 

it's 'rtot'" (^ the m»ist important 

ci»mpan)es that .tie ,si)cn lii)^. The 
so-caljefl ,uni.'ill>-i majors aii- in it 
t'lo One of this ' I iss rec<'ntly 
pai.l $50,000 for two weeks' wmk 
fnim; a het m n' 'w#0 js cohsl 'd'or e d hot 

HrfWywood, Aug. 18. 
To foil forgers, local banks 
are using blacif biptlers. 

\'^hlqsft«' vaar.'.'diaflt'. 'Utiovk 
v«raok' prdot ' for any i»lc^^ t 
inv,. aa JohnL Hancock ; does 
<^dpij»let» fiMla-out In the black. 


l?*ri»'. AMg. 13. 
tirtien they cut a neVir »tt*et In 

I'aris they ii.siially name it after a 
gent who was alleitnan from the 
district in 1S80 or a local boy who 
was k4Ued lo tlffl! war of I8:r«i That 
praetiie is;: all ore'f . for a While at 
least. IVv dei i.sion of the Municipal 
Council, moved b.v Councillor Hes- 
son, new streets in this town will 
t>e jiattted after stage |>e(>p|e for 
soine';'Wf<»e/ from 'now oft; 

First new one will be called Rue 
Mounet-SUIly, after .great French 
aCtiH".. "rtJiWii' win come IlUfe Sara h - 
Berijrtiardt. rue i(Ucle.ii ; f fSuItry 
cfitther Ol* Sa.shaV. me Uejatte. rue 
l'"eIi.ic-iriii;iienot iii'l rue l-'irmin- 
'Jeinier (I'oriiier Oije.oi ilirector wlio 
died ttiirt year) oii'- author Will 
also be honored, i;,'rederic Loliee. 
• These names Will ji»rohably go to 
street..^ t'l be opened up In the for- 
mer s^tme of fortilic.atlons at Kaint 
.Maude, (in the eastern t)order of 
the town near jthe Vincennes Wood. 

Ijoew Is going on i name booking 
spree that tops anything oji record 

for pire-s'eason talent tjitiylng. aVeii 

in the good old d.ays. Whether or 
not the hoe^ booking otilce is out to 
corner the stage name market 
hasn't been sta,ted, but in tha last^ 
two w^eka that circuit 'has grabtMNt ' 
about everything available in tfttt 
name line for as far ahead is N6»; 

Meanwhile, HKO and t|^ 
circuits are ln»iirtiainlng^ 
motionless as far ,as name buyij|p,> 
goes, being undecided as to poliCjT 
for next .sea.son. Impression in 
vaude circles Ja that if Ijpew c^n*. 
tinues ita idi#l booklnir^^^ 
will have the name situation .about 
sewed up by the time the other cir- 
cuits make up their minds. 

With l^ojcwjiaving alc^adXvti9<i.U|iL^ 
a lloh''a ahiife Of avallabtif nadaea, ti*» 
going to f)e particularly difficult 
later on for circuits wanting name 
material wtiich have thealies in di- 
rect comp:;>j|tion with Lo.e w theatrea. 
A 'caae i^'1MilRt:|r%'iii^ 
on Broa'^way, which commencing 
next week, experiments with a 
straiglit picture policy, but with 
nvost of tt^^ I*{\ramoui)t execs ad- 
mltt^edly'- belief 
that restoration of .itage shows is 
inevitable. While the raramoiint is 
experimenting, Loew has already 
decltled- tl^e Capitui and .Htat^» . 
on, ■tijFopi^t^/:'a^j-;^^ 


in H ody \ypf>dv n If hoUtgli jtiojic pfBce 
r -1 eipi<|vijayo proVed olherWis<». 

No ahW ".^ftefns t > kii'.'.v how to 
i"m<dy it. There's a limit to tlte 
h ime.s considered as draws and 
ih<vse Will cf^htlnue >*Ji^ : tli» 
>?i;eai^; . '.Clampetitlprr' itiriii**iti-'U 'lM>'. 
keejii tljiiy will ^ infiime to pri((i- 
tV'aMy write tlnir own tiiMtef..* ,ijintl| 
somn; way is dev4''il^f -ti»;,'«d4,Vt«^^ 

iiiKli iliukiitie in stimtni^r stp^k op- 
enif ion "fa shown ' ^B'^ the >eport of 

on.' t onipanv wliii li ti iei| out' le-.-ir 
.\'ew York re<enily. It cost $13»).2:! 
to o|>erate, the show f »r' phe, week, 
a.ct'ws . getting , .notUing : ^because 
'they ;-:w^ira: ■0}Mrm0\t\ ;pef<*f^iitage./ 
I iH pinp f ;ir liev^'n {^erfoiniflifinMla was 
<^n:'«ii; • , •,■'•■■;>,.. . 

This ■ ornriinv ''[•■•r'it.;-d it a'.Jp'^- 
minimum in all depirtmenis, man- , 
4gfim»7it figuring 4^ j 

ritiss When So choiply h<cii^ked;^i(i>. 
Th.1t: W.H|.«i Its blij tnistake: 1^. a.n 
A ■ I- ■ sHoesti-lnging^''/bt»t;i:tt:-::#g«n*t 
.-j'lod /•notjghi'' '■■ '■ 

l«eeii>itulat( I statement for the 
we^lii ^tWw* the fpfloWing ejtpertili- 
, t'ure^v; ■■: Jte.((it; ■,>t5;^v pf int^^^ 

cotjiriV, f<»r i>a.s;-»e.^ and circoi ir ;). 
|r»; pablicity m.xn (i wrf weeks at |r» 

Like Novelty Click 

Chicago, Aug. 13,''^^ • 
With every conceivable type <if .. 
dance i»uing attajpuled >t th* 
W-Wld's l<Vir this »«iiton?AiM witi^ 

ill of them proving tne'ining|e.sH. It 
ijiperirs fhnt the fx.oositi-in tlnilly 
i;ot someffilng last week in Muriel 
I'age aad her flanic dapce., It looks 
■ tike t hC;:4<«««<i> .IfHck- -/ft. this Mt>ason|. •; , 
if. atsOi haptkins tliat It's ai!»ain^^ 
Htir-eets 'of 'T»aris whicli prc'sents tha 
d.i mcr • novelty of the exposition. 
1,1 St yefH- 'l^arls' tore record.s to bita . 
wit h 3ivl!y Rand ^hd her fans. ; 

.Flame -idance ha4 beoii in: protlpc-: ' 
t Ion more than a month l>*f«)re pieri. 
I'ected. Mechani" ,iiiy intricite, it 
Involved plenty of en«jineering, Ja. . 
t^e dance. Miss Paite^ cpstiiiniHl^M 
a moth, actually goes uf) in flantea : 
.when .she is caufditJiiL tlie ^hoofing 

file of the liuge Stan. • r 111 II • .-^ho 
erljerye.s from tho llanie nunus any . 
c.'jsiume, whh li niake.s the 
■tn additloii.;to, tho::,flame^'j^^ ':;^: 

AiuSlc for the (lanr e; • w'hicTi ftiha 
at)ol|t four IllillUtes I -, It t< iV e.s- 
p'-ei illy t.y .los 'f Cl|',*! ni vv.iky, con- 
■lu' i >r .at the; IJ&I< Chicago, ftont 

iwni, "tia' ■■'iss^jWi,'; -jin'.- i;v '-'pion' '''rt^iieaM)' 
;hf/; .!fWft-v :iri.g-'.i':<it;'-;i*< • 

r IC¥ 

Stp^ T^^ Is a Mistake 

^ 1^ Much Eke Js Risht 

i:''''i i r''.t7r^i i Y 

ami buck in Paris from the Stnlrs 
tiiok tiiiir (iff foi ono solid hour to 
Wkk the AinerlcjUi inilutjtry witfi 

I>anir4f him to New iTiVrk Arid Hollv- 
wo*»«l, Natiiii <alk<<l alxxit wh.'it 
booliK tl>o An»vi««*»'^ Urinl ucorN are. 
■'and iDi»4R4i^t llergeir chiinetl in from 

, llUhJ«!*t:' ■, : ' '■-'"■'''}■. 

PutHtnnrtlnK among hit* conten- 
tktng; K i*«rtijiWgJ^Wit)od in ovf-r- 
^M)<lsielrib m prewttB*. an»l 

that prosit it,'f is* finothor word for 
bitnkruptryr lie morv to 

dfiy ilt>OUt tlw;i|iliw<tert Hollywood, 
Ihe l^i^iii^ of Ameri- 

' cnrt : filThiMn^Aihifl the e«a|f&erftt*<l 
|f»^putntion of American films. 

Fiver since hi« return, Ntatan huH 
Ncn U< (^i)iriK aloof and in2r<l|erlouf<. 
TueKtljiy (31 ) he called » i*l*eii8 con- 
fefetice, hitend^d' to Mttlflfy the gen- 
< ial < ni iosity %vhi<'h had been ham- 
titeiinK at him. Without Natan',* 

-renliKing it, Komo American re- 
IKirterB «0t^ 1^ the mpb. ' One 

of theiH w*ht up to hlitj after his 
fonhal interview and presented 
MlABelf. Natnn, astonished, beKKCd 
him hot to t«t excited about what 
had ihaid and elaborated on how 
:^c» he had been treated (n A|n.erlcn 
in* much he liked Ainif^^ns. 

Then he got going again. " ■ ■ 

The UnitiNl States 3!®0, 
iiictur?i» a )*)iir. and prbiucew 1,000, 

• Naian «ft!il;-^Hie' teveif emi- 
nent Ameri<an producer had ad- 
tiiitted iiH much. Hut he wouldn't 
liaihe the. producer. 

Ijp* « whole is a great 

anlnitak^;: ]<tatah liayau The dei*rt 
encroaches on the QlltriitirtH of the 
city, an<l if the people stopped 
irrlpatinf,' tlicir gardens Ihcy would 
imon be covered with sand and ,l>e 

■^Ijjirrenr' • ^.y'^ 
Situation of the French stars In 
Hollywood is pathetic, he said. 
Ciharlea Boyer and Maurice Che- 
valier '.'Mn«' MO homeifick it's ^d. 
Ameriint iiM i^ln^ij tli««h/ i^d they 
can't wait to pet back |#v..|^^^ 
pa flic, declared Natan. ''^ . 

Tliere la no American artiiit in; 
Ifollywood who ci^li't Wfc eqiiaHed th 
Fitiiwe, NaWnniei^ Dlainafnt- 

.' Btpi'Kt r f ame in then with a list of 
French ai lists who equal the bit 
Bhots— Annabelia is as Kood as 
Dietrich, he Baid, ttpd B^ch can show 

■ ■iritkw' tb.-aiiy'' .Aiji^ertean- ■.coWl*; ' , 
■. : - ■•The ''future' 1*, (W^rf^^iiJM^ •^•tb 

: ; , Frenii'hroenV '^t''-'.': ''''--^- ''\ 

•rii«y aniced that the 
inilu.*-1ry i» ruining its business l^y 

> givinjr the pubUc; t0o ro^ i'^^ 
money. Tir<?. ■i(«'«tttrcl».''«ri^ a^ KW 
KhJ.w f\^r 7Sc or' It ail "wrohpr, 

they Tlio thcutirs ar<- throw- 

ing; I'ljjiK at the public by chanK.inJr: 
biilH txviipf a wec*. Ijiitead of niakr 

'.iltiir''' Goes". in ;:'Z#h*' 
Western for Ff*-,','-,:' 


;i .f4«bllywood/ Aulir 13. 

jacfci** fiwgaft iB back iff a leatun 
picture. YdunKKter ban beeii «p<)t- 
tcd by l aiamuiint in •('ndc of the 
West,' a, Zanc V.txy Western. 
* rictore win be directeil hy Ai thur 

Jacobilloiyv-'i^y*!^ f*?"*?"^*'''', 
direet0i^:;' '■.■\':'r--:'l-'y 

Sten Pic Wai B*^ 

Hollywood, JVMK' 13. 
The Russian Btt«t?r ihtdhtght 
uuiss sc«iiicn<o in Samuel CSoldwyn s 
We Live Again,' ttarring Anna 
Sleii;'~ife;:io' b<jp''<Jhowri::;»h ■ key spot^ 
thi^fMii^dut! Ihif country to club 
women *n4i ' c.hwch organifatioite 
prior'' to '■■ireneraV'PejeiwioVo^^^^ 
ture. ■ » 

First shOWinK, with » <'horus < 1 
30 flju««la» . ««*)ip««» . stated . this 

Winters; club woman contact pf the 
Ifays organization, an*! her eommltr 

'We My* #if**l'*' '*a*^<^ 


mitM t>. Suvarninit of the: <^i^<^ 

Th* big rtioment of the nfiow Is 
liahoney. Not a woe bit less iiip- 
pealing tlian w.hon ho used to bowl 
itiem over a street up at what tlio 
boys still call jokinKly the ace 
house. Will makes a vaudc fan's 
heart warm. He shows that the 
heroic ttKiiros of an«^tlior <lay d« 
comparison to some 


•liiyfair Theatre B^li, 
■^■■Wew Yprk City 

WVim, Mag Scrihe^rH^^^ 

y ilo E0X Cuts Confalis 

Walter P. Titkin, Columbia pro- 
fessor and author of 'Life Begins 
at 40,' quickly upped his price for 
advlilns «)n thfi film script when be 

oast to confer With hiiri. 

William Conselman, adapthig the 
best selling book, had to cancel hi.'- 
planQ reB^rvations ,at the last min- 
ulA #h«)n .jPox 4eclded it' could do 


F««irii« BrJe*, Anil Peftninglon 

^ D»«i« B«ck to n. y. 











F/urlcHliue'.. . ».•■>*••»•••■•:*•■• 

■ < \h«t " ■ .i' i ■«' « >,.♦ f"*'«i • 
.f<l(11toriUi| ■ »■. . i • 
igh(T>loitatiU)ii'. ■ .'«;.»;»*».4 '•♦<<;*« 

(Kihii Uovi<'WH 
; Foreign Film News. . ...jt 
Foreign. 'j^S^io'k'^V^i^J^ 
|-l«u«c RevieVs 

ltl^;ulo — Lt'Ki^ • 

luHUlo— Music . . ».. • • 

■ Ifisiil^l^ljcitiiii**^ 
Inside - K;ulii(j>..^,4yA)M^*»«*»« 
Ij«<|4 it iinato •«M<44 - 4X 
.Ijiteiati «.••• t 

Mtisir " . '. y .;; i'.«.*..¥»*f •»««-tSK- S!' 
New A ••f « .»'.*> ■.■ • ••Mil. .' -41' 
r:c\\ s 1 \t)m%lift>ti\^^ -fi'ii 

Mite CIuUh '■i^ 
Uhituary : . •i.iy.^f .;i:a,«iw|»« ; f'-l 
■<)UtdWr«;''-fMi^,l?'^^^^^ ■ f>-' 

I'irfurCB t « V ■ 2-ll,lt, 

H.'idiO . . . i .\ ^*:'« ir Vt:i :•**••« 8,0-. 41* 
H.'idiii l<ot>oi(s I^ii 
TiuiCfJ >;»juarc *>i. ,.»♦..• M 

t" ;v;fci»<h((VUii«i;-->^^^^ . .<o- 4;: 


; ' ' Hollywood, Awi:. 1.1 

Fannie Hricr and Ann I'ennin^* 
ton arc N. Y. bound, as. fwnier , had 
to i^t hft^' to Ktarit neheAl$Mili tor 
the 'Follies' ro4jid totir before.. lehd 
of month. Roth came to the Coast 
lif;urinK on Koinj^ into 'The (Jrraf 
Ziogfeld' picture ut ynjversHi, but 
produettpn Will npt'-'St^lt^'^f; an- 
other six weeks. ■'1^:;;.'\ ''-"' r^d. 

lii if>atty ihttiiriitiiis ^i(h^^ 
no^-er.vDavls...-''-"; ■ ' 

Cortez, Todd's Vaude 

RieardO' Cofti^s! arid *rh«>Jm,a To<ld 
w i 1 1 be among |>ioiur.«^ tw«i^ ,4DomiTk||f 
east ^or v.'iude 'thfs f^tl;" Kftfih- wiii 

«]() a .vkit. 

SUiKc time is l.cinj.' no>;oliat«d for 
t he filn»^:-.*!sr.: tjb)if';' ?ig^mim-'M^^\ 

oftlee,; .v:- - 

ai>out three yearii. WaiPiiir i(Sr«ir.,.tt 
contemplating bankrollihg tho iitliire 

again, with Lew Rrown .as a i>os- 
sible producing partner. A deal is 
on for Warners to tinnncr Brown's 
•Yokel Boy Makes VmAi ipmAfs^, 
this season. Jieweit tltM li 'llteniSr- 
wood Re Thy Name.' 

Plan under discussion involve^ 
'guest appearances' in the lh«ad- 
was! ft)PW \ by W^irner contrcMC-t 
pli^efv»: ' t»4k i»lirture«. ^^^^^ 
alternate' in coming east for a 
couple of weeks or a month each. 

The Warner terms retjuire that 
the pron^n show be made into a 
revuiBj MthbuiSh if^s & hbdk shoW'as 
Rrown had it planned. Change 
would be simple, since the book is 
not yet written. 

Trouble with the book has de- 
layed prodacttei»'ibf #6^^^ mu- 
sioal up to 1H)W/ iWltli 
financing also report^?* ; to have 
stood in the way. NeW irtoney waF 
reported to have come from George 
Jessel recently through a buy into 
the show by the «<»|iedifi|i. J»ut it 
now appears ^ je«»«^i " deil with 
Brown whereby he would go into 
the show was merely a regul.ntlon 
actor- manaj^er pr6|»0«ltjk)n^ ^ W a 
percentage basis.' 

Ift the evfettt the WiuTiwt^ a^ 
.set, show will be spotted In "WK's 
d.irkened Hollywood on Broadway. 

Warners also ci'titomplatc's back- 
ing the liay Henderson-'lack Mc- 
Oowan book inVislcaJ, - ft* ■ which 
Hiiarry Rijelima n is ; al^ hj&d'.; . , 
•Fifty ' Mill ion Frenchmen^: #©«r 

years a>-'o, \va,H-il|ii»':lBrf*:.*g|5|^^ 

by Warners. .^'•J;-'.-- v«..i^-V'-"V"/' 


It ;^«c,:' B'way, L^Kirt' fM iWIwi 
v> !«».■ Hollywood 

. 'j fy 'n;' '■■:'^j'liOn|don, Aug- l-3< 
\181lMbietK;'*WBi^W' '■wiM'-';*if»ttkf 'tonf 
picture for Darryl Zanuel' (20th 
Century) next summer. • . 

Kiss Bergihef atarti' ftlii^A|r :on 
'Kseaiie Me Never* for British A Do- 
minions Oct. 1 here She Starts In 
the same show (legit) in New York 
for Harold B. Fra«klip» and Arch 
9etiwyn in . JrtniisilPisi - »»; / lawvlous^ 
»chedw|ed;,'v :;•;'-,:'■'■■ 

Sylvia Sidney's 25G 

■seek this Week before" .'"juiiiice 
0'I>>ary in N. V. Ropreme ' Goiii^t to 
have •struck out the defons< ma<h^ 
by the A. S. Beck Shoe Corp. to th<' 
a,jp4f>ess' |2&.00^ sfilt ]f<»r name and 
picture thfringemeht A<$Alib|^^ Miss 
Sidney ciaims "that the sVioe distrib 

used her photo in .'i series of newt-- 
paper ads without permission. 

In its answer to her complaint the 
Heck concjern declared the a.d.aRcn- 
cy handlihg <he> Reck aecoiint had 
obtained the re<juirod okay from 
the screen player Jind that, anyway, 
the habit of actresses allowing their; 
jiames ti^ h^ used for such purposes, 
'■^H^th^'ii^^oyai h4a he^n received 
of; 6therw)se. shotild; m^ a sntls- 
factory defense. R Is the eoniention 
of Miss Sidney's cotinsi'l, House. 
Grossman and Vorhaus. that the 
written fcpnsent l**^ if 
company cUiims Its. itg(ency got Is a 
forgery, and that the. doy trtne-of 

« ustom could no|'fMiriiri» 
in this case. /. j^-y^ - 


Max W>ll Save 9t|iirVf«<i9 Black Bass 
lit Thousand IslanHS^ " 

Hoii\ wof'.d. Au^; la: 

Fox has placcfl H«'nry l.{. Wal- 
thall on a year's contract, first - 
ternwT for tlie veteran, slTice. Silent, 
dalys. ■, ' ■' ■ • > ^ 

Initial film under t^e pae-t will" 1% 
■I<aclM'lor of Arts' 


llfrllywootl, Aii^'. 

Looriiis SiKtcrs due here the « n«l 
of the |iioftth : (>n a Fo« :contr'*et, 
will li^ *i|itotitea^ a musical !»*«)'- 
duced by Jess*^. -LftSky, 

Another Ivittn'' ^headed 1*>J 

l'«)X IS Thuinks R«H:k, arrt^^^^^ 


■ iI»,>!)y.wouit, .AiUg. 13.,. 
I>avev'AUeii;:fti;'Ml'^:i^j'^^ |t«,. 
to itial nii;tpii|i t^n;^^^ In 
Supei jor ' 'iltffi'V'iHO.rals . ch.n.f'Kf 

|)relci lod «i;({4fli»l|;;;|hj^ 

i.>elx<'Ug,'.. ■■t '.'''S.-.''.' 

Aiig. It. 

Ma:* Wlwak<|i> BUecumbed 
to hiiii iitmi^l^^;\ii<^taigia : for tiie 
thJdusiand fsliinds;^^! left heiNe Fri- 
day (10), with Mis. "Winslpw, for 
New York, from where they will 
entrain north lor their infinmer 
home' this Thursday (16). * 

Th VWnsloW hud his iSt. Law- 
rence river complex became ap- 
parent here a month ago when he 
started to reach his office moi'nings 
at 11, instead of . 10 iSV. Finding 
that he cbtiid sii^ thft^^ over It whs 
only a qiit>stipi«'.; oi time befoie hf 
asked Harry C?ohli for a v.ication. 

The Inmgry Mack bass at the Is- 
lands arc Ut^lighted. Th«ir pri'/e 

'v-^'.:;;',:',; ■■''/■. JJolly>voo4l, Aug. 18..',;; 

tho' 'il^i/', iillBilse, ■ i>aHsed'''W.riir»feitt::_ 
censorship regulations governing; 
fan nuigaa^inc writer(j last week. 

;D'njaefr;'the;.: ii»*f '■.yiNuMihir. 'eyeryrilgail;-^ 
niag; writer must sujbtnit to tlit*v 
ntudlo publicity director before |)uh- 
lication any ui'ticle written which 
'Hivtrtveii" '* ' : ■eonti'aet ' ■ 'plityf^i-i WMSil' • 

rM>l obtain approval of t he p.a. ,f ; 
anj idea on wliich an interview is' 
to be ba.sed, and Whenever possiblfe 
a third RerSoh»; » h*' 

Kt I d lo, w usi be prerieftt hr **» Crtniv 

As U penally for «4»t'olieying any 
of 'the rules a writer will >D fk»nliMI 
otimlsi!rion,,Jhe' studiw^ '■r.,^' -' ^cii^''^' 

T'ho . tirvitislih^ agroeineht ;ls " *i- ; 
plained as a means to 't irrb tlie in- 
accuracies, ■ iuisr«M^'osentation and 
exaggeration of fads by «ert.iin 
wi iters, wbieh tend to create ■ false 
i m prcMsioiis ■■ ■ til. ifliiey' miMh^-'M-^mf^;^ 

Western lie.ttls of Ian nraga/.inek 
will meet with Hays office otticials 
Wednesday (15) to discusH banning 
and eefiBorShip : matei^te tiw^y; 
write, which studios want 'dkctyed^' 
hereafter b«'fore printed. 

Tip is out that they will he told 
that cretljtable publicalionH will nut 
be l|t«e»t«^ ,|*sr'^iji^^i^^^ 

Holly wixxl, Auk. 13.' 

KTttia total took a dive again last 
week, '•'■•"only-', : t.ii'i . ;*i»dt*^l^-i ■#BSrk^- 
throukH^CefUi«^4DlMiil»l^.^'^ ■ 

Biggest dky 
when M4 found Jobs. ' ■ . V 

BUZZEU^RmED^^^^^ ; 

Tf para L. Clark — May Defer' Hon- 
0 oympon Trip Due to Prod. 


Nine Bike .Riders Pile Up Qn Joe 

Hollywood, A ui^^^^ 
Nino men were injurid in .•< spill 
during thcuhooting cf a sequenie 
for •Six Day Bike Rider* (JP^N) at 
the Winter Gardt^Q VelodrOTiii* h#re. 
Jbe E. Rrown, wthr of flimi W^^ un- 

At firHt thoiiglit fatally hurt. lyou 
Rush,''-' ''ilii^^c^; v! fi^rher,^ 
l.rfindy, tpbtCrricyele^ re- 
ported recovering in ' a' ' hospital. 
KJmer W. Dyer, eameranum, and 
Mike I.<aUy, asslstifut tlirecior, weit 
8ft|fhtiy''N«^i^«J'-'''*'^^^^^^^ : 

Qary Cooper arrived from KeW 
York today (Momlay) to stJirt iii 
'Bengal JUancer' at ^X^fAmount. 

droVjsr Jones is Kwrltliw tite 
script which ^lenry Hathttisaiy di' 
rects. Hupport for Cooper incliides 
ticnry Wilcoxen, iiichaid (?roniw«'n. 

I ttlly wo(.<). Aiif.. Kl. 

, Tw!i» ., pjuy^-rs, ip . t?olumbla's 'Tht 
<3ltli«ii,k'''|lttici», '.th& SM;*: ttflfr -in^'lOCal 
HosipitfilB,'; . 'levied Keating u nd« rwen t 
a minor opernflon at Cedars of 
l.ielKin(in hosiiitjil .'irid will be out <.f 
the jiicture for a week. Another 
()pcratioh 1^ 

ftnlshcs wbi^k ^ stiidtp. ^ " 
Flbrence Bice Is at G(»bd Sjimnri- 

tan lu'Vpital loi ;i ri. a it li i it ic <'<indi- 
tlon caused by srptit sore tliroat. 

|;loliyWOOd, >VMg, ,13. 

199^' :iittiM)"'«t«id 'iiHrti;>tk''.v(7i«^' . 

d;iuj.;hter of H. T. Clark, retired,' 
Texas capitalist, were quietly inari> 
ried at the bride's home in Beverly: 
Hills a,t. noon gfUurtday ill) by. Bat-. 
peri«--'*!0il*^' fJMwD %(^r}: 
Uesides the bride's family and Biiy.- 
•/ell's brother. Ha muel Jesse, N. \., 
lawyer, only a few friends were at 
the coremoplei^, with, Mrs. Hftinuel 

Srisktii' matiHiH^ .^:ii(0!««r.'v>' 

4ff9r''ihe''.««itM^i^^^ flarty went '.fo''; 
the Be'ferly-Wiliilfiii'e^ -f^^^ 
breakfast iocepti«)n for around .100 
was tendered, with prominent pic- 
ture people attend iuK. 

Cpupif la 1^ to 
gO"tlif^*fiofl(W p^inrtlii' here, is 

lh]/zb}):>j^ due to start direction of 
The Cit-l Friend' lor Bill Kuwiand 
r i-od uc t ion s M^. ,0Q}ttinbfa: .■ .(he. «f . ■ 
thijs MreeHtj:;', .'rv' 

Local Author Makoj Good, 
Dames' Title Worth $5,000 

' Chnttanoogn, Aug. IS. ■ 
I'ickin^' 'l>arrio; loi ihe title of 
hiv short story, whicli he sold BqVr 
<ral yeais aj.;o to St|i>et A Kmlll^il 
I>eteetiy(e.^^^ for • .j(f|^f iJ^ 
happy ihsplil-atloh to Warr»s4 iKlrifi- 
V local writer. 

Warner Bios last week paid Kiin- 
sr-y $;,,()()(), endingV';n^WtJ*t^|MfMi;>^^ 
seyfiral- nionth^(,.v ;■■ > ■■"^ 

,.■';"-■'■ ■-■■■;>';./,\-'; .43tilver'eHy*'"i((k^ 

Mt'tro has s< t l;iih( I t Z. Txnnard 
lo direct "Naiij^lity JVlarietta,' with 
.leanot te Mac I )ona Id and ^elson 
Eddy heading the cast. > . 
'''^'>it^titi«.;!<i»m beKM) .l'at«""'tn' 'fie.r>t^fih'f" 
bcr; which is titne sc}i.eduied to ptai t 
production of 'Heir , Bxeellency'F 
Toliat co Shop,* HarhCin 'NoViu^ 
first sin^e. his ^;^ettr.vOfify 

Hollywood, Aug. l3. 

JDespite talk that, Max Bear might 
go into ^htD Milky Way* as his first 
for r\iramoun(, film will probably be 
kayoed for the champ, because de- 
feat angle In yarn 'im^: M^tM^-^, 
po<Nr showmanship. i 

«ttidlo h«UB hfii^ded |ir0<it|icUtta: 
siKument ''^:^fii#liaiuiiiit-t»^ ^ ^ 


Auig: r : (New York td J^ihdon) 
Will Mohoney (rres. Hardlng)i 

^ug, .30 (lx>ndon ,tp0^w . Voirfcj|i 
frtiin Y<*^v Hl6ks»^ J^^^ <W***l»«ttaii>; : 

Auk. Ifi (New Y<pil< to London), 
William Beaudlne . and family (|le 

Aug. 10 (I.,ondori to Mcvv York) 
Clifford Whitley, Kathlyn Jiaydea, 
J. C. CouptMi', Jit^^C^.' SN^^ 

Aug. 1^ (London to New York), 
So|ihle Tucker ("Waiiltington). 

Atig. ]«- iLoiiidbh to New Ydrfcife 
Mark OBt<«r ( AQuitania)!. 

Aug, 11 ■:'''(k«#,'T<»rlt .to-'-l*^!**,; 
Marcel AChard, <;jluirles B o y « 
Philip Relsmati; Oedrge Ivi^ndy, thfi 
8tt.muel Margoshes (Paris). V' 

AUff^; . 9Q i^pvr^ York iyl Jbomlon) 

Aug. 12 (New York to London) 

'Mr. and Mrs. lilehiiy Dav is iiUris). 


7 Los AriKi'K'M. Auk. 13. 

^ ^ 9tifliiir ■ i^^ this state 

and dn admlsh charjredv Il*8 the 
closcHt thing to a carnival that's 
hit in-ecinctH in yc'irs. All 
paaiiner of 8ho>vmAn»liiP injected 

tontlon iH being iia^^^^^t^^^^^^^^^ 
naturalH. " ^'.^-v'' 
lvosp(>nsil)K» lor tli«> .swiiiK to bally 
ypton i5inclu^r. Bo(;iali»t-turncd. 

ll'i^cit to let the i^itves Know^itiifti, 
"Im»'« their man. Veteran poirtlc^^B- 

are ho ilabh. '- ^.i.slccl at the ti i-nd of 
events that they're dusting oil old 

^mi^M0^:f'^ i)iA(^'^;«t^t>&ti8h; 

E^ren tJ» ;dai|^^ .lalTy 
on the 'on to iiricrahibhtti' movo- 
inoiit, tho llfai'.st • vciiiiiK sluct run- 
ning, occasional form charts in tlic 

.ii^tlii.>^^ Joc|t©ys, o<t<l.s, <>tc. At 
this writiniT, \vlth thij prima ri<>.s 
two woolvs (»1T. Sinclair is bt'iiiK 
,<iuptO(l at 3 to 1. Inciunbt'nt Mer- 
is tlio eho*c* cij <J*W»tm^ for 
•th« C30P nomination. Tlilrd.: p«^ 
in the runoff will lv» llaymoh*! 
IlaiKiit, -.inpai'.inirur tlK' 
triple tlu'i'.ut of Kc'publn.\*tn -4)»itgro.s- 

Uses Footliglit Bally 

«lalr Ijioico tlie ice m,oiuli« ago 
> liritH hla; ,Kplc Ihoatrb as a prop 
for his campaign fund-ami inculcnt- 
ally l/ulwarldng hl.'< goldon pi'omi.scs 
via Itu' fnotliKbls. lit! follov.cil thi.s 
iwilh a nickel tahloid, wt>elUy tliat is 
^|Pi>«l\1h«««^^ ' 25.000 

.•^copies per; Jirtntlng. 
■ To tal«e the molaKscs out V)f the 
, Itow of contribution.s to tlio cam- 

B\lj(n,.oin«crjj, Sinclair hit ui>on the 
M ital^Qi' piiince^i oli Sitindays 
; down the dls - 
taik^" betwe^ paydays for his 
worliers Dancchall opfrator.s pro- 
tested ou the ground that jigging 
•Ir. the 8^lb^^ in tlils 

•''\''':Vv-'<Cdiitl|iued on page'';$) ' 


Ou* \h Pair 


IJoUysvooU, Aug. 13. 
Sair> Goldwyn: ha^ hlreC KiAtf 
VidbiP ''My direct the nett Anna'8t«n 

nim in the fall. 

Yidor i.s piving up lii.s career as 
an Indle ajul .scll-llnanced producer 
to. take on thia projtosed Russian 

jy^lle abroad.^ Vidbr will gather at- 
hkwupiierlc stuff for the pic. v 


Do 'Beaux Arts' on- GMSt, 

, ■ Starting Sept. 1 

UoUywood, Aug. ,13. 
KoVr York to Hollywood awltijh 

been made by l-larl (^'arroll for 
i>rbduction localo ot I'.cau.x Atls 
.Ball. Filin is for Fox rt'Ioasc ami lu- 
; !• due herib liext Fi^^nlay ;(17^. Woi ii 
«tart» around Sifrpt, 1 jpffitfiBi^oii - 
,,-;-<iwi' »tu*iio. 

Shift to Coast is* due to l-MU'l's 
ea.storn servico studio not giving 
; pa,rrQll aniount of sva>ce Uo wanted, 
Frod«c<^r briftirs Jli^ from 
Now York, rest for ensonibics to bi- 
culied liere. Maurice tMciry nnurns 
v,,*rHh -CJarroHi^ 

HollywocHl. A ug. vt*. 
■ Warne 1» rctitling the 'l^kiil; 
Muni Htory as '.New I'.oicb j- Town.' 
Film credit.s will not mention Car-, 
roll': driaihiim^; from. Whoin the stiidip 
|K»^<f*t. lifa. 'Itorder "l*o\i'fl.' 

^Ito(fe# r^rrt \vlll be credited for 
tiio yarn as an original v.itli T.alitl 
iJoylf a.s adajitor and AVallacc' 
ShiWh, continuity. ^turlid ; 'clathi? 
^i^piihlhft, >v{W tefi^- of the^^^^ 

, Jottti Ji;vai hi«» beeh Si ven thir tit if 

Of Fax Pictures 

Woilywood, Aug. 13. 
r.uddy De J'ylva. contracted by 
Fqx to make four pictures, ha.s ar- 
rived Oivth« Coast ft^id starts work 
Sept; 1/ l^ai rtwde With Wlhfteld 
Iv. ?51i<'rdinn on tI)o eve ot Uie 
latter'.«i departure for lOuropo; . call* 
for two ' -initslcf^: ''mia>:iW»::.Jtn$^ 

films. ' ■■1;a'-.v'*' ' 

DeSylva Is (jHVei* f ree rei» ; >^ 
his productions In the matter of 
story, cast and director. He has 
boon a.ssured tliat tliPl^ -WlU; W 
outside interference. ■ 

Fox cleai has (Caused tteSylVa td 
forego hts plan to produc* a 
WhdMer and Wpolscy musical In 
association with Max Gordon as he 
will i)C in the midst of production 
at the time the W-W show: 
have to be |n rehearsals. -, 

Comics are shopping around for 
another producer connection so as 
to get the stager ready for play 
dates for which they liold guar- 
:iuiteeik Kaimar and i$u)>y and .8W 

irov«rii' wm 'tako .)6ir^'tl^'|^eiyiyi' 

chore of p: 
and music 

Revival Covert Country, 
with Studios Putting Of- 
fi4sii|kl Oklty on New Crop 

Hollywood, Aug. 13. 
One of the earliest raclceta in 
the tllm hiz — fan clubs — is back 
With a swish and gpm - completely 
rbap^ciahle. L^tMt ohMkup ahowii 
.Olft '535 such groups have mush- 
roomed over the land with an ag- 
grcgato membership around 750,- 
OQi)^ :AIlpwih|r for three to a fam- 
ily,^- tlM^'':«r^^4Ni 

roo t ing Mi!|Ic^ flfiieina satel- 

iites. 'v.A 

Studio exetpa who used to hide 

\vhi»h fan cilitMi 

'have'' 't>t>en" .wMiiWtf 'awayV-^fMifai'' feai^' 
and have even gone so far as to 
give the critter a gentle pat on the 
c-onl;. Which is proof sufficient 
that |he c^lifh lag ^l>as broken away 
from its c and la 

again a fit and proper sub|ifpi':l^ 
di.'-i at church sociables. 

It isn't »uch a far cry back to 
days when Vm b^u:, Klomined all 
those cbin i&hclosu^ tihiat pPured 
in from members. It cost as high 
as 1^.50 to be initiated into a tiim 
star club in those halycon days and 
suckers were plentiful. On top of 
that, those atar stilla ftimiiihvd 
gratis by studios seemed too good 
to give away vhen the chumps 
wore willing to . part with 50c for 
.lithographed mug of their idols. 
(Continued on page 16 . 

R^ts Role h Serial^ 
B. P. Releases Actress 

Tlollywood. Aug. 13. 

.Taf(|U''line Wells has refused tlie 
Ifad in miver.sal's 'Tailspin Tommy' 
.<jer,lul., and as. a .restilt B. I^. SdiUl- 
bofff; fcanceifrd his pet'sohal cdntiract 
with h("-. 

She iiad l»ef>n under iils wing a 


Isabel Jewell and Mrs. Hal Roach in 


S'ii','ci> sf. 'his uh ill!.' I'l 
from l>r-Sylva. 1(" t sc'-m to w int in. •■ifheC, 
l )eKvl\ ii, who . jiiMt to ib.i 

^■i»lotiiar'':ii?i»^yVtr'<-oV siixei--,!^ 

- ifollyw'ood, Aug. 13f. 

I!ri ruiile ."Sunday night to oi<tain 
a pliy ieian to attend her father, 
i.sabei .lewt'll control of her car 
and wrcckfd itv mlraculousl jr 
ef?er4T>e^''«#liSuJi'>^Mttl^ " ' 

Il' turing from tiie liospital wi>ere 
llal Koric h is r<>i'ovoi lng from an 
,i|'i)einlii ( is opernlion, Mi s. Koai h 
and . dilUKhter. ; Ig, were injured 
si itf litl ^' f n a.iii aiitrt aipcidftnt »«nd.iy 
nl»li«.:^v;;; y-:^'-^/ . ■■/.•vi 

Dot Piffk^ 

' lIoHv vv.Mid, Aik;. l.l. 

l-'iisl a,-»sigann.iil loi* Doi-othy 
I'.irlie:)'. .iindta' rr>nti'a' l ^ivA-n }\vr by 
IN;i-anio,int; -will b«. an origiTial J;',arn 
i 1 . 1 t'li^c'd : fi;»rv tt'i !^e liiWiliHrdViiitid 

>!tndio' .'vlsi,! (aiiged le-i- husliand, 
.N^iii ( '.ini|>l"-ll. oa .1 V, iH ill.; -a 't ing 
t'.' v;n>1, I'ilir: ,4U'P ; dU^ irt i b(-'. .studio 



Hollywood, Auff. IS. 
Better 8usineas UuriMu hat b^un 
I^r6h(^ of fake pietura scholM radtsi 

oh complaints that at least a dozen 
now ones have sprung up. Schools' 
operations are said to cover mostly 
m iddle west and : prthiiraat .atatest 

tine for chumps to register their 
photos for |1 each. Course in 
schools is suggested as come-on 
bait, with hint of picture careers to 

LeRoy Gets lamps' 1st, 

Burbank, Atfir. iJi 
' 'Now cutting 'Happiness Aheftd,' 

Mervyn I.oUoy i; next set for 'Oil 
for the Lamps of China" at War- 

Frob^Vly. VUt thW- direct 'An- 

Chim FM.S On the Cuff Expanses 
Offset lore Ita 


Col«iffii1|}ii ^htlvaa Inteoliid VllNk 

Hollywood, Aug. 

Oe^ ;fOr Ha,rry Rich^aipt to talte 
tdp i SpSt ih 'H^^^^^ 

luiabia is cold. CompanyHiiv.-i tossed 
tiie story on tlie .shi'lC lor i>os.'iil>le 
revival next year. 

■Viptpi; Schertzslnger, arjginaU.Y wet 
to ■■;«w«ct; .'the yarn as ■ --his ;';ttext;' 
is now T'rf'paring 'CJertrglanar'^^i^ 
may swing bacli to 'flellp*- wlien 

% Gam Shown 
In '3} Jobs and 

I'lstlm.tting that some 10,QOO men 
in , .Are. ^e^ 
■■f»l>f.i«^V wi'!*rr ;;t«a*i: tlt«.':|%iiiltt»ttt^;.:ot . 
which tiio NBA oftlcially ropolr^, 
over 100 are plcturo people, iY^if»: 
nier> believe tlierp's ahptbor'/fM'MA^, 

to.. tlie situation, -V;';- 
V^ietiSran "W'ashin^rtpn coritaots of 

.■iliow bu.siness h.aVo a difpt^rent way 
of looking at tlie I'residcni ial com- 
pensation. A( lirst craclc they con- 
cede that NltA pubiiciijts are within 

\yiiHhingtbh^ Aiif^,; 13, 
SubMtantial gains In enipldyment 
in amusements and servii-e estab- 
li.shmenls. occurred in l'yy'>, Com- 
merce Department announced tlii.s 
week in puhlishlng results of flrst 
survey of Amierlican baftlness tmder- 
talicn as a reliof projo -t. 

Although figures for bowling 
alleys, service stations, bartn-r 
shops, theatres,, restaurants . and 
similar other establishinili^^^^^^^^!^^ 
lumped, limiting usefulness of the 
report, the Census Bureau proml.sed, 
with its typical diligence, that a de- 
tailed breakdown : will be available 
'Ih th^^^Milfi!^ f^^ llpre detailed 
analysis, expected to show OJtact 
figures for dlffierenL sorts of aniuse- 
ments, will be forthcoming, it was 
.said, late in October or early m No- 
vember. .,■ ' 1 
Oeneral sttihftjarjr^ shbyired tttat 
peak for f ull-tlthe emplttyihent in 
.sorvico and amusement Holds was 
reached in November, when 461,704 
regtttat workers were engaged, while 
low isjpdt came In February, when 
fuB-tfihe einploy<i<Mi titimbered 408;- 

181. Tart -time employment wais 
higli in November at ]9f.,804, and at 
bottom in January at 159,411. 

"There were 471,950 service estab- 
Hihments and amusement places 
whi(;h roi)orted total receipts of 
$2,21 4, 024, I'ayroli amoimted to 
$-.;{8,770,14l, of whUli $461,035,909 
went to regulair worli^'irs and $77,- 

^tiitli w "cofhpSkrittg ' the 

d<S,nt*s $75,000 salary with the $100.- 

000 and up compensation of others 
in man.v of some 90O American in- 
iliistrifs ivntV social .splieres. Ihit it. 
Is ;^stlinstted iljat ^h>|rp:», at>^^^ a»i- 
ither $300.00(1 t^ bo^' :ta?^ daii "to 
l'\liS.R.'sA$75,0^;^;''';;:' ''-v. 

•Those ponccrnihg tin.'in.'5elves witk 
the Idpqt w|4te it, oil: M >;<kll6w»: 

Anybody ottifht 'tii f^^^ pajf . 
$25,000 i yeir rent for the 'VVhlte 
House a.s i iiotnc? and another 
5,000 for the bwsine^s.s ofti.*e!f 
thor^;. .pji^yr.oll Jor domest'c sorv*. 
aiif* ■■|iii'';.i|»'<i: .■■■■'iliffeile; 'vjldiise ■ iMfoper,' 
jajiiCo*. •serVlcC'' r(n-''ttije;..piHc'e.- :bul»d- ■ 
irig.H, Hipci'cftarial*'''^r'vic^, policing, 
etc., probalvly rua:, around ?75,000 
I'cr year; anotl>cr $75,000 raay b* 

1 conservative oatintate for f oo4 ! 
and ..i0]ttenirt^ii^ automo* 
• ' i^ch 4i» tfe^^ fur* 
nishes the President, as well as a 
private car for each of hi.i three 
secretaries with chauffeur, the sal- 
aries tiif thcae three «ecrej^rl0s, plua 
their lUMistahts, probably runs 
about $il©,000 per year and an esti- 
mate on those automobiles would 
run iibout another $15,000; phone 
cAlls, cables; etc-, niiifU4.sum another 
$15,000 and a l^ic«sid«in!ttia summer 
vacation probably means $50,000. 

Which is all very well, as It 
should >)e and no squawks say the 
statisticians, except that whan they, 
start'.' poinil^-: o^'-tM^'- 'i|fiii:::|ilioide 
get ,1^^^ salary than the Preai- 
dfl{iit< ' a few other factors shoUlA 
also .'be.; CO- i< !' .■■ ■ I 


, : U Aug. 13. 

Warn<oi''i ha * lpane<l Warren Wil- 
iiam to trhi versa,! for lisad ln 'Imi- 
tation of Llfe^priginally set for Paul 
Lukas. - 

Picture ts currett tiy in flft* if^iek 


Scnbbl^rtlMii^ ScredA Credit 

Listed in A4on|hly AcAd^my Bnlletim 

' Hollywood, Aug n. 

That army of llollywood ncreen 
\vi;itev8 Which wprk on pictures but 
.hey«*'frtK>!rtVa'--#C^W«n-^ .is being' 

^hiiitripi nned by thie A<)ad«Eny : i>f Mdf 
tioii Picture Artfr valid ^ibl^flttNlS ' in 
a bnllMIn i■.sI^(■d^Oi^ch^;f»^«|r^lt<'Jft 
ing. the HcriliblerS. :' 

First bulletin li.sts as its pri^o^of 
ii>o: mpnth Met|?t<<* -atfiabpul 
r)ueM;* *Whlf1». *Whll« ; earrjrilftf' iliilly 
twoAVriters for .«icreen crf'dit, never- 
ili*'!e.<s Ii'kI writtTs assigned for 17 
...tiKT tasks in '■^)iii!?c'i^py 

liolU.; . , ■ rV ' v'.'" " ':; '■; , ■ 

' f Ju) ^»:■llh;'ili!hp^^^ ^hat ■'•whili'- ,ficrw?n 
:;->;.;;id... ^^ii^fs. ■ ,t>».' liH,'mniil;'oftfatiik!<?'r; 
;t'<jd ■)t;^,,.i«'riric»sk.i,.' *Kf»'-»liibpr'.-^ 

.ahh'd s' tjbc.* i>.i( k of tli.f p'f't'iro 
were — treat men t. Donald 0«den 
StPwart; : scr^'Cn play. conHtruclion, 
Weils liopl, -Irfso 1 {i r i n ''iiik i . 7 li f hard 
ifuhayer, ibTiver i\\ V. Garrett.; Dicm- 
rild -Ogd'-n Htewift; di.'it(f»g, RIf*fia>d 
.Sf hayer, l/' fj I Jiririfs!; I, W-lls l!oot, 
(i<jt.t,frjefi Uiriehardi,^ir Shejir 
d(*!n';' jNipwifil 'sfequerc es, Ilf'TlK-rt O. 
Yardl^y. I.«wj« WaUer. AWitn Hlv- 
Ulhv Vi».;-.I,;' wVilf8oi«.*#<jjffii^ ^rfhaV'T 
ind <*. (lardner SuMivMn 

I'iriiire also liad thjcve . siuri'-r-: 
vi.T.r^ i'"ir-t it>: ,hrJ,ndlM! 'bir 
D^iyiii Q. .lj</rlzhif:k; then it , wi^Ht„i*» 
Ayiitft^r yiixtk*-!, ■.•■)..n.»l ' ' <-t. ■'■4v" if/^W: 
\^)^J'i^^rfii}i^3^^ t,.>' .:rliv,w. 


Hoiiy wood^ Au«.^ 1$. 
With studioM well supplied 
on story, niatsrial : ai|d^ stipptiniK; 

past 4hree roonthi has ended. '',|Ui|| 
the flc.r iboH are • now vamptnl? 'tm 


The iwom, wliicii ."4tarted in July, 
was the most prpsporous tho !fir!filwra 
hava..h^';';to'"'y'«>ars. Tlmp«;:iip^:.*» . 
goi»d d'irliig W« poak that^ pra*'*- 
ticrilly all rei^ular member.H of the 
.scenario fraternity in Hollywood 
found job.H. Studios were enaploying 
writers yrithout pirevlpus screeii 
cre(lit'^'W''''ilteirairVr'-'or^. staifft '^fc^ck^V 
ground. • 

Hut most lot.s are now (jveri)oard- 
on writerH. Metri) week had 
slK contract scenarists . waiting 
around tor apslirnm,'eiAtifc ' :*p^« laid 
r«fr .-ill but a iiahdf ul et:its regular^ 
while paratnoUht,' lifniyerral alid 
lladio also have be<j«,*|ii|fJihg^d«rl»i^^^^^^ 
the pa.Mt few w.'el<H, ' .,;' 

'riH-rc are many empty offi<;<Mt 
,;ivaiiai>lo oi* ail. the lot%. .', . 

Staid b; Basted Prop^ 

' IfoltyWo'odV'vVug; "U, ' 
. .'I ll it.)a li I'-rvverit an opera- 
'i..n ivir append ti i lii .it 1.Ii<> (.iood 
fijinAj iti>|l ,.hi)Mj»italv .Tliur.'Klay 
■f;!* v.; i"»pb(rtf?r*' fiJiHsf ?IC^ . 

l>'ifii('-.l lo i<>l;('!i»' -rtb'-f ition *»nfll 
,»r.ler Jl,u.;ht lb .11' ^^i^tn.('r, ■JjlV, tO: {sroyif ; 

■yt''n% ■}':; ^•^'<.i^;"^c|•■:t;p,f^;lf<^• oa«i^^ 


flMidii^, AngiMl 14, 1994 

• 9 t 


f 11m exchtinge managers ti<»r< are 
^ tearlnir their hair tryjnir to tigyrcf 

■ •oiii© *ay of riafotiliw wltb th* 
local censors wlio have ■ud^CftlX 
gone overboard for clips, euta 4nd 

' putrlght iif«!J^loin*. Censor board in 

th* pl!«t tl»ii*« ^ 

■Ix picture p|!<jpe»ii«» 'WW**** 

^ /counted iwt Vl^ .f«y*|fO^^ 

■ vterritor3r,/'V. ''.^V;'' 

Lttiit weeli Mie eetaiww refused 
permits for 'Scarlet I3mpree|l' (P»r) 
and 'Girl from Missouri* (MQ). i*te' 
vlously banned are 'Vcrgie Winters' 
CIU41o)f *Dr- Monica' (WB) and 
<WB). •01:^ Humtm 
Bondage' (Radlb) iwaa orl«inally 
rejected, but finally permitted to go 

■ through after a huge number of 
idiCM ai»d an 'adul^only'^, plaster. 

: CFllm board had one of lie Wire 
ne«tlnge iM' week to diMttM- th« 
pOMlhliB remedy tor « iiltttatfon that 
iB causing bad mix-ups among the 
•xchanges and the exhibitors. The 

' loop to' 1^^^^^^ condition due 

to the holdlint^ up of picturea. M'*tK. 
in forced to keep the new Apblio 
closed due to lack of product, hav- 
ing originally planned to start the 
hpuse oft with 'Scarlet Empress,' 
RKO Palace ia.goinv into the open 
inarket to buy icreen material, 
while the other B.&K. loop spots 
are being forced to get along with 
k<dd«biiNMr product. 

Situation la Chicago is admitted- 
ly the worat in the country a* far 

H-'jjMl^'.aeMiaerahip ■ is concerned. 

m Sensed in 

UA Execs Dae fe 

Joe Schenck, Darryl iMivok Mid 
Douglaa Fairbanlca i«t liiit* Mtw 
Yotif tomorrotr tyadmailpy) tnm 


Kuirbuiiivs is bringing along 7>on 
.1 wan,' aet for fall relMiaa through 

Into N. Y. Roxy; 

Hollywood, Aug. 11 
Joseph M. Schcnck and Darryl 
Zaiiutk; ate due b^ck tai Hottywopd 
from SSuropMiti trip. Au*«i«t It. 

; Holly>vpod, Aug. 14. 
If etro tagged aid Franklin 
on a iwd pictuw dlftf W'tlie eomlhg 


Director, who has been with tln' 
company several years, will first 
handle Norma Shearer'f '!||»*rie,^n- 
tdinett*/ H*rb«^rt Jiarilia^^ 
be featured. 

Hollywood, Aug. M. 

A buttle royal between raw film 
manufacturers and their atniiated 
•ompMiea aeeoMi certain to .break 
If Aifa^Anoe(» SMa tlM^ v<«ith 
reported plans to estahUah a labora- 
tory subsidiary and financing com 
pany to handle loans to independent 
producera here. Story current on 
'■tSiii'<0iiuili'1la-.ko the effect that Agfa- 
.v' Ai^aeO-' ^ U|';'.;t<iMidy.'vto'' ..ftaniiish> .heavy 
capital for the finance cbmjpany, be- 
Hides erecting and equipping a mod- 
ern lab to handle processing of 
dents. ■ ■ ' 

„ Agfa-Ahaco la back lii the raw 
stock field after three years of In- 
activity when Agfa import.s from 
<3frmany stopped, and the Amerl- 
, can company (Agfa-Ansco) held the 
right to manufacture and distribute 
tender the Agfa brand name in this 
cbuhti'y. G. King Charney has se- 
cured exclusive distribution of tlic 
tompuny's 35-n>m. film for the 
United BltateSv ' ' \ y ■^■„^'■r■ 
: ■ The ■ ■ propoaed ,> ■..|a|>;/j|k«wil''/;-|kwwi««i 
units, tied Into iiti Agfd^^iiiscb 
proposition by talk hen-, are cans- 
\T\iX much eontern anumK heads of 
Kastman, jpiipont and Crinsolidatod 
l^boratoH^s,. T1m» latter, which 
has been 'ieineraity. tied clp«teiy irlth 
lOastman, is mainly depending on 
business from independents that 
secure Consolidated financing and 
la eertain to malce every effort to 

ests have been rep<»rfed at iri|irWM« 
tinies during the pa.'-t two years as 
bt'inM r«>ady to launch a lab on the 
CpnHt, but prospective plans h,aYe 

HoBer on Ih^^ 

'k«*i>W<»d. Aug. ,18. : 
1n<lev>^nA^nt VlHt&Sie^ AsMcia- 
tlon, in cornplatnts to Divisional 
Administrator Rosenblatt at the 
Federal Trade Commission, charKCs 
maijdr eompanies wit^ Attempting 
to ' .uao' ''th'e/.iHiri#''';:l^i*#n': 'to 
throttle indie production. 

Charges are based on telegrams 
reaching hero from independent ex- 
changes in ttie. east to the effect that 
they eaimo* -iw ^^fieli;, Pictures 
booked through circuits because it 
Is alleged the Hays mffice has noti- 
fied the circuit.s not to book any 
picture unless It bears the Joe Hreen 
stamp of purity. 

Indies say thia la a direct attempt 
to keep their pr<kiu«t but of circuit 
houses, as there are no provisions 
here whereby they can utilize the 
Hays office ^ obtaltt ::lii9iA^..'''a$».y*. 
fiMT'^t^eir pictures.^' 

Xndiea further state that there la 
no Justice In the ban, as Indlc pic- 
tures would thus be thrown out, 
whether clean or ollicrwlse, while 
they cite examples of circiiits run- 
ning ploturaa that wMia ibi<Mrihg:t 
liaya oAlce stamp of appridiVjiU have 
beeQ on ^e reilKlouia 
condemned lists. 

tftk ^:lKi>»t(M to ifhe mldweat, 
southweiat ' «nd northwest is also 
sapping the box offices of the thea- 
tres, and has been doing so all sum- 
mer. Estimates, of home offlce op- 
(i)rotbVa are that tlto d^fr in lalitt? 
ne.«!S as compared with previoua 
summers is more than M%, at- 
tributable almost entirely to the 
record heat wave, with hut very 
minor'^ defections VWMifiMft; 'tli^ 
church campaign/ , ; . : 

Caught iii the equatorial' heai iaid 
facing bad spending conditions M 
a result of the drought's damafe, 
many theatres which were planning 
to Tcmoin open all summer oloaed 

The di'Ought «6ne takes in states 
that arc represented by few large 
keys, majority of film return coming 
from a legion of towns that run 
down to 5,900 atnd under in popula- 
tion.; . As It r«BttIt» thf number of 
«;o^^ ihOaii^ la at » teihimum. In 
tlila't*ri!it«*^:: ■■^y''':- -u^ji^^i 

Maryland AP^O A Defers 
iUfti«r iini ASCAP Tax 

.X' V \' Baltimore, ; Auff>' 
M-i^'iStiti^tt ■ aiUled'.boiW'. of ' the 
Maryland chapter of the MjPTOA* 
t was decided no procedure will be 
undertaken against the lift In the 
mttfte tax Im^posed upon film houjB(>s 
fy>'AliciCP< -'unleiia' actioh, 'la''^^'|i 
national sc^le. 

Thought among picture groups 
hero is that no movcmoMt sliould 
)!f. ilUld#rtiMK««i on a country-wide 
MiilAVby'OliMiailrO'-ttptf^^ irroupa 
unless, or until, support frOm.TadlO 
chains and aUtlons la roeeived or 

merry Widow/ 'Barretts' 
Setier N, Y. Attar at $2 

Masdas a^e Khedttled tiiii^UiiiVely 
to jgo up on the Astor, *f. T;; Aug. 

31, with 'The Merry Widow,' Metro's 
Chevalier- MacDonald musical to 
reopen the hrtnait ,4m % tarOita^dny 
haalf At 1 2. 

^Jitor'^ilui '.^been'-^cloM^ \fbr^iybout 
two months, following .run of 
'Rothschild.' Metro had nothing to 
put in there at %2. 

'Barretts of Winijpole Street' is a 
probable ' 8uccoM#W'^li^ '«n an - 
Aator yuiif ; ■.■ ' ■■.>,'• 

«r to D^ i 
Rose for Gramnaii Aiwelea, Aug. it, 
Policy of three di^rk deluxera here 
will be decided upon the return 
ahortly of Joseph M. Schenck from 
Euroi>e. Housea are Qrauman's 
Chiiiese. united ArOatli and the 
Four Star. !Loe State, fox Weat 
Coast downtown acer. also figures 
in tiie proposed aetup. 

IMan, long under discussion, la to 
turn tha Gblfiese into a grind house 
Playing dayriind data with the State 
If this falla to jell, likely that house 
will be turned into a music hall op 
erated by Sid Orauman. This would 
call for oonaiderable altering of the 
Chinese, with hottaa laid out alml 
lar to Billy Roio'a €iMtno Do i*at«e 
\fi Neir ITorti for dinlnk ind daiidiig: 


Culver City, Aug. 13. 
After several months on loan to 
Metro, Robert I'rosnill rctmns to 
Warners as a'^si>f i.'if o pt oilucoi- 
Sept. 4. 

I'resnell planed to New , York 
last night '(Surtdny) on vftratioh. 

C. R. Rogers' 'Goddess' 
As First Par Production 

■ . ,:HoUywood. Aug. It, 
■ 'Ch|i,rtea;''1ti''''^ll0lrorai' ftrat-;' plotui^ 
at Paramount under hia new asso 
ciate producer setup will be "The 
Goddess.' an Eniii IrtaM ilM^ 
Paul Hervey Fox,-- ' - :': '"■■■.^■■r./':^^::-:''^ 

EHssa licmdl and di^ 
have tho 

WB'ft /Babbitt' 

AVarners Win ' i^itiake 'Babbitt, 

having acquired the dialog rights to 
Sincl.ilr TiTvvls' best seller from his 
'■\',:< nts. . : . • 

Wii Is also negotiating for a jre 
rh !) ke pt Le wi*',,1l*»in' ^^jf*?***'" ' / ■ ' 

Continue lyit 

Dlehards in major circles will 
continue to fUfht dualism, despite 
the dodo" Authority ataindi v 
figure that by getting exhlbitiora to- 
gether In varloua territictrjea to aigree 
among themselveis ifOf Ib^ double, 
that distributors, in such places, can 
also he brought around to the point 
where they won't serve othar axhlbs 
wlio. toalafc on douWlnft>. 

■Mm IPi^^ CNrn 
era of America, only exhib organ 
ization with representation on the 
Code Authority to cast its ballot 
against dualism. Is being counted 
tIpOii to act u iHe nucleus in the 
OUtalde-the-N]i(|: AiMkl jarohibitlon 

Major leaders in the anti-double 
ranks admit frankly that the dis 
tributor cannot be counted upon to 
end twin policies on hla own. Suah' 
atrateglsta have nttiO faith fn the 
average dlstrib's sincerity. They 
point to contracts now in circula 
tlon, saying that most of the distribs 
have an anti-dual elauaet. But. they 
declare, they knoW ii^m «>ip«riette# 
that the dlstrlb will not enforce this 
clause unless it is at the behest of 
a majority /:;Of -'ig|«^i' a^^;*^ 
muntty. ; ; ■ 

During tho next month the pro 
hibitlon campaign ealls for the 
spreading of much agreement prop 
aganda, such as was early heard in 
Chicago and Cleveland. Of some 
860 Hioatirfa In Chicago only five 
henaoa. tho prohlUtioniata claim, 
are tiaing doubles today. They ad- 
mit, however, that a row may start 
at any time and that in such event 
tho agreement Is so ;nuch paper 
since It is without a atnjng am 
such as would have bean aa^tended 
against violators 1|^^^> 
adopted the cause. ' 

Leaders of the major ranks of 
dlehards^ .firhlch as ^he xeault of 
' the ' 'C'iAi li^^^^riili^iiii^ 
to Warnei^ Paramount and RKO 
are crltfc1«n^ S. R. Kent, As 
chairman of the decisive meeting 
he had the opportunity of stalling 
the action and proVidllnir defense 
for th« ohllatig^t of d«^tea ,by coil 
ihg In members of th*' Milwaukee 

zoning and clearance hoard. Tlis 
failure to do this, tliey complain 
riBsuUed in doubles ie{ ting a l)^e 
sentepcV. iKHb4);iit 

Oaumunt-Uritibh la pructJcally. av^ ; 
with the Hoxy, N. Y.. wherOby hoiiiit / 
gets flrat call oh all B-Q product 
the coming ycdr and plays at leaH 

16 of the pics. Details have nlinosi, 
been entirely ironed out. and deal la 
OipfBeted to b«: 'c«mp|oted: -a.i^':;£W<«:'' ' 
hat«^red■;-Ul|^^^^y:^ <ii^-^wj^fi*;w' ■ ^'Wk^^?*' ■■ , 
iicisdny>.;' ^ . > 

Jeffrey IN rncrd, g ni. f<.i tb< l.i ii- 
Ish company, in Now York < rtt i ting 
the reorganisation and expanslon vlf 
handling detalla Of the de.-)] and-h.-id 
orlprinaily intended waiting for « h* 

arHyal In New York of Mark Ostn-r, 
memi>er of the boai'd, or C M.. 
Woolf, oompany'iil'ff^tiieriii directur^ 
:|)iifOiH»;«f»mmlttini'\ hli^etf- . Ostrer'.' 
'^^'■.mmim' firon».;-Liiiidipn-'iSa'^ .■ 

'tti|»'; biit Tternerd/- f»OW''''ib^ 
,iw»h*twait. , ■■[r^'-' y^:^ 

A deal Is in progr eas viirith -: ySyf^ 
wliereby the ■ ]s*o«~~:'o«<lM|MiiM^ nmy *^ 
uaed by O'li' #or ttte dttttrihutiori 
purposes. Kox has a big c hunk of 
CJ-H, an<l Sidney U. Kent. Fox Kilm 
prcz, Is a member of the (J-H boanl. 
Idea being - discussed is foir : Q-B to, 
i nstaM : ^ohe/ ojr :two'^me» 'i^ 
the Fox exchanges, except in wpoti; : 
where more are .needed, to handldr ': 
the selling. Fox takipr^pii** 
leal dit^tribution. "'^ - / ' 

■ ;i-Qttkkaa* :llolili**- v:':,,. v'^ \-v 
This dealt if eventuatiiff,^^^^ 
exptfdns. is b(!k*au»e there l*i ilttTb 
time left and he doesn't lii;c the 
prospect of spending nun h titno 
opening . exehaniges of his pw^ 
everywhere. If idpnO thin wj»y ^ h* 
could staM much more quickly itnd' 
accomplish the s;ime ends 

Herncrd spent all oC la?^t week \n 
close confabs w ith Artjliur i»eei cohi- 
pdny'a American diirOttor. A iJrcki- 
uct deal with Riidio (City MuKlG Hall 
canu' u|i, but was dropped 
the ho\ise didn't have room lor Uf> 
many plcture8^%aV*«^Wl«*'* WO*rti:. 

like to-insure*-- ■ ■■ ■■ 
BeroOTd Is stin diseusMing 'i)*>rMm« ^ 

nel and t.Mklng to proupccfive e»ri- 
ployees. Primarily he is interested 
in appoinliiiK a peenTal salcK hiali* 
Oger. figuring that tl^ 0!lh«'r: op* , 

;V\, \' ''vy?'-;,Culver City, Aug. 13, 

■ Ned JtOrln's llrat Vtindfer his h*w 
deal at Metro will be 'Pro.idwny 
Melody of 1935,' with Arthur Freed 
and Herb NiiWilo; ;|irpwh oh the' 

:im«a«p'''pha«it^ ■■'■P 
■■■•::i^tttriB-: '■t^if^tff-.' .will ^-get, into, 
work 6r|,\ij-;;f0r;'|o.l««^ 

Ifnllywood, Aug. 13. 
To catch up iX» schedule, now 
five pi ctiires behiml, Paramount Is 
_ Jaylnif5iil;:.i>r^^ -l!? 

pictures In work sirniiltJinemisly 
every week between now antl 
Noi^■'l,■ ';.vy■,;•,• . /. 

With M pictui Oh promised for the 

new year, Par slodio' must turn out 
better than one a week, but so fnr 
thai tot has MtArted ohty> four pie- 
tui*8 in the liftst : i^o 

If Hiudlo em k/^p ihtiW pl.'*|>«'. the 
bof/lri p».-t iod . will .ti6 iVe lOngPst 

peak pir«K|itotiOn ac|ivUy 'at the 


While execs won't admit it, one 
Of tho principal contribtiUnf 
tOt% to thO slowing doii^h -^tat iMion 

the unu^^ual time spent on prepara- 
tion of scripts to bring them up to 
the Hays oHlc© standard. 

Almost every atonr that has gone 
btAore tiiM ' eaiHotw Oi^ l« 

In preparation for forthcoming film- 
ing has had team after team of 
scnl)blers working on it, a depart- 
ure for raramoUnt : which in the 
paw^'^^kl* '1>0(^n''1>i^tty'TOr•:^ o|'^l(!# 
way It was ho.nding with stories 
pnve they got .under way. 

20tli CMJ% Fffan^ Revue 

' l-ondon. Auk 1!^: • '; 

C. M \\'(.i'lf may not now y.i^ to 
America. He is . temporarily re- ■ 
stricted 'to t4ii)4<»ti-':*im^ 
Jarratt, rpoipaoy's bo«!^||g||^ man- 
ager, goes on vacation AuR^ iS. jind, ' 
with Bernerd In New York t>^- 
trer on the way over, he Is ib«; only 
Imjportant executivo left in to^vn- 
AiK»' 'iMClpiiitlbitllini 

good .■ot;'liitO.-''-''':>-'"V''^;'' ■.• : I'-vVv 

He still, howfver, wants to com* 
to New , York and watch the rttor- 
gaiiittNlen;. ptfoetmmmm^^ 

Toltf<qr'« 'Sergei' Bites | 


I-ondon, Aug. 13. 

Darryl ZanUck has. completed ne- 
gotiations fOr all: rigbts to an Orig- 
inal musical film b.ised on llie 
■Foli(s lIcrKcre,' French revu»', and 
Will film it With the title In the fall. 

Zanuck had cpm^iJsi^ipned a rep- 
i^itohtatlve Of 20tli century tO ne- 
gotiate with the r'hlcago company 
of Folies as a porsilde nucleus of 
his proposed pie. At the last min- 
ute, however, he learned that the 
original Folles p«»plo InvPart* were 
contemplating legal proceedings 
against the Chi troupe and its 
sponsors, t l.iiniinf; the Chi alTair Is 
an unauthorized ycnturf. . iSanurk 
t}icvi not In wfth 1»au> t>af^vai 
of the Folles Pes-ene, In l'aii'< and 
eonsuminated fbe deal direct. . 

Uhivei'sal City. Aug. U, 
Another claixsic bit tho dd«t, due 
to the campaign for moral tilins. 
Tolstoy "k novel, 'Father Sergei/ w.-is , 
shelved by UnlverMkl becausO, .*^f» - 
script hadn't .'bce]a..;«l«^'ed ■.■uipf;,>it4f-.;'';'' 
ftciently to meet preiii^t '<»en.